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February 26th, 2004, 9:44 PM
20 years passed, and Mew hadn't seen the men at his wall again. He decided to explore more of the sea. During his travels, he came across a small island with an odd building on shore. He hung around awhile, and soon there was a large explosion, and a strange creature resembling himself stood on the scorched, burning land. a few hours later, a helicopter flew down and landed near the creature. A man stepped out, and seemed to speak with the creature as though it were another human. The creature followed the man onto the helicopter, and they were gone. Mew did not want to follow them. He still had much more to see. He dove beneath the sea. He had exsisted for so long, but had never seen what was under water! He formed a pink bubble around himself, and swam along at full speed. He passed many wonderful things that he had never seen before. There were groups of relicanth, a huge wailord, and even a lugia. He decided to stay here a while, maybe meet some pokemon friends like his old tribe's mightyena pack.
He did meet a friend after while. A chinchou named Mika. They traveled around together, talking and playing, for quite a long time while Mew was living under water. Mew and Mika came across the same island where Mew had seen the strange Mew-creature before. He moved up to the surface. The water was terribly rough, and dark clouds and rain filled the sky. Mew flew up to get a look at the island. Instead of the bare plot of land that the explosion had left before, there was a strange castle-like structure on the island. Mew looked in the other direction. Humans, water pokemon, a pigeot, and a rather strange looking boat were heading his way. He waited. Humans were beginning to come onto the island. They all spoke to a woman in a brown dress, and entered the castle.As soon as the humans had all gone inside, Mew entered. He turned himself invisible, as he almost always did around humans, for safety. Inside the castle was a large room. The humans and their pokemon seemed to be waiting for something. Mew was quite confused, as he hadn't seen humans go through a huge storm on pokemon just to sit. He decided to explore more of the castle. He came across a strange room with odd gadgets, a giant machine that looked like an omonite shell, and a huge screen. He turned himself invisible once more, as two strange looking humans and a meoth enered the room. The meowth fell onto the large machine, which turned on automatically. The meowth struggled, and it's trainers grasped it's front legs, trying to pull it back as about ten tiny hands grabbed at it and managede to get some fur from it's tail. A weird looking picture of a meowth appeared on the large screen. The humans seemed amazed, and Mew was amazed himself. This was quite fascinating. Mew watched as another meowth appeared in an oddly stretchy liquid filled tube. He flew back to the large room to see what the humans were up to. Black balls were flying everywhere, scaring Mew. The mew-like creature he had seen about five years ago was stanging in the middle of the room. Pokemon were somehow being sucked into the black balls. Mew watched from high up near the ceiling, out of the balls' reach. The balls flew underneath the large staircase in the middle of the room, along with a boy. Mew watched the humans fret over their lost pokemon. He felt bad for them, but there was nothing he could do.
He teleported himself back to the room where he'd seen the two trainers and their meowth. He noticed the boy who had fallen into the tunnel under the staicase, who was now gnawing and pulling at the small robotic arms in the machine, trying to get one of the strange pokeballs loose from it's grip.

--I'll put in more later, or tomorrow. Btw, this particular part of the story is what happened during pokemon the first movie, only from Mew's point of veiw, so it should be pretty different.--

MewMaster Ruler of Worlds
July 3rd, 2004, 12:02 PM
Continue it this is good :cool:

July 8th, 2004, 3:15 AM
this is pretty fun.. just make paragraphs that'll make it better!

July 16th, 2004, 6:38 PM
Looks cool to me! Plus, the idea of having it as Mew's view is neat!!

July 17th, 2004, 3:18 PM
Good job, it was a joy to read! :)