View Full Version : You know you're bad at SM64 when...

October 31st, 2005, 4:58 AM
Well, you know how it goes.

You know you're bad at SM64 when...

1. You think Pink Bob-Ombs are bad, and you think that Black B-O's will give you 1-UPs.
2. You think that Bowser is your best friend, but you think that Yoshi is your arch-rival (and is evil).
3. You try to jump on Chuckya to splat and defeat him like Goombas.
4. You try finding Wario in this game (he's actually in SM64 DS, but we're talkin' about N64 version here).
5. You think that there is actually 500 courses in this game.

So, let's post another "ideas"!