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October 23rd, 2005, 7:58 AM
Misty http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/emespr/emespr370.png http://hyperpoke.free.fr/images/guides_des_jeux/rubis-saphir/pokedex/normal/180.gif http://marriland.com/phpbb/images/avatars/gallery/Pokemon/Politoed.gif

May http://home.ueab.net/aida/496.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v653/mnkboy907/munchlax.gif http://pokemoncrater.com/images/pokemon/Squirtle.gif

Delia Kecthum http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs280.gif

Sakura http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs341.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/emespr/emespr267.png

Who would win?

http://usuarios.lycos.es/pokefan/hpbimg/misty2.jpg http://members.fortunecity.com/pikachu112/may.gif[/IMG] http://www.serebii.net/anime/sakura.jpg http://acpeg.tripod.com/characters/mom3.jpg

October 23rd, 2005, 12:18 PM
Misty.Because Sakura is only a beginner trainer and Delia has Mr.Mime as a household helper(in other words,has no experience battling)

October 23rd, 2005, 12:31 PM
I think Misty becuase she has better pokemon and has more talents.

Crystal Clair
October 23rd, 2005, 12:48 PM
In a Pokemon battle: Misty
In a Pokemon contest: May or Misty, depending which Pokemon Misty chose
In a Beauty contest: Misty and Delia
In a cuteness contest: Misty, Delia and Sakura
In a smart contest: Misty
In a cool contest: Misty
In a tough contest: Misty
My opinion
Misty: Her hair, her figure, her Pokemon, everything especially her fiery spirit
May: cool girl, I kind of like her design and her Pokemon party is pretty awesome.
Delia: her cuteness, her Mr Mime, her hair, her house
Sakura: her hair color, her Espeon, her family and her house. I kind of hated Sakura at first but now she's okay.

October 31st, 2005, 9:48 AM
Misty may be the much better trainer, but May is prettier and has a much better personality.

November 3rd, 2005, 2:27 PM
I think Misty because she has much more experiance as a trainer. Though May might stand a chance at winning. As for who character wise, Misty still wins.