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February 26th, 2004, 9:46 PM
Welcome to the Pokemon Quiz! Test your Pokemon knowledge here!

1.You may post as many answers as you want for a question;your last answer will count as your answer
2.Questions are worth a certian amount of points,depending on the difficulty. The points will decrease as time passes. When the points run out,the answer will be given.
3.If a correct answer is given,that person recives the points
4.You need 500 points to win a round
5.If you win a round,then you get to post the questions and be a host in the next round. I will still warn people if necessary and post the scores and the warnings.
1.If you post any spam or threat anyone in this thread,you will recieve a warning.
2.Three warnings and you're OUT!

I will post any warnings and points on the scoreborad,along with the next question. Anyone can join the quiz at any time.

And that is all the rules of this quiz.

February 26th, 2004, 9:50 PM
I cannot think of the questions. If you can,please give me sugessions.

iIf the thread has to be closed, then close it


February 27th, 2004, 1:43 AM
well no.1 this doesn't go here. I'm unsure whether this will be allowed in the right area, but it's upto the mods there:*moved*