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Hiroshi Sotomura
September 17th, 2003, 1:32 PM
This is a chain story which is for people to reply to with their own continuations. Let's begin shall we?

The story is in SCRIPT form.

Narrator: Our heroes scale even greater heights, not knowing where they go or...
Brock: Maybe we do know where we are going...
May: Don't be so sure...
Masato: It was Ash's idea to go up here... it's him who mist get us off...
Ash: C'mon... I had reasons to scale this mountain.
May: Like?
Brock: There's a large trainer convention in Kaikoren City, which I think is over this mountain.

Ash thinks for a second. He then reaches from his back a PokBall.

Ash: Go! Taillow! Scale and look over the mountain!

Taillow looks over the mountain and sees a city. It nods to Ash, who starts running quickly.

Ash runs up to the top of the mountain, but then a scared feeling overcomes him. The entire town is deserted!

September 19th, 2003, 4:10 PM
Ash and friends walk through the town.
May: "This sure is creepy."
Brock: "I wonder if we are in Kaikoren City."
Ash: "Hey Masato check your Pokenav....Masato?"
Masato wasn't there.
May: "Where did he go?"
Brock: "He just disappeared..."
Ash: "We better stay together and try to find him."
Brock: "Hey May is gone too!"
Ash turns around and looks and May has disappeared too. Ash then turns back around and sees Brock is gone too.
Ash: "Its just you and me now Pikachu... Pikachu?"
Pikachu is also missing. Ash blacks out.

September 19th, 2003, 6:14 PM
*Pokemon Center*

Ash: Drat! My milion yen is now half a million!

May: Where are you Masato?

Max: I'm Max!

May: Shut Up, Warner Bros hasn't confirmed your english name yet.

Brock: Lets look for Kenta.

Max: no, it's Yoshi.

Brock: The green dinosaur?

Ash: Ok, lets look for Marina and Jun'ichi and Hazuki then.

Max: No! It's Dani for Marina, Jackson for Jun'ichi, and Harrison for Hazuki

Ash: Ok, this story is pretty messed up though.

September 19th, 2003, 6:46 PM
~~TV Tokyo~~
Satoshi: "Well this is confusing."
Satoshi scribbles down "Destroy 4Kids" and then erases everyone's memory of the evil dub names.

~~The Pokemon Center~~
Ash: "This is strange. There is no Nurse Joy here."
Brock: "We must search for our beloved Nurse Joy! Ash you search over there. Masato you look over there and ...."
May: "You search your head for a brain."
Stranger: "Who is that?"
Stranger2: "Are they Pokemon trainers?"
Stranger: "I beleive so."
Stranger3: "What should we do?"

September 21st, 2003, 2:08 AM
Stranger: We should kidnap them, and send them back to Mars. (laughing evily)
Stranger 2: How should we do that? (confused)
Stranger 3: Use your brain, idiot. We should disguise ourselves as the said Nurse Joy. (hits stranger 2 on the heard)
Stranger: (Changes into Nurse joy) Hmm...how do I look?
Stranger 2: You look...um...hot. (drools)
Stranger: (still as Nurse Joy) Hello, travelers. Can I help you with something?

-In a random room in the Pokemon Center-
Masato: (Is tied up and blindfolded) lerts mehs ourt!
Stranger 4: Don't worry, you'll meet your sister shortly... (cackles)

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 21st, 2003, 8:44 PM
.: TV Tokyo :.
Satoshi runs to the Masamitsu's office.

Satoshi: "Masamitsu! Something weird is going on!"

Satoshi opens the door and finds Masamitsu's office in wrecks.

Satoshi: "Who did this?"
Voice: "I did."

Satoshi turns around after hearing the voice. He sees no one in the office.

Satoshi: "Strange..."

.: Pokmon Center :.
May: "Masato! Where are you?"
Ash: "He's gone?!?"

May screams. Brock fades away. May collapses. Ash holds her up.

May: "They're both gone!"

.: TV Tokyo :.

Satoshi holds his hand and swishes it, making the incantation: "Priori Statem!" making the room normal and exposing the voice's source. A dark shadow stands swirling around the room.

Satoshi (hand at the shadow): "Teleportious!"

The dark Shadow disappears. Some footsteps are heard as Toshio comes with Masamitsu. Toshio has Masamitsu walking towards the office with his hand supporting Masamitsu, apparently both have been ambushed.

.: Pokmon Center :.

Ash and May run out of the Pokmon Center. The entire town is filled with people, but the Pokmon Center they stood looked newer. It didn't have a few cracks that were notably visible. In fact, the entire town was old looking.

May: "Where are we?"
Ash: "Look. Those people are using apricorns!"

Person (to another person): "You won't win!"
Other Person: "Oh yeah?"

The person throws an apricorn and a Pokmon comes out. The Pokmon is strange looking, braille for it's eyes, a crystal ice body.

Ash: "What's that?" (holds PokDex)
PokDex: Regice. PokDex data has not been loaded for this Pokmon.
Ash hears someone else reading data from a book.
May: "We are at a time that PokDexes weren't invented!"

Other Person: "Jake you have absolutely no chance of beating me!"
Jake: "We'll see about that Keith!"
Keith: "Go! Blaziken!"
The person reading the Pokmon book looks at Keith.
Person: "Keith! You know that Regice can't be defeated with a Blaziken!"
Keith: "I'll beat it no worries, Kate."
Kate: "But..."
Keith: "Blaziken! Blaze Kick!"

A news paper comes in front of Ash. Ash reads it and is shocked.

Ash: "November 27th 1937?!?"
May: "What?"
Ash: "We've gone more than 70 years back in time!"

September 22nd, 2003, 2:50 AM
May: Wait, but Hoenn was just a piece of land with pokemon back then! there were no humans!

Ash: Hey look, that isn't a man! it's a thing?

Pokedex- Man this pokemon come in alot of different forms

May: I must be talking gibberish... May May May!

Ash: Ash ash ash! AAAASSSHHH!!!!

Narrator: So our heros have Narra! Narra! Narra tor Narra?

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 4:30 AM
.: TV Tokyo :.
Toshio: "There are... dark... shadows... protruding... the... studio..."
Masamitsu: "They are adding different scenes to the show..."

They both collapse. Satoshi gets his mobile and dials. Shigeru Miyamoto appears on-screen.

Shigeru: "Have you seen what's happening on the anime, Satoshi?"
Satoshi: "I'm aware of it..."
Shigeru: "Was the turning back time your idea?"
Satoshi: "No."
Shigeru: "Hmmm..."

Shigeru appears right next to him. They perform an incantation: "Timeutus!" and the studio is back to normal. Toshio and Masamitsu are healed, and the main TV Tokyo building is normal.

Shigeru: "Where on earth did those shadows come from?"
Satoshi: "I dunno."

Toshio holds a remote and edits out the small scene.

.: Kaikoren City : 1937 :.

Keith's Blaziken loses to Jake's Regice.
Jake: "Who won? Me."
Ash (to May): "That kid is strong..."

Jake appears to hear Ash, as he turns around.

Jake (asking Ash): "Are you a trainer?"
Ash: "Yeah."
Jake: "Well I think I'm just about to beat you."
Ash: "We'll see!"

Ash's Pikachu runs out of the Pokmon Center.

Ash: "Pikachu!"

Pikachu runs up to Ash. They start playing around, and then Pikachu is sent into battle.

Jake: "Espeon! Go!"

September 22nd, 2003, 9:23 AM
Jessie, James, and Meowth sit on the Pokemon Center roof.
James: "What happened?"
Meowth: "I don't know. One minute we were spying on the twerp, the next we are here."
Jessie: "Quit worrying about that and concentrate on capturing Pikachu and this other kid's rare Pokemon."
Meowth: "Once the battle is over we will bring in the Mega-WobbuWarrior MKII and steal their Pokemon."
Jessie: "Right."
James: "One problem: It didn't get brought here and we spent all our money on it."
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"

Ash: "Pikachu Thunderbolt!"
Jake: "Use your Psychic!"
Pikachu is lifted into the air but still uses Thunderbolt severly damaging Espeon, making it drop Pikachu hurting it also.

~~Some random building in Kaikoren~~
???: "With my new invention I will finally be able to rule TV Tokyo and overthrow Satoshi. Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Then I Shadow will be the master of all Pokemon! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 2:12 PM
.: TV Tokyo :.

Satoshi: "So was he behind those shadows?"
Shigeru: "Only one way to find out."
Satoshi: "You mean?"
Toshio: "Shadow is back - we have to stop him from attempting to get out of the barrier that seperates our world from his."
Satoshi: "It's pretty risky..."

Satoshi has a flashback of what happened a few months ago.

Giovanni: "Oh it's not really contolling any more..."
Brock: "What do you mean?"
Giovanni: "Well now with a little chip that I shot at the asteroid, now I can control it's moves."
Ash: "Where would you plan to move it to?"

Giovanni presses a button. A cage falls on Ash and his friends.

Giovanni: "It's all about the Cave of Origin."
May: "No not the Cave of Origin! You can't destroy that landmark!"
Giovanni: "Well I would like it if Hoenn flooded. If Hoenn floods, Johto floods. If Johto floods, Kanto floods, and so do the Orange Islands. Then... we have access to every area around the world!"
May: "I would NOT prefer to live in Japan! You are so evil!"

Satoshi: "That's what happened."
Shigeru: "Whoa! Is that true?"
Satoshi: "It is..."

.: Kaikoren City : 2003 :.

Brock: "Where are they?"
Masato: "I don't know... this town is really creepy... we've been wondering for hours..."
Brock: "They probably disappeared..."
Masato: "Well we are definitely in Kaikoren City..."

.: Kaikoren Town : 1937 :.

Jake: "Espeon! Psychic attack!"
Ash: "Pikachu! Thunder!"

Thunder is sent at Espeon paralyzing it. But the Psychic attack hits Pikachu and sends it slam onto a wall.

Ash: "Finish it off with a Quick Attack and a Thunderbolt!"

Pikachu's attack faints the Espeon.

Ash: "Yeah!"

May looks around.

May: "Ash? Does this place look like what you wanted to be at?"
Ash: "Jake, is this the 1937 Trainer Convention?"
Jake: "It sure is."

Ash and May look at each other.

September 22nd, 2003, 3:25 PM
~~Old House in Kaikoren 1937~~
Shadow: "My plan is working perfectly. First I let those losers know about a trainer convention that happened 70 years ago in a town which is now abandoned. Then once they reach it I send the most annoying of them to the past for the convention. While in the present I sabotage TV Tokyo. Now for the next step, sign up Team Rokcet Executives in the tournament to make people fear us in the past so we will rule them in the future. We will also eliminate that twerp in the convention. Hehehehehe."

~~Outside the house~~
James: "Did you hear that?"
Meowth: "What do we do?"
Jessie: "We are in the past so the restraining order hasn't been issued yet so we can enter the tournament and get a promotion and finally capture that Pikachu!"
James and Meowth: "Right!"
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"

~~Kaikoren 2003~~
Masato: "This is very strange."
Brock: "Wait a minute. The date on my guidebook is 1936! Someone switched my guidebook with this old one!"
Masato: "So the convention happened 70 years ago?!?!"
???: "I'm afraid so."
Masato: "Who are you?"
Brock: "Its Gary! What are you doing here?"
Gary: "Well the title is "Equal Rivals" so I thought I'd show up. Where is Ash?"
Brock: "Him and May disapeared."
Gary: "Who is May?"
Masato: "My sister!"
Gary: "What happened to that other girl?"
Brock: "She left."

~~Kaikoren 1937~~
Jake: "You're pretty good Ash. You should enter the Traners Convention tournament."
Ash: "OK I will."
Jake: "What about you May?"
May: "Well I don't really battle that well. I train for Pokemon Contests instead."
Jake: "Well they have a division for that too."
May: "OK I'm in."

~~Across the street~~
Man: "Well they all seem to have decent Pokemon."
Woman: "And thanks to research we know which each trainer has and how often they use each Pokemon and the Pokemon's strength."
Man: "Well we better go sign up so we can take those Pokemon."
The man and the woman walk towards the Pokemon Center.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 23rd, 2003, 3:05 AM
.: Kaikoren City (Pokmon Trainer's Convention Tournament Registration Office) : 1937 :.

Ash: "I'd like to enter the Pokmon Trainer Convention."
Lady: "Sure. I just need you to fill in these details on this form."


Ash: "Done!"
Jake: "Good. The tournament starts in a few days so we need to train."
Kay: "Why don't you spend the few nights in the Pokmon Center and train tomorrow and the rest of the days?"
Ash: "Yeah I am pretty tired..."

.: Kaikoren City : 2003 :.

Masato: "Look at that piece of paper lying on the ground!"
Brock: "What would we want with a piece of paper?"


Masato: "Ash's name is in it..."
Brock: "Can that mean that those two have traveled back in time to 1937?"

September 23rd, 2003, 5:24 AM
Masato: Possibly

Brock: Ok, so lets contact someone that knows the history of Hoenn.

Masato: That would be my Grandpa, he is the Hoenn league Petalburg City gym leader, but it didn't mean anything, only Kanto was a league back then.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 23rd, 2003, 2:36 PM
Brock: "Oh really?"
Masato: "I don't know really."
Brock: "Hoenn was a league a longer whole back then anybody thinks."
Gary: "It's been legend that Kaikoren was home to some legendary Pokmon."

Brock gets his guidebook.

Brock: "According to the 2003 guidebook, Kaikoren was abandoned in 1970, when a Pokmon that was rumored to live in the craters of the volcanoes nearby..." (points to a volcano that has smoke hovering over it) "...made lava burst out of the holes of the volcano, lava spreading everywhere.
It was going to be known that this happened, and so the townspeople evacuated the town in 1967, when the last trainer convention was held..."

September 23rd, 2003, 3:10 PM
~~Kaikoren 1937~~
May: "Ash it says here that in the tournament preliminaries you can only use 1 Pokemon per battle. Then in the quarter-final you can use 3. Then the semi-final is a 2 on 2 battle and then the winning team battles each other using 6 Pokemon and the winner of that battle moves onto the finals were 6 Pokemon are used in each battle."
Ash: "Sounds like fun!"

~~Outside the Pokemon Center~~
Jessie: "So how are we going to enter? Are we entering seperately?"
James: "I only have Cacnea..."
Jessie: "Use Meowth then."
James: "But I need 3 for the quarter-finals..."
Meowth: "Why don't you two enter together?"
James: "We can't due to the 2 on 2 battle."
Meowth: "Then give me all of your Pokemon."
Jessie and James: "No way!"
Meowth: "Wait a minute. Jessie why don't you use Dustox for the Pokemon Contest?"
Jessie: "I didn't know there was one... Sounds like a plan though."
Jessie gives James Wobbufett and Seviper and they run inside to sign up.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 26th, 2003, 4:16 AM
.: Day 4 : After Training : Trainer Convention Main Room : 1937 :.

Jessie: "Doesn't it look beautiful?"

Jessie thinks she made a masterpiece out of Dustox; it is covered with ribbons, makeup and ties.

James: "It looks horrendous!"
Meowth: "It looks weird."
Jessie: "WHAT?!?!?"

Jessie turns around and spots some berries being put into an ordinary blender.

James: "Look at the way they make berries in this time!"
Jessie: "It doesn't require pushing a button like 100 times at least..."

A lady plops a Sitrus Berry, a Tomato Berry, an Oran berry and a Kelpsy berry into the blender.

Lady: "And now start blending..."

The blender turns the berries into some squshy mixed fruit.

Lady: "Then I put some of this in..."

The lady then gets some special ingredients, then she mixes the berry solid-liquid into it and it becomes one big ball which she turns into a flat square, which she cuts them and creates PokBlock-eqivalents.

Jessie: "Ummm... excuse me..."
Lady: "Yes?"
Jessie: "Are there any CUTE-improving PokBlocks in there?"
Lady: "Well I don't what PokBlocks are, we call them berry blocks, but yes, about a big stock of them. Take a few!"

The lady hands a small bag of the little berrie cubes. Jessie walks over to James and Meowth.

Jessie: "Wow there are about 50 of these blocks!"
James: "Give them to Dustox!"

Jessie feeds Dustox a few. Jessie notices it significantly gets cuter.

Jessie: "Now have one more..."

Dustox makes an expression appearing like it doesn't want to eat anymore.

James: "I think it's cute enough."

.: Day 4 : After Practice : Trainer Convention Practice Room : 1937 :.

Ash: "The convention starts in 4 hours..."
May: "It's 10:00 in the morning... it should start at 2:00 then!"
Ash: "Are you excited?"
May: "Yeah! Why not?"
Ash: "Doesn't it last for 5 days?"
May: "According to this... yes."
Ash: "We should get back to the year 2003 soon..."
Jake: "I know how."

Ash turns to see Jake standing in front of him.

Jake: "So it's true... you aren't from here."
Ash: "Is there a way?"
Jake: "I can't tell you now, until after the convention."
Ash: "Yeah I was thinking you'd say that."
Jake: "Well... wish you luck at the tournaments!"
Ash: "Thanks. I hope we eventually battle each other!"
Jake: "I'd look forward to that too! Well I should be going."
Ash: "See you in 4 hours!"

And with that, Jake walks off.

September 26th, 2003, 3:15 PM
Ash: "May I will need 6 Pokemon for the finals. And since the Contests and the Battles take place at different times could I borrow Torchic and Beautifly?"
May: "Sure thing Ash. I'll make sure they listen to you."

~~Stadium 1~~
Rocket Exec.: "I'm in the first battle...Who is my opponent?" *checks tournament bracket* "Its that kid Shadow wants us to defeat! Ash Ketchup or something like that. Now I can get my raise by defeating him."

~~Main Room~~
Meowth: "According to the tournament bracket, your in the second to last battle James. And your opponent is some guy named Tyson."
James: "Why does that name sound familiar?"
Jessie: "Well it can't be anyone we know since we are in the past. When is my Pokemon Contest."
Meowth: "Go pick up one of those schedules over there."
Jessie picks up a Contest Schedule and reads it.
Jessie: "According to this we have to pass qualifying rounds with 3 out of the 5 judges. I have a qualifying round with Judge 2 at 2:30, right after the first battle. And that twerp girl has one with the same judge at 5:30, 3 hours after me."
James: "Well you have less time to prepare so I'll help you with Dustox!"
Meowth: "And I'll go spy on the competition!"
Meowth walks away and Jessie and James get to work on giving Dustox a full body make-over.

~~Abandoned House~~
Lady: "Shadow, sir. Here is the tournament bracket."
Shadow: "So Ash is in the first battle. I will need a disguise so I can watch and not be recognized. My battle is last and I see they used my fake name. And my opponent is some weak girl that lives here. Leave now so i can work on my disguise!"
Lady: "Yes sir."
The lady leaves and Shadow sits and thinks of a disguise.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 27th, 2003, 4:08 AM
.: Day 4 : Sabrina's House : 2003 :.

Montana: "So he's been gone for months?"
Sabrina: "Disappeared apparently..."
Eusine: "Will we go looking for him?"
Sabrina's mom: "Shadow was thought to be staying at Wattson's gym... apparently he got out..."

.: Day 4 : Trainer Convention Preliminaries: 1:30 PM : 1937 :.

Ash: "I can't wait until the match starts."

.: Day 4 : Secret Building : 1937 :.

Shadow: "Well this looks quite identity-sheilding."

Shadow disguises himself with a wig, the same clothes worn by cooltrainers seen in 2003 and a pair of shades.

.: Day 4 : Just before Round 1 : Trainer Center : 1:45 PM : 1937 :.
Ash: "According to this i've got a battle with a guy named Dain."
May: "My one is from a girl named Jen."
Ash: "Wish you luck."
May: "According to this if I pass, my opponent is... YOU!"
Ash: "Wha? Wish you luck in contest division then! You'll need it!"
May: "Oh really? Did YOU train for contests?"

.: Day 4 : Running to the stadium : 1:55 PM : 1937 :.

Shadow: "I guess when I battle I'll have my Seviper... what else did I bring? Never mind... need to get to the stadium..."

Shadow runs towards the stadium where Ash and the Rocket Member Dain are battling.

September 27th, 2003, 9:32 AM
~~Main Stadium (Stadium 1)~~
Announcer: "Welcome one and all to the Kaikoren 1937 Trainer Convention. Here comes the runner with Entei's flame to light the torch."
The runner lights the torch and fireworks go up into the air. Then a curtain falls down and reviels a giant tournament bracket.
Announcer: "Will the first two battlers please proceed to the battle field."
Ash and Dain walk down to the field. Pikachu follows Ash to the field.
Referee: "Dain call in the air. Heads or tails."
The referee flips a coin.
Dain: "Heads."
The coin lands on tails.
Referee: "Its tails. Ash do you wish to go first or second?"
Ash: "Second."
Referee: "Dain goes first then."

Dain: "Go! Hypno!"
Ash: "Go Treecko!"
Announcer: "Dain has chosen Treecko and Dain has chosen Hypno."
Referee: "Begin!"
Dain: "Hypno! Dynamic Punch!"
Ash: "Trecko dodge and use Slam!"
Hypno tries to punch Treecko but Treecko jumps up and whacks Hypno with its tail. Hypno gets knocked back a few feet but isn't too hurt.
Announcer: "And the battle has begun. Both Pokemon seem to be very strong and well-trained."
Dain: "Hypnosis now!"
Hypno: "Hypno. Hypno Hypno Hypno...."
Hypno uses Hypnosis and makes Treecko fall asleep.
Ash: "Treecko wake up!"
Announcer: "Uh oh. Treecko is asleep. If it doesn't wake up soon it could be in for some trouble. And if it doesn't wake up within 15 minutes it is out of the battle according to the tournament rules."

Shadow is sitting right next to May in the stands.
Shadow: " (thinking)I bet they are expecting Dain to use the old Hypnosis Dream Eater combo. I know he has a better combo then that. Hehehe..."
May: "Go Ash! You can do it!"
Shadow: "He must be your friend."
May: "Yeah, I'm May and he is Ash."
Shadow: "I'm Marco. Are you entered in the tournament?"
May: "I'm entered in the Pokemon Contest division."
Shadow: "Ah. I am in the last preliminary battle."

Jessie and James are sitting on the other side of the stands.
Jessie: "The twerp may actually lose this."
James: "If he does lose Dain will get all the credit and we will still be losers in the boss's eye."
Jessie: "So we need to hope the twerp wins all his battles until he battles you."
James: "Right. Hey where is Meowth?"
Jessie: "He said he was going to be running some buisness during the tournament when he wasn't spying on people."

Ash: "Treecko wake up!"
Treecko just lays there asleep.
Narrator: "What will Ash do if Treecko doesn't wake up? Will Dain win and get a promotion? What is Meowth doing? Also so you know, I am not the same narrator as usual, I am his grandfather. This is 70 years in the past you know."

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 27th, 2003, 2:15 PM
Dain: "Hypno! Nightmare!"
Announcer: "What's this? Hypno is casting a mysterious shadow into Treecko!"

Treecko shakes around.

Announcer: "It seems to be having nightmares in it's sleep!"
Dain: "Now! Dream Eater!"
Announcer: "Dain's Hypno is now using the known combo of a hypnosis-Dream Eater."

Hypno drains energy from Treecko.

Announcer: "Every turn Hypno gets HP from Treecko... and ads to it's own... but what's this?!? Yes. Treecko's eyes are open!"

A gushing roar fills the stadium.
Shadow gets a special device.

Shadow: "What's this?!? Hypno wasn't getting any energy from Treecko at all!"
Ash: "Treecko! Slam!"

Treecko's Slam hits Hypno and Hypno lies there...

Announcer: "On the count of 3... 2... 1... AND DAIN IS OUT! ASH IS THE WINNER AND MAY NOW PROCEED TO ROUND 2!"

Ash cheers to himself.

Jake: "Great Job."
Ash: "Thanks. Wish you luck when you go!"

.: Day 4 : Kaikoren City : 2003 :.

Satoshi: "You're here!"
Masato: "What are you doing here Mr. Tajiri?"
Satoshi: "Well it seems Ash and May have gone back in time."
Brock: "Are you going to get him back?"
Satoshi: "No. He seems to be having fun. By the way I've seen someone say he'll bring him back here..."
Brock: "Good. So they'll be back soon."

September 27th, 2003, 6:50 PM
~~Masamitsu's Office at TV Tokyo~~
Masamitsu: "Ash needs six Pokemon for thw finals. I'll get his Pokemon that are at Oak's lab for him."
Masamitsu leaves his office.

~~Kaikoren Substadium 2 (1937)~~
Judge 2: "OK Jessie and Agatha. You two will have to have a battle to pass my test and go on to the Contest Finals."
Jessie: "Go Dustox!"
Dustox has red bows on its head and wings.
Agatha: "Go Misdreavus!"
Misdreavus has a blue bow on its head and its necklace is very shiny.
Judge 2: "Begin the battle!"
Agatha: "Misdreavus Psybeam now!"
Jessie: "Dustox counter with your Psybeam!"
The Psybeams collide causing a large explosion.

~~In the audience~~
May: "Is that Jessie?"
Ash: "And that lady looks like Agatha, one of the Elite Four."
May: "According to this her name is Agatha and it is Jessie!"
Ash: "So Jessie must have gotten brought back in time with us. I wonder if James and Meowth are here too."
May: "Probably"
Shadow walks up to them.
Shadow: "Oh you are here too. I was sitting down here and I saw you so I'd thought I'd come and say hi."
Ash: "Who are you?"
May: "He is Marco. I met him during your last battle."
Ash: "Oh hi there. Nice to meet you."
Shadow: "Its a pleasure to meet the first winner of the contest. I beleive the way teh bracket is set up that if we both reach the semi-finals that we will work together."
Ash: "But to let you know that if we do make it that far I will be the one entering the finals."
Shadow: "We will see."

~~Other side of the stands~~
James: "Go Jessie! Go!"
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"
Meowth: "Go Dustox and Jessie! We're rooting for you!"
James: "Where did you come from?"
Meowth: "I didn't want to miss Jessie's qualifying round so I closed the shop for a bit."
James: "What kind of shop do you have anyway?"
Meowth: "I've been selling Team Rocket paraphenlia and handing out free Team Rocket pamphlets since Shadow's plan here is to spread the word of Team Rocket early on. Some people here are really interested."
James: "Ooooo."
Wobbufett: "Wobbu Wobbu!"

~~Judge's table~~
Judge2: "Ooo what marvelous Psybeam attacks. They were so cool."

~~Battle Area~~
Jessie (thinking): Cool huh? Thats it. There are 5 judges and 5 different kinds of contests. Each judge must like one kind of contest type. He must like cool stuff. Hehehe. This will make things easier...
Agatha: "Misdreavus! Use Shadow Ball!"
Jessie: "Use Whirlwind to knock it back!"
Misdreavus throws a Shadow Ball at Dustox but Dustox blows it back hurting Misdreavus.

Judge2: "Nice."
The judge scribbles something down on his clipboard.

Jessie: (thinking) This will be easier then I thought.
Agatha: "Pain Split"
Jessie: "Confusion!"
Dustox confuses Misdreavus casuing it to mess up Pain Split making it hurt itself. The crowd laughs at Misdreavus's funny expression it has due to confusion.
Jessie: "Finish it with Psybeam!"
Dustox fires a Psybeam at Misdreavus knocking its bow off and causing it to faint.

Judge 2: "Now don't pout Agatha. The battle isn't judge solely on who faints. And the winner of the Cool Competition is Dustox!"
Agatha: "Cool?! But I signed up for Cute!"
Judge 2: "But I am the cool judge. Each judge bases his or her decision on their field of contest. The truw Cute Contest is in the finals. Don't worry you still have four other rounds to try and pass."

~~Outside the stadium~~
May: "Now I know I need to make it look cool for this judge."
Ash: "Yeah. Hey who is that running up to us?"
Masamitsu: "Ash! I'm glad I found you!"
Ash: "What are you doing here?"
Masamitsu: "I brought you all your Pokemon from Oak to use during the tournament."
Ash: "Thanks!"
Pikachu: "Pika!"
Masamitsu disapears.
Ash: "Hey May. Let's go watch the next battle. It is taking place in 15 minutes in Main Stadium 1!"
May: "OK!"

~~Main Stadium 1 (14 minutes later)~~
Announcer: "And with the results of the Pokemon Contest Qualifying Rounds in it seems Jessie has beaten Agatha, Ronald has beaten Hermione, Miles has beaten Han, Kim has beaten Charles, and Sarah has beaten Chris. Division 2 results will come in after the 5:30 qualifying rounds take place. Now we will begin the next Pokemon Battle. Samuel against an anonymous person who goes by the nickname, The Iron Masked Marauder."

~~In the stands~~
James, Jessie, and Meowth: "The Iron Masked Marauder?!?!"
James: "What is he doing here?"
Jessie: "He must be one of the Execs Shadow brought with him!"
Meowth: "He's an Exec.?"
James: "I don't know."
Jessie: "And his opponent looks familiar too..."
Jessie, James and Meowth: "Its Prof. Oak!"

~~Other side of the stands~~
Ash: "Its that Team Rocket member who tried to steal Celebi! What is he doing here?"
May: "Whats a Celebi?"
Ash: "He must have Celebi again if he is back in the past."

~~Battle Area~~
Referee: "Its heads. Samuel do you wish to go first or second?"
Samuel: "Second!"
Iron Masked Marauder: "Go Sneasel!"
Samuel: "Sneasel is part Ice so I should use, Charmeleon go!"
Announcer: "We have a battle of a dark and ice Pokemon, Sneasel against a fire Pokemon, Charmeleon. Will Charmeleon win do to its advantage? Or will Sneasel overcoem that and win?"
Referee: "BEGIN!"
May: "What is Celebi?"
Ash: "And his opponent is Prof. Oak as a kid!"
May: "Prof. Oak? Man he is old...."

(Out of story: LOL Ron and Hermione. I didn't even notice when I wrote that. I got the name Ronald because he is my friend and Hermione did come from looking around my room and seeing my HP books. I didn't mean to do that. lol)

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 28th, 2003, 4:34 PM
Iron Masked Marauder: "Sneazel! Attack it with Shadow Ball!"
Sammy: "How on earth does it have Shadow Ball? Charmeleon repel it with a Flamethrower!"

The Shadow Ball bounces onto the flame, and it gets surrounded. Then the flame shadow ball comes back at Sneazel and hits it, making it badly injured.

Iron Masked Marauder: "Stand for a Snatch!"

Sneazel stands there.

Sammy: "A Snatch attack huh? I'd like to see it Snatch this! Charmeleon! Rest!"

Charmeleon tries to use Rest but instead Sneazel falls asleep.

Iron Masked Marauder: "No!"
Sammy: "Flamethrower!"
Announcer: "It looks like Sneazel is still asleep! It took the effects that Sammy's Charmeleon used!"
Sammy: "One more!"
Sneazel faints.

Referee: "Sneazel is unable to battle any longer! The battle goes to Sammy!"

September 28th, 2003, 6:28 PM
~~In the Stands~~
Ash: "Wow Prof. Oak did great huh Marco?"
Shadow: "Yeah. That was an excellent battle."
Shadow's cell phone vibrates.
Shadow: "Please excuse me...I uhhhh have to use the restroom."
Shadow runs off.
Ash: "Now to get Celebi back from the Iron Masked Marauder!"
May: "What is Celebi!?!?!?!"

~~Outside the stadium~~
Iron Masked Marauder: "Shadow is going to kill me. He brought me back in time and even rigged the tournament for me to battle Oak and I lost. He wasn't even originally going to bring me."
Ash and May run up.
Ash: "Give back Celebi!"
Iron Masked Marauder: "I don't have it."
Ash grabs his dark balls.
Ash: "Then what are in these?"
Ash throws them. Sneasel, Scizor, and Tyranitar come out and the rest are empty.
Iron Masked Marauder: "I told you I didn't have it."
Tyranitar Hyper Beams Ash sending him flying.
May: *sigh* "I still don't know waht Celebi is...."
May runs after Ash who lands in front of the Pokemon Center.
A male Rocket Exec. walks up.
Exec.: "Shadow is displeased with your failure..."
Iron Masked Marauder: "I'm sory Kent. I will get that Oak."
Kent: "You better. Oh and Shadow demoted you."
Iron Masked Marauder: "What gives you the right to tell me I'm demoted?"
Kent: "I'm Rocket Exec. 2. I'm Shadow's assistant. Remeber in the first chain story?"
Iron Masked Marauder: "I wasn't in it..."

~~Abandoned House~~
Shadow: "Yes sir Giovanni. I have obtained one of the seven mythical jewels that were destroyed 30 years after this conference. Once we get them all we can rule the world. And my Talking Pokemon Pill is a success!"
Nidoking: "Yep and I ate the only one made."
Shadow: "And I left my notes in the future so I have to start from scratch...."
Giovanni: "I don't care about those stupid pills. Just start Team Rocket in the past and bring me those jewels."
Shadow: "Yes sir!"
Giovanni hangs up.
???: "Do you really think it will be that easy?"
Shadow: "How did you get here?"
???: "I am an expert at sneaking around and infiltrating high security places. I also know of something your looking for."
The boy pulls out a glowing red jewel.
Shadow: "Wha?"
???: "And I do beleive you do not want Ash and May knowing who you are or the town knowing that you are from the future..."
Shadow: "So what do you want?"
???: "I propose we work together and get these jewels and I join your little team."
Shadow: "Hmmm very well then."
???: "Its a deal then. I'm Keith. Pleased to meet you."
Keith hands Shadow the red jewel and Shadow opens a safe. Inside is a glowing green jewel the same size and shape as the red one. Shadow puts in the red jewel and shuts the safe.
Shadow: "So is my translation of the stone tablets correct. Is some super powerful Pokemon summoned that will obey they owner of the jewels when all 7 are collected?"
Keith: "In order to control the Pokemon you need a special jewel which isn't in this dimension."
Shadow: "Hmmm I'll just have to get that jewel then also."

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 29th, 2003, 3:02 PM
Ash: "Ow..."
May: "C'mon Ash! Jake said he'd be battling in the second stadium!"

.: Day 4 : Second Stadium : 1937 :.
Kate: "Do you possibly think you can win?"
Jake: "Maybe."
Referee: "So Kate, you want to attack second, so the match will begin in 5... 4... 3..."

Ash and May get into some seats.

Referee: "2... 1... Let the battle begin!"
Jake: "Go! Typhlosion!"
Kate: "Go! Kingdra!"
Announcer: "Jake starts with a Typhlosion and Kate goes with a Kingdra!"
Jake: "Typhlosion! Thunderpunch!"
Announcer: "Thunderpunch lands on Kingdra but it's Dragon-type prevents Thunderpunch from landing as a very damaging hit."
Kate: "I thought you knew!"
Jake: "I did."
Kate: "Kingdra! Surf attack!"
Anouncer: "The surf attack hits Typhlosion, and it looks like it has drowned."

Jake has no expression on his face. He stands there.
Typhlosion, who is in the water filled field, has it's flame off, and swims to the shore.

Jake: "Good! Typhlosion! Thunderpunch!"

The thunderpunch lands in the water and shocks Kingdra, and produces double the damage in the water. Kingdra looks serverly damages, and floats helplessly above the water flatly.

Jake: "Yeah!"
Announcer: "A shocking strategy!"
Referee: "If Kingdra does not respod, the victory will go to Jake... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... VICTORY GOES TO JAKE!"

A roaring crowd fills the stadium.

Ash: "Yeah!"
May: "He did it!"

September 29th, 2003, 5:11 PM
~~Pokemon Center (1937)~~
Kate: "Can you look after my Kingdra?"
Nurse Joy: "Sure."
A growling noise is heard.
Kate: "What was that?"
Ash who is next in line raises his hand.
Ash: "That was me. I haven't had anything to eat all day."
Nurse Joy: "You know that there is a free all you can eat buffet for all convention paticipants in the cafeteria here."
Ash: "Really!?!"
Nurse Joy: "Yes."

Ash runs off and passes May and Pikachu.
May: "Where is he running to?"
Pikachu: "Pika?"
May and Pikachu follow Ash who has already devoured two plates full of food. May and Pikachu's eyes light up when they see the food and the sign saying it is free for all participants and their Pokemon. They soon have full plates of food too.

~~Outside of the Pokemon Center (1937)~~
Sammy: "You did a good job today Charmeleon."
Charmeleon: "Char."
Sammy: "And that nice long rest at the Pokemon Cneter did you good."
Charmeleon: "Char."
Sammy: "And that food was great."
Charmeleon: "Char. Charmeleon."

Iron Masked Marauder: "Touching."
Sammy: "What do you want?"
Iron Masked Marauder: "I want revenge for you beating me all those times!"
Kent: "Uhhh the events with Celebi haven't happened yet. Wait a few years before he knows about it..."
Sammy: "So your just sore about losing? Charmeleon can handle any of your Pokemon!"
Iron Masked Marauder: "We'll see. Go Scizor! Double Team attack!"
Scizor creates many images of itself which surround Charmeleon.
Sammy: "Fire Spin!"
Charmelon shoots out fire which goes in a circle around it hitting all the Scizor, but they are all fakes and the real one is no where to be found.
Sammy: "Where'd it go?"

~~Inside the cafeteria~~
Kate: "Hey look there's a battle outside."
Ash: "Hey that's Sammy and the Iron Masked Marauder!"
May: "Didn't they battle each other not too long ago?"
Ash: "Let's go outside and see what's going on!"
Ash, May, Kate, Jake, Piakchu and several other trainers run outside.

Iron Masked Marauder: "Scizor! Metal Claw!"
Scizor comes flying down out of the sky headed for Charmeleon. Charmeleon sees it at the last minute and dodges. Scizor can't stop in time and gets its claw stuck in the ground.
Sammy: "Finish it with Fire Blast!"
Scizor frantically tries to get free but Charmeleon uses Fire Blast causing Scizor to faint.
Iron Masked Marauder: "If I can't beat that thing, I'll catch it! Dark Ball go!"
Sammy: "Iron Tail!"
Charmeleon whacks the Dark Ball back with its tail and the Dark Ball hits the Iron Masked Marauder knocking him into a tree.

Shadow: "You have failed too many times for your own good."
Ash: "That voice sounds familiar...."
Ash looks around and sees Shadow on the Pokemon Center's roof.
Ash: "You must have brought him here!"
Shadow: "So what?"
Ash: "You must have some sort of time machine."
Shadow (thinking): I can't let him know of my real plans yet so....
Shadow: "Yeah sure. I'll go with that...."
Nidoking: "Yeah a time machine. Hehehehe"
Trainer: "Hey that Nidoking talked!"
Kate: "That is strange..."
Shadow: "Oh yeah my latest Pokemon scientific advancement. Talking Pokemon Pills. But unfortunately there was only one which he ate.... Well anyway you can't stop me this time."
May: "You won't get away with this!"
Shadow: "We will see who won't get away from here alive. Hahahahaha."
Shadow and Nidoking disappear. The Iron Masked Marauder and his Pokemon run away.
Ash: "What is he up to this time."
May: "Well it can't be good if it includes time travel. He could do anything to alter the past."
Ash: "We must stop him!"
Pikachu: "Pika!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 29th, 2003, 6:53 PM
.: Abandoned House : 1937 :.

Shadow: "Let's see, I have 3 out of 7 of these jewels... that mean 4 more plus the rare one..."
Keith: "5 to collect!"
Kent: "And then..."

They all start laughing maniacally.

.: Pokmon Center : 1937 :.

Ash, May, Kate, Jake, and Sammy gather at a table.

Ash: "They're planning something... if they alter time something bad will happen in our future..."
May (whispering to Ash): "If we do something harsh in front of Sammy here then Professor Oak might disappear from our time..."
Ash: "We need to devise something at them..."
Jake: "Well they can't be far..."
Kate: "Hem, hem... Jake I don't think you've introduced me to these friends of yours..."
Jake: "Oh yeah! Guys this is Kate, my sister."
Ash: "Your sister?"
Jake: "Heck yeah! We unluckily gotten into battling each other, from the random selections..."

.: Kaikoren Ruins : 2003 :.

Satoshi: "I think we should take a little dip into time, shall we?"
Masato: "Cool!"
Gary: "Why not?"
Brock: "Why I think that would be good."
Satoshi: "Ok then!"

A circle of light with shapes of a moon and sun appear. They move anticlockwise around them, and then spins rapidly. The town around them changes - from the rocks in the town turning into lava, the lava being slurped into the volcano, a Groudon making earthquakes and jumping into the volcano, the sky turning clear, the people walking backwards into the village, then then past the last few trainer conventions... then to 1937...

.: Kaikoren City : 1937 :.

Masato: "There's Ash! In that Pokmon Center!"
Brock: "That Nurse Joy there..."

Brock runs infatuated, towards the Pokmon Center.

Satoshi: "Brock no!"

Brock slams hard onto the Pokmon Center window. Hard enough for Ash to notice.

Ash: "Brock?"

Masato runs to pull Brock off the window.

May: "Masato!"

September 30th, 2003, 2:44 PM
~~Abandoned House 1937~~
Keith: "Well I know where 3 are. They are being held in the base of Team Blaze."
Kent: "So what do we have to do?"
Keith: "Easy. Get Team Blaze into a battle with Team Hydro, their rivals."
Shadow (thinking): Sounds like Team Aqua and Magma...
Shadow: "That's a plan but what about the 7th one?"
Keith: "Just wait and see."
Shadow: "OK. Let's plan how we are going to do this..."

~~Pokemon Center~~
Ash: "And that's what has happened so far...."
Masato: "Shadow must be stopped!"
Satoshi: "Just continue the tournament for now..."
Ash: "But..."
Satoshi: "Don't worry. Just have fun in the convention. You will get a chance to stop Sahdow after tyhe convention."
Ash: "Ok...If you say so..."
May: "So if you say we can continue then I'll have to go to my Contest Qualifying round in half an hour."
Satoshi: "Well here is a little gift from me."
Satoshi gives May a Gold Pokeblock.
Satoshi: "Well I must be going..."
Satoshi leaves. May sends out Beautifly and gives it the Gold Pokeblock.
Masato: "I hope you win the contest sis."
May: "Thanks Masato."
Nurse Joy walks up to them.
Nurse Joy: "Here is a list of the prizes of the convention."
She hands Ash and May a sheet of paper.
Nurse Joy: "And here is a bill."
She hands Brock and Masato a piece of paper.
Masato: "But I though it was free!"
Joy: "Only for the participants. Not for spectators."
Masato: "Brock. Can you apy her? I'm broke."
Brock: "I hope my love will pay the bill."

Ash: "It says here that first place in the tournament gets a million dollars and second place gets a mystery prize."
May: "And first place in the Contest gets a gold necklace and for them and their Pokemon. Second place gets a silver necklace."
Brock: "I wonder what the mystery prize is. I hope its Nurse Joy's love. Then I'd enter the tournament."
Masato: "I wonder what it is though...."

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 1st, 2003, 3:17 AM
.: TV Tokyo : 2003 :.

Masamitsu: "Do you really consider it wise for us to let him be at that tournament?"
Satoshi: "Well do you think I should go back?"
Masamitsu: "You should watch over them."
Satoshi: "Then I will."
Satoshi closes his eyes and disappears.

.: Kaikoren City : 1937 :.
Satoshi: "I should probably look like this."
Satoshi closes his eyes. He then transforms to make himself look younger, and changes his clothes to a dark blue-orange t-shirt, dark blue pants and a green cap.

.: Contest Arena : 1937 :.
May (talking to herself): The atmosphere here is so... huge... I've never come into a tournament like this... the air is so...

Ash: "Well May looks quite confident. Who will she be against? Jen is it?"
Masato: "I know my big sister will make mom and dad proud."
Satoshi: "I'm pretty sure they'll go mad knowing May has went back in time..."
Ash: "Huh? Who are you?"
Satoshi, apparently not looking like his own appearance, explains.
Satoshi: "Oh my name is Ken. You must be Ash."
Ash: "An honour to meet you."
Brock: "How do you know about time travel?"
Satoshi: "I study chronology and time."
Ash: "Cool..."
Satoshi: "And according to this May WILL be versing someone named Jen..."

Jen walks out. She is a pretty girl, as old as May is, and nearly everything she wears is blue.
Announcer: "Jen walks onto the stadium."
Excitement in the crowd fills the stadium again.

Referee: "You will battle using a range of attacks to impress Judge No. 2. Go!"
Jen sends out Jigglypuff, wearing a few blue bows at it's ears. May sends out Beautifly, covered with red bows on it's ears.

Judge 2: "Hmmm... none of them seems to be giving themselves the cool sign of battle..."
The judge makes an apparent cross on his clipboard.

Jessie: "Hmm... this judge must be more strict on coolness than the one I was in a contest with..."

October 1st, 2003, 5:36 PM
May: "What kind of cool moves does Beautifly know? It mostly knows smart and beauty moves..."
Jen: "I have to use Cool moves. Ok. Jigglypuff! Hyper Voice!"
The judge scribbles something down. Everyone covers their ears except the judge and Wobbufett who seem to be enjoying it. Jigglypuff stops yelling and starts to catch its breath.

May: "Beautifly! Use Double Team!"
Beautifly makes copies of itself.
Jen: "Jigglypuff! Shock Wave!"
Jigglypuff shoots waves of electricity at the copies but can't find the real one. More and more copies appear and Jigglypuff can't keep up with them. Soon the stadium is filled with images of Beautifly. Jigglypuff looks around nervously trying to figure out which one is real.
May: "Now! Use Solar Beam!"
The real Beautifly, who is behind Jen, starts to charge up energy. Then, just as Jigglypuff sees it charge up energy, it flies from behind Jen and fires Solar Beam at Jigglypuff knocking it out.

Judge2: "Spectacular performances from both Pokemon. And I'm glad to announce the winner is May!"
May: "Yes!"
Beautifly: "Beautifly!"
Ash: "Yeah!"
Masato: "Way to go May!"
Brock: (talking to the girl sitting next to him) "Will you go out with me?"

Jessie: "That twerp will be some serious competition."
James: "Yes it will be. And now they know Shadow is here."
Shadow (dressed as Marco) covers their mouths.
Shadow: (in his real voice) "As long as you idiots are here make yourselves useful like Meowth."
James: "Shadow?"
Shadow: "Don't say my name. When you see me dressed like this call me Marco. Well Meowth is getting lots of eligible recruits together. And good luck in the convention you two. And be glad I'm in a good mood or else you'd be blasting off right now..."

~~Abandoned House~~
Kent: "So Keith is going to sneak into the base and take the jewels correct?"
Shadow: "Yep."
Kent: "But how will we be sure he doesn't get caught?"
Shadow: "I have arranged for letters to be sent to Team Hydro and Team Blaze. In the letters is a time and a place for a final battle between them to decide who rules Hoenn. Now I will be at the battle and make sure they stay there. Now Keith will then sneak in to the base when I give him the signal. And Kent while Keith is grabbing the jewels you will palce this bomb in the base and then you two will get out of there, the place will explode and Team Blaze won't know what hit them."
Keith: "When is the plan starting?"
Sahdow: "After the preliminaries there is a day break in the tournament and thats when the date is for the battle. The last day of the preliminaries is tomorrow so teh plan will start the day after tomorrow. They letters will be sent first thing tomorrow too."
They all laugh evilly.

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 2nd, 2003, 1:56 AM
.: Night of Day 4 : Pokmon Center : Ash, May, Brock and Masato's room : 1937 :.
Ash: "That was an exciting day, wasn't it May?"
May: "Yeah. It was pretty exciting, meeting those people."
The door is knocked on. Nurse Joy comes in with Satoshi, in the form of who he calls himself Ken, who is holding a large suitcase.
Joy: "Ken needs a place to stay the night. Do you guys have a spare bed for him?"
Ash: "Come on in!"
Satoshi: "Thanks!"
Brock follows Nurse Joy as she walks out.
Satoshi: "You were great during that match with the girl named Jen."
May: "Thanks!"
Masato: "When you came... were you just spectating?"
Satoshi (thinking): Hmm... should I reveal my identity?
Ash: "It seems like you're hiding something... do I know you?"
May: "I don't think so..."
Satoshi (thinking): Whew... that was close...
Satoshi: "Well Ash you'll be having preliminary round 2, 3, 4 and 5 tomorrow. Since the convention has already started you'll need to get ready, because at 10:30 AM tomorrow the convention will recontinue. Your matches will be held at 10:50 AM, 1:25 PM, 3:35 PM and 4:55 PM. You have to choose a Pokmon wisely. To get to the quarter-finals you'll need to score at least 3/5 of the preliminaries."
Ash: "And if you get lower?"
Satoshi: "You're out of the convention. So I'll be wishing you best of luck."
Ash: "Thanks Ken!"
Satoshi: "Do you want to battle?"
Ash: "Let's go on the field outside!"

.: Night of Day 4 : Practice Arena : 1937 :.
Satoshi: "1 on 1?"
Ash: "OK!"
Satoshi: "Go! Suicune!"
Ash: "A Suicune?!?"
May: "Cool!"
Ash: "Then I'll use... Bayleef!"
Satoshi: "Suicune! Gust attack!"
The gust hits Bayleef weakening it badly.
Ash: "Bayleef! Razor Leaf!"
The Razor Leaf hits Suicune.
Satoshi: "Suicune! Aurora Beam!"
Ash: "Bayleef! Dodge!"
Bayleef evades the Aurora Beam.
Ash: "Now! Vine Whip!"
Vine Whip hits and faints the Suicune.
Satoshi: "Nice job. I expected a trainer like you would know your tactics."
Ash: "Well Ken you really know your techniques."

Behind some bushes...
Jessie: "So the twerp got his Bayleef..."
James: "And that Suicune was..."
Meowth: "Amazing..."
A police guard comes nearby.
Jessie: "Run!"
Police: "Excuse me?"
Jessie and James run away, the suspicions from the policeman leading him on their trail.

.: Night of Day 4 : Pokmon Center : Ash, May, Brock and Masato's room : 1937 :.
Ash, May, Brock and Masato lie down on their beds. Satoshi looks at the window.
Ash: "You looking at something?"
Satoshi: "Don't worry."
Ash: "Aren't you going to bed?"
Satoshi yawns.
Satoshi: "Yeah I should."
Satoshi walks to his bunk, which is right under Ash's and near Masato's.

October 3rd, 2003, 2:42 PM
~~Kaikoren Plateau 1937, Morning of Day 5~~
Shadow: *yawn* "Its going to be a while before those two teams arrive. I might as well get started on my next trap for Ash."
Shadow starts writting stuff down on little note cards when Team Blaze arrive.
Shadow: "Finally."
Shadow turns on a hidden camera in a bush and another in a tree. Then Team Hydro arrive and the leaders of the two teams start argueing. Before long a large battle is taking place between the teams. Shadow then puts on his disguise and heads for the stadium.

~~Kaikoren Main Stadium, 1937, 10:30AM~~
Announcer: "We continue our first round of preliminary matches. In this stadium we have Marco against Amy. In Stadium two we have James against Tyson. And the coin flip is heads which menas Amy decides wheter to go first or second."
Amy: "I'll go second of course."
Shadow: "Go Seviper!"
Amy: "Then I'll choose Sandslash!"

Ash: "Seviper? I wonder if Marco can beat Sandslash."
Brock: "Yeah, Ground Pokemon are strong against Poison types..."
Ash: "Wha? I was going to say it looks pretty weak. Like its at level 5 or something..."
Shadow's eye twitches.
May: "We're supposed to be rooting for Marco..."
Gary: "I'd have to agree with Ash though. It does look wimpy..."
Shadow clenches his fists.

~~Kaikoren Stadium 2, Day 5, 10:35 AM~~
Referee: "Begin!"
James: "Go Cacnea! Pin Missile!"
Tyson: "Fearow! Dodge it!"
Fearow flies up but Cacnea still its it.

Jessie: "So it is Tyson from the present. I'd recognize his weak Fearows anywhere."
Meowth: "That's right!"
Jessie: "How's the buisness going?"
Meowth: "How well do you think is this?"
Meowth hands her a piece of paper. At the bottom, this is circled in red:
Total Profit: $5,673,936,246,710
Jessie jsut stares at it.
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett"
Wobbufett takes the piece of paper from Jessie, who is still frozen from shock, and looks at. Wobbufett faints.
Meowth: "Now let's see how James is doing in his first battle...."

Tyson: "Fearow Hyper Beam!"
James: "Poison Sting!"
While Fearow is charging up, Cacnea shoots it with Poison Sting knocking it to the ground.
Referee: "Fearow is unable to battle! James is the winner!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 5th, 2003, 3:32 AM
.: Kaikoren Main Stadium : 10:36 AM : 1937 :.
Announcer: "The battle goes on... and it's been hot right from the start. Sandslash is getting really tired, while Seviper, dodging every move, attacks physically."
Shadow: "This is getting pretty interesting..."
Amy: "This can get pretty difficult..."
Shadow: "Seviper! Body Slam!"
The Body Slam whacks Amy's Sandslash and it faints.

Ash: "He actually did it!"
Referee: "Sandslash is unable to battle! Victory goes to Marco and his Seviper!"
Announcer: "Amazing! The strategy of Endurance!"
Gary: "Well..."
Satoshi (Ken): "Ash, your match starts in 10 minutes in this stadium!"
Ash: "Ok!"
Ash runs off.

.: Preparation Lockers : 10:41 AM : 1937 :.
Ash: "What should I get?"
Ash gets out a PokBall containing his Bayleef.
Ash: "Bayleef Go!"
Bayleef comes out.
Bayleef: "Bay!"
Bayleef happily uses a soft Take Down attack on Ash.
Ash: "You'll be battling in the Hoenn Trainer Convention! Good luck Bayleef - make me, your trainer, proud!"
Bayleef comes with Ash out to the stadium, where loud cheers can be heard.

.: Main Stadium : 10:45 AM : 1937 :.
Announcer: "Ash comes out to the stadium with his Bayleef!"

Pikachu (sitting on May holding some fans with Ash's face on them): "Pi ka! Pi ka!"

Announcer: "Now trainer Ian comes out."
Ian (to himself): "Hmmm... I guess this is the guy Shadow's been telling me about..."

Pikachu notices Shadow (Marco) at the seats, smiling. Pikachu gets a little suspicious.

Shadow: "Hmmm... I think that kid's Pikachu is getting onto me..."
Shadow then looks at Ash, paying a bit more attention to Bayleef.
Shadow: "Bayleef?!? How'd it get here?"
Shadow thinks to himself.
Shadow: "They must have got it under my nose..."
He then spots Masato, Brock and Gary.
Shadow: "WHAT?!? That must mean that Satoshi has been here..."

October 5th, 2003, 9:30 AM
~~Team Blaze Base, In front of the main vault, 1937, 10:43 AM, Day 5~~
Keith: "This is the main vault? Hmmmm. I need to figure out the combination."
Shadow (on radio): "Attention, Keith, Kent! My cameras report that Team Blaze has almost beaten Team Hydro. Set the timer for 20 minutes Kent! Keith the combination is 22-5-30. Hurry up there!"
Keith: "This shouldn't be too difficult."
Keith puts in the combination and opens the vault.

~~Main Stadium, 10:47AM, Day 5~~
Ian: "Go! Torkoal!"
Announcer: "It seems Ian has chosen a Torkoal to battle Ash's Bayleef! We have already seen several Pokemon overcome their type disadvantage in this tournament, will the same thing happen in this battle?"
Referee: "Begin!"

Ian: "Torkoal, Bide your time."
Ash: "Why isn't he attacking? Razor Leaf Bayleef!"
Razor Leaf hits Torkoal, who doesn't even try to dodge.
Announcer: "What's this? Torkoal didn't even move or attack back. Is Ian toying with Ash or does he have some other plan up his sleeve?"
Ash: "Vine Whip!"
Bayleef picks up Torkoal and slams it into the ground, but it doesn't even react.
Ash: "Finish it with Take Down!"
Bayleef starts running towards Torkoal.
Ian: "Now Torkoal!"
Torkoal starts to glow and rams Bayleef, sending it flying into the wall. Bayleef struggles and manages to get up.
Ian: "Fire Blast attack now!"
Ash: "Jump with Vine Whip!"
Bayleef jumps using Vine Whip but its vines get hit by Fire Blast still.
Ash: "Come in for Body Slam!"
Ian: "Overheat!"
Torkoal starts glowing red. Bayleef body slams it but gets badly hurt.
Torkoal then sends out a giant blast of fire which engulfs Bayleef, Ash, and the Announcer's stand (which was behind Ash). Bayleef falls to the ground and Ash is burnt black.
Announcer: "What an attack! Is it hot in here or is it just me?"
Referee: "Bayleef is unable to battle."
Announcer: "Ash lost but is still in the tournament."
Ash: "You did a good job Bayleef."
Bayleef: "Bay."

Shadow: "Hehehe..."
Pikachu hears this. Shadow then jumps down and heads for the Abandoned House.

~~Outside the Main Stadium, Day 5, 10:50AM~~
Meowth: "Come one come all! Get your Kaikoren Convetion Team Rocket brand T-Shirts, Hats, Badges, Commerative Coins, and lots of other great souvineres!"
Person: "I want a T-Shirt!"
Another Person: "I want two badges!"
Person 3: "I was next!"
Person 1: "No you weren't!"
Meowth: "Ahh. Buisness is booming. Ehehehehe."

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 7th, 2003, 1:57 PM
.: Preparation Lockers : 10:50 : Day 5 1937 :.
Ash: "Bayleef you did alright."
Bayleef: "Bay!"
May, Pikachu, Brock, Masato and Satoshi (Ken) come in.
May: "So you got that nice Bayleef?"
Ash: "Yeah."
May: "You could have battled my father with all your Pokmon you left at Professor Oak."
Ash: "Yeah maybe..."
Masato: "What a nice Bayleef..."
Bayleef: "Bay!"
Masato: "But why didn't you raise a Quilava instead?"
Bayleef's eyes twitch.
Masato: "Or even get a Croconaw?"
Bayleef gets really mad. It lifts Ash up and whacks him on Masato.
Satoshi: "Oh boy..."
May: "Ehehehe..."
Brock: "Love... just like the little problem Ash had with Bayleef..."
Satoshi (Ken): "May you have a contest coming soon. You'd better get ready."
.: Pokmon Center : 10:55 : 1937 :.
Jake: "Thanks Nurse Joy."
Ash, May, Masato and Brock arrive.
Jake: "Hi Ash!"
Satoshi (Ken) comes in.
Satoshi: "In about a couple of hours your match starts Ash."
Shadow is nearby.
Shadow (thinking): Hmmm... I've never seen that guy Ken before...

October 7th, 2003, 2:29 PM
Shadow (thinking): "I don't know him but that Ken seems oddly familiar...Anyways tonight I'll steal that Pikachu. Hehehehe... Look at the time. My next preliminary match will be starting soon. I got to go prepare..."
Ash: "Hey Marco!"
Shadow: "Can't talk now, I lost track of the time and my match starts in 5 minutes."
May: "Will you come see my next contest preliinary? Its right after your battle."
Shadow: "Sure, I'll be there. My match is in Stadium 3."
Masato: "See you there."
Shadow leaves.
Masato: "We should get going if we are to see the battle..."
Ash: "Yeah. Nurse Joy, can you look after Bayleef?"
Nurse Joy: "Sure thing. It will be able to battle again very soon."
Ash, May, Masato, and Brock leave and heads towards Stadium 3.

~~Meanwhile at Team Blaze Base~~
Keith: "And that's the third one. I got them all."
Kent: "And the base will blow up in 5 minutes."
Keith: "5 minutes!?!?!? We better get out of here!"
Keith and Kent run out of the base and up a nearby hill. They look down as the base explodes. They then head off towards the abandoned house.

~~Stadium 3, 11:00, 1937~~
Announcer: "And now for the next Preliminary Match, Marco against Selma. Selma won her last battle against Miles and his Dodrio using her Vileplume. Marco won his last match against Amy and her Sandslash using his Seviper. Who willl win this battle? It seems Selma has to go first... And she sent out Lairon! Let's see what Shadow uses... And he sent out Seviper, again. Poison Pokemon, like Seviper, have a giant disadvantage against Steel types. Let's hope this turns out to be a great battle!"

Referee: "Begin!"
Selma: "Use Headbutt!"
Shadow: "Dig underground!"
Lairon charges towards Seviper but it digs underground avoiding the attack.
Shadow: "Now Earthquake attack!"
The field starts shaking and Lairon gets thrown in the air and lands on its back.
Shadow: "Come up and use Flamethrower!"
Seviper surfaces and shoots a blaze of flames at Lairon. Lairon gets thrown agaisnt a rock and barely gets back up. It then starts to glow.
Selma: "Lairon?"
Shadow: "Eh?"
Announcer: "Why Lairon seems to be evolving!"
Lairon evolves into Aggron. The crowd cheers.
Selma: "Iron Tail!"
Shadow: "Dodge it and use Double Team!"
Shadow dodges Iron Tail and creates multiples of itself. Aggron looks around and gets dizzy.
Shadow: "Flamethrower now!"
Seviper uses Flamethrower but Aggron just walks threw it and uses Iron Tail on Seviper knocking it into the wall. Seviper manages to get up.
Shadow: "Screech!"
Seviper uses Screech making Aggron's defense drop.
Shadow: "Glare!"
Seviper uses Glare and paralyses Aggron.
Shadow: "Now use your Iron Tail!"
Seviper: "Seviper."
Seviper uses Iron Tail making Aggron fly into a rock on the playing field.
Shadow: "The bigger they are...."
Aggron falls to the gound.
Shadow: "The harder they fall."
Referee: "Aggron is unable to battle. Marco wins."

Announcer: "It seems Marco was able to overcome a type disadvantage again. Oh and I just recieved a memo. All Pokemon Contest participants, the contest preliminaries are starting 10 minutes earlier then planned..."

May: "Ahhhhh!"
May runs off at full speed.
Ash: "Great battle Marco!"
Shadow: "Thanks."
Masato: "What other Pokemon do you have?"
Shadow: "You will just have to wait until the finals to find out..."
Brock: "Your Seviper is really strong..."
Shadow: "Thank you. Shouldn't we be going to see May's contest?"
Ash: "Yeah."
Shadow: "Meet you there. I've got some buisness to attend to."

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 12th, 2003, 4:27 AM
.: All you can eat : 11:02 : 1937 :.
Jessie: "Oh yummy! This food is delicious!"
James: "Now you can see what Meowth is missing out on!"
.: Meowth's Team Rocket Stand : 11:03 : 1937 :.
Meowth: "Business gets booming everyday I must say... oooh I just rhymed... look at the time!"
Meowth closes the stand temporarily, scurrying off to find Jessie and James. He bumps into Shadow along the way,
Shadow: "Ooommmph!"
Meowth: "Uhhh..."
But unfortunately, a bag of money, which Meowth was holding, gets tossed into the air and lands on a stadium guard, who takes it away on suspicion.
Shadow: "Meowth! What was in that bag?"
Meowth stands there.
Shadow: "You weren't thinking of going to any buffets were you?"
Meowth still stands there.
Shadow: "And you lost a bag containing 100 thousand dollars?"
Meowth stands there quietly, jaw dropped.
Shadow: "WELL?!?"
Meowth: "Uhhh... yes..."
Shadow gets mad and strangles Meowth. Meowth scratches and bites.
.: All you can eat : 11:04 : 1937 :.
Jessie: "Ooooohh!! Lovely Potato cakes!"
James: "Chicken... Pizza!"
Jessie: "Wonderful desserts!"
James notices Meowth and Shadow.
James: "Isn't that Meowth out there?"
Jessie gets her special binnoculars which can hear outside and inside, no matter how dense the glass window between them is.
Jessie: "Well it seems meowth lost a lot of money, which he carried some to eat here, and he lost it along the way..."
Jessie and James ignores Meowth and continues to stuff themselves with free food.

October 12th, 2003, 1:32 PM
~~Pokemon Center, 11:03, 1937~~
Nurse Joy: "Excuse me, but are you a Pokemon trainer?"
Gary: "I'm a Pokemon Researcher but I am good at battling too..."
Nurse Joy: "Then would you mind filling in for one of the Tournament contestants? He had to leave on very short notice and we need to replace him. He already won his first 2 battles and will fight Ian next."
Gary: "Hmmm OK. Sure."
Gary signs a piece of paper Nurse Joy hands him.

~~Abandoned House, 11:12, 1937~~
Shadow: "I need to get to work on my Talking Pokemon Pill...."
Shadow mixes some chemicals and Nidoking runs in and knocks Shadow's hand causing him to drink the potion.
Nidoking: "Sir! Gary has entered the tournament!"
Shadow: "That isn't very interesting news,
and by dangering my life you think I'm amused?"
Nidoking: "Uhhhhh"
Shadow: "What's with the vacant expression?
I need to teach you a lesson!"
Nidoking: "I think the mixture makes you rhyme and isn't threatening..."
Shadow: "What's this, I cannot stop!
You clean up, here's the mop...
How long before this rhyming will end?
I hope an antidote I can blend...."
Nidoking: "Uuuugghhh"

~~Stadium 4, 11:15, 1937~~
Announcer: "And now we begin the next Pokemon Contest Preliminary, with May against Jacob. Judging today will be the Smart Contest Judge!"

Ash: "Yeah! Go May!"
Pikachu: "Pika Pika!"

~~Stadium 2, 11:15~~
Announcer: "Today we have Round two of the Pokemon Contest Preliminaries! Jessie will be up against Nancy with the Beauty Contest Judge judging."

James: "Alright Jessie!"
Wobbufett: "Wobbu!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 13th, 2003, 7:27 PM
.: Pokemon Center : 11:20 : 1937:.
Gary: "Hmm... according to this... I'll be... BATTLING ASH?!?"
.: Abandoned house : 11:23 : 1937 :.
Shadow: "There must be a way to make this stop...
If I reveal myself my identity will pop..."
Shadow concocts another potion and gulps it. Nothing happens.
Shadow: "Grrrrr... I need another stirrrr..."
Nidoking: "His voice is echoing..."
Shadow concocts another little potion. It shops his echoing.
Shadow: "That Nidoking's a nut... soon I'll kick it's butt..."
.: Pokemon Center : 11:25 : 1937 :.
Gary: "So we'll have another rematch..."
Joy: "You know him?"
Gary: "Yeah..."
.: Stadium 4 : 11:27 : 1937 :.
May: "Go Beautifly!"
Jacob: "Go Alakazam!"

October 14th, 2003, 12:23 PM
~~Stadium 4, 11:28, 1937~~
Jacob: "Psychic Attack!"
Alakazam: "Ala....KAZAM!"
Beautifly gets flung into a wall getting severe damage.
May: "Giga Drain!"
Beautifly absorbs energy from Alakazam.
May: "Secret Power!"
Beautifly uses a form of Body Slam while glowing.
Jacob: "Hyper Beam!"
May: "Solar Beam!"
Alakazam and Beautifly both charge up but Alakazam finishes charging first and fires Hyper Beam at Beautifly knocking it out.
Judge: "And due to its great use of Smart attacks and great knowledge I award this battle to..."
Jacob starts to walk up towards the judge.
Judge: "May."
Jacob and May both fall down.
Jacob: "What do you mean she won?"
Judge: "These contests aren't just about making the opponent faint you know..."
Announcer: "Even though her Beautifly fainted May still won this preliminary. We are sorry to announce that the rest of the preliminaries will have to be postponed due to a sudden severe thunderstorm headed towards us. So everyone take shelter until the storm passes."

Shadow is on the roof of the announcer's booth with a remote control like device pointed in the direction the storm is coming from.

~~Ash's room, 12:45 PM, 1937~~
Ash: "This stinks."
Brock: "I wonder where that storm came from..."
May: "You know, summer rains, you can never predict them."
Brock: "Yeah."

~~Ash's Room, 1:27 AM, 1937~~
Everyone is asleep and Pikachu is sleeping on the desk by the window. A Zubat flies by and starts tapping on the window, waking Pikachu up.

Pokedex: "Pokemon Translation Mode on!
Zubat: "Help, some bad human has my mother!"
Pikachu: "Just a second, let me wake up Ash."
Zubat: "No time! My mother's in danger! Hurry!"
Pokedex: "Translaton Mode offline."

Pikachu opens the window and jumps out and follows Zubat to a crab-like machine with a Golbat in its claw.
Shadow: "Hehehe....."
Pikachu: "???"
A cage comes out of the ground and captures Pikachu. A hatch on the top of the robot and Shadow looks out.
Shadow: "You've fallen right into my trap. I'd like to thank my two great actors, Zubat and Golbat."
Shadow withdrawals Zubat and Golbat into two Pokeballs, presses some buttons on his laptop, and the Pokeballs disappear.
Shadow: "Their appearence was made possible by Shadow's Anywhere Anytime Pokemon Storage System, Patent Pending. I brought all of my Pokemon on my PC with me. Now back to business!"
Shadow goes back in the robot and closes the hatch. The claw that held Golbat grabs Pikachu's cage and jet boosters come out of the robot and it flies off.

~~Gary's Room, 1:31 AM, 1937~~
Gary is looking in some books.
Gary: "I still can't figure out a good strategy to beat Ash with..."
Gary looks out the window and sees the cage surround Pikachu.
Gary: "That is Ash's Pikachu! I've got to go tell him!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 14th, 2003, 1:04 PM
.: Ash's cabin : 1:35 : 1937 :.
Gary: "Ash! Pikachu's been taken while you've been sleeping!"
Ash: "Wha?!?"
Gary: "By Shadow! He went over there!"
Satoshi (Ken): "Let me come with you!"
Satoshi comes with Ash.
Ash: "Where does this path lead?"
They step on a trapdoor which opens up and they fall.
.: Shadow's Furnace Fun : 1:40 : 1937 :.
Shadow: "A couple of idiots I see, do you think you can get to me?"
Ash: "He's rhyming..."
Nidoking: "You can see a board here... if you can get past you might get your Pikachu back."
Satoshi (Ken): "It looks like a really big boardgame..."
Ash: "Let's go!"
Satoshi (Ken): "I'll come too!"
As soon as they step on a tile on the board, Shadow's voice comes again.
Shadow: "How many maggot twerps did I bring back in time, it's really hard to finish as I always have to rhyme."
Ash: "2!"
Shadow: "Darn it he got it right, when he goes round I'll finish him with might!"
Nidoking: "Advance to the next step."
They advance and then the area changes. They are warped to a lava battlefield, with a sign nearby saying: "Shadow's Lava Battle Fun"
Nidoking: "The twerps Ken and Ash from Kaikoren City, versing the 2 rockets Marilin and Kazz."
Shadow's robot coharts: "Rocket's show your might! Rocket's win the fight!"
Satoshi (Ken): "Go! Ampharos!"
Ash: "I choose you! Bayleef!"
Bayleef and Ampharos destroy the robots.
Kazz: "Go! Kadabra!"
Marilin: "Go! Azumarill!"
Ash: "Bayleef! Vine Whip!"
Satoshi (Ken): "Ampharos! Thunder!"
Thunder hits and faints Azumarill and badly paralyzes Kadabra. The Vine Whip finishes it off. They then warp back to the game board.

October 14th, 2003, 1:32 PM
Ash and Satoshi advance to teh next step and Shadow is heard again.
Shadow: "Now listen carefully and make your choice, which person has this dumb voice?"
James: "Blah blah blah blah blahblahblah!"
Ash: "Ummmmmm"
Satoshi: "Uhhhh"
Ash: "I know I've heard many many times, most of which I ignore it....uhhh James!"
Shadow: "Drat that's correct, but you won't make it any farther I bet. Those who have played Banjo-Kazooie might have recognized this game, so I've added something to make it not exactly the same. Up next is a split in the path, its 50/50 do the math. One way may help you the other not so good, but it interesting to me it should. The little trick you see, you don't know what kind of spaces they are thanks to me. Try to get it right I dare you, waiting for your demise awaits the camera crew."
Satoshi: "One of these spaces must be real bad and the other good. But which is which?
Ash: "Hmmm. Heads we go to the left, tails right."
Ash pulls a coin out of his pocket and flips it but it falls into the lava.
Satoshi: "I say left, it looks like the shorter route to Shadow."

Ash and Satoshi walk onto the space on their left. The square lights up and is a red space with a skull on it.
Shadow: "Get this question wrong and you lose, and a prize I get to choose. You only get one chance to answer it, so get it right unless you want to go for a dip. Look at this picture on the screen, do you know where you have been?"
A picture of a lot of trees and wild bug Pokemon appears on the large screen behind Shadow.
Ash: "Viridian Forest!"
Shadow: "What, how did he get it right? With the question makers I'm about to fight!"
Ash and Satoshi walk onto the next space.
Shadow: "Let's see you get this one, you must guess the Pokemon. I'll only show you the shape, you big dumb ape!"
A black circle appears on the screen.
Satoshi: "Its Voltorb!"
Shadow: "Drat, Ken, how'd ya know, I'm supposed to win this show!"
Satoshi: "If it was Electrode we'd see the eyebrows..."
Ash and Satoshi advance to the next space which has Shadow's face on it.
Shadow: "Oooh I like this space, I'll ask you question about that face. I really like to watch my weight, but what dessert do I think is great?"
Ash: "Uhhhh...."

October 16th, 2003, 4:06 PM
Ash: "I don't know, do you?"
Satoshi (Ken): "No idea."
Ash: "Ice Cream?"
A buzzer sounds and a Voltorb falls on Ash and explodes.
Ash: *cough* "What was that?"
Shadow: "When you answer wrong you get hurt, get 5 questions wrong and you hit the dirt."
Ash: "But that's lava down there."
Shadow: "You know I had to rhyme, that stupid potion makes me do it all the time...
To advance you need to try again,
please get it wrong, I enjoy your pain!"
Ash stands back up and the space lights up again.
Shadow: "I'm the youngest Rocket member, younger then Sam,
do you know how old I am?"
Satoshi: "14!"
Shadow: "Correct so advance again if you dare, I think you're in for a scare..."
Ash and Satoshi walk on to the next square which lights up
Shadow: "Ash let's see you get this one right, what type is good against Kingdra in a fight?"
Ash: "Uhhhh..."
Satoshi: "Dragon."
Shadow: "Thats correct you little fool, I'm starting to think this rhyming is cool."
Ash and Satoshi walk onto the next space, which is the second to last space.
Shadow: "Oh no, they're almost here, but these last 2 spaces they should fear. Now for a little game, and when you lose I'll take all the fame!"
Ash and Satoshi get teleported to a beehive.
Shadow's voice: "Release the Beedrills!"
Suddnely hundreds of Beedrills fly towards Ash and Satoshi.

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 17th, 2003, 5:47 AM
Ash: "What the?"
Satoshi (Ken): "Ash! Side step!"
Ash side steps. The Beedrill use Twineedle, which one hooks Ash up.
Satoshi jumps along, avoiding the Beedrill and whacking them away.
Ash: "He's good..."
Satoshi (Ken): "Look out Ash!"
A particularly large Beedrill comes to Ash, pointing it's needles at him.
Ash: "I can't move..."
Satoshi jumps towards the Beedrill and kicks it away.
Satoshi (thinking): I'd never really wanted something like this to happen.
Shadow: "Oh how I like this day, watching more come, horray horray!"
Another swarm with slightly bigger Beedrill comes for Ash and Satoshi.
Shadow: "Oh I like pain, let's see how much you can gain."
Ash: "I've had enough! Go! Bayleef!"
Satoshi (Ken): "Go! Ampharos!"
Ampharos and Bayleef faint all the Beedrill.
Shadow: "Oh Drat drat drat! Am I looking through a hat hat hat? They couldnt've won, after everything's begun..."
They get teleported back to the main area.
Shadow: "Go step and fear, I bet you have no gear."
Ash and Satoshi step onto the last tile.
Shadow: "A time limit shall guard, your Pikachu, it's hard, to leave your friend, and lose near the end. 1 minute you have, to answer rad, these questions so fast, I bet you won't last... Get more than 2, and Pikachu you get more."
Ash: "I need to get my Pikachu back..."
Shadow: "What is my middle name? To pass this little game?"
Ash: "Uhhh..."
Shadow: "Tick! You're wrong! This won't last long... What's the name, of this little game?"
Ash: "Shadow's Furnace Fun!"
Shadow: "Drat, I need to hide that board, I really need to sound like I roared. What is the name of the town I took you to? Very soon I'll make it fame."
Ash: "Kaikoren City."
Shadow: "Darn he got it right, this thing's not so bright."
Shadow's speech changes.
Shadow: "Go onto the platform, you little gits... hey that rhyming's worn off!"
They walk onto a platform ahead. Pikachu appears.
Ash: "Pikachu!"
Pikachu comes to Ash.
Shadow: "Think it's over do you? Think again!"
The platform bounces them off into a hole high above, taking them to...
.: Tower of Tragedy Quiz : 2:00 : 1937 :.
Shadow: "Ah you're late! Just take your seat and we'll get this quiz on! First team is... Kazz and Marilin. Then there's Joe and Jane! And here... just two strange gorillas and a dumb Pikachu..."

October 17th, 2003, 12:17 PM
Shadow: "Are you ready for Tower of tragedy Round 1? If not then too bad! What type of attack is super effective against a Sableye? Ghost, Psychic, or none?"
Kazz and Marilin buzz in.
Kazz: "None!"
Shadow: "I guess that's right..."
Kazz/Marilin: 2 Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 0 Joe/Jane: 0
Shadow: "What Pokemon is classified as the patient Pokemon? Wobbufett, Chansey, or Snorlax?"
Ash buzzes in.
Ash: "Its Chansey!"
Shadow: "No, you moron."
Kazz/Marilin: 2 Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: -2 Joe/Jane: 0
The audience cheers and Kazz buzzes in.
Kazz: "Wobbufett."
Shadow: "Right, but you only get one point.
Kazz/Marilin: 3 Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: -2 Joe/Jane: 0
Shadow: "Who invented the Pokemon Game Boy games? Satoshi Tajiri, Samuel Oak, or Shigeru Miyamoto?"
Satoshi (Ken) buzzes in.
Satoshi: "Satoshi Tajiri!"
Shadow: "Lucky guess..."
Kazz/Marilin: 3 Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 0 Joe/Jane: 0
The audience boos.
Shadow: "Let's look at the screen...."
A close up picture of a Grimer appears.
Shadow: "What Pokemon is that? Is it Muk, Koffing, or Grimer?"
Jane buzzes in.
Jane: "Muk!"
Shadow: "I'm surrounded by idiots...."
Kazz/Marilin: 3 Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 0 Joe/Jane: -2
Marilin buzzes in.
Marilin: "Grimer!"
Shadow: "It was 50/50."
Kazz/Marilin: 4 Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 0 Joe/Jane: -2
A loud buzzer is heard.
Shadow: "And that's the end of Round 1. And it seems Joe and Jane lose with a horrible score of -2, which is about the same as their combined IQs. Time for your consoulation prize!"
A trapdoor opens above Joe and Jane and a Snorlax falls on them.
Shadow: "Now for Round 2. Hehehe...."

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 17th, 2003, 2:57 PM
Shadow: "You know the routine. Who was brought back in time by that Darn Satoshi? Masato, Brock and Gary? Masato, Brock and Shigeru? Or Masato, Shigeru and me?"
Satoshi: "Masato, Brock and Gary!"
Shadow: "A lucky guess..."
Kazz and Marilin: 0 points
Satoshi and Ash: 2 points
Shadow: "Examine this picture..."
A picture of the wrecked Pokmon Center in Kaikoren shows up.
Shadow: "Where is th..."
Kazz: "Kaikoren Pokmon Center!"
Shadow: "WRONG you nitwits! I taught you all this and you don't remember?"
Kazz and Marilin: -2 points
Satoshi and Ash: 2 points
Shadow: "Where is this and what year?"
Ash: "Kaikoren Pokmon Center, 2003!!"
Shadow: "Only 1 point though."
Kazz and Marilin: -2 points
Satoshi and Ash: 3 points
Shadow: "Examine this picture."
A picture with Shadow's hidden hideout shows.
Shadow: "Where is th..."
Kazz: "Our hideout!"
Shadow: "Finally you buzz in the correct answer without me finishing..."
Kazz and Marilin: 0 points
Satoshi and Ash: 3 points
Shadow: "What is my middle name?"
Marilin: "Seviper."
Ash: "Seviper? Is that your middle name?"
Shadow: "Uhhh... no. But don't go telling anyone or I'll sue you."
Ash: "Whatever you say, Sevi..."
Kazz and Marilin: 2 points
Satoshi and Ash: 3 points
The big horn blows while Shadow does his question.
Shadow: "What mecha tank starred in an episode full of Sentr.. and this is a question that you must answer to stay in this game...Sentret? Arbotank? Robo Mecha Wobbuffet, or Robosentret?"
Satoshi: "The Arbotank."
Shadow: "Drat. I knew that those fools reveal the name of that tank when I made the guy selling it to pay half price so their savings would fit... and yet they destroyed it!
Well looks like Kazz and Marilin also failed to beat those gorillas. Bah bye Kazzy and Marilaney!"
A trapdoor above opens up and another Snorlax comes down and crushes them.
Shadow: "Now here's round 3! And I'm bending the rules a bit. I've set you a little score of 15 to beat.To make it hard I'm not giving you the answers in my questions until you buzz in! I wish you lots of bad luck. Let's play!"
Heroes lost or Shadow squashed?

October 17th, 2003, 3:20 PM
Shadow: "Now for the final round. And this round's category is Pokemon Types. Hehehe... What type is a Metagross?"
Satoshi: "Steel and Psychic."
Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 2 points
Shadow: "Name a type that is good against ghosts."
Satoshi: "Dark"
Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 4 points
Shadow: "What type is Magika..."
Satoshi: "Water"
Shadow: "Its Water/Flying. The question was 'What is Magikarp's evolved form's type."
Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 2 points
Shadow: "What type is Charizard?"
Ash: "Fire and Flying."
Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 4 points
Shadow: "What attack type is multiplied by 4 against a Dragonite?"
Satoshi: "Ice."
Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 6 points
Shadow: "What type is a Gardevoir?"
Satoshi: "Psychic."
Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 8 points
Shadow: "What attack type doesn't effect Steel Pokemon?"
Satoshi: "Poison."
Shadow mumbles something under his breath.
Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 10 points
Shadow: "What is my favorite type of Pokemon?"
Ash: "Poison."
Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 12 points
Shadow: "What color usually represents the Ice type?"
Satoshi: "Light Blue."
Ash/Satoshi/Pikachu: 14 points
A loud buzzer sounds.

Shadow: "Now for the final question that decides your fate. Since Satoshi answered the most questions correctly in the last round, that means Ash must answer this one. What type is a.......What? How did this question get to be the final one? Stupid question card machine. It must be faulty! The round is invalid due to faulty equipment..."
Satoshi: "So now what?"
Shadow: "I don't know. Any ideas?"
Ash: "You could escape in a cowardly fashion, before we foil your plan and kick your butt."
Shadow: "Good idea. Luckily I built an escape pod into my booth for this very reason! I'll see you later..."
Shadow pushes some buttons.
Shadow: "But this time.....ahhhh"
A trap door below Shadow opens and he falls in. A splash and several chomping noises are heard. The question card he was holding floats over to Ash.
Ash: "'What is Pikachu's type?' That's why he got mad..."
Shadow jumps out of the trapdoor. Several Carvanha are holding onto him. He runs out of the room. Ash and Satoshi run after him into the next room but he is gone.
Ash: "Well I guess we should get back to Kaikoren..."
Satoshi: "Yeah. I'm sure Shadow will show up again and when he does, we'll get him."

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 18th, 2003, 3:26 PM
.: Main Stadium : 3:00 : 1937 :.
Announcer: "We now return to Kaikoren's main stadium. All preliminary matches postponed will begin in just a few minutes. Ash Ketchum versus... well lookie. Graham Harris has pulled out of the competition on sickness... taking his place is Gary Oak!"
Ash: "Huh? Gary?!?"
Gary: "I didn't expect this either you know."
Announcer: "Get ready Ash and Gary."
They both run into the locker room.
.: Preparation Lockers : 3:01 : 1937 :.
Ash: "Gary what's going on?"
Gary: "Nurse Joy asked me to take the place of a trainer who pulled out."
Ash: "One Pokmon..."
Gary: "We battle again."
.: Main Stadium : 3:05 : 1937 :.
Referee: "Red team trainer, Ash Ketchum, Blue Team, Gary Oak! Pick a side of the coin!"
Ash: "Tails!"
Gary: "Heads!"
The referee flips the coin.
Referee: "Tails! Would you like to move second or first?"
Ash: "Second."
Gary: "Go! Arcanine!"
Ash: "Go! Totodile!"

Pikachu: "Pi ka chu! Pi ka chu!"
May: "A Totodile... I never knew he had one."
Brock: "For a while he did... in the Johto region."
Masato: "Why didn't he train Totodile more than his original Chikorita?"
Most unfortunately, Bayleef was next to Pikachu, out of it's PokBall, and overheard Masato and threw him right onto the referee.
Referee: "Get off me..."

October 19th, 2003, 4:48 PM
~~Abandoned House, 3:03, 1937~~
Shadow: "I can't beleive that twerp beat me..."
Nidoking: "Look on the bright side, you aren't rhyming anymore."
Shadow: "SILENCE! Is the Yar Bot v.2 operational yet?"
Nidoking: "As soon as we do some last minute adjustments on the Double Team engine, which shouldn't take much more then a few hours."
Shadow: "Excellent."
Kent: "What about that last jewel?"
Keith: "I got it covered. Its the second place prize of the Trainer Conference."
Shadow: "So we'll steal it from them, and then I'll go and get the jewel that controls the Pokemon."
Nidoking: "Your next match is in an hour and shouldn't you be watching Ash and Gary's match?"
Shadow: "It must have slipped my mind...Let's go."
Shadow withdrawals Nidoking and runs to put on his disguise.

~~Main Stadium, 3:07, 1937~~
Ash: "Water Gun!"
Gary: "Dodge with Extreme Speed!"
Totodile uses Water Gun but Arcanine dodges and charges towards Totodile at lightning speed.
Ash: "Bite!"
Totodile clamps onto Arcanine's nose right before it gets hit. Arcanine tries to shake it off but has no luck removing Totodile.
Gary: "Arcanine use Strength to get it off!"
Arcanine uses Strength and flings Totodile in the air.
Ash: "Use Water Gun!"
Gary: "Dodge!"
Ash: "Its not aiming for you..."
Gary: "Huh?"
Totodile uses Water Gun to slow its fall, and it lands softly on the ground.

May: "That was pretty smart to use Water Gun to slow its fall."
Shadow (Marco) runs up to them.
Shadow: "Sorry I'm late. I didn't know what time the preliminaries were starting back up..."
Brock: "Its OK."
Masato: "Yeah you haven't missed too much..."

Gary: "Extreme Speed!"
Arcanine charges towards Totodile.
Ash: "Use Water Gun!"
Totodile uses Water Gun to lift itself over Arcanine.
Ash: "Now! Hydro Pump!"
Totodile fires a torrent of water at Arcanine, slamming it into a wall. It then falls to the ground.
Referee: "Arcanine is unable to battle. Ash wins!"

Announcer: "It looks like Ash Ketchum has won the battle!"
A older man walks up to the announcer and gives him a slip of paper and whispers something in his ear."
Announcer: "Well it seems that the main convention judges have decided that, due to more people joining then expected and yesterday's rain delay, to lower the number of preliminary matches for the trainer tournament and contest to three. Those who win two out of three will preceed to the next round. So both Gary and Ash qualify for the quarter-finals. An updated schedule list will be placed on everyone's door, but today's battles will remian on schedule as we finish the preliminaries! The next Contest Preliminaries will start in 15 minutes!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 21st, 2003, 1:34 PM
.: Ash's cabin : 4:02 : Day 6 : 1937 :.
Ash: "Well that was an exciting day... phew!"
Satoshi (Ken): "A bit too exciting... the games we played... don't they seem familiar to you?"
Ash: "No..."
May: "I'd occasionally want to laugh at the fact that my brother has been injured by your Bayleef at least twice."
Brock: "It's typical..."
May: "Well..."
Ash: "My next match is tomorrow, in the quarter finals."
Satoshi (Ken): "Then you should be able to use 3 Pokmon... and then you have to work together with another person for a 2-on-2 match."
The door is knocked on.
Ash: "I'll get it..."
Ash finds a piece of paper stuck on the door.
Ash: "It's the next few battlers!"
May: "Quarter-final: Ash Ketchum versus Mont... another quarter final: Gary versus Marco."
Satoshi (thinking): That Marco guy... he acts suspiciously...
Satoshi stands back.
Satoshi (Ken): "There's something I have to tell you... privately."
The doors and windows shut.
Satoshi (Ken) becomes his normal self, the one and only Satoshi Tajiri.
May: "Mr. Tajiri!"
Ash: "I knew it. You couldn'tve been able to help me in the Tower of Tragedy quiz otherwise..."
Satoshi: "Just don't tell anyone else."
Jessie (spying): "It's our big boss..."
James: "Let's not tell Shadow..."
Jessie: "You're right..."
The branch they are on breaks.
Satoshi transforms back into Ken.
Ash: "Whoop! I'm starving..."
May: "C'mon then let's eat!"
Satoshi (Ken): "I'm with you guys all the way!"
Jessie: "Should we follow them?"
James: "Why don't we eat too?"
.: Kaikoren All-you-can-eat : 4:20 : Day 6, 1937 :.
James: "So Mr. Tajiri, why hav you been concealing your identity?"
Satoshi (Ken): "Not to be noticed by anyone like Shadow."
Ash: "So Team Rocket, even if you keep losing to us why do you keep trying?"
Jessie and Jame's mouthes drop.
Jessie: "It's just that..."
James: "Team Rocket's our only job..."
Jessie: "Yet we have no money, no food..."
James: "We practically waste money on the mecha robots we use to defeat you..."
Jessie: "And we never get your Pikachu..."
James: "No chance of promotion, no weekly pay..."
Satoshi (Ken): "Well..."
Brock: "You could stop chasing us and terrorize a smaller group of travellers... even though it's bad."
Satoshi (Ken): "Well... I don't see how I can't help... I might ask if you can be given an extra Pokmon..."
Brock: "Oh May! Your match starts in 20 minutes!"
May: "Right!"
May runs off.
Ash: "Where's Masato?"
Satoshi (Ken): "I don't know... I thought he was with you... last time I saw him he was thrown at the referee... but..."
.: Shadow's tower : 4:30 : Day 6, 1937 :.
Shadow: "So Masato... you decided to creep away and follow innocent looking Marco to his hideout?"
Masato: "How dare you!"
Shadow: "No... HOW DARE YOU!"
Masato: "I'll tell the others that you are Shadow you creep!"
Shadow: "No you will not. Let's see how my mecha Masato will go imitating you so your friends don't get suspicious..."
Masato: "Noooooooo!"

October 21st, 2003, 4:24 PM
~~Shadow's Tower, 4:31~~
Shadow: "Oh yes!"
Masato: "NOOOOO!!!"
Shadow: "YEEEEESSS!"
Masato: "Nooo...wait what's the Mecha-Masato anyway?"
Shadow: "A robot that I control, looks just like you and sounds just like you..."
Masato: "Oh....NOOOOO!!!"

~~Stadium 3, 4:40~~
M-Masato: "Yay go May!"
Ash: "Yeah!"
Annoucner: "And now we begin the next Contest Preliminary with May against Christine with the Cute Judge."
May: "Go Beautifly!"
Christine: "Go Farfetch'd!"

~~Shadow's Tower, 4:42~~ ~~
Shadow: "The robot is already fooling your friends..."
There is a knock at the door. Shadow opens the door and recieves the Quarter-Final schedule.
Shadow: "I have to go against Gary....That shouldn't be too difficult..."
Masato: "Ash will stop your evil plan!"
Shadow: "Even if my plan in the past fails, I still have a great plan for the future. Besides, even Ash can't foil my master plan."
Masato: "Which is?"
Shadow: "The master plan is the whole world domination thing, its not an individual effort to take over the eath, its all of them grouped together."
Masato: "Oh. What's your plan for the future?"
Shadow: "I'm not telling you anything, but I can assure you it has my trademark copyright infringements..."

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 22nd, 2003, 1:35 PM
.: Stadium 3 : 4:42 : Day 6, 1937 :.
M-Masato: "Go May! I'm rooting for you all the way!"
(Shadow: "Hey that rhymed...")
Satoshi (Ken): "Masato, is something wrong?"
(Shadow: "He seems to be getting onto it...)
Satoshi (Ken): "You seem quite..."
Ash's Bayleef comes out of it's PokBall to watch May battle.
M-Masato: "Bayleef seems to be good..."
(Shadow: "That might help...")
Satoshi (thinking): "Yup... he's obviously Masato... I think..."
M-Masato: "I think raising a Cyndaquil and Totodile more would've been better..."
Bayleef overhears this. It gets mad and tosses the mecha Masato back and forth until it brakes.
(Shadow: "Arrrgh! Cover blown!")
Ash: "That's not Masato!"
Brock: "Where is he?"
Satoshi (Ken): "That was a Team Rocket mecha."
Ash: "Where do you think it might've come from?"
Satoshi: "Shadow's Tower..."
.: Shadow's Tower : 4:43 : Day 6, 1937 :.
Shadow: "Rats! They're heading this way!"
Masato: "Told 'ya you would'nt get away with it!"
Shadow: "Yeah? Well I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve."
Shadow carries Masato up some stairs, into an electric barrier.

Ash arrives.
Ash: "Oh right! Where is he?"
Satoshi (Ken): "Up there maybe......"
Brock: "It's an electric barrier..."
Ash: "Go! Bayleef! You can't be hurt by electricity so put your vine through and touch that red button at the other side!"
Bayleef does it. The electric barrier turns off.
Ash: "Let's go!"

.: Top of Shadow's Tower : 4:45 : Day 6, 1937 :.
Shadow: "Let's see... this should erase Masato's brain... he won't know I'm Marco anymore..."
Masato: "Where am I?"
Shadow: "Kidnapped by me."
Masato: "Oh ok... HEEELLLP!!!!!"

Ash: "This elevator seems familiar..."
Satoshi (Ken): "A bit too familiar."
Brock: "Wow! What a view!"
Satoshi (Ken): "But doesn't it seem strange that Shadow isn't here to greet us?"
Ash: "I don't know. Let's settle this. Why don't we just go back to the trainer convention?"
Satoshi (Ken): "Maybe..."

~Rocket 1 - Monstrous Mechanical Mud Muncher~

October 22nd, 2003, 1:56 PM
Brock: "Umm Ash."
Ash: "Wha?"
Brock points behind them and a giant drilling machine is there.
Satoshi: "What is that?"
Ash: "It's huge...."
Shadow comes out from a hatch on top of it.
Shadow: "Finally.... Its time for my revenge!"
Ash: "I don't think so!"
Shadow: "We'll see...We'll see..."
Shadow goes back in the machine.
Shadow: "Where is the laser button? Arrrghh. Give me they manuel Nidoking! Ah. Here we go!"
Two lasers come out of the bottom of the Rocket 1 and it starts spinning around trying to hit Ash and co. but they just jump over it. After a minute it stops and Shadow comes back out of the hatch.

Shadow: "Thought the quiz was over did you? Think again! I've still got a few question cards up my sleeve. Answer correctly...."
Ash: "Thunderbolt!"
Pikachu shocks Shadow.
Shadow: "I was going to be nice but not now..."
Shadow goes back in the Rocket 1 and pushes several buttons. All four lasers activate, the drill starts turning, the exhaust port opens, the mortar cannons come out, and toxic gas (Grimer and Weezing flavor) fills the arena.
Shadow: "Now let's see you beat this.....huh?.....What's this?......Overload? Ahhhhhhh!!!"
The drill stops spinning and the lasers and toxic gas disappear. Shadow comes out from the hatch.
Shadow: "That's it! I didn't want to have to use this..."
Shadow pulls out a Team Rocket Rocket Launcher Deluxe (patent pending) and starts to put in the ammo.
Ash: "Go Noctwol!"
Noctowl comes out and tackles Shadow's hand makes him drop the ammo.
Shadow: "This won't end well..."
The Rocket 1 explodes and Shadow blasts off into the evening sky.

May: "That was pretty cool..."
Ash: "Where did you come from?"
May: "Blame my parents..."
Masato: "How did the battle go?"
May: "I won..."
Satoshi: "Well Marco's battle is next so we better go watch it since its his final preliminary...."
Ash: "Who is he up against?"
Brock pulls out the schedule.
Brock: "His last preliminary is against James and his first Quarter-Final is against Gary..."
Ash: "Well to waste time before his battle, anyone up for a kick-around?"
Brock: "Yeah."
May: "Sure."
Masato: "Yay!"
Satoshi: "Sounds like fun..."

October 23rd, 2003, 12:44 PM
~~Stadium 1, 5:30PM~~
Announcer: "Here we are at the final preliminary match of the Trainer Convention Tournament. And after this we have two more Contest Preliminaries. This battle is James against Marco, but Marco hasn't shown up yet."
Referee: "He has five minutes to arrive."
Announcer: "If Marco doesn't show up in 5 minutes, he'll be disqualified. Both trainers have already won two battles each so they will both go to the Quarter-Finals no matter what happens. Hey who's that?"
Shadow (Marco) runs into the stadium and takes his position.
Referee: "Marco goes first for being late."
Shadow: "Go Seviper!"
James: "Go Ca..."
Wobbufett comes out of its Pokeball.
Announcer: "It seems James is using a Wobbufett while Marco is using Seviper once again."
Referee: "Begin!"
Shadow: "Poison Tail!"
James: "Counter!"
Seviper gets flung back into a rock.
Shadow: "Hmmmm... I got it! Dig underground!"
Seviper goes underground. Wobbufett looks around frantically trying to figure were it will come up at.
Shadow: "Poison Fang!"
Before Wobbufett can Counter, Seviper comes up out of the ground and bites it, severly poisoning it. Wobbufett starts getting weaker and weaker. Seviper uses its tail to hold a nail file and it starts using it on its teeth.
Announcer: "Oh no. Wobbufett is badly poisoned! What is James going to do?"
James: "What can I do? If he doesn't attack I can't Counter it and that's all Wobbufett knows..."

Meowth boots up a Hoenn Pokedex he bought from Kent.
Pokedex: "Wobbufett was thought to only know Counter and Mirror Coat, but it was recently discovered that it can learn other moves as a Wynaut and it also knows Destiny Bond and Safequard."
Meowth: "James! Wobufett knows Destiny Bond too!"

James: "It does? Destiny Bond now Wobbufett!"
Wobbufett starts to glow and then it faints and Seviper faints along with it.
Referee: "The battle ends in a tie!"
Announcer: "Amazing! The battle ends in a tie due to Destiny Bond! Both trainers move onto the Quart-Finals! The next Contest Preliminary between Jessie and Daisy will begin in 10 minutes!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
November 5th, 2003, 12:16 PM
Ash: "Whoa! I could've expected that it turned out to be a draw, but..."
???: "Oh Ash?"
Ash turns around and see's Gary.
Gary: "Satoshi said he'd be taking me back to Hoenn. So I'll catch ya later."
Gary walks off.

Stadium 7 : May's Last Preliminary Contest Match : 5:45 PM
Ash: "Do it May!"
Bayleef: "Bay! Bay!"
Masato: "Do it for me, your brother!"
Satoshi (Ken): "Well lookie! A perfect setting for a perfect match..."

Announcer: "Well now we have May, versus Kazz!"

Ash: "That name seems familiar..."
Satoshi (thinking): But me and Ash witnessed he got squashed...

(Shadow) Marco arrives into the seats.
Shadow (Marco): "Oh great... I'm next to the stinkin' Bayleef..."
Bayleef, who has a good ear, unfortunately overhears this. It throws Shadow onto the beauty contest judge on the table nearby. Shadow's hat, part of the disguise, rolls away, but Shadow luckily gets it before Ash sees.
Satoshi (thinking): Did I just see...

November 5th, 2003, 1:17 PM
~~Near the Pokemon Center~~
Gary: "Well Satoshi told me to meet him here..."
Satoshi walks up.
Satoshi: "Ready to go?"
Gary: "Yeah."
Satoshi snaps his fingers and a cage falls on Gary.
Satoshi: "You fool. The real Satoshi is watching May's contest."
Gary: "Then who are you?"
Fake Satoshi: "You will find out soon enough...."
Gary: "How about right now? Go Arcanine! Fire Blast!"
Arcanine comes out and uses Fire Blast, burning the Satoshi costume revealing it to be Kent. Arcanine then tears open the cage that Gary is in.

Kent: "Arrggghhh. I forgot about his Pokemon. No matter. Go Dragonite! Hyper Beam!"
Gary: "Hyper Beam!"
Dragonite comes out and starts to charge up Hyper Beam but Arcanine fires it first and sends Dragonite and Kent blasting off.

~~Meanwhile at Stadium 7~~
Kazz: "My Porygon does so well in these contests. I am thankful I was in command of the Rocket Game Corner prizes, so I got it for free. Now come on out Porygon!"
May: "What is that?"

Masato: "I've never seen that Pokemon..."
Satoshi: "That's because that episode was banned worldwide because it gave people seizures..."
Ash: "Caused by Pikachu and Team Rocket's missles!"
Brock: "Ash, I believe that is not something you should brag about."
Ash: "I guess so."
Gary walks up to them.
Ash: "Were'nt you leaving?"
Gary: "It was a trap. Are you actually taking me back to Hoenn, Satoshi?"
Satoshi: "Not in the middle of the tournament." (thinking: )"Especially if my suspicions are correct then I can't let you miss your next battle, against Marco. Or should I say, Shadow?"

Hiroshi Sotomura
November 6th, 2003, 12:23 PM
Gary: "It seems that your identity had slipped out..."
Satoshi (Ken): "Wha?"

Shadow: "I knew it! I even got Kent to pull off the message I told him to say!"

Satoshi (thinking): It seems now Shadow's gotten me...
Satoshi runs into the stadium lobby, which is empty and changes his identity, by making himself a bit younger. The clothes he wears consist of a blue and yellow shirt, shaded blue jacket, light grey shorts and a cap. He also wears some runners and gloves.
Satoshi (thinking): My identity... maybe Blake... Well I have to have Ken leave on another journey and have Nurse Joy ask if I can stay in Ash's bunker.....
Ash comes in.
Ash (whispering): "Is that you Satoshi?"
Satoshi (Blake): "Yeah..."
Ash: "May won the match! Kazz, who I know is that guy at the Tower of Tragedy and the Furnace Fun Battlefield, was discovered to have been rigged into the competition... that made the contest judge really angry, because the Kadabra was not properly raised and they found stuff that wasn't allowed to be used in contests used on it. But the rage coming from the judge..."
Satoshi (Blake): "Reminds you of Shadow?"
Ash: "You mean...?"
Satoshi (Blake): "You must not tell anybody. You must not yet let anybody know it is him."
Ash: "Ok."
Pikachu: "Pika!"
Ash: "It seems that people are exiting to the lobby now... I'll go see May in the locker rooms."

November 6th, 2003, 1:35 PM
Pokemon Advnace intro plays. The map of Hoenn appears.
Ash: "Monarch Matchup!"

~~Ash's Room; 9:24 P.M.; Day 6~~
Satoshi (Blake): "Well, the Quarter-Finals start tomorrow. And according to this schedule you will battle third, Ash. First battle is Gary vs. Marco. The second match is James vs. Kamek. The fourth battle is Jake vs. Sammy. And you will have to battle some kid named Chip."
Ash: "I'm ready for him!"
Brock: "Are you sure? He has won all his battles with an extremely strong Metang..."
May: "And you have three battles and if you lose two you are out. As for me, there are no more contests until the tournament Semi-Finals start."
Satoshi (Blake): "Well anyway, we should get some rest since today was so eventful."
Masato: *yawns* "Yeah, I am kind of tired..."

~~Main Stadium; 12:00; Day 7~~
Announcer: "Now begins the Kaikoren Trainer Convention Quarter-Finals! Our first battle is Gary Oak from Pallet Town against Marco from Saffron City. Gary replaced a trainer that had to drop out of a torunament so we only saw him battle once and it was a great battle! Meanwhile Marco has only used his Seviper and his last battle against James and Wobbufett ended up in a tie! Since Marco has had 2 wins and a tie and Gary only had two wins, Marco has to go first!"

Shadow (Marco): "Go Seviper!"
Gary: "Go Arcanine!"
Referee: "Begin!"
Shadow (Marco): "Poison Tail!"
Gary: "Bite!"
Seviper tries to hit Arcanine with its tail, but Arcanine dodges and clamps onto Seviper's tail.
Gary: "Seismic Toss!"
Arcanine spins Seviper around and around. After a minute it lets go and Sends Seviper flying into a large boulder. Seviper falls to the ground and faints.
Referee: "Seviper is unable to battle."
Shadow (Marco): "Go Venomoth!"
Gary: "Fire Blast!"
Fire Blast is a direct hit and Venomoth falls to the ground.
Referee: "Venomoth is unable to battle."
Shadow (Marco): *sweatdrop*

Everyone: "Who's that Pokemon?"
~~~~Commercial Break~~~~~
Everyone: "Its Rattata!"
Rattata: "Rattata!"

Announcer: "It seems that Gary has easily defeated two of Marco's Pokemon! Is this it? Or will Marco make a miraculous comeback?"
Shadow (Marco): "You bet I will. Go Nidoking! Ice Beam!"
Nidoking uses Ice Beam and covers the field with a sheet of ice.
Gary: "Haha. Missed!"
Shadow (Marco): "He wasn't aiming at Arcanine...."
Gary: "Wha?"
Shadow (Marco): "Thunderbolt!"
Arcanine tries to dodge but slips on the ice. Thunderbolt makes a direct hit and paralyzes it.
Shadow (Marco): "Surf! Now!"
A giant tidal wave approaches the battle field and heads towards Arcanine. Arcanine gets swept away by the water and when the water disappears Arcanine is laying on the ground unconcious.
Referee: "Arcanine is unable to battle."
Gary: "Go! Blastoise! Hydro Pump!"
Shadow (Marco): "Ice Beam!"
Blastoise fires water at Nidoking, but Ice Beam freezes the water and Blastoise's hydro cannons.
Shadow (Marco): "Horn Drill!"
Nidoking charges towards Blastoise. Just as Nidoking is about to strike, Blastoise puts its arms up and holds Nidoking off.
Shadow (Marco): "Hehehe.... Thunder! Now!"
Nidoking electricutes Blastoise, making it faint.
Referee: "Blastoise is unable to battle!"

Announcer: "Astounding! Marco has managed to bring Gary down to one Pokemon with just his Nidoking! What is Gary Oak planning to do now?"

May: "That team of Pokemon seems familiar..."
Masato: "Tell me about.... It seems like...... It's on the tip of my toungue...... I can't remeber...."
Satoshi (Blake) (whispering to Ash): "Don't tell them"
Ash: "Right."

Gary: "I know how to stop it! Go Nidoqueen!"
Gary and Shadow: "Ice Beam!"
Both Nidoking and Nidoqueen fire an Ice Beam, which collide and form a large chunk of ice in the center of the battlefield.
Gary and Shadow: "Flamethrower!"
Both Nidoking and Nidoqueen shoot a burst of flames which melt the chunk of ice and hit each other, causing an explosion.
Gary and Shadow: "Earthquake!"
Suddenly the whole arena starts shaking violently. Many large cracks appear on the field and everyone falls out of their seats. Nidoking and Nidoqueen stare each other done, and so do Gary and Shadow.

to be continued

Hiroshi Sotomura
November 15th, 2003, 3:53 AM
Shadow: "Oh c'mon! This must end one way..."
Gary: "This guy is tough..."

Brock: "Mmmm... the outcome should come when they move next..."
Gary&Shadow: "HYPER BEAM!"
Both use Hyper Beam, but Nidoqueen's starts to fade. So does Nidoking's.
Shadow: "Release it now!"
A smaller but very powerful still attack aims towards Nidoqueen. Nidoqueen, who is as equally as tired as Shadow's Nidoking, gets tired even more as Hyper Beam hits. Nidoqueen sways slowly and unsteady, then faints.

Referee: "The winner is decided! Marco goes to the next round!"

Ash takes his time and avoids Shadow, while May, Masato and Brock chat to him.
Satoshi appears to avoid him as well.

Satoshi (Blake): "Ash? Are you ready for some training?"
Ash: "What training?"
Satoshi (Blake): "Well you are going to prepare for your next match aren't you?"
Satoshi (thinking): Will anything change if I do this? Hmmm... this could give Shadow more........
Ash: "As in battling?"
Satoshi (Blake): "Huh? Yeah!"
Ash: "Ok! Pikachu! Go!"
Satoshi (Blake): "Predictable."

Jessie, James and Meowth approach.
Jessie: "Well well... who is this person?"
James: "Look at those clothes... he's obviously from Japan..."
Meowth: "Satoshi Tajiri changed forms again?"
Jessie: "How'd you find out?!?"
Meowth: "I was giving my theories to Sha......."
Jessie punches Meowth out and ties him up on a tree.

November 15th, 2003, 5:10 PM
~~Shadow's Base~~
Keith: "I haven't been in the story for a while...."
Kent: "Well at least you haven't blasted off yet...."
Shadow: "Quit bickering.... All we need is to find the location of that last jewel...."
Keith: "It's locked up in city hall..."
Shadow: "So why didn't you get it?"
Keith: "Because I thought you would like to. It's the mystery prize given to second place...."
Shadow: "I'm bad at losing on purpose so we might need to ambush someone."
Keith: "OK."
Kent: "Okie-Dokey"

~~Saffron City; Present Day~~
News Reporter: "And it seems that Team Rocket have bought out the Fortree Gym. No word from their leader Shadow though...."

Sabrina: "Since when has Team Rocket been in Hoenn?"
Sabrina's Dad: "They've always been there."
Sabrina: "And since when has Shadow been the leader of Team Rocket?"
Sabrina's Dad: "For a few years. Him and his branch of Team Rocket called Shadow Inc. overthrew Giovanni. That's why we live in this giant mansion...."
Sabrina: "WE LIVE IN A MANSION!?!?!"
Sabrina's Dad: "Of course. Are you OK dear? You look pale and you can't remember anything...."
Sabrina: (thinking) Shadow must be altering the past, but why am I the only one that can remember the truth? I must do something....
Sabrina teleports away. Some one knocks on the front door and Sabrina's Dad answers it to find Erika.
Erika: "Is Shadow here?"
Sabrina's Father: "Haven't seen him all day...."
Erika: "Can you give him this?"
Erika hands him a letter.
Sabrina's Dad: "Sure. Hey it smells like perfume..."

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 4th, 2003, 1:00 PM
Ash: "Hey wait..."
Satoshi (Blake): "Yeah?"
Ash: "If this is well and truly 1937 then why is Sammy and Agatha here?"
Satoshi (Blake): "I don't know. I only traveled through time in request to get to the time you were in..."
Sammy: "To be exact..."
Ash: "Sammy! You're here!"
Sammy: "Yep. What were you talking about? We're in the year 1962!"
Ash: "Wha!"

Shadow: "Hey wait..."
Kent: "What is it boss?"
Shadow: "Sammy's here. He's only 50 years old in our time."
Kent: "You thinking what I'm thinking?"
Shadow: "Not 1937..."

Announcer: "I read through my script, and it turns out I've been reading the wrong way. Some people have thought I said that this is the tournament of 1937. But it is well and truly 1962!"
Shadow falls down anime style.

Ash: "So then you do know who the Iron Masked Marauder is?"
Sammy: "Yup. I can outsmart that goof whenever and wherever he comes."
Satoshi (Blake): "What a neat idea..."

December 4th, 2003, 1:30 PM
Sammy: "Well the next match is starting so we better go see!"
Ash: "OK!"

~~Stadium 1, 1:00PM, Day 7, 1937...errrrr...1962~~
Shadow: "Grrrr....stupid announcer confusing everyone...stupid fink-rat..."

Announcer: "Now we begin Round 2 of the Quarter-Finals which will take place on a sand field. And now enter our trainers!"
James walks in and takes his side, and a man in his 40s wearing a blue cloak walks out.
Announcer: "Since Kamek won all three Preliminary Rounds he goes first."
Kamek just stands there and a Jynx comes out of one of his Pokeballs without him throwing it. James throws his Pokeball and Cacnea comes out of it.
Referee: "Begin!"

Jynx freezes its hand and tries to hit Cacnea with Ice Punch, but it jumps out of the way.
James: "Poison Sting!"
Cacnea fires Poison Sting at Jynx, but Jynx blocks with Barrier.
James: "Needle Arm!"
Cacnea breaks the Barrier and hits Jynx back a little. Jynx then tries Ice Punch again, but Cacnea jumps up and whacks Jynx in the head with Needle Arm, knocking her to the ground.
Referee: "Jynx is unable to battle, Cacnea wins."
Jynx returns to her Pokeball without Kamek moving, then a Baltoy comes out.

James: "Pin Missile!"
Cacnea fires Pin Missile, but Baltoy uses Rapid Spin which causes a sand tornado around itself which deflects Pin Missile. Baltoy and its sand tornado start to move towards Cacnea.
James: "Mega Punch!"
Cacnea jumps towards Baltoy and sends it flying out of the tornado, only to get trapped in it. Cacnea then falls from the air and lands on Baltoy knocking them both out. Baltoy withdrawls itself and James withdrawls Cacnea. An Abra comes out of Kamek's Pokeball. James snickers to himself and sends out Seviper.

Kamek: "I see my strategy isn't workign so now I shall use my power!"
Kamek pulls out a wand and it fires out some multicolored dust that envelops Abra. Abra yawns and grows to 10 times his original size.

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 11th, 2003, 1:13 AM
Ash: "What in the world?!?"

Year 2003 - Sabrina's House
Sabrina: "Shadow is up to no good. I can feel it happening..."
Sabrina's Dad: "You haven't seen that sweetheart have you brat?"
Sabrina: "That's it! I'm seeing what that brat is up to."
Sabrina's Mom: "Bend this spoon. It's an order from Shadow."
Sabrina: "He's my little brother!"
Sabrina's Mom: "Do it Sabrina!"
Sabrina: "I'm leaving. What on earth is he messing with?"

Sabrina teleports to Shadow Inc., Hoenn.

Shadow Inc.
Sabrina: "Funny for him to abandon this place... hey is that a time machine?"

A meter shows the time Shadow last teleported. It says 1937.
Sabrina: "I don't think it can be that long."
She presses on the meter's LEDs and they become 1962.
Sabrina: "I'm going then..."
She steps in the time machine and is teleported to Kaikoren City.

Meanwhile at Team Rocket Headquarters...
Giovanni: "Wendy, remember to send Shadow more chocolates as soon as possible.
Wendy: "But boss... you've been saying werd things lately."
Wendy (thinking): Isn't he supposed to be the boss?
Giovanni: "WENDY?!?"
Wendy in a boring voice: "Yes boss."
Giovanni: "Me? Boss of Team Rocket? Never! Only for 3 years and then under election."
Wendy closes the connection.

December 11th, 2003, 2:59 PM
~~Stadium 1, 1:15PM, Day 7, 1962~~
Shadow: "Kamek's strategy better work since I gave him magic powers like his favorite video game character and then I had to give Nintendo all that money for copyrights..."

Abra steps on Seviper and then pulls his foot back in pain since Seviper had its mouth wide open. Seviper then gets lifted up above Abra and then falls to the ground faster than any can see.
Referee: "Seviper is unable to battle! Abra wins!"
James: "Go Wobbufett!"

Wobbufett comes out and stares at Abra with a mean look on its face.
James: *sigh*
Wobbufett gets lifted off the ground and Abra stares at it and then collapses and Wobbufett falls on it, Countering its fall, finishing off Abra. Abra than shirnks to normal size.
Referee: "Abra is unable to battle! Wobbufett wins!"

Kamek: "No! I can't lose! Noooo!"
Kamek's wand levitates in the air and explodes. A hole appears under Kamek and he falls through it.
Shadow (to himself): "Sorry Kamek, or should I say Kenan, but failure is not allowed. Especially with the power I gave you..."

~~Pocket Monsters Dimension; Present day~~
Kenan (Kamek): "Wha? Where am I?"
Neo: "Hey! Join the club!"
Kenan: "What club?"
Red: "Let's boil him in some magma!"
Blue: "No! Trap him in the bottom of the sea!"
Green: "Tie him up in some vines!"
Yellow: "And throw him in a power generator!"
Kenan: "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 17th, 2003, 12:51 PM
Ash: "This is getting utterly ridiculous..."

Suddenly Satoshi (Blake) pulls out a wand. He points it at Shadow (Marco) and a blaze of fire comes out of it. Satoshi quickly puts the wand into his pocket, and watches Shadow start to scream. Shadow's disguise falls off, revealing him in his Rocket clothing.

Brock: "It's Shadow! Get him!"

An angry mob chases Shadow as he calls "Fink-rats!" He runs to his tower, guarded by a moat of lava, an electric barrier, a wrecked Shadow's furnace fun course, a hanging room (the nerve of it! Shadow gets the rockets to hang their clothes on the skeletons there!), a giant blender of doom, a Slurpee pit with Chuckola Reserve monsters (yes it's Chuckola Reserve Slurpee), a room full of barrels, a weird looking room with the words on the door "Koopaling Room", and Shadow's main area.

Ash: "Well then let's return to the..."
Satoshi: "Maybe let's allow Shadow to return to the tournament... and battle."
Ash: "Then let's put this as a shock to Shadow that we know who he is."
Everyone's minds are erased of the events.

December 17th, 2003, 1:23 PM
~~Stadium 2; 3:00 PM~~
Chip, a 15 year old boy, walks onto the field as does Ash.
Announcer: "Now for our next battle, Ash from Pallet Town against Chip from Oldale Town. Chip will go first..."
Chip: "Go Omastar!"
Ash: "Omastar? How'd he get an extinct Pokemon?"
Chip: "If you must know, some archaeologists found it when it was an Omanyte, auctioned it off, and my parents won it for me. And since then, it was won several battles and evolved into what you see before you..."
Ash: "Doesn't matter! Go Bulbasaur!"
Chip: "I expected he'd use a grass type..."
Referee: "Begin!"
Chip: "Water Gun attack!"
Ash: "Dodge and Vine Whip!"
Bulbasaur picks up Omastar with its vines.
Chip: "Withdrawal!"
Bulbasaur slams the shell on the ground and Omastar comes out unharmed.
Ash: "Razor Leaf!"
Chip: "Spike Cannon!"
Omastar shoots out spikes that pierce all the leaves and hit Bulbasaur.
Chip: "Ancient Power!"
Several large rocks rise from the ground around Bulbasaur and lunge towards him knocking him out.
Referee: "Bulbasaur is unable to battle!"

Ash: "Go Snorlax!"
Chip: "A Snorlax?! Too easy, Spike Cannon!"
Omastar fires spikes at Snorlax but they just bounce off. Snorlax yawns and falls asleep and lands on Omastar, but jumps back up due to the large spikes on Omastar. Enraged by Omastar disturbing its sleep, Snorlax hurls Omastar in the air. Omastar lands with its spikes in the ground and Snorlax falls asleep on it again. A minute later, Snorlax rolls over, reveiling an unconcious Omastar.
Referee: "Omastar is unable to battle! Snorlax wins!"
Both trainers recall their Pokemon.

Chip: "I underestimated you, but not again! Go Jolteon!"
Ash: "Go Charizard!"

Brock: "Charizard? When did he get that back?"
Satoshi: "I paid a visit to the Charisific Valley last night..."
Brock: "Oh."
May: "I didn't know Ash had a Charizard..."
Max: "Yeah, it's cool! It lost against Harrison's Blaziken in the Silver Conference..."
Charizard's eye twitches, then it uses Dragon Rage on Max sending him blasting off.

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 21st, 2003, 2:55 AM
May: "If Ash beats this, it's off to the next round..."
Brock chases after Max.
May: "Go Ash! Go Charizard!"

Ash: "Charizard! Flamethrower!"
Announcer: "Charizard uses a Flamethrower Attack. This could be rusty... Jolteon os burnt!"
Chip: "Oh no!"
Ash: "Oh yeah!"
Chip: "But that won't stop me! Jolteon! Make a high pounce and pin missile in air range!"
Ash: "Charizard! Fly!"
Announcer: "It looks like Ash's Charizard is flying up, meaning the attacks are missing!"
Chip: "Aim them up! And around Charizard as well!"
Announcer: "Jolteon is running under Charizard and now using a Pin Missile, while running around it shooting up so it can't get away..."
Ash: "Charizard! Go a-lit to eliminate them. Then dive bomb at Jolteon!"
Chip: "Bad move. Jolteon withstands air moves."
Ash: "Oh yeah? Charizard! Go get ready to whack your feiry tail at it!"
Announcer: "Charizard comes close, then whacks Jolteon! I've never seen anything like that!"
Referee: "Jolteon is unable to battle. Charizard wins."
May: "Ash did pretty good..."
Brock: "Considering his 'fiery-hot' spirit!"
Max: "Yeah..."
May: Max what happened to your hair? It's all messy..."
Max: "That Charizard burnt me..."
They all laugh.

December 21st, 2003, 11:14 AM
Chip: "That's it! Go Metang!"

Brock: "Why a steel type?"
May: "Is that bad?"
Max: "Of course its bad for Chip. Fire types have a tremendous advantage against Steel Types.."
May: "There are way to many types to remember!"
Max: "There are only 17..."

Ash: "Flamethrower!"
Flamethrower heads towards Metang, but turns around and hits Charizard.
Ash: "Huh?"
Chip: "How do you like my Metang's Confusion attack?"
Ash: "Confusion?"
Ash looks up and sees Charizard hitting itself with its tail.

Chip: "Now Psychic!"
Charizard is slammed onto the ground and is knocked out.
Referee: "Charizard is unable to battle! Metang wins"

Brock: "Hmm, it must be a combination of Steel and Psychic..."
May: "Its a what?"
Max: "That would explain the Psychic and Confusion attacks it used."
May: "The what?"
Max: "Now it has me wondering what kind of stats it has."
May: "You are confusing me!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 21st, 2003, 1:59 PM
May: "Anyway Ash is on his last Pokmon... if Snorlax, Ash's last remaining Pokmon is out he's out..."
Ash: "Snorlax, go!"
Announcer: "Snorlax has rejoined after some rest."
Ash: "Snorlax! Hyper Beam!"
Snorlax: "Snnnoooooorrrrrrrrrr!"
Chip: "Another bad move..."
Ash: "Heh. Don't think so."
Snorlax runs while firing Hyper Beam right above Metang.
Announcer: "Whoa! Look at that! A distraction!"
Ash: "Snorlax! Body Slam!"
The body slam hits Metang.
Chip: "Normal attack... typical move from a Snorlax..."
Ash: "Oh but the fun has just begun!"
Chip: "Metang! Pounce and..."
Metang doesn't pounce.
Announcer: "Metang is Paralyzed!"
Ash: "Snorlax! Body Slam it!"
Snorlax uses Body Slam and faints the Metang.
Referee: "Metang is unable to continue. Snorlax wins! As Ash has beaten 2/3 of Chip's Pokmon, he advances!"
Ash: "Yeah!"

December 21st, 2003, 8:05 PM
~~Main Stadium; 5:00PM~~
Jake: "Solrock use Flamethrower!"
Solrock fires out a stream of flames sending Charmeleon flying into a wall.
Referee: "Charmeleon is unable to battle! Solrock wins!"
Announcer: "Jake just beat Samuel Oak, winning the last Quarter-Final battle!

~~Ash's Room; 7:30 PM~~
Ash: "Now we are on to the Semi-Finals!"
There is a knock on the door and Max answers it.
Messenger: "Here is the Semi-Final schedule..."
Max: "Cool!"
Ash snatches it out of Max's hand. His face falters.
Ash: "I have to work with Marco."
Brock: "Who is your opponents?"
Ash: "Kerrigan and Mimi."

~~In a bush near Meowth's Stand; same time~~
James: "I work with someone named Davis."
Meowth: "Who are your opponents?"
James: "Felix and Jake..."

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 25th, 2003, 2:56 AM
Ash's Cabin, 7:45 PM
Max: "Hey May, the contest semi-finals are going to be held in the night! Yours is at 7:45 PM tomorrow."
May: "Time to get ready..."
Max: "There's also an ad on this paper... 'Get your contest Pokmon ready for the semi-finals.. you can buy berry brocks from Stall 12.'"
May: "This sounds interesting..."

Kaikoren Training Grounds Field 1
Ash is sitting down with Kate, previously mentioned as Jake's sister. They watch a battle commence.
Ash: "So Kate, your brother is just as good as you eh?"
Kate: "No. He's way better than I am..."
Ash: "In what way?"
Kate: "He just trains more."
Ash: "Ah..."

Next morning...
Kaikoren Hall
Announcer: "The Semi-finals are starting! They consist of two on two battles first, where you can have 3 Pokmon per person, then battling your partner on a double battle. You are allowed to have 2 Pokmon sent out, no substituting Pokmon."
Ash: "Marco?"
Shadow (Marco): "Yes?"
Ash: "We'll be battling together..."
Ash (thinking): Oh no... Shadow... I have to work with him? I thought it could be someone like Marco Thompson or something...
Shadow (thinking): The gorilla? I have to battle with this gorilla? Oh why couldn't it be Ashleigh James or something... least he doesn't know who I am...

Kaikoren Stadium 2, Semi-finals, 10:30 AM
Announcer: "We now have a 2-on-2 battle with Ash and Marco vs. Kerrigan and Mimi."
Referee: "All trainers ready? GO!"
Ash: "Pikachu, go!"
Shadow: "Seviper! Go!"
Kerrigan: "Go! Plusle!"
Mimi: "Go! Minun!"
Announcer: "2 electric matched Pokmon?!? This could be trouble for Ash and Marco..."
Shadow: "Seviper! Wrap the two!"
Seviper wraps Plusle and Minun.
Kerrigan and Mimi: "Bad idea. Thunderbolt, both of you!"
Plusle and Minun use Thunderbolt attack.
Announcer: "Whoa! That's more than double the power!"
Ash: "Pikachu! Slam them!"
Pikachu slams the Plusle and Minun, and their electricity is bolted high, the sky draining most of their electrical energy.
Kerrigan: "Plusle!"
Mimi: "Minun!"
Suddenly a dark cloud forms into the sky. It shoots down, at Minun.
Announcer: "Minun is healed a bit!"
Minun then cuddles Plusle and then both start to seem to be a bit better.
Announcer: "A double heal!"
Ash: "Is it anywhere possible to win?"

December 25th, 2003, 6:28 PM
Shadow gives Kerrigan a mean look.
Mimi: "Thunderbolt you two!"
Plusle and Minun send a surge of electircity towards Seviper.
Shadow: "Seviper Dig!"
Seviper hides undergound. The Thunderbolt keeps going and hits Ash.
Ash: "Hey! You did that on purpose!"
Shadow: "Hehehe..."
Ash: "Thunderbolt!"
Pikachu shocks Shadow and his disguise falls off.

Brock, May, and Max: "It's Shadow!"
Announcer: "It seems that Marco was wearing a disguise all along."
Some Team Rocket Grunts bust into the announcer's room.
Announcer: "What's going on?"
The Grunts tie him up and throw him in a chest. Kent walks takes a seat in the announcer's chair.
Kent: "I am the new, Team Rocket-sponsered announcer. As you see, Marco was just our second-in-command, Shadow, in disguise. He will be winning this battle now."

Shadow: "Hehehe... Earthquake now Seviper!"
The ground starts shaking and several pillars of rock come out of the ground under Plusle, Minun, and Pikachu sending them flying into the sky. They all fall down unconcious. Kerrigan sends out a Doduo, Mimi sends out a Lileep, and Ash sends out Muk.

Kerrigan: "Peck!"
Shadow: "Wrap!"
Doduo runs towards Seviper who wraps its legs together making it fall.
Ash: "Muk! Use Sludge!"
Muk smothers Lileep knocking it out. Seviper bites onto Doduo and then throws it at Muk, knocking Doduo out. Kerrigan tries to withdraw Doduo, but it is stuck in Muk, so she just sends out her Raticate and Mimi sends out her Wigglytuff.

Mimi: "Double-Slap Seviper!"
Kerrigan: "Hyper Fang Muk!"
Raticate bites Muk but it gets stuck too.
Kerrigan and Ash: *sweatdrop*
Shadow: "Poison Fang!"
Wiggytuff gets ready to hit Seviper but it bites her hand, poisoning her.
Shadow: "Now! Iron Tail!"
Seviper hits Wigglytuff, sending it flying into Ash, knocking it out.
Ash: "Hey!"
Raticate struggles to get free, but faints from all the sludge.

Referee: "Shadow and Ash win!"
Kent: "And of course, Shadow won, so he and the ape-boy may proceed to the finals!"

~~Behind the Stadium; 5 minutes later~~
Shadow, Kent, and Keith are talking and Kerrigan walks up.
Kerrigan: "I had it so my Pokemon didn't attack at full power like you wanted boss."
Shadow: "Even though i didn't need it, but I'll still give you the promotion like I promised. You are now a High-Executive Kerrigan, and you earned before now, but I just needed something to use to bribe you. Hehehe..."

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 26th, 2003, 7:36 AM
Masato: "WHAT?!?"
Brock: "You knew all along that he was Shadow?"
Ash: "Yes."
May: "Why didn't you tell us?"
Ash: "He told me."
Ash pointed towards Blake.
May: "What does Blake have to do with knowing about Shadow? He just lives here in Kaikoren......."
Blake: "Correction, May."
Ash smiled.
Blake: "For I am actually..."
In a crackle, Satoshi was standing where Blake was.
May, Brock, Masato: "Satoshi Tajiri?!?"

Havoc at corner's end
Kent: "The entire convention may be cancelled due to events that may ruin the competition. First of all, the rules change to: EVERY FINALIST WILL VERSE THE TEAM ROCKET TROOP!"
At the cabin...
Ash: "This is horrible."
May: "Despicable..."
Satoshi: "We need to do something about this..."
Ash: "But what?!?"

December 26th, 2003, 2:17 PM
Max: "I suggest we execute a well-planned out and thoughtful strategy to get the announcer back and get rid of Kent."
Ash: "Yeah! Let's get rid of Kent! Come on Pikachu!"
Ash runs out the door with Pikachu on his shoulder.
Max (sarcastically): "Well that was thoughtful and well-planned."
Brock: "More like thoughtless."
May: "Like always?"

~~Announcer's Room~~
Kent is sleeping in the annoucner's chair and Ash barges in waking him up.
Kent: "Who is there!?!"
Ash: "Thunderbolt!"
Kent: "Oh dear..."
Pikachu shocks Kent senidng him blasting off. Ash let's the announcer out of the trunk and Keith walks up to them clapping.
Keith: "The whole take over thing was a distraction to confirm some information we heard. We will be leaving now."
Keith and the two Grunts in the room leave.

Announcer: "Now to get this tournament back in order!"

~~Five Minutes Later~~
Announcer: "The Team Rocket rule is no more! Now will the remaining Semi-Finalists please report to Stadium 2?"

~~Stadium Two; 15 minutes later~~
Announcer: "Now it is time for the second and last Semi-Final Battle! Felix and Jake versus James and Davis.

Hiroshi Sotomura
December 30th, 2003, 2:45 PM
Ash: "Jake!"
Jake: "Huh? Oh hi Ash!"
Ash: "Good luck with the match!"
Jake: "When it's your final rounds I'll be rooting for you too,"
Ash: "Thanks!"
Jake: "Well I must go. The match starts in a few minutes."

Stadium 2

Announcer: "We now are at Stadium 2, where Jake and Felix go head-to-head with James and Davis. As known, each will use a team of three selected Pokmon, the winning tam battles each other in the finals. Remember, the contest brackets will also be posted after all the initial final round battles are finished."

Referee: "Release a Pokmon from your team to battle!"
Jake: "Go! Espeon!"
Felix: "Go! Umbreon!"

Kate: "Go Jake!"
Ash: "Yeah!"
May: "C'mon! Do your best!"

James: "Go! Cacnea!"
Davis: "Go! Muk!"
Davis (thinking): That's a Team Rocket member? Looks more like a floppy Magikarp...

Referee: "Begin!"

Jake: "Espeon! Psychic on that Muk!!!"
Felix: " Umbreon! Slam the Muk!"
Davis: "Oh dear..."
Announcer: "Davis has made the type weakness."
James: "Cacnea! Spikes!"
Davis: "Muk! Toxic bubbles,. make it hit both!"

Announcer: "A poison attack spreads the field."
Jake: "Espeon. Psychic it back."
Felix: "Umbreon, you do the same!"

The re-sent bubbles hits Cacnea and poisons it.
Announcer: "Whoa! Sending it back! Muk isn't affected since it's a poison type."

Jake: "Now! Finish the Muk!"
Espeon's Psychic hits and faints the Muk.

Davis: "Grrrr... go! Golem! Hit the Umbreon with continual Rollouts!"
The first rollout comes towards Umbreon and hits it.
James: "Cacnea. Body Slam the Espeon!"
Espeon is hit.
Felix: "Show that Cacnea we mean business! Confusion!"
Jake: "You too! Psychic it!"
The attacks hit Cacnea and faint it.
Announcer: "Excellent!"
But the looping Rollout hits Umbreon again.
James: "Go! Seviper! Poison fang that Espeon!"

Ash: "That's Jessie's Seviper isn't it?"

Announcer: "Espeon is poisoned! But look! Now it's eating a poison cure berry!"
Ash: "They named the berries in type-specific names rather than type names in this time. That's a poison cure berry."
May: "Ah I see. Same effect as a Pecha berry..."

Golem's Rollout hits Umbreon again and faints it.
Felix: "Arrgh!"

December 31st, 2003, 3:10 PM
Felix: "Go Tyranitar!"
Golem rolls towards Tyranitar, but Tyranitar stops it with one hand.
Felix: "Ancient Power!"
Tyranitar glows and lifts up Golem. It then throws Golem at Seviper, knocking them both out.
Davis: "One Poke mon left, go Ditto!"
James: "Wobbufett go!"

Announcer: "Down to one Poke mon each, it seems Davis is using Ditto and James is using Wobbufett, two very unigue Poke mon."
Davis: "Transform into Tyranitar!"
Felix and Jake: "Hyper Beam!"
Tyranitar and Espeon fire Hyper Beams at Wobbufett and Ditto. Instead of transforming into Tyrantitar, Ditto transforms into Wobbufett. Both Wobbufetts Counter the Hyper Beams. Espeon gets knocked out but Tyranitar still stands.
Davis: "Hmmm, that Ditto still doesn't listen to me. Stupid trading...."
Jake: "Go Solrock! Sunny Day!"
Announcer: "The sunlight got bright. The sunlight is bright..."
Jake: "Solar Beam!"
Solar Beam hits Ditto (Wobbufett form), which kept its own stats, so it doesn't ahve enough HP to stand up to Solar Beam and it faints.
Jake and Felix: "Hyper Beam!"
Both Hyper Beams hit Wobbufett at the same time, which is too much for it to counter and it faints.
Referee: "Jake and Felix win!"
Announcer: "The sunlight is bright...."

Hiroshi Sotomura
January 7th, 2004, 2:36 PM
Ash: "Sevy! Sevy! Rocket Sevy Shadow!"
Shadow: "SHUT IT you girl!"
Ash: "I'm NOT a girl. Don't mention that."
Shadow smiles.
Shadow: "You're played by a girrl, you're played by a girrl!"
Ash flushes.
Ash: "Well at least I can reveal your identity."
Shadow: "Noooo! YOU CAN'T!"
Everybody watching them two laughs at Shadow.
Shadow: "Fink-rats!"

Shadow wakes up to find himself dozing in his cabin.
Auto-calender: "Your match with the twerp starts in 30 minutes."
Shadow: "Can I at least get some sleep?"
Auto-calender: "You've hit my clock sleep button at 7:00 in the morning. You need to be sleeping earlier, because then you can prepare."

Ash: "Get ready Bayleef! We'll be going against a guy named Shadow. He's real evil."

Announcer: "We are now at the second stadium, where Ash battles Shadow. This will be a lot of a hot match, good versus evil!"
Ash: "Time to deal with you once and for all Shadow! Bayleef! Go!"

January 7th, 2004, 3:06 PM
Shadow: "Bayleef first, eh? Then go Crobat!"
Announcer: "Shadow sends out Crobat, which is Poison and Flying, and Bayleef is weak to both."
Shadow: "Shut up already!"
Referee: "Begin!"
Ash: "Razor Leaf!"
Shadow: "Fly into the sky!"
Crobat flies above Bayleef and hides in a cloud.
Ash: "Use Solar Beam!"
Bayleef fires Solar Beam at the cloud. The cloud scatters, but Crobat wasn't in it.
Shadow: "Sludge Bomb!"
Sludge comes flying out of another cloud and Bayleef ducks out of the way. Suddenly Sludge Bomb starts coming out of several clouds, from under the stands, from garbage cans, and many other places. Bayleef gets hit a few times, but most of them disappear when they touch Bayleef.
Ash: "What in the world is going on?"
Shadow: "It is my perfectly legit, super Sludge Bomb strategy #12. I don't always say all of my commands. I say one command and my Pokemon know to do something else or include another move."

Brock: "Any theories Max?"
Max: "Well Crobat is one of the fastest Pokemon, but it couldn't be that fast. But there is a chance it did Double Team faster then we could see. Most of the Sludge Bombs seem to fake as well."
Brock: "Ash! It is using Duble Team! Find the real one!"

Shadow: "Arrgh you! You dare reveal my strategy of brilliance? Sludge Bomb them!"
All the Sludge Bombs aim at Brock and Max for a few seconds until they are covered with slime. Then they continue to attack Bayleef.
Max: "Well....This is disgusting.."
May: "Eeeew There's some on me. Get it off!"

Ash: "Double Team....Bayleef, try to figure out where the real Sludge is coming from!"
Shadow: "Hah! That won't work! My Crobat switches its location every time!"
Ash: "Vine whip and try to find the real one!"
Bayleef waits a minute and notices a pattern of where the real Sludge Bombs are coming from. It uses Vine Whip and moves its vines underneath the stands. It waits a minute and closes them around the real Crobat and all the Double Teams disappear, but Bayleef grabbed Crobat the wrong way so its vine is inside Crobat's mouth and Shadow notices this.
Shadow: "Poison Fang!"
Crobat bites the vine making Bayleef release it and poisoning Bayleef. Bayleef then eats a berry and cures its poisoning.
Ash: "Brock anticipated your poisoning tactics so he game me that in advance!"

Shadow: "Who cares? Gust now!"
Crobat beats its wings and creates a small tornado which just stays in the same place.
Max: "Gust?"
Brock: "It can learn it if its father knows it."
Max: "Ah, an egg move."
Crobat then gets in its own tornado with its wings spread out.
Max: "What is it doing?!?"
Crobat starts spinning around and around and it comes out of thetop spinning around very fast and it speeds towards Bayleef and hits it before it can move. And it keeps htting Bayleef using its spinning wings.
Brock: "He just combined Gust and Wing Attack!"
Max: "I think Aerial Ace too..."

Crobat's wings start to glow and it hits Bayleef one last time knocking it out.
Referee: "Bayleef is unable to battle, Shadow wins."
Announcer: "What Pokemon will Ash use to beat this skillful Pokemon?"

January 12th, 2004, 5:10 AM
Ash randomly threw a Pokball out, it formed into a bird Like Pokemon, Noctowl.

Ash- Noctowl, You're my best bet on taking him out on an Aerial Battle.

Shadow(sarcasm)- haha I'm really scared...

Ash- Noctowl eh erm... er...

Ash does not know any moves for Noctowl because all Noctowl does is practically peck balloons.

Ash- Not now... Use PECK! I know you can use that!

Noctowl dived into Crobat and did a peck.

Luckily Noctowl peck it on the wing joint thing so it weakened Crobat's ability on flying.

Ash- NOw's our chance! er use... er... Gust!

Noctowl flapped its wings and knocked Crobat straight into Shadow.

Hiroshi Sotomura
January 12th, 2004, 2:06 PM
Ash: "Who has the last laugh now?"
Shadow: "Grrr... Crobat return!"
Shadow grabs a Dark Ball from his pocket.
Shadow: "The well-planned will always get the last laugh, dope! I need to thank that Iron Masked Marauder for this ball. I choose you! Swalot!"
A Swalot comes out of the PokBall.
Ash: "Oh dear."
Announcer: "It's a Swalot. Looks pretty evil..."
Ash: "Noctowl! Fly, and swoop directly at that Swalot!"
Noctowl swoops at Swalot, but the attack is absorbed.

Brock: "Oh no! That's a Dark Ball!"
May: "A what ball?"
Max: "Dark Ball. The Iron Masked Marauder used it to make Pokmon captured become evil Pokmon."
May: "Who told you that?"
Max: "Sammy here did."
May: "Have I met you?"
Sammy: "No. I believe not. Bisashu used the Dark Ball to catch a Celebi, and made it destroy the forest."
May: "What's a Celebi?"
Max, Brock and Sammy fall down anime style.

January 12th, 2004, 4:00 PM
Shadow: "Stockpile!"
Swalot inhales food from the audience.
Shadow: "Now Spit Up!"
Swalot shoots the chewed up food at Noctowl who avoids it all.
Audience: "Eeeeewww"
Ash: "Noctowl! Use Hypnosis! Then Dream Eater!"
Noctowl puts Swalot to sleep and eats its dream. Swalot then wakes up.
Shadow: "Sludge!"
Swalot fires Sludge at Noctowl, who didn't notice Swalot was awake, knocking it down to the ground. Noctowl tries to fly but can't due to the weight of the slime.
Shadow: "Stockpile!"
Swalot inhales more food from the audience, its own Spit Up attack, and the Sludge on Noctowl.
Shadow: "Swallow!"
Swalot swallows the food and gets poisoned from the sludge and spit up.
Ash: "Take Down!"
Noctowl dives towards Swalot, knocking it over.
Referee: "Swalot is unable to battle, Noctowl wins!"

Shadow: "Grrrr....Go Tentacruel! Hydro Pump!"
Tentacruel fires Hydro Pump, but Noctowl keeps dodging. Noctowl becomes tired and a Hydro Pump hits it and sends it flying into a rock.
Referee: "Noctowl is unable to battle! Tentacruel wins!"
Ash: "Go Pikachu!"
Shadow: "About time....Ice Beam!"
Ash: "Quick Attack!"
Pikachu dodges Ice Beam and Tentacruel fires another Ice Beam and Pikachu dodges. This continues for a while until the field is frozen solid.
Announcer: "The field has frozen over!"

Shadow: "Combo Number 276! Now!"
Ash: "Another Combo?"
Tentacruel shoots a short blast of Water Gun and uses Ice Beam to freeze it into a sharp icicle, which glides extremely fast across the ice towards Pikachu. Pikachu dodges but barely.

Max: "That was kind of cool."
May: "We're supposed to rooting for Ash..."
Max: "I know but that was neat."
A vine taps Max on the shoulder and he turns to see Bayleef who grabs him and throws him across the field, straight into Jessie and James.

Tentacruel fires off many more icicles and Pikachu dodges them all.
Shadow: "Increase the power now!"
Tentacruel now starts using Hydro Pump instead of Water Gun, making larger icicles. Pikachu barely dodges them.
Ash: "Jump up and Thunderbolt!"
Pikachu jumps into the air and Thunderbolts Tentacruel, who Mirror Coats it back at Pikachu.
Shadow: "See what amazing moves Pokemon can learn from their parents? Fire now!"
Tentacruel fires an icicle at Pikachu and it hits. Pikachu struggles and manages to get up.

January 15th, 2004, 5:15 AM
Shadow- That pikabrat! So stupid... Tentacruel! Fire Ice Beam rapidly!

Tentacruel starts to fire randomly as Pikachu gets hit, freezing.

Shadow- NOW!

Tentacruel does some attack and defeats Pikachu.

CROWD- YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash- oh now what...

January 18th, 2004, 7:29 PM
Ash: "Go Tauros! Horn Attack!"
Tentacruel fires an icicle at Tauros, who breaks through it and rams Tentacruel knocking it into Shadow.
Referee: "Tentacruel is unable to battle!"
Shadow: "Grrrr...Return! Go Venomoth! Psychic!"
Venomoth throws Tauros into a wall.
Ash: "Rage!"
Tauros comes thrasing out of the wall and towards Venomoth.
Shadow: "Sleep Powder!"
Venomoth unleashes Sleep Powder but it doesn't attack Tauros because he is enraged. Tauros headbutts Venomoth straight into the air. Venomoth falls down a second later, unconcious.
Referee: "Venomoth is unable to battle."
Shadow withdraws Venomoth and sends out Seviper. Tauros attacks Seviper sending him flying into Shadow. Shadow withdraws him also and throws his last Pokeball and Nidoking emerges. Tauros charges towards Nidoking. Suddenly everything but Shadow and Nidoking freeze in place. Nidoking uses Hyper Beam, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam on Tauros and everything starts moving again. Tauros immediatly topples over.

Referee: "Tauros is unable to battle."
Brock: "What in the world happened?"
Max: "I have no idea..."
Blake (Satoshi) notices Nidoking is holding a glowing jewel.
Blake (Satoshi): "Oh no...(thinking: Somehow Nidoking must have manipulated the jewel...but what exactly did he do? And what is Shadow planning?)"

Ash: "Go Snorlax!"
Snorlax comes out and everything freezes again. This time Satoshi uses his power to make him immune to the jewel's power.
Satoshi: "He's freezing time..."
Nidoking uses Thunderbolt, Flamethrower adn Sludge Bomb on Snorlax and when time starts again, it faints.
Referee: "Snorlax is unable to battle!"
Announcer: "Both Shadow and Ash are down to one Pokemon each. But Ash's Pokemon have been mysteriously fainting. Did he forget to heal them at teh Pokemon Center?"
Ash: "Go Charizard!"
Shadow: "Hehehe..."

Hiroshi Sotomura
January 19th, 2004, 2:41 PM
Satoshi (Blake): "Hmmm... maybe if I could..."
Satoshi looks towards Ash.
Satoshi (Blake): "My own time freeze!"
Satoshi uses his hands, casts up, and everything, even Shadow and Nidoking, are frozen in time, except for him and Ash.
Ash: "What's going on?"
Satoshi (Blake): "Shadow's pulling a time trick on you. He freezes time so you can't see what he does, before your Pokmon faint instantly. He attacks the Pokmon before turn."
Ash: "What can we do?"
Satoshi: "We can switch. I'll make you look like me, and I'll look like you. I can be immune to such power, and I know how to deal with Shadow, just like before."
Satoshi winks. Satoshi runs to where Ash was just standing, and Ash runs to where Satoshi was sitting. Satoshi then becomes Ash, and Ash becomes Satoshi's previous form which was in the name of Blake.
Ash (Blake): "C'mon Ash! Do it for your friends!" (thinking: Funny when you actually root for yourself...)

Announcer: "Well well... can Ash do this? Or will his Pokmon meet the same fate as before?"

Satoshi (Ash): "Charizard!....."
Nidoking freezes time, but Ash, Satoshi, Charizard, Nidoking and Shadow aren't affected.
Charizard pulls a Fire Blast.

January 19th, 2004, 3:05 PM
Shadow: "What's going on? Surf now!"
Nidoking unleashes a torrent of water which stops Fire Blast.
Shadow: "Why aren't they frozen!"
Nidoking: "I did it right..."
Shadow: "Try again!"
Nidoking tries to freeze Charizard but it doesn't work.
Shadow: "Oh well, we'll just have to beat him with another strategy."

Nidoking starts to glow a light purple, the same color as the jewel, and he starts to float. He flies into the sky using the jewel's power and Charizard follows him. Nidoking use Hyper Beam, but Charizard counters with Flamethrower. Then Charizard uses a quick Dragon Rage to knock the jewel out of Nidoking's grasp. As Nidoking starts to fall, Charizard grabs him and Seismic Toss him into the ground and lands just as time starts again. Nidoking gets up and a Blizzard starts, but Charizard blows it all to Nidoking, freezing him. Nidoking then Fire Blasts Nidoking, melting the ice and sending him into Shadow.
Shadow: "What? There is no way I could have lost! My strategies were perfect! I can't lose! Noooo!"

Referee: "Nidoking is unable to battle! Ash Ketchum is the winner!"
Satoshi switches places and disguises with Ash.
Announcer: "After an extremly weird and eventful battle, Ash comes out the victor and will move onto the final match!"
Shadow pushes Nidoking off of him and gets up.
Shadow: "No! I can't lose! I won't lose! I'll defeat you! Prepare to die Ash Ketchum!"
Shadow pulls out a rocket launcher and Pikachu shocks it making it explode, sending Shadow balsting off.
Announcer: "Now for the final contest match! Jessie and her Dustox versus May and her Beautifly. Please report to the contest house in thirty minutes!"

~~5 minutes later at Shadow's base~~
Shadow and Nidoking falls through the roof, with Kent and Keith waiting for them.
Keith: "Well that went well. You got third place at the most."
Kent: "Don't worry. I'm sure there is a back-up plan. Right Shadow?"
Shadow: "Of course. We just steal it. Time to for you to do a job Keith. I need you to go get the jewel Nidoking dropped at the stadium. And if the twerps have already gotten it, then take it from their room tonight. The final battle isn't until tomorrow. And tomorrow we shall have all seven jewels. Then I will just have to get the special one from the other dimension."

Shadow pulls out a remote and pushes a button. He disappears and Keith leaves the room. Kent and Nidoking are left there alone.
Kent: "Uhh so do you have anything to talk about?"
Nidoking: "Not really."

~~Pocket Monsters Dimension~~
All of the colors are there torturing Neo and Kenan/Kamek. Shadow appears.
Shadow: "Hey guys. Know where to find a mythical stone capable of summoning a powerful Pokemon when with seven other jewels?"
Green: "I have it!"
Green pulls out a green, glowing, Pokeball-shaped jewel. Shadow snatches it.
Shadow: "Thanks!"
Shadow teleports away.

January 21st, 2004, 12:22 AM
BTW, plz refer Green as the boy next time....
Pocket Monsters Dimension

Red- What did you do that for!?

Blue- Wasn't my fault!

Green- Whatever it was, it isn't good

Gold- It isn't...

Silver- L et's go get them then!

Red- Ok... I know someone who cna open this Dimension traveller thing...

Red and Co. Travel back to Kanto...

Red- Sabrina...

Sabrina- I know what you are thinking of, now get in. *opens vortex thing*

Red and Co. get into Pokemon Dimension.


Red tumbles down, staring at his counterpart.

Green- LOOK! We're not in battle or anything right now, this guy we met before called Shadow just took some jewel off us!

Satoshi- Argh... Follow me!

Satoshi and Co. run after Satoshi.

They arrive at this big wall.

Satoshi- Just when I needed it. It separates us from Shadow's Base...

Red- I got it! Go Snorlax!!!!!!!

Snorlax- SNORE!

Red- Take down!

After numerous attacks.

Satoshi- Now we have to fly up there...

Red- GO Aerodactyl!

Green- Go Charizard!

Blue- Go Jigglypuff!

Yellow- Go Butterfree!

Gold- Go Mantine!

Silver- Go Murkrow!

Kris- Go Natu!

Ash- Go Noctowl!

May- Go Beautifly!

Blue- Ok, you can use the Legendary Birds... *summons them*


Shadow- ****.. they're gonna be here in any minute... *looking at surveliience camera*

Hiroshi Sotomura
January 21st, 2004, 4:24 AM
Sabrina: "Boy this place is strange. See you guys in 42 years... it'll be quick you know."
Ash: "What about your brother?"
Sabina: "Oh yeah... leave it to me and all these Pocket Monster Dimension guys..."

Shadow Inc. 1962
Shadow: "Let's see..."
Kent: "We're on our way to summoning. Time to steal that prize!"
Sabrina: "Not so fast, little brother."
Sabirina pops in from the front gate.
Sabrina: "Geez you don't need to get all hyped about it..."
Unfortunately, Red, Green, and the rest of the guys come in the door and step over Sabrina.
Shadow: "Unfortunately for you... my Psychic is able to control you, only not Sabrina..."
Shadow then speaks in a sarcastic voice.
Shadow: "She's stronger than me. Oooh ooh oooh."
Green: "Gimme my stone."
Shadow: "Here's a stone. Happy holidays! Mwahahahahaha!"
A giant rock comes and swoops at the gang, sending them away.

May: "I'm all ready to go!"
Ash: "Good luck, May."
Max: "C'mon! I know you can do it!"
May pats Max on the head and goes out.
Announcer: "We now go to the finals of the tournament contest! And here comes Jessie, and May!"
May: "Go Beautifly!"
Jessie: "Go beat that twerp... err... girl Dustox!"
Dustox flutters around staring at Beautifly. It stares back.
Judges: "Are you ready? I'll flip a coin! Choose your side!"
Jessie: "Tails never fails!"
May: "Awww... I wanted to say that..."
The judge toses his coin. It lands on heads.
Judge: "May attacks first. On the bang of the gun I'm holding now you start. 3.. 2... 1..."
The judge shoots and the shot hits a nearby balloon which then comes out a Swablu.
Announcer: "Here we go!"

January 21st, 2004, 2:09 PM
May: "String Shot!"
Jessie: "String Shot too!"
Both Pokemon fire String Shot and a giant bundle of thread appears in between them.
Jessie: "Psybeam!"
Dustox fires Psybeam making the bundle of String Shot explode into millions of pieces.
May: "Silver Wind."
Beautifly sends a glittering wind which makes all the pieces of String Shot start glowing as they fall.
Jessie: "Poison Sting!"
Dustox fires Poiosn Sting which gets stuck in the falling bit of String Shot making them grow a beautiful purple. Some Poison Sting goes through and hits Beautifly, poisoning it.
Referee: "30 seconds left!"
May: "Morning Sun!"
Beautifly starts glowing as it heals itself.
May: "Now Solar Beam!"
Beautifly fires Solar Beam hitting Dustox as the last bits of thread hit the ground.
Referee: "Time is up!"
Judge: "As the Beauty judge of Kaikoren, I declare May the winner!"

~~Shadow Inc. 1962~~
Shadow: "Now that does interdimension pests are in my prison, time to send them back..."
Shadow pulls out a remote and sends the Pocket Monsters Dimension people back to their dimension.
Kent: "Status report sir! May won the contest division."
Shadow: "Woo that is so important...."
Kent: "And Jake won his match and will fight Ash tomorrow at noon, then..."
Shadow: "The prize will be awarded and we can steal it."
Kent: "And something else that you definitly won't like..."
Shadow: "Try me..."

~~Shadow Inc's Secret Moon Base that is Under Construction 1962~~
Grunt: "We don't have to rush..We ahve until 2004 to finish this. And Shadow isn't even going to use it right away...."
Shadow (still on Earth and not through a radio): "WHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!"
Grunt: "Get to work! Faster! Faster!"

~~Shadow Inc. 1962~~
Shadow: "This dimension's Sabrina is here?!?! My real sister? Arrrgghhhh...... Where is she?"
Kent: "Exploring Kaikoren and finding out about the tournament and what you've been doing."
Shadow: "Well we can just ignore her until I get the last jewel. The contents of this will crush her. Hehehe..."
Shadow pulls out the jewel he stole from Green, and a low growl is heard from inside of it.

January 21st, 2004, 7:19 PM
Pocket Monsters Dimension

Green- Argh... We're in big trouble now... Shadow is gonna wreck this world...

Red- Only me and Green go then... we can split up and...

Blue- I know the trick!

Red smiled. He remembered how easily Blue stole Red's badges. Blue could replace the jewels with fake jewels.

Red- Ok... let's try this... DIMENSIONAL VORTEX! OPEN!

Green's Golducka and Alakazam concentrated hardly and a small vortex opened up.

Red- Get in!

Blue and Green Nodded. They jumped in and Red followed suite.

Yellow- I hope they're ok...

Grunt- Shadow... Those annoying Pocket Monster people are back... Again.

Shadow- WHAT!!!!!!!????????? *grabs remote and presses buttons but doesn't work*

Grunt- er... *sneaks awway*

Blue who was hanging on Jigglypuff swings into the room.

Blue- You want your remote???

Shadow- GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!

Blue- Get it then! *throws remote onto floor, breaking it*

Shadow- *evil laugh* I still have backups you know! *grabs backup remote*

Blue- Hmmm... I'm sorry sir, but it seems that you gave your backup to me earlier.

Shadow- WHAT!? How can you do so much stuff in one second?

Blue- Figure out yourself! *winks*

Back at some meeting area.

Ash- You again!?

Red- We came to get the jewels back. Here they are.

Green- I think you'll have mroe uses with the jewels. *hands bag of the jewels to Ash and Co.*

Blue- Well that's all, Mission Accomplished. Bye!

Red Green and Blue go back to their dimension.

Ash- Oh ****! My battle! It's about to start!

Hiroshi Sotomura
January 22nd, 2004, 4:54 AM
Shadow: "NO! Double-foiled!"
Kent: "Why don't we just go back there and get them back?"
Shadow: "Maybe..."
Kent: "I read in your diary about a dimension of dreams."
Shadow: "That entry?"
Kent: "Satoshi Tajiri's cane has a special knife built in it that tears a portal into that dimension."
Shadow: "How'd you find that out?"
Kent: "His office notes your minions picked up. The Shadows that bashed Masamitsu up."
Shadow: "I can wish them out of their posession?"
Kent: "Uh huh. Lucky Satoshi didn't notice THIS!"
He pulls out the cane.
Shadow: "That's earned you instant promotion..."
Shadow then gets the cane and tears a portal by swishing it in the air.
Shadow: "Mwahahahahaha!"

Stadium 2 - 20 minutes before Ash's battle
Ash: "Wait... let's investigate these jewels before my battle with Jake..."
Ash looks in his bag.
Ash: "They're G...GONE!"

Shadow: "Now... I wish for the Green Jewel!"
The green jewel comes into Shadow's hand.
Shadow: "Disable all the portals in the Pocket Monsters Dimension!"
A loud noise is heard.
Shadow: "And now... I wish for the jewel in the tournament!"
Queen of wishing: "It is protected by a force which disallows wishes."
Shadow bows to the queen of wishes and leaves.
Shadow: "Let's see the face of the Pocket Monsters Dimension guys.

Pocket Monsters Dimension
Green: "My stone!"
Red: "Where are the portals?"
Yellow: "Don't worry. I have teleport shards."
A projection from nowhere of Shadow appears nearby.
Shadow Projection: "There's no exiting the dimensions."
With this, Yellow gets mad.
Yellow: "Why you little..."
Red speaks over her to block her large swareword. He then pokes the projection, which is actually a portal opening with Shadow looking through it. Shadow responds with an "Ow".
Yellow: "GET HIM!"
Everyone comes in and stomps on Shadow, who stored all his stones in an electric cage that opens on his command only.
Sabrina comes in. She bashes Shadow, who teleports away.
Shadow: "You can ask dad about that. Unfortunately I can only do it once every 6 months, until I practise."
A cage falls on everyone, which Sabrina teleports out and teleports Shadow in.
Shadow: "Rockets! Duty!"
Some rockets come in and put a Psychic-unaffected force field on Sabrina.
Shadow's cage comes off.
Shadow: "There's no teleporting out of there..."

Ash: "Anyway, who cares. I don't need to bother with Shadow and his tricks at the moment."
May comes in.
May: "Good luck! If you lose, you still have second prize.. you've made it far..."
May gives Ash a small kiss, which Ash gets all fuzzy and paranoid.

January 22nd, 2004, 5:25 PM
Shadow: "Well that takes care of all of them. Keith!"
Keith walks in.
Keith: "Yes?"
Shadow: "They are delivering the last jewel to the stadium right now. You know what to do."
Keith: "Of course."
Kent: "Hey, when do I get my promotion?"
Shadow: "When we go back into 2004 when I have overthrown Giovanni..."
Kent: "You what?"
Shadow: "I've been altering the past, and therefore the present, here and there... So what?"

~~Main Stadium 11:55~~
Announcer: "Here we are, the moment you've been waiting for, the Final Battle of the Kaikoren Tournament!"
May: "Yay Ash!"
Brock: "You can do it!"
Max: "Don't mess this up like the Silver Conference!"
Gary: "We're counting on you!"
Shadow walks up and sits besides them.
Brock: "Shadow! What do you want?"
Shadow: "I want to see the match, so what? And there were no other seats, so don't think I'm sitting here by choice. I just want to see Ash lose."
Max: "How are you so sure? He beat you."
Shadow: "Haven't you seen his opponent? I guess you nitwits don't do any kind of research before battling. I seriously doubt monkey boy here could win. I had a perfect strategy for beating Jake, but I guess I won't be able to use it."

Jakes and Ash walk onto the center of the field and shake hands, then procede back to their sides.
Announcer: "As a special rule to the final battle, both trainers msut send out their first Pokemon at the same time."
Ash and Jake throw their Pokeballs. Totodile appears from Ash's Pokeball and Solrock appears from Jake's.
Announcer: "Totodile versus Solrock. This should prove to be a great match that Shadow is too lazy to type right now."
Referee: "Begin...."

Hiroshi Sotomura
January 25th, 2004, 1:15 PM
Ash: "Totodile! Water Gun!"
Tododile fires at Jake's Solrock, which hits and hurts.
Jake: "Solrock! Sunny day!"
Announcer: "Looks like Solrock has caused the sun to burn a lot more brighter! Better get your umbrellas, folks!"
Ash: "What is he planning? Totodile! Water Gun!"
Totodile fires again but as it gets closer, it evaporates, and when it reaches Solrock, only steam gets onto it.
Jake: "Solrock! Solarbeam!"
Announcer: "Oh THERE IT IS!"
The Solarbeam fires and hits Totodile, causing it to stay on the ground still.
Referee: "Totodile appears to be unable to battle. This goes to..."
Totodile jumps up.
Ash: "Totodile! You did good. Inside the ball."
Ash tries to recall Totodile, who actually pretended to have fainted.

May: "According to my camcorder, Totodile had actually avoided the blast!"
Max: "That is one, energetic Totodile."
Brock: " Yeah I know. It's helped Ash a lot in Johto..."

Ash: "Totodile! Water Gun!"
Totodile instead jumps in the air, and sends repeated blasts of water at Solrock, dealing lots of damage each time. It then whams a tackle at it.

Brock: "Amazing! Totodile is filled with Rage!"
May: "What's Rage?"
Max: "It's when a Pokmon gets filled with an attack for it and the power gets heavier the more it's hit each turn."

Totodile then uses it's tail and jumps in the air, continually using it to hit Solrock. It then bites it, causing it to faint.
Referee: "Solrock is unable to battle. Victory to Ash and Totodile!"

January 26th, 2004, 9:03 PM
Jake: "Go Regice!"
Ash: "Water Gun!"
Jake: "Ice Beam!"
Regice freezes the Water Gun all the way back to Totodile and it freezes him too.
Jake: "Now Focus Punch!"
Regice sits there for a moment. Then it punches Totodile clear into the sky. Totodile falls down, the ice breaks, and it faints.
Referee: "Totodile is unable to battle, Ash wins!"

~~Meanwhile near the stadium~~
An armored truck drives towards the stadium and Keith jumps out of a tree and onto it. Keith pulls out a special laser and uses it to cut a whole in the roof. Keith jumps in the whole and finds a safe.
Keith: "They put a safe in an armored truck? They really went all out...."
Keith pulls out a small device and puts it up to the lock and pushes a button. The little machine digs into the lock and unlocks it and the safe's door just swings open. The little machine jumps back into Keith's hand, and he puts it in his pocket.
Keith: "I've got to remember to thank Shadow for that thing."
Keith reaches in the safe and pulls out the final jewel. He then throws a Pokeball and a Ninjask comes out. Ninjask flies Keith out of the truck and towards Shadow's hideout.

~~Back at the Stadium~~
Ash: "Go Snorlax! Body Slam!"
Jake: "Superpower!"
Snorlax tries to land on Regice, but Regice stops it easily and throws Snorlax across the stadium.
Ash and Jake: "Hyper Beam!"
Snorlax and Regice fire Hyper Beam causing a massive explosion that doesn't hurt either of them.

Hiroshi Sotomura
February 19th, 2004, 9:58 PM
Ash: "Snorlax! Body Slam!"
Jake: "You're wasting your time."
As Snorlax comes towards Regice, who uses superpower, it flips around Regice.
Ash: "Hyper Beam NOW!"
Hyper beam comes out and hits Regice, causing it to faint.
Ash: "Yeah!"
Jake: "Not bad. Go, Espeon!"
Espeon comes out of the PokBall.
Jake: "Espeon! Psychic!"
Espeon's Psychic flips Snorlax over.
Jake: "Your turn to do the Body Slamming!"
The body slam hits and faints the floating tipped Snorlax.
Ash: "No!"

February 21st, 2004, 3:07 PM
Ash: "Go Charizard! Flamethrower!"
Charizard comes out and shoots flames at Espeon, who easily avoids them.
May: "Charizard already?"
Max: "Espeon is tough..."

Ash: "Again!"
Charizards uses Flamethrower but Espeon avoids it.
Ash: "Dragon Rage!"
Espeon jumps out of the way.
Ash: "Why can't Charizard hit it?"
Ash pulls out his Pokedex.
Pokedex: "Espeon, the evolved form of Eevee. Espeon can see it's oponents next attacks by reading air currents. It..."
An Ice Beam fires from under the stands and freezes the Pokedex and makes it fall to the floor. Then a Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Sludge Bomb, and a few Hyper Beams make it explode.
???: "Hehehe"

Ash: "O...K.... Charizard Seismic Toss!"
Charizard grabs Espeon.
Max: "That was weird...It didn't even try to dodge..."

Charizard gets ready to slam Espeon on teh ground, when it uses Psychic to switch places and slams Charizard into the ground, fainting it.
Referee: "Charizard is unable to battle."
Brock: "Charizard is gone so early, this is not good..."

Hiroshi Sotomura
April 11th, 2004, 4:44 PM
Ash: "Grrn... this is going to be really hard if I don't do something. Go, Swellow!"
Swellow comes out of the fall, and flies up with it's shift eye.
Ash: "Swellow! Swoop at the Espeon!"
Swellow swoops and whacks Espeon.
Jake: "Not bad. Espeon! Psychic control!"
Ash: "Swellow, dodge the beam coming for you."
The Psychic control beam comes out, but Swellow sees and dodges it.

Shadow: "Finally, I can go further in time and summon those fire Pokmon."
Kent: "Well then let's get this show on the road."
Sabrina: "You won't get away with this."
Shadow: "Oh yes I will."
Shadow: "Oh no you won't."
Shadow: "Oh yes I will."
Shadow: "Oh no you won't."
Shadow: "Oh yes I will."
Shadow: "Oh no you won't."
Kent: _
Sabrina then talks to Shadow psychically.
Sabrina (psychic): "Quit confusing your brain. And no you won't get away with this."
Shadow: "Oh yes I will."
Sabrina (psychic): "You won't."
Shadow: "I will."
Kent: "What the? It sounds as if he's repeating 'I will' again and again."

April 11th, 2004, 8:00 PM
Shadow: "I will....right now, hehehe..."
A blue beam fires at Sabrina from behind, freezing her, and Shadow's Nidoqueen steps forward.
Shadow: "Hehehe, I thought you needed to chill out Saby..."
Shadow is lifted off the ground and flung into the wall.
Shadow: "Ow, Venomoth Teleport!"
Frozen Sabrina is teleported out of the building.

Jake: "Use Swift!"
Espeon fires stars at Swellow, hitting it, and knocking it to the ground.
Ash: "Endeavor!"
Swellow makes Espeon lose as much HP as Swellow has.
Ash: "Now! Quick attack!"
Swellow flies back up and dives at Espeon knocking it out.
Referee: "Swellow wins!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
April 12th, 2004, 3:51 AM
By the way, I'll reply later, but I must declare that this story is now a twin story - only Shadow and I may post replies. Lately the plot of some stories has declined - normally it's been me and Shadow doing the stories anyway.

It just feels good when Shadow and I do a story together, and therefore this chain story will become the first.

Try adding your replies and we will ignore them (or Shadow [may] rid of them). Feel free to comment though!