View Full Version : The Cutest Thing P_B Has Ever Drawn <3

September 26th, 2005, 3:37 PM

Yes, that is Tracey and Todd. XD I MAJORLY support that pair, st00f00. D:

CUTEST THING EVER. And it took me FOREVER to do D: But I like how Todd came out. :x

Homophobia here will get you killed D:

September 26th, 2005, 3:41 PM
aww that is co cute. well done*claps*

i can draw, but i cant draw hands XD youre real good at em

September 26th, 2005, 5:14 PM
although I don't support the couple, it is a cute picture. well done. good job on the blush.

Crystal Clair
September 26th, 2005, 5:20 PM
Ya know what, P_B! To hell with me saying back on BMGf Kenji and Tohru weren't right for each other cuz I was obviously in the zone that day.
That ship rocks! And so does the drawing! In fact it gives me an idea, since I may stay home from school tomorrow and I've been getting much better at drawing anime style ^_~

Cybex Mewtwo
September 26th, 2005, 7:18 PM
Oh PB...you never cease to make me wionder.....wonder why you draw so well. Despite I would never see these two together in any way shape or form, I must admit that it is an interesting idea....abnd you portrayed it well.