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Ice demon
February 28th, 2004, 12:16 PM
I have decided to write a pokemon fanfic - i think they are really cool ^_^

My story is going to be in chapters and it may take some time for each one to come out - writers block [ hopefully i wouldn't get it]
I hope this story isn't overly bland, but i tried my best ^_^


English name Lapras
Japanese name Rapurasu
Species Transportation
Type Water/Ice
Just over 50 years ago lapras swam the seas around Johto and Kanto in the hundred of thousands, now there are less than 675 individuals in the wild. Up to 3 years ago 2 species of Lapras survived A fresh water specie and a salt water specie. Unfortunately the last individual of the fresh water group was last seen 3 years, living in an underground lake and it has now been confirmed that they are extinct in the wild. However the region was frequently visited by trainers and it is possible that it may have been captured.
Lapras are known to live in the warm coastal waters of the Orange Islands during the months of June to August, which they use as breeding grounds. The rest of the year the location of the Lapras is unknown. Lapras are highly social animals and travel in large groups, known as pods, with a single individual as their leader.
Lapras were driven to near extinction because of its oil and highly valuable shells and furthermore, trainers have captured Lapras, for years causing its numbers to decrease in the wild.

This is the story of the fate of a pod of Lapras and a Scientist who loved them :

There I was staring at the ceiling of my bedroom, wondering what new adventures awaited me once the sun broke the black roof of night and spread its radiant light across the bay; thats when I heard it, a heart wrenching cry. A cry uttered from a mouth only meant to sing the praise of the sea, but instead was forced into the shriek of fear and the sorrow of lost freedom.

I immediately jumped out of my bed and ran out of my house. I fell on my way and got my hand severely cut, but I didnt care I need to stop the screaming!.It was then I saw them, a pod of lapras tied by their necks, as a man walked back to his truck to retrieve what looked like a net.Then I realized what was going on - he was a poacher and meant to capture the Lapras for their abilities and even enslave them - forcing them to transport goods and people. I saw him draw closer to the Lapras and as he did so their crys got louder so loud that it was driving me insane, it was filling my head killing me from within. I need to get help! How could i allow my precious bay to see her children robbed from her - depriving her of that song of joy which bellows from their mouth, singing her praise for morning to night? But what could i do i was just a child???

I got up with a jump, as sweat ran down my face. I looked at the porthole as I tried to comfort myself with the sight of the young Lapras drifting near my boat, but it was no use the sound of the screams still haunted me.
My name is Professor Sammuel Stein and I am a researcher for the Devon Corporation, who has plans of assisting in the protection of the last remaining Lapras.
The dream which I just had has been tormenting me since I was a child, when I first witnessed the Lapras and when i try to comfort myself with thoughts of the Lapras free i think "Even if the Lapras were freed, they still could never be friends with humans." and that once again brings me down.


February 28th, 2004, 6:46 PM
Nice!*claps for you*Good start!Interesting.....I can NOT wait for mor!!!!^_^

February 29th, 2004, 8:11 AM
Great story! Need more.......**Goes into trance**

Ice demon
February 29th, 2004, 9:08 AM
Thanks for the input ^_^
I am going to add a legendary in....u should be able to figure out which one when u read the next installment.


It is morning now and I have just reached to the upper deck and begun observing the Lapras who I have followed for the last 4 years. I dont even look for them any more as I travel with them I am one of the pod as far as they are concerned.
As I looked at them, observing their markings and behaviour I fall into a trace as I see the Lapras mothers showering their babies with love and giving them undivided attention.
This is one aspect of the Lapras, which makes them so appealing the love they share among one another, a kind of love that I never will be able to fully appreciate.
Among the Lapras pod, which has held my attention for so long there is one individual who has captivated me from the time it, was born.
It is a baby that I have named Aurora because her dark blue colour is only fully captured by the blue colour in the aurora borealis, which I had seen during a visit to the northern most point of the Hoenn region, some 50 miles northwest of Mossdeep City.
Today Aurora was learning to dive. This ability is a necessary adaptation for her to learn, as it is the only way Lapras can find their favourite food under water sea grass.

She has spent at least 2 hours trying, but her bulky shell is a hindrance to her at this point in her learning process, but eventually she will develop a technique. Her mother is interacting with the leader of the pod, who has been given the name Spot by a previous scientist, who I took over from. I believe that name was given because of the large spot on his neck, but one can never tell.
The sea, which I am drifting in at this point in time, is some 5 km from the Seafoam Island, the very same island chain in which legendary pokemon have been spotted moving through the water as though flying how I wish to see one, but for now I am content on watching the Lapras.

Sometime around 9 oclock as I sat at my computer sharing the days observation with fellow scientists an email notification suddenly appeared at the bottom of my screen, with an Articuno image flying around it. This was curious as my friends usually post any messages on our website, so I decided that this was important and opened it immediately. The letter was from a friend who never reveals her true name to anyone, but prefers to go by the username VeNoM but I usually call her D55 as that is her assigned office number. The letter dealt with a disturbing new situation, which would change my entire life. This is the letter I received:


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Ice demon
March 5th, 2004, 7:33 PM
Dear Prof
It has now been revealed that a new operation is under way to exploit the resources of the seas around the Seafoam islands and east of the Cianwood city. This project is not being done under any regulations and worse yet it is suspected that the team leading the project is part of the Team Rocket group.
Please be advised that with such an organisation involved, trouble may be around any corner and I hope u will consider leaving your research and returning to the lab, until this is put to rest.
The field research team of the Devon Corporation is planning to take this new operation to court over their lack of authorization and haphazard methods, which could endanger the environment, so please dont worry.

Signing off

Little did D55 and I know more sinister motives were behind this new operation

It had been 2 weeks since I received the message and once again I was up on the deck of my boat but this time the sun was not shining and the air itself felt heavy as though waiting for something. I, however, could not let this mood bring me down as I had a job to do and with this new operation underway I had very little time to do it. By this time I had become very lonely and sort of home sick 6 months on the sea was no easy task, but I had to do it or I would jobless and broke.
Sometime around noon, as the Lapras were floating on the sea with out a care, Boom, a large noise broke the silence and almost immediately a wave, some 9 feet high, came roaring towards the boat, causing it to rise into the air at a dangerous angle and fall back to the sea with a deafening splash.
As I tried to regain by composure I saw out of the corner of my I a massive shadow move across the sea directly below the Lapras, but curiously they seemed to have either not seen it or they ignored it completely. I decided that they probably missed it and so continued with my work of cleaning up the mess, but all the while I went over the strange events that just took place and also wondered whether it was part of the new project Team Rocket was launching.
It was 3 0'clock when I finally finished my work of cleaning up when, before i knew it, a large gaping mouth breaks the water and clamped on to a Laprass flipper causing it to cry out in a flurry of pain!!

Sorry for its shortness didnt have time to get to the exciting bit ^_^.

March 6th, 2004, 2:27 PM
One thing:Me like, Me like, Me like, Me like, Me like, Me like, Me like!!!