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November 6th, 2005, 6:46 PM
Wheeee! These are my works of art that I've done in the Oekaki. Any comments, appreciated.
My Videogame Character-Sid (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/1134.png)
'Nother Dragon (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/1089.png)
Weird Charmeleon (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/1044.png)
A Dragon Named Guardian (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/1022.png)
My Charizard, Kaito, As An Ice Type (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/741.png)
Shadgon Heartless (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/734.png)
What I get for Listening to KH music. Alot. (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/729.png)
One of my Characters, Sirrus (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/720.png)
-_- (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/716.png)
Kaito-ruto! (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/709.png)
Anime-ish Self-Portrait (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/702.png)
Rainbow Ho-oh/Dragon (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/669.png)
Random Umbreon-Based-Person-Thing (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/625.png)
THE Midnight Dragon! (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/621.png)

Cybex Mewtwo
November 7th, 2005, 4:19 AM
These are pretty good. That heatless one was a little hard to see.....but then again my brightness is low. XD

November 7th, 2005, 8:28 AM
Hey, those are great! It's been a long while since I've done an Oekaki. Wanted to do a Halloween one... but I guess I'll have ta' settle for a Christmas one. -_-; Anyway, I like your style! Things are cute and kinda chibi-ish. I especially like the one with the dragon thingy that's all dark and red and stuff. ^^; And KH music is awesome!!! Oh if I had my computer with me at school I'd be listening to it right now. ^-^

*is dying from waiting for KH2 to come out already* Must... have... KH2... @[email protected]

Ahem, anyway, keep up the Oekaki!

November 10th, 2005, 11:58 AM
Oh cool ^-^ your oekaki work reminds me of pokemonMasters befor it closed o_o God it's been at least three months since I've drawn alot on oekaki, the computer GIMP is nice but I wanna go back soon T_T maybe when I grad for this year I can work all winter in oekaki.

I really like the weird Char for some reason o.o I think it's cause the idea of such musle on charmeleon is inspiring and gives a sence of justice?

The blue dragon almost looks like a Shoyru from Neopets and looks very happy =D I love the posing in most of your pictures. And that shadow Heartless you made would Rock in a Kingdom heart game *_* I can imagen that thing blasing threw my door any day XD.
Your human drawings are also very nice and the style is overall apealing =3 very nice work, I didint know you used oekaki this much ^_^Awesome.

I'm cerious at the moment o.o but how long was your longest oekaki?

November 10th, 2005, 4:53 PM
I'm cerious at the moment o.o but how long was your longest oekaki?

Kaito-Ruto at 80 mins, but I couldn't think of what to draw.