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Raichu Master
August 28th, 2005, 11:27 AM
Wish you could relive moments in high school? Wish you could fix wrongs and make them right? Heres your chance. This is a High School RP of sorts where you play a high school student living day to day in school. Since school is about to (or has in some cases) start, I thought this the perfect time to release this. Since not everyday is perfect in the real world, make it perfect in this RP! Got in a fight with a friend? Want to play it a different way, do so, while you interact with other members and students through out the school year.

This is meant to be a romance RP of sorts. In being so, rules have to be placed on this RP to make sure we keep it with in reason:

1. This is PG-16. If youre under the age, you MUST PM me. I will not accept anyone under the age rating, unless Ive oked it via PM.
2. This is PG-16 for violence, and sexual themes.
3. Violence may only include: fights (may include gang fights), and verbal assault (no censor avoiding though, if its censored dont use it.). If gore is involved I will make sure that you are eliminated on the first offense.
4. Sexual Themes being: kissing, hugging, and etc. Basically its anything that is allowed on the forums, so no porn, no sex, and etc. Again you will be eliminated on first offense. If you think it a necessary part of your rping, then do it over PMs or IM, I dont want to see it on the RP!
5. I reserve the right to kick anyone out of the RP without further reasoning or without warning.
6. Like #1, this IS a PG-16 RP, no one under may join, if you want, PM me, then I MIGHT think about itor I may just deny you without a second thought.
7. This is a more mature RP, anybody being immature or childish will be thrown as well.

Now we get to see why romance RPs have never been on PC! XD


Age: At least 15 (freshmenew)
History: Just a little bit about your characters school history.
RP Sample: Only questionable persons must fill this out.

August 28th, 2005, 12:17 PM
(( I was hopin someone would make one of these!! XD *gives Rai a cookie*))

Name: Tanis Daier

Gender: Female

Age: 17 Junior

Description: Tanis is a girl about mid height, with a decent build and a pale complextion. She has reddish brown eyes and long black hair that tapers off at her waist. It has a curly wave type thing going on, and turns a reddish shade in the sun. She has the tattoo of two wings that fan out across her shoulders, both starting off as skin color at the base and slowly fading into black with speckled white tips. The black feathers are all outlines in electric purple and blues, giving the tattoo a dream like look. Tanis constantly hides her body from the world with a hoodie of some kind, and always wears baggy, torn, and faded jeans. She never wears make up or dresses and skirts, finding them too girly for her tastes. Her shoes of choice are either steel toed boots or SAMBAs. She also has a oval shaped blue birth mark on her hip that has a purple ring around it.Also she always wears a harley Davidson bandana. (I actually have most of these features, minus the Tat XD I am too lazy to create something so meh, why not use me?))

Personality: She is very very tom boyish, often not effected by drama. Because of her troubled past she pushes everyone away, but once you have befriended her she will stick by you until the end. Tanis also has a habit of speaking her mind to anyone who she believes deserves a piece of it. She also can become angered quickly, which helps chase away any unwanted attention. But, beneath it all she is a kind soul who just wants to be loved (Aws now ain't that just precious? XD))

History: She gets decent grades, not being one for trying to hard academically. When she does try she is fairly intelegent. Tanis is the squad leader for the High school marching band percussion section and also plays drum set for the jazz band. This goes against most people's beliefs of her, since she is normally thought of as against school spirit. Tanis is also a high ranked member a a gang called the Fallen. She normally doesn't cause trouble, but she sure will if someone messes with her.
RP Sample: Do you need one from me? XD

August 28th, 2005, 2:01 PM
Name: Rachel Lorenzo

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Description: Rachel has mid length, chocolate brown hair and emerald green eyes. Her skin takes on a slightly tanned colour and she stands at around 56 in height. Her build is slender and sleek, though her muscles are toned, she still looks to slender for a girl her age. Her wardrobe consists of mostly dark colours, this mainly being a pair of baggy trousers with a top of random choice. The only thing she wears regularly is the black bandana around her neck, and a black trench coat. Though many a times she has been known to wear a lighter choice of clothing whilst accompanying friends out or to the beach, this also mean disposing of her trade mark trench coat.

Personality: Rachel is a sarcastic and witty girl, who proves a great asset to friends, but a dangerous opponent to foes. Though she appears as cruel and unforgiving, Rachel is in fact the opposite whilst with her friends, being calm, cool and collected. Protective and friendly, she never turns her back on a friend and will help in anyway possibleas long as it doesnt mean her loosing a grade or ditching a class, when it comes to her grades, Rachel is all the more protective of them.

History: (Will to tomorrow)

RP Sample: (Will do tomorrow)

(<ish tired)

Raichu Master
August 29th, 2005, 5:05 AM
Yes. You have to do a RP Sample Kagome. :(

August 29th, 2005, 8:13 AM
(( No problem! ^_^ I'll wing it))


" So, what you're saying is that, I, being your "daughter", Have no rights to my own opinions?" A disgruntled teenager asked, her brows drawing together. She crossed her arms over her chest angrily as she glared at the man standing before her.

" I told you not to be out that late, and I also told you that I didn't want you to be with those hoodlum friends of yours!" He yelled, his face growing red with rage. He was her adopted father, a tall man, who in her opinion thought too much of himself.

" They aren't Hoodlums you jerk! You can't even manage a decent insult!" She snapped back, her eyes darkening a shade. The girl hated him with a passion. He was such a loser. Oh sure, his "daughter" had just barely avoided being beaten to a bloody pulp and he was complaining about curfew?

" Watch your tone with me young lady or I'll make it so you never step foot out of this house again!" He warned, only adding to the girls fury. Her expression grew tense, before she picked up the red book bag at her feet and slung it over one shoulder.

" Oh really? Watch this!" She retorted, sending him a rude hand gesture and kicking open the door. She slamed the unfortunate thing hard behind her, causing a picture to drop from the wall with a loud bang. The teen stormed away from the house, darkness enveloping her as she stepped away from the pourch light.

" Tanis! Tanis Marie! Get your butt back here right now!" The man called, but she ignored him, turning down the block and out of sight. Tanis shoved her hands in her jean pockets, ignoring the painful bruise that now marred her lieft cheek. She had been caught alone earlier in the night, a rival gang had crossed into her gangs territory just for an oppertunity to beat her up. Of course she made them earn it. A cruel grin curved her lips at the thought. Oh yes, they definately earned it.

She was sore all over, but that didn't slow her any. After all, she knew Jerry would be sending the cops after her to bring her home. It didn't matter. She would just leave again. Oh how she hated that man. All he did was drink and blame her for everything. It wasn't like she was a bad kid. She just didn't care. Tanis turned down a back alley and hoped a chain linked fence, landing hard on the other side. She suddenly wished she would run into those girls again. As angry as she was, things would probabley fall in her favor.

With a sigh she climbed ontop of a large dumpster that was pushed againt the wall of a brick building. She jumped and grabbed ahold of the fire escape that hovered over it and pulled herself up. With a groan she stood and climbed up to the roof, sighing deeply. Her life sucked... *** ((Is this good enough?))

August 29th, 2005, 8:58 AM
Hey Raichu,
Here is my info.

Name: Ronin Boh
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Description: Ronin is tall and has the body of a runner. He most noticeable trait is that he has no hair. He suffers from a rare disease that caused him to have cancer while he in middle school. As a result of chemo treatment, he lost his hair but for some reason he cant grow it back. He has a huge scar on his left arm from accident over the summer. He has hazel eyes, a dark skin tone. Ronin dresses in jeans and old t-shirts, he wears trail shoes all the time. He likes to run and practice Yoga.
Personality: Ronin is the spiritual one, not religious or new age guru. He is full of compassion, and is selfless in caring of others. Ronin is known to be angry from time to time over social injustices such as bullies etc. Ronin in known for being blunt and rude when asked his opinion. He can also be self-righteous. Ronin does not know how to communicate to the opposiste sex. He can talk but wont share his feelings.
History: Ronin is your above average student, not an honor roll guy, but does well. Ronin focuses his attentions to after-school programs, such as teen moms with kids, or say he works at soup kitchen. He is into cross-country running and runs pretty well. He also practices Yoga and has class that he teaches to other teens on Tuesdays.

RP Sample : Well thats rude Mitzi yelled at her classmate Ronin. Ronin had just made a comment about supporting a the U.S. in its war efforts. Mitzi looked around, she taken the position that Government had stepped over the line with its neighbors. Ronin had said that she coward.
If you dont do anything to help your neighbor if you can then youre a moral coward Ronin said calmly to Mitzi.
All is said was Mitzi began.
I know what you said, I hear every night on the news. Ronin interrupted her.
The moral point is this, if I have power to help others and dont, then I am wrong. Its kinda of like this. If I have a brother who was starving and I had plenty of crops to feed him as well as me, and I let him starve what kind of man am I ? Ronin continued.
Ahhh Mitzi tried to reply
Well.. Ronin asked her abrasively.

August 29th, 2005, 8:42 PM
^.^ I got permission from RM >_> Wow, I feel so special... and young... which is a nice change XD Ill try to do your RP justice!! Just so I can make my character as authentic as possible, I based him a bit off of me Not a lot, Just a little bit :P

Name: Zahid
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Description: Zahid has a fairly toned body, not exactly one to be considered 'athletic', but in good shape. He's of Middle-eastern ethnicity, with a tone somewhere between wheat and sandy brown, with deep-set, dark brown eyes. He stands at about 510, and has straight black hair that he likes to put up, out in front of his forehead.

Personality: Zahid is a some-what confused child, still trying to find his place in society. He is fairly successful in his academics, mainly because his parents force him to, but compared to the nerds in his classes, he definitely isnt one of the more intelligent ones. Hes the only child in his family, but his cousins are all known as being typical bad kids, making him feel quite out-of-place, but despite how much he tries to avoid that sort of crowd, he seems to be more and more drawn into it as each month goes by. Hes very comfortable with other people, and is fairly sweet and considerate, but he can also be a bit too outspoken at times as well. The only sports he ever considers playing voluntarily are Badminton and Volleyball.

RP Sample:

Zahid, you havent finished your homework yet? His mother asked, slaving over the hot stove. It was already 6 PM, and normally hed finished most of his homework by now, as opposed to just lying around.

You seem to be very depressed Is there something wrong? Zahid looked at his mother with a fake grin,

Yep, everythings great mom, I just Didnt have any homework today! He responded. After so many years, he was used to fibbing about things like that. Its not like he did it every day Just when he needed a bit of a break.

Well then Do you have any plans for later? His father interrupted as he checked over his mothers shoulder, seeing what was for dinner.

I might go watch a movie with Faiz and Zullie, do you mind if I go? Zahids father walked out of the kitchen without a care, looking very satisfied, and back into his room, but his mother stared at him, a bit wide-eyed.

Now why would you want to do anything with them? All they do is sit around, and smoke-up! You know that! Youre going to be way more successful than those kids are, it was evident that his mother was much more westernized than hed believed. She knew everything that happened with kids at his age.

Yeah It doesnt mean that theyre not nice people He muttered, waiting for a response.

Well I dont mind if you go Im just saying that you could be doing better things than watch movies with your low-life cousins, Samiras smart! If you want to do things with family so badly, you should do things with her!

But Samiras a girl! Its different! I do stuff with her, but I need a few guys I can talk to too, yknow?

Well there are plenty of friends you have from school-

That are doing homework right now! His mother took her eyes off the stove, and looked at Zahid again.

If theyre all doing so much homework that theyre working on it til 6 PM after school Then what should you be doing right now? Back to square one.

Raichu Master
August 30th, 2005, 1:48 PM
Ok Kagome, approved.

RT you're ok! Nice to have you with us on the rp! ^^

Sorry WF, what you have is unacceptable to the rping requirements.

Strider, to save you the trouble. You are approved. I'm more leaniant than I am on my other rps. I need some people to post RP Samples so everyone knows what I'm looking for.