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February 19th, 2004, 7:52 PM
Chapter One:
Out of the Sun

My name... um, well, my name is Star,
My paws are very shiny, they are.
I walked 'round Dewford one cold day,
And I heard the people say...
"Did you hear? She's a legend, you see,
That shine is great, the best one there can be."
And of course, I thought it was me,
But this was all mistakenly.
For I looked 'round the corner, and sure enough,
Was a shiny, gold statue of a Jigglypuff.
I looked as if I were deep in sorrow,
Maybe someone will see me tomorrow.
"Espeon!" I called ~Hey, over here!~
As down my face went a shiny tear.
Sure enough, I was ignored.
"Espeon, esp..." ~Please?~ I implored.
Suddenly, from the sky,
Team Rocket's balloon could be seen high.
I shot at it with a Psychic beam,
Thinking that I would be seen.
But no one cared, t'was all 'bout the statue.
"Espeon, Espeon esp!" I said. ~Forget you!~
I walked away, out of sight,
Hoping somewhere, there would be light.
"Espeon... esp." ~Hey, anybody here?~
"Umbreon!" ~Hiya!~ I could hear this call so clear.
"Espeon esp?" ~You can see me, right?~
The Umbreon nodded, as he went out of my sight.
But then, something pounced on my back...
And teeth sunk into me, sharp as a tack.
I whirled around, and I saw a face,
Of the Umbreon, then I felt in place.
He's the first one to notice me so far,
The first one to notice, the one named Star.

((To be continued...))

February 20th, 2004, 1:17 AM
Chapter Two:
No Longer Blue

I lay in the grass, Umbreon beside me,
I smiled at him, he said he loved me.
But I couldn't tell if this was true,
Then again, who really knew?
Maybe this was just a ploy,
No one could love me, 'specially not a boy.
I smiled back, he licked my face,
He said I had dignity and grace.
I smiled warmly, t'was all one could do,
Then a human said, "See, I knew!
I knew we'd find a pair of lovers, truly."
"Espeon... esp." I said. ~It should be duly,
Noted that you are a jerk.~,
Because I knew it'd never work,
That is, I wish I could be with Umbreon forever,
I should hope we'd stay together,
Until the end of time, I hope.
Not unless he was a dope.
"Espeon... esp..." ~I love you too,
I can only think of you,
And you alone, my Umbreon,
The perfect mate for this Espeon.~
Undoubtedly, they had no clue,
That my love was beating true.
"Umbreon..." ~I'm Glow, and you are...~
"Espeon." ~I'm the one called Star.~
Glow was my soulmate, it's true,
He's why I'm no longer blue...

Author's Notes: Jesus... what is it this time? Is my work like a "No Tresspassing" zone or something? Here it is, no superpowers, no secrets, what the heck do you want next? *pants* Sorry. Trust me, when Blizzard is mad, you'll hate him. Do you really want to see me cry? Because I will if no one responds in 12 hours...

February 20th, 2004, 6:36 AM
Geez, sorry that I couldn't get online in time. >.0;

Anyways, I like it! It's like an epic poem of some sort. Kinda like the Iliad or whatever that thing was called. There are some rhythm issues, but otherwise, it's excellent!

I don't think I would be able to come up with something that well-done. :]

February 20th, 2004, 1:34 PM
Well, it's a poem. At least I got someone to post. And thanks for the c.c., Rifted. (PS: That's constructive criticism.) But I have no idea how I'd fix the rhythm and make it rhyme all at once... but what's to be expected from me? I mean, no story's perfect, after all...

Chapter Three:
Always Be With Me

I lay my head upon his ear,
So quietly that one could hear,
The chirps of Taillow flying high,
Up there in the black night sky.
Then next morning I awoke,
There was no sign of the bloke,
-Doesn't he like me?- I wondered, scared,
Love was something I wasn't prepared,
To face, even if it was true,
I knew I'd received it, but from who?
~Glow, my darling, stay with me.~
I called out to him telepathically,
A truthful force inside my heart,
I kinda knew right from the start...
I saw Glow coming 'round the bend,
He's the only one who'd mend,
My broken heart, 'twas all I needed,
It was our love, so deeply seeded...

February 21st, 2004, 12:29 AM
Chapter Four:
Forever More

We talked all night of memories past,
I hoped this moment just would last,
Forever more, I knew it was true,
I called out to him, and then he knew,
He knew that I had found my match,
One that nobody could ever snatch,
For me, it was like love at first sight,
I had gone to heaven; Glow was my light.
I licked his face, he licked mine back,
And then he started to attack,
But this was not out of anger,
It was just play, I was in no danger.
"Espeon... esp." ~You surprised me, baby...
And I'm just kinda hoping maybe....
You and I could be side by side,
With you here I can really glide,
Through all my troubles, there's no doubt,
I don't think I could do without,
You right here, right here with me,
Forever and ever, eternally.~
He smiled as I told my tale,
He kinda started to look pale.
He replied, "Umbreon!" ~I'll never go,
You're the only love I'll know,
I love everything that you are,
I love you, truly, the one called Star...~

Author's Notes: Not bad considering I took me darn near 6 hours to make the story so far... right? Please reply, or like I say in my sig, I'll freeze you into an ice pop!

February 25th, 2004, 3:02 PM
Chapter Five:
I'm So Alive

The wind, it blew my ears to and fro,
I gave an empty stare towards Glow.
He seemed so peaceful, next to me,
"Esp!" I told him, ~Wait and see,
I'll show you something really neat.
Finding this was quite a feat.~
I showed my necklace, it had a pendant.
It was a sign of memories remnant.
I told him how I got my name,
He didn't seem to think it lame.
All else did, but not my love,
He said I'm pretty as the skies above.
He rubbed his head on mine, ever so gently,
And the moment that I bent, he
Smiled and licked my face real quick.
I gave him back another lick.
"Esp!" ~Hey stop, I'm really ticklish,
And I'm also really gigglish.~
"Umb!" ~I'm sorry, dear,
You just look so beautiful from here.
I want to lick your face, it's dirty,
I'm just trying to make it look real 'purty'~
I blushed and looked away, no doubt,
I'd had enough, I wanted out.
Not out from love, but from his kisses.
At least for now, those were my wishes.
I quickly counted up to five,
I really did feel so alive...

February 26th, 2004, 10:45 AM
Ooh! Youre quite a good poet ^-^

February 27th, 2004, 7:24 PM
Chapter Six
Can True Love Mix?

I saw a large blimp, flying low,
And in a cage, twas my love Glow.
"Esp! Esp!" ~Glow, don't worry.
I'll be there for you in a hurry!~
"Help me, Star!" His voice had rung,
Strangely enough in human tongue.
~What?~ I thought, completely shocked,
The fact that he could talk had rocked,
My world, so peaceful, so serene.
It was a tremor that could not be seen.
And so I thought of his kindly licks,
~Could it be, could true love mix?~
I wondered dearly as I ran,
Faster than a Scyther can.
And Scythers are truly very quick,
I could hear something, tick tick tick...
A clock was running out of time,
Soon my love would not be mine.
I tried to hit the blimp with a Psybeam,
But it missed, I saw the gleam,
Passing just over my intended aim,
There was no more fight left in this game.
The game of love had beaten me,
This I truly could rightfully see.
~He's gone forever, there's no doubt,
My love has just gone 3 and out.~
I began to cry, and banged my head,
Losing Glow was the one thing I'd dread,
But it had happened, I couldn't lie.
I never got to say goodbye.
~Glow,~ I said telepathically,
~Wherever you are, do not forget me.
No matter how long, no matter how far,
Don't forget your shining Star...~

Edit: And there you are.
That is the poem, called Shining Star.