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Neko Keeshi
February 26th, 2004, 9:06 AM
(This is my first posted fanfic, please go easy. I know I misspell words, so, bleh)

The Flash
Hot sweat ran down his face, as he turned over in his sleep. The boy was Chris Carter, a 17 year old boy in his home in of Pallet town. Its been many years sence the great Ash Ketchum left and gone, and many things have changed. He was inrolled in the local school there. Once at the age of 10 kids could leave to begin their pokemon journey, But soon after the leave from school was over, kids werent coming back, so, the Kanto Goverment worked with the local towers to have classes about pokemon to be taught in the public school. Unlike the Pokemon Academys, the public schools only had a few basic classes towards pokemon, and the rest of normal math, science, ect. The system worked well. When kids graduated or reached the age of 18, they could leave and start their own journey or go off to higher learnings. Chris was in his last year of schooling, though, he was behind on his pokemon classes. He wanted to put them all off until his last year so he could get the rest out of the way. It was working out ok, but there were alot of younger kids in his classes, because everyone else wanted to know as much as they could, as fast as they could. Thats ok though, Chris didnt have many friends though.

Chris was more of an outcast. His hair, a dark green color, which he dyed himself, and eyes a deep brown. He wasnt a gothic like some of the people, they kinda scared him. Chris was more of a punkish looking. Wearing a pair of dark green jeans. Baggy and ripped alittle at the knee, and some dark skater shoes, and normal white tshirt, he was often seen with his skateboard, as went from home to class and back again. But enough about him.

Chris rolled over in his sleep, the sweat covering his face, now on his pillow. He was dreaming again. It wasnt a plesent one. And it was the same one. Everynight Chris had a strange dream, everything was hippy like techno colored, with weird soft music playing. He walked around, wearing a strange outfit. It was a black jacket, simulal to a priests, but without the white colar, along with black slacks. The other wierd thing is, that there were 6 pokeballs floating around him, orbiting him if you would. It was always the same. Wait... He though, Whats that? As he saw a strange tall burry shape coming towards him. This was different. He could see was it was now. A spoon.....

Wait a second. A spoon? This is new... It kept coming towards him, but now it was bending, twisting around itself, then reforming. Then suddenly as it came, it was gone. But he knew where it was, because he felt a spoon in his hand. He looked down and saw, not his hand, but a differnt hand. He looked over the rest of his body. He knew this body. It was a pokemon. He couldnt remember which one. There was 3 wavy lines on his check and he left a large fat tail behind him, as well as a large mustash like thing hanging off his face. Then it hit him. He knew what the body was. It was a Kada---

(I will write more later, please do not make negitive comments here, please PM me with those.)

February 26th, 2004, 9:31 AM
Hmmm. VERY good so far! =D Bravo! *claps* I hope to see more ^_^

Neko Keeshi
February 26th, 2004, 12:28 PM
(Thanks, here is some more. This may be different, cause I typed that first one on my PC, and this one is on a mac in school, that i'll be here for 3 hours, so bleh)

Chris shot up in bed, sweat flying off him. Kadabra. What the heck was that? Did I just dream I was a freaking Kadabra? He moved wiped his hand across his forhead, then relised there was something in his hand. It was....the spoon......The Spoon? The end was twisted around, but it was the same spoon. He droped it on the bed and turned and sat on the edge, wiping his hand over his face. Eyes closed, he sat with his head facing the floor, he let out a long sigh.

Looking over at the clock, it shown to be 5:40am. He'd be getting up in 20 minutes anyways, so he desided to get up and get ready. Walking down the hall grabing a towl, as he went and took a nice long hot shower. After washing and drying, he parted his dark green hair down the middle, and got dressed, geting ready for school only an hour away. Grabing some toast, he went back to his room to get his bags and things. Opening his backpack, he checked to see if everything was still in its proper place. Folders and notebooks for class, pens, and everything.

Turning to his computer, he turned on the monitor,because he never has to turn the computer itself off, and started to transfer the music he wanted to listen to, to his PDD, this Pokemon Digital Device. Its used to store information you type in, it can play music. He was also told it can link with the new Pokedexes to help store personal notes about where pokemon has been captured from other trainers from the net, but, he won't be geting a pokedex for awhile. Not until his graduation that is. Not everyone gets one, but his parents told him that they would get him one as a going away present, along with puting some money forward to get Tracy, the local pokemon professer there in Pallet, to get him his first pokemon. Chris couldn't wait.


"CHRIS! GET UP! YOU NEED TO GET TO SCHOOL SOON HONEY!" Yelled a loud voice at his door.
"Christ Mother! I'm awake!" Chris said as he shook his head from the booming noise.
"Oh I'm sorry dear," His mother said as she opened his door, "I didn't know. Now you better get something to eat before you leave, and don't tell me 'Oh I don't have time stuff!" She said shaking her finger at him.
"Bleh, don't worry, I had some toast earlier." Chris said as he put on his backpack and grabed his skateboard.
"I'm outa here mom, cya this afternoon." He said as he pushed past his mother to avoid a good morning kiss, which made her whine alittle.

(more to come tonight)

Neko Keeshi
February 27th, 2004, 8:42 AM
(Good Morning Everyone! Sorry I kinda lied and said lastnight for the next one, sok, here is the next installment,)

Loud music blastin in his ears and wind flying past his face as Chris skated on the side of the road towards Pallet Public School. Seeing a group of girls walking on the other side of the street, Chris thought it would be a good idea to try and impress them, so, he jumped the curb, to try to grid it some, but, landed wrong, and fell face forward. While laying there face red and hurting on the pathment, Chris was glad the music was still playing, because ten to one, the girls were laughing at him right now. Picking himself up, he dusted his shirt and pants off, and wiped off his face. Sighing heavly, he picked up his skateboard and desided to walk the rest of the way.

God Chris hated school. After his history class, he had Basic Pokemon Care, which they learned about what to do in the wild about feeding pokemon when you couldnt buy food, and how to take care of wounds. The only reason he didnt like this class was because of the teachers little 'helper'. The 'helper' was a Mr. Mime, which the teacher showed the class how to wrap wounds and things. He was also a problem because for some reason, the goofy haired thing LOVED Chris. He liked to put up barriers infront of the door that Chris couldnt see when leaving or entering class, making Chris go face first into them, then falling down. He always left that class as soon as possible. After that, he had lunch break. Chris always went to a small park near the school and sat under a large tree and listend to his music while he studied for his next class. His hardest class. Battling and Training Stratigies. He was always reading his book, which was writen by Ash Ketchum, and looking over his notes in class. He liked the class, but it was very hard. It was the only class that you used a real pokemon. For tests, they had to fight the teacher, and win. Chris did okay in most matches, he always got to use a rare assorment of school owned pokemon, and a few the teacher had caught on his journey. Chris even got to fight with a rare Dratini once after school with the teacher one day. It was great.

Soon after lunch ended and the classes passed by, Chris had to use a Ratatta to beat a hitmontop today, it was extra credit if he could do it. Chris felt sorry for the poor Ratatta though. Him and the hitmontop were both knocked out, but the teacher still counted it. He had math after that, eck, we're not even going to talk about math. And finally the final bell rang and Chris started home. Being that Chris lives 'in Pallet' is kinda cheating alittle, because he lives outside town alittle, which means a long walk or ride home. He gets to see pokemon sometimes on the side of the roads and in the grassy fields and stuff. He often sees a Machoke in a field pulling a large cart for the farmer there, or using a large Scyth to cut down the Hay by hand. Chris wonders if doing hard work like that is good for the pokemon. But he shrugs like always and keeps going on his way back home.

February 27th, 2004, 12:43 PM
I liked it. It's pritty (I HATE MY SPELLING) funny

Neko Keeshi
February 27th, 2004, 12:53 PM
Thanks. I'm trying to make it all around.

February 27th, 2004, 8:01 PM
Cool story keep it up and post the finished project to [email protected]


Neko Keeshi
February 27th, 2004, 9:33 PM
It may be a long time, but I'll write that down shaz3d

oni flygon
February 27th, 2004, 9:45 PM
oo... nice story. I hope you keep it up! ^^

Neko Keeshi
February 29th, 2004, 7:03 PM
(Hey guys! Sorry it took so long for this next installment, my computer just wouldnt connect to PC today... The rest of the internet was fine, but PC wasnt loading. Oh well, here ya go.)

God what a long day.. I need a nap.... Chris Thought as he layed on his bed looking up. Puting his hand under his pillow and grabbed the spoon pulling it to his chest as he closed his eyes. Moving his hands over the slightly inlarged, twisted and turned spoon, Chris tried to remember the dream.

Kadabra.... Chris thought.... He looked up kadabras in school today. It said that Kadabras often held spoons in their hands to help then manuver and target things with their powers.

Chris then begain to picture something in his mind. An Abra. Its the lower evolution of a Kadabra. He read that they arent that good because they sleep most of the time.

Aaabbbrrraaaaa.... Chris heard in his head. Wait a second... What the...

Chris quickly sad up in his bed, spoon still in hand, he turned his head around to see what was in his room, but it was empty. Angry, he threw the spoon across the room and he heard it scitter across the floor. Sighing heavly, chris put his face in his hands, shaking it. What was going on?

*Tink....Tink...... Tink...* Over and over, something was hiting his window. Looking up at it, Chris's eyes got VERY large in suprize. It was the spoon. It was moving back and worth hiting the glass, trying to go outside almost. Scrambling across the bed towards the window, pressing his face against it, to see what, if anything was outside.

"Oh my god........"

Then he saw it. Abra. Atleast I think it was. It was about halfway inside some bushes outside. He was looking towards the window, but its eyes were closed, and looked like it was sleeping! Chris then remembered reading that they sleep like 18 hours a day. Was it trying to get the spoon? Chris tried the grab the spoon, floating beside him, STILL hting the glass trying to get outside, but it quickly moved out of the way. Hm.... Chris thought a moment, then, unlocking the window then opening it. The spoon then shot out of the room and moved towards the abra, finnaly resting in its lap.

"Wow......." Chris poked his head outside his window, to see if his mom was outside, to his luck, she wasn't.
"Hey there......" He said softly as he started to climb out the window. "I'm Chris, wha-"


There was then suddenly a bring flash of light. Chris covered his eyes, they hurt so much. He suddenly slammed against the ground. I guess thats what I get for covering my eyes. Standing up, he wiped his pants of dirt, as he looked up to see if the abra was still there.

No... It wasn't...

Neko Keeshi
March 3rd, 2004, 12:58 PM
(Hello again everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates for a few days, heres another one! ^_^; )

No one will ever believe me.... Chris thought with his head under his pillow. His eyes still hurt alittle. He tried to figure out how that Abra did that. Abra's only know psychic like moves. Maybe it was an illusion and chris only THOUGHT his eyes hurt. Chris moved the pillow from his face and opened them. No, they really hurt. And he TOOK MY SPOON! Chris didnt know why, but that spoon being gone just made him mad. Why would it want it? Abras never attacked people. They sleep too much TO attack something, let alone, a human.

Sighing, Chris rubbed his eyes again and moved to his computer. He started writing in his journal. He's been writing in it for as long as he's had the computer, which is only a few years. Typing out everything that happened, he saved it, and then turned off the monitor. Someone yelled his name. It was his mom yelling for dinner. Bleh, I'm not hungry... Chris thought as he moved from his room and made his way to the kitchen.

"Hey kid. I picked up some pizza on the way home from work so, eat up." His mother said as she picked up a slice. Well, I can have a few pieces.. Chris thought to himself. "Ok mom, thanks." He said as he grabed a few slices and went back to his room. He ate his pizza, then moved to some books be brought home from school. It talks about psychic pokemon. He read that in battle, abra's don't really attack, but use the inviroment. By teleporting infront of objects and leting the opoments(spelling) hit them and hurt themselves. Pretty smart Chris thought. They also did ALL of this in their sleep. Pretty cool stuff. It was told that its rare for an abra to use its powers so much that it evolves, but once it does, it becomes a Kadabra. These pokemon can even speak to humans via ESP in their mind. Maybe thats how the abra did that huge flash.

March 4th, 2004, 8:48 PM
thats a pretty good story, good work, cant wait untill the next installment :D

Neko Keeshi
March 7th, 2004, 11:14 PM
(Ok, I was kinda stumped for a few days on where to go next, but I got it now ^_^ )

{Another note, anything like this Are voice/s inside Chris's head. ^_^}

He was back. The Same dream. Every night. Why must it keep coming back! Wait, it was alittle different. There were only 5 pokeballs around him. And they were all different colors and types. He noticed an ultraball and netball, but the others, he didn't know. We are almost there Chris. Soon I will be powerfull enough to evolve, and then, we will beable to beat them. You will be the master..... The voice in his head said. It didnt sound plesent. And it was laughing now. A very light laughter. He looked around. He couldn't beleave it. There was atleast 7 abra around him. Floating around him. Their eyes were open. All looking at him.


He was siting up in bed. His hands over his head. He was crying.

"Why won't they go away...." He cried softly, tears falling onto his bed.

Why do you cry Chris Carter?

Oh no. It was the voice again. He must be going crazy, it can't be real.

"Leave.....Me.... Alone...." Chris said softly, not looking up.

Oh, I would, but why would I want to? You gave me something I needed... I want to repay you. The voice said.

"I didn't give you anything, leave me alone. I can't hear you...." He said again, this time slowly looking up, afraid at what he would see.

Oh bosh, don't be so scared boy. I'v watched you. You'd handled must harder pokemon than me in your classes...

It was the abra. The SAME abra. Chris knew it. It was holding Chris's spoon. The abra's eyes were open. A blue light was coming from them.

"What did you do to me earlier.....my eyes still hurt..." Chris said, trying to not look away.

Oh... Well, with the spoon, I had a sudden burst of engergy, and I felt the need to let it out, and I also thought it was a bad idea that you caught me trying to take the spoon, so, I used a move called 'Flash'... Its just a bright light, don't worry.

Flash? Chris thought. That was a rare move for pokemon. Very usefull while on journeies for trainers, to help light their way in the dark.

Thats right. You DO study. The abra said as it slowly tilted its head to the side. I think I'll be going now. You need sleep. Goodnight Chris Carter.

And with that, abra's eyes lit up slightly, and then, he was gone. Chris could do nothing but sit and look at exactly that. Nothing.

March 10th, 2004, 6:22 PM
OoOooh...Kinda freaky....COOL! ^____^

March 29th, 2004, 8:52 PM
this is a great fanfic! update more!

March 30th, 2004, 8:19 PM
*waits* Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore!!!!!!!!! ^_____________________^

Neko Keeshi
April 1st, 2004, 9:39 PM
((Ok, sorry for the long wait. I'v been in a stuck point in my story. I wasn't sure about where I wanted to go with it, but I got a good idea. ^_^ ))

Chapter 2

The Start of a New
Silence. Its all Chris wanted. And suprizingly, he got it. After that night, after he saw, him, Chris hasn't have any dreams. Its been 4 months, and graduation is only a few weeks away. Classes have been weird. Well, not weird, good really. After that night, He desided to try and learn all he could about psychic pokemon. There are 32 recorded different pokemon from all over the world. Most, feel off human emotion. Most are VERY human like. Like Mr. Mime. The very first psychic pokemon Chris ever met. Chris learned that it connected with him because Mr Mime KNEW that it made him nervous around Mr Mime. So, He tried to make Chris happy by playing with him.


He also learn more of the fundamentals of training pokemon, rather than just fighting and evolving. Working hard with your pokemon and training them to help them learn new and different style of moves. Chris has come to find out that he enjoys working with normal types of pokemon. He got a chance to use a Slakoth. Though, very slow, he very much ejoyed the loss. It may be rare for Chris to think a pokemon 'cute' but Slakoth is one of them to him.

Chris still day dreamed of abras though. He couldn't understand why or what happened. He always felt like he was being watched after that as well. The first few days after that finnal dream, he found himself looking in the bushes outside his window everyday, hoping to find something, anything. But everyday, it was the same thing. Nothing.

But he doesn't think about that now. He knows what pokemon he will request at graduation. The top 20 kids in his school get to choose from a list from which they used and practiced on all of their final year. He knew it would be a long shot, but he wanted to get that slakoth he used. It was a male, and knew only few moves, but he was going to try and request it, IF he makes it in the top twenty. He wasn't very scared about that though. He's always been a great student, though, looked like a worthless punk

April 11th, 2004, 8:30 AM
Cool story! I'm really enjoying it and I hope you update soon, it is a little confusing though, although it is a good story. When will he see Abra again???

Neko Keeshi
April 12th, 2004, 10:11 AM
Cool story! I'm really enjoying it and I hope you update soon, it is a little confusing though, although it is a good story. When will he see Abra again???

Maybe soon, maybe never ;)

September 7th, 2004, 7:47 PM
Abra is very hard to comprehen and grab.

September 7th, 2004, 7:56 PM
This is acutally very good...might make a good fic of the week.

September 7th, 2004, 8:16 PM
Um... guys... do realize that the author stopped writing this months ago back in April? O.o;

September 7th, 2004, 8:18 PM
Um... guys... do realize that the author stopped writing this months ago back in April? O.o;
Now how in the heck did I miss that? *feels dumb* ^ ^;;

Neko Keeshi
September 8th, 2004, 6:40 AM
Okay Okay.. I havent writen any thing in awhile... But I get my LeafGreen today after work, so, I should get more in if People really think its that good.. :D

September 8th, 2004, 9:40 AM
It's about time. Waited long enough, don't you think?

Neko Keeshi
September 8th, 2004, 11:21 AM
Yes yes... I didnt know that many people liked my story :D But yes, in the next few days I will post more.

Neko Keeshi
September 9th, 2004, 9:55 PM
((Quick little update. Sorry if I seem 'out of tune' kinda.. I'm still geting back into the feel of things.If you have any ideas, send me a PM and I'll be happy to talk to you about them ^_^ ))

Work, Work Work... Study Study Study. Chris wondered how it would be if they didn't have the pokemon classes in school and kids were aloud to go on journeys at 10. Na, its better this way. Chris would have never learned the things he has. Chris's mom also told him that once he graduates, she had a friend at work who also has some pokemon, and was going to give him a one for a present, this also rose Chris's hopes in his training, but also raises questions. What if its a pokemon hes never seen before, or heard of even! There are HUNDREDS of different pokemon, what if it doesn't like him? Well, maybe thats the point? What if the goal for a trainer is to beable to handle any kind of pokemon and to train it to be the best? Or maybe its just to have fun, make friends and to learn about life.

Who knows. Chris thought as he put the book he was trying to read back into his lap. He couldnt think His mind kept going back to graduation. Yesterday he was told that he was number nineteen of the top twenty students in the school, and that he was to look over a list of pokemon the school has given each of the students. The List was horible. Rattata, Pidgey, Meowth where the first on the list, the rest were not much better. All were common normal pokemon, a few from Johto, but thats about it. Now I'll never get a Slakoth.. There was only 1 pokemon on that list that Chris thought that might be good, Koffing. Now, most Koffing is just another poison pokemon, but if you know how to use his attacks, he can be very powerfull. That will be his pick. But what if someone else gets him first? There are only 20 to pick from, and Chris is 19th in the class!

espeon and umbreon
September 11th, 2004, 8:27 PM
When are you going to start new chapter? I'm bored.....

Neko Keeshi
September 12th, 2004, 8:39 AM
Don't worry My next post will be graduation and geting his 3 pokemon(yes 3, one from school, one from Prof Tracey, and one from his moms friend) and I think the post after that He will start his journey.

and remember, if anyone has opinions on this, PM me please. I'm happy to talk to people about them :D

September 12th, 2004, 10:06 AM
excellent story so far. i like the way you write, it makes me want to know more and wonder about things. especially Abra lol.

Mr Cat Dog
September 12th, 2004, 12:32 PM
Well, it's good that you're not rushing and putting loads into one chapter... as that's what a load of people do to try and get readers. But obviously you seem to be getting readers' attention without the need for constantly snappy storylines. Well done! ^_^

Although this isn't anything wrong with the fic itself... it would feel longer if you grouped all the bits of chapter into one big page... and this would make the fic feel longer, as it is looking short. Although it may take longer between updates, it'll make it feel longer and attract more readers.

There are minor spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.. I won't go into those too much.. and all I have to say is keep up the good work ^_^

Neko Keeshi
September 12th, 2004, 5:48 PM
haha! thanks. I kept the real story I'm writing in a .doc file on my compture right now, and once I get more writen, I'll probably go back and edit/delete alot of posts to make them better to read.

espeon and umbreon
September 13th, 2004, 1:00 AM
Don't worry My next post will be graduation and geting his 3 pokemon(yes 3, one from school, one from Prof Tracey, and one from his moms friend) and I think the post after that He will start his journey.

and remember, if anyone has opinions on this, PM me please. I'm happy to talk to people about them

You better be posting stories or I'll kill you! Kidding...

September 14th, 2004, 1:00 AM
i like ur story.
hurry write more ok?

Neko Keeshi
January 11th, 2005, 7:57 AM
Eh.. its been 4 months... Should I make an update?

January 15th, 2005, 2:34 AM
cmon! write more write more!!!!

Team Rocket's Executive
January 17th, 2005, 8:11 AM
Spelling and grammatical errors, otherwise your good to go. Intersting plot.

I see that this site has some good fiction writers here. Better than Pokeschool. ;)

Neko Keeshi
January 20th, 2005, 6:01 PM
((okay okay very small post this time, I'm very much stuck right now. If you want, I'll take feedback via any messaging service, check my profile.))

19. What was Chris going to do? Yes, he was excited that he was in the top 20, but after all the work he did, only 19? Maybe Chris shouldn't worry about it. The point of pokemon training is to know how to handle anything thrown at you, even pokemon. Na, I mean, Chris has handled Rattatas before, and Pidgey, I mean, who wouldn't want a free frying partner with them? He was just being too negative. Chris needed to relax. One week before school ended, all students took a final exam, which would add to everyones final grades. Chris planned to have a large amount of study time that last week, but maybe thats what was driving him nuts? He would keep up his normal studies until that week, then, its relaxing time. Computer games, reading, writing, what else could relax someone!

Neko Keeshi
August 16th, 2008, 9:38 PM
Here is a BIG update to an OLD story(well, big to me. I don't get to write often with work. And btw, this was writen pre-Diamond and Pearl so, keep in mind.)

At his own advice, he did his routine. Chris studdied alittle after school, but still took time to listen to his music as he read his books for class, or go over notes from historic battles, and remember dates and pokemon used in then, as well as their moves. He had numbers on the brain most of the time. He found out that he was only 19th in the class because of his math score, so, he also worked with his mom to improve it.
"You just have to stop, and think about it hun, thats all." She said as they went over his trig, "This is advanced math your doing, and I know I'm not much help, but you need to work on it."
"I know mom. I just need to get better tho. Why did you talk me into these hard classes?" He said smiling lightly towards her, poking her side.
She giggled as he did, "Because your not an idiot, dummby. You know you can do this stuff, you just have too much going through your head at once."

Which was true. All this time, he wasn't really thinking about math or history, it was pokemon. Battles, journey plans, being alone for months at a time, training with his pokemon. He needed to get it out of his system for the finals, but it just wouldn't go away. So, he would have to try his hardest. He went back over his notes on Ash's final battle with the elite four to become the pokemon champion. Against Lorelei's water pokemon, he wiped the floor with them, using only pikachu. Bruno was alittle harder for him. He ended up using bulbasaur and his primeape against them, it was a very close battle. Agatha on the other hand, Ash got very lucky. Using his Charizard, he was able to 'roast the ghosts' pretty good. Lance was the hardest though. After both of them fighting strong, It ended up being Charizard verses Dragonite, Lances prize pokemon. But Charizard did it. And in the end, Ash was tittled Pokemon Master. Chris even had a recording of the 4 battles on DVD that he watches to help him study, but, its really because he loves to watch the battles.

It was the last week of school, monday. Today was the tests, and after them, the kids got 3 days of goofing off in class, then, the results come back. History, Math, English, Science, Pokemon Care, and Battling and Training Stratigies. The first four were writen tests, but the last two were hands on pokemon training. For pokemon care, he had to nurse a hurt growlith. Using the right unlabled potion, and wraping it correctly, and then finding the right mixture of pokemon foods to help it heal faster. Chris thinks he did okay, and the growlith didn't even bite or growl at him even, tho, Chris thinks it was faking it. Battling and Training Stratigies was great. Chris was given a Pinsir and had to fight a Cubone. It was a close fight. But once Pinsir finnaly picked up curbone in his pinsirs, the fight was over. He felt good about it, really good. Chris liked the advanced bug pokemon. The teacher was proud of him too, telling him that the cubone was very close to evolving soon, because of its battle stance, so, Pinsir got lucky it didnt evolve on it in battle.

That night, Chris's mom made him alittle cake, and they had cornbread and beans and sausage, Chris's favorite.
"You know, your dad is coming home soon. He said his journey into Hoenn went great and he was able to get several rare pokemon for the reserve Prof. Tracy is seting up." She said as she put another piece of cornbread on his plate.
"Is he going to be back before graduation?" Chris said without looking up. He didn't like his father. He worked as a lab assistant to Tracy, going out and geting pokemon from all over the world for him.
"Oh, I don't know." She said idly. "He didn't say anything about it, but, you know your father."
"Sometimes I feel like I hate him mom." He looked up at her finnaly. "He knows that I'm going out on my jouney really soon, and he hasn't even been home in 5 months. And he said that he wasn't going to catch me anything while he was out, because it would 'ruin the experience' for me. I mean, its his JOB! Why can't he just bring me back something."
"Now Chris, don't talk about your father like that. You know he left when he was 10 and did his journey. He's been doing this his whole life. And he wants you to learn from your own work. He wants to you be the best that you can be, not the best that he makes you." She said as she got up to get the cake.
"Ya right. He just thinks I'm a stupid teenager that thinks of nothing but my music and my skateboard. He doesn't know how hard I work in school, and I bet he doesn't care!" Shoving his chair back, Chris walked angerly back to his room, ignoring the yells coming from his mother. He locked the door and put on some music and layed down, his eyes closed, he tried to get the thought of his dad out of his head.

Now Christopher, that wasn't very nice....

Oh god, he thought. Your back again? Where are you? He said as he sat up in bed, looking around his room. He noticed the Abra was sitting in the corner of the room, ontop a pile of dirty clothes.

Oh, I'v been around. I always watch you Chris Carter. I think we can help eachother. Chris heard in his head. The Abra, siting crosslegged on the pile, slowly floated up and moved to the foot of his bed.

They will be giving you your licence soon. And when that time comes, I'll be here for you. The small Abra said as he held out his hand towards Chris.

"Hey now, I don't know if I like you. Psychic pokemon are very hard to handle. And Master psychic trainers are telepathic and psychic themselves. How do I know that I can trust you even." Chris said, moving his legs crosslegged him the abra.

Oh well, thats easy. Do you think all those training were BORN psychic? Abra said puting his hand back into his lap. No. We made them that way. We can help you unlock part of your brain, and make you the best you can be. Let me help you Chris Carter.

Psychic pokemon MADE their trainers that way? Chris thought. What power.

Yes..... Its very powerful. But, you must learn control, and compasion. The Abra said as he started to float up off the bed slightly. My kind sleep so many hours a day, not by choise, is because we have to. Our power is so strong, that if we don't put outselves into a hypnotic state, we can harm others around us. But, thanks to you, I do not need to sleep any longer. He said as the twisted and bent spoon apeared infront of him, floating between them.

But how did I help you bring it here? I'v never seen that thing before the dream, and it was just there under my pellow. Chris scratched his head, unable to take his eyes off the pokemon.

You told it to come to you. And with my help, I was able to pull it back to me, to teleport it back to me. So, thanks to you, I was able to awaken again.....

"I still don't understand all this." Chris said as he laid back on his bed, his hands covering his eyes.

You don't have to. I can understand for you. Let me help you Chris Carter. The Abra said as he floated above his chest, looking down on him. But for now, get some sleep. Your going to need it. And with a blink, Abra was gone, Chris, passed out on his bed.

Victory Number One!

The next few days were very long and very slow going. The classes goofed off, Chris spent his time reading during his normal 4 classes, and during pokemon care. During Battling and Tactics, the teacher let the kids battle against eachother. He told them about how to make money while on the road, betting on their own battles, for small amounts so not to go totally broke, and to save extra money for emergencies. Chris was alittle worried, but he didn't think about it to much. Abra was still on his mind. Come thrusday morning, they found out the results of the exams. Chris raised from 19th to 14th. He was happy, but was hoping his work would have made him higher, but nothing he could do about it now.

His mother forgave him for blowing up on her, and he thought he was in the clear. That thursday night, she brought the cake she made a few days before was still untouched. She smiling slyly as she walked over to him, then SPLAT! Right in the face.

"Okay, now we're even." She said smiling wide, trying to hold in the laughter, but it was too late, Chris was laughing so far, he started tossing pieces off his face towards her.
"Dank foo mom" Chris said as he pushed parts of the cake off his face into his mounth.
"Oh ya, I have another suprize for you too." She said as she got up, Chris shielded his face, incase of another 'suprize' to the face. She walked to the backdoor near the table, unlocked it, and opened the door.

"DAD?!" Chris said jumping up, his cake filled face fell off partly as he rose suddenly.

"Hey kid, miss me?" He said as he pulled himself into the kitchen. He wasn't a very tall guy. Only around 5'5, but built wider than taller, for hiking in the mountains, caves, forests and jungles.
"Boy do I have a story to tell you. You'll never guess who I ran into. The Master! Mr Ketchum was training in the Hoenn desert with his Pikachu." He said as he pulled off his backpack, and unbuttoned his vest which held his pokeballs to the front of it. He hung them on a hoor near the door. "Yea, the sand storms are always going in the destert there, so, he wanted Pikachu to get used to harsher enviroments and stuff. I couldn't believe it." He said as he sat down at the table in a chair next to where Chris was still standing.
"Did you get an autograph from him?!" Chris said as he shot down into his seat, wiping more of the cake off his face, after his mom handed him a paper towel.

"Well now Chris, I know you like him and all, but I have to respect him as a trainer, No, I didn't ask him for his autograph." He said as he had a small smile on his face. Chris sighed looking over at mom, who just smiled. "BUT! He gave me this!" He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a pokeball, but different design. "Its a Premier ball, he told me to give it to you, its empty, and is the same as a pokeball, but told me that the first pokemon you catch, use that ball. Because the first pokemon you catch will ALWAYS be a special." He said as he put the ball into his hand, holding both for a second. "You know I don't believe in giving pokemon away, but this, is the one thing I want you to have. You can't get these balls here in Kanto. I had to smuggle that one in kinda, but, its not eligal or something. You might be the only one in the country with one. " Chris smiled lightly.
"Thanks dad." He said holding the ball in his hand, looking it over.
"Now I expect you to catch some super rare pokemon with that thing now, Ash Ketchum himself wanted you to have it, for your hard work, so, You better put it to good use." His dad said, lightly punching him in the shoulder, his wife smacking him in the back of the head for doing so. "OH! I also forgot. I got you a new book too." He said geting up to his backpack. "Its a book on wild berries. Telling you how to mix them in together to get better uses out of your potions and other stuff like that." He said as he pulled out a small book. "It has a disk in the back so you can load it onto your PDD. Mom told me she got you one, so, I figured you'd want a 'hardcopy' as well as a 'softcopy'." Chris took the book, looking at its cover, then back up at his dad.
"Thanks." He said as he put his arms around him in a hug.
"Aw, come on Chris, don't get mushy on me." He said as he patted his back. "Thats your mothers job!" He said laughing again, but quickly stoped as he got another smack to the back of the head.
"I'll show you mushy stuff! When I turn your butt into it!" She said as she started to chaise him around the kitchen.

Chris shook his head, taking the ball and the book to his room. He wanted to upload the book to this PDD and look it over some tonight. Booting up his computer, he started the transfer, when his dad walked in.
"I figured you be back here again.You were always in here when I was home. Hey.... Whats that?" He said walking over to Chris's bed.
"Whats what?" Chris said just in time to look at his dad picking up a spoon. He didn't know what to do, what to tell him.
"Oh my... Chris, do you know what this IS!?" He dad told him, as he turned around shaking the spoon at him. "This is a twisted spoon! A Psychic pokemon trainer would KILL to get ahold of this! Its worth alot of money! Where did you get it!?" He said wide eyed, and smiling.

"I uh.... Well, I..."

Found it outside in the bushes.. The voice in his head said.
"Yea, I found it outside in the bushes, yesterday. I thought I heard something, so, I went out and I found that spoon there. I thought it was one of moms." He said, trying to play stupid.

"Chris, I want to you hide this. Don't let anyone know you have one. Twisted Spoons are very very rare. They are spoons used by Alakazams that are infused with their power. I don't know how one got in the backyard, but, save it, keep it on you at all times. There are Pokemon Masters who would do anything to get a spoon for their psychic pokemon." He said pushing it onto his hand. "Now, its geting alittle late, I'm bushed from the boat ride here, so, I'll cya in the morning. We have a big day tomarow." He said as he left the room, closing the door.

Good job.. He's right though. The voice in his head said, as the spoon disapeard from his hand. And no, don't ask why I laid that on your bed for him to find. You'll find out on your own later, now be a good little boy and go to sleep, Chris Carter. And with that, everything went black.

Chris woke up the next morning to the loud banging on his door.
"Come on you lazy butt! Me and you need to get some work done before tonight and tomarrow!" He dads loud voice rang into his ears. Chris rubbed his eyes and yawned. Slowly geting up and dressed, he looked at the clock. 5am. Jesus, my father is crazy. "Daaadd, its my last day of being a kid, can't I sleep in some?!" He yelled at his dad, ending it in a big yawn.
His dad's face poked through his door, "No way buddy, we have planning and shoping, and packing to do." He said smiling his own hair a mess. "So, come on green boy, we've got work to do! I'll be in the shower, so, be ready by the time I get out." The door shut behind him, then shortly after, the sound of water running followed. Chris sighed. His last day. Tomarow morning he'll be starting his journey after a visit from Prof Tracy. He was excited.

After geting dressed and ready to go, Chris and his dad left the house and drove to Pallet. "First we need to go by the PokeMart. I want to get you some basic equipment. Tracy will give you some starter pokeballs so, you won't need those, so, we'll need some potions, antidotes, a small supply of food for you, we'll have to buy food for your pokemon before you leave, to make sure we get the right kind." His dad as they drove down the road. The Pokemart in Pallet town was a big improvement. After everyone found out the great Ash Ketchum was from here, people moved in, and buisness was good. Chris swore that Pokemarts were taking over the country, and geting bigger and bigger, but that was his theory. They pulled up and got to shoping. His dad made him push the little cart.

"Now Chris, you only use the potions and antidotes when you are no where near a center and your guys are too hurt to recover in their balls. They are expencive so, make sure you only use them for emergencies. Once we give you some starting money, you'll have to manage your own finances, and please, don't be stupid and make bets you 'might' not win, risks are for suckers, and no heavy bets. If someone trys to push you into a big bet, walk away, no matter how hurting for money you are, its not worth being completly broke and hungry." He said as he gave the cashier his credit card and paid for Chris's things before they headed home.

Later that night, graduation was held. Pallet is still a small town, but with the school and the pokemart they graduating class was still small in size, only bout 50 students. It was held in their training gym at the school, parents sat in a section of chairs next to the grads, who wore red and blue robes and hats. They were called in order of their performance of their final grades, the first student picking a magby for her first pokemon. A jigglypuff was picked next, followed by a doduo, and mankey. By the time it was Chris's turn to go up and get his licence and pick his pokemon only 6 pokemon left, and he couldn't pick between Koffing and Slowpoke. Still worried about psychic types, he picked up the Koffing pokeball, raising it in the air and smiling to his parents for a picture in the croud. "Chris Carter, 14th in his class has picked Koffing! The poison type pokemon. Good luck Chris, and make sure to wear a gas mask!" The middleaged man said as he handed Chris his trainers licence and his graduation deploma.

Later that night, back at home, Chris's dad helped him load things into his mid-sized hiking backpack. His basic equipment, small tent, winter and summer clothing, and his last two gifts, his pokedex and a bike that can fold in half and hook onto the backpack for mountain terrain. For his final meal at home, his mom ordered some pizza for her two 'kids'. While eating at the table, his dad went on and on about the pokemon he might see on his way to Veridian city to his first gym. Chris on the other hand was only half listening, half looking at the pokeball that hung on the side of his belt.
"Chris, you haven't even looked at your Koffing yet, whats the deal?" His dad said as he took another huge bite of pizza.
"Hu? Oh, well, I'm worried dad. I'v never handled a Koffing. The pokedex said earlier that the gas inside of them is poisonous, and I'm worried bout geting sick." He said as he pulled out his dex again, and played the recording.

Koffing : The Gas balloon pokemon. Koffings uses the gas in its body that is lighter than the air around it to float around, pushing heavier gasses out the many holes in its body to move it around. Be warned, Koffings have been known to explode in the wild due to unknown gases it absorbs in its enviroment. Koffing can be found near factory and waste sites, and places of high pollution.

"See? I'm worried about letting it out because I don't want to hurt anybody." He said quietly taking a small bite of pizza, and his dad looked at him, his eyebrow raised.
"Chris, in the WILD they are known to explode. Do you know why? Because they do it to impress other Koffing to form together, to become Weezings at earlier stages of its life, insted of trained Koffings, who evolve by aborbing different natural gasses during their training." He smiled at him. "You won't hear that in any book either. I'v seen it myself. Every trainer who's evolved a Koffing to a Weezing will tell you the same thing. They didnt have to go catch more Koffing to make them evolve together! The Koffing got so big, it had to evolve OR it would explode!" He said laughing, leting out a loud BOOM! As he threw a piece of peperoni at his son. "So stop worrying. Your Koffing will be the best friend you'll ever have, and maybe even save your life someday, Like how my Graveler dug us a way out of the dark tunnel when we got caved in when I started my training." He said smiling, then looking at a picture on the wall of him standing around 6 pokemon, a Golem stood among them.

"Yea. I think I'm going to go outside and let him out." He said standing up and running out the back door. Chris pulled the pokeball from his belt, expanded it and pressed the release button. "Come on out Koffing!" He said smiling, seeing a small round shape appear infront of him.
Koffing? The purple pimpled baloon pokemon said as it looked around, then seting its eyes on Chris. Koff Koffing? It said again, moving alittle closer to him. Chris noticed there was a strange smell to Koffing. Wasn't exactly bad, but, not really good either. "Well, I'm Chris Carter. I'm your new trainer, and we'll be working together for a long time Koffing." Chris said as he extended his hand out for a high five. "Come on, give my hand a light tackle if you understand me." the Koffing tilted slightly in the air, then nodded, moving forward and lightly hit its forhead against Chris's hand, which then gave him a light scratch. Koooooffff.... The Koffing said as he closed his eyes and smiled. He tends to be itchy but having no hands makes it harder to scratch himself. "See? I can be helpful too. We will have to learn to work together. Now, are you hungry? I know that you don't like healthy stuff, being a poisonous pokemon, but see those trash cans over there? Lets try to find something with mold and mildew on it for ya." Chris said as he walked over to the cans and tipped one over to let Koffing dig through with his large mouth and tounge. "You eat for awhile, I'll be right over here." He said as he walked over to a chair on the back porch, his dad already siting in the chair next to it.

"So, how did you know that Koffings can't eat fresh food?" His dad asked and drinking soda, as he handed one towards his son.
"Well, if its made up of poisonous gasses, and it evolves when it builds up ALOT of it, I would guess that you would want either gassy foods, or just bad food." Chris said, opening the soda.
"You know, you are a smart guy after all. I think your going to do fine out there." He said taking another drink of his pop. "So, I have bad news for ya kid. I just got off the phone with Tracy, and he said being that the school gave you a starting pokemon, it would be unfair for him to play favorites and give you another." seting his empty can on the ground next to him. "He said his pokemon are for the students who didn't get one. So.... Your starting with Koffing when you leave tomarow." He said patting him on his shoulder.
"Thats okay I guess. I understand, I mean, I already have a pokemon, I don't need another one before I leave, and besides, mom's friend from work was going to give me one anyways!" Chris said as he took a long drink from his soda.

"Now son, don't get your hopes up on anything big and powerful, your just a beginner, so, try to keep things down to earth here. I'm going to give you an extra 20 bucks for starter pokeballs, because Tracy won't beable to give you any, so, just go by the Pokemart tomarow when you leave to get some more, because, you never know what you might run into out there." His dad said standing up from the chair, "You should also have a talk with Koffing to see what kinds of moves it knows, you don't wan-"
"I know that dad, I'm waiting to get away from the house before I start testing him out. Stop treating me like a little kid!" Chris said as he shot up out of the chair and walked over to where Koffing was sucking up garbage.

"Koffing?" Chris said as he walked toward the back of the yard. His Koffing had his mouth in the air as he sucked on a large empty milk jug. Apparently it was trying to get some of the sour milk at the bottom.
"Here let me help you." Chris grabbed the bottle from him and shook it violently to get the thick milk moving again.
"There ya go." He said, placing it back into his mouth.
"You know, if I knew you were a BABY Koffing, I would have bought you some milk and nipples." He said teasingly.
Koff Koff? The purple floating pokemon said as he spat out the empty bottle into the pile of trash. It looked alittle angry, and a small puff of black smoke came out one of the holes on the top of his 'head'.
"Ok ok, I'm sorry. I was only kidding Koffing." Chris said holding his hand up infront of him, smiling.
"Ok, I was to see what you can do." He said as he picked up the now empty trashcan.
"Why don't you show me some of the moves you can do? Try them on the trashcan." Chris said as he moved back behind Koffing, so it was infront of the can.

Kooooofffiinggg! The purple ball of gas suddenly shot towards the trashcan and slammed into it.
"Wow! That was quiet a tackle!" Chris said excitedly.
"GREAT JOB!" His dads voice shouted from the back porch.
"Alright Koffing, do you know any other moves?" Chris asked as he set the trashcan back up.

Koffing suddenly started to spin rapidly around, moving like a baseball, flew at the trashcan again, knocking it back into the fence.
Kooooofffing it said as he flew back towards Chris, a big grin on its face.
"Cool, that looked like Rapid Spin. I didn't know Koffing could use that one. Do you know any others?"

Koffing smiled big once again and looked back towards the trashcan. Black smoke started to pour out of every hole in its body, and moved towards the trashcan.

"Hm... I think that was poison gas." Chris said as he slowly moved toward the can. He sniffed alittle bit.
"Hey dad, which attack was that one?" He called out.
"Just like you said, poison gas, so, backup some you don't want to suck any of that up, trust me." He father said, chuckling little bit.

Chris smiled as he moved back towards Koffing, pulling out his pokeball.
"You did a great job on the trashcan, why not rest some, and tomarrow morning, we'll start out trip out together, Ok Koffing?"
Koffing smiled wide as the red light covered him and he shot into the ball. Chris moved back towards the porch where he dad was standing up.
"Well, a Koffing isn't the biggest or the best pokemon, but its the best for you! You know why?" He dad said smiling at him, putting his arm around him as they walked back into the house. "Because your both little stinkers! HA!!" He said as he hugged his son close.
"Ah dad!" Chris said as he tried to get away. "Mom! Help me!" Chris cried out, and to his joy, she came running after him. "The only one who can make fun of him is me! Now both of you get to bed! I want all of us rested up for when Chris leaves tomarrow. With that, Chris ran off towards his room, tossing Koffings pokeball onto his desk, undressed and jumped into bed.

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