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Raichu Master
August 28th, 2005, 5:03 PM
Developers have come to Forget-Me-Not Valley and have demolished the surrounding farms to put up developments for the growing town. Many are enraged by this, many like the change, and many dont care about it since it didnt impact them. There are only a handful of farms left, can you; will you claim them before the developers get to them? Will you be able to make it prosper so that they have no choice but to leave them alone? Or are you an innocent civilian, who really has no cares? Do you own a store? Do you run a business that is affected by these changes?

The Dating Game
There are five boys and five girls (numbers able to change if need be) that are single in the small town, each with their own hopes and dreams. Choosing to play a boy or girl may influence your path, or may have nothing to do with what you want to accomplish. Being one of the ten single (and eligible) youths in the town, you are looking at starting a life with that someone special, be it on a farm or in the town. One of the main themes in Harvest Moon is always raising a successful family and up holding strong values of hard work and determination.

Forget-Me-Not Valley
As with the game, they have the same characters, the same shops, and buildings. As a citizen you may work at a shop, open a shop (with my permission), or work on a farm. Its your life; you decide how you want to live it in the small village. Farms are naturally set up like those in all Harvest Moon games. Please keep the farms to a maximum of five; no fun in having everyone have a farm. With that being said, a farmer cant marry another farmer without having a citizen take their place, so choose your occupation wisely. There are tons of opportunities for jobs, just have to look around and use your imagination. As far as money goes, be reasonable nobody is rich here (unless youre Romana, but thats beside the point), so dont buy everything you need at once, so BE REASONABLE!

Never played?
If you havent played Harvest Moon before, DO NOT join this RP. It takes pages upon pages to explain what it is and Id have to write a character sheet for all of the NPCs in Forget-Me-Not Valley.

Age: Lets make it a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 25 (dont want someone thats 75 marrying someone whos 18, its Harvest Moon! XD)
Occupation: If its a store that isnt in Forget-Me-Not Valley, PM me so I can ok it. Chances are Ill approve it, just want to keep track of whats being used and whats not.
History: Tell about your characters history. Natsume does it for all of their games, you can too. Besides its fun to make a characters history for a Harvest Moon RP! ^^