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August 28th, 2005, 7:56 PM
Several centurys ago, in the peaceful land of Riviera, two Grim Angels, black winged angels that would pass judgement onto their enemys, each one carrying a holy weapon known as a Diviner, traveled from Asgard to Riviera, to activate the Rebrution, a force so strong, it could destroy Riviera.One of the Grim Angels were Ein, a wingless angel, and Ledah, a powerful winged angel.Ledah focused only on activating the Rebrution, which is what Hector, one of the seven magi asigned both angels to do.However, Ein tried to find a way to stop a second Ragnorok without activating the Rebrution.

Ein found out that several demons, called The Ascursed, were the cause of demons.Ein was the one that defeated all the Ascursed, and the demon Seth-Ra.Everyone thought that Riviera would be safe from demons, however, they were wrong.The Ascursed has returned as a different form, more powerful than ever.Now, several Grim Angels would travel to Riviera, and several sprites, the creatures that live in Riviera, would try to stop the Ascursed once and for all.

Grim Angel or Sprite?: (Only up to 10 Grim Angels are allowed, yet there can be a infinte number of sprites.)

Name: Azreal
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grim Angel or Sprite: Grim Angel
Weapon: Two Diviners which is the crimson sword Disaresta, and the blue sword Excalibur
Description: Long silver hair, blue eyes, and large black wings.He is at a normal size for his age.He wears a red jacket, black jeans, and black sneakers.He has black fingerless gloves also.
Other: N/A

Zero ex
August 29th, 2005, 1:21 PM
Name: Kyosgue.
Gender: male
Age: 19
Grim Angel or Sprite?: Grim angel
Weapon(s): Diviner, called, the Judgement diviner.
Description: Long black hair, Blue eyes. Wearing black clothes and a white band in his right arm.
Other: Kyosgue sacrificed his wings(same as ein) in exchange for his diviner. His past is Unknown. His judgement diviner have the ability to use all the elements in one attack.

August 29th, 2005, 6:12 PM
Gender:Female, (its been a long time sence I played a female....)
Age: 17
Grim Angel or Sprite?: Grim Angel
Weapon(s): a small sword passed to me by my mother, and the Spear of destany, (the spear balived to have killed crist thoes many years ago... if you are a catolic or have seen the movie Constantine you know what I'm talking about...)
Description: look alot like my father, he was one of the original two, he was Ein...
Other: N/A