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September 3rd, 2005, 5:54 PM
(If you've played any of the Mario Party series, you may recognize some of the challenges)

The basic premise:

One afternoon, Ash and his friends received an invitation to come to the Party Zone--a realm full of games, toys, and just plain fun!

However, when they arrived, they saw that Team Rocket had made off with all the Mini Games, and are now challenging people to beat them. Can the gang step up to Team Rocket's challenge and win the Mini Games back?

How the game works:

When you post, choose one of the following characters to play as for your challenge:


Once you've chosen your character, one of the Rockets will give you your challenge..be advised that there are character exclusive challenges, but these are rare. If you receive a character exclusive challenge, and you are not the right character for the challenge, you may request a new challenge.

Once you receive your challenge, write out what happens to the character you selected as they take the challenge...depending on what you wrote, I'll determine if you won or lost.

If you win, the character you chose gets a point. If you lose, you get nothing.

The character that earns 120 points (one point for each Mini Game) wins.

Types of challenges:

Free for all (4 vs. 4)

Play against all three Rockets

Solo vs. team (1 vs. 3)

Play alone vs. the three Rockets.

Doubles (2 vs. 2)

Pair up with a Rocket and play

Solo (1 player)

Play by yourself. The character exclusive challenges are solos

Bonus (special)

Play to earn extra Poke Balls (see below)

Poke Balls:

Poke Balls are your lives in the Party Zone...fail a challenge and you lose one. Lose them all, and the game's over! However, you can win extra Poke Balls in Bonus Games, and sometimes Meowth will be feeling generous...

Now that the pleasentries are out of the way...ready to enter the Party Zone?

September 6th, 2005, 3:14 PM
i dont really get the write out what happened part. but i'll try anways. i choose Ash!

September 6th, 2005, 4:27 PM
You just play the role of the character you selected, and describe what happens when you take the challenge.

Anyway, here's your challenge:

"Rollin' on the River!" (1 on 3)

(You have 5 Poke Balls)

As you approach the entrance to the Party Zone, you see Team Rocket waiting for you in a canoe, After you hop aboard and start rowing, Meowth explains the rules:

"Try to keep da canoe on da center...because if you get to close to the shore, some Scythers will try to poke ya! If you're poked, ya lose a point!

However, you can try to get us poked too...if you have more points than we do by da time we get to da lagoon at da end, you can enter da Party Zone!"

(You start with 5 points