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October 13th, 2005, 1:46 PM
Okay, I was thinking. And I was thinking about the Raikou Special that they made in Japan and dubbed recently. I remember when the Raikou special was first hinted about, and many thought it was some Pokemon spin-off show that was going to come out. Not to mention, I was talking with Dark Weezing (OMG I spelled it right!), and he mentioned the idea of a Team Rocket spin-off, and that got me inspired to write this thread!


What spin-offs would you like to see? Or it could even be an idea for a whole new pokemon series unrelated to the original. Would you like to see something about Orre? Team Rocket? Misty's sisters? XD It could be anything, just come talk about your ideas. ^-^

I have a bunch, but I'll just post one for now. I like the idea of having a show that's completely pokemon and no trainers. Or if there were trainers, they would be the "bad guys" trying to destroy the livelihood of the pokemon. I really think it would be neat to see the world from the pokemon perspective, since we know the other one so well. It would, of course, not be in pokespeak, because then the whole thing would be either really boring, narrated, or with subtitles. XD It could focus on a group of one kind of pokemon, or it could be a mixed group of pokemon on a mission of some kind.

So, you on the other side of my computer, reading this right now, what's your idea?

October 13th, 2005, 3:26 PM
I'd want a series based on the Gym Leaders. :3 Like...how they run their gyms, live their lives, the problems they face daily...etc. :0 Then it'd show how they interact with each other.

Then maybe Brawly and Morty will kiss! *shot*

October 14th, 2005, 9:45 AM
Indeed, Jessie/James/Meowth certainly have the spin off potential, more than most. I've heard "Poached Ego" being that in some circles, although with the Special Episode "We're No Angels", it was painfully obvious.

Definitely the Raikou Special, very spin off ish. I almost believed it to be true given the drastic change in format there.

If they didn't incorporated Haruka into the series, definitely her into a spinoff.

I'd like Team Rocket, the org, as the focus of one, which is funny, considering how the series has blatantly ignored them, and who doesn't want to be a Rocket or at least know abut them? Although for a real twist, use the Rockets' counterpart: the Global Police in a dual role. See them in a real capacity and show the compare/contrast with them and the Rockets. See both sides of the argument and show their mechanics to boot. Plus tidbits like Lyon and Zanna and Myuutsu for the fanboys. It would be quite nice.

Definitely a Pokemon only show, the Island of Giant Pokemon was wonderful showing that part.

Incidentally, Richie, after seeing him on the Special Episodes so much, definitely should have a show of his own. Hmm...

I'll keep thinking.

Nice topic, Light. Hee.

Crystal Clair
October 14th, 2005, 11:40 AM
Phantom Bugsy, I dont know if you'd want it. Think of how 4kids would dub it. XP
I'd think
the Cerulean sisters would be fun
life at Prof Oak's lab (maybe Todd stops by to see his Kenji-kun)
Marina, Kenta and Jackson, the GSC kids
and the PMC, Mary is even hot with the crappy Houen animation. And besides, I'd like to see how Ken and Mary REALLY get along
(excerpt from PMC special)
Mary: so you have a thing for James!
Ken: *ducks* I do not!
Mary: why were you stalking him them?
Ken: because he was holding a tasty candy bar.
Mary: *slaps Ken* I'll candy bar you!
XDDDDDD if only if only
And the only reason I dont want Clair to have her own spinoff is that 4kids will screw up the Draggirl luv and turn it into some cheesy friendship thing *gags*