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February 26th, 2004, 7:47 PM
I posted this in Serebii before, and was told it was original. Believe me, later on, it won't be.

Hoenn League
A May, Brandon, and Ash Story
(Along with two of my own characters)

OWWWW!!! 10-year-old May White landed roughly on her bottom as a dresser collided into her when the truck screeched to a halt. Youre such a good driver you know! she screamed sarcastically.

The Machoke Driver nodded his head in apology when the back door fell open with a bang. May slid out to meet the fresh air and soft scents of flowers next to her new home. It was a great change from the 100-mile ride from Johto to Hoenn in a dark, dank, and leather-smelling truck that bumped around to send her flying into a box or furniture.

I see youve finally got here! Mays mother, Caroline, pushed the door to their house open to welcome May in. Welcome to Hoenn!

You must mean Welcome to an area far from all your friends May grumbled. She was grouchy about the ride to Hoenn and leaving home.

Caroline ignored the rude remark. You should go and check out your room! Its got a little bed, a cute little carpet, a table, your very own computer, oh, and your father bought you your very own clock! Isnt that nice?

Yeah, right. May responded, pushing past her mother.

Caroline ignored it again. Dont forget to set that clock dear!

May stomped past the kitchen and shoved her way up the stairs angrily, nearly toppling a Machoke, who gave her an angry look as equal as hers, with a stack of boxes. When May entered her room, she found it as snug as her mother had described it, but wouldnt admit it in case her mother decided to rub it all over her. First, she checked out the computer.

Computer??? This looks like a PC without pokemon storages! May shut it down. Theres a bed, a carpet, map of Hoenn and a clock. Mom told me to set it, so oh well. She wound the clock and set it.

MAY! MAY! Come down, quick! Hurry! Caroline screamed with excitement. YOUR FATHERS ON TV!

Honestly, what is so exciting about that when you could take a walk to Petalburg City any day! May grouched, lifting her clock back on the nail and tromped downstairs.

Come on! Youll miss it! Caroline rushed up to May.

OWIE! WATCH WHERE YOU STEP FOR LATIASS SAKE! May wailed as mother and daughter collided and tumbled back down the stairs. By then, the commercial was over.

Aww. Thats too bad. Caroline sighed. Come on May, your father has a friend next door. I think its Birch. He has a son, you know. May, you should get to know them sometime.

May got up and tested her legs for any broken bones. I think I will take a look.

At the lab

Im sorry, the Professor isnt here. Hes out doing field research. The assistant apologized.

Whats that? May asked curiously.

Its when you study pokemon out in the grass and take notes on their behavior in their natural habitat. But Im afraid you shouldnt go after him. Pokemon can leap out of grass fields and attack people at any moment. The assistant explained. Maybe you should wait nearby. Professor Birch may be back any moment.

May nodded, and went outside. But, then again, who gives a care. Ill check their house out. She looked at the house besides her own. That must be it. She walked over and rapped on the door. There was no answer. As I said, who gives a care May opened the door. Heeelllooo?

Hi! And you must be? A lady came running downstairs.

May, the new next-door-neighbor. Said May.

Sorry for not answering. I was busy with the kitchen work. My son, Brendan, is upstairs. Hes expecting you, but he may be in a bit of surprise.

Why? May questioned.

Ill let him point that out for you the lady winked, then waddled back to the kitchen.

And Ill find out why May muttered under her breath, trudging upstairs.

To her astonishment, she found herself looking at her own room, clock, bed, carpet, computer, and all. The only difference was a white-haired boy sitting at the desk muttering and calculating to himself.

3 potions, all filled to the brim, one Mudkip, 2 full heals, ready to spray, couple antidotes, paralyzing heals, awakenings-

Excuse me May interrupted loudly. Its kinda rude to ignore a new next-door- neighbor, isnt it?

Well, Brendan turned around. I cant really help it if I need to pack, but I could spare some time. So you are?

May, daughter of the Petalburg Gym leader. May answered.

Oh! I didnt expect you to be a girl!

And you are saying that meaning what?

Meaning girls arent as great trainers as boys are, you know Brendan finished.

Meaning that you should be shutting that mouth this very instant! May glowered, Who says girls cant be pokemon trainers!

Okay, okay. Im sorry that I ever messed with you Brendan held his hands up in a surrender sort of way, I guess I should finish packing and get going. Wait. I might be able to catch you a poke- never mind. I have to help my father. Sorry, gotta go!

May watched him dash down the stairs, 2 at a time and shook her head. That boy is weird, weird, and weird! She followed him down.

Brendan was nowhere in sight when May came out, but a lot of screaming was to be heard near route 101.

May walked up to a small boy who looked fascinated down at the route. Whats going on over there?

Its a show! A little black puppy is chasing a fat guy in a lab coat! he piped in a squeaky voice.

Show? Are you nuts? May headed down the route, and out of Littleroot. Professor Birch? Is that you?

It was hard to tell if the flying white blur who was running around in circles was really the professor, or a whizzing piece of cloth, but then, a Poochyena wouldnt really be chasing fabric then, would it?

YES ITS ME! He bellowed back.

Well can I help you?


May grabbed a ball. Now what?


Aah right. Go, whatever pokemon you are. May flung the ball, which smacked the Poochyenas back with a heavy thud.

It was a Torchic that came out of the red glow, but May didnt know. Instead of biting and clawing at the professor anymore, the enraged pup gnashed its teeth and hurried after May instead.

AHHHHHHH! Torchic, set it on fire! Anything! Scratch, Ember, tackle, whatever Professor! Do something! May darted away from the chomping teeth. Its probably got rabies! Get it away from me!

Torchic hopped forwards daintily on one leg, then shot a spur of sparks at the puppy. The embers snagged onto its tail, and set it ablaze. With a howl and a whimper, the Poochyena raced off, smoke trailing behind its injured tail.

Whew. That was close one Birch sighed. But who are you?

That must be the third time people ask me that. Im May, daughter of the Petalburg Gym Leader, the neighbor that just moved in

Thats nic- the professor was cut off by another howl. Actually, I dont believe we should be standing here. Lets chat in the lab instead.

At the lab again

You should know, you have the potential for being a trainer, Birch suggested. Instead of lounging in Littleroot, how bout going around Hoenn?

Sounds good May admitted, But I have no pokemon. Your boy told me he would catch one for me, but hes busy.

Well, I believe you do deserve this Birch handed her a pokeball. That Torchic you battled with likes you. I know it

Ooh! Thanks! Now I can leave Littleroot without being attacked!

Dont count on it. Pokemon will continue to come. The professor warned. Oh, and there is one more thing. My son, Brendan is out training on Route 103. Maybe you can learn the roots of pokemon training and battling.

Okay May placed the pokeball into her pockets and left.

MAAYY! Caroline was waiting next to the door of their house. Dont forget the new running shoes I got for you!

Aw mom! I can run just as well as any other person without those shoes! May complained unhappily. I have to catch someone on route 103. You can give those to me later Without another moment, May sped away from the house. Route 103. Thats only a couple minutes from here. She ran past Oldale, and walked up towards the route. May found Brendan staring up at a tree. I knew he was weird, but not as weird as this! She muttered.

You know I heard that Brendan turned from the tree. What do you want?

Your father thought you could teach me a bit about pokemon training May felt sorry that she ever said that; it made her feel that she looked weak.

You? You have got to be kidding me. My father gave you a pokemon? Brendan snorted. What did he see in you?

I dont know May answered cheekily, But he told me that you would teach me.

Okay then. Lets see what father saw Go, Mudkip! the white-haired trainer released a pokemon.

What are you doing? May asked curiously.

Brendan sighed and smacked his hand on his head. Its a pokemon battle, you idiot. Every trainer has to know what that is.

Idiot? You really think so? Why you I choose you, Torchic! May glared.

Alright Mudkip, heat things up a little with Water Gun! Brendan commanded.

Careful Tor, water is bad for your health. Counter it with growl!

Torchic heard, and sidestepped the attack. Then, it stretched upwards like a rooster and crowed. Mudkip shivered a bit and backed down.

Dont be intimidated Mudkip, tackle it back!

Mud! Mudkip gave a shout and slammed into Torchic head on. Torchic skidded couple feet back into a tree.

Oh no! Torchic, are you okay? Torchic shook her head to clear out her dizziness, then got back up with an angry flare in its eyes. Yeah! May cheered, Show them whose boss! Tackle it right back!

Tor Torchic cheered and raced back towards Mudkip and rammed onto the mudfishs stomach. It was Mudkips turn to give a shout of pain.

Yeah Torchic! Scratch attack! May was getting excited.

Not so fast this time! Brendans playful mood had completely dispelled, and a cold, angry look had replaced it. Water Gun!

Torchic slashed her claws upright, kicking Mudkip into the air. Mudkip faced down, let streams of water fall down towards the sitting Torchic.

Torchic, try to run! May groaned. Maybe Brendan was right.

Torchic rolled, missing the full blast by several inches, but puddles of water sloshed to the sides and swept underneath Torchic. Torchic got up to shake water off, and took in a wobbling battle stance again. Mudkip landed, almost collapsing and growled.

Torchic, hang in there! Hurry and finish it off with scratch! Torchic waddled over to Mudkip and scratched it so hard, and Mudkip fell over.

Mudkip! Brendan rushed over to recall his pokemon.

Sorry oldie May half smirked half regretted. Open your eyes a little next time, and maybe you wont have to have your pokemon end up like this

Oh shut your trap! Brendan held up his ball, Im going to the center. You should head back to the lab where you can boast your life out! Then he turned and raced away without another word.

Fine! Be that way Brendan Birch! You smell, and so do your pokemon May retorted.

There was no answer but the howl of the wind. May gave up on her insulting and began walking home.

At the lab for the final time in this chapter

So, did you two battle? Professor Birch asked gaily.

Yes May answered cheerily.

Yeah Brendan muttered.

Oh never mind him May laughed. Hes just jealous that he lost.

Am not

Is too

Am not

Is too
Now, now. Thats not the best way to treat each other is it? Birch asked. Oh, I forgot to tell you! I asked your both parents, and they both agreed that you two should share your adventures together!

You mean She couldnt get the words out.

That we Brendan looked down at his feet.

Go together? Of course! The world is dangerous, and we thought that you two could be looking out for one another! Now, No arguing and lets get a move on!

This is going to be a very bad journey. I can feel it. May mumbled as she exited the lab.