View Full Version : I decided to put my deck o.o

October 25th, 2005, 8:49 AM
Because I saw someone else do it in this forum, so yeah

Walectric Deck


Rocket's Meowth (Team Rocket Returns) x1
Persian EX (Unseen Forces) x1
Shellder (Fire Red/Leaf Green) x1
Cloyster (Fire Red/Leaf Green) x1
Holon's Electrode (Delta) x1 (Yeah I went to a Prerelease)
Electabuzz (Unseen Forces) x1
Eevee (Unseen Forces) x1
Mareep (Team Rocket Returns) x1
Flaaffy (Unseen Forces) x1
Ampharos (Holo) (Unseen Forces) x1
Espeon (Holo) (Delta) x1
Rocket's Raikou EX (Deoxys) x2
Nincada (Deoxys) x1
Ninjask (Holo) (Deoxys) x1
Azurill (Delta) x1
Feebas (Hidden Legends) x1
Milotic EX (Emerald) x1
Beldum (Delta) x1
Metang (Delta) x1
Metagross (Holo) (EX Delta) x1
Rayquaza (Holo) (EX Delta) x1


Switch x2 (one Fire Red/Leaf Green, one EX Delta)
Pokball (Unseen Forces) x1
Life Herb (Fire Red/Leaf Green) x1
Energy Switch (Fire Red/Leaf Green) x1
Mr. Stone's Project (Emerald) x1
Celio's Network (Fire Red/Leaf Green)
Holon Farmer (Delta) x1
Professor Elm's Training Method (Unseen Forces) x1
Wally's Training (Emerald) x1
Lanette's Net Search (Emerald) x1
Strength Charm (Deoxys) x1
Curse Powder (Unseen Forces) x1
Holon Research Tower (Delta) x1
Boost Energy (Deoxys) x2
Scramble Energy (Deoxys) x1
Dark Metal Energy (Team Rocket Returns) x1
Darkness Energy (Emerald) x1
Steel Energy x4 (one Emerald, 1 Unseen Forces and 2 Delta)
Water Energy x3
Lightning Energy x12

Rate it and tell me if it needs improvements o.o