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November 6th, 2005, 6:01 AM
Some art, made my me, continue of the thread never replied!

I will place URL's because IMG tags consume all the air we need to breath!

Let's start with the Oekaki's art, since the Pixel art is attached!

Dragonite, the World carry (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/1029.png)
Flareon, the fire breather (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/999.png)
Umbreon, the wierd jumper (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/993.png)
Jirachi, the problems of exagerating the shading (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/948.png)
The tree, the sun and the noisy lil' Diglett (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/941.png)
Pelipper, the fisher-bird on waves (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/843.png)
Trapinch, the desert uber-ness (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/860.png)
Ekuayshe, the equatorial fish (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/925.png)
Cleffa, the problems of the pose (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/837.png)
Ivysaur, wierd drawing, good painting (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/814.png)
Lanturn, the light of the depths (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/829.png)
Pendulum Natura, the forces of Nature awaken (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/724.png)
Totodile, the "Not that bad!" critical hit (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/660.png)
Houndour, the mortal hateness (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/678.png)
Shiny Barboach, the worst cell shading ever (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/544.png)

Hope you have liked my pics, the pixel paintings are attached!
C&C, welcome!

PS: I accept requests, but have patience, and I can't draw everything!

November 6th, 2005, 7:11 AM
Hi QFred! ^-^

Hope you don't mind, but I voted "Good... meh" minus the "... meh". I think the linework on a few of them could be improved, though some of the lines were really nicely drawn like the Lanturn, and the Umbreon and such. Though the linework Totodile and Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu ones could use some work. ^^ You must be using the Bezier tool on some of them; I'd continue using that (I can't use that thing for beans, my congrats if you can >.>). Colors are great, the shading's alright, though sometimes it can be a bit messy. Sometimes the anatomy of some of the pokemon is off a bit such as the Totodile and the Barboach and the Houndour, though on some you have no problem, like the Ivsaur, and the Umbreon and the Lanturn. I think that with practice though, you can get much better in every aspect. ^-^

But they are most certainly cute and colorful and I like some of the effects in them, the shining Lanturn lights, and the moon and shading on the Umbreon one are really good! I think you've just got to keep practicing, and you'll be up to "uber cool" in no time. ^-^

And no one ever replied in your old thread? How sad... ;_;

Forest Grovyle
November 6th, 2005, 7:30 AM
Heya QFred! ^_^ Nice art you have here! :D
I think the lineart is generally good - you look like you're using the bezier tool, which is great! The lines are a bit shaky in places but you definitely have a good basis here. ^_^

The shading is a bit messy; my advice is that if you want to do watercolour shading, work in small details rather than using huge brushes. :) A good thing to do if you want to do watercolour cel-shading is to do the outline of the shading first and then shade up to your lines, so it's nice, even and solid.

It's really good that you're attempting backgrounds, as they're one of the hardest things to do! I suggest putting a bit more detail into your backgrounds, as they generally seem a bit blurred and rushed - spend as much time on the background as you do on the foreground! ^_^

You definitely have talent - keep up the good work! :D


November 6th, 2005, 10:10 AM
Thanks for the comments! I apreciatte that artists like yourselves are telling good thng about my art!

I'm always improving a bit more, I sence!

Hero of legend
November 6th, 2005, 10:35 AM
Could you make me a Shiny Jirachi one with the exact same pose as the sprite I showed you before?

November 6th, 2005, 12:22 PM
Aw thats always cool that you get requested in theses hings, ^^ kinda like the majority telling you your doing a good job =D.

Oh back to the question, I said other cause all together I am ranking all the works I have seen from you, a little of everything above the Average... But not bad at all is different on each of your works. Your most laitest is really cool but some of the past ones needed a little work . While at the same time your shading and time used on each image is thus far getting longer and more desided as you work ^^ I think your doing pretty well but I'm not sure you need me to tell you that with the request you have on your hands now ^^ Good luck.

November 6th, 2005, 1:25 PM
Thanks so much for the comment! I apreciate it very much!

And Hero of legend, I'll try!