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October 8th, 2005, 8:05 AM
I noticed that throughout the years, Kids WB has ran some nice promos (The Orange Island one for Season Three, the R/S Pokerap) but Law of Averages dictates that for one thing that is good, you'll get something bad in return to balance.

End result? Some God awful promos.

Of the past, one that annoyed me to no end was the 4th season bird promo where at the end, Murkrows...defecated on Ash. You must note that that particular bodily function incenses and repulses me or we have nothing to talk about.

Recently, it's the screaming promo that annoys me most. It's one thing to hear those cute dub calls, it's another to have that at a constant high pitch screech. Another that off puts me is the "The Ball" promo. There are some nice images but the writing feels so plain and turgid, I just don't care.

That said, which promos (past and current) annoy you and why? Regale us with your tales of woe and annoyance.

October 9th, 2005, 8:54 AM
Oh my God... two words: Lou Bega.

Gah! I think it was like five years ago or something; and it was winter time I believe, and Lou Bega was a very popular singer, and they had him sing about all of the shows on KidsWB (which is the channel that plays Pokemon here), and I wanted to die. I hated that guy's singing, it sounded so flat and stupid. >.< They must have had him on for a few weeks because I remember having to endure the pain for quite some time. Ugh... when my brother wants to make me cringe, all he has to do is mention the name of you-know-who....

Let's see, perhaps I can think of another. Oh! KidsWB was doing this "Road Trip" thing not long ago, and I remember that they had Yami Yugi, The Flea from Mucha Lucha, and some others walking in a bunch of this gooey stuff, and Flea 'pooted' and made some stupid joke about it and then they showed Yami Yugi just standing there. I was like, "Just punch him in the face Atemu...! You're a Pharaoh, you don't have to take this !" Yeah okay, that wasn't pokemon, but it was stupid. ^^;

Oh yes, and I also dislike it when they use a generic picture of Pikachu and make his eyes move funny, or make his arms wiggle. It always looks really weird. Not to mention, they always re-use the same clip of Pikachu jumping up and down. Silly adults. Oh wait... [i]I'm an adult. Heh heh. ^-^

October 9th, 2005, 11:05 AM
If you want to complain about Kids WB promos in general, eh, works for me as long as you have a Pokemon one to ancedote. They've had their share of stupid ones besides Pokemon.

I do remember the Lou Bega in Feburary 00 (it was on when 4Kids did the second intro). It was odd and misplaced. It was catchy but not in a good way.

I hated the Road trip (which plays in summer)as their choices in characters are so pitiful. Beyond Joey in Yu-Gi-Oh, that's all who is noteworthy. Brock or James, as the most popular male leads on their shows should be there. Although its budget, it's easier to repeat a Pokemon's call a million times than hiring the actor to make new lines.

I didn't like the wossname...the water where the twerp trio swam up and back down and then up and then back down. It was a promo for Master Quest's water Pokemon theme week, (the Red Gyarados was part of it). That really annoyed me because it was so bloody repetitive.

It was the equivalent of "DO SOMETHING ELSE!"


October 10th, 2005, 7:36 AM
Oh yes, certainly cheaper, I'm sure KidsWB would agree with that. -_- Yay for Joey. ^-^ I claimed him and James in the Bishie thread. They're my favorite guys from those two shows. Well aside from Yugi (little Yugi not Pharaoh Atemu, that guy needs to lighten up), I like him too.

For some reason I have trouble remembering the promos that were just pokemon ones (I've probably blocked them out). The only one that springs to mind right now was a commercial with Ash up on the WB water tower thing dancing from the Sabrina episode, and then his pants fell down. Man, they really like to use that clip, don't they?

I think we can sum up their promo scheme in a few words: Cheap Bodily Function Jokes. It's a stupid way to get kids to laugh, and it's a surefire way to keep their attention. I'm just sorry that they always have to stoop so low as to have Murkrow defecating.

October 10th, 2005, 9:31 AM
I have one that captures the idiocy of Kids WB perfectly.

It was a very recent one, two-three months ago, Ash was climbing up the water tower, and saying he faced many challenges (during this, the clips for the three teams from the sixth intro was playing on the water tower, very well done editing) and playing on a great theme, building up and then...

He says in the end, "Get me down from this tower!!!"

Augh. A perfectly wonderfully moment, using the main threats in the Pokemon world, the trio orgs and then they completely ruin the moment.

No sense of drama or timing at all.

Just...rather off putted me. Proof that Kids WB can't write a serious promo to save their lives.

You're right about the cheap bodily function jokes. And that's why I don't care for the human race in that respect but that's another story and Kids WB panders, and having the Murkrow...yeah, as a sign of the times.

And I agree about Joey. Heh.