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August 27th, 2005, 9:25 PM
A room in the Pokemorph Testing Labratory was dark and quiet. A rustling could be heard in the corner. A man in a white lab coat fiddled away with samples of Unknown Pokemon DNA. In a hallway not far down lay many cells containing average humans taken off of the street of towns from random lands. They lay in seperate cells, in a trance set up by tranquilizers darts. They would not awake for a day now.

The man in the lab coat took a sample of DNA to a machine, put it in, and pulled out a small needle. He went into a cell, rubbed a numbing liquid on the arm of one of the humans. He jabbed in the needle, left it there for a moment, and pulled it out slowly.The human lay dormant as characteristics of a certain pokemon were noticeable.

This process was repeated continuously until all of the humans had been jabbed with needles. There were five of them at first, but every once in a while, another human was found alone, taken, and tested upon. Sciencetists soon took every awakened human to a room. They were standard rooms, with food, water, and shelter, but that was really all. Eventually, the sciencetists would sell the morphs for high prices to be used as slaves. Untill then, they are kept at a lab, in one enviroment, which has different habitats for each morph.
In this rp, you will try to escape from the lab, or will have a different goal.

DNA Injected:

My Form
Name: Jin Zuroki
Age: 15
Gender: Male
DNA Injected: Ditto
Description: His appearence changes when he wants to, however, he often is a Charizard morph.He wears a red jacket, jeans, white sneakers, and a red headband.He has long silver hair, blue eyes, and is at a normal height for his age.When he is a Charizard morph he has Charizard wings, the tail is similar to a Charizard's, and his skin has a orange undertone.He also has claws similar to a Charizard's.

August 27th, 2005, 9:36 PM
((Are legandaries allow? If so....))

Name: Silienesti ( Rei Uzuma)
Age: 18
DNA Injected:Articuno and Flareon
Description: Long ice blue hair with streaks of silver, crimson cat like eyes, and snow like skin. She has two blue angelic wings and an flareon tail (white) as well as the crest on her forehead and White flareon wings. She wears robes of pure white and silver shackles on her wrists. She is mid height and frail looking, contrary to her abilities.

August 27th, 2005, 9:38 PM
I'm going to join, but I've got to sleep now since I work tomorrow, and I'm wondering if there's anything you don't want done to our characters. AKA side effects to the transformation and such.

August 27th, 2005, 9:38 PM
Legendarys are allowed, and you can have DNA of more than one pokemon injected.Side effects because of transformation are allowed also.

Electric Hero
August 27th, 2005, 9:55 PM
Name:Max Hunter
Age: 17
Gender: Male
DNA Injected: Lugia
Description: Electric Blue eyes and black hair with weird anime hairstyle. Wears all black... that includes shoes, pants, t-shirt, long coat, and gloves. He got these wings with this blue aura because of Lugia's DNA. He can hide them or show them whenever he wants.
Other: ((I think I will do this later... if anything comes to my mind...))

Hazy Aurora
August 27th, 2005, 10:41 PM
Oooh, I <3 Pokemorphs! You can definetly say that I'm joining!

Name: Karina (Kaar-e-na) Nickname: Kari (Kaaahri)

Age: 17 (now almost immortal) Pokemon Years: Ageless

Gender: Female

DNA Injected: Suicune and Jolteon

Description: Red eyes with tiny yellow specs. She has white, purple streaked purple hair, and her hands are long and tapered. She has white and yellow fingerless gloves, which show her pretty fingers, with clear coated nails. Her teeth are slightly more pointed than a usual humans, and give her a wolfish grin. Her eyes are wide and closely set. Her ears are slightly pointed, and her hair is held back with an electric yellow headband. She wears a yellow and silver hoodie, with long ripped blue jeans. She's tall, standing at almost 5'10, and her legs are very long. She wears cargo boots with a silver ornate design. She has a long necklace around her neck with a vial of water from the most magical place on earth. It is said to make the drinker magical. She also wears two spikey yellow armbands around her right upper arm.

Personality: Softspoken and intelligent, with a way with everyone. She'll get along with anything, and people have often seen her talking to chairs. She's not crazy, but she does tend to go hyper sometimes. When she's depressed, her eyes go from red to electric yellow slowly, and very visably. She isn't afraid of anything except dying, and with her new abilities that makes that almost impossible. She can run at tremendous speeds, conjure water and control lightning with the greatest of ease. She can also conjure a strange 'Water/Lightning' which is electric blue and as cold as ice. She's artistic and prone to temper tantrums. She'll have a go at you if you get her mad, mark my words.

Side-effects of Transformation: She cannot die, even if stabbed or shot. Her body has natural healing foundations. When she is lividly mad, she transforms into a Suicune, and cannot remember who she is. Her first instinct is to run when she is in this form. The scientists enjoy forcing her into this stage of transformation.

Other: Her Jolteon side causes her to be very spikey at times when she's sad.

Alter Ego
August 27th, 2005, 11:33 PM
Name: His real name is unknown, but the scientists dubbed him 'Songbird'
Age: 15
Gender: Male
DNA Injected: Altaria
Description: A very slim boy with a very light, almost feminine, voice, Songbird was actually mistaken for a girl when he was still small and new to the Laboratory. He has light blue hair which he keeps shoulder length, except for two long tresses which go about mid-back (Similar to the ones on an Altaria's head) and his skin is of pretty average complexion. His eyes are of clear blue colour and seem to light up when he sings, which he does a lot. Songbird wears a worn trench coat (At least I hope that's the word), similar to the one Drake has except that it is a faded black with dark blue on the edges with a grey t-shirt underneath. He also wears a pair of faded, dark blue jeans, and a pair of black shoes with very thin soles. A strange cloud of mistlike substance constantly follows him, although he can conceal it within his trench coat. This cloud can actually be used like a pair of wings to support him for flight.
Personality (Hope you don't mind me adding this): Songbird is a friendly and caring individual, although shy around strangers at first. He always likes to think the best of people, despite what they have done, and finds it next to impossible to bear a grudge. On the rare occasions when he gets angry however, he tends to react with fierce and immediate retaliation after which he returns to his previous calm. He is rather depressed with his current situation in life and is often found singing for himself at a good distance from others as using his singing voice is one of the few things in life that bring Songbird pleasure. It is something that he is actually proud of, and he will take offence if it is slandered.
Other: Songbird has been at the laboratory since the age of 4 and has very little recollection of the outside world, or his own origins.

August 28th, 2005, 6:31 AM
Name: Celia
Age: 13
Gender: Female
DNA Injected: Celebi
Appearance: http://home4.highway.ne.jp/benisama/celebi.jpg
Other: My character has a twist, and I'll give a cookie to anyone who can guess it, XD

August 28th, 2005, 7:43 AM
Name: Aki (This isn't her real name, but you just might see the truth behind it later)
Age: 27 (Though since she ages slower, just like the pokemon she's injected with, she looks about 17-18)
Gender: Female
DNA Injected: Steelix
Appearance: http://home4.highway.ne.jp/benisama/haganerl2.jpg
Other: She has a few twists of her own. What, don't tell me you weren't expecting this. ^_^

August 28th, 2005, 8:41 AM
(( She's a man!!!! O_O j/k XD hmm....ponders...))

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 8:47 AM
My guess goes that they've both either switched genders or will switch genders at some point, or most probably they will fit into both of the options.

August 28th, 2005, 10:34 AM
OOC: They probably have their characters switch genders like they did in other rps.

IC: Jin remembered when he was captured like it was yesterday, even though it was a month ago.He was calmly walking to Lilycove City in the middle of a cold rainy day.No one was out today, except one car, which was following him.He started to pick up pace, and the car gone a bit faster, just enough to be at the side of Jin.The car window was slowly opening, and a sciencetist with a tranquilizer gun was aiming at Jin.He quickly shot Jin with the dart, and Jin fell to the ground.The sciencetists carried Jin to the car, and threw him in the trunk of the car.They then continued driving, to the Pokemorph Testing Labratory.

He then awoke at the labratory only to have another traquilizer dart shot at him, and he fell asleep again.A sciencetist took a sample of DNA to a machine, put it in, and pulled out a small needle.He went to the cell where Jin was, and rubbed a numbing liquid on Jin's arm.He then jabbed the needle into Jin's arm, and Jin didn't have the characteristics of any pokemon, but that was because he was injected with Ditto DNA, so he could change his appearence at will, but for now, his appearence changed randomly.Currently, his was the appearence of a charizard morph.Now, he can change at will, but before, he thought he was a charizard morph.

They will pay for what the done to me, they will pay, Jin thought as he flew from the mountain filled area he was currently in, to the large ocean like area, where most of the water type morphs where.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 11:04 AM
A tall young boy stood on top of a tall cliff, surveying the artificial ocean beneath, the makeshift wind blowing through his lightblue hair and the emulated sunlight shining above. The scene would have seemed beautiful to the boy had he not known all too well that it was a hoax. A falsehood, just like his name. "Songbird." he muttered for himself. That was the name the scientists had given him, although some referred to him as 'The Phantom of the Laboratory' for reasons unknown to him.

Songbird had been at the institution longer than anyone else, yet it seemed like he knew no-one, and few had actually seen the reclusive morph in person, knowing of his presence only because of the occasional stray note from one of his songs, carried to them by the 'winds' of the place. I'm stuck with them...probably for life. he told himself I might as well make my presence properly known, but I will do so in style.

The boy walked over to the edge of the cliff, the wind causing his trench coat to billow, and threw up his head, unleashing his voice in full-fledged song for the first time. There were no words in his songs, Songbird liked to think that such things were unnecessary. The song was a haunting melody, sad and beautiful at the same time. It was all the feelings he had pent up in himself for so long, the hopes, fears, loneliness, and despair of eleven years, all unleashed in a single eeriee dirge that echoed among the cliffs, travelling in every direction, in open spite to all the laws of physics, and making its path all the way to the furthest reaches of the pokmorphs' area.

Let's see the scientists decipher this... Songbird thought for himself, a rare smile etching onto his face and his blue eyes glowing brightly as he continued the song. Let the others hear it as well. Songbird is here.

August 28th, 2005, 11:24 AM
Name: Kelly (Chume) ((Chu-may))
Age: 13
Gender: female
DNA Injected: Pikachu, Raichu, Pichu
Description: Has light, sparkling blue eyes and yellow hair. She has Pikachu ears on either side of her head and a Raichu's tail. Her cheeks were always pink like Pichus and she has two stripes down her back.
Other: Due to having dna of three different Pokemon in the same type family, she has the power to control electricity. She can focus electricity into different spots on her body and boost up her sense by more then onethousand times.

Chume stretched out, yawning widely. It had been only a couple of weeks since she had been captured by evil sicentists and taken to this lab. They had enjected her with the dna of a Pikahcu family, her favorite Pokemon. After a couple of days, along with the others here, sides effects of the dna transferring started to show. Her hair tuned from a light brown to yellow. Pikachu ears grew out of her head and a Raichu tail sprouted out of her lower back. Her cheeks turned light pick and she got two brown stripes on her back. She sighed, stretching some more, and looked out at the ocean like area where she was. She was ontop of a cliff, looking down at all the other morphs. The area was big, but not big enough for Kelly, or Chume, her new nickname..

Kelly walked through the forest, gathering nuts and berries to eat for lunch. She was abandoned at birth and forced to live on her own. She had friends though, like the Pikachu family she knew. She lived in a small den in the forest with them. She was happy they had accepted her as one of their own and, to show gratitude, treated them with respect and sometimes brought back food for them. Well, this day happened to be different.

Kelly was walking down a grassy meadow, collecting nuts and berries. The sun was shinging and everything seemed to be fine until she felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck. She gapsed and fell to the ground, unconscious.

When she woke up, she stared up at the faces of many humans in long white coats. She struggled and tried to get away from them but then she felt that familiar sharp pain in the back of her neck as she fell into unconsciousness once more..

Later, when she had woken up she was in an electrical area with other humans that had been injected with the same stuff she had been. They, however, became to look different from her. Some showed signs of having flaafy dna, while others showed signs of having voltorb or electrode dna!! She started to feel really uncomfortable and then she even started showing signs of the dna injection. Later on she found out she had the dna injection of a Pikachu family.

Chume sighed and continued to look out at all the different Pokemorphs. Her nickname came from the words 'Chu' the sound a mouse makes and 'Yume' meaning shadow. She thought it sounded cool. She stretched out and looked at the trainer standing beside her. She hadn't noticed him before. He looked like a morph of Altari..

"Well, bored as hell so I guess.." Chume said outloud while walking up to the Altaria morph "Hey" Chume said "I'm Kelly but you can call me Chume. Whats your name?"

August 28th, 2005, 11:35 AM
My Form
DNA Injected::king::16:
Description:Nidoking with an upgraded poison capacity and a stinger with a tougher hide and enhanced venom potoncy, and is immune to grass,poison,fighting techniques and has increased strength and special defense due to the sevipers wrapping potential,fas fangs also,and are as long as walrus tusks and black,purple body instead of purple,green, and has grown scales ontop of his hide to give him extra protection against water(natural weakness)and he could have black hair and bulked up and have a deep voice lol-form and can change from pokemon-hybrid to human when it wishes

August 28th, 2005, 12:02 PM
OOC: Ransit, your character needs human characteristics also.Pokemorphs aren't completely with pokemon characteristics, they are still part human.

IC: Jin knew the real truth behind this place, he seen what they did do one of the morphs.The sciencetists would eventually experiment with the morphs, and for their own entertainment, would set up a room where they would force two or more morphs to fight.When they have no need for that morph, they would sell the morph to be used as slaves, or they would keep the morphs there, and do other stuff to them.The sciencetists were trying to imtimidate the morphs here, making it sound like this will be a better place, only to later experiment on morphs, have morphs fight each other, and later, sell them.

Jin knew there was practically no use trying to escape.There were cameras with tranquilizer darts everywhere, guards are surronding the lab, there were enough electricity in the fence to put a Jolteon in a coma for a week, even though a Jolteon absorbs electricity, and there were helicopters to make sure no flying morph could escape.The fence even reached about 3 miles undergrond, so not even a morph could dig his way out of there.However, Jin knew that there has to be a way out, someway there is.

Jin shifted into a Latios morph.His charizard wings turned into Latios wings, his tail was gone, his ears shifted into Latios's ears, and he had a light blue undertone insted of a orange one.He also has the symbol on his head that a Latios has.

Jin then stepped off the cliff he was on, and was falling into the ocean like area.He needed to shift because he was a fire type morph at that time.While falling, he heard a sound that came from an Altaria morph.
"I never knew there was an Altaria morph, probably one of the quiet ones around here," Jin said as he landed in the water.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 12:11 PM
Songbird nodded in acknowledgemnt of Chume's presence, signifying that he'd reply in a moment. He finished the current melody, listening with contentment as the tunes still lingered in the air, they would do so a good while after he had sung. It wasn't as glorious as the full performrance would have been, but he was fairly confident that his message had been heard nonetheless.

"My name?" the Altaria morph echoed in his light, melodic voice, turning to adress the female, his usual shyness and melancholy lightened by his recent song, "Our gracious hosts" there was obvious sarcasm audible in his voice at the word 'gracious', "have named me Songbird. I might have gone by another name at a time, but if I did I do not remember it anymore. Eleven years is a long time..." his gaze grew distant for a moment "At any rate, I am pleased to meet you." he took a small step back and made a polite half-bow, his mistlike wings billowing out from within the confines of his trench coat. "Is there something I can help you with?"

August 28th, 2005, 12:28 PM
Jin dived into the water, looking for a escape route.He noticed a underwater cave, but knew that as where a Gyarados morph lived.There was more of the electric fence surrounding the area, and of course, there was always some of the morphs that made a deal with the sciencetists, which were allowed to stay and were treated better if they tell the sciencetists if something suspicous is happening like someone is planning to escape.

He swimmed around a bit more, looking for a escape route, while avoiding attenion by some of the morphs.Still there was no luck, since he noticed that the only area where morphs could safely escape, was full of cameras which were now equiped with tranquilizer darts.Jin then swimmed up to the surface, and flew out of the water, onto a small cliff which was under one of the larger ones.

August 28th, 2005, 12:39 PM
A young woman sat silently in a tall tree, her knees drawn up to her chest as she looked about her home. A small smile graced her lips and she tilted back her head, letting the sunlight bathe her in warmth. She was frail looking, her snow colored skin gleaming in the light. This was her world, her home. The woman's flareon like ears perked forward as a faint song reached her ears. She stood in excitement, the possiblilty of actually meeting someone else surging through her.

The woman couldn't help but echo the song, so entranced with the melody. Her voice, though not nearly as honed nor strong as Songbird's matched his song almost exactly. The difference really, was the fact that her version was happy, joyous even. Silinesti unfolded her angelic wings, wishing that she could fly to greet the voice who sang so beautifully. But, she was kept in an area to herself. The fathers told her that she was too pure to be let out, and of course she believed them.

She felt a love towards them that a child might have for a parent, and she did not understand that this was wrong. Silinesti could remember nothing from before this place, and so she accepted readily that she had been here for as long as she had been alive. The morph moved to the edge of her enclosure, wanting so dearly to be able to see out.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 1:00 PM
Suddenly, Songbird froze in mid-sentence, perking his ears up to listen closer to the song. There was something among it that didn't sound like him, a faint discord of joy, barely audible among his sorrow.

"My apologies..." the Altaria morph said, hastily bowing to his newfound aquintance once more "But there is something that I must do."

He dove of the cliff, his wings forming to support him and pulling him up just before he touched the water. Songbird flapped his etheral appendages for a moment to gain stability before he set of in the direction from which he had heard the voice. He knew that this was extremely rude towards Chume, but couldn't help it. Something told him that this was the right thing to do.

Songbird began singing his tune once more, although not quite as loudly, hoping to make new contact with the unknown one.

Strange... he thought I thought I knew the morphs situated here...

August 28th, 2005, 1:06 PM
Jin silently sat at the edge of the cliff he was on.The sciencetists often selected several morphs to fight at this time.Jin was thinking how to get out of here if there is a way.Sure he could change into the form of a different morph, but there was cameras, and morphs that made deals with the sciencetists and now will tell the sciencetists if anyone is going to escape.There was practically no way to escape.

"Several sciencetists will now select 4 pokemorphs to fight each other.If any morph refuses to coperate, the morph will be punished with no food for a week," a sciencetist said using a megaphone.One approached Jin, and told Jin that Jin was selected to fight.

August 28th, 2005, 1:08 PM
Silinesti slumped down against the wall, a small smile on her face. Today was a good day! She had actually heard someone! That ment she wasn't alone! The morph laid her head atop her knees, her blue robe like dress lifting slightly to play in the wind. She humed softly to herself something that she had remembered from so long ago. Rocking side to side slightly. Her blue tresses lifted from her shoulders, brushing against her face lightly.

She wondered what the singer looked like. He's probabley really beautiful. Are there more of them? More like me out there? She asked herself, hoping that yes, there were. The woman fell into a light sleep with those wonderful thoughts dancing in her mind.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 1:15 PM
Songbird grimaced at the announcement, it didn't bother him though. The scientists had given up on placing the Altaria morph in the arena ever since that one day...the day when he discovered the darker power of his voice. The power that could kill a man without leaving as much as a scratch. The scientists had deemed it a waste of specimens to put such a force on the battlefield.

He closed his eyes in pain, blocking out the memory, and returned his mind to the present. The voice was gone now, he concluded with a sigh of forfeit, his search having lead him to near the corners of the area. Whoever it was had probably lost interest.

Songbird gave another sigh and settled on the branch of a nearby tree, leaning his back against the trunk and placing his feet on top of the branch. The Altaria morph suddenly felt tired, humming a small tune of soothing to send him of to sleep. Maybe tommorrow... he thought for himself Maybe when I wake up I will know who the person answering me was...

With those thoughts in mind, the Altaria morph shut his eyes and drifted to sleep, another rare smile on his lips.

August 28th, 2005, 1:30 PM
Silinesti awoke at the sound of a door being opened in her enclosure, the morph climbing to her feet. She ran to greet whoever had come to visit her, her eyes beaming happily. It was a father. The morph giggled happily as stopped before him, bowing at the waist.

" Thankyou for visiting me Father!" She exclaimed, smiling brilliantly.

" Hello Silinesti." The man replied. " There is something special that we are going to do. "

" Really!?" She asked, her eyes widening. The girl had always acted this way, a fact that obviously amused her captors.

" Yes, you are going to see others like you tomarrow." The scientist beamed, earning a hug from the estatic girl.

" Oh, Thankyou Father!" She beamed. He grinned mirthlessly at her, but she only took that as a sigh of approval.

" I must warn you dear one, that these other morphs are not like you...they may even try to hurt you!" He warned. Silinesti looked up at him in shock and horror.

" B-but that can't be true!" She replied, disbelief etched on her face.

" You are far too kind for them...you will see soon what I mean dear one. " He sighed, and exited, a knowing gleam in his eyes. She would fight, and they would test her loyalty...

Silinesti looked at the ground, lost in thought. Why would they be mean to me? I don't really think they would hurt me...would they? She turned her gaze to the sky , lifting into the air. She clung to the top of her cage, hoping that the Father had lied.

" Let them come to meet me, far across the sea. Let them stand beside me, let us all be free. When you feel that you are alone, you're not alone. Not really...Alone." She sang, her voice holding a hint of worry in her voice. The girl wasn't sure what was in store for her, but she knew that it would be wonderful. ((Sorry I just have that song in meh head ><))

August 28th, 2005, 1:51 PM
"So tomorrow l'm fighting, why they always pick some of the newest morphs.Probably to test our loyalty.I should just rest for now, being ready for the fight," Jin said to himself.He then jumped off the cliff, and flew to a forest area, waiting for tomorrow.
I might be able to use this to my advantage, while they lead me to the arena, which probably is in another area in the lab.I'll know the layout of the lab, then later, i'll just have to plan the rest of my escape plan Jin thought, as he rested on a tree branch.

Hazy Aurora
August 28th, 2005, 2:08 PM
A girl sat alone, desolate, in the center of the contained forest. Her eyes were turned up at the sky, which was of course, mirroring the outside light through sensors. This was not a true forest. This was a hoax. A trick. A scheme. And the Morph did not like schemes.

She growled softly in her throat, her slightly pointed teeth bared. It had been three whole years since she had been injected with the DNA, and before that she had been an experiment for many other things...Years and Years. Her real name was Karina. She still remembered that part of her painful existence...

No being should be treated like this! She snarled in her mind, fury beating warm and bloody in her chest. No one...

She collapsed onto the ground, sobbing. Feeling the pain lance around her torso as the change begun...As it always did. Every day.

Her eyes grew wide with pain as blue fur rippled from her skin, covering her in less then ten seconds. The other changes were less gradual. Her ears grew longer and crystal-like, connecting with her crest which grew over her now canine red eyes. Her hair spiraled like a wave, foaming and turning livid purple. Two ribbons made themselves known, spiralling around her legs which were transforming easily into canine legs. She dropped to the ground on rapidly changing hands, which curled to form viciously clawed paws. The Suicune roared, it's eyes furious, and shot a concentrated Aurora at the top of the wall before dashing into the forest....

Miles away, others heard that roar.

August 28th, 2005, 2:28 PM
Jin heard a roar from what sounds like a suicune.He looked at the grond below him and saw a Suicune running across the forest. "What the heck, no pokemon are normally here, only morphs," Jin said quietly.He then followed the Suicune, and seen that it was heading towards the area which is mostly ice.Jin then gone towards a tree nearby, and rested there, waiting for the rest of the day.

August 28th, 2005, 2:41 PM
Chume stopped short as she saw songbird leave. After that she sighed and got up to go to the forest. "Chikuso.." Kelly said, obviously hurt "Why does everybody seem to do that to me? What have I ever done??" Kelly ran into the forest and was now looking for her den. Yes, in the past few weeks, Chume had created a den away from the prying eyes of the scientists and the cameras. The den was pretty deep so no camera can see through it, or the scientists. It was about a couple of feet in diameter, enough for her to be comfortable in it. But she still had to kneel down in it for her head just barely reached the cieling of it when she was on her knees. She didn't care though, for it provided privacy and warmth for her and her only. Chume doen't have any friends in the lab. She has only been here for a few weeks and every time she tried to make a friend they would either make fun of her or try to ignore her just like songbird did.

Chume continued to run through the forest. After a while, deep in the forest, she had reached her den. Jumping in the tiny hole that only fit her, she glided down the tunnel and, after a few minutes of sliding down, landed in the soft dirt that filled the inner chamber. Sighing to herself, Chume layed down, tears forming in her eyes.Another reason she liked the privacy of her den; noone can see how sensitive she really was..

After a while of crying softly to herself, Chume snuggled up against the soft dirt and fell asleep..

August 28th, 2005, 3:42 PM
I blinked, but it didn't do any good, everything was still black. Then I remembered, I had fallen asleep underground. Sure, I couldmn't get away, but when I didn't want to be bothered, there were too many places underground to search for me. I tried to remember what had woken me up, and then broke the surface, sitting up to see the sleeping person, who still had tear streaks on their face. I looked at them for a few moments, but said nothing as I got to my feet. I didn't like what the scientists had done to me, but I had pretty much accepted my fate...

August 28th, 2005, 4:31 PM
Jin awoke early morning, and headed for the desert area and shifted into a Sandslash morph.The chacteristics of a Latios were gone, and Jin then has claws similar to a Sandslash's, his back was spiked, like a Sandslash's, and his skin didn't have a light blue undertone anymore.He dug right next to the electic fence, seeing if there was a weak spot at the fence, if there was, he could of bust out of here for good, but there was no weak spot at the fence.Jin climbed back up to surface level, and shifted into a Charizard morph.A sciencetist then was there, and took him to where the arena was.Jin pickpocted a map of the labratory on his way here.So now, all he has to make sure is that the map stays in perfect condition.

August 28th, 2005, 4:55 PM
Silinesti awoke at the sound of a soft bell, the morph stretching and rising to her feet. A few moments later a Father entered the room, Silinesti beaming happily at him.

" Is it time to go now?" She asked, walking to the man. He smiled at her and nodded, pushing a button on the inside of the door. A side panel in the wall opened up, Silinesti, eyes widening in shock at the expanse before her. She stepped forward uncontrolabley, her heart fluttering. The morph spread her wings and lifted into the air, no cage stopping her flight. The woman giggled joyously, twirling about in the air. The wind rushed around her, toying with her hair and long tail. Her crimson eyes searched the area for anyone else, hoping that she would she someone.

" Hello! I am here! Come and find me!! I want to meet you!" She called, laughing happily as she flew higher. Then an idea hit her. She hovered in mid air, and inhaled deeply. The song she had heard yesterday came rushing to her, her voice calling out to anyone. Exspecially the one who sang.

August 28th, 2005, 5:02 PM
Jin noticed one morph in the arena."So you're one of the morphs they are selecting to fight," Jin said."You probably don't believe me, but do you know we will be fighting each other, only for the sciencetist's entertainment?" Jin asked the morph infront of him.He then shifted into a Latios morph, ready to fight.

August 28th, 2005, 5:03 PM
'Where..Am I?' Chume thought to herself as she stared around at her surroundings. She was in complete darkness. All she saw was black. Suddnely a light appeared in front of her. The light got closer and turned out to be a scientist with one of his needles. Chume backed up. "Stay away!" She hissed at the scientist. He didn't seem to hear her though for he was already in front of her. Suddenly he stuck the needle in Chume's arm. Pain shot through her arm as she fell to the ground, unconscious.

Chume was in darkness again "Where the hell am I??" She asked, looking around franticly. She saw a faint light in front of her. Walking towards it, the light suddenly got brighter and brighter. Engulfed in the light now, Chume sheilded her eyes as suddenly, she felt as if thousands and thoughsands of needles were put through her. Screaming in pain, Chume was left alone to be in pain for eternity..


Suddenly Chume shot up from her sleeping position and looked around her. She was back in her den. Sweat covering her body, she looked at the corner of her den and noticed a Pokemorph sitting there. She looked to be a steelix morph. 'The hell? I thought nobody knew about this!' Chume thought, staring fearfully at the girl. 'What happened in my sleep..' She thought, bewildered. The steelix girl stared back at her, also in shock. 'Had I been screaming in my sleep too?' Chume thought. She didn't know what to say so they both just ended up staring at eachother for a while, Chume as scared as hell..

August 28th, 2005, 5:11 PM
Silinesti blinked down at the boy who had spoken to her,confusion rushing through her. It's...It's another morph! She landed, her eyes beaming at Jin happily.

" Hello! I am Silinesti! I hope we can be friends!" She giggled, bowing deeply to him. " What's your name?"

Silinesti was over joyed at meeting another, her tail swishing from side to side.

" Are you the one who sang?" She asked curiously, her ears swiveling atop her head.

August 28th, 2005, 5:19 PM
"I'll be friends with you, and i didn't sing any song," Jin said. "But just to let you know, the sciencetists we are one of the morphs selected to fight each other.The sciencetists, select about 4 morphs each day to fight each other, and we are one of them.Two other morphs should be ariving soon.Those sciencetists make us fight each other for their own entertainment," Jin told the other morph.

August 28th, 2005, 5:26 PM
OOC: Is it too late to join? If not then:
Name: Kyara
Age: 12
Gender: Female
DNA Injected: Salamence
Description: Tall and lean with jet-black hair and piercing green eyes.

A girl sat on the icy floor of a cold metal cage.
She was crying.
Is this my destiny? she thought.
Is this all i'm ever going to be?
The door opened and a tall man wearing goggles and a white lab coat walked in. He was carrying a large needle. The man walked over to the cage and stuck his hand through the bars.
Kyara shrunk back, but the man tooker her thin arm and placed the needle on it. Pain shook her as the needle slid into her vein.
The scientist took the empty needle and walked out of the room.
She blacked out.
The next thing she knew, she was lying on the grassy floor of a forest. High above the trees, a dome was visible. So this forest was all part of the experiment.
She sat and cried. She was probably some weak Pokemorph like a Clefable now, but it was hopeless anyway. Kyara leaned back and cried harder. In her mind, pictures of powerful Pokemon formed, Pokemon she knew she was not. Mewtwo, Lugia, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence.
Suddenly she felt something strange, like crunching inside her.
Muscles rippled and bones strengthened and grew longer. Her skin tunred blue and red, and became scaly. She felt wings burst out of her back. Fangs stuck from her jaw.

August 28th, 2005, 5:31 PM
" What scientists?" She asked in confusion. She cocked her head at the strange morph, then giggled.

" You are silly!" Silinesti laughed. One of the Father's caught her attention, luring the girl over. " Yes father?"

" You are going to play a little game with your new friend ok?" He asked with a humorless smile. Silinesti smilied happily, her tail wagging faster.

" Really? What game?" She asked curiously.

" Do you remember the shooting game you used to play with your dollies?" The man asked, Silinesti nodding. " That's what you are going to do with him. "

She hesitated, something was not right with this. But, how could he be wrong. She faced her opponent with a warm smile.

" You go first!" She called, waving to him.

August 28th, 2005, 5:46 PM
In her new, half-Salamence body, Kyara stomped around a tree. She felt flames of rage burning inside her chest, and she had to let it all out.
Fire engulfed a nearby tree and spread to the grass, but there it stopped.
She sniffed. This grass was not familiar. Astroturf? No, it was too real.
She stomped away from the blackened stump and flapped her wings. She rose high, high into the air. Soon she could see all the areas of the artificial environment, and in one of the corners there was...a desert area? No, there was a Pokeball painted on the ground...it was obviously an arena. There were some people and a few Pokemon in it.
Kyara flew over to the arena, dropped into an artificial air current and settled down to watch the 'show'.

August 28th, 2005, 5:56 PM
OCC: jhgghyu, we are half pokemon and half human in this rp.You aren't completely pokemon in the rp.

"The sciencetists are who you call father, they plan to sell us when they have no use for us.They may not sell you, but they do it to other morphs.I seen it happen to one morph, he was sold to one of the other testing labs around here.It may not seem true, but it is.Currently, they are wanting both of us to fight each other, only for their entertainment," Jin told the morph.

August 28th, 2005, 6:06 PM
OOC: Sorry, i'll edit my posts. Hold on a second..

Hazy Aurora
August 28th, 2005, 9:24 PM
Karina woke suddenly, in a cage. Her hands clasped the bars, and they tightened when she realised she was back in her cell.

"You're next." Growled a security man into the cage. Karina grimaced, and her hair sparked as she threw a bolt of sizzling electricity his way. He caught it in his fists with almost inhuman strength, and it vanished.

"I wouldn't do that, little Girl." The man growled, smiling with satisfaction.

Karina leapt at the cage, her teeth bared. She summoned her inhuman strength, and held out a hand. Immediately, it shimmered, and the transformation begun again. But this time, it was happening with a weird light crackling around her, whirling her up in a torpedo of power. Karina had become the essence of the power, and was now unconcious while her 'Pokemon' instincts clashed against the force which held her prisoner.

The man retreated, gasping, when the human torpedo crashed against the bars of the cage, cutting through them like scissors through paper. Then, a forcefield kicked in, transporting her to the battlefield...She was next.

August 29th, 2005, 3:01 AM
Name: Koji
Age: 12
Gender: Male
DNA Injected: Abra and unknown (not as the pokemon as in an unknown dna type)
Description: Brown Shirt, Yellow tinged skin, Quiet, When angry can let out bursts of energy
Other: Is homeless, not much is known, people think he is older because of his height. Has just recently arrived at the testing lab.

He remembers when he was taken. They tranquilized him. He went limp. Two hours later he woke up unknown to the scientists. He remembers them proding him and talking about him. "How old is he?"
They had also discussed about what to do with him. He had only caught small parts of conversation. They had been talking about capturing pokemon and DNA. When they came to put the DNA in him he let out a small sound and then they tranquilised him and he remembers them saying that was close than there is nothing......

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 5:09 AM
Suddenly, Songbird was roused from his sleep by a familiar sound. The voice from yesterday...but it sounded clearer now, closer...and the direction alarmed the Altaria morph.

No being with such a voice would inhabit the desert area... he thought for himself, The climate would have parred it down, withered it like it does with everything that is pure and living. And there could certainly be no joy derived from such an environment, at least not like that which she expressed in the song.

Songbird's eyes widened in horrified understanding. The arena!

The Altaria morph quickly leapt of the branch and spread his wings, ignoring the protests of his stiffened limbs as he flew towards the area which had so many terrible memories associated with it.

The boy didn't know what he could do to prevent what would happen. He didn't even know what the person he wanted to protect looked like, but he knew that he had to do something.

The Altaria morph soon swept down by the side of the arena, peering around to get a better view of the situation. There were currently three morphs assembled in the arena. One male, who looked like a Charizard morph, probably one of the newer specimens, a female with white, purple-streaked hair whom he recognized as a morph of Suicune and another pokmon he couldn't quite remember. She had arrived a couple of years back. And then there was her...it had to be. The one who had replied to his song. A female with long, ice blue hair with a few white streaks, snow white skin, pale blue wings and a white tail. She was waving happily at her coming opponent, seemingly unaware of the danger.

In Songbird's mind there was only one thing to do.

"I'll join in." he announced to the scientists observing the situation, before stepping into the ring and joining the Suicune morph's side. But if you expect me to kill you have another thing coming to you... he added for himself, beginning to form a plan in his mind.

"But-" one of them protested feebly.

"But what?" Songbird cut in, giving them a polite smile "You are lacking a member for this 'activity' of yours and I am offering to solve that problem for you. Is my help not good enough for you?"

The scientists entered a hectic debate over the reclusive morph's sudden urge to fight, pointing and muttering conspiratorily. But the fact remained that they had only managed to round up three morphs, and they needed four.

"Alright." the man he had adressed finally announced in a gruff voice, turning around to observe.

Songbird dropped his voice to a level too low for their captors to hear. "I do not know you..." he whispered, his voice even then entering a kind of melody out of habit "And you do not know me. But it is no reason for us to fight. I have a plan, but I need you to cover up your ears as soon as I tell you to and not to open them until I stop singing. Understood?"

August 29th, 2005, 5:34 AM
"I don't know you either, nor do i trust you, but i'll listen," Jin said to the Altaria morph quietly.Jin already knew what the Alteria morph was probably going to do.He was going to use Perish Song, which would kill all that heard the song.The morph was going to use it one the sciencetists, then we could try and escape.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 5:47 AM
"Ah, but the point was that you shouldn't listen." Songbird replied with a mirthless chuckle, his expression turning grave at the thought of what was to come, sorrow and regeret already evident in his eyes. The Altaria morph despised killing, no matter what the cause. But there reallly didn't seem to be any other way. He shot a glance at their spectators. Some of the scientists had come to know of his ability eight years ago when he had first exhibited it but it seemed like time had won over caution. Let these be the last deaths this place will see... he thought bitterly, a single tear escaping from his right eye as he prepared to do what he had to.

August 29th, 2005, 7:41 AM
Silinesti looked at the young man who had just joined them, a small smile curving her features.

" You are the one who sang." She stated, bowing slightly in greeting. The morph looked back at the other two, her confusion slowly clearing as a memory struck her. She was a pokemon trainer. Silinesti knew suddenly that yes, she was to fight these beautiful creatures.

"I don't want to hurt anyone...exspecially ones younger then me..." She whispered. " I don't want you to hurt anyone...but..."

Silinesti looked up at the scientists, sorrow etched on her features.

" I am sorry Fathers...." She whispered softly, holding her ears tightly.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 7:52 AM
Songbird returned the bow but didn't speak, introductions would have to wait.

"What's the hold up?!" one of the men inquired, eyeing them suspiciously "Stop stalling and begin already!"

Oh I'll begin alright... the young male thought, his eyes shining brighter than ever before as he threw his head back and began the song. It was much different from his previous one, the sorrowfull melodies twisted and discordant, utterly terrifying in their alienness, descened upon the crowd. The listeners could do nothing but stand in terror, their spirits crumbling under the bulk of despair and sorrow they fell to the ground, the last traces of their lifelust extinguished for ever.

Noting with sadness that his work was done, Songbird let the last notes die down and surveyed the scene. Those strong of spirit could avoid the song's lethal edge, descending into a kind of coma. But none of these seemed to have done so...

"It is over..." he said weakly, his face bearing a haunted expressions as he turned around and gestured to his companions-to-be that the treath was over.

The Altaria morph lowered his head in shame, his whole body quivering as he struggled against the tears.

"All this death..." he muttered sadly "So pointless...a life deserves a chance...but I guess they've had theirs..."

Songbird braced himself, regaining his composure a bit. "Let's go." he said, remembering that they were still far from safety, "Before we will be forced to commit more of these atrocitites."

August 29th, 2005, 8:07 AM
"Ok, but i will need to take out a few guards and morphs while im at it.I'll meet you three later at the entrance of this place.I need you to deactivate the gate preventing any morph from escaping the environment, then i can escape when i have taken out some of the morphs we have to watch out for," Jin told the other morphs.He shifted into a Latios morph, and gone to the environment.

Jin was searching for his lifelong rival, which was also captured.This morph was not going to be sold as long as he made sure no one escaped.Jin's first prority was to take out this morph, so any morphs escaping wouldn't have to worry about being spotted by him.

August 29th, 2005, 8:24 AM
Silinesti Uncovered her ears slowly, looking at all of the fallen people. Her eyes then fell on Songbird who looked as though her were about to shatter into a million pieces. Hesitently she reached out to him, wrapping her arms protectivly around him.

" Don't cry...You can live now....you don't have to hurt anyone anymore..." She whispered before pulling away and nodding sharply to Jin.

" I will take care of any trouble we run into...regardless of what it is." She stated, her eyes holding a hint of saddness but, above that was an underlying determination.

" Miss Suicune, if you could assist me it would be most appreciated." She beamed, smiling warmly at the girl.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 8:35 AM
"Thank you..." Songbird replied quietly, drawing comfort from the brief embrace. He felt like he owed the Articuno morph so much, even though he had only met her a few minutes ago.

The Altaria morph wiped his face with the sleeve of his trench coat to remove the traces of the tears he had shed, listening to the ensuing conversation in silence, a determined look entering his eyes.

"Indeed it would." he said, his voice regaining some of its previous melodic quality. "And I will certainly lend my aid if need be. I have skills to soothe and mislead that could certainly be put to use in our escape effort. And..." he added "I've spent most of my life here, so I know the layout of this facility pretty well."

August 29th, 2005, 8:45 AM
" I have never been out of my enclosure until today, so you will have to lead. " She replied to the Altaria. The girl was slightly saddened by this, but she shrugged it off. Afterall, she had friends now!

Silinesti thought back to all of those lonely days and nights locked in that small area, all of the times she had wished for someone, anyone to talk to.

" We will need to move though..." SHe added, her wings ruffling slightly.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 8:51 AM
Songbird nodded "That we should." he replied. "By the way," he added, looking at the both of them "I don't believe we have been introduced. The scientists named me Songbird, a name of no particular significance to me, so you may call me whatever you wish." he bowed to the both of them, allowing the mist around him to form into a pair of wings once more. "I believe we were told to assemble at the main gate. We may either try to get there as fast as possible and risk getting spotted by sentries or take a slight detour away from prying eyes. Which should it be?"

August 29th, 2005, 8:58 AM
Siliensti thought for a moment, knowing that if they did anything too drastic it would compromise the entire plan. And besides, she didn't really wish to hurt anyone.

" The less people that we harm the better...besides we will need to get out of here and away before they can catch up to us. " She added. The Articuno morph had never really used her abilities on a live person before and was hesitant to find out what would happen.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 9:07 AM
Songbird nodded in agreement, he still knew neither one's name but there were more important things to worry about.

"Follow me." the Altaria morph took flight, his etheral wings flapping without a sound as they carried him forward, he flew through the forests, skillfully exploiting the blindspots of the surveilance cameras.

"We'll need to stop for a moment." he said, raising his voice a bit to be heard over the roar of the artificial waterfall in their vicinity. There was a large clearing by the fall, with no place to hide from the sight of the cameras and sentries, not unless one made such a place for oneself.

Songbird briefly shut his eyes to focus his thoughts, the cloud of mist around him growing, thin tendrils travelling up his arms, leaving cold droplets of water on his skin. Once the cloud had reached a sufficient size, Songbird open his eyes and threw his arms up, the mist billowing forth and settling over the clearing, temporarily obscuring it from view.

"Now." he said quietly, reforming his wings and setting of once more while the cloud was still thick enough. The gate would soon be in their sight.

August 29th, 2005, 9:24 AM
Silinesti followed him happily, her wings carrying her easily through the mist. The girl wished that she could explore this water fall that flowed nearby, but instead she followed Songbird. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end as a tingle ran down her spine . A blast of energy shot towards the morph in front of her, the Articuno jetting forward quickly and unleashing a blast of heat that blocked the attack.

A Houndoom more ran towards them, his black clothing waving behind him as he leapt into the air. Fire coiled about his fists, his face a mask of rage. Silinesti felt a strange emotion rush through her, her eyes narrowing sharply. Rage took control of her mind as she waited for the morph. He had tried to hurt the beautiful bird, and she was not going to allow that. Her eyes turned pure white as she rose her hands before her. The air around her grew hot, as though the moisture were being absorbed into her body.

Silinesti held her palm at the houndoom, losing herself in the energy that built inside of her. A beam of wild blue lighting snaked out from her hand, surrounding the morph. The houndoom tried to let out a cry but was cut short, his body suspended in mid air. Silinesti stared at him in shock as she returned to her senses. The houndoom was encased in thick ice, frozen in a terrified posture. He then dropped from the sky, shattering when he hit the ground.

The girl looked at her hands in fear, shuddering slightly.

August 29th, 2005, 9:24 AM
Name: Coran
Age: 15
Gender: Female
DNA Injected: Haunter
Description: Her skin has ghostly quality to it, and is pale, but tinted purple. Black short hair, not quite shoulder-length. She's dressed in a short brown shirts, knee-long brown suede boots, with black nylon tights and a long-sleeved white shirt. She also wears a pair of leather gloves.
Other: her skin becomes translucent when feeling strong emotions - and when concentrating hard, she often flickers invisible for up to a minute. She can also fly this way, but it takes a lot of effort and Coran still hasnt mastered it. Her irises and pupils are red and dark red.

Coran woke up with a jolt, only to find night had set in and draped its dark veil over her forest. Her entire day was gone, just like that, passing her by while she dozed in the shade. Coran cursed under her breath. She wasn't lazy, far from it - but her haunter genes gripped her body clock as if in a vice, and she was becoming gradually more nocturnal.
She forced herself to sit up, ignoring the stabbing pins-and-needles that spread through her limbs. It was one of the many side-effects of being a poke-morph other than the invisibility, and the constant risk of becoming see-through if she got too carried away with herself. It was meant to die down after her body had finished morphing into a haunter-woman, so Coran could only guess she still wasnt fully fledged yet.

She stumbled onto her feet, flinching evidently as she moved around. She picked up her bag and shouldered it, feeling particularly irritable this morning. Or should she say evening? She brushed the twigs off her brown corduroy skirt, feeling even more disorientated now. She was dressed in her best clothes; black nylon tights, knee-length suede boots, and a long-sleeved, white shirt, with the top and bottom three buttons undone. That morning Coran had congratulated herself on the choice of outfit but now, as an evening chill was setting in, Coran was beginning to regret her choice.

As usual, she followed the sound of the waterfall through the clearing it was her place of solitude. However, as she stepped through the trees, she was faced with a far from familiar sight. A giant cloud.
She backed away, a look of confusion on her face. What was going on?

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 9:32 AM
For a moment, Songbird simply floated where he was in shock, unable to grasp the events around him. It had all happened so fast, but it seemed like he now also owed his life to the Articuno morph as well.

"I-" he landed next to her, noticing the shocked expression on the young woman's face. This was obviously the first time she had done something like that. The Altaria morph tried to come up with something supportive, but the words failed him.

"I'm sorry..." he said quietly, feeling even more awkward about not having any proper name to adress her by, "You shouldn't have had to do that. I thought this way was safe..." he placed an arm on the morph's shoulder in an attempt to comfort, hoping that she wouldn't take offence. "I'm sorry..."

Suddenly Songbird twirled around, noticing movement in the nearby canopy. He took up a defensive stance, ready to fight in the Articuno morph's place, and waited for the other the other one to appear.

August 29th, 2005, 9:42 AM
Jin noticed his rival in the distance.The morph was a Scyther morph who had grey eyes, blond colored hair, is about the size of Jin, but a inch smaller, his hands are right below scythes that are similar to a Scyther's.He also has Scyther wings.He wears a black shirt, jeans, and black sneakers.Jin approached the other morph silently and unleased a shadow ball attack at the other morph.The morph was hit by the attack, countered by attacking Jin with his scythes.Jin quickly flew out of the way and used a phychic attack, which Jin used to throw his rival into a nearby tree.The other morph then dashed at Jin and hit him in his left arm with his scythe.Jin then did a roundhouse kick and it missed.Jin shifted into a Charizard morph and attacked with a flamethrower, which missed.The morph dashed at Jin, and attacked with his scythe, then uppercutted Jin.Jin attacked with another flamethrower then used a fire blast.Both attacks hit the other morph and the morph was knocked out, and fell onto the ground.

He was tougher than i expected, well at least i don't have to worry about him for now, Jin thought.He walked over to the gate leading to the inside of the lab.Jin could hack it open and then he would have to hack the main gate.

August 29th, 2005, 9:44 AM
"..." Silinesti looked up at him silently,then smilied at him slightly. " I...I guess it was bound to happen...It wasn't your fault so don't apologize."

The articuno bowed to him slightly. Hiding whatever pain that she felt.

" I have been rude..." She stated. " My name is, Silinesti."

Her eyes narrowed as noticed his actions, looking in the direction of the possible danger. She allowed flames to play about her fingertips as she waited, hoping that the thing that watched them was not a foe.

August 29th, 2005, 10:15 AM
Jin seen a control panel to the right of the first door, and started to hack it.After that, he arived inside the lab.But first, since he knew that the main gate didn't have a control panel and needed an acess card, Jin needed to pickpocket an acess card from one of the sciencetists, which there weren't many of in the lab.However, Jin was able to get one card.

He found the main gate and used the acess card he found.He arived outside, seeing the other morphs he seen in the arena. "Sorry for not introducing myself before.My name is Jin....Jin Zuroki," Jin said to the other morphs.

Hazy Aurora
August 29th, 2005, 6:42 PM
Karina nodded slightly, and smiled.

"It's a relief to finally get out of this place." She said softly, looking at her hands, and playing with a spark. "I have missed out on too much of my life."

"Even though our lives are now changed forever." Songbird looked up, still a little ashamed that he had brought all these people to waste. Life was in his songs, but that one only caused death...

August 29th, 2005, 7:05 PM
"We never will be safe from here, eventually people that work in this labratory will hunt us down, and pokemon trainers may mistake us for pokemon, so we have to be cafeful," Jin said.

"I will shut down this place for good, may it be in the future, or right now...i will get my revenge for what they done to me.We'll have to start a new life now, being more cafeful than ever, i doubt there is a antidote to make us completely human again, so we may be stuck like this for the rest of our lifes," Jin told the other morphs.

"Currently, we should take out the guards, since they will be a problem if we try to escape when they spot us," Jin said.Jin noticed movement in the nearby canopy, and a familar morph came out of the canopy, it was the Scyther morph Jin fought earlier.

I thought that he had at least fainted, he must of tricked me, or he somehow made a clone of himself and escaped, waiting for me to try and escape, Jin thought. "Becareful, i fought him before and he can be deadly," Jin warned the other morphs.

August 29th, 2005, 7:36 PM
" Leave him to me..." The Articuno morph stated stepping forward. Ice and fire entertwined around her, a low growl emitting from her throat. She threw up her arm, energy shooting out at the syther morph. This time she would not kill. The girl had a little more knowlage about the strength of her powers.

(( Alter-Sama will not be happy with you powerplaying his character Hazy. I think it would be wise to refrain from doing that from now on.))

Alter Ego
August 30th, 2005, 1:29 AM
OOC: That's right. Songbird is my character and I will decide his responses and feelings the way I please, thank you very much. I know some RPers don't mind but I do. Speaking of which, I really hope you don't mind me adding a bit of backstory to the Scyther morph, AngelicExcalibur. If you think it's inappropriate, just say so and I'll edit.


"We've met before..." Songbird stated, staring at the morph with utter disgust and hatred, emotions that were usually so foreign to him. The Altaria morph was a forgiving soul, but even his tolerance had its limits.

"Well, well, well...what do we have here?" the scyther morph taunted, a spark of sadism igniting in his eyes as he noticed the Altaria morph as well "Songbird, and Jin? The dearest of all my friends come together for me. How thoughtful..." he smirked and pretended to wipe a tear from his eye before he turned to look at the Articuno morph who was standing in front of Songbird "Hiding behind and letting a girl loose her life to save yours once more...you really haven't changed a bit." he lowered his voice into a would-be whisper, although it was easily audible for everyone "Tali was always more of a man than you were..."

Songbird's face was now white with fury, his eyes blazing. "Don't you dare-" he hissed, all kindness gone from his voice as blue flames began to snake their way up his arms "Don't you dare say her name!"

"You mean...Tali's?" the Scyther morph asked, pretending not to know the history behind it "Oh I can see you're just dying to unleash that..." he added in an amused voice, watching Silinesti and Songbird, both charging up for their respective attacks "Let the massacre begin then..." the Scyther morph took up a battle stance as fire and ice rushed towards him from their respective directions.

August 30th, 2005, 2:31 AM
OOC:This RP went a bit short for us all to be outside already

IC:I saw the others escaping and running away i ran to catch up with them and the next thing i knew i was running right next to them and then I stopped and tried again i was next to them and said "I want to help I may be less developed than most of you but we do not know the full extent of my power". What about the ones still trapped and caged inside

Alter Ego
August 30th, 2005, 2:34 AM
OOC: Okay...what on earth are you writing about? As far as I know they're all still inside the facility so there's no real 'running' in that sense. The only sign of an escape going on is the pile of dead scientists by the arena in the desert area (The ones which Songbird killed) and a completely frozen Houndoom morph in the clearing by the waterfall. Could you please be a bit more specific in your posts and read what the others have written?

August 30th, 2005, 2:56 AM
OOC: Well Angelic said
"He found the main gate and used the acess card he found.He arived outside, seeing the other morphs he seen in the arena. "Sorry for not introducing myself before.My name is Jin....Jin Zuroki," Jin said to the other morphs."
so I thought we must be outside and sorry I misread/understood what you were saying my mistake

August 30th, 2005, 6:45 AM
The Scyther morph was standing still, even though and fire and ice was rushing towards him.Right when the ice and fire was about to hit him, he dodged it and dashed at Jin.The morph was about to hit him with his scythe, but Jin quickly sidesteped out of the way.Jin punched the morph in the face, and kicked him.The Scyther morph attacked with his scythes again, and he hit Jin's right arm, almost cutting it off.Jin had a fireball form in his hand, and threw it at the Scyther morph, using ember.The Scyther morph tried to dodge it, but couldn't, and the attack hit him.The Scyther morph dashed at Jin, and Jin prepared to uppercut the morph.The morph jumped behind Jin and kicked him in the back.

Jin shifted into a Latios morph and a black ball of energy was forming in his hands.Jin threw the ball of energy at the Scyther morph.The attack Jin used was shadow ball, which is powerful if used by ghost type pokemon like Haunter and Dusclops.The Scyther morph dodged the attack and then dashed at Jin, trying to hit him with his scythes.Jin kept dodging the attacks, then hit the morph in the jaw.The Scyther morph then uppercutted Jin onto the ground.He then kept trying to stab Jin with his scythes, but Jin rolled out of the way untill he had enough time to get up, but he still didn't have enough time to attack, so he was still dodging the attacks.

August 30th, 2005, 7:06 AM
OOC: Ok its been two days now and the person that said she was 'in the same den as me' (even though thats highly impossible) still hasn't replied, so i'm just gonna start where I left off..

IC: Kelly woke up, hearing noises of a battle outside. Turning over, she stretched out, yawning. After a few minutes of just laying there, stretching, she started to climb out of her den. When she reached the top of her den she climbed out and looked around. There was a huge hole in the glass arena, leading to this area. Chume was curious, so she went up to the glass that overlooked the arena. Focusing electricity into her hands and feet, she started to scale up the glass. Once up to the hole, Chume looked down at the arena to see a pile of dead scientists in there. "Whoa!!" Chume said "Who could've done that?!" Suddenly she heard the battle noises again. Following them, she found a scyther morph and what looked to be a ditto morph, fighting each other. She turned around and also saw the altaria morph she met before, and what looked to be a fusion of a Flareon and an articuno morph. She got up to where the altaria morph was. Staring at him in the face, she said "Ok, tell me. What the hells going on?!"

Alter Ego
August 30th, 2005, 7:48 AM
Songbird was too far gone to even properly acknowledge the presence of any other than the Scyther morph, the vile murderer who dared to besmirch the name of the greatest person Songbird had ever known. His eyes blazing with complete and utter fury, the Altaria morph briefly looked Chume into the eyes without really seeing her, before he rose onto his wings, hovering briefly in the air as he inhaled and unleashed another blast of flame, this one with far more force than his previous attack, at the Scyther morph who seemed to be busy trying to pin Jin down.

His opponent dodged the attack instantly, turning his eyes to his new opponent "Oh...does the little birdie want to play with the big boys?" he taunted with a malicious stare, charging towards Songbird at a blinding speed, dodging a flamethrower from the young man and jumping up into the air just behind him.

"That's just the problem with you, Songbird..." he whispered into his ear, noticing the Altaria morph's surprise and delivering a quick slash to his back before dropping back to the ground and darting of to a fairly safe distance "You're always one step behind..."

Songbird fought back the pain, a cascade of blood falling to the ground from the wound on his back as he charged at the Scyther morph, who kept dodging with infuriating punctuality.

"My, my..." the Scyther morph said softly, chuckling at his opponent's rage as he dodged yet again, waiting for the blodloss to weaken Songbird before mounting a real assault "That foolish little girl must have really hurt..." he continued, systematically tormenting his opponent "She really fought like a man, it was almost a pity to put her down."

"SHUT UP!" Songbird growled, his vision beginning to blurr as he glared at the Scyther morph who had taken up a tauntingly open position on the field. The Altaria morph suddenly felt a strange sensation come over him, his entire body teeming with energy as an eerie glow surrounded him.

Unnerved, the Scyther morph broke of his previously careful waiting strategy and lunged, only to find his blades striking thin air where Songbird had been only moments before.

Guided by some kind of natural instinct, the Altaria morph had risen to a considerable elevation in a split second, already beginning an equally fast dive as his opponent looked up, striking the Scyther morph square in the chest and knocking him backwards through the air and into a nearby rock. The sky attack unleashed at full force.

The Scyther morph lay there motionless, seemingly too weak to rise back up. "Listen, fool-" Songbird said in a cold, treathening voice, still trembling with rage, flames wreathing around his arms as he advanced towards the morph, grabbing him by the collar so that the flames seared him just a bit "-listen and understand. No-one insults Tali in my presence, EVER!" he slammed the morph back towards the rock, taking some distance, his eyes still glowing dangerously.

August 30th, 2005, 8:01 AM
"OK WHAT THE HELL!! WHY AM I BEING IGORED?!!!!" Chume shouted out. She then saw the Flareon and articuno morph near her. Chume got right in front of her and, holding onto her shoulders so that she had to listen, said "What the hell happened back there?!!!!"

August 30th, 2005, 8:20 AM
The Scyther morph then turned and faced Jin.He dashed at Jin and was attacking Jin.The Scyther morph was going faser than before, and attacked with blinding speed, so Jin could only guess where the morph will attack.Every once in a while, Jin was able to do one or two punches then would have to continue dodging.

The Scyther morph eventually hit Jin with his scythes.The morph then kicked Jin, sending him flying into a nearby tree. "I finished off your pokemon, and i'll finish the deed today," The Scyther morph said, pointing his left scythe at Jin's neck. "Don't even remind me of that day!I might of let you live, but now, i'm not!" Jin told the other morph.Jin unleashed a shadow ball at the morph, knocking the Scyther morph back several feet.

Jin punched the Scyther morph and he flew into the electric fence.Jin then grabbed the Scyther morph by the neck, choking him, and punching him at the same time.He then threw the Scyther morph at the electric fence, and then slammed him onto the ground.The Scyther morph then got up, still ready to fight.

Alter Ego
August 30th, 2005, 8:51 AM
OOC: How does that guy just leap up again over and over even after he's just been slammed down with a super effective attack that is the strongest of its type along with who knows how much else? Any particular reason? No offence, but RP battles are just boring when they drag on forever... -_-


His rage lessening under fatigue, the manic glow in Songbird's eyes began to dim a bit, and he became aware of what he had just said and done. That morph is still fighting? he wondered in disbelief Even after an attack that vicious? And Jin's assault?

The Altaria morph didn't quite know what to think of the situation, watching sleepily as the battle raged on, he suddenly became aware of Chume's presence and consequent question.

"What happened is that I just did something that one should never do." Songbird said in a tired voice, slowly walking over to the female morph "And what is happening is that Jin is committing an atrocity even worse. I apologize for ignoring you in my rage, but we really must do something before the situation gets further out of hand. Any ideas?"

August 30th, 2005, 9:19 AM
The Scyther morph was damaged badly, yet still was trying to kill Jin.He dashed at Jin, and managed to hit Jin with his scythes. "It's time to finish this," Jin said, as he shifted into a Charizard morph, and unleashed a fire blast at the Scyther morph.The morph couldn't dodge the attack, so fire blast hit the morph.He was covered in flames, and he fell onto the ground.

"Now that this battle should be over, unless he gets back up, which is unlikely, we should focus on escaping this area," Jin told the other morphs.

Alter Ego
August 30th, 2005, 9:26 AM
"Too late..." Songbird whispered with a weary sigh, as the Scyther morph fell down. "Another life taken within these walls...a tainted life maybe, but still."

The Altaria morph nodded somberly at Jin's statement, noting with a measure of worry that the Ditto morph's conscience certainly didn't seem burdened by what he had just done. He is dead... Songbird thought sadly But I doubt that Tali or his other victims are resting any easier for it...

"Agreed." he said "The sooner we leave this place the better."

OOC: I will refrain from posting until the others get a chance to post again. Wouldn't want to leave anyone behind.

August 30th, 2005, 10:09 AM
"But how are we gonna escape?" Chume asked, letting go of the Flareon/articuno morph. "There are still lots of scientists and the 'pets'. And by pets I mean the brain-dead poke morphs that tell the scientists when they notice other poke morphs trying to escape and they get rewarded for it.." Chume turned away and whispered to herself, so nobody could hear "..and still...." She got lost in her thoughts after that..

Spirit's Fire
August 30th, 2005, 10:38 AM
{Hope it's not too late, I've got a lot of ideas for this...}
Name: Breo
Age: 17
Gender: Male
DNA Injected: Umbreon
Appearance: Black hair, pale skin. His eyes tend to shine a bright yellow in darkness, and beneath his skin are rings of light that show in darkness as well. He has large ears poking from his hair, also black in color with a yellow ring near the top of each. He wears a white t-shirt and dark jeans, the clothes given to him by the scientists, as well as a pair of plain sneakers he achieved after complaining that walking barefooted was causing his feet to blister.
His abilities are those of an Umbreon: shadow-merging, resilience against Psychic powers, and the ability to light up dark areas with the glowing rings on his body. The rest of his abilities will be revealed over the course of RP.
It's been a year...

Breo sat in the corner of his cell, watching the door. His room was bright white, making his vision blurry. He had no shadows to merge with and no real room to at least practice his skills. For days on end, he had been constant in using his most effective ability, vanishing from one spot and appearing in another in the same room, an attack known by trainers as 'Faint Attack'. It was the only one he could use in such enclosed space and it was the only thing keeping him sane in imprisonment.

Just a little while ago, he had heard the telltale sound of an Altaria's song, the song that had killed his father when he was only 13. The sound had been too far away to pose any sort of effect on Breo, but he knew that song by heart. Perish Song... I never thought I'd hear it again...

Now he was watching the small window in his door, hearing the sounds of a struggle nearby. It caused him to stand and emerge from his corner, stepping up to the door to peer out. Barely 30 feet away, he could see them. Other morphs like him, subject to experiments with Pokemon DNA. He needed to get out now... he needed to escape...

He began yelling and smashing at the door, faint attacking again and again. His body smashed against it every time and soon, he had to give up, exhausted and in pain. He tried yelling again.

"Help! Get me out of here!!"

He screamed those words through the door, hoping that they, the few morphs conversing, having defeated a Scyther-morph, would hear him and find some way to open his cell door. He needed to escape with them, and finally be free of this wretched place...

August 30th, 2005, 11:10 AM
OOC: You can still join Spirit's Fire.

August 30th, 2005, 1:24 PM
Silinesti cocked an ear towards the sound of a male's voice, blinking in confusion.

" Someone needs help..." She stated, worry crossing her features. " Go on ahead without me. I will catch up."

With that the woman leapt into the air and flew in the direction of the voice, her wings gleaming in the artificial light. Her crimson eyes spotted a cell that was similar to the one she had been trapped in, hovering in the air momentarily. Silinesti's ears perked forward, catching the thudding sounds of someone throwing themselves against the door. She dropped from her place in the sky and landed before the door silently and stepped closer, her nocternal gaze peering inside.

" Stand away from the door...I don't want you to get hurt. " The articuno flareon stated, holding her hands onto the door. The air around her once again grew hotter, ice crawling all over the surface of the door. Ice that seemed to burn with fire and instill an cold that could freeze the sun. The door creaked under the pressure from the ice, Silinesti stepping away from it. She lifted her fingers slightly, snapping them once. The ice shattered at the sound, leaving nothing but a gapping hole in place of the door.

" Hurry up...we must go now..." She stated to the male inside.

Alter Ego
August 30th, 2005, 1:45 PM
Songbird turned at the sound of the voice as well, not being able to even offer his aid before Silinesti had already taken care of the matter. Still ignoring the cut in his back, the Altaria morph moved over to the gaping hole that remained after the door, finally remembering to extinguish the flames around his arms.

Peering inside, he noticed a pale-skinned male with black hair, his body bearing the hallmarks of exhaustion and lack of excercise. The walls of the room were completely white, and there were no windows. It was a wonder that the morph had managed to retain his sanity in such an environment.

"You look like you could use some help..." the male stated quietly, helping the other one out into the open. He let a small cloud of mist envelope the other morph, soothing the pain of the bruisings, probably caused by attempts to tackle his way out. "Now let's go."

August 30th, 2005, 3:06 PM
Silinesti gasped at the large cut on Songbird's back, her eyes widening.

" Altar...Y-your back. You need to be healed..." She stammered, helping him support the other male. Sorrow invaded her normally happy being, her eyes darkening. Why would the fathers do this to us? To these beautiful people? She asked herself, tears escaping her eyes.

((Meh, shortness must die! *Stabs small paragraph))

August 30th, 2005, 3:57 PM
Jin remembered the map of the labratory he got eariler. Even though i didn't need to use this map, it could come in handy later, Jin thought as he approached where the other 2 morphs are. "Guards and sciencetists aware of our escape could be coming soon, so we now should be getting out of as fast as we can, since the amount of guards would surely outnumber us.I'd say we have about ten minutes left if they are coming," Jin said to the other morphs.

August 31st, 2005, 12:22 AM
OOC: I hope this works with the story so far.

IC: Koji says "the map may I have a look at? This map might still have my cell on it where I was held? If it does then I could go to the DNA room because i remember them saying "The DNA Room. That room gives me the creeps." and at the time I was conscious unknown to them. Jin are you ok?

Spirit's Fire
August 31st, 2005, 12:42 AM
Breo had barely managed to step back far enough, clutching at his shoulder in pain, before the door exploded. When the shards of ice stopped flying, he saw the morph who had freed him. He barely uttered a whispered thanks before a second morph came into view. His face looked grateful as they helped him out, and as the healing mist Songbird surrounded him with took effect, his pained expression turned to a curious and wary one.

"Wow... Thanks for the help, I didn't think anyone could hear me..."

He was blinking steadily now, his vision returning to normal after having spent so long in the confinement of such a bland room.

"Ugh... can barely see anything right now... "

Breo felt enough to know he would be safe with these other morphs, and he took caution in studying the Altaria-morph closely.

"It was you..." he said suddenly, his gaze scanning over Songbird. "You were the one singing a little while ago... Perish Song... did it kill many of the scientists?"

Breo smiled gratefully at the two and took the chance to stand without aid, stretching out his legs and groaning a little. His ears were twitching in relief and the rings on them glowed fiercely yellow. A quick flash of the hidden rings on his body ascertained that his powers were indeed still intact, even after such an extended seclusion. But there was one more thing to do...

His vision finally cleared and he took the time to scan over the area. A couple other morphs stood by, as well as a mortally wounded morph slumped against a wall. His face twisted up a little and he let out a soft sob before shaking his head lightly.

"Yes... let's go... I hope I can help."

Flashing a quick smile to the two once more, he took a few steps to a corner, visibly plunging his hand into the shadow. A soft whimper came from his throat and he pulled back, gasping a little.

"Heh... too long without a shadow... I needed that."

He waited for a guide now; the few morphs around seemed to know where to go. His hand raked through his untidy hair as he watched. This was a ragtag group he knew he could trust.

Alter Ego
August 31st, 2005, 4:56 AM
"Oh, this?" Songbird asked, realizing the condition he was in. "It-I-don't concern yourself with it." he said weakly, not really able to see the wound for himself. "I-" he struggled with finding the words to say, although there was no lack of them in his mind; I deserve that and much more for what I've done. For leading my friends to danger...for leaving Silinesti in a position where she had to kill...for taking the lives of those scientists...for what my weakness caused Tali..., none of these things were said out loud, but there was pain and guilt in the Altaria morph's eyes.

He let a small cloud of cooling mist numb the wound a bit "I'll see to it properly once we're out of this place." he concluded, his voice a bit distant.

August 31st, 2005, 5:17 AM
"I know of a location that is unknown to other people for now, however, it won't be long untill the sciencetists and the other people that work here find us.We can rest there while we plan what we'll do next.If we go there now, we should arive by nightfall," Jin told the other morphs.

August 31st, 2005, 3:37 PM
"Huh?" Kyara said sleepily. She couldn't remember anything since she had been watching the arena. Just a jolt of pain and then waking up in her cage....
She listened as intently as possible to the other morphs. If only she wasn't hated as usual, maybe she could escape too...

August 31st, 2005, 4:55 PM
Silinesti gave the Altaria morph a long look, concern etched in her features. The woman gave a slight nod.

" Let's go then. Standing around isn't going to get us anywhere." She stated, awaiting Jin to lead. I have to be strong now. For them, and for myself. She thought, setting a vow for herself. She would protect these beautiful ones with even her dying breath.

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August 31st, 2005, 6:22 PM
Chume sat ontop of a tree. She watched as songbird and Silinesti rescued the PokeMorph that was trapped in the cage. She sighed. 'I wish I could help somehow. I just feel so awkward around that songbird guy. Its like hes trying to ignore me..' Chume thought to herself. Then she remembered the hole in the glass that lead to the battle arena where all the dead scientists were. "I know how I can help" Chume said, slightly determined that what she might do now might help..She jumped off the tree and landed on the soft, aftificial ground. Running towars the side of the glass dome, Chume already began focusing her electricity into her hands and feet. Once she got close to the side, Chume jumped up and scaled quickly up to the hole, making sure nobody noticed. Once she got to the hole in the glass she jumped through and landed on all fours in the arena..

August 31st, 2005, 6:38 PM
Jin walked in the direction he was facing, and gone into the forest.It was already evening, so he would have to hurry up to get to where he was walking to.

Lets see, there was a underground cave around here last time i came, so it should be right around here,

Jin stood still, looking for a large hole in the ground nearby.It would lead to a underground cave.The cave had a river filled with ice cold water that led from one side of the cave, to the other side.

Jin knew it was safer going through the cave rather than the forest, since guards are bound to be searching the forest.A large amount, people knew about the cave, but because of the cave starting have more and more water in the place, less and less people gone in it.

Jin noticed the hole several feet past him.Jin walked up to the large hole, looked inside, and seen that there was more water than last time.The water was about 1 foot higher than before.Before, it was two inches high.

"It would be safer if we jump down this hole infront of me.Not much people are there anymore.Even though the water level is rising, we still have enough time to get through there safely," Jin told the other morphs as he jumped down the hole.

When he got inside the cave, he seen that the river is deeper than before, there is more water type pokemon than ground type pokemon, and there are more Zubat also.Some grass types like Paris were in the cave.

"It has changed quite alot since i last visited this cave," Jin said calmly.

August 31st, 2005, 8:09 PM
Silinesti peered down through the hole, casting a worried gaze to SongBird and Breo.

" Can you two make it down ok?" She asked, not knowing how much strength SongBird had. The articuno wasn't one for confining caves, but, what choice did she have. She dropped down the hole, her wings fanning out to slow her drop. The woman landed in a soft crouch, looking about the area critically. The water worried her.

" We better move quickly... or this won't end well..." She murmured softly, a hint of fear crossing her face.

August 31st, 2005, 8:17 PM
Chume looked at the pile of dead scientist and grinned. Carefully, she took off one of the girl scientist's clothes ar put them over her own. The scientist was about the same height as her so that wouldn't be a big problem to worry about..Chume looked through the coat pocket's of the scientists and found a card that can open the doors in the building. Laughing quietly to herself, Chume slipped the card into one of the coat pockets of the white lab coat she had on. Once she put her hand into the pocket she felt something else in there. Emptying the pocket out she found another card and a map of the entire building. "Oh yeah, I forgot everyone has to have one of these.." Chume said to herself quietly..She looked down at the dead female scientist. Snickering to herself, Chume slid the card through the analyzer next to the door. The door automaticly opened and Chume stepped out into the white hallways of the rest of the lab..

September 1st, 2005, 2:48 AM
"Chume" Koji called "Where are you going?". Seeing Chume put on the coat he put one on to and said "Where to?". As a test he tried to teleport and he managed to do it with out the clothes coming off "Okay, let's go."

Alter Ego
September 1st, 2005, 6:22 AM
"I'll be fine." Songbird replied, not wanting to become a burden for Silinesti or the others. It wasn't really the fall that he was worried about, he could stand the cramped cave too, even though it wasn't pleasant for him. It was the water below that worried him, the cold water that froze the limbs and stung the throat. He had never been very good at tolerating cold, but was determined nonetheless.

"Come on." the Altaria morph said as Silinesti had dissapeared down the hole, grabbing a hold of Breo without bothering to wait for protests "I can slow down both our falls."

With that, he leapt down into the darkness, the mist moving below to support him and the Umbreon morph, providing a resisting force that slowed their fall significantly. The two morphs landed gently onto the floor below and the Altaria morph released his grip.

"By the way" he added, peering cautiously around the new area before offering his hand for the Umbreon morph to shake "I don't believe we have been introduced. My name is Songbird."

September 1st, 2005, 7:14 AM
Chume turned back her head and shut the door, quickly but quietly so they were both in the arena again. She then got next to the guy. "Look I don't even know you" Chume said bluntly. "And I don't want you following me. And how the hell did you get here so quickly anyways?!"

September 1st, 2005, 7:43 AM
"Its quicker if we follow the river, since it will lead directly to the other side of the cave.It is easy to get lost here, so be cafeful," Jin told the other morphs as he walked through the cave.The water was rising slowly, but the cave is moderatly large, so if they didn't hurry up, they would have to get back to where they came in and walked through the forest, which is full of guards by now.

The large amount of water must of been caused by rain...or something else, Jin thought as he started walking faster.He knew that any part of the cave could collaspe, and since the cave's water level was rising, the faster they got out, the better.

September 1st, 2005, 12:24 PM
Silinesti followed behind Jin quickly, not liking the fact that water was rising around her ankles. She had a horrible fear of water for some reason. The articuno morph moved forward regardless, knowing that stopping now would only make things worse. The cold water seemed rather warm compared to her body. She allowed her Articuno blood to surge to the forfront, her resistance and even acceptance of the cold making the water seem like a pleasent bath. But, her bird instincts had a strong fear of the small cavern, her wings flexing uncontrolably.

" I n-need to get out of here..." She stuttered fearfully, her eyes frantically searching for an opening for her to escape through. The girl was on the verge of panic. Her breathing came in short gasps as her heart pounded furiously in her ears.

" Please...get me out of this horrible place!" She whimpered, tears collecting in her eyes.

September 1st, 2005, 1:16 PM
"We should be halfway through by the time you can see sunlight ahead," Jin told Silienesti. "All we have to eorry about are cave-in's, which just about never happen here.

As Jin approached a wooden bridge he seen that there were several cracks on the floor. "Becareful, there is a chance that if you walk on one of the cracks, the ground you are standing on will collaspe, and you will be in a deeper area in the cave, which has a ladder to get back up at the end," Jin said.

Jin walked across the bridge and seen that there was several passages in the next area. "Remember to follow the river in this area, as it will lead to the correct passageway.They all lead to a exit, however, they lead to different areas.One i heard leads to a city, but since it is right next to the lab, it isn't safe, another one leads to a room in the labratory we were in, and the one we should go in leads to a mountain filled area in the center of the forest, which is too dangerous to travel to through the forest because of the pokemon that live there," Jin said.

September 1st, 2005, 1:41 PM
After Chume told the guy to stop following her, she opened the door quietly, looked to make sure noone was around, then closed it quietly behind her. Snickering to herself, she made her way through the halls of the lab. Everything was white so Chume's vision went a little blurry but she could still see. Suddenly she turned a corner and saw a group of scientists talking ot eachother in a group. Chume got scared and backed up a few steps. Suddenly one of the scientists saw her and montioned for her to come over there with them. 'Oh noo...' Chume thought as she carefully and slowly, made her way to the group. There was about four male scientists in the group; one female, and Chume made six. They were all dressed like Chume was. Wearing white lab coats, white gloves, and white masks, along with dark glasses. Chume doubted they would notice she was in the place of the dead female scientist. But she was still afraid. "Uh, whats up guys?" She asked shakely. One of the scientists stepped up next to Chume and put his hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright?" He asked, concered "You don't look to well" Chume jumped a little when he placed his hand on her shoulder. She forced herself to calm down a bit, then said "I'm fine..So whats been up with you guys?" She asked "What are you talking about" Another scientist stepped up to her. "Its amazing! I can't believe you haven't found out yet" He said as all the scientists started walking towards a lab room. The scientist that just spoke lead her with them. She followed with caution. The scientist in front of the door opened it and held it open for the rest to walk in. They all did, Chume and the other scientist were last, then the guy that was holding the dorr followed. There were no windows inside so once the scientist closed the door behind him, it grew dark. Chume shook a little. She then saw a single light turn on. The light was hanging right above a steel, rectangular table. On that tablewas a cage. The opening of the cage was facing away from Chume so she didn't get to see what was inside. The two of the scientists walked over to the table. "This is our newest creation yet" One of them said as they both turned to cage over so they could all see. Once they did, Chume took one look into it and screamed..

September 1st, 2005, 6:52 PM
OCC: My long rper's block is finally over, so you'll see me write longer than before, about three paragraphs normally.

IC: Jin walked through the quiet passageway which leads to the mountains.The water was currently up to the center of his legs. "I think we are almost there, and we are if i'm not careful.Watch out now, since nearby is a Steelix and Onix nesting grounds, which is right above us, however, the exit is about 50 feat above the nesting grounds so we'll be safe once we exit the cave," Jin said calmly as he noticed light nearby.

Jin seen that it was the exit, and there was a ladder there.They had to hurry as the water was quickly rising.It was already up to Jin's knees. "I'll let you three go first, then i'll go," Jin told the other morphs as he approached the ladder."Now hurry, since it won't be long before the place will completely flood." Jin said as he waited for the morphs to climb up the ladder.

September 1st, 2005, 7:19 PM
Chume gasped at the creature inside of the cage. It looked to be a mutation of all the Eeveelutions. It had the head of an Eevee, ears of an Umbreon, the fins around its neck from a Vaporeon, spikes on its back from a Jolteon, The tail of a Flareon, and the jewl peice on its head from an Espeon..

"Isn't it magnificant?" The scientist next to Chume said. She didn't say anything, just stared at the strange creature. "Something...Wrong?" One of the scientists asked. Chume stammered

"Uh, no nothing worng. Hey I umm.......Had an idea" She finally managed to choke out. This was all part of her plan to get what she wanted. She thought of it back when she was sitting on the tree, watching the others.

"Hm?" The scientist said "What is it?" Chume turned to the scientist

"Well..Um, I think we should turn some of the PokeMorphs back into humans" When she saw the startled look on the scientists face she suttered.

"Why?!" The scientist said angrily. Chume couldn't think up of anything that fast so instead she said

"It would umm...help with our research alot" She lied. The scientist came up close to her and looked her in the face.

"...How soo?" Then Chume remembered her sudden thought in the tree she had.

"Well, since there is a shortage of humans availbale these days, and more and more Pokemon are being discovored every day" The scientist nodded his head and Chume continued "Then don't you think we should um..turn the Pokemorphs back into humans so we can test on them with different Pokemon?" She finally said it. She could tell the scientists all had a surprised look in their eyes, even through the dark glasses she could tell. "..So I was wondering...Is there a medicine that you inject to the Pokemorphs that would turn them back into regular humans with no side effects somewhere around here?" When she saw the masked, confused looks on the scientists faces she added in "Cause um...I forgot. Sorry, my heads been feeling a little funny lately" One of the scientists next to me stepped up.

"I can show you where we have something along the lines of that.." Chume literally jumped up and down inside her head, as she followed the scientist out into the hall again..

OoC: Can't touch this!! fwee XD X3

September 1st, 2005, 8:44 PM
Silinesti obeyed silently, climbing up the ladder quickly. Fresh air rushed to greet her, the woman letting out a cry of joy. She pulled herself out of the tunnel and breathed deeply, the wind rushing to lift her hair into the air. The woman giggled happily, twirling about.

" Hurry!" She called down, crouching beside the ladder to help the others.

September 1st, 2005, 9:55 PM
Jin walked up to the ladder, and seen that it was a narrow upward passageway.Insted, he jumped onto a rock wall and jumped off and landed on another.He continued doing this till he could get out.

"All we have to wait for is Songbird and the Umbreon morph, then we'll head up that mountain ahead of us," Jin said, pointing to a nearby mountain. "It isn't as hard as it seems, as there is a path up to the top.Once we reach the top, we are at the place.Becareful still, since this area is known for it's massive amount of Steelix and Ursang.There has also been reports of Rhydon, Tyranitar, Aggron, and Onix, but they are more rare to encounter," Jin told the morphs.

September 1st, 2005, 10:15 PM
"Chume" said Koji quickly "Don't you remember the map we had. By the way *click*" as he locked the scientists in the room. "I am an abra poke-morph you told me not to follow that is how I got here so fast. I heard them talking about the eevee-loution solution. I guess that is what they were talking about. Quick through here before they find out they are locked in. But one question what are you going to do with the cure?"

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2005, 12:59 AM
Songbird, who had been following in silent guilt, not knowing of any way to make Silinesti feel better about the cavern, was quick to oblige, his wings forming once again to allow him to soar up to the outside world.

The treck hadn't been kind to the Altaria morph, the cold water from the cavern floor had seeped easily through his thin soles and his worn jeans. The young man was shivering visibly in the breeze, but he had a sense of happiness and relief about him nonetheless. He turned back to the hole first though.

"Come on!" he called to the remaining two, ready to help as well.

Spirit's Fire
September 2nd, 2005, 3:45 AM
[Eh-heh... seems I missed a lot while I was gone... OK! Ultra long post to catch up. Enjoy! ^.^]

[Entrance of the hole]

Breo had quickly followed them to the entrance of a cave. After listening to one speak of the water and the depth of the fall into the cave, he watched as one by one, the morphs jumped in. Breo acknowledged Silinesti's question with a quick nod, but before being able to move, he felt himself being grabbed and pulled down into the hole by Songbird. He didn't protest, much more he was grateful, since he had no idea how he could've gotten down without help. The cloud of mist beneath them was rather comforting, and when they reached the floor of the cave, the cloud faded and let the two of them down with a soft thud.

Breo blinked a little, peering around inside the cave. It was a little dark and he chanced to look at his arms. A glowing yellow ring on his forearms and upper arms illuminated the cave a little. Breo felt his forehead and noticed the same ring glowing there. It gave him a sense of usefulness, knowing he could illuminate a path for the others.

He grinned to Songbird, who had his hand held out. Breo extended his own, in a firm shake before pulling back shortly, introducing himself as politely as possible. "I'm called Breo. Nice to meet you."

Breo looked over at the morph called Jin, who was apparently the guide of this escapade. His ears twitched as he listened to the instuctions to follow the river. The Umbreon morph chanced moving to the edge and looking in. He spotted several fish Pokemon, but nothing really dangerous. He stuck his hand in and was immediately met by the ice cold water, the sensation shooting up his arm. Jeez, that water's cold...

Shaking his arm and rubbing the warmth back into it, he took a small leap and jumped in. Almost immediately, he started to shiver, but a quick flash of his glowing rings gave him warmth once more. Then he heard whimpering noises. Silinesti, the Articuno-Flareon morph who had first helped him, was seemingly paralyzed with fright and the need to get out into the open. Breo could think of nothing to do to help her, except mutter a few words of reassurance, his best attempt at trying to calm her down.

As they reached the bridge, Breo gave a soft shudder. Bridges were never a good thing for him. Instead, he took a few steps back and took a running start, quickly leaping into a Faint Attack to emerge at the other side. Only then did he remember that other might have the same distrust of the bridge as he did. Too late now, heh...

At the ladder, he watched the other climb before beginning an ascent himself, right after Songbird. In the daylight, the glowing rings on his body disappeared entirely. It was refreshing to feel the sun's rays hit his body, though he had liked the cave, even if it was a bit wet. He shook the water from his legs, then, out of concern, he spoke. "Everyone alright here?"

He peered back down the ladder, kneeling at the edge to wait for Jin. Below, he could see the water level rising and was forced to acknowledge that once they were all out, they couldn't go back.

[Ok, maybe not ULTRA long... :P]

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2005, 4:12 AM
"Well, I'm fine..." Songbird stated, even though his body shivered once more and the cut left on his back had now taken up giving of a dull, stinging, ache. The Altaria morph stamped his feet on place and focused his attention upwards, to the sky above.

The sky... he thought, smiling for himself as a single tear ran down his right cheek I've made it. Tali, I've finally made it. If only you could be here with me...if only you could see...

Seeing the sky had been one of the top priorities of the two morphs, a kind of passing right into freedom. Tali had explained how much more massive it was than the flimsy illusion the laboratory provided, but it had still not been enough to prepare the Altaria morph for this sight. It was a clear, sunny day, a couple of white cloud drifting lazily across the skies, and the sheer wastness of it was almost overwhelming

"Beautiful..." Songbird said hoarsely, ignoring the second shiver his body made as he continued staring upwards, "Simply beautiful..."

September 2nd, 2005, 6:27 AM
OOC: Trainra you are not making any sense o___O;; I already left the room with the mutation in it and I am now on my way towards theother room..

Chume followed the scientist exctidently. Her plan was to snatch the medicine and run back to where the others were. 'The last time I saw them was when they all went into that tunnel thingy' Chume thought while she continued to follow the scientist. The scientist stepped up to a door and opened it. There was no windows near the door so Chume didn't worry about any witnesses. She let out a squek of terror when the scientist opened the door though..

September 2nd, 2005, 7:27 AM
Silinesti noticed that Songbird appeared to be cold, the articuno flareon morph moving over to him.

" I think I may be able to help you..." She said softly, allowing her flareon blood to surge to the forefront. The temperature around her increased gradually as she focused on building the heat within her. It radiated outward, her wings fading into a pinkish color. Flames danced in her eyes as the heat grew, the girl becomeing a sort of portable heater.

" I guess it comes in handy to beable to storeover 4 thousand degrees of heat..." She joked lightly, a small smile curving her lips.

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2005, 7:38 AM
Songbird snapped back into the present at Silinesti's comment, his body quickly drying from the heat that the morph emanated, life returning to him properly.

"That it does." the Altaria morph replied, turning his eyes back to the level of the people adressing him for a moment, a smile etched onto his features. He threw another smile at the sky above before turning his head back "Maginificent, isn't it?" he asked, still excited by this new sight "It's so much grander than at the laboratory. So much more...alive. And Tali said that it becomes even better in nighttime, lighting up with so many stars that it seems like they stretch on forever...she said it makes you feel small, it's really got to be something if it worked on her..."

Suddenly, the Altaria morph realized that his talking had drifted of to the area of his most guarded secret, the source of both his deepest shame and greatest joy. "I wonder, would it be possible to sleep under the sky this night?" he asked the group in general, attempting to switch the subject and to mask the hint of pain that had returned to his face. If they knew... he thought for himself They're great people, but if they knew I'm sure they'd still abandon me like everyone else. Well, maybe not Silinesti, but no. It's better not to chance it...

September 2nd, 2005, 7:51 AM
Jin slowly climbed up the ladder, as the cave was going to be filled with water in a matter of seconds.Once he got up, he looked at a large mountain ahead of him, which had a path up to the top.

"That mountain ahead of us is where we have to go to.Once we are at, the top, we are almost there," Jin said.He started to walk up the rocky path to the peak of the mountain.

"If you see any caves, don't go in them, since there is a large chance, you can encounter a Steelix, which are aggresive here.I once was attacked by a Steelix in one of the caves,"

September 2nd, 2005, 8:26 AM
" I am sure we will be fine...we are part pokemon now aren't we?" She replied to Jin.

" I would love to sleep out beneath these stars that you speak of...I do not remember ever seeing them before!" Silinesti beamed, her wings faning out slightly. " C-can we fly?"

The articuno looked up at the beautiful sky, her crimson eyes staring up longingly. She wanted no needed to fly up there. Into the masses of clouds that formed high above. Her wings flexed uncontrolabley as the urge to fly pushed her forward. She had never seen a sky so endless before. So welcoming.

" It would be faster, and we can carry Breo." She added, hoping to sway Jin to the idea.

September 2nd, 2005, 8:27 AM
"Well we're here" The scientist next to me said as he walked through the big room. Chume followed. There were alot of people in the room at the time. They all had their own desk and looked very busy. File boxes and Pokemorph machines also filled the room. Some scientists were scattered about in little groups. The scientist led her to the back of the room. Chume stared back at all the busy scientists 'Oh crap' She thought 'How am I supposed to escape through all this?!" The sicentist led Chume to a door in the back. He opened it and we both walked in. It led to a long hallway and at the end of the hallway there was a door. This hallway was the only one that was dark. It was painted black there were no windows. The only source of light they did have was the little lightbulbs that were along the ceiling. They got to the back door and the scientist opened that one. Chume walked in. The room was dark. The scientist turned on a single light that was hanging above a steel square table. The room was empty besides that. There was a tube of a light blue liquid stuff on the table. The tube was being held up by a test tube holder and was surrounded by glass. "This is it" The scientist said "With only one drop of this liquid, any Pokemorph can turn back into a regular human" "With no side effects?" Chume asked, sneaking behind the scientist as he gazed into the glass at the closed test tube. "Yes.." He said. "Well then.." Chume closed the door quietly behind her. The scientist turned around quickly. "You shall die now" She said bluntly. The scientist backed up. "Who the hell are you?!" He asked shakily, backing up and take out a radio from his lab coat pocket. Chume stepped up to him quickly and snatched the radio up from his hands. Electricity shooting from her hands, Chume disabled the radio. "You wouldn't be needing that now.." Chume sid evily, a huge grin spreading across her face. She dropped the borken radio on the floor as she took off the lab coat, took off the dark glasses, and pulled down her mask. The scientist gasped as he started to scream for help "Help! Its one of those monsters! It managed to escape!!!" Chume's tail swished at the word 'monster' Her whole body sparked with electricity "Monster?!" Chume said, her eyes turning a dark blackish red "Look human! Nobody can hear you this deep into the lab!! Now DIE~~!!!!!!!" Chume gave out a Pika cry as her whole body surged with electricity. The electricity surged to the scientist. Once it did he stated screaming. Chume didn't care though for it was true, nobody could hear them this much back into the lab. Electricity surged through Chume's body as she shocked the scientist with a powerful thunder. Once she stopped the scientisr dropped to the ground, dead. Chume smirked down at him as she took the card from his lab pocket and ran it through the little machine that was attached to the table. The buttons beeped and shone different colors as the glass tube disapeared into the stell table and the test tube that was in their became vulnerable. Snickering to herself, Chume snatched up the test tube and looked at the dead scientist behind her. "This is for the Pokemorphs back there" Chume said as she took off the scientist's clothes, put them on, and exited to room, heading for the Pokemorph sanctuary..

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2005, 8:30 AM
Songbird nodded in agreement, pushing aside his thoughts about the past once more. "I would be for that idea as well." he stated, smiling a bit at the thought of flying without restriction for the first time of his life. "I could create a mist over this land that would conceal us from the sight of any guards, we would be up in no time."

Although a bit worn from his travails, the Altaria morph couldn't resist the chance to fly. If only I could sing as well... he thought for himself.

September 2nd, 2005, 8:44 AM
"You can fly up there if you want, however, i'm walking up the mountain," Jin told the other morhps quietly.He then started walking up the mountain pass, which was dangerous not only because of the Steelix, but part of the path has been collasping over time.

The mountain pass wasn't hard to walk up to get to the top, untill Jin started getting about halfway up the mountain.Boulders would fall often, and if Jin wasn't careful, he could be knocked off the mountain pass.

The mountain pass was at first spiraling up the mountain, then it would lead straight into a cave that would then link to the other half, which was a stairway that leaded up to the top of the mountain.

Jin soon arived at the cave, which was wider and larger than the other cave.This one was pretty simple to find your way out, since there were signs that told you the way out when ever there was two or more paths to take.The cave was similar to the prevous cave Jin was in.

Spirit's Fire
September 2nd, 2005, 8:44 AM
"Nighttime... I can barely remember..."

Breo sighed, staring up at the sky. It had been over a year since he had last seen such a blue sky, and he found he had missed it dearly. It brought a smile to his face, but he turned a little grim at the mention of flying out.

"Do you... do you think it's even possible? How do we know the scientists didn't think of that and construct security to stop it?"

He grimaced as he imagined all sorts of measures that could be used. Then an idea struck. Breo had his Barrier ability, which would shield them when they flew out. Should we fly out, anyways... The Umbreon morph glanced to the others. He seemed to be the only one unable to fly; it depressed him a little but he shrugged it off, shooting a quizzical look to Jin and the others.

"So what's the plan? Are we going to follow him, or fly?"

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2005, 9:08 AM
Songbird shrugged at Jin's comment, obviously he wasn't as enthusiastic about it as they were.

"Why don't we do both?" the Altaria morph asked in answer to Breo's inqury, a small spark of excitement lighting in his eyes "I doubt that they could seal of an airspace this big." he added thoughtfuly "At any rate, it is a risk I'm willing to take, and I have a few ideas in case we do run into a barrier."

With that, the Altaria morph allowed mist to swirl around his arms once more, unleashing the cloud into the air as day slowly began its grueling change to night. Briefly, the cloud looked a bit uncertain about its purpose, but Songbird dutiful directed it to lay on top of the laboratory behind them, severing the link of sight between the morphs and the monstruous piece of construction.

"Well..." the Altaria morph said, pleased with his handiwork "I will be flying up there..." he pointed towards the sky "I promised an old friend that I would do so...well, that we would do so. But seeing as that is not an option." he shook away the darker thoughts that attempted to creep back into his mind "Anyway, I will be keeping both you and Jin within sight should you decide to walk and I will come to your aid if need be."

Wings sprouted from Songbird's back once more. "But a very wise person told me that you haven't really lived before you've flown at least once." the Altaria morph said, his eyes shining a bit in the semi-darkness "I would be happy to carry you, should you desire so."

September 2nd, 2005, 9:25 AM
Silinesti let out a delighted squeal and leapt into the air without a second thought, her wings fanning out to carry her. She allowed the articuno side full reign over her, delight surging through her as the wind danced about her. It felt so wonderful. The girl spun in mid air, giggling uncontrolabley as she rose higher. She couldn't stop herself from continuing her asent, not that she wanted to. Clouds surrounded her as she flew higher, a strange sensation building inside of her.

The girl broke through the clouds, leaving only her and the sky. The sun had begun it's desent towards the horison, painting the sky above with reds oranges and purples. The Articuno morph stared in awe at the scene before her, hovering there as her mind and soul drank it all in. She would give everything for this feeling, this moment, this sight.

Spirit's Fire
September 2nd, 2005, 9:51 AM
Breo's yellow eyes glowed suddenly in the increasing darkness and he grinned at Songbird, nearly laughing in his anticipation.

"Seriously? Well..." he trailed off for a second before continuing. "I was actually planning to ask if you would... since I unfortunately don't have wings..." He snorted to the side at his misfortune, then turned quickly to watch Silinesti launch herself into the air, smiling at the sight.

"It looks fun... anyways..." Breo felt the rings on his body glow once more as the daylight disappeared. His hand brushed through his hair as he turned, surpressing the urge to leap in happiness.

"Sure, why not? I'll take you up on that, Songbird."

He took a cautious glance back to Jin, worried for a second. Though Jin was quite obviously capable of defending himself against anything he could run into, Breo couldn't help but worry about the guy. He shrugged, though, and took the better of the two choices. Stay with the others and fly to safety. The thought of being so high in the air got him excited again, and being that it was almost night made him feel even better. Soon, they would all be free.

Through his amazement of having gotten so far, he began to wonder what would happen once they escaped. Would they all go off on their own path? Breo certainly had no place to go; his mother had given him up when she heard he'd been kidnapped. It hadn't been long since he'd met other like himself, but he was starting to feel as though he belonged; that he could find some kind of a future with these newfound friends of his.

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2005, 10:08 AM
"Excellent." Songbird replied, melody properly returning to his voice for the first time since the incident at the arena "Just stand still for a moment."

The Altaria morph reached with his right hand into the cloud on his back, his fingers seemingly grasping thin air until he pulled them out, at which point a piece of the strange matter was floating around his hand. He moved his hand over the Umbreon morph, briefly touching both shoulders and leaving a portion of the wings on them. The two clouds obediently assumed their previous shape on Breo's back, although the wings that spouted were, much like Songbird's pair after the operation, a good bit smaller.

"Carrying is of course a bit of a wide concept." the Altaria morph chuckled. Shared flight was a rather exhausting technique, but for the first time since Tali's death he actually had someone whom he might consider a friend. That was worth something. "Those wings will only mimic the motions of mine I'm afraid." he added "Since they're technically one pair in two places at once, I'm not sure about the exact workings but they function, and the sensation should be quite good nonetheless, certainly better than dangling in my grip. Let's be of."

Songbird took a few steps' worth of distance from Breo before he began flapping his wings. It took a good bit more effort now that the force was divided between the two of them, but out of sheer determination the Altaria morph's body soon lifted from the ground.

He closed his eyes for a moment, soaring upwards with the wild, untamed wind howling around him and the exhilirating feeling of flight coursing throughout his body. There was a brief, unreal moment as he passed into the cloud above, seemingly suspended in thin air, but he soon emerged upon the cloud cover. The Altaria morph made a quick check to make sure that his new friend was still hanging along before turning to face the scene;

The sight of the sunset over the barrier of clouds was simply a breathtaking experience. Songbird's heart nearly burst with the desire to sing in the presence of such beauty, he noticed that Silinesti was nearby, enjoying the sights as well.

"If only she was alive to see this..." Songbird said out wistfully, maintaining his height for a while...briefly forgetting the presence of any others as he watched the sun, thoughts about the past occupying his mind once more.

September 2nd, 2005, 12:20 PM
Silinesti smiled over at the two that had joined her, her eyes gleaming with joy. She had never witnessed such a sight, and her soul soared higher then the stratisphere. The Articuno morph giggled uncontrolabley, her wings flapping once to even out her flight. The stars gleamed briliantly above her as she glided slowly, letting the warm air thermals carry her. The morph flipped over onto her back to stare up at the glowing orbs, her eyes reflecting their glinting shine.

" I wish that I could stay here forever...Forever above the clouds where the sky is always with me and I will never be alone..." She murmured, relishing in the wind that rushed beneath her wings. Memories returned to her, memories that seemed so very strange to her.

** She was flying, just like this, only she wasn't the one with wings. A bird, black in coloration carried her up into the air. Silinesti let out a cry of joy, the bird echoing her. It was a pigeot, it's long crest feathers trailing through the wind.

" Gryvor! Higher!" She laughed, holding onto the bird as it swooped up into the clouds. **

" Gryvor... I... I remember a bird..." She muttered in confusion, turning back over.

September 2nd, 2005, 2:19 PM
Chume passed the many scientists in the big room she was in, after diposing the evidence of the male scientist that was in their with her and disquising herself in his clothes, that is. Pushing through the diferent groups of scientists, Chume noticed a shelf nearby with eyedroppers on it. Sneaking up the the side of the shelf, Chume snatched on up and shoved it into her coat pocket. Leaving the shelf, Chume made her way to the exit. She was almost there when..

"Hey. Whos that?!" One of the scientist near her yelled out. Everyone turned their attention towards me. "Oh sh*t!!" Chume thought as she finally noticed her tail, that was sticking out of the lab coat. Cursing under her breath, she pushed her way through the scientists, her body surging with electricity so that whoever got near her was instanly in a coma. Making her way to the door, Chume pushd it open and she ran out into the hallway, the door slamming behind her. A few seconds later though, she heard the door open again as the scientists ran after her. She turned a corner sharply, heading to the arena. Taking out the card that was in her pocket, Chume continued running and when she got to the door she quickly slid through her card and went through into the arena. the scientists can be heard coming nearer but Chume was too fast for them. The door shut just as they neared the corner. Snickering, Chume took off her lab coat and slipped the test tube and the eyecropper into her pocket. Focusing some of her electricity into her hands and feet, She jumped onto the wall and started climbing up it. Just as she jumped through the hole, she heard the door opening as the scientists came crashing through like bugs. They looked around the arena and noticed the discarded clothes.

"Where the hell is she?!!" One of the scientists said. They looked through the glass at all the Pokemorphs in the forest invoronment. They didn't spot Chume though, for she was high up in a tree, jumping silently to her unseen den.

Once she got there she looked around to see if anyone was looking. When she saw that the coast was clear, she jumped in. Gliding smothely, Chume rode down the tunnel as if it were a slide. Once the tunnel ended, she jumped into her warm den and layed down. Chume took out the test tube and sighed "Tommoro.." she put the test tube away and turned over, getting a little sleepy.."Tommoro I shall meet up with them...I hope.." After that said, Chume fell into a deep, needed, sleep..

September 2nd, 2005, 3:07 PM
Can I join?
DNA Injected:Ninetails
Description: http://img308.imageshack.us/img308/2997/pokemorph3mc.jpg
Other: She is nice and sarcastic sometimes. She has a strong sense of justice and is lovable.

September 2nd, 2005, 4:22 PM
Kyara heard something move and whipped around. a blur shot out of a tree and into a nearly invisible hole. Slowly, she made her way over, but something stopped her.
What if it's some kind of monster? What if it's...a zombie...?
She shivered a few times, then whipped around and walked off, her tail chopping down a small sapling in the process.
There was something that looked very similar to a sprinkler head in the middle of the stump. Inspecting the scene more closely, she discvoered that the sapling was plastic. Kyara touched the sprinkler head, and it spewed purple gas.
Suddenly, she felt a strong desire to fight. To hunt. To battle. To eat.
To kill.
She walked over to the other side of the room, head hung low. There was something awfully strange about all this, more than just experiments. Tomorrow, something would happen. She could feel it in her bones. But until then, she had to rest.
After a few minutes of digging, she had a shallow depression in the ground, roughly her size.
She curled up in it and fell asleep.

Spirit's Fire
September 3rd, 2005, 1:47 AM
Breo stood still, making a small joke and watching Songbird curiously as he went through the motions to form wings on his back. "Aw, but I want to dangle from your grip..." Laughing softly, Breo soon found that he couldn't feel the wings, and so thought they weren't actually attached right. He spoke out this thought, murmuring that he would have to walk anyways. "Uh... I can't feel them. Are you sure they're goinna work?"

As he watched Songbird take flight, and unexpectedly launch Breo into the air at the same time, he found his question answered. He felt unsupported and at the same time, the rush of cool air over his face made him gasp in wonderment. He'd never been this high before, and though he had no control over his destination, being that Songbird was, for now, his sort of Puppet master, he found that his adrenaline was rushing incredibly.

He emerged over the clouds with Songbird, watching Silinesti enjoy her flight so much. Breo peered over to the rapidly appearing moon, amazed at how close it seemed. He gasped breathlessly. "Wow... this is amazing..." His eyes were shining in the light, and the rings on his body glowed more fiercely. This first flight, though out of his control, was and was going to be an experience Breo wouldn't soon forget.

Being up that high, Breo recalled the memories of his older brother Michael, an accomplished Pokemon trainer he felt was currently challenging the Pokemon League. Every day, Breo, who back then was called Gabe, would watch from his bedroom window on the second floor of their house, marveling at his older brother's powerful flying Pokemon, the extraordinary Skarmory that Michael had promised he would one day let Breo ride.

A sigh left his lips and he shrugged, letting his gaze slip over the horizon. The colorful sunset slowly disappeared before his eyes, to be replaced by the moonlight he was already so enjoying. He would, like the other two, be content to just float here forever. But they had somewhere to go, or at least, they had to get out of this horrid place. Breo tried to wiggle a little movement from the wings, which not only didn't succeed but also left Breo floating face-down. Groaning, he turned himself back upright, waiting for the others to snap out of memory and the bliss of being in the clouds.

September 3rd, 2005, 3:17 PM
Silinesti rotated and folded her wings in against her body, butterflies rushing in her stomach as she dropped headfists through the clouds. The clouds parted for her as she plummeted through them appearing on the other side.

The articuno aimed for the mountaintop, adrenaline surging through her. Her wings stretched outward before she hit the ground, slowing her fall. Her wings fluttered as lowered her to the ground lightly. She turned her crimson eyes up to the clouds, waiting for Songbird and Breo to join her.

September 3rd, 2005, 3:50 PM
OOC: Everyone up to this point is accepted.If anyone else wants to join, they'll have to PM me.

IC: Eventually when Jin came out of the cave, he was almost at the mountaintop.He just had to walk a bit more and he'll be there.

"This is easier than expected," the morph said as he walked up the stone steps that could collaspe at any moment, so he had to walk up slowly.Jin looked at the labratory, feeling that he was forgeting something, something important.

The stairs were often crumbling as the quiet morph walked on them, so he had to walk a bit faster, to avoid falling over one thousand feet, which is high enough that just about nothing could survive the fall.

As Jin got up to the mountaintop, he seen that the stairs collasped as he got off them. There is no way down now without jumping off, or flying off.So now we can't quit, even though we weren't anyways. The morph thought as he seen Silinesti, who was already at the mountain top.

Alter Ego
September 4th, 2005, 12:25 AM
Songbird chuckled at the sight of Breo flipping over, "It takes a while to get used to flying." the Altaria morph said "Perhaps even more so when you're doing it with borrowed wings."

He took a bit of a pause to reflect on his own words, Borrowed wings... he repeated in his mind Freedom granted by another's sacrifice...Tali's sacrifice... (OOC: He'll get over it soon, I swear.)

Songbird snapped out of the trance of his own thoughts as he noticed Silinesti leaving towards the mountain top, with a slightly disturbed expression on her face.

"Well..." Songbird said, turning to Breo, "Looks like we'll have to move on now...let's go." he threw a last, longing glance at the sky above before diving down after the Articuno morph through the cover of clouds, soon landing on the mountain top as well.

September 4th, 2005, 2:02 AM
Silinesti turned to Jin, smiling lightly.

" Hello Jin-kun!" She called with a wave. " Have a nice walk?"

The articuno looked over at Songbird and Breo as they landed, giggling happily and running over to greet them. She stopped a little ways from them.

" Bre-nee-chan! Did you enjoy your flight?" She asked the umbreon. Silinesti then looked at SongBird, noticing that he looked troubled.

" Is something wrong Sirien-kun?" She asked

Alter Ego
September 4th, 2005, 2:07 AM
"Well-" Songbird hesitated with his response, had his grief been that obvious? Should he tell? "It's-" his words seemed to fail him, "It's about my past." he said quietly so that Jin wouldn't hear. Unlike Breo and Silinesti the Ditto morph never seemed to have had much understanding for him.

"A past I would forget if I dared to..." he stated somberly, shooting a quick, nervous glance at Jin. By the Altaria morph's expression it was obvious that he was both hoping to and afraid to tell more. But that there was a tad too much company at the moment.

September 4th, 2005, 3:04 AM
"It's okay, Sirien-kun. You don't have to talk about it. I was just worried." Silinesti stated, picking up on his unwillingness to share. She turned towards the cave, her ears perking forward curiously.

" So is that our next destination?" She asked Jin curiously, her tail moving from side to side.

((ACK! Shortness)

Alter Ego
September 4th, 2005, 3:18 AM
Songbird shook his head, "It's not like I don't want to tell..." he said quietly "It's just that..." he trailed of, giving a sigh. Why hide it? If anyone would understand, it would be them. And someone would find out eventually, they always did. Besides, it was wrong and selfish of him to keep the truth from these people, people who had helped him achieve his freedom, just because he was afraid of his own past. "Well...truth to be told you deserve to know." he said after a pause "All of you do. So that you know what kind of person you are travelling with." he looked around the group "But maybe that could wait until we are done travelling for the day."

September 4th, 2005, 7:44 AM
Blaze finally arived in her own enviroment. She was traqilized for a while and a few minutes she woke up. She noticed her hair changed and she a nine tails. She scratched the back of her head and her hands had turned into paws.
"Whats happening to me?" Blaze said.

September 6th, 2005, 6:06 AM
Chume woke up and stretched out. Yawning she turned over o her side and looked at the test tube. She picked up the test tube and the eyedropper and grinned.


A few minutes later she was out in the forest again. Jumping from tree to tree she looked for the tunnel which led to the cave. She stopped short once she found it..and found out that it was overflooded. Sticking her hand in the water she drew it back quickly and shivered. 'Dang!' She thought while staring at the overfilled tunnel. She put the test tube and the eyedropper in her pocket and zippered it tightly. She crouched down, staring into the water. "Well...Ok I guess.." She sai quietly as she dove into the water. Her body immediatly curled up into a ball but she quickl got used to it. Looking down into the dark water she caugh a glimps of three tunnels separating from eachother. She got up for more air before going down again. 'Great' She thought while swimming there. 'Well..what do I have to lose?" She dove under again and swam to he three holes..

Spirit's Fire
September 6th, 2005, 8:19 AM
Breo landed awkwardly, his feet stumbling just a little before he gained his footing. His head spun and he shook it off quickly, peering around now. They were at the top of the mountain, with a view much the same as he'd just had.

The Umbreon morph's eye twitched when he heard Silinesti call him by a... strange nickname. He supposed he'd just let her; nicknames were usually a sign of friendship anyways. But Bree-nee-chan? Regardless, Breo laughed and nodded to her question. "Yes, I did enjoy the flight. It was totally amazing."

He followed Silinesti's gaze and noticed Songbird looking a little down. He could only listen quietly; he was never any good at comforting people. His past...? He's always got someone or something on his mind. When we stop to rest tonight, I'll make sure to ask him...

Breo patted Songbird on the back, smiling. "Hey, thanks for the flight. But cheer up. I don't want to have to start giving you noogies." The Umbreon morph winked and laughed, watching Silinesti and Jin. "We're almost done for the day anyways, it seems. You can talk about it when we stop. Besides, we've all got some story to tell, right?"

Alter Ego
September 7th, 2005, 7:06 AM
Songbird chuckled a bit at Breo's comments "I guess..." he replied "Although most of them are probably not as dark as mine. But you're welcome for the flight. And thank you for your support..." the Altaria morph added "I really needed that."

Yes... Songbird thought for himself, encouraged by the Umbreon morph's words, Telling them is the right decision. I can feel it now. Maybe once I've told them...maybe if they understand...maybe I can finally put Tali's memory to rest.