View Full Version : Weekly Animé Discussion #370: Really, Really Relicanth

September 24th, 2005, 6:12 AM
Comment on and dicuss today's KWB episode, #370: Really, Really Relicanth

October 5th, 2005, 10:50 AM
Here we are, the Relicanth premiere episode (their appearance in AG 02 was more a cameo if anything). Interesting episode for the second episode for Season eight, and if anything, if that was the season premiere, that wouldn't be a problem (the previous episode transcended every horror imaginable with its lack of imagination and thus...wish they banned that it was so horrible, but then the Spoink plot is resolved so...at least that's marginably decent.)

We get to see the Green shards used in the only way possible and they did well as they could with it, given the ending.

Three points:

Till death do us part: Adam and his wife's (I forget the name) dynamic as they bickered was more realistic than the usual male/female banter we're used to seeing and tried to stand out as Adam swathed himself in his glory as treasure hunter while his wife keeps him grounded and plays on her anger, when approprite. More rememberable, which is rare enough with the recent milieu of episodes.

The Rocket factor: The Rocket streak of brutality is surprising given they torpedoed the twerps' ship and then trapped them in the cave to suffocate/starve, is a nice touch and harken back to the days of Kanto and their viciousness. And can't forget their viciousness on the Relicanth (Torpedoes on fish Pokemon, oh my). Once again, the Rockets are really carrying these episodes as the only item entertaining at all. Paricularly in the recent fillers.

And the sunglasses at night reference is too amusing although the sequence was ruined by Kids Wb's cropping the screen and obscuring the left of the screen with this one statue, and looking quite female. Pity. Sighs.

Decay: The episode rather wasted the Relicanth's potential with their longetivity (fed by a lovely mysticism) and a chance to explore the past of the current society they live with a simple nesting issue. As opposed to their ancestors, the Kanto Fossil had more of an episode in their appearances (their first was the best, but the Omastar portrayal in Fossil Fuels was not so insufferable either, just not as wicked as the meateaters). Truly a disappointment as we're heading the ancient past with Groudon and Kyorge quite soon. A wonderful chance for foreshadowing, it's not the first time they blew the potential and won't be the last.

Overall: Beyond the Rockets' role and the husband and wife banter, nothing remarkable to note here. But at least it would have been a nicer season premeire given the Rockets' brutality.

5/10. The Relicanth better return and have an episode decent to them and their mythos or what's the point of making the creature so mythical?

Two more episodes till Groudon/Kyorge!