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March 3rd, 2004, 11:08 PM
Congratulations. Your one step closer to reading the best fan fiction i have ever written. Its still under construction since its a rather large project of mine. Its a simple story, and a complex one in some aspects. Regardless, its a nice read. I hope you like it half as much as i enjoyed writing it.

Comments are welcome, particularly critism since i havent had ANY yet. There must be something wrong with this fiction.
if not... then *Shrugs* just as well. I spent a long time writing this. No further delays... heres the first couple of chapters of the first installment of Dragonagi.


Chapter 1 : Disturbances
The hype about his past and scrutiny about his appointment as 'Blue Dragon Knight' at such an early age hardly stirred a reaction from Valthor. His rank was irrelevant. He cared not for how he was perceived but how he was remembered in the times to come. 'Titles don’t mean anything’ he'd tell himself. 'Its pokemon who work so hard and earn the praise that's given to me'. Heh…as if his pokemon didn’t know. They knew how unfair he was being to himself.

He strolled the hallways, his loyal dark blue and black pokemon in tow, on his way to rest his mind and body after a tough, and by Dragonagi Light's standards, surprisingly physical examination. He wore the traditional Dragonagi garb. When Valthor went out on missions he preferred to wear the fitted white uniform of the Dragonagi with his rank subtly sewn on the left wrist of his long white sleeve. His hair was a short black with dark blue flecks and splotches to represent his love for his favorite pokemon.

The obstacle course had evidently been upgraded for his skills test. He was used to these little adjustments on his behalf and adapted accordingly. He passed a somber looking high ranked agent who greeted him excitedly as he walked.

"Hey, Valthor. I was in the Viewing Station during that last test. Unbelievably cool work in there! I hope I get to work under you one day. Keep that kind of foresight up and you'll be able to stop saluting me and all the other asses in here who think they’ve earned their stripes the hard way." He was jesting of course. No one earned anything in Dragonagi unless they worked their asses off. You have to make 'Pokemon Master' status before they start to even consider you as a potential recruit to undergo training as an 'Agent' in the Dragonagi Light Organization.

Looking back on it, Valthor seemed to recall his days of freelance training and random battling as his easiest. Each and every 'agent' in Dragonagi Light was a well-oiled pokemon battling machine once they finish their initiation. And most go on to greater things within the Agency. Much greater. Dragonagi is all about evolving and self-improving and it always allows its agents this opportunity.

Valthor settled down on his well-kept bed and dwelled on his first life. His past life. He remembered his upbringing on the farm in Gedyn all those years ago. A terrific way to grow and learn life's little ups and downs. His parents were successful but humble farmers, always teaching him the values and morals of an honorable and fulfilling lifestyle. It wasn’t until he was five that he received his very first pokemon. A puppy Houndour. And not just that, a very special Houndour. Classed as a shiny specimen, because where its beautiful short black and red striped coat should have been there was instead a series of dark marine blue stripes. Beautiful to look at.

One day while walking through the surrounding hills, the adventurous boy came across a terrifying and particularly menacing Pinsir intent on doing harm. His valiant pokemon bounded between the foe and his master and roared his defiance with the ferocity of one that has everything to lose. The bug type pokemon did not feel like dying that day and fled before he was roasted and toasted. From that day on the houndours endless courage earned him the name Valor.

'Heh… and how would that Pinsir fare now I wonder?' Valthor thought as he recalled his first meeting with Dragonagi Light. It was shortly after he'd defeated the Elite four and Lance four years ago. No one who battled himself and Valor walked away without a burn. It was a fun time… but he always needed more challenges in his life. He easily dispensed with the Elite four and was quickly acknowledged by the Agency. They had watched him closely over the past few weeks at that time of his life. They had no restrictions on age. It was strictly skills based assessment only and Valthor had more than they had ever seen before.

He was eighteen now and so far the youngest ever Agent to make it this far up the rankings and make it look so easy but back then the world was his battle dojo. He was a largish man now, about six feet tall and athletic in build. He was naturally athletic, but if he weren't, then the regime in the Agency would quickly make him so. It was a physically demanding lifestyle.
He remembered how he was approached by Lance after his victory ceremony in the Pokemon League. One by one he beat the Elite four to a pulp and then valiantly defeated the charismatic and entertaining Lance. The swarming media entered with blinding flashes and annoying microphones. Then life developed into a confusing couple of years. First of all, the reporters and photographers had some how been distracted by a beautiful young trainer (who he had every intention of talking to, she was very hot) tripping over and twisting her ankle directly in front of the gathered news people. As he dwelled on how beautifully black and long her hair was, Lance pulled him to one side as the camera crews and reporters had their backs turned. He thrust a rolled up scroll into the bewildered trainers' pack and whispered privately in his ear...

"Take this and show no-one. Trust nothing until you complete the instructions in here. Delay not and good luck. I won't see you again for a long time, Brad, but you will have to greet me when you see me again." Of course none of it made sense then. But as he followed the instructions precisely and without delay he was quickly beginning to open his eyes to some of the possibilities.

With the 'D' neat and boldly painted on his hotel window in the slimy white paint the instructions suggested he use, he waited and waited then waited some more for something to occur. Then as he sat down on his bed staring at the bland and boring artwork he’d produced, his eye caught something dark directly next to him. He attempted to jump and stand up to this unexpected challenge but before he could flinch, the assailant was upon him and had him pinned in a fluid and skilled motion. It was the girl with the beautiful jet-black hair. She was dressed in a completely black fitted uniform now. He noted six pokeballs strung neatly in small black pouches along her left thigh and how compact her ninja jumpsuit was clinging to her body complimentary to her figure.

"My name is Larissa. If you want to truly live the rest of your life as a pokemon trainer then you will remain silent for the duration of what I have to say." She sounded so serious and so deadly to him, a tone that matched her ninja like dcor. She seemed like the kind of person who knew how to handle herself. He dared not even breathe loudly during the short, informative speech she had to give him. Not after that opening. They were directions of course. She said she was to escort him to something she kept on referring to as his "opportunity for a real challenge". How intriguing it was for him. Could this be something he couldn’t achieve? It seemed so…. deep and serious.

Whatever it was, he felt it wouldn’t beat him. It couldn't. He would ride this unexpected wave until it broke as waves always did in the end. Well he'd been riding this particular wave for over four years and it only grew with every breath he took. The Dragonagi Light Agency was a wander to behold when he first entered its secret halls and hi tech ways. 'How could something so big, so important be so easily concealed?' he remembered asking himself when he first arrived along with about thirty other fresh raw recruits. Everything there was futuristic and hard. It was not a dwelling of comfort, but of efficiency, economy and above all, tradition. There must have been billions of Gedyn dollars invested in this place. Dragonagi Light was an organization designed centuries ago, when pokemon were first discovered and evil was first sensed, stirring about and scheming ways of harming our beloved Pocket Monsters. It exists to protect and serve pokemon in any way and every way it can. But to do this effectively, it remains a secret to this day.

He recalled how amazed he was at being one of the three recruits successful in passing the five days of initiation examinations out of the thirty who began them. One of the other passing trainers was his very best friend and most trusted source on Kanto, Johto and Houen celebrities, Miguel, who will be explained later. He's very cool, believe me.

Valthor woke early that morning and dwelt on more recent events, about two years later to this present. The past few days had been a little inconsistent with what he’d been used to. Two days ago he was training (and leading the class by far) for a 'Reconnaissance; level 5' badge, the highest level achievable. When midway through the final practical exercise a veteran agent stopped proceedings to ask the instructor if he could take Valthor to be briefed on a ‘mission’ back at the main compound. It couldn’t wait?! Three more minutes and the badge was his! How annoying.

He was taken to a briefing room where he found several other trainers including Miguel and a few others. He was particularly knowledgeable about them due to their reputation as the top percentage of young agents. They were seated sporadically and looking as annoyed as he felt about their studies being interrupted. He noted the two things all ten trainers in the room had in common straight away. All were young and all were very lethal in the field. It was rare to have them all in the same place at the same time this way. Miguel greeted Valthor and bade him to sit next to him for the up-coming news or whatever was coming. Valthor was relieved a friend was here too.

chapterrrr 2, just a few inches lower...

March 3rd, 2004, 11:12 PM
To this day Miguel had never lost his knack for comical sarcasm at the most inopportune moments. Countless times he had received the honor of 'floor polishing' duties for his untimely remarks often hissed behind a ranking officer's back just one or two octaves too high. There were never enough steel metal walls or floors or even roofs to polish in the Dragonagi complex for a lecturer to point at. Miguel had been well acquainted with most of them. He was just a guy with his own views.

Miguels’ real strength (away from Pokemon and polishing) was his immediate relationship with PC's. And here Valthor had always naively thought a PC was useful for only storing Pokemon and items of importance. For years before he had been initiated into Dragonagi, Miguel had been entertaining himself by hacking into assorted major firms and simply enjoying the views of success his talent allowed him, perhaps even using his high intellect to point out flaws in the firms’ security and how to fix it. Many low life hackers felt this was unjust and unfair but Miguel earned his way by updating online security systems this way. He enjoyed his skills on the PC almost as much as training Pokemon. Now eighteen like Valthor, Miguel wore a long full-length heavy black leather coat, which he preferred over any of the uniforms Dragonagi supplied, of which there were many. Miguel was very fashion conscious and always dressed sharp and cool. He wore his black leather coat over a grassy green jump suit. His hair was also black with green stripes, since it was his favorite color.
Miguel had an especially advantageous talent when it came to his Espeon. He possessed an unusual psychic link with his Espeon and used it in battles. They communicated without effort and amongst other things, this skill permitted him to know what other pokemon were saying. They would speak in their own language and then Espeon would translate for him, since it understood, being a pokemon itself. His induction into Dragonagi Light was assured because of this and he enjoyed knowing his bond with Espeon guaranteed his inclusion. The hierarchy of the agency immediately noted his one-off talents and has kept a very close eye on him for a long time. He has always blossomed under the guidance of the Dragonagi laws and traditions. His onfield work has always been flawless and incredibly precise.

Next to Miguel sat another highly impressive trainer and agent, Erinn. Many an agent had a strong crush on her, as she was both very pretty and very nice.

Erinn was another recent recruit of the Agency and has been watched even closer since her burst on the pokebattling scene. Her awareness and foresight on the battleground at her young age was very hard to avoid noticing. Everyone who had met her understood that here was a trainer who was mature beyond her years. All who had battled her were now well aware of her passion for victory.

Born and raised on a small isolated town in Gedyn (a land far away from Kanto over a vast and violent sea), Erinn knew that from the day she received her first pokemon that she was destined for big things. She’d studied in the towns’ tiny library and worked very, very hard to understand the ways of the magical beasts called Pokemon. She became a little known hurricane in that town, destroying all the local small time trainers in no time at all. By the age of eight she’d been so competent and determined to improve and experience everything life with pokemon had to offer, she’d left for a journey around Gedyn.

Four beautiful and very progressive years of discovery later, she’d accomplished the most difficult tasks offered with apparent ease. Others took lifetimes to finish what she had done. She was a prodigy to the Agency. Defeating all eight Gym Leaders in the region, Erinn left Gedyn and mysteriously disappeared for two short years to perfect her art. Her return was eagerly awaited and quickly noticed by Dragonagi. She was quickly offered a place in the Agency, which she accepted. Her meteoric rise to stardom was complete, albeit a secret one. At just fourteen and a half, Erinn was the youngest agent ever. A remarkable feat.

Once in the Agency she continued her development as both a trainer and an individual. She's rewarded the agency with many remarkable exploits in the short two years she has been there. Erinn didn’t feel she worked any harder than the next trainer did, and she'd be right. At just sixteen, Erinn was simply a star, meant for the line of work the Agency supplied for her.

She smiled pleasantly at Valthor as he sat in the swivel egg chair between Miguel and her. Valthor noted her cool reflective white and light blue battling outfit. It was custom made for her by the tailors at the Agency and it comfortably wrapped around her slim frame.

No one in the room seemed to know anything about what was going on. If you were to ask Valthor, the dark wasn’t always the worst of places to be in. If only the world knew what the agents of Dragonagi Light were privy to knowing. 'Sometimes it's better to live in ignorance' thought Valthor. The world of pokemon wasn’t all black and white, as most would be led to believe. Pokemon-related crimes were becoming more and more complex and co-ordinated. Admittedly, the agency was responsible for the ultimate demise of the infamous Team Rocket, who themselves were responsible for some of the worst atrocities committed. But since their fall other more heavily funded and sickly organizations have risen to take their place. Valthor was unlucky to have missed out on Giovanni's demise. It would have been a sweet victory for the Agency and cool to watch.
Xvax stalked the halls alone with his thoughts as his entourage of officials and executive agents followed him, continually pumping the 'Head Director' with updates and input he seemed to effortlessly file away in the back of his mind ready for extraction whenever he pleased. He wore his office suit roughly tucked in and his tie barely tied. His short trimmed beard was getting out of control. He was an incredibly busy and important figure in the Agency and well respected for the thorough job he always performed. Director Xvax never took 'no' for an answer and never ever showed mercy to new recruits, as Valthor seemed to remember vividly. He was easily one of the more scary members of the agency and was often avoided by those below him.

His thoughts this morning as he approached the briefing room were deeply depressing. The recent events had not made sense until just a few days ago. Even now there was no solid evidence that it was even possible. Just thinking about it was enough to make the man shake uncontrollably. 'It wasn’t possible. It just couldn’t be. How could Kurt be so ambitious and so careless?'
“Director, is everything okay?” quietly asked one of his closer and more wary assistants. He grunted his reply and nodded as the door to the theatre containing the alert young field agents was approached.

His thoughts continued their saddening path. ‘Surely these disturbances in the land have been misunderstood. Our information must be misinterpreted. But what if it was somehow achievable? Could they truly be caught so fast? Surely not all of them? But the evidence was all over the place. It was everywhere his outside eyes were looking. Nature’s balance was spiraling out of control. There was, as the agency chose to call it, a Disturbance in the world, of such a magnitude that only one thing could have caused it. It simply couldn’t be.’

He quickly cleared his mind and composed himself, then burst into the theatre. His party of followers followed suit and stood to one side as he surveyed the onlooking Agents.

Valthor quickly realized the Director was not his usual self. It was evident to him from the new sweat mark on the side of his pants where he had wiped a nervous hand. Director Xvax seemed deeply rattled but was doing a good enough job to hide it from most of the Agents in the room. What could be effecting him so much? He's never like that.

“Greetings all of you! I’m sure you're all intrigued about what this particular briefing is all about. Well, let me tell you that all your hard work and determination in the field has paid off! You're all being considered for a top priority mission. What I have in store for you all should be a walk in the park and indeed a thorough lesson on just how much you have learned here at Dragonagi Light since enlisting. I have personally selected all of you here today because of your particular skills in a pokemon arena! All of your records show how successful you are at battling in a tournament styled situation. Most of those records are phenomenal! The rest, simply unbelievable!"

"Another factor in your particular selection for this mission is your age. Dragonagi always looks to the future and this instance is no different. We believe that sending more mature agents on such a mission when we have such great talent at our disposal would be an insult to you and us. But do not get big headed yet. Only four of you are going. And six are staying! Its up to you who does what. Your fate is in your own hands, such has always been the way here. Upon qualification for the mission and elimination of the six, your mission details will be given, but no sooner."

"Qualification examinations will be sectioned off in four categories! First will be an updated mental examination designed specifically for the mission. Each question will be aimed at chiseling away those confident smiles of yours and cracking open your little heads! Second will be the newly designed obstacle course. Over a million bucks went into that thing and let me assure you its no picnic! Most of it is hi tech and highly dangerous if you haven't got your thinking cap on. Pokemon are allowed in the course. Thirdly you’ll be assessed on your individual, that’s no Pokemon, solo recon and infiltration. We need to know that you’re still sharp enough to get yourself out of a sticky situation. With no use of a Pokemon, it promises to be my favorite section. And lastly but definitely not least of all, a round robin event of pokemon battle between all of you! You’ll be competing against each other so don’t get too chummy! Good luck and get some sleep. You’re all going to need it!” He wasn’t joking.

Dragon Man
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I know it's quite rude to post in a FanFic but I had to say this: THIS STORY ROCKS!!!

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Ack a solitary fan.. and an enthusiastic one... *Ponders suspiciously....* I'll pay you soon. I digress, the story....

It was definitely not the most inspiring speech Galita had ever heard. He remembered it like it was yesterday. Assessment before a mission was not unusual for the Director to issue. But such extensive examinations? It seemed overboard by the standards the Agency normally dealt. Four parts? And what was with Xvax’s body language? It provoked immense curiosity in Galita to even think the Director could be, what…. Afraid of something? Most unusual indeed.

Galita reveled in the qualifying rounds during the ensuing week. It was a chance to showcase his tremendous skills. As far as Dragonagi was concerned there was nothing that compared to the raw power contained in this sixteen year olds’ pokemon. He was one of the people described as a phenomenon in the theatre. The air positively sizzles with every command he gives to his loyal pokemon in battle. His just and true nature and transparent respect for his opponents has always put him in good stead with other agents, high ranked and otherwise. He wore a striking dark blue and black Dragonagi uniform that covered him from neck to foot. His spiky hair was a sharp silvery color. He was extremely popular amongst other agents for his cool ways and cool talk.

The following morning he quickly maneuvered through the mental examination placing sixth out of the ten that were competing for the mission. He recalled how easily Erinn beat everyone for first place with exactly 100 percent. Amazing! The test was difficult for him and the toughest part of the qualification process, as far as he was concerned. It was the lowest placing he received in that week. It went very up hill from there.

He vowed to try harder even if it killed him. He was going on this mission and that’s all there was to it. His results quickly went up when he blitzed the Obstacle course. The course was seriously hard core and required split second reflexes and quick thinking just to simply survive. It was like it was made for him. It was just the kind of action he needed after being couped up in the examination room for that four-hour test. Ugghh, how it dragged on! Galita couldn’t stand being stuck indoors for too long. He positively flew through it, placing second behind a triumphant Miguel, who teamed up with that Espeon, was unbeatable.

The Solo event was a particularly close and tough encounter where you had to work alone without the aid of pokemon to infiltrate a heavily guarded complex. It was a maze of different rooms, hallways and traps, and the goal was to steal a flag from the center chambre. The tricky part for Galita was that final chambre that was a giant room in itself with a small polished glass cabinet in the very centre of it containing the flag. 'I think Miguel polished that glass.' It was deliberately made almost impossible to achieve.

The place was crawling with guards but they were all on the ground with the flag so he approached the problem differently to everyone else. He filled the sprinkler piping on the roof with a highly acidic liquid he found from a barrel in an outside storage room earlier. Then he set off the fire detectors resulting in a stinging and in some cases almost blinding rainy mist falling upon those poor lads below. They really should have invested in some protective eye goggles or something. And just in case he missed some of them, he threw some precision placed smoke grenades around the flag podium perimeter. He successfully swung down on his flying fox style rope-gun and retrieved it, escaping in good time. And he only placed third for that exercise! Imagine what second (Erinn) and first placing (Valthor) did to do better. These guys were off the charts!

The last section of testing was certainly not easy and to win was an awesome accomplishment. Galita defeated Valthor in a stunning display of tactical and offensively perfect battling in the pokemon battle arena final. Galita wandered if the mission was going to be a pokemon tournament. It sure seemed that way. But all this other testing was making him wonder. Maybe it might be a little more complex than that.

All four qualifiers were to rest at night and the next morning, arrive at the briefing theatre for their mission details. Valthor was there first, followed by Erinn, Galita and Miguel. Director Xvax arrived on time and alone. His arriving without those noisy officials and executives behind him was an indication of the importance the meeting had. It was a priority mission briefing and no one other than those who needed to be there could hear what was said. Xvax looked very tired as he started.

“It’s good to see you all fresh and rested! Congratulations on qualifying for this mission. I had expected as much from you four.” They all puffed out their chests in pride as they sat in the swivel egg chairs. Commendations were always a welcome rarity. “You will be dispatched to Gedyn! There you will participate in the ‘Gedyn Star Pokemon Arena Tournament’! It’s rumored to be the biggest of its kind anywhere! We have been informed Code Gravity is intending on participating. At all costs you must not allow those misfits victory. The prize has been rumored to be a rare and beautiful pokemon. We are under the impression it will be a baby shiny Dratini, the little dragon. The trophy is also of immense value. When the Code Gravity team has been beaten, they will surely attempt to steal the Dratini and the trophy. Protect both at all costs. Ensure their safety and then await further instructions. Questions.” he prompted the excited foursome.

Erinn was first in to ask. “Director, Gedyn is far. The trip will be long and time consuming. How long do we have until the tournament begins and how do we register?”
“You have been registered to participate already. It starts in exactly three weeks from today. You’re expected to arrive at least one day in advance. You have time to dawdle Erinn. Don’t panic” he replied jovially, enjoying her intelligent question.
“When do we leave, Director?” asked Miguel curiously, trying to hide his excitement at finally leaving the Dragonagi compound. It had been about two months since his last field assignment and he was getting sick of polishing.
“Sunrise. Also, remember to stay anonymous for the journey. You’ve all been here long enough to respect the rules we have here. Remain a shadow, don’t interact unless absolutely necessary. Battle only when necessary. Avoid notice. If there's a problem, return a pokemon here at Dragonagi HQ with the new distress code word attached. Remember to be wary of Code Gravity. They are a ruthless organization, known for their petty crimes and mistreatment of pokemon. They will not be happy to know you are going so be careful.” He paused for further inquiries. “Nothing else? Dismissed.”

Xvax watched them all leave soberly. They were his very best. There was no doubting it. He wished there were another way. He hated concealing the truth from those people he genuinely liked. Sometimes his job was unbearable. At times like these it was just heart breaking.

March 5th, 2004, 12:43 AM
His ultra lightweight steel armor glinting in the fresh morning sunlight, Senga quietly snikkered to himself. His source had been well informed. The representatives from Dragonagi had indeed left that morning. Their tracks were still under an hour old on the path he’d been directed to. His metal boots and steel war helmet reflected the sunlight over his three companions as he turned to them. He viewed them with his hi tech vision enhancing visor. Only his ear to ear grin could be seen under it. His was a spectacular piece of machinery and a very useful one.

“Lets go.” Was all he needed to say to his team. Each one more deadly than the other. None more so than himself. With his futuristic garb and polished accessories, it was a well-known fact his uncompromising style of pokemon battling had rewarded him dearly. With not only his high rank, well above that of his unit, but the flashy outfit from the highly funded pokemon scientists who specialized in pokemon technology and development within his organization. Senga wandered how many pokemon died in the process of perfecting his uniform. Although most of it was simply for show, some actually concealed magnificent technology. His temporary pokemon-cloaking device was just one nasty little trick Code Gravity schemed up for the journey Senga and his unit of Battlers-for-hire had been honorably bestowed.

Senga recalled his knowledge of the three assassins (from his personal experiences) he’d been assigned to lead to Gedyn. He sorted systematically through his data files within the inbuilt PC in his rounded helmet. There was Myth, standing nearby in his dark brown and red tunic. He had browny red hair and a scar from his right jawbone down his neck to his collarbone. He was a vicious trainer who had been affiliated with Code Gravity for a number of years now. At eighteen, he was easily one of the more accomplished trainers Senga had ever seen. What was most disturbing about Myth was his unrelenting silence. He almost never spoke even when spoken to. He would normally respond with actions like a nod or a glare or simply respond with a grunt. He was a most dangerous foe in battle and not to be taken lightly.

Swoon was easily the most classy and flirtatious twenty one-year-old, Senga had ever known. Even now she caressed Myths upper back as she started off for the long journey ahead. Her well-kept light brown hair fell over her cool, bright white and hot pink fitted uniform. She was evilly aware of her looks and used them to her own advantage whenever possible. She was a vain, cold hearted and menacing trainer whose beauty hid her inner turmoil exceptionally poorly. She truly loved her pokemon however and even professed to love them more than herself. Senga hardly doubted it. She doted on the beasts like they were people. She treated them better than herself, that’s for sure. Swoon managed to annoy even him with her strangeness.

And then there was Ambre. Some of the time Senga thought of her as a docile trainer. Unfortunately, she was prone to releasing a much more hostile side the rest of the time. Actually, Ambre was purely an aggressive hothead with a desire to destroy as many other pokemon trainers as was humanly possible in her lifetime. She never actually tried to hide this either. Her fiery and destructive personality was perfectly mirrored in her pokemons ferocity on the battleground. Their attacks were unparalleled. Somehow she managed to get their attack statistics higher than normal. Her pokemon more or less feared her more than respected her however and this was something that Senga for some reason or other didn’t agree with. ‘But why should I care’ he thought. Senga had never seen so much anger in a seventeen-year-old before. She was perfect for this expedition.

The unit headed off to finish off their mission. It had gone long and tough so far. Swoon and Ambre were having a colorful discussion about Team Rocket.
“I used to be a member of Team Rocket Swoon. They weren’t as organized as you think. Giovanni was a wealthy and ambitious leader, but he didn’t have the brutal instincts Marcus has. Marcus strikes fear in everyone, not because of his role as leader, but because he’s a fearful man in general. I've seen him in a real hand to hand fight. He's a monster! He wouldn’t hesitate to go in for the kill whenever it was necessary. That’s why he’s our leader and Giovanni is looking for food out of a dumpster.” she laughed.
“Surely Giovanni was simply not careful enough though.” Ambre argued as she filed her nails and walked at the same time. “Everything I’ve heard indicates he was simply beaten by some caped spy from inside. I heard he was a great boss and most respected him. Didn’t he once capture Mewtwo? I wish I had a Mewtwo! Why cant this mission be to catch Mewtwo instead?! Oh! I would look so beautiful controlling a pokemon as perfect as that!”

Senga knew that he was close. This mission had gone so flawlessly thus far. Not one tiny hitch. All the pieces were in position. Just one more was needed and to accomplish it he needed to win this Gedyn tournament first. Why? He didn’t exactly know. It didn’t make sense to him. Marcus, Chief Strategist in Code Gravity simply wouldn’t reveal why it was necessary to win but Senga wasn’t going to complain. It had been a while since he’d been permitted to compete in a competition and besides… Even he wasn’t stupid enough to argue with Marcus. That guy was just too scary to make angry intentionally. “JUST DO IT AND FINISH THE JOB!!!” He seemed pretty set on the idea of gaining the trophy. Marcus may wear expensive clothes, but he was a huge man and his choice of an orange suit was the only thing laughable about him. So following these losers was their mission until they reached Gedyn. Nothing was said about following them quietly. Senga snikkered to himself again as the four Code Gravity members set off on the hunt for the little agents. Everything was going according to plan. This mission was going to be so easy and oh so fun.

March 5th, 2004, 12:47 AM
The four agents breathed in the clean early morning air appreciatively. The dew still fresh from the night before slightly dampening their boot soles, they happily marched on without incident. They passed a good many towns and people on their way keeping to the side streets and remaining inconspicuous. One trainer who was lucky enough to see them complained annoyingly about not being able to catch any pokemon since the beginning of the month. Like it was their problem! Try harder!

They were making excellent time, when in the heart of a city, as they passed a large stairwell leading down into the ground to their left, they all smelt the most delicious and unbelievably stomach rumbling aroma imaginable. Miguel was first to smell it and the most immediately intoxicated.
“Gasp! Guys, its Pikablu Burger! C’mon, let's stop for a bite! I’m starving!” he almost sounded like he was complaining.
“Miguel, we have rations in our packs. We're trained to survive on wild fruits and in the outdoors.” Erinn replied. The idea of a beautiful greasy Pikablu burger wasn't lost on her. In fact it appealed tremendously. They both looked to Valthor, their mission team leader, for his decision.
“He won’t stop complaining unless we go in. C’mon.” He knew he was going to regret this. They proceeded down the escalators to Pikablu Burger. Miguel led the way hungrily.

They lined up and placed their orders, Miguel ordering five Ka-bluey Burgers with the lot, and sat down to eat in the crowded food court. The place was very busy and most seats were filled with hungry trainers scoffing their faces.
Valthor noticed something. He was happily eating his burger, Miguel was scoffing his down, and even Erinn appeared to be savoring every bite of hers. However Galitas’ attention was definitely focused on a seated trainers' back nearby. Valthor scrutinized who it might be when the man with a Pikachu turned around to look at who was making him feel so paranoid. It was none other than Ash Ketchum, The Chosen One! This could only spell disaster.

Galita lurched out of his seat and bounded in front of Ash. Ash didn’t seem surprised.
“Ash Ketchum! My name is Dave Waveman! You are a great and respected Pokemon Master and I have dreamed of this day for a long time! I challenge you to a pokemon battle!” He shouted the words loud enough for the whole food court to hear and most turned to observe the interruption. Note the use of a fake name. Ash finished the last bite of his delicious burger and passively accepted the challenge. It was very rare these days for anyone to challenge him so confidently. Such was his super reputation.

All filed excitedly outside and onto the street to give the two battlers more room. They both released their pokemon and began the one on one battle. Ash needn’t even bother with his Pokeball since Pikachu was on his shoulder the whole time and simply bounded into the middle of the ring of trainers. The battle was rather long and dramatic. Galitas pokemon, a strong Clefable, fought bravely and downed Pikachu with very little left in reserve himself. Galitas exceptionally powerful pokemon was returned and Ash quickly rushed his Pikachu to a Pokemon Centre in a state of perpetual shock. As he rushed off he smiled to Galita, and said.
“You won because my Pikachu had just finished battling the Gym Leader here. His name is Shibulba and he took a lot of energy out of Pikachu. Shibulba was even tougher than you.” It was a challenge of course. Ash wanted to taunt Galita into doing something stupid. The Dragonagi Lights’ elite training and education would make Galita well aware of this and he’d do the smart thing and gracefully decline to challenge the Gym Leader Shibulba.

“You’re ON Ash! Shibulba goes down!!! Galita never declines an offer!!!” Galita responded. Valthor sighed deeply. ‘Here we go again’ he thought to himself as Erinn, Miguel and he chased the pumped trainer through the neat streets to the local Gym. It was a largish building with Pokemon Gym written in large letters over the door. They stopped and surveyed the square sign outside that gave a description of what’s to be expected inside. It read…
‘Mahogony Town Pokemon Gym
Gym Leader: Shibulba
The super shiny pokemon specialist’
“Cool!” Valthor exclaimed “ Its about time they developed a Gym with this kind of quality.” And the four agents approached the door, where a rather brightly dressed man was blocking the entrance. He wore bright gold and silver sequins all over his gold overalls. He looked very bright and colorful. He seemed to be covered in gold glitter.

“I want to challenge the Gym Leader here please,” Galita asked politely and anxiously. The man turned to them and replied.
“I need to see three shiny pokemon before you can enter. And they had better be yours or…” the guard was rudely interrupted by Galita as he quickly opened three random pokeballs from his pack materializing three happy, healthy shiny pokemon. A Glaily, a Delcatty and a Flygon. Galita felt this was nothing fancy by his standards. Who didn’t have shiny pokemon these days anyway? It was a funny thing to see such shock on the weirdly dressed man. “You may challenge Shibulba, trainer.” The others laughed. Quite pathetic. The man sprinkled glitter on the trainers as they entered. How odd.

Shibulba proved to be a young and wonderful trainer who possessed vastly superior skills to your average gym leader. His chosen pokemon were all shiny and very rare and spectacular. His courage when faced with defeat at the hands of Galita was moving and when he truthfully complimented Galita on his obvious skills he impressed the party of agents very much. It was comforting to see someone striving as hard as Shibulba was. His parting words were strange though. He asked them if they had noticed anything strange about the wild pokemon lately. None of them had tried to catch a pokemon on their journey for the simple reason that the pokemon they had were already everything they needed. But they couldn’t contribute there. So they were content to move on. ‘His shiny pokemon and his training skills will probably land him a job in the agency one day soon.’ thought Miguel, who admired the trainers' skill very much.

It less than three days before they were clear of Mahogony Town and were well on their way to exiting Johto. They reached Goldenrod City and were preparing to board the Magnet train when a woman’s voice called over the din of the train and travelling trainers everywhere.
“Hold it right there!!!” A dark and beautiful trainer cleared a path through the people before her and approached the four agents in obviously dark spirits. They recognized her immediately. It was the Elite Four regular, Karen. She wore a tight fitting and cool black outfit and proudly flaunted her Elite Four badge over her heart.
“I remember you Erinn! You little swine! You were the little girl who beat me and stopped my winning streak! Well, I’ve evolved a lot since then you little cow! You won’t beat me twice! I challenge you!” She was definitely not in a great mood. She unclipped a pokeball from her belt and held it ready, waiting for Erinns’ response.

Erinn quite calmly under the rude circumstances, replied “You are not the only one to evolve Pokemon leaguer. Indeed, nothing stays the same. If you believe I was accomplished then, you will see how highly I rate now.” Karen didn’t know what hit her. Her dark type pokemon and their heavy defenses quickly dwindled before Erinns incredible skill. It was an amazingly easy victory, over a very strong foe. Karen was in disarray.
“No! How could this be!? You beat me so easily! What have I done to deserve this? I am sorry I was so rude Erinn. You are a great pokemon trainer and I will punish those four rats for even telling me you would be here at this time! It is they who have embarrassed me, not you. The dishonorable little f….”

Valthor quickly understood this before the others and politely interrupted.
“Who told you we'd be here Karen?! What were there names?” This was annoying news. He had suspected as much, but not this early in their journey.
“They said they were your foes. They said you were saying horrible things about me and that they would help me defeat you if I helped them. They didn’t even show up, the cowards! I didn’t know who they were, only that there leader was called 'Senga'. One of the two girls accidentally blurted it out. What a fool.”
Valthor and his friends thanked Karen and wished her luck in finding the four liars she vowed to beat. Valthor knew that Karen would never see those four again but it would have been rude to tell her so. They boarded the Magnet train and sped off to their next stop on the way to Gedyn. The Magical land of Kanto.

March 7th, 2004, 6:47 PM
The agents arrived safely and progressed along at a comfortable rate. They were ahead of schedule and did not encounter many wild Pokemon, which was good. The unfortunate pokemon they did run into were swiftly dealt with and sent limping away. Trainers were scarce on the paths they chose also, as they had intended. Even those who challenged them were easily and quickly discouraged, be it with a hasty “We’re in a huge hurry, give us your phone number and we'll call you.” Or a “Our pokemon are horribly diseased with a contagious condition which lowers their stats permanently!” Miguel was particularly fond of scaring people with the latter and frequently used it.

By now camping outdoors was already losing its novelty, especially since, wherever they camped, pokemon seemed to just totally disrespect their need for sleep and not know when to be quiet. In the middle of the night a Ledyba would call here, a Pidgy there and especially annoying were the constant Houndour howls and the Noctowls hoots in the morning. So the foursome decided that since they were in Saffron City, it was a great place to find a hotel and a comfortable bed to sleep in for the night.

The ‘Midnight Umbreon’ sounded like just the place. It was convenient and outrageously expensive, so it was perfect. As was the custom, the four asked for two rooms between them and Miguel and Valthor stayed in one while Galita and Erinn stayed in the other. This didn't bother Erinn since in Dragonagi, there was a strict code of conduct disallowing relations between fellow agents. Besides, herself and Galita were friends and she was used to staying in rooms with guys since it was a frequent deal in the compound at Dragonagi HQ.

The Midnight Umbreon provided all the best foods and creature comforts. All four of the agents were enjoying a great night’s sleep after a huge meal when shouting could be heard in the hallway just outside their rooms. Valthor jerked awake and looked up to the hat stand to find his pack was no longer there! Galita made the exact same discovery in his own room at the same time! They all jumped out of bed and opened both doors to the hallway simultaneously. Outside, a trainer was being roughly tied up by a pokemon the size of a large man. It was a brutal Nidoking and it was using rope to tie up a distressed man. Behind the Nidoking, with his arms crossed and a triumphant look on his face stood the Great Gary Oak. He was practically royalty amongst trainers.

The security chief of the Midnight Umbreon quickly arrived on the scene and thanked Gary for helping in the investigation and doing such a great job.

“This guy has been stealing from the hotel for a few weeks now. We’ve been eager to get him and thanks to you we have. How can we thank you Gary?” The chief was a kind-hearted man. Gary smiled his reply.

“No need for anything Chief Chase. I’m just glad these four trainers got their packs back. And maybe that guy will be able to lead you to the other packs he’s stolen in the past few weeks.” He turned to the four trainers, now wide-awake and capable of speech. Valthor spoke on his friends’ behalf.

“The one and only Gary Oak?! Pokemon master, elite four champion, ex-Gym Leader and pokemon legend! Wow. It’s a pleasure to meet you Gary. I’m Victor and this is Dave, Erinna and Mike. If theirs any way we can thank you, then we’ll be happy to help in any way we can. You’ve really helped us a lot.” It was a genuine offer because this guy really impressed Valthor. Gary would be a very cool challenge in battle.

“Heh…nice names guys. I’ll just take your word for it that they’re real. No, no need to repay me. I think its time for me to hit the hay. I’m tired anyway. Pokemon are going crazy outside. You know how it is. Keep a closer eye on your stuff okay? I have to go. Cya!” And with a look of knowing, Gary Oak was gone.

He didn’t believe their cover names? He was obviously a lot smarter than Valthor gave him credit for. It made him wonder… how much did he know about them? The problem with being in a secret organization as deep as Dragonagi, was that you only knew what you were meant to know. For all he knew… Gary could be an Agent! How cool would that be!?

Meanwhile that same night, somewhere deep in the forests surrounding Saffron, Senga laid another trap in the darkness to further delay our heroes. He spoke harshly to the defiant Jaded. She wore all green reflective garb and even her nails were painted green. It was a symbol of her peaceful nature and kind heart.

“You will do as we say or the Gym you have fought so hard to represent will be destroyed. You have seen my two friends there. They await my signal to leave. If I do not give this to them before midday, they will demolish your precious gym and everything inside.” Senga felt this was a little childish but it was effective. Ambre and Myth were easily up to the task of flattening that building. He and Swoon loved blackmailing innocent trainers. It was a favorite past time.

So far he had been following the four losers all this way and somehow they had avoided battling more than even three trainers! It was just astonishing! They must be using some kind of Dragonagi mind trick to pursuade their challengers to pass them by without so much as a tackle. It was weird from his viewpoint. He could easily see them from a mile away but hearing them was difficult. Annoyingly enough, Code Gravity had not enhanced his hearing. The challengers they encountered would actually avoid the Dragonagi scum upon talking to the one called Miguel. What powers did they possess? What planet were they from? Curse them!

He wasn’t lying to the Gym Leader, Jaded. She was aware of the low lives eagerness for senseless destruction. Ambre and Myth were waiting in the starlight for his signal to either depart or destroy. If neither were given by Midday then it was the latter. Jaded would co-operate. She had no choice and she knew it.

Later that morning the four travelers cheerfully paid the Midnight Umbreon concierge and departed through the dense forests surrounding the City. The thick foliage and harsh elements combined with the unnatural darkness were perfect cover from other trainers. The path they were on was very small and they could only walk on it in single file. Valthor was in the lead followed by Galita, Erinn and Miguel bringing up the rear. The darkness was broken by Miguels Meganium using its flash TM. Suddenly Miguel bumped directly into Erinn for she had unexpectedly stopped. In actuality Valthor had halted, forcing the rest to bump into each other rather ungracefully.

“Hey what’s going on up there?” Miguel asked curiously, trying to peek over everyone’s heads.

“Shhh, Miguel. Theirs a trainer blocking our path. I think I’m going to have to talk to her. She doesn’t seem to be in a very mobile mood.” Valthor moved further ahead of the others and greeted the trainer who actually seemed distressed.

“My name is Jaded. I am the Gym Leader from the city up ahead. I do not wish to battle you trainers. I wish you no harm at all, but I must battle you and that’s all there is to it. I challenge you!” She seemed to force the words out like they were poison. Valthor wasn’t convinced.
“Errr, are you sure you want to battle me? We just wa…” Miguel interrupted comically from the background.

“Our pokemon are contagious! We need to get to a pokemon cen…”

“Enough!” Jaded had no more patience. She wanted this ridiculous fiasco over with. The sooner she battled these trainers the sooner she could return home to her beautiful Gym and relax in peace. She hurled her pokeball into the space between herself and the trainer before her. Valthor repeated the gesture and the battle was on. It wasn’t a long battle. In fact, he dispensed with Jaded in quick time and she almost seemed grateful… she was!

“What are you doing here if you are a gym leader Jaded? It doesn’t make sense. And why are you so happy about losing this battle?” He asked about her weird reaction.

“Now that this is over I might as well tell you. I was blackmailed to battle you. I think someone is trying to stall you. He told me to battle you or my Gym will be demolished. He seemed like he was capable of something like that so I agreed to do it. I’m sorry Stranger. I had no choice. I am glad you were able to finish it quickly.”

“Its no big deal, Jaded. You seem like a really cool trainer. I wish more people were as nice as you.”

“Thanks. I hope I never see those people again. I’m pretty certain they should be gone by now. They didn’t actually seem like they were in any mood to stay.”

So, Sengas’ plan to stall the party of travelers had worked. But in the scheme of things it didn’t stall them all that long and they were well on their way out of Kanto. The agents were happy to march at double speed for a while to make up on time. It would be easy for each of them to use one of their flying type pokemon to fly to Gedyn, if indeed they all had flying types on them. Galita simply didn’t like heights so he didn’t equip a pokemon with a Fly TM and besides, the story would be a lot shorter if they did that.

With the thick jungles of Houen already reaching for them and mingling with the Kanto forests fingers, the trainers stopped for a small meal and a rest. They released their pokemon to run around and stretch their legs and/or wings for a bit as well. There was a beautiful running stream nearby where most of the pokemon played and swam in very happy moods.
“We are not alone Valthor. Espeon says theirs a trainer approaching from the other side of the stream. Says it’s a girl.” Miguel warned quite suddenly as he sat and basked in the tiny rays of sun that filtered through the canopy above. Miguel didn’t normally like the outdoors, but he had been stuck in Dragonagi HQ for too long and was relishing the sunlight.
“Hrmm… well, she cant slow us down at the moment so let her come. She can share our food.” Valthor actually welcomed a new face.

The trainer indeed approached and looked in very high spirits. She was very friendly.
“Hi! I’m Carrie. I’m a little lost. My pokemon seemed to have lost their sense of direction. Weird since that’s never happened before. I’m exhausted and my Pokemon need a break. Do you mind if I let them out here too? It’s such a beautiful spot.” She certainly was a bubbly character. And if Dragonagi files on her were anything to go by she was as perfect a trainer as there was. Valthor remembered from his character studies that Carrie was now twenty-three years old, a perfectionist in everything she attempted and always strived for a complete balance in her Pokemon. She was extremely experienced and very difficult to beat. A dangerous battler, for sure.

“Hiya Carrie. Sure you can stay for a while. Help yourself to some of our food and let your pokemon roam as much as they like.” She did so and the five trainers got along very well. Miguel even found her willing to battle him. Suffice to say he was far her superior on the battlefield and she was quickly defeated. Miguel admitted it was one of the hardest battles he’d fought for a long time. They helped her find her bearings and were on their way without a problem. ‘She was so cool’ thought Valthor.

March 7th, 2004, 6:59 PM
The four friends crossed into Houen and into a small out of the way town Galita had suggested would be appropriate for remaining anonymous. They approached a rather funky looking restaurant. He was excited about seeing it was still in business.
“Drinking sodas at ‘Flareons Flame’ cafe was always a great memory of mine as a child. This place rocks guys, just wait till you taste their famous pizza!” Galita seemed to know this place fairly well.
The waitress wrapped in a frilly apron, waltzed out of the restaurant to where the four were seated in the sunlight and placed their pizzas neatly on their table. She looked at them curiously.
“You’re all pokemon trainers huh?” she seemed clever. “My names Amytha. I’m training to be a pokemon master too! I've won three tournaments this year and I am only fifteen years old!”
Valthor thought this was too good to be true because he was feeling up for a challenge.
“Well, that’s good news for you because I’m a pretty good trainer myself and so maybe when you finish work you and I could…” he was abruptly stopped by a sharp and excited gasp by the teenage waitress.
“Omigod!!!” she clasped both hands together with a dreamy look in her eye as she looked behind Valthor. “It’s really him! Oh wow! He’s even more perfect in real life!” She was staring directly at a tall and handsome trainer with a dark and regal cape billowing behind him as he walked directly towards the trainers.
“Lance? What’s he doing here?” Erinn enquired in a small state of dreamy shock herself.

The Dragon Master approached the table and waved hello.
“You four, we need some privacy. Come with me.” The agents were shocked at his order and the heavy authority that it carried. None were aware of his involvement in Dragonagi save Valthor and were subsequently puzzled by their leaders’ immediate obedience. They all followed Lance around the nearest street corner and into a small two story building called the ‘Dragons Talon’. Lance conferred with the master of the building then turned around and proceeded upstairs to the second floor with the four agents following close behind. He seemed very business like in his efficiency. They each sat at a round table and Lance began.

“Up here we will have no threat of being overheard. This is Dragonagi property. Any building with ‘Dragon’ in front of it is ours and therefore yours. Use them all wisely.”
“You mean the 'Dragon Wing' in Cianwood is a Dragonagi base?” Lance nodded his reply. “Then why has the Director never informed us of this?” Galita pressed for information. This was all too cool to be believed.
“Since when does Xvax the old champ tell you everything he knows? He didn’t think you needed to know. But I think you do and I completely outrank him! I've brought you here to alert you. Your mission is not as it seems. Believe me! Your priority is not the tournament you travel to.” This was a little weird for the four but they listened intently. Valthor was still getting over the shock of someone cool out ranking Director Xvax.

“Dragonagi Light knows of a weakening in the balance of Nature. Things aren't as they're supposed to be. Natures' been tampered with through her most mighty of agents: The Legendary pokemon. Her laws aren't being followed because of this. Pokemon aren’t obeying trainers. Weaker wild pokemon aren’t submitting to the pokeballs whereas the stronger are. Daytime pokemon are becoming nighttime and vice versa.”
Everything was becoming clearer the more Lance told them.
“Do you see? Something has occurred over the last few weeks to disrupt the very laws of nature. What it could be, we don’t know. But Dragonagi is pointing the finger at Code Gravity. That’s why you are needed in the tournament. To keep an eye on one of their most dangerous members.” Lance hinted to Valthor.

“Senga! What’s he got to do with all this? How could he possibly disrupt nature? He's hardly disrupted us!” Valthor was deeply unnerved by all this. He recalled all the signs he’d received along the way here. How foolish of him to not see. Not to understand the pieces so obviously given to him.
“It is Senga who is the member committing this atrocity, but he is only following orders. We are certain of this. But just why he is doing this we cannot be certain. There is something about the tournament prize that Senga needs, or else he wouldn’t be there. Dragonagi would have you know none of this. However, I feel it's important for the mission that you know. As I speak, other Dragonagi agents are tracking me. I'm suspected so I must leave you now. Farewell and good luck, my friends. I will see you again soon, Valthor. It was good to see you alive and well again.” With a witty smile and a sharp nod, Dragon master Lance flew out the door and wasn’t seen again.

The agents were in no small amount of shock. Amongst a jumble of thoughts were these… ‘Nature is in peril?’ ‘What are we supposed to do?’ ‘Code Gravity must pay!’ and ‘His cape is so well lined, I wonder who does his ironing.’ As they walked numbly from the Dragons Talon towards the outskirts of the small town their deep thinking was broken by the sound of a giant gunshot. They quickly snapped out of their deep soundless walk and ran to see what the noise was, eager for something to take their minds off the upcoming events.

By the time they made it to the sound, it appeared a race was concluding. A pokemon race! The crowds gathered around were very very enthralled by one of the trainers there. Obviously the winner, in his tightly fitted and streamlined gold and silver uniform. His hair was bright white and he had very sharp and streamlined features. By the look of him, he was a fully-fledged Gym Leader and he talked extremely fast.
“Ho hooo, Not even close, friend. You have to have more than that kind of speed to beat my Raticate” boasted the trainer. “Once around the tree over there and back ladies and pokegerms! That’s all it takes! Just one on one, Pokemon-o 'e' pokemon-o. Hehehe.” He liked his own jokes.

No one in the crowd seemed game enough to challenge the confident and showy Gym Leader. The tree was about 2 miles away and his Raticate looked very fit and tough.
“Perhaps these young trainers have a potential speed freak amongst them!” He gestured to Valthor and co who were already turning around and readying to leave.
“Or maybe they are just…” Valthor sensed a scene was about to unfold. “Chicken!’

All four of the trainers stopped in their tracks simultaneously and turned around with a fixed stare aimed directly at the Gym Leader. They advanced slowly back to the racecourse and stopped in front of the ****y racer trainer, standing upon his podium.
Galita opened the proceedings.
“What’s your name Gym Leader?” Galita seemed in no mood for jokes.
“Blurrs’ the name and speeeeeeds’ the game. Are you?” He pointed at Galita. His play on words weren't inspiring.
“Blurr, you’re in for a world of pain my friend.” Galita was determined to put this guy in his place. Blurr lifted his voice for the gathered audience.
“We have a challenger Jynxs' and gents! First one around the tree and back wins! Raticate, take your mark!” His zippy little rodent pokemon obediently stood crouched and ready at the start finish line. Galita opened his pack and rummaged around for one of his pokeballs. He opened it revealing his superb specimen of a Crobat, a flying type pokemon renown for its extreme levels of speed.
“Crobat, take your mark!” The large bat-like pokemon hovered over the white line.
Blurr looked at the pokemon dubiously. This speedy challenger could be a problem.
“Hrmmm no matter.” he said to himself. He turned to Erinn who was watching proceedings patiently. “If you could sweet thing, perhaps you could start the race for us both?” He was a ladies man evidently. Erinn couldn’t help but oblige. Such attention was rare in Dragonagi, but she wasn’t sure his attentions were welcome.
“Pokemon ready..….. Set……GO!!!”

The pokemon propelled themselves over the line at a blistering pace, neither one with any real definable advantage. The Raticates’ little paws flinging up puffs of dirt as he zoomed straight down the track. Crobats wings were accelerating him beyond natural speeds. Both paws and wings alike were impossible to see as they approached the tree and began to break at an amazing top speed. Raticate skidded perilously around the tree for about twenty feet while Crobat easily glided around the trunk and swooped at a low altitude, giving him the advantage. On the home stretch Crobat seemed to find some kind of extra power from within and increased its already race-winning lead to flash past the finish line in a streak of gray. Raticate puffed and panted his way over the line and collapsed in a little furry heap. His little chest heaved its protests at being so tested as he lay, stomach up.

“Awww! What? No Wayyy! How is that possible? Who are you? Some kinda super speeder cheaters?” Whined the disbelieving Blurr.
“Very entertaining, Galita. Let's move.” Called Valthor as the troop continued their march. Blurr had never been so humiliated and vowed to one day meet with this “Galita” again. Galita stored the G-Force badge away for safekeeping. It was useless to him, but it could join his collection.

“Pfft! Inconceivable!” shrieked the hysterical Senga as he watched the race unfold. “Even when they stop they are going faster than I can keep up!”
“Let us destroy them now Senga! Why do we wait and watch them so? I could destroy them with one pokemon!” Ambre pleaded ambitiously.
“We wait because it is the smart thing to do Ambre” he hissed back at her in annoyance. “To reveal ourselves before the tournament would be folly. Their skills are honed but ours are greater still. There is nothing to be worried about. We will have our chance in Gedyn. There our satisfaction will be met.” That should keep her quiet for another hour or so. ‘Lets bash them.’ ‘Lets kill that.’ uughhh she never stopped. She demolished that Jadeds' Gym, what more did she want?!

March 7th, 2004, 9:07 PM
As Gedyn was a land unto itself the four agents had no choice once they reached the sea but to take either the aerial or aquatic route. A decision that took little debate between the four adventurers.
“You’re not getting me on one of those things. No offence Crobat my friend, but the sky is your domain, not mine. We go by sea.” There was obviously no way around it. Galita had a shocking fear of heights. Erinn happily supplied their transport in the form of one of the most majestic and unimaginably huge Wailords the other agents had ever seen. It easily accommodated all four of them with room for about ten more. It was a royal and beautiful pokemon to behold and the trainers knew they were lucky to be able to ride on one for the whole sea journey. It seemed happy to let them too. Erinn had trained it very well.

The voyage was surprisingly quiet with little interference by other trainers. One poor chap discovered that perhaps challenging a trainer riding a Wailord of this proportion wasn’t as clever as he’d originally thought and humbly decided against the battle, forcing a giggle from Erinn. Much to the agent's puzzlement, many of the water type pokemon were acting strangely under the waters surface. Magikarp were seen chasing a large powerful Mantine for no apparent reason. A Kingdra was floating upside down backwards on the surface of the water, apparently sunbaking. And weirdest of all was the sight of a Magmar, one of the most fiery pokemon of all, on a surf board with his confused trainer swimming close behind attempting to bring it under order. It was hard but they managed to ignore his pleas for help and continue. Strange times indeed.

The seas were kind to them and they made extremely good time to the shores of Gedyn where they swiftly made there way inland and into more private paths toward their destination. About half way through to the tournament, they arrived at the futuristic city of Luriri, the place for serious entertainment. Here they stayed in the bustling hotel ‘Marils Getaway’ where even the youthful, up to speed trainers discovered new technologies had been invented for that extra piece of convenience. It was amazing the stuff Silph Co, Chromex and all those cool technologically advanced manufacturers came up with. The cutting edge of the future was all Marils Getaway dealt with, everything else was obsolete and out-dated. The trainers thrived in this hotel, especially Miguel.

During the past few days Erinn had been noted by the guys as being a little… isolated. They were not really the types to worry about such things normally but they felt a bond with her and felt the burden of her unhappiness. Whenever Galita or Miguel told a joke or made a funny observation Erinn was always seen deep in thought and looking the other direction. It finally took its toll.

The four were logging out of the Hotel 'Marils Getaway' when Erinn suddenly asked the Hotel Concierge a question.
“Excuse me, but where can we find a good place to battle? Is there anywhere where a girl can find some decent competition around here? I’m horribly bored.” she actually looked as if she was pouting.
“Well, little lady, Sven knows everything there is to know about pokemon and he’s the best there is around this city. He’s been at pokemon for a mighty long time and he’s more like a human encyclopedia than a trainer. He’s as tough as they get.”
“Yes, thanks. I’m sure he’s fantastic.” Erinn didn’t seem all that impressed but she showed she was grateful all the same and the boys followed her out of the hotel giving each other quizzical looks as they exited. This was a most unusual, yet very welcome change in her. The guys just hoped that whatever came from it ended her sad quietness.

Erinn asked people politely for directions to his house and was there quickly. She knocked on the door and asked the beautiful lady, presumably his wife if she could see Sven.
“Well sure! He’s teaching our son the ways of pokemon right now. I’m sure he’ll enjoy some company. I'm Esholm by the way.” Svens’ wife sure was a lovely lady.

She led the four trainers happily through the house, where Valthor noted swiftly some papers on a work table illustrating the adverse effects of Legendary pokemon on their surroundings. It looked boring. They continued into the back yard where a man was teaching his son what seemed to be the etiquette of a trainer battle.
“You see, Pelle. The other trainer only has six pokemon, just like you. So whoever has all their pokemon faint first loses.” Sven, crouched to his sons level, noticed he had company and looked at the four trainers with an evaluative look. Each trainer felt as though Sven looked deep inside each one of them as his eyes passed over and he instantly knew all their darkest thoughts from that one look. It was an unnerving feeling. This was a man to be afraid of and to be respected.

“These four trainers wanted to meet you honey. I’ll leave you to get to know one another.” And with that the lovely Esholm left. Sven stood up from his crouched position and sized up the four agents again. It was even more unnerving than the first time.
“Perfect!" he suddenly shouted. "I need a volunteer to help me show my son Pelle how to defeat an opponent in a six on six pokemon battle.” Sven seemed very cool and any fear of the man quickly vanished.

How could things be more perfect for Erinn? Things were always like that for her. Everything just kind of threw itself in her lap when she wanted it. The guys could only roll their eyes at her fortune.

“My name is Erinna. Don’t hold back Sven. I challenge you!” Erinn was in her element once again. This was her zone, her domain and no one, not even a trainer of Svens’ obvious skills was going to intrude on that. She looked determined to upstage this man.
“Heh, you seem eager my young friend. I want you to pay close attention to what we do here, Pelle. This is important. This is what pokemon training is often about. Challenge accepted Erinna! I hope you know what you’ve gotten yourself into.” He unclipped a pokeball with practiced grace.

The battle was as intense as anything the guys had seen in a long time. Sven fought like a military tactician. Nothing Erinn did got through his defenses and nothing he could muster with his marvelous pokemon could break Erinns spirit. The battle was very hard fought and close. The two seemed to have very evenly matched pokemon and their strengths were level also. As their pokemon were switching Sven struck up a conversation.

“You are strong for your age Erinna. Indeed, if I am not mistaken, you are already a Pokemon Master. How are you so good so young? My pokemon have never been tested like this before.”
Sven smiled as he said this and felt no hatred for this supreme battler.
“You are more than I bargained for also, Sven. I cannot tell you the truth behind my skills. Just know that yours will be an honorable loss, and your name will be listed at the top of my most hard fought battles. This is how you close a battle Pelle. You must understand, your father has forgotten one important thing in regards to his pokemon Special defenses. They are extra tough, I assure you. But I have one more trick to show you before he falls. My pokemon are equally strong in pure attack as well as the Special attacks I have delivered thus far.”

Erinn let her words sink in for Sven.
“What? NO! She has been playing with me all this time? Pelle, watch her. She is truly a master of rare skill.” Erinn finished off the battle in brutal style and their pokemon were returned to their respective pokeballs. Pelle looked as if he wanted nothing to do with pokemon for the rest of his life. He'd never seen his father lose and was shocked. Erinns' three friends just marveled at Svens very well designed back yard. Miguel noticed the rear of the house was painted with articulate detail and his garden was in a very cool pokeball design.

“Well, thanks for the battle, Sven. I think we have to go now. I hope I helped Pelle a little.” Erinn was in a hurry to move on.
“Yes. Well. Thank you, Erinna for opening my eyes. The youth of today is indeed a wondrous thing. I wish you luck wherever you are in future.” And with that the four trainers were once again on their way to the tournament.

March 7th, 2004, 9:10 PM
Erinn was indeed in higher spirits than ever.
“I was just a little bored and the whole nature imbalance thing was really itching me. I had to release my frustrations on somebody. And I couldn’t do it to you guys, you’d be embarrassed when I beat you.” The guys weren’t sure if she was serious or not. The city was behind them and plenty of trees laid ahead, our heroes continued into the night, not stopping due to their random delays.

With Galita in front with the torch (to give Miguels Meganium and Erinn's Ampharos a rest) and Erinn, Valthor and Miguel following, they made their way through the most eerie and dark forests they had encountered yet. Something about this forest made their skin crawl. Apart from their footsteps and breathing there were literally no other sounds. Not even a breeze. And with no moonlight or starlight to guide them the trainers were beginning to think camping down for the night was a good idea.

Miguel was comfortable in these surroundings. His Espeon was by his side relaying psychic messages, reassuring him that there were no other pokemon nearby. Espeon also enjoyed the walk, her keen eyesight making it safe. Until…
‘Something does not feel right, Miguel. I feel emptiness beyond that of the dark. It is somehow darker than dark. Eviler, emptier.’ His pokemon shivered as she delivered her report. Pokemon senses were far more acute than humans were so Miguel just had to take Espeons word for it.

“Valthor. Espeon is worried. Something is amiss.” Valthor considered Miguel’s words. But before he could issue a reply something huge and dark and terrifying reared itself in front of Galita, blocking their path. It was a Gengar. A dark Gengar. A ghostly and powerful pokemon with supernatural powers. Galita stopped calmly in his tracks and the others did the same. They heard its ghostly calls and knew it was hostile by its screams for blood. They turned around to see if there was another track behind them when from behind another deathly call echoed through the forest.
“Gaahaahaaahaaassstlllyyyy!!!” The owner of the voice appeared out from behind them. It was the dark form of a Gastly, towering high above the trainers heads in size.. Another Ghost type pokemon, just as powerful and almost as dangerous. Both would have been hard to see in the darkness had they not been surrounded by a cold bright blue aura.

“My Pokemon! Somebody stop them. They’ve turned evil!” a scared trainer’s voice called over the ghostly calls. From the trees next to the trainers burst a trainer.
“My names’ Gingas. Those are my pokemon. Some how they simply wouldn’t obey me and then out of nowhere they just evolved into the dark forms of their original selves you see here now. These aren’t the pokemon I had yesterday. These are . . . are killers! And I can’t even control them!” He wailed his dismay to the four trainers who had never even heard of this kind of thing.
“We’ll have to battle them. They seem bigger and more powerful than normal. But we’ll see what happens. Galita, you take the Gastly, I'll take the Gengar. Erinn and Miguel, calm him down."

Galita threw his selected pokeball out towards the Gastly and released his chosen pokemon, a stunning looking metallic flying type pokemon called Skarmory. It’s silvery steel plumage adding to its awesome looks. It was a very cool pokemon.
“Skarmory! Bring that thing down with your Steel wing attack!” The pokemon roared her obedience with a “Mory!” and beat at the bemused Gastly with razor sharp wings, which under normal circumstances would have defeated a ghost type. But not now.
“Something’s wrong Valthor! Skarmorys’ attacks are ineffective!” Galita exclaimed.
“I’m experiencing similar problems Galita. Houndours’ dark type attacks are bouncing off this pokemon. Gengars’ are supposed to be weak against this sort of thing.”

Erinn joined Valthors’ side and watched the proceedings without emotion. Then putting two and two together by remembering the past few day’s events, she concluded.
“Wait Valthor. Watch and learn.” She said as she reached into her pouch and pulled out a pokeball, unclicked it and released her mighty….
“Machop?!?! What are you thinking?!?! It'll be destroyed. That’s suicide!” Miguel protested. His argument was based on normal circumstances.
Erinn ignored him and continued putting her hypothesis into action. She ordered her small, inexperienced fighting type pokemon.
“Machop, use your tackle attack on that Gengar. Don’t worry about really hurting it. Just try to hit it and remember to relax.” Erinn turned to Valthor looking a little embarrassed. “He’s only a baby. Heh. And he’s never battled before. I’m sure it will come to him instinctually anyway.”

The brave little Machop walked nervously past Valthors' heavily beaten Houndour and towards certain death in front of the vicious Gengar. Everyone watched. He looked back to his master Erinn worriedly. She coaxed him a little more.
“Go on little guy. You can do it. Just a little tackle”
“This is gonna be a slaughter.” Miguel noted. The Machop took a step toward the Gengar so it was within striking distance and it watched its tiny assailant curiously. The Machop took a halfhearted swing at the giant ghost, easily twenty times bigger than itself and its little balled fist contacted with the blue cloudy surface of the foe. Gengars’ red eyes widened suddenly, he heaved a groan of disbelief and gritted his teeth before proceeding to fall lightly backwards, eyes closed in a fainted state.

Everyone including Gastly let his jaw drop. Excluding Erinn. Before the Gastly could manage to gather his wits and flee, Machop had tackled him and he quickly fell.
“Amazing Erinn. I understand how that worked. Everything in nature is turning upside down and inside out. It makes sense that a type disadvantage and evolution disadvantage would work back in your favor. Good thinking.”

Gingas replaced his pokemon in their pokeballs and thanked the foursome.
“You guys really helped me there. I’m not letting these guys back out unless I’ve got enough fighting types with me to handle them. I've gotta run. Catcha later.” And he quickly disappeared in the trees. Our heroes decided not to rest until they were out of the forest.

In the next town Valthor had every intention of simply passing through with little fuss. But Miguel had other ideas. As they walked up a main street Miguel suddenly turned towards a building to their left marked Pokemon Gym.
“Errr, Miguel? What are you doing? We’re supposed to be going this way, to the tournament.” Erinn enquired.
“Yeah I know, and I need some practice before we get there. You three have battled a gym leader each and I think I’m due for a big win. This town has a notoriously tough gym leader so I’m gonna battle him.” Miguel seemed anxious to get in the arena with this guy so they all followed him to the inside of the gym. Valthor noted the sign outside before entering.
Drell Village Pokemon Gym
Gym Leader: Dome
The Special Defense that stands the Test

Domes' Gym was an outstanding piece of architecture. It was a huge contrast to the Village outside. Everything inside appeared to be made of titanium hard crystal. Dome himself was in and welcomed his newest challengers.
“Ah, some budding pokemon league champions-to-be eh? Well, let me warn you, this is one Gym you…” Miguel quickly interrupted him. This was taking too long already.
“Look mister. We don’t have a lot of time so let’s just get on with it ok?” The others chuckled at Miguel’s direct approach. His sarcasm was still alive and well.

The battle indeed lasted a little over twenty minutes, rather long considering Dome only used three pokemon. Miguel was perspiring once he’d finished the job. Dome was looking impressed. He pointed at the clock above the entrance to the Gym, which showed his battle time on the digital face.
“Amazing! A new record, Mike! Congratulations, that’s a clear seven seconds better than the last best! I must be slipping or something.”
The trainers looked at the clock, which had stopped on the number 20mins: 02secs.
Miguel accepted the badge he had no use for and the trainers exited content with their journey so far today.

March 7th, 2004, 9:16 PM
The Tournament Stadium was just outside Drell village and they made it with two days to spare. They were granted entry straight away and were shown to their rooms, which they all shared since there was easily enough room for four people. The accommodations were very luxurious and they definitely found this mission to their liking.

The tournament Gedyn had organized for this year was extremely well thought out. The lay out of the contest was fair and rewarding for the best trainers. There were over two hundred and fifty contestants at the start of round one and all of them looked very competent as far as Valthor could tell. As he scoped the fixtures map he noticed ‘Senga’ was not much further down the list as he was. In fact should they not fail, they were due to meet each other in the quarterfinals. All of our heroes made it through to the next round, and indeed the next. Then with just thirty-two qualifiers left disaster struck.

Galita was defeated by an obvious cheater who later was identified as Myth, Sengas’ second in command. He used an item while the officials weren’t looking and he even switched a wounded pokemon for a pokemon of the same type and looks only with full health. Galita had no answer for this and was beaten much to an onlooking Senga and his two female companion’s glee. Senga even made a cutthroat gesture to Valthor who promptly smirked his defiance.

In the next round, Erinn battled the one called Ambre. It was a tight tussle and the two girls fought for their lives. Ambre made the mistake of being over aggressive and Erinns pokemon defended and dodged their way through Ambres’ low defenses and felled her in good time. Ambre was furious and spat insults at Erinn all the way back to her exit hallway. The crowd booed heavily at Ambre and cheered for the victorious Erinn generously. Some Misty trainer defeated Miguel in his quarterfinal. She was a specialist water type trainer and a very very committed one at that.

Valthor battled Myth in the Semi Final while Senga and Erinn dueled it out in the other. Senga proved to be too much for her in the end with his lightning reflexes and quick-minded decisions. Erinn had never encountered such a battler. His style was remarkable. It was like battling a psychic who knew what was coming before it came everytime. Erinn battled as valiantly as ever though and was rewarded with more roars of acceptance by the huge audience. Valthor however was aware of Myths’ evil tricks and was able to counter his every move with twice the firepower. Valor mercilessly dealt the final blow and the crowd erupted in rapturous applause for this exceptional trainer. Myth was flabbergasted and looked at Valthor with a newfound respect. Senga was livid, blasting his second with a barrage of spiteful insults and embarrassing him in front of the crowd nearby.

When Valthor and Senga met in the Final it was a gambling mans nightmare. No one could pick a winner, not even Erinn, Miguel or Galita. Sengas’ new age highly entertaining battling style verses Valthors traditional and subtly lethal one. The match proved to live up to all the hype going on around the Tournament complex. Everyone had been in the arena for over a week now and it had been just yesterday that the semis were completed, so everyone was eager to get the battle under way.

Senga had the whole package when it came to battling. He was as accomplished as Valthor and although he was two years his junior, he could be as versatile and include all the tricks of the trade in his repertoire just as effectively. Senga showed a prowess and a flare for pokemon that demanded respect wherever he went.

Valthors strength came from his routes, his values and his discipline. He was unrivaled on the battlefield because he believed in his instincts and his ability, along with that of his pokemon, who he loved dearly. Valthors impeccable preparation techniques and outstanding peace of mind allow him to out think, out play and out maneuver all his opponents. All this and a bit more turned out to be the difference for the Dragonagi representative as he crept over the line with one last Crunch attack by his courageous Houndour.

The crowd went absolutely wild with excitement. The stadium had never seen a sizzling show like that all tournament. Valthor had won the trophy and the Prize pokemon. At the victory ceremony Valthor stood on his podium along with Senga a step below on his left and third being Erinn on his right, just a step lower. Erinn received a valuable basket containing a number of assorted pokeballs and other various goodies like Rare Candies and such. Senga looked like he was going to explode on his podium while pretended to smile as he received his second prize consisting of a beautifully decorated Blissey with several rare items attached to her including a Lucky Egg.

Valthor stood proud as he received his prize. It was a darling little Dratini, purple as it was a rare and shiny specimen. It looked up with its baby blue eyes and looked deep into Valthor, almost making him crumble and hug the cute dragon type pokemon. He put the basket containing the Dratini down as he received his Trophy. It was made of gold and looked like any other major sporting trophy, with its high columns and large round base. However, cupped in the top of it was a very particularly interesting pokeball. It was a blue shade with an ‘L’ inscribed on the opening apparatus in its centre.

The award ceremony organizer could tell Valthor was a little bit confused over this ornamental pokeball and let Valthor in on its secret.
“That there is a real pokeball friend Valthor. It’s a one of a kind.”
“Its beautiful sir. But what does this ‘L’ mean?” he gestured to the blue pokeball.
“Ahh, well that’s there because it stands for ‘Legendary’, Valthor. It’s a pokeball designed to capture only legendary pokemon. That there color on it means its super effective against fire type Legendaries. There was a whole set of these things back in Johto and they were top secret don’t you know. Apparently the cargo truck was ambushed and all but this one was stolen. It must have dropped out of their clumsy clutches. So the Pokemon Professor who invented them, Kurt something or other donated it to us here as first prize. Hopefully a trainer of your skill can find a use for it, even if it’s just ornamental.” he finished as the dumbstruck Valthor put all the pieces together at last and made his story up on the spot.
“Err, yeah. I will probably just put it up on the cabinet or something. I don’t plan on seeing any legendary pokemon in this lifetime hahaha.”

Valthor was forced to give up the trophy for the night for the tournament officials to engrave it and store it for observational duties. It was tradition to let the general public see the trophy before it went to the victor. Valthor had a bad feeling about this but agreed anyway. The Dratini however was his to take and he happily tucked it in with his Houndour in order to let it get used to him while on the Gedyn Star premises. It was after all what the Code Gravity freaks were after. He had it in his own room where it couldn’t be safer. It warmly snuggled up to the bemused Valor. The four trainers chatted happily about how things were going so far in the mission. It was a good time to celebrate. Everything was going perfectly for them so far.

March 9th, 2004, 12:41 AM
Early that morning Valthor was awoken along with his three companions by a banging on his bedroom door. An official appeared as it was open and alerted them the Trophy and the legendary ball had been stolen. It was the worst thing Valthor could imagine. Senga and his gang had stolen the Legendary ball and were going to catch one of the legendary pokemon, probably already had all the others, hence the natural disturbances and with this last ball would probably finish the job. Ugghh, how could he have not taken more precautions? He felt so responsible.

Code Gravity had indeed revealed themselves to the Dragonagi agents by stealing the trophy. Senga remembered the genius of the deception. Code Gravity purposely left false information hinting at their interest in the pokemon prize from the tournament and not the Trophy itself. Ha, how stupid of them. And now the trophy was in his grasp as his team fled to the dark land of Quirinos, where their homeland and Head Quarters were located.

Senga had to admit it, the Intel from HQ was simply not getting paid enough. This scheme was tantalizingly genius and it made him proud to be part of such an ambitious team. He felt proud to be able to pull off the mission without so much as a serious problem. ‘Those little losers were probably still asleep’ he thought to himself as the team of thieves sank deeper into the woods. Senga was not finished yet though. There was one more part to play for his unit yet. It would go as smoothly as the others. Moltres would pose little resistance against the legendary ball. The other legendary birds certainly couldn’t.

Valthor and his team were at a loss of how to go about the pursuit. The debate started when Galita suggested simply following the C.G. unit into Quirinos and resuming hostilities when they find them. Valthor disagreed arguing that there must be a way to know where they were going. The Legendary ball was definitely meant for Moltres. They had figured out as much simply from its description. But where Moltres was they had no clue.

Miguel calmly put a halt to the discussion by pulling out his mini PC, previously strapped on his back. He never went anywhere without it. He booted up his little super computer.
“Relax fellas, it’s under control. I’ll give our good friend Sven a call and he’ll know where the Flaming Moltres is. He knows everything.” and he proceeded to hack into the telephone services and call Sven on his home phone. The master encyclopedia of pokemon answered and Miguel, cool under pressure, got the answers from the co-operative and kind man. The two shared all they knew on the subject at hand.
“We’re going to Mount Tauriel in Quirinos guys. Lets waste no more time. Legendary pokemon are at risk here.” The foursome quickly packed their things and departed for their new destination. Valthor couldn’t help but worry about how this mission seemed to be getting slightly out of hand.

Sven let the information stew in his mind for a short while as Pelle practiced his skills as a poke apprentice in the back yard. He understood that there was evil afoot and that it was in a race with his four friends to reach Moltres. He had to do something. He dialed a trusted friend on his home phone. It rang and his friend picked up.
"Chris Andersen. What's up?" Chris had a very cool and young voice.
"Chris it's me, I need you to repay me one of those favors. You're going to need to use your Gym name though."

Senga traveled through Quirinos with ease. It was his domain and although he was hated more over here than anywhere else, he was also feared more due to his reputation, so people generally stayed away if they recognized him. So it was a bit of a shock when, travelling through a popular city with his three fellow Code Gravity members by his side, his path was blocked by the city Gym Leader. He was masked in a very vicious looking red visor and wore a flashy red and black uniform.

"You may not pass Senga. I am Arken and you will not pass until one of us is defeated. A friend warned me of your passing and I was told you are weak and pathetic like the people you work for. You are a substandard specimen of a human and a poor excuse for a trainer. I challenge you!" Arken, or Chris Andersen as his friends call him, was deliberately baiting the enraged Senga into battling. He understood the need for these people to be halted and knew they would try to decline and be on their way. Now in front of the gathered crowd, the ruthless villain had no option but to battle.

Senga was at a boiling point. His fury was only matched by his desire to humiliate this so-called Gym Leader. Senga knew this man, Arken. He was a very potent battler, never letting an opportunity to show off go and always entertaining those who were watching.

"You fool! Why would you say such stupidity? You will surely pay. But it will be as you wish you stinking pile of Miltank dung! I will crush you!" Senga cared not for the mission at this point. He only cared for wrath and revenge. He hastily threw his pokeball into the clearing between himself and Arken, starting the battle.

Arken had the upper hand through out the battle. His skills were too much for Senga and he was eventually starting to overpower the cyber trainer until all of a sudden all three of Sengas henchmen threw in a pokeball each and each pokemon used simultaneous attacks to totally annihilate the poor pokemon belonging to Chris. Myth, Ambre and Swoon each loved the idea of cheating on behalf of their leader. Not only did it look bad for him, but it also made them feel good to simply bully another trainer into submission. They each dealt a blow aimed straight for Chris, designed to harm him. He crumpled on the floor, the air knocked out of him and dazed. All four continued on their path laughing their hatred and leaving the conquered Arken on his knees, concerned civilians simply frozen in shock of the crime they just witnessed and unable to help.

"I am beaten." He gasped desperate to fill his lungs before he fainted. He exhaled as he slumped to the ground. "I am sorry my friend, Sven. I have failed you." It would be a long time later before he awoke.

"You have been beaten! Now call off your friends or I will make their lives and their pokemon as uncomfortable as yours!" Valthor was in no mood for games. This was getting serious and he had no time for more delay. This Siryn woman was becoming a nuisance. And her voice was simply unbearable.

"LET THEM PASS!"she shouted in her usually annoyingly loud voice. Galita couldn’t stand it. 'How does she continue to speak like that and not lose her voice?' He thought he would go deaf if they didn’t get out of there soon. The building they were herded into was both dark and empty but it was perfect for Siryns' style of ambushing and battling for money. What a pity she gained nothing this time. Valthor put her in her place almost instantly.

"THEY CAN LEAVE!' she bitterly told her friends to allow our heroes freedom and Valthor wasted no time in making his exit. He would have to deal with this annoyance on his way home from this weird and accursed place. Something about her irked him. Something about her was amiss.

Lare watched the four Dragonagi Light trainers leave the compound and noticed they were all still in one piece. His liquid metallic eyes registered shock.
"HoW iNtRiGuInG. SiRyN LoSt?" Lare suddenly realized who would be held responsible for the four escaping. 'MaRcUs WiLl hAvE My hEaD fOr tHiS! I mUsT iNtErVeNe bEfOrE tHeY gEt aWaY!" his desperate chain of thoughts concluded and he bounded hysterically towards them from his vantage point on a grassy hill in the city gardens. He would stop them if it were the last thing he did. Code Gravity was relentless in their punishments for failure and he didn’t need to be punished to know this. He recalled how easily he was taken as a child and implanted with his metal bio-mechanical parts. He was constantly teased and avoided by other Code Gravity members, especially Swoon, who was unending in her colorful taunts and jokes about him. His was a tortured existence and one he had no choice but live.

"StOp RiGhT ThEiR!" his unusually robotic voice gurgled this command dripping with panic. His voice sounded more like a blender than words. He waved his arms emphatically as he charged down to the four agents and planted himself in front of them. "Go No fuRtHeR! I ChAlLeNgE yOu!" Years of being programmed to believe failure was death meant he had no choice but to risk himself so.

Valthor and his friends were not amused and were in particularly low spirits at this stage. Siryn had been very time consuming and this guy looked like he wasn’t going to be any easier. Siryn particularly weakened Valthors pokemon so it was another agent's turn to up the heat.

"You really should have gone for the all in one job pal, the half price silver caps on your body make ya look like a cheese grater." Miguel stepped forward fearlessly. This guy looked desperate and theirs nothing more scary than a desperate man. Especially a half-robotic kind. Miguel was going to be careful here. He eventually destroyed his opponent's pokemon with consummate ease, leaving no hint of a window for the metal man to win. The advantage was always Miguels and he took it. The defeated Lare seemed to short circuit or malfunction, as steam appeared to billow from his metallic ears. Miguel watched him with growing pity.

"DeS-eS-eS-eS-tRoY Me!" he begged sounding like a skipping Compact Disc. His words were pleaded with a mixture of pain and fear. "My FaTe WiLl bE wOrSe tHaN dEaTh-EaTh-EaTh-EaTh-EaTh ShOuLd YoU LeAvE mE." He looked utterly harmless at this point. Whoever had created him was a cruel and heartless person. This was all Code Gravitys' fault. And as far as Miguel was concerned, they weren't going to get the satisfaction of torturing him any more. He pulled out his portable super computer.

"You guys go ahead. I'm going to catch up. I've got a few upgrades to install on this guy." He connected a cord to the power drained and almost lifeless Lare and proceeded to punch in numerous complicated encryption codes and such as his friends agreed to leave and continue on their chase, happy with Miguels choice to remain and help.

Valthor led his small troop on into the night and the next day without stopping. They were healthy, young and fit individuals, trained for such drastic measures. They were quickly on to the foot of Mount Tauriel, its steep and almost impossibly smooth sides growing higher before them. Valthors senses noticed the immense heat making the run a lot harder continue to increase. The very ground was warming up under them as they climbed higher and higher up the mountain, dodging trees and boulders as they did so. Valthor was particularly wary for traps set by the fleeing thieves.

March 9th, 2004, 12:48 AM
Chapter 12 : The battle is lost, but the War…

"MROOooAAaawwWWWLLL!!!" was the gigantic roar from above as Code Gravity worked their evil over the Legendary bird Moltres.
"C'mon! We're almost there!" Valthor encouraged his two friends.
"That’s what I'm worried about!" Galita joked nervously. They approached the flattened summit of the mountain and found a cave entrance about the size of a single story building high and the same length across. Its arch was menacing in the red light emanating from the earth they stood on, representing blood. They entered the cave mouth and ran carefully through the single tunnel into the deep red lighted depths below.

They stopped at an entrance to a giant chamber. Valthor and his friends could see the giant Flame Legendary Bird Moltres. She was beautiful and scary all at the same time. Her roars continued as Senga and his unit finished their mission. Swoon, Ambre and Myth cornered the fiery bird with their best pokemon and buffeted it with there best attacks as Senga pulled out the large trophy from his pack. He unclicked the ‘L’ ball from its place on the trophy and aimed it at Moltres.

Moltres was aware of her sister birds demise at these fiends hands. She accepted her fate the moment the ‘L’ ball was shown. Senga opened the ‘L’ ball and it worked its magic, absorbing Moltres within in moments.

“Ha haaaaa! Now Code Gravity has all the legendary Birds. Nothing can stop us from accomplishing our master plan. Time travel will be ours! Its inevitable!” Senga reveled in his victory as the paralyzed Dragonagi agents watched on in horror. They recovered their composure and charged towards the evil bullies. Senga knew it was too late. He had won. He quickly used his cybernetic suit to teleport himself and his unit out of the cave, far away into his Gangs secret Head Quarters.

“Unbelievable.” Valthor exclaimed. The shock of defeat was simply too much to handle. “We’ve failed? How is this possible? We will lose our ranks for this. It cannot be.”
Erinn was as shocked as Valthor but was keeping her feelings in check and thinking rationally.

“Its not over yet Valthor. Did you hear Senga? Whatever there plans were, they aren’t over yet.” Galita clicked on this fact also.
“Yeah! He said something about time travel. That can only mean one thing. Celebi! But Celebi is near impossible to capture. You’d need all the legendary birds to do that! … Oh.”

“So, they have all the legendary birds, they have all the ‘L’ balls and they have s secret base that we know nothing about. I think here’s the perfect place to just call it quits. This is impossible.” Galita groaned over their failure.
Suddenly a voice could be heard above them, a calm woman’s voice. When the three friends turned to look, they found it was Larissa, with Miguel.

“Maybe you should, Galita. Perhaps the Dragonagi Light would be better off without such quitters.” Larissa continued. “There is hope yet. We have news that a Dragonagi Light agent has successfully infiltrated the Secret Code Gravity complex and will send us news on its whereabouts shortly. He is very professional and will not fail. He is one of the elite Ninja Dragonagi Guard and is currently sabotaging the complex as we speak.

Moltres wasn’t very happy with the accommodations set up for her. In fact it was literally killing her slowly. Code Gravity members forced her into a tank of water and closed the lid, keeping her in a weakened and sluggish mindset. Worse still for Moltres was being reacquainted with her sisters and seeing similar treatment being forced upon them. Articuno looked haggard in her fiery tank and Zapdos didn’t look comfortable in her advanced rubber one either. Lugia was particularly weak in her electric chamber and Ho-oh didn’t look much better than Moltres felt in her water chamber.

Moltres wandered if her fate was to be decided by those humans that she saw in her cave before these fools captured her. She hoped they would save her before these villains used her powers for their own evil. What use could they possibly have for her and her sisters? How could that pokeball have been so powerful? When will her suffering end? She roared silently in her water tank much to the amusement of the Code Gravity members guarding her.

Senga couldn’t have been in higher spirits. The teleportation worked beautifully. He materialized directly outside the secret doorway, leaving those losers behind to try to figure out what happened. He and his Unit were congratulated and promoted for their good work. Marcus was indeed pleased with Sengas work.

Chad crept through the ventilation shafts silently, peering through the grates as he crawled over them. He was getting closer to the legendary pokemon now. He had covered most of the compound already and by his estimations, the last of the birds would have been caught by now, so he had to find them before they were put to evil use. His mission was going well so far. He hadn’t been caught, so that was a plus. In fact, the numb butts here hadn’t even suspected a thing yet. Such was his skill as an Elite Ninja Dragonagi. Or as they called themselves, ‘E.N.D’.

His search finally ended as he approached a floor ventilation shaft. He could see the tanks perfectly from his ground level view. A C.G. members’ boot planted itself outside the vent, centimeters from Chads’ face and moved on. Chad waited in that shaft for two days and two nights in order to know everything he could possibly remember about the routines and characteristics of the people guarding the tanks containing the legendary pokemon. Even in their weakened state they were truly majestic. These fools will pay. Suddenly, Chad noticed something as he was watching one of the birds, Articuno. It was watching him. He had thought their tanks paralyzing. Amazing. This was going to be his signal. This pokemon seemed to have energy enough for his plans.

Chad needed the key for Articunos’ tank, and he had already known no-one in this chamber had keys to fit the locks on the tanks. He recalled the exact person who did have the keys. Marcus.
Marcus sat in his lavishly decorated room, dwelling on his gangs progress. It was well past his time to sleep but he dared not because anything could happen at this juncture to ruin his plans. The slightest hiccup could throw everything out of place. Marcus wished he could sleep with one eye open like dragons could. Instead he just stayed up and kept himself occupied by watching surveillance tapes of his secret compound.

His room was larger than most in the compound but still only just big enough to fit in his possessions. The small candles in each corner, which emitted just enough light to enjoy the works, lighted up his rich tapestries. Marcus was fond of natural light. Marcus was drowsy and only when he really thought about it did he realize that one of the candles had gone out. Strange, considering he’d only just lit it. Blackness streaked across the corner of his vision and another candle went out, then another and then the last. He panicked and the room was plunged into complete darkness. He tried to focus his vision in the lack of light but only heard his assailant whisper a deathly sentence into his ear without being able to define where he was. “Don’t be fearful of me Marcus, fear only the revenge of your captives.” and with that, the ninja was gone.

Chad knew he was being foolish by giving away his stealth by talking to Marcus. But he truly hated the man and his ideals. He scurried silently back to his position near the tanks and burst out of the vent shaft startling the guards there. He quickly threw a pokeball in one direction and another in the other direction, aimed at two sets of guards. From each ball materialized his ninja trained red Charmeleon and his other partner in this mission, his ninja trained red Scizor. Both as violently dangerous as he in the martial arts, as well as their own brand of pokemon powers. They quickly dealt with the weak guards and tied them up in the corner in the space of about two minutes. While they were doing that, Chad was unlocking the tank containing Articuno. It burst from the jail and screamed its satisfaction found from its newfound freedom. “GarooOOAAaaarrraaaaAA!”

March 9th, 2004, 6:52 PM
“We can do nothing more Valthor. It is no use stressing over that which cannot be helped.” Larissa tried to council the distressed Valthor.
“We don’t know what the signal will be, or when it will come. What if we miss it?”
Not far away, in the very jungle they were camped in, a massive explosion like a hundred bombs being dropped all at once could be heard followed by a steady stream of billowing smoke from the source of the sound. They watched the smoke and all saw the beautiful wings of Articuno swoop from the carnage and swoop over the trees of the jungle towards the five agents.

Then to all of their horror, Articuno simply stopped beating her wings and plummeted into the thick greenery mere feet away from them. Larissa quickly gathered the poor beasts’ head in her arms and checked over her health.
“She is weakened to almost death. We must get her to safety and find a way to heal her. She will not live long unless we do this.” And so the agents prepared themselves to carry the Ice pokemon away. But their plans were unusually halted all of a sudden.

From directly in front of them all, a small window of piercing bright white light appeared. It started as a speck of dust but grew bigger and wider until it was the size of a doorway. Then from within the window a small but harmless looking creature, green in color and with two small antennae appeared with a small “Mru?”

“Celebi! He comes to aid Articuno.” Erinn noted. “C’mon, lets get her into that portal and get this bird wherever Celebi wants us to go.” No one had any better ideas so they simply carried the limp pokemon into and through the bright portal made by the tiny Celebi. Celebi seemed happy that they went in so it was obviously what he wanted.

Through the other side of the portal the agents could see they were no longer even in Quirinos. They knew this because there was only one lake as big and beautiful as the one before them now and that was the legendary Lake Life. None had ever been lucky enough to see it until now. It was usually very secretly hidden and magically concealed. Celebi beckoned the agents to the lake edge and gestured for them to submerge the Icy Bird within. They did so and instantly saw the lakes magic start the transformation. A flurry of tiny silver and gold sparkly stars flew from the place where Articuno was under water and with every one it seemed a bit more energy entered her weary bones. Articunos’ feathers seemed to recrystallize and harden to their former glory. Her eyes opened with a new vigor and her strength seemed to resurface. Articuno was alive and well again.

Celebi hovered around happily and the agents tried to contain their excitement for Articunos’ recovery. It was a miracle and it was all thanks to Celebi. It was a wonder to behold for the agents and an amazing spectacle. They were all indebted to this wondrous pokemon.
“How can we ever thank you Celebi? You’ve saved Articuno.” Valthor asked. The little grass and psychic type pokemon didn’t hesitate. He simply opened up another portal directly in front of them and flew through, happily beckoning the others to follow as he did so. Articuno was first to dive through and then the others willingly did the same.

Larissa, Miguel, Erinn, Galita and Valthor all appeared back into the forest in Quirinos. This time they were directly outside the Code Gravity complex, billowing smoke and all. Valthor halted the others.
"Guys, this could get dangerous. I'm not sure what's going to happen in here or what we might see, but one thing is for sure. Articuno is going to exact some hard core revenge on this place in a few moments and it might not be safe for all of us."
"Gayooarrrurruurruu!" responded the furious Articuno, flapping her ice cold wings in anticipation.
"She says she will free her sisters and destroy this organization once and for all." Miguel relayed the message from his Espeon to his friends.
At that moment, Chad appeared from some foliage nearby. He looked healthy and happy to find his fellow agents. Larissa excitedly hugged him and welcomed him back from the complex.
"Pi! Purruuruu!" Celebi aimed his talk to the Espeon by Miguels' side. Espeon nodded and focussed to relay the words to his master.
"Celebi says he'll take care of the rest of the Legendary birds the moment they are freed."

"Well, that only leaves one thing then doesn’t it." Valthor noted looking at the beautiful Articuno. The Icy queen of the air leapt up and screamed her fury at buildings before her. Its main perimeter walls, at least twenty feet high and over a couple of football fields across began to shake in fear for its own life. Articuno called upon the powers of the Ice and produced a magnificent and deathly blizzard. The furious storm blew its might straight for the buildings and their occupants demolishing a massive path of destruction directly down the center of the complex. Articuno disappeared into the dust and haze within as Valthor and his friends looked on.

From within the blinding dust all the onlookers could hear was screams for help from the confused Code Gravity members inside and calls for order by ranking members. Shouts of pain and surprise were accompanied by roars from freed Legendary birds, intent on revenge. Unimaginably powerful blasts of raw energy and concentrated surges of electricity, fire, water, and ice flew from the dust as the birds reigned their might over the hopeless people inside. What ever was happening to the members of this Head Quarters definitely wasn't pleasant and Valthor didn’t envy their position. By the sounds of the carnage, the birds weren't holding back.

Eventually, painful groans and moans were followed by silence as one by one the legendary birds were helped out of the rubble and settling dust by Articuno and into the open fresh air on the ground before the Dragonagi agents. Lugia, Moltres, Ho-oh and Zapdos, some of the most powerful pokemon ever born were lain in front of the awe inspired friends and a relieved Celebi.

Celebi magically conjured another bright portal and coaxed the legendary birds through to the other side and to their salvation with his reassuring talk. Our six heroes followed suit to watch the healing take place. The same process occurred, with all four of the weakened winged Goliath's submerging themselves within the safety and warmth of the beautiful Lake Life. They allowed its mysterious powers to run their course and restore them to their former glory. Each bird was eternally perfect in every way and all majestically thanked Celebi and disappeared, each soaring in opposite directions.

Senga saw their departure and feeling much safer for the legendary bird's absence, revealed himself to his enemies. He pounced out of the bushes he'd been hiding in since sneaking through the portal after our heroes and declared himself to the shocked and bemused party of 'losers'. He was covered in soot and dust.
"Ha! Thought you'd gotten rid of me didn't you my pathetic little Weedles. Well, it will take more than five legendary pokemon blasting my bosses base to smithereens to get rid of Senga!" Senga had positively lost the plot. During the explosions he had obviously been knocked senseless by one of the blasts and was deluded into thinking he could take on all five trainers and a Celebi.

"You have got to be kidding right? Has some oil seeped into your brain, Senga?" Miguel folded his arms and watched Sengas' comical appearance wandering who would blast him away first.
"Senga, you are truly out of your mind. Go back through the portal you came from before you are destroyed utterly." Erinn reached for a pokeball attached to her leg.
"You're in for a world of hurt Senga. I hope you land on soft earth wherever you end up." Galita smirked his amusement at this interference. This was thoroughly entertaining.

"Your organization has been dismantled for good Senga. Your evil days are long over. I've seen to that!" Chad said triumphantly as he noticed Celebi approach Senga from behind the group of friends.
"So this is the infamous Senga. He looks all washed up. What do you think Valthor?" Larissa was less than impressed by this desperate attempt for an attack. Valthor nodded his agreement.

"Senga, I want you to know, it's been a pleasure wiping the floor with your butt. But I've gotta say it looks as if Celebi thinks you’ve over stayed your welcome here. I think he has a ride already planned for your departure too. Blast him, Celebi!" Valthor enjoyed saying this and Celebi was all too keen to co-operate with this great trainer and his super friends.

Celebi mustered a giant surge of psychic power, a mere fraction of his true powers, and took three little steps towards the wide-eyed Senga. Senga apparently had only just realized his mistake and he gritted his teeth in anger at his own stupidity.
"NoOOOOOOoooooooooo" was all he was able to scream as Celebi unleashed an invisible psychic blast, launching the helpless cyber man high into the sky as fast as a rocket. He disappeared far into the horizon, arms and legs flailing uselessly with a final glint from his armor, gone for the time being.

"Thank you for everything Celebi. You’ve helped us again. I wish we could do something to help you." Valthor said appreciatively. Celebi responded.
"Piruuuruuuu. Celee. Riiiiruuuu. Piiireeeleee. Pi. Bi. Ruuuuleeecee." Espeon relayed the response to his master who told everyone else.
"Celebi says that we have already helped him. He says that Code Gravity planned on capturing him and that without our help he could not have stopped them. He says that he was captured for sure if we hadn't interfered. He thanks us and says we are welcome back to Lake Life anytime."

"Cool, thanks. We will definitely visit you. But right now we have to get back to our Head Quarters in Johto. We wish we could stay longer here with you but it’s a long journey back so we've gotta get going." Everyone was so happy to have witnessed all that they had and experienced everything they had together that it never dawned on them that Celebi could help them here. All except Celebi who helped them by opening up another portal with a single thought and calling for the trainers to go through. He seemed sad to see them go but happy to help their journey.

"Cool, Celebi. Thanks again. We will see you again sometime. Count on it. I hope one-day people will stop trying to control you and the other legendary pokemon like Code Gravity did. Until next time friend." And with that Valthor and his friends each hugged the cute Celebi good-bye with some select parting words and used one of his bright portals for the very last time to get home. Celebi wished all humans were as caring towards pokemon as these six and hoped dearly to meet them again.

March 9th, 2004, 6:56 PM
And thus we have at last come to the end of the first of three in this saga. I hope you liked it. It spawned what i can only describe as my best work, in Dragonagi three. Even now, i feel 2 has not been beaten by my current work on three, but its not finished yet, so we'll see. Without further ado, i give you Dragonagi 2. (I love this story!!!) hehe

March 9th, 2004, 7:09 PM
Dragonagi 2 : a MeW sements
Chapter 1 : Full Moon Freaks
It seemed only minutes ago he was sitting on the impossibly dark and damp stone cell floor looking out through its unlighted confines into the hazy night outside. He'd had a lot of time to get used to the dark. So much so that he'd grown accustomed to blinking and squinting under direct sunlight. Although the small barred window allowed a slow breeze to circulate the cell in the evenings, for Senga, it was the beautiful moon that refreshed his spirit and kept him motivated.

That was before. Harsh, wet branches slapped and whipped his cold exposed exterior. Childlike muscles burned. His cybernetic new tech-armor and Code Gravity badges of rank stripped from him upon incarceration, he felt physically and emotionally naked running though the thick black forests surrounding ‘Gedyn Prison’. It was the most highly guarded and high-tech prison to date. For so long he'd been propelled through life by bio-mecha implants, created and supplied by his gang. Sitting in a four by four foot cellblock as long as he had should have made his muscle tissue as weak as a kittens. But Senga was smarter than your average Chromex Prison inmate. Using the window bars for support, Senga spent his time within that horrid nightmarish cell to recuperate and regenerate what little strands of flesh he had left. In just one year he'd built himself up from a lifeless pathetic skeleton to a slim framed, agile and deceptively strong individual. His was a will not to be broken. How his Pokemon would recognize him once he had them back was anybody's guess, such was his transformation.

Observing lunar cycles over and over during that year, hoping against hope that this was the Full moon Marcus would strike was a small hope indeed. He didn’t totally believe it, being a natural skeptic. But the idea that the mastermind and millionaire behind Code Gravity and all its operations was going to assist him this time, 'because he wasn’t like the others', was a nice one. He'd seen it a hundred times really. Gang member gets caught. Gang member gets thrown in Chromex. Gang member rots forever. Surely Marcus would understand the value of Senga and not allow that future to be his.

'Marcus sees. He knows I'm special. He knows I'm his best. Yes.' He drooled with delight at his escape, allowing his own warm saliva to slide off his chin, sharp leaves to slice him. He cursed not having his bionic implants. 'How dare they take them from me!' he thought to himself as he instinctually followed the escape plan drilled into Code Gravity gang members' heads from promotion beyond 'grunt'. His boredom and evil depths of thought allowed him to sit week after boring week in that filthy cell, double and quadruple checking the plan in his mind. He even had contingency plans, masterful backup after backup, just in case. Finally, this was the full moon he would begin his revenge.

Hustling through the wet undergrowth of the forests he couldn’t stop himself sharing a thought for his Pokemon. He couldn’t wait. How he missed his Pokemon. They, more so than even his now non-existent implants, served as a security blanket, his perfect party of Pokemon. None in Code Gravity save Myth came close to his might in the battle arena. Everyone in C.G. knew that. Senga trained his Pokemon hard and accepted failure poorly. He didn’t train them all those years only to rot away in prison while they roamed as they wished under Code Gravity's roof.

In truth, Sengas Pokemon weren't sure which was worse, training under him, or slaving for the gang while he was incarcerated.

Dodging green leafed trees and keeping his feet on the slippery forest floor while running took a lot of his energy. As he neared the rendezvous point some five miles from the prison perimeter fence, a storm of fired shots could be distinctly heard far far behind him from within the jails reinforced walls. Horrified, painful, deathly screams followed. He recalled his last thought before being thrown roughly into that stinking cell some 368 days ago. He was unable to even roll on his side due to lack of strength, gasping for breath, open wounds still weeping with fluid from where they removed his implants so imperfectly and roughly.
'Valthor will pay.'

Myth sat upright in his cell mentally tuning himself, preparing himself, as he so often did these days. He was in a meditative state so deep and so peaceful he didn’t even hear the guards outside his corridor hit their helmeted heads on the cold steal floor. They fell one after another as round after round of silenced fully automatic bullets impaled and sliced through their vests, opening such gaping wounds as to render them instantly deceased. Chromex had Pokemon -proofed the whole complex. Not that it did the screaming guards any good.

Marcus' most bloodthirsty were out tonight. There were casualties to both sides naturally. A bloody battle was fought, which Chromex brought about on themselves by separating Code Gravity's four most lethal gang members throughout the massive city-like complex in the first place. Strategies made by the evil gang succeeded as those of Chromex failed. Things might have been easier on their casualty rate had the four targets been celled together. Chromex trained their guards extensively, but they were not prepared for the might Code Gravity threw their way. In Chromex's history, no one had ever escaped and only few had ever attempted to. Most ended their own lives or became unrecognizable as thinking humans before contemplating escape.

So it was that when the ranking gang member unlocked the five separate manual locks and three digital key locks to Myths' cell, they found him in a dream-like state. Just as the C.G. officer was about to impatiently rouse him, Myth snapped awake. He was dressed and quickly on the roof and down the side of the complex eight floors into the sewerage and separated from the small force left two miles away, in less than 12 minutes. This wasn’t a shock to Myth. It was important to split up in case they were tracked. More importantly, he and the rest of the selected inmates (he had no real idea who) were to meet at a preordained point and wait for further instructions.

'Valthor, my nemesis, your time has come at last." He thought to himself coldly as he slowly, carefully stalked into a shadowed overgrown secret place where a lone dark figure awaited him, seated upon a large fallen tree trunk. Myth had to keep his mind and mental health locked away safely during his stay in Chromex. Battling the seclusion involved with being alone for a year without human contact and only receiving two meals a day had its effect on a guy. It appeared, he thought to himself, Senga at least… had something to do this past year. He looked upon the feeble but largely improved body, void of bio implants, scarred everywhere. It was like every implant left a signature scar for keepsake. For the first time ever, Myth felt pity for his gang unit leader.

Chromex Elite Defender Lieutenant Parker led her unit valiantly through the women's ‘A’ blocks to the very last section, section 8, where the most insane and sinister women were kept. Some of the officers preferred feeding duties in the mens blocks compared to this place, but today apparently was different. Today was a chance to end some of the evil scum. Given the right circumstances. Parker was happy to oblige. In the name of 'duty' of course.

Her unit, 18 strong, awaited their orders as they quietly, calmly squatted just outside the only entrance and exit to the intruded zone. A double four inch pure steel bolt reinforced door. A faulty yellowed light flickered on then off again revealing the door was open. They were the most heavily drilled and fastest responding unit in Chromex and were down to the section in no time, Parker predicting demotion for those who didn’t have themselves geared up and in formation within fifteen seconds. Suffice to say they were all wearing their riot gear. Confident of hearing voices within, she received the green light from her superiors through her earpeice poking out through her black helmet to move in. Parker gave the signal and the troopers stormed the square from the bottom floor double doors, the entrance location.

Guns aimed truly and the battle was quick and gruesome. There was no cover for the guards and their opposition held the high ground. Parker saw ten loyal and good men and women die before her eyes in seconds. The rest were eventually dragged off and used as hostages by other gang members. She came to rest, unarmed, riddled with bullets upon her second in commands corpse, still warm and spasming. Her own lifeblood draining as she watched the smoky room settle into deathly silence.
"Fufufufufu!" cackled a sinister and sickly sweet voice breaking the silence and making Parker involuntarily jump. "It appears you’ve been out played Lieutenant Parker. Pity about your unit." A lone figure stalked tentatively, delicately out from the smoke created by hundreds of rounds of bullets. The figure was both beautiful and deadly.
"S.s…s…Swoon! You w.. w.. won't get away with this!" Parker knew she was as good as dead the moment she saw a second, more imposing figure appear by Swoons' side. This one couldn’t be reasoned with. She wasn’t like Swoon…not this one.

Parker flashed passage after passage of the second inmate's Chromex history files across her mind. 'Irrationally violent…' and '…hostile fits of anger resulting in major permanent injury…' came to mind most vividly. '… Pokemon starvation and malnutrition…' and 'Ultimately loyal to Senga and Code Gravity, …' always rang true as well.

Ambre leaped to the side of the dying woman's head and whispered close.
"Death comes to us all old woman." and she unleashed pump action shotgun round after round into her head with Swoon cackling sweetly in the background, blood splattering her loosely fitted prison uniform. The remains of the Code Gravity force expertly made the path to freedom clear for the women. Chromex was a maze of a prison and their escape would be nothing short of a miracle, compared to the entrance.

'Miracles happen all the time' thought Swoon to herself as she and Ambre were guided out of the grassed prison perimeter by the sole remaining limping gang member. Swoon checked her reflection in a shattered mirror she’d stashed and pulled some gore from her well-kept hair. She flicked it onto the ground. 'I cant wait to see Valthors' eyes when it dawns on him my perfect face is the last thing he'll see before he dies.'

March 10th, 2004, 5:44 PM
The beautiful fresh Kanto sun gleamed off the impossibly tall skyscrapers of Saffron City that morning. It was a bright, peaceful and musical morning. Two determined warriors fiercely battled on the roof of one of the tallest central business buildings on a perfectly circular Pokemon dojo. It was constructed from smooth coin sized colored stones and surrounded by small healthy berry trees. It was a stunning Pokemon League battle dojo, one worthy of the long and electrifying battle. Onlookers on the ground could see and hear awesome claps of power coming from the roof, the light produced by the trainers battling providing a decent fireworks display.

Finally, a trainer returned his last fainted Pokemon to its designated pokeball. A beefy and perfect specimen of a Gyarados, its marine blue scales in perfect glistening order and its eyes clamped shut in unconscious pain. Its long dragon-like body was curled up in defeat. The victorious trainer scooped up his proud Pokemon, a smiling hooting Noctowl, its browny red plumage barely ruffled and its eyes adoringly fixed on its red visored owner, matching his red and black uniform. Both looked dazzling as they smiled at each other in mutual friendship.

"Well done" started the defeated trainer. Dressed in a cool fitted red and white trainer's uniform that showed off his strong, mature physique, he walked calmly to the victor. "You’ve beaten me and thus claim your prize. I've never seen the might of one so strong. You're so passionate about your Pokemon. You surely deserve this!" And he handed the triumphant trainer a sparkling Gold trophy.

"Congratulations Arken! You're officially recognized as this years Kanto Pokemon League Champion!" *Cue inspiring music*

Arken accepted the trophy and carefully tucked it in his pack, sitting on the ground. It didn’t matter to Arken that he'd also claimed the Gedyn and Hoenn Championships as well in the past year. These feats were remarkable, yes, but not what he was truly about. The trophies were simply something to do while he searched. Ever since he'd been unceremoniously ganged up on by Code Gravity while trying to help his friend, a great trainer named Sven, he'd been on a self designated mission to single handedly destroy as many gang members as possible with varying levels of success. He'd ranged from successful, to extremely successful. He had become a bit of a legend. Arken the Avenger. Raging Red Arken. The thorn in Code Gravity's behind. He was convincing more members of Code Gravity to quit than they could recruit.

His search kept him moving all over the lands, always with new leads, yet always three steps behind his ultimate goal. The elusive millionaire funding and directing C.G. He'd so far only heard insane gibberish from those he'd managed to interrogate. Most decided death was preferable to the punishments dished out for talking. His last encounter in this, the City of Saffron was a close one. He'd nearly chewed off more than he could swallow. The Saffron branch he'd come across was extensive and well trained, more organized and confident than the previous.

Something made them surer of themselves. But he persevered as always and managed to get the upper hand, like he always did in a fair fight. Their Pokemon were as corrupt and dark as always and he’d had a good idea of what to expect. Pokemon owned by evil, turn evil. And evil never prevails. His Pokemon were wonderful and strong, unlike his opposition. Some from this faction of Code Gravity still jumped at the sight of red for years after. His powerful, well timed and well-trained Pokemon found their mark everytime, never letting his foes have a sniff of a chance.

His Pokemon were truly dazzling. None more so than his special, shiny and glittering Noctowl, who threw opposition down, like they were toys with its powerful special attacks. It would valiantly take a thousand bullets for her friend and trainer.

Even now however, nothing compared to the humiliation he'd suffered at the hands of Senga and his goon's in Quirinos. His hometown people all watched as he was defeated unfairly, but defeated all the same. His honor and dignity taken from him, at least in his own mind, Chris Andersen had been seeking revenge ever since, sometimes at risk of his own sanity. If they wanted to play dirty… then he would not condone such action. He could play that game also, and play it better.

His six beloved Pokemon recorded into the Hall of Fame forever and his data stored by an official Pokemon League employee, Arken, as he was known to all now, began to stalk away, to continue his journey. He saw the newly defeated ex-champion near the far corner of the building roof as he started down the stairs that led down into the building interior.

He noted he had four other similarly garbed trainers with him, deep in conversation. One of them pointed in his direction without looking at him as if he were being talked about. Arken slowed. Then all of a sudden the tallest one, a blue and black haired trainer looked directly at him and gazed into his eyes. Arken halted before the steps, taken aback by the sheer force of the gaze. The trainer approached followed by his friends and a small assortment of their Pokemon. None seemed to look hostile, yet they all felt to Chris as if they could jump off this building and land the forty floors below and walk away without a scratch, and without a fuss. The black and blue haired man spoke kindly.

"Arken! The Arken? From Quirinos?" he asked politely as his blue striped Houndour, evidently a shiny Pokemon, followed obediently and intelligently behind. It was a dog like Pokemon, black and blue, with vicious looking fangs and a muscular physique. Arken could feel the warmth from where he was over five feet away. The heat came from the core of the Pokemon, not its heart.

"Yeah, that’s me. Who are you? He's” Chris looked at his defeated foe who looked innocently back. “not asking for a rematch straight away is he? Because I don’t have time." Chris wasn’t particularly in favor of being approached by groups of apparently strong trainers these days. Not since Quirinos. His dreams were marred by nightmares about that defeat as it was.
"No haha, no nothing like that. We wanted to thank you! Look, I'm Valthor, this is Erinn, Miguel and Galita and you've already met and beaten Orisiro. You may not know who we are, but you helped us about a year ago in Quirinos." Arken didn’t even look at the other trainers. Valthor saw the look of recognition and anger in Arkens body language as he spoke his hometown name. "You did us a huge favor back there and we couldn’t find you, so we had no idea where to find you to say thanks."

Arken didn’t know what to think. He was angry for being used the way he was, but he knew what he was getting himself into, even if he didn’t see it coming. These trainers, who seemed to emanate confidence and self-assuredness, intrigued him. They were obviously capable of looking after themselves on the Pokemon dojo. And if they were battling Code Gravity then they would surely know where to find more out posts to quench his thirst for revenge. Maybe he could turn this to his own advantage. He removed any hostility from his voice that may have been there before.

"Your welcome. I didn’t do much more than stall those freaks. I'm sorry you couldn’t find me before. I've been…busy." he finished deceptively, confident his cause was secret.

"Oh we know. You’ve been annihilating Code Gravity outposts. Good work." Valthor congratulated him to his amazement. The Houndour seemed to smile appreciatively. Galita added hastily,

"Yeah, You'd make a great DrOomph!" Miguel elbowed him in the ribs subtly, halting his words. He covered for his fellow unit member. Dragonagi was a secret.

"A great drill instructor on tracking people down." Miguel's black full-length hooded leather jacket and dark green and black trainers uniform, combined with his ever increasing darkness and silence made Galita think twice about retaliating. The wind ruffled Miguels’ dark green and black hair.

"Well, we've got to be going, so…Adios Chris. And once again, thanks!" Chris noted a large stitched dragon emblem on Valthor's uniform and saw that indeed, the other trainers also had it embroidered on theirs. His eyes lingered on the single beautiful female trainer, who for some reason, he'd previously over looked.

"Wait, where are you going? I…err that is I'd like to come with you. I want to help more if I can." Chris understood that these strange trainers were his only chance of getting some real revenge and pounced desperately. Valthor and his friends turned around to face him. He heard their leader mumble to himself, loud enough for all to hear. As was his intention.
"Hrmm, Director Xvax might go with this. I could always throw him into my first recruitment class." It just so happened that with the Units success in the previous year's destruction of Code Gravity, Valthor had been promoted to 'Recruitment officer' for a few weeks until another Agent returned from his personal holidays. This was a regular procedure in the Agency.

March 11th, 2004, 5:44 PM
It seemed everything was going to plan. Of course, Valthor and his unit had foreseen this meeting with the great trainer, Arken. Miguel predicted a meeting with him months before in a dazed state. Valthor and his friends didn’t ask how he knew exactly. Miguel was…. unique. No one really knew how his mind worked these days.

Truthfully they didn’t believe him but since their holidays began upon returning to Dragonagi head quarters in Johto, Miguel had changed remarkably. He still retained his favorite Pokemon, Espeon, a four-legged psychic cat-type Pokemon, who almost never left his side during such expeditions. He was often alone in his thoughts and was feared by newer and even some better established members of the Agency for his dark disposition. His general demeanor was questionable, yet no one asked Miguel or said anything to Valthor for fear of his reaction, being Miguel's friend from early childhood.

On the trip back to Dragonagi Headquarters in Hoenn, Arken managed to get to know the four Agents pretty well. Orisiro departed in another direction grumbling about how it wasn’t fair his holidays were cut short because he was no longer 'champion'. Arken was very impressed with these trainers. They were all so different.

Galita, with his supreme confidence and giant presence seemed to get along with Chris very well. He seemed an army of trainers bunched up into one. His gaze was kind, yet powerful and one knew not to get on his wrong side immediately. His silver white spiky hair and white Dragonagi uniform made him stick out in a crowd, but not enough to attract the wrong attention. He seemed eager to prove himself and show his worth whenever an opportunity arose. His signature Pokemon, a wonderful Scizor, seemed to be a mirror image of his confidence. Its bright dark red metallic shell like armor covering its humanoid, almost bug like body made it an intimidating and graceful Pokemon, swift of foot and strong in defense.

Erinn was softly spoken and gentle in nature, her small but athletic build unintimidating and pleasurable to gaze upon. Her long dark brown hair, with a single fleck of blue along her right side reached her hips easily in a single plat. She surprised Arken by appearing to be more goal driven and disciplined than anyone he'd ever seen before, while remaining friendly and talkative.

He was amazed at the intense power and impossible size of all her Pokemon. They were so immense and yet so loving of her while she let them out of their pokeballs that he knew here was a trainer of fantastic ability for one so young. She loved all her Pokemon dearly, but showed particular attention for her sassy natured Ampharos, who doted on her in return. Its dragon pear shaped form, and ball tipped tail almost hiding its fierce prowess in battle with coolness. It often sizzled the air in its excitement whenever Erinn called it over to her, making those around who weren't fried laugh. Being an electric type Pokemon, this was somewhat expected.

Miguel was another thing altogether. Arken hadn't managed to get a single word from the mysterious psychic all trip. He didn’t need to be told of Miguel's ability for it was plain to see. He carried with him a presence of hidden power. A dark and unattractive power. Arken was happy to allow Miguel to remain with his own thoughts, and his Espeon, whom it appeared Miguel was actually having silent discussions with. He was later informed that Miguel could talk to his Espeon via a psychic link, opened up while in the fabled Black Star realm. But that’s another story. Arken simply wasn’t sure about Miguel's agenda. He seemed so dark, yet fought for good.

Along the way back to headquarters, the group of trainers seemed to take as many opportunities as possible to get into a Pokemon battle with complete strangers. Arken found this strange, for no matter how weak the trainer, or how untrainerlike they seemed, a challenge was thrown down and the challenged were always completely slaughtered with flare. Each had about two battles each along the way and none were so much as close to getting beaten. On one occasion, a trainer had recognized Erinn, and subsequently ran for all he was worth back the other way along the trodden path.

Arken was guided the final stages to the headquarters blindfolded and only allowed to remove the blindfold once he was within its perimeter. He was amazed. Dragonagi headquarters was a small city within itself. Clearly underground, it easily contained some one hundred individuals, all masterfully educated Pokemon trainers. He had never before felt so small and uninformed. Everyone within seemed to be doing something constructive. No one simply relaxed in Dragonagi. It was a hive of activity, always running like a well-oiled machine. And yet, everyone seemed strangely happy. Pokemon roamed seemingly free and provided aid to their owners as if it was a favor for a friend not a direct order. Everyone here seemed not only happy, but walked with a sense of pride and even innocence, in harmony with their Pokemon. How could this city of metal and technology not be known? How could the magic used to hide this hulking beautiful fortress be? It was strange that something so large was so well hidden from the public eye.

Chris was told he was permitted to observe the Complex and he didn’t waste his chance to explore. He wandered into some magnificently constructed environments, designed for Pokemon to live within the Dragonagi walls. He was startled by the detail that had gone into each habitat and the friendliness of most of the Pokemon within. Some however showed they could be quite hostile, and not nice at all. He noticed a particularly large enclosure that was teeming with majestic Dragon Pokemon. Arken leaned on a guardrail. He watched them for a few minutes, hypnotized by the Dragonairs' grace and the nurturing, mysterious power of the giant Dragonites. The untainted powers contained within the Dratini and the brutal strengths of all the other dragon type Pokemon dwelling there blended into a kind of harmony with the enclosure. This was clearly a special enclosure.
“One of them will be yours soon my friend” a voice came from behind. He recognized it immediately as Galita who continued.
“Yup. Every member of Dragonagi is granted a Dragon type Pokemon as an initial gift for joining our ranks. I've no doubt you’ll pass the exams and become one of us. Just look and remember these beautiful specimens and you should do fine. They are enough to inspire the greatest deeds.” The two men chatted for a while, each sharing stories and heroics as Pokemon from the enclosure pretended not to watch and listen to them.

He was allowed to set up his room, sleep fitfully and the next morning called by Galita (on Valthors orders) into a large indoor square where he was seated upon the ground amongst about forty other young and nervous trainers. They all lacked the Dragonagi uniform he'd noticed on everyone else who worked here. They sat and waited tensely while several Dragonagi representatives hurriedly shuffled papers and organized the name list at the front of the hall. Finally Valthor emerged from the small group, shiny blue striped and serious natured Houndour in tow, and almost addressed the eager trainers. The Houndour barked the group to silence with a single deep roar. Valthor strode before them leisurely.

"Well done." He broke the silence and the relief was evident on each of the trainer's faces. "Well done is what I might be saying should I accept any of you to our ranks. None of you is a guarantee. No one is selected until the final test is completed. Your past and your achievements mean little here. Your lives as you know them mean nothing here. Your commitment and your desire to be the best and shine above the rest are what I care about now. Those of you who do not meet our satisfaction will be politely escorted out of the Agency. Those few, and when I say few” he smiled “I mean approximately the top three percent, who do succeed in impressing us will go on to become Dragonagi Agents, depending on where we think you belong." None of this seemed to relax any of the recruits, but it brought smiles to the rest of the Agents in the room to see these fresh faces squirm under Valthors well chosen words. They continued to listen and watch, arms folded standing behind Valthor as he marched among the recruits, careful not to stand on any of them. He spoke both words he'd heard when he was recruited, and added his own. His Houndour followed him, looking each recruit square in the eyes in imitation of Valthor.

"Our ranks have grown in the past few years. Dragonagi is becoming stronger. I do not refer to numbers, because Dragonagi has always and will always have only a certain designated number of members. Some members leave for one reason or another. When this happens, we need to replace them. That’s where you come in." He gestured at the recruits. His voice boomed fair and strong throughout the whole high roofed compound "You will each complete four tests, like you have never have participated in before. We will pick our new agents from your combined average marks. Report back here in five hours for your first test.”

Flaming Torchic
March 11th, 2004, 6:04 PM
Hey Brad, don't mind if I don't read all of the chapter please, I will read them some other time, but for now I shall review your most recent chapter...

It is good, in good paragraphs and is very interesting and has interesting characters in it, like Erinn who had huge built pokmon but were yet so kind. You are good at coming up with interesting characters in your story, and there is nothing that I can find to nag on in this chapter. I will check back on this story from time to time. :)

March 16th, 2004, 12:45 AM
Meanwhile in Celadon City, the newest members of society were making their presence felt.
Reveling in her friends' laughter and encouragement, Ambre added her final touch to the humiliation of the old man. The street was filled with horror gasps and cries for help.
"Snorlax! Metronome again! This time make it good you fat curse!" Her overfed, massive Pokemon bent its concentration on its new move, scared of failing his master. The Snorlax felt the move click in its mind and it smiled at the elderly man, walking stick held up in defence for his life and that of his nearly fainted Teddiursa. The Teddiursa proved to be a quick victory for Ambre, who in front of the gathered crowd, with her Snorlax, decimated its Light Screen and dealt it some burning Fire Blasts. She had intended on finishing off the teddy bear looking Pokemon with the previous metronome, but was enraged when it turned out to produce a Mist, which had absolutely no effect on either Pokemon. How annoying.

Snorlax unleashed its gathered newfound and temporary power, a Tri Attack. Its multi coloured angular beam spiraled towards the helpless pair and its aim was great. By the time the dust had settled they were not a pretty sight. The poor Teddiursa cried for her injured master.

The four gang members walked away. Their time for terrorism was over for now. It was only a few hours ago they were finally re-united with their Pokemon, which didn’t even seem all to thrilled to be reacquainted with their former masters. A few gang members, who had not counted on their return, had to be put back in their place by the four trainers. As the last rebel to claim the crown of ‘most dangerous gang member’ was eating a storm of black bubble like Psychic blasts by Myth and Senga, Swoon and Ambre beat the stuffing out of several new members, unaware of who the four were.

"Now you know!" was the answer they received.

Lare, newly freed cyborge of Dragonagi roamed the lush forests connecting Gedyn and Quirinos in a never-ending quest for enlightenment. He was once the slave bot of Code Gravity, but now, set free by Miguel, who using every ounce of his knowledge about such things re-wired Lare to think and work for himself. Although remaining at the Dragonagi compound for well over a month before finally being convinced his life was destined to be lived elsewhere, he now loved his new existence. He walked the roads, and lived adventures like everyone else. He had his fair share of victories and friendships, each one a new experience for him.

Today was a beautiful day, and one he was happy to be alive on. For although mostly metal, Lares' was a human mind. He stopped to pick some blooming Citrus flowers, which smelt fantastic to him. He was just about to store them in a compartment in his pack when he thought he heard something coming from the undergrowth on his left.

Suddenly the ground underneath him shook wildly, blurring his vision and shaking birds out of their nests above him. He stumbled, trying not to lose his flowers and he rolled onto his side with little agility, for he weighed a lot more than most. The shaking stopped and he stood up dazed as four familiar faces approached him together with a menacing, hulking Nidoking and Nidoqueen.

'Huh? Those are Swoon's and Senga's Pokemon!? Here? Who's that I wonder?' he thought to himself as they neared, looming over him in an intimidating manor.
"Long time no see, Lare."
"Oh, hi guys." Lare wasn’t really feeling like being sociable right about then.
"We heard you were lost, but I never forgot I had a tracking device to find you whenever I needed to. Its time to come back to Code Gravity, Lare. Funs over." It was the familiar voice of Myth, his original creator.
"No, Myth. I'm free now. I just want to be left alone. I don’t work for anyone anymore." Lare didn’t like where this was going. He tried to reason and explain. He liked the evil look of disgust on Myth's face even less once he tried.
"Who has altered your voice program? What are these weak upgrades I see on you?" Myth sneered. His creation had been tampered with. He wanted to pry apart every part of his robot and see how much had been altered.
"Nobody. It’s nothing Myth. I'm just free now, that’s all." How else could he explain it?
"Free!?!?" Myth was hysterical. "You're no more free than a filthy Pokemon. Maybe I should make YOU a pokeball for such a goody goody attitude." Myth stepped forward, readying to flick the cyborge's cutoff switch. Lare, fearful of his past and the terror he'd had to go through because of these people, snapped Myths wrist out of the air and threw him back into his gang with one arm. This was not what he wanted. This wasn’t what he was created for. He couldn’t let them do this to him again.
"No!" Flowers in hand he threw his pokeballs spinning through the sky, materializing his Pokemon directly in front of his ex-tormentors. "Gligar, Spinda, Dratini! Gooooo!" The Pokemon reacted instantly to Lares requests. "Gligar, Reflect Now!! Spinda, Reflect next to his, Dratini, polish off their work with another reflect!!" In no time at all, Lare had created a glassy wall of pokedefense, him and his Pokemon on one side and his enemies on the other. His Pokemon doubled and tripled their efforts, reinforcing the wall and making it longer and higher everytime, finally caging the gang of criminals in a dome of crystal like glass that not even the Nido's could break until hours later, when the walls magic wore off.

"I just want to be left alone." He said gently to them as they screamed muted curses at him from behind the wall. He returned his Pokemon and walked away, leaving his past behind him. He was tired of being a slave and he was enjoying his life too much for it to be enslaved now. He delicately placed the Citrus blooms in his pack, whistling to himself as he continued on his adventures.

March 17th, 2004, 5:57 PM
Lance glided unseen through the shadows of a large city far away from the lands occupied by Dragonagi. He and his team were far from home. Almost a year now he'd led his unit through the lands and terrain’s of Hoenn, Kanto, Johto, Gedyn and Quirinos, to name most, in the hunt for the fugitive Siryn. She'd been on the run for over a year now, causing trouble and leaving signature signs of her presence everytime. Sometimes it would be a devastated trainer, beaten and demoralized, or a couple of innocent bystanders, conned out of their Pokemon.

Expert researcher and all wise Sven and brown haired and tough Blue (as he was called) were his fellow agents on the mission and were always of tremendous help. Sven knew all there was to know and then some on Pokemon. Blue just seemed unstoppable in a Pokemon battle. Lance had it on good authority that Blue had accomplished everything there ever is to accomplish in the world of Pokemon battling. Sven was only a year into the agency and was immediately thrust into the mission with Lance and Blue. For his knowledge of the surrounding lands was imperative for their survival. Blue had simply volunteered to join Lance, who had originally chosen to proceed alone. It was apparent, Blue had a score to settle with Siryn.

The city, massive, sharp and hard was the perfect place for them to corner her. The three of them working together had failed to so far apprehend her successfully. But here in the city, they had an advantage. Closed in spaces. Lance received a COM link notice from his earpiece. ‘Beep!’
He opened the signal, still walking slowly and carefully through the streets darkness, lighted by the odd street light.
“Speak.” He opened as a pedestrian walked past him. Even at this time of night, people worked.
“Its me, She's spotted me as planned. She’s running back to the hotel district. I’m pursuing.”
“Don’t lose her! Keep on her tail. Call me if something happens.” Lance cut the link and opened another one up.
“She’s moving. Hotel district. Be there when we arrive. This is it, Blue. I can feel it.”
“Got it, I’m almost there. I’ll wait by the Star Hote…” The voice almost finished when Lance’s COM cut off and Sven cut in desperately.
“She’s bolting! Lance! She's headed to your location! She’s about ten minutes away. I can’t keep up!” Lance could hear Sven huffing as he ran.
“On it. Keep me posted on which way she’s going.” Lance sprinted, cape billowing behind him, up the street. He ran on and on until finally a message came.
“I’ve lost her! Have you seen her?” Sven sounded puffed and wheezy.
“No. Where did you see her last?” He was determined not to fail again.
“She turned from Mlu Avenue into… Umbreon Street.”
Lance checked his stride and stopped still. He was on Umbreon Street. He looked for a likely place to hide.

ThWaCk! Something cold and metal struck him on the back of the head and he went down, swiveling enough in the process to watch his would be attacker pitter patter away on soft feet.
He rose groggily to his feet and gave pursuit. She wasn’t going to get away from him that easily. From behind him he heard Sven’s tired steps pound up the street and try to catch up with him. Eventually he out distanced Sven and was alone chasing a shadow that disappeared every time she dived into an alley or another street until he turned into the same one. Lance continued to give Sven and Blue directions through his Com as he ran.

He ran until his muscles ached. His legs burned with lactic acid. Sweat dripped off his brow and his feet felt like lead weights. His clothes were soaked in perspiration, sticking uncomfortably to his slick flesh. She continued to keep a safe distance from him, yet she seemed to him to get further and further out of reach. But he ran on in hope.

The further he ran the more he grew angry. His anger boiled hotter and hotter with every step. He hated this woman for her devious tricks and her deceptions on innocents. Always leaving hints of her paths through lands to keep him and his unit interested, it was as if she liked this game. He suddenly stopped running as he came to an intersection. Every way he looked, he couldn’t see her. She could have been anywhere. His brow furrowed in irritation, as he was about to take a wild guess and run left.
“I’ve got her, Lance. She's just dived into the first hotel she could find when she saw me. She's in the Lazy Lanturn.”
“Be*pant pant* there soon.” Lance trudged up to the hotel and saw the open front door swinging lightly. Blue emerged from the shadows a moment later chuckling to himself. “Had a bit of a jog did we?” He found Lance’s midnight exercise quite funny. Lance shared the joke in good humor.
They waited a few moments while Sven caught up and they proceeded inside the double doors.

Lance knew Blue’s real name. He knew Gary Oak well for they had been in Dragonagi together a long time now. Long enough to know that anyone new to the Agency wouldn’t even recognize him. It used to be that Gary couldn’t so much as move during the day without being mobbed by fans. His appearance had changed some since his days as a runaway trainer, having adventures with the legendary Ash Ketchum. He was sharper, some would say rugged to the point of grizzly. But Lance knew behind those vicious features a wise and powerful trainer lurked.

Lance snapped back to the present as he remembered their mission. Siryn. It turned out after a years investigating and tracking was a lot more than everyone had first perceived. The annoying trainer Valthor beat in his bid to track Senga was not as unimportant as he had thought. All signs pointed to Siryn being the right hand woman to Marcus. Every crime and wrong committed by Code Gravity led eventually back to her. She was only second to Marcus in authority in C.G.

Siryn waited. She sat, head just below the window facing the front door of her hotel room as the three agents slowly but surely had her cornered in the building. She was trapped like a rat. All her work had come to this. Siryn was devastated. The battle with Valthor a year previously was a joke. She had to take the fall and pretend to be something she wasn’t. She knew Senga was caught if she didn’t act. She had never felt so revolting as when she threw the battle with Valthor for Marcus to ‘Keep her safe’. How lame.

She recalled how fun it was to single handedly deal death to the two ninja Dragonagi about a month before as they tried to assist in her capture. She knew they had found out her real role in C.G. once the E.N.D were involved. Those blasted ninja trainers are a tricky lot. They were always hard to spot in any environment. She was aiming for all four of them, but two was enough to halt their hunt for a few days at least. Close enough is good enough when it keeps you alive for a month longer. They should have bought their own water with them instead of drinking from the small pond she’d poisoned.

The lavish hotel, its beautiful purple patterned carpet and magnificent walled artwork would normally be something she’d stop to admire. But here tonight, she hated it as if it were her prison cell. She had bolted past the glitzy, soft leather couches and wall mounted touchscreen building directory without thinking to look where she was going and ran directly into a young man. Both were thrown down onto the beautiful tiles. She cussed him for his interference but had the presence of mind to pick his pocket in his daze and steal his room key as she picked herself up. She noted the room number on the key and went up the elevator and into the room leaving the fool to his own designs.

Lance led his unit through the foyer and to the elevator room where a young man stood, dazed and looking bruised.
“What happened to you?” Blue asked him suspiciously.
“Oh, a woman ran right into me. The silly person wasn’t looking where she was going. And now it seems I’ve left my keys back at my room so I’m going to go and get them.” Lance and Sven looked at each other ironically. Blue spoke first.
“Which room are you in friend?”

Lance knew Siryn wasn’t about to go down without a Pokemon battle so he had his pokeballs at the ready as Sven and Blue kicked the door down. Immediately in front stood an infuriated Siryn, Pokeballs in hand.

In an emotion charged and no holds barred battle in which both parties suffered greatly, Lance emerged the victor, proving patience and technique wins everytime. He had complete faith in his Pokemon whereas Siryn seemed to doubt her Pokemon s ability to hang on.

Lance’s Dragon type Pokemon, including his signature Dragonite, eventually destroyed Siryn’s noise oriented Pokemon, particularly her Exploud, who seemed to take a liking to torturing his opposition with his shrieking and deafening attacks before defeating them. Her capture was a proud moment for the three men, who happily began escorting her back to the Dragonagi Light Complex.

March 22nd, 2004, 10:43 PM
Valthor didn’t particularly enjoy his new post in the Dragonagi Light. 'Curse Xvax for claiming his holidays now.' he thought. Although Valthor was qualified for the position through hard work during his 'Advanced Leadership and Direction' classes, he never expected to be given such a job as this. He preferred being out in the world with his Pokemon Pokemon and with his friends. It did afford him some small opportunities however. Being confined to the complex meant information was easily accessible. It’s what Dragonagi did most of the time, gathering information. Due to this, he was aware of the circumstances under which Dragonagi was in need of new Agents. Usually nothing untoward occurs to provoke recruitment. Usually it stems from a retirement or a small accident in the Scientology department of the Agency, mostly an experiment gone wrong with Snr Professor Larwood. Members are permitted to leave whenever they wish after a single year of service in the agency but it was very very rare indeed that an Agent would leave after that time.

No, this time it was due to two E.N.D. agents being killed in action while trying to track down a particularly insane criminal on the run. No one knew the exact details of their deaths since their Pokemon could not be found after their bodies were discovered, evidently poisoned. Valthor was too busy to deal with that for now. But he stored the information in the back of his head.

E.N.D. or Elite Ninja Dragonagi are extremely well trained and highly deadly individuals. It seemed armies of men could come at these super warriors and never lay a hand on them, such was their skill with the katana and their Pokemon. It was said they could walk on broken glass while dealing death to those that attacked them without making a sound. Their demise was most unexpected. Their remaining Pokemon were quickly given the choice to remain or be set free. Most Dragonagi Pokemon choose to stay and these Pokemon were no exception. When they were ready, they would stand and be eligible to choose another trainer within the agency.

By the end of the examinations, two likely candidates out shone not only the rest of the group but also the expectations of the recruiters, even Valthor. The first was a young and aggressive trainer, whose offensive and preciseness while using his Pokemon during the tests was remarkable if not amazing. His Pokemon seemed to match his own style of battling. He had a particular liking for his Aipom, who was startlingly well trained. This young trainer not only took it up to the others, who no matter what they tried, seemed outdone, he also seemed to take pleasure in his talent. When he heard individual results once the marks were tallied, he seemed to gloat and provoke reactions from nearby recruits, apparently thinking he was funny. His bright thinking and natural ability to see dangers almost before they reared their ugly heads saw him through with barely a lost mark. His youthful energy and never ceasing smiles made him a popular choice. This trainer's name was Ryath.

Something about the trainer spoke volumes to Valthor. He couldn’t quite place it. Something about the look of Ryath was familiar. Valthor couldn’t help liking the kid. He was a great trainer in the making and reminded him of himself.

Then a more mature, steady and graceful trainer by the name of Arken came through the exams quietly and without fuss. His Pokemon seemed to be a natural extension of his will in battle throughout the tests. He was a clear winner during the Mini tournament, defeating even Ryath in a tight final in which Noctowl featured brilliantly. Arken’s Pokemon seemed calm, controlled and always steady. Where another’s Pokemon might have panicked, Arkens prevailed. Valthor recalled his recruitment examinations and in particular his first placing during the Solo event. During the Mini tournament he had come a close second, behind the ever-powerful battler, Galita. And he'd placed first overall in that series of tests. Good times indeed.

The rest of the disgruntled recruits were dismissed and taken away by members of the Agency in groups of ten, one group at a time. Valthor guided the two newest members of Dragonagi to a small office for a debriefing and chat. They each sat down, Valthor behind a large mahogany table, featuring a cool Yin Yang pokeball design. The two new Agents sat opposite.

"You two have done well to get here and I should point out you were clear examples of what we're looking for in the positions your expected to fill. You will be molded fin the role of an End Agent. Elite Ninja Dragonagi remains to this day the hardest and most physically demanding role in the agency. We have field Agents, Poke-training instructors, scientology, educational lecturers, in-house researchers, recruiters, Pokemon breeders and grounds keepers and the records departments just to name a few that I'm aware of. But none of these requires the physical guile you will need for End." He was slightly interrupted by two agents standing at attention outside the office door window. They stood silent, but their presence wasn’t easily missed.

"Larissa, Chad. Please enter." The glum pair joined Valthor behind the table. Each was wearing pure black uniforms, which covered every part of their bodies except their faces. Arken noted even their faces could be covered at anytime by the fabric masks hanging loosely around their necks. Both saluted Valthor then walked around his desk and stood behind him looking analytically at the new members of Dragonagi. Valthor couldn’t help but notice Chad didn’t completely hide his grief over his recent loss. He and the deceased agents were together in that unit for over four years.
"These will be your unit superiors. Your unit will consist of the four of you. Larissa is the unit Leader. She calls the shots." Valthor tried to get proceedings going.

"Although I am largely unworthy." Larissa quickly pointed out in a soft wispy voice. Her long straight black hair was meticulously braided. Her dark eyes showed the most emotion Valthor had ever seen in an End agent. He didn’t think it was possible to show so much sorrow as an End. "I would not be in the position of Leader were it not for my Commander and partners deaths at the hands of Code Gravity." Her sadness was evident and Valthor wished he could do more for his friend. She had done so much for him in his time at the agency. She had been the one to recruit him.

However, despite their mourning, Arken and Ryath were trained under Larissa and Chad’s watchful guidance. The first thing Arken and Ryath were given was their dragon Pokemon. It was a lucky dip. Ryath seemed happy with his Dragonair and Arken was ecstatic about receiving the rare Milotic, both Pokemon beamed up at their new owners, glad for a change in scenery.

During their training, Chad seemed reluctant to call the pair End at all and found failure intolerable, often punishing his new unit members severely. His anger at the deaths of his partners left him irritable and he knew this. He and Larissa worked together through the pain of their loss, and with perseverance, they continued training their new partners until they were acceptable, if not incapable of hurting themselves in the heat of battle.

Arken watched and learned a lot from Chad who was a warrior through and through. His smooth movements and analytical gaze gave him the presence of a cat in a human body. He seemed ready to leap into battle while trimming a perfect miniature bonsai all at once. Larissa was taking the loss of their partners just as badly. She saw in her new partners extreme skill, but was forever reminded of her loss.

The blue striped Houndour followed happily by Valthors side on the way to do some mundane task to fill some time. Valor was what his friends called him, a name given in honor of his courage in battle. He prided himself on the name bestowed on him by Valthor. He liked it.

His life in general he loved or else he would set off on his own. Being a shiny Pokemon many a passers by will ask about and dote on him, and he didn’t mind that. For all his guttural growls and roars, he was a very tame Pokemon and loved the attention. His coat was well kept and his general appearance, though very fine, required no large amounts of maintenance. He rarely actually groomed himself.

There was nothing Valor enjoyed more than the freedom granted by roaming outside his pokeball, beside his best friend, Valthor. He couldn’t imagine the closeness of the pokeballs walls being anywhere as close and warm as the closeness of being by his friend’s side. Valor knew he would throw himself in the line of fire for his friend no matter the cost. He loved his trainer very much and understood him better than most would believe possible.

Countless times his courage had saved his friend, and there was never a time when he wouldn’t do it. There was no obstacle he wouldn’t cross to leap to his friend’s protection. He’d battle in the fiery pits of h3ll for Valthor given the chance.

Valthor picked up his task sheet and went to work, Valor happily strutting after him and Miguel.

March 23rd, 2004, 6:10 PM
The pair of new agents sparred with every spare minute they had. Their katana swords ringing with every hard contact. Their practice sessions were violent and sometimes seemed more than just a practice. Often, instead of withdrawing once a stroke hit, Ryath would push more advantage and strike again, while Arken was thinking the bout was over and was preparing for the next. More than once, the two came to blows. Arken simply didn’t trust the younger ninja who vividly reminded him of someone, but he couldn’t place whom. The mere sight of the agent sparked a hatred in him he simply couldn’t explain.

Chris and Ryath were the talk of Dragonagi. Both seemed to settle in extremely well. Chris was looked on with awe and made friends very quickly in the first week of his stay in the Agency. His quiet but friendly disposition combined with a cool attitude to life put him in good stead with both the more mature agents and the young. Many trainers asked to see his well groomed and shining examples of Pokemon, for who he happily obliged.

Ryath on the other hand had built more of a cult following. He was aware of eyes on ‘the new End’ agent and played to it. He proudly sported his new black uniform and made certain his End status was thrown in everyone’s faces the moment an opportunity arose.

An example of this was while a third year Green Dragon Knight agent cleaned one of the indoor Pokemon pools with a long broom appliance. She was in the middle of her chore when she realized she needed another tool. It was on the other side of the lake-sized pool in a bucket filled with cleaning apparatus. Ryath was walking past when she politely asked him to help.

“Hey, Ryath! Ryath, could you please pass me my bucket?” she asked as she scrubbed away at the pool steps. He looked at her quizzically. Pokemon and people alike dropped everything and watched with anticipation and worry. Ryath had a small group of followers at this stage and they all predicted something entertaining might happen here. He looked down at the bucket, smiled pleasantly and picked it up. He walked alone to the side of the pool as she crouched by the edge of the water, broom in one hand, the other outstretched for the bucket.

“Here ya go friend” he said as he started to hand her the bucket. He thrust the bucket into her free hand, the momentum of the tool filled bucket carried her into the pool as he continued walking around it back to his cackling and guffawing followers.


His friends all cheered and hooted their appreciation for the joke while the glubbering agent struggled out of the freezing water. She was about to demand an explanation when she realized Ryath hadn’t stuck around to chat and neither had his friends.

Such occurrences were not frequent, but prevalent. Arken helped find a towel for the poor agent and apologized on his unit member's behalf. He didn’t find such a thing funny at all and felt utterly sorry for the shivering agent. That pool had been constructed for Ice type Pokemon such as Dewgong, Glalie and Cloyster.

Valthor continued small time jobs in the Dragonagi compound, as was usually the way when things were slow for the agency. There were never enough small jobs to be done. He and his unit were sometimes split up while there were no field missions for them and this was no exception. He and Miguel were teamed up to co-ordinate the relocation of an entire class of Science desks and equipment. They had arrived at the designated class just as the last of the students was exiting.

Valthor had just recognized the room as Professor Larwoods’. He smiled fondly thinking of what he knew of the professor. Larwood was a genius. He’d risen up the ranks and rungs of science faster than any other. He was destined to be the greatest Pokemon scientist in the field of Pokemon exploration ever. He was also one of the nicest, genuine and honest men around, before and after his accident.

Unfortunately he was so badly blasted by one of his own experiments that he awoke from a coma a different man in some aspects. He retained most of his genius but he was clumsier, more forgetful and some even avoid him saying he was a raving maniac. Valthor thought he was a great man who deserved his place in Dragonagi more than most. Larwood served as much as them.

He was thinking about Larwoods’ most recent botched experiment, where several students emerged from the class bright purple and dazed, still tasting a bitter sour fruit taste.

He snapped back to the present. The last thing he remembered was looking at Miguel who had stopped two feet short of the door looking as alarmed as a deer caught in headlights. Valthor had his hand on the door and pushed it open “What is it Miguel?”

Valthor awoke, tucked tightly in an emergency ward bed. He looked over to the bed beside himself and noted Miguel was just emerging from a slumber also, covered in red stained bandages and swabs. Miguel looked like he’d just been blown fifty feet into the air and then dropped on a minefield. Suddenly, Valthor felt like he’d done the same. Blackness.

“He’s coming round. Quick, the water.” Valthor heard Erinn's voice echo in his head as he slowly regained his senses and bearings. He opened his eyes and noticed his blurry friends, Galita with a glass of water which he accepted gratefully, Erinn looking worried but happy and Miguel standing behind them looking murderous. Valthor only glanced at the hostile glint in Miguel's eyes briefly before being bombarded with questions from his two other unit members.
“What happened?”
“Miguel says an explosion occurred as you entered the science lab.”
“Does it hurt?”
“Who’s responsible?”
“Do you remember anything Valthor? Miguel says he remembers little.”

He sat up to drink his water and clear his throat. He felt dizzy and lightheaded and saw his arms were bandaged up pretty solidly. He felt a bandage wrapped over and around his forehead and around his chest. He felt like he was a slab of wet clay. Nothing he’d ever done hurt this much before.

“Nothing.” he responded groggily. He turned to his best friend “Miguel, you remember nothing?”
Miguel approached the bed and shook his head gingerly. “Nothing friend.” He looked full of rage to the point the air around him sizzled. “Espeon and Houndour are in the care of Nurse Joy. They were lucky not to have been killed. Lucky they do not know how to open doors, or it would have been them taking the brunt of the explosion and not us…. well you."

“What explosion? What happened?” Valthor was beginning to think he might have been at the wrong end of one of Larwoods experiments gone wrong.
“Espeon was able to give me a warning just before you opened that door Valthor. He told me he was not sure it was wise. She seemed to smell gas.”
“We smelt no gas Miguel?” Valthor didn’t want to believe he was the recipient of an assassination attempt. Not in his own home.

“Espeons sense of smell is more acute than our own. I didn’t have time to translate his thoughts for you before you opened the door and triggered off the explosion.” Miguel seemed deeply shamed by his inaction. He felt very responsible.

“So this was a trap? We were supposed to die in there?” He was livid.

“It appears so” Galita offered. “You two have been out of it for two days now. It was touch and go there for a while but your obviously reacting well to Nurse Joys potions. While you were out I did a little investigating. Miguel says a student was leaving that room as you were heading towards it. You passed whoever it was halfway down the hall remember? Well, there was no class Valthor. That student wasn’t supposed to be there. You MUST remember who that student was. Xvax has been notified and says he’s cutting his holidays short for you.”

Valthor searched his memory. He dug and dug some more. He rummaged and looked and searched and turned the incident over and upside down to shake the memory of the face of that student out of his memory banks. But to no avail. He slumped back into his double pillows dejected and frustrated.

“I can’t.”

March 24th, 2004, 5:42 PM
“Deeper!!! Must get Deeeeepeeer! We must get to the bottom!!!” Neonil screamed at his crew of Marines. They responded by increasing the power of the Submersible Starmie inspired craft, both halves of its star shaped exterior spinning wildly while the squeaky clean clear bubble within its center remained perfectly still, allowing the Professor to view all that the underwater high light beams would allow.

This deep, nothing could be seen more than ten feet in front of you. The crew of the WaterFox were aware of this, but dared not tell Neonil crashes would be near unavoidable at this speed, for fear of his wrath. Neonil was a frightening man, maniacal, insane and unafraid of letting anything get in his way of a scientific discovery. He was tortuous on his crew and even meaner on his lab Pokemon. He treated Pokemon as if they were common test subjects. Torturing them in the name of science.

He felt the submersible slow it’s decent and flicked his gaze on the captain with wrathful intent in his eye.
“Why have we slowed, Zaff!” he hissed.
“Sir, we’ve reached the bottom.” Zaff disliked this Neonil more than any other he’d ever captained a ship for in his life. He admitted it. The guy gave him, a cold-hearted pirate and leader of curs, the heevy jeevies. The so-called scientist was a raving psycho, and he seemed to have even less mercy on life than even he. As Zaff always said, ‘You don’t deal with lunatics.’ but this time was different.

He’d been well embersed for this mission and couldn’t refuse the large amounts of money thrown his way and the opportunity to hit the bottom of the deepest ocean known to man. They’d been heading down for well over a week now. Even though the machine they were in seemed to be holding up as well as they were told it should, he couldn’t shake the feeling out of his head that it wasn’t the ship, or even the weird frothing loony screaming orders that the danger was coming from. But it was from outside, in the depths of this ocean. That’s where they should keep their eyes peeled.

Since they’d started this voyage they’d spotted many species of Pokemon. Common at first. Tentacruels and Magikarps, Goldeen and Horseas for the most part on the first day. Then the Pokemon slowly began to disappear and become rarer. Humanoid swimming Golducks and massive graceful Wailords, horned Seakings and giant flying Mantine cutting their way through the ocean depths. But as the days progressed and the water became near black, so too did the Pokemon become stranger and more mysterious.

It became evident that some of these Pokemon were centuries old and so far unseen or unreported for there were glimpses of such things as Zaff didn’t want anything to do with. A giant glowing fluorescent orange Eel with a gaping jawline and five-inch fangs slithered past during the fifth day. The end of the sixth day produced the glowing white spiked tail of some massive beast. All they saw was rough fins, powerfully propelling this monster Pokemon through the water.

This seventh day brought each and every crewmember to their knees. Not in a frightened prayer, but because something big and something scary not only charged the ship, but also collided with it, sending each of them onto the floor. Were it not for the quick thinking of Neonil by switching seats with the unconscious electroray operator and sending the beast sliding away with a few too many blasts from the pulsating weapon, they would all surely be drowned. The electric gun was also a toy created by the square, so he knew exactly how to use it.

“The bottom? HA! Perfect! Keep her steady, Zaff. Forwards we search! It’s around here somewhere.” he checked some gadgets and digital dials on his power board to see their location. “And Zaff… watch out for those rocks. Now’s not a good time to hit one.” He pointed this out mere moments before they almost hit a sharp knife edged rock. The bottom of the ocean, mere meters from their craft was jagged and dangerous. Razor sharp points threatened to rip open the hull at any time.

They reached a large cave entrance and Neonil ordered them in. The cave was huge, easily able to fit in five WaterFox’s across and ten up and down and who knew how far it went in. As they searched, the WaterFox’s lights lighting up the surface below them, Zaff couldn’t help but admire the beauty of it all. The inside of the cave was wallpapered with a mixture of small and giant crystals, all reflecting the light back at them and around the cave, lighting it up almost perfectly. It was like being under the stars on full charge.

Zaff watched Neonil gaze in wander at the cave, hungrily licking his thin lips and trying to see deeper in. “Deeper Zaff. We’re almost there.” Zaff noted the fact this last was whispered. Was Neonil afraid of awaking something? Disturbing this, a peaceful cave, when he’d committed such crimes much worse? He heard the scientist mumble to himself in his excitement and fear.
“… could still be here… don’t care what Marcus says...” This didn’t sound too positive.

After navigating their way through to the rear of the cave it was plain for all to see what it was Neonil had come for. Zaff resisted the urge to kill him here and now for its possession. It was beautiful beyond compare. Its power filled their hearts and souls with childlike love for life by simply being near it’s magic. Zaff cried openly, as if a child once more. He felt so alive.

Neonil hefted the handgun. It was as he’d pictured it. He flipped open the fist sized hatch where any other gun would have had its bullet chamber. This one however had a clear bubble like chamber, allowing enough room for his newest discovery. The ammunition.

Within his laboratory, assistants and Code members alike watched him put their masters plan to action. Neonil walked over to where his sublimely finished stone lay. He mumbled to himself.

“Ah yes, my beauty. You will have a home. Do not fret. I will keep you warm and occupied for the rest of your days.” he lifted the stone from its resting place, finely polished and gleaming with an eerie baby blue light all of its own. He opened the hatch on the weapon just a little more to make room for the stone and placed it within, allowing the guns automated sizing feature hug the rock just enough to stop it from moving around. He closed the hatch with a tiny echoing ‘click’.

“May I present to you all… My De-Evolution Gun!” Neonil accepted his rapturous applause and bathed in his glory, and the glory of Code Gravity. It was a triumph.

Miguel awoke from a terrible dream. It was as vivid as if he were there even now. He was a helpless baby Pokemon, wandering the forests alone and frightened, vulnerable to any predator, when a dark mysterious man captured and tortured him, forcing him to scream in agony for the rest of his childhood days.

March 27th, 2004, 4:06 AM
Head Director Xvax returned to Dragonagi seriously disturbed. Not for the first time, it was associated to Valthor and Miguel. He had been enjoying his holidays watching the internationally acclaimed Kimono Girls shake their thing on stage in Mahogany Town when he got the word of an assassination attempt on one of his most important investments. He was back in Dragonagi in four days and as usual, took total charge with signature authority. His thorough investigations came up with little other than the confirmation that Larwood had not been responsible for the gas and that Valthor had not been given the task of moving the science room to another location by anyone officially.

The order, in the shape of a written notification looked authentic but Blue Dragon Knight Supervising Director Mlu denied having written it out. It was a fake. No one disbelieved Mlu for she’d only been in Dragonagi for over 12 years and had served it long and faithfully for the whole time. No one dared doubt her word.

Valthor and Miguel were both up and continuing as normal now and were always closely tailed by the ever loyal Erinn and Galita, who refused to be persuaded otherwise.

“No chance guys. There ain’t no order you can give to stop me from doing this. Accept it and carry on Valthor.” Galita spoke for both Erinn and himself as Erinn nodded to make sure they knew. Valthor wasn’t worried about them following him everywhere, as much as worried about his reputation within the Agency. He was fooled. Duped by whoever almost killed him. And now he needed to be babysat. How embarrassing. His pride was hurt and he wasn’t afraid to show it.

He and the rest of his unit were snappy and vigilant all the time, unhappy that someone within the complex had tried to harm them. They were happy to accept that when an assassination fails, there is normally more to follow. Galita and Erinn were ready for whatever came their way.

“Hi Valthor, how’s things?” asked a friendly voice. It was Larissa, Chad, Ryath and Arken. All looked fit and healthy and looking like they had just come from a particularly long and tough training session. Larissa looked as stunning as ever.

“Hiya Larissa. Things are ok. I’m feeling much better now thanks. I see your new recruits are coming along fine. How’s things with them?” He smiled to the pair.
Chad felt obliged to answer this. “They’re going quite well. Arken and Ryath have both developed a knack for the positions. You chose well, Valthor.” Chad meant this. He was really proud of how they’d turned out.
“Well, if anyone can teach them the ropes, its you two. I don’t think Dragonagi has claimed to ever being to rich in talent in the End unit.”

Valthor sincerely meant this. Larissa and Chad were rarely seen around the complex as they were always preparing and training hard, both with their Pokemon, and with their ninja skills. Valthor imagined how much Arken might have changed over the past few weeks, under the guidance of the two Ninja. He looked if possible, even more mentally strong and physically agile. Ryath had evolved from the small rangy teen who came in without a reputation or a past and looked sharper, more disciplined, yet he retained his boyish good looks and cheery smile. It was he who spoke next.

“I heard about what happened. That’s gotta be weird doesn’t it Valthor? I mean, being targeted by some unknown person or organization for assassination cant be good on the old self esteem right?” He seemed genuinely concerned.

Valthor was a bit put out by the forwardness of the question. “Er, well, yeah. It kinda sucks. But at the same time its nice to know I’ve got complete lamers setting these kinds of things up, Ryath. You see, these people who have tried to have me killed won’t succeed, because they’ve got the wrong guys trying to kill me. They’ve failed once already, so they are obviously beginners and pretty poor ones at that. So you don’t have to worry about me. You should worry about the other guys once I get my hands on them.” Poor Ryath appeared to be even more concerned for Valthor now.

Valthor was indeed right in thinking Ryath looked deeply concerned by what he’d said. Throughout his speech Ryath seemed to get redder and redder and it looked like he was feeling sorry for even asking such a bad question. But it wasn’t worry or concern on Ryaths’ face. It was pure hate.

Meanwhile, thunderstorms like never before blew boulders off cliffs and ripped trees, roots and all straight out of there secure ground. Intense pulsating bolts of static rolled along the cliff faces and along the grassy plains. Concentrated rains and hails flooded and mauled green hills. His thunder clapped and his lightning struck randomly in every direction, showering the ground with dust and rubble. Powerful blue white blasts could be seen for miles and miles in every direction and heard almost as far. Pokemon that knew this as the Thunder Hound’s dwelling were aware that the odd storm might break out should he be angered. None of them predicted this **** on earth.

But this mattered to him not the least.

“No oNe TaKeS RAIKOU BY SuRPRiSe!!!” he bellowed at his attackers, lightning illuminating his bright yellow form and striking dark stripes.

How they found his location was something he would figure out after he dispensed with these puny humans. What they planned to do once they had found him, he was yet to see. He stood on all fours surrounded, which was nothing terribly frightening. ‘That one in the white lab coat orders the others. What’s he saying I wonder. He rallies them. They fear him. What is it he grasps? A gun! Hrm, guns do not harm me for I am above such feeble measures. Why do they just stand there? Can they not see I can destroy them should I wish? Perhaps I should make an example of the white coat.’

Raikou shifted fearlessly to face Neonil, thunder clapping overhead, deafening the men stupid enough not to apply their headgear properly to their ears. Lighting flashed here and there regularly and viciously, instantly blinding those who didn’t attach their eyewear properly. Neonil had to make sure the hit was at his head in order to take effect properly. Raikou stepped forwards.

Neonil powered up the stone, allowing its powers to surge through and build inside the gun, which would then harness the power, concentrate it and throw it directly at the target. The gun chamber started to glow pale blue, slowly brightening and raising its power as the gemstone prepared itself. Several of his men’s Pokemon threw halfhearted and empty moves at the Legendary Dog. None of them so much as scratched him. Raikou was above such folly. Neonil desperately willed the gun to hurry up and load as Raikou addressed him.

“WhaT HaVe You TheRe HuMaN? WhaT Do You HoLD iN ThoSe QuiVeRiNG HaNDS?” He stepped closer still, looking quizzically at the white coat and trying to fathom what the weapon could possibly be. Why did it spark such curiosity in him just by seeing it? Its brightness and design was humorous to him. How it glimmered in the rain.

‘Such a strange sensation. But even amidst these curs I feel more obliged to play with them than banish them. What does he wait for? Oho, I see, the weapon is charging. Well, I will remain here until it does. It should be fun to see what happens. Aha, a green light has appeared upon the weapons handle. Should this mean it might at last be ready?” Raikou sat on his haunches and tilted his head trying to interpret why he found his demise something to be curious about. 'It is some magic. A trick! I must….Ack!’

Neonil fired, thankful that the De-Evolution stones’ powers were enough to render the Legendary Pokemon gullible and childishly curious enough to remain docile the closer he shifted. The magical luminescent beam struck true and its wavy, bubbly pink and blue length sunk deep into Raikou’s head. He recoiled harshly, landing square on his back, paws folded in pain as he tried to make sense of what just hit him. The men gathered around him to bare witness, as he lay there semiconscious.

Dazed, Raikou started to shrink. His beautiful sharp mane dissipated. The surrounding thunder and lightning ceased altogether as he reverted into a puppy-like form. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t think clearly. He looked up to the tall form of Neonil, bottom lip quivering and his gigantic puppy eyes burst into tears. He wailed and wailed and cried and screamed as Neonil gathered the helpless pup and caged him then transported him back to his lab never feeling as alive as he did then.

Suicune strolled the forests, drinking his fill at a river in a secret location he called home. From above, Suicune was nearly invisible where he stood. He and the river shared a similar trait. Both were made of water. Both were transparent blues and both supplied life to the Pokemon of the forests. Pokemon dwelt there in the forest in peace, Swellows chirping, Ledybas crawling, and thousands of other Pokemon all living, as they should, in perfect harmony. Suicune s’ long river-like mane flowed smoothly down past his hind legs. Just before he went to maintain the next river a few miles south of his home, he cautiously sniffed the air.

Something unfamiliar pricked his nose as he sniffed. Then he recognized it. Human. More importantly, it was human fear. Suicune, like the rest of the legendary dogs preferred as little contact with them as possible. On rare occasions, if he saw one lost, he might feel obliged to assist. But never directly. He’d rather have his obedient forest dwelling Pokemon fraternize with humans than do it personally. Suicune saw the humans approaching. They came from the opposite side of the river, about ten of them in total. All were wearing outlandish and rather untidy clothes. Some started to release Pokemon as they watched him, whispering and ordering their violated Pokemon. They were keeping their eyes on him at all times. Their beady, menacing, evil eyes.

Some of the Pokemon released looked at their masters as if to say "Are you serious?" but with a kick or a curse of encouragement the Pokemon advanced ahead of their masters. Suicune watched them, knowing their intentions were not going to be beneficial to himself, such was his assessment. One man stood at the fore of the group. He wore a white lab coat and wielded a weapon of strange design and aura. Suicune could sense the gun from where he was more than fifty feet away, separated by the river. He sensed alien magic's, ancient magic's. At the white coats’ barked order the men advanced through the rivers foot high currents and over to his bank. They began to circle him when he decided it was nigh time to run. Something here wasn’t quite right. He’d deal punishments later.

“Kill him!!! Get him!!! Rip Him to Pieces!!!” the white lab coated one screamed insanely.

March 27th, 2004, 5:11 AM
Suicune ducked and weaved through the forests kind trees, which did their best to cover his tracks with their leaves and trip and snag those who pursued. Pokemon in trees and burrows watched scared as the men pursued on foot, each one barking orders at their respective Pokemon as they skipped and flew through the forest. One such Pokemon, a Rapidash, galloped before the rest and kept pace with Suicune. The red maned horse kept pace with ease, its beautiful white and red frame built for sustained bursts of speed. He watched the stallion as it reared before him and blocked his path teeth gritted in determination.

"I could destroy you Fire Horse." He said matter of factly to the fiery maned and tailed Pokemon.
"Nothing you could deal could match their punishment for not acting upon orders, Legendary pig." The Rapidash spat back in Poke-talk. Suicune doubted that.

Suicune leaped towards the Rapidash, spewing a fountain of Hydro pumped water at its torso, sending it tumbling helplessly into a tree trunk that did its best to catch it within its hardest knots.

But the Rapidash had done its work, for before Suicune knew what had hit him more Pokemon had come to the fray. As he ran, a Pinsir knocked him over from the side, its serated clawed hands reaching for him as he fell. He tumbled and rolled smoothly to his feet only to be pounced upon from behind by a dark Scyther who held him fast as the humans finally began to catch up. The Scyther pinned one half of him down while the Pinsir held his other as the white coat finally approached, weapon in hand. He heard chuckles from the humans as he unleashed another tirade of hydro pump at the Pokemon holding him. The Scyther hissed at him in hatred.

"Tsk Tsk Suicune. Surely you know when you’ve been beaten." Neonil hissed through his cruel smile as he struggled and growled fearfully.

"You cannot harm me Human. As we speak Pokemon of the forest come to my aide. Do not let your guard down so quickly.” Before he’d even finished, a massive Ursaring, giant and wise loomed behind Neonil, his bear-like features muscular and powerful. Several Stantler and other forest dwelling Pokemon of mature, strong and powerful make, started to approach the scene to assist the friend of the forest and giver of life. One of the humans’ Pokemon, a Persian leapt sharp claws bared, upon the Ursaring, who was closest to Neonil. Ursaring calmly and easily swatted the cat out of the air and into a bush of thorns, never taking his eyes off the threat before him.

A mighty battle ensued, wild Pokemon against Code Gravity's. Blasts, beams and explosions of all sorts blew their region of forest apart. Human and Pokemon alike were charred, frozen, pounded and drenched in a matter of seconds. Trees were reduced to wood chips and smoldering heaps. Finally the Ursaring, who seemed mightier than his friends and foes beyond compare, lurched out of the throng towards Neonil who stood over Suicune, gun swinging wildly around, alert for coming foes.

"Do not come a step further!" Neonil screamed. "Or I will kill him and the rest of you with him!" and with this he aimed the barrel of his weapon at Suicune between the eyes, who by this stage was in a wondrous state of intrigue and happiness. He couldn’t seem to think clearly. Neonil fired directly at Suicune s head and he instantly started to shrink, lose his mane and de-evolve.

Nothing but a puppy Pokemon remained, baby blue and looking amazed. Bright eyed and dazzled by the simplest of things, one of Neonils henchmen picked it up by the scruff of his neck and threw him inside the cage that held the puppy Raikou, who was blissfully sleeping, unaware of what happened just now. The cute and wide-eyed puppy shrank back from his captors to the back of the cage and cried quietly. Those battle-weary wild Pokemon, both entranced and mortified by this development, disappeared to deliver the terrible news to their friends. They had fought as hard as they could but ' Suicune was lost.'

Miguel awoke again in a terrible state. His moaning and gasps for breath were loud enough for Valthor this time and he was by Miguels side when he finally awoke, drenched in sweat and sticking to his soaked sheets. He cleared his damp hair from his face, revealing glazed and bewildered bright green eyes. He looked at his concerned friend. "We have a royal visitor this morning." Even he wasn’t totally sure what this meant.

The Dragonagi Pokemon handlers had more experience in their field than most Pokemon trainers dreamt possible. Head Pokemon Handler Zinne was given a rather unusual and rare opportunity. He was handed the task of treating the one and only Entei. Once in his long and distinguished career, Zinne had the chance to witness a Pokemon known only as ‘Ho-oh’, but that was a long long time ago when he was merely an apprentice, trying dismally not to get in anyone's way. Even then, the sighting had been pure chance. The observation crew was simply transferring their office to another location when the beautiful and rare Pokemon glided past riding the air currents a magnificent stream of rainbow waving behind it. It was more exciting than his wedding day just seeing that small distant glimpse.

Now he was faced with heading the biggest healing operation he'd ever seen. Something deep inside connecting his heart and lungs stiffened as the limp form of the flaming legendary dog was carefully lifted into his emergency ward. He couldn’t put his fright and awe into words if he tried. The six assistants struggled and strained with their load as they placed the still form of an obviously exhausted Pokemon onto the biggest bed available.

He had prepared the bed void of any flammables. Its coat was a combination of reds and oranges, his body brutally strong to look at. They quickly made room for Zinne as he inspected the Pokemon, using special gloves made for handling such high temperature Pokemon. He probed and poked in silence as the poor beast breathed erratically, eyes closed and plainly low on energy. The ward cracked into action.

"Peartree, get me two hyper potions and one of those full heals. Robin, could you be so kind to retrieve my pack from the third draw down and remove from it a small viol marked Megafuel please. Hazel, Campion could you escort your dear friend Daphiel to the sink, he's about to be sick." All his commands were smooth, precise and carried out without question and in no time at all. The potions were applied and Zinne had to force the weak Entei to swallow the concoction from his pack marked ‘MegaFuel’. But once the great hulking flame Pokemon had the liquid downed, things changed quickly.

Entei snapped his eyes open and sprang off the table, roaring his fury at being so rudely awoken. He backed off into a corner defensively. Although still remarkably weak, he was about to send this foreign room to the pits of **** and back when he realized these people weren't the ones he'd been running from for over a day and a half. Fatigue, dizziness and light-headedness setting in, he noted directly in front of him was he who made him drink the awful tasting but marvelously silky warm liquid. He grunted as he realized he was replenishing. Healing thanks to these humans. Thanks to that one quietly telling the others to leave. 'He doesn’t want to frighten me. Hmph. With the amount of fear I smell on him, it’s a wander I can smell anything else at all.'

"Are.. are you feeling better Entei? Did you like my potions?" The man asked softly.
Entei stretched his front and back legs testing them in a show of strength for the amazed man. He could smell the wonder and amazement for his own beautiful existence. Entei had no problems letting the man bathe in his glory.
Entei groaned in pleasure at being so marveled. "YeS. THaNK You…errr?" Entei waited for the introduction.

"Erhem, Zinne. My name is Zinne." the agent stammered.
"YeS ThaNK You, Zinne. You HaVe DoNe Me a GreaT SeRViCe ThiS DaY."
Zinne was in shock. He was actually talking to the great Entei in his own office. People roam the lands forever searching for just such a Pokemon and here was this one, dropped right on his doorstep. He watched the beauty and majesty of this magnificent specimen in complete unhidden awe. Then it dawned on him.
"Entei… What happened to you? How did you end up at our Head Quarters? Who did this to you?" Zinne was amazed at his own forwardness. He wanted to help this great Pokemon in any way he could. He noticed quite the crowd gathered outside his office door.

Entei began with a grudging and powerful growl-like rumble. He started hesitantly, slowly warming up to explaining his experience. "I WaS HuNTeD DoWN aND TaKeN BY SuRPRiSe. HuMaNS aND Pokemon aLiKe TrieD To CaTCH Me BuT TheY WeRe uNSuCCeSSFuL, aS You CaN See. I WiLL NeeD SoMeWHeRe To StaY FoR aWHiLe. I WaS ShoT BY a STRaNGe BeaM aND I CaNNoT QuiTe FiGuRe ouT WhaT iTS DoNe To Me, BuT I'M SuRe iT WaS MeaNT To ReVeRSe MY aGiNG PRoCeSS. I FeeL SoMeHoW YouNGeR… MoRe aDoLeSCeNT. I WaS ChaSeD aND ChaSeD aND MeN iN a TruCK RoDe Me DoWN. I CouLD HaVe SwoRN WhaT I SaW In The BaCK oF ThaT TruCK a PaiR oF. . . WeLL, iTs iRReLLeVaNT. I'M HeRe NoW." Disturbed, he slumped down dejected and deep in thought.

Zinne was completely taken by surprise. The great Entei needed Dragonagi? He almost seemed to show reluctance to reveal his need for assistance. Could this giant actually be afraid of what that gun could have done to him? Suddenly Entei, who by this stage was seated on his haunches and watching Zinne speculatively, looked past him to the door, which swung open.

Valthor and Miguel came to a screeching halt as they saw the massive bulk of Entei within Zinnes' very own office. Miguel cursed to himself in shock and Valthor stared wide-eyed. Houndour and Espeon both immediately bowed their heads in respect, keeping their front ends lowered to the steel floor as they watched on.

"VaLTHoR" Entei spoke his name as if it was common to know it. He spoke it in gentle greeting and gave a tilted nod of acknowledgement as he did so.

"You know my name?" Valthor was surprised at the calmness of his voice. Miguel tried, but he couldn’t seem to stifle the shiver that worked its way down his spine by simply being within patting distance of one of the great Legendary Dogs.

"I KnoW YouR NaMe aND I KnoW WHaT You DiD FoR MY FLYiNG BReaTHRen oVeR a YeaR aGo. I NeeD YouR HeLP NoW aS You HeLPeD TheM TheN." Entei sounded completely humble. He showed Valthor utmost respect.

"Of course Entei. Anything. As Dragonagi, I am bound to serving you. I serve Pokemon and defend them to my death. What is your will Entei?" Miguel understood Valthor, as did Zinne. Dragonagi had one main ideal. To protect Pokemon. No matter what was being done, if there was a Pokemon that an Agent could help, he must drop his current job and assist the Pokemon regardless the cost. Anyone in the agency would have done the same.

"PRoTeCT Me."

March 29th, 2004, 11:54 PM
Xvax was immediately informed of the situation and made sure all of Valthors unit had their duties taken over by other agents. Theirs was a more important assignment. Valthor had never been prouder to be a Dragonagi Agent. Never before had he been so envied, so looked on in wonderment. Agents shook his hand in welcome and praise. His word was never questioned and his every command was acted upon as if lives depended on it. Erinn and Galita were both greeted warmly by the Flame hound and though nervous at first, they both quickly became welcome invisible shadows for him. As Valthor would escort Entei around the complex with Miguel walking quietly behind, Erinn and Galita would cover both the rear and front respectively in expert manner. If someone was going to try to capture this Pokemon, it wasn’t going to be on their watch.

By the second day within the complex, Entei was becoming bored with the whole plan. He knew it was safer here than anywhere, but he couldn’t help getting snappy at his friends, often claiming they were babying him. He apologized sincerely straight after and let them know he was just worried for his brothers, Suicune and Raikou for some reason.

Valthor gave him the tour of the Pokemon habitats at which he was thoroughly impressed. Valthor explained the work involved and the way in which the Pokemon within the habitats actually maintain them with there own inner magic. The balance was something many outside Dragonagi were not aware of. Without the Pokemon, the habitats would slowly die off. Entei was beginning to see how much he'd underestimated the wisdom of this ancient organization when his thoughts were interrupted by a visitor, four of them to be precise.

"Valthor! How's the new patient?" Larissa called cheerfully as she, Chad, Ryath and Arken halted their morning jog for the welcome chat and joke at Entei's expense.

"Oh you know, he grumbles a bit. But you learn to ignore him."

"I'm RiGHT HeRe You KnoW." The dog mumbled irritably.

"Really? Wow, has he like… battled for you yet? Are you gonna keep him?"

"Nah, I'm not sure I want him. Besides, he'd just complain about how easy his opposition is."

"I HeaRD ThaT." Arken and Ryath, who were immensely impressed by this find up close, chatted to Galita and Erinn, who approached from both in front and behind respectively.

"So Erinn, do ya think you could take him on?" Arken asked excitedly.

"Yeah, like, where does he sleep. He's gotta have an enclosure all to himself right?" Ryath asked this eyeing the beast sideways and being eyed back just as suspiciously.
"Nah, I wouldn’t wanna hurt him anyway" "HeRM, LiKe You'D LaST Two SeCoNDS." "And no Ryath. He doesn’t sleep with the other Pokemon, he sleeps in the old burnt out lab room. He seems happy there and it's nice and quiet. No-one can hear his rumbling snoring there since everyones sleeping quarters are on the opposite side of the Complex."

"I HaVe a CoLD. I'M NoT WeLL YeT." Entei mumbled to himself as he sat down letting these old friends chat away.

Arken and Valthor shared ideas for a new Dragonagi Pokemon stadium tournament and revealed what each had been up to over the past few weeks. Meanwhile Galita and Erinn both bragged about being sole protectors of the "greatest Pokemon to ever grace the floors of Dragonagi" to Chad and Larissa, who acted as if it happened everyday and that they had more important things to do anyway. Chad in particular seemed defensive about his role in Dragonagi at the moment.

"I mean sure, things are slow, but at least we're going to be warmed up and prepared for if something serious happens." He emphasized serious as he glanced at Entei who looked a bit put out.

That night around midnight, Valthor lay awake in his dorm bed. Lying opposite him, laptop sitting on his legs and typing away in his own bed was Miguel. Miguel never failed to out distance Valthor in the staying up stakes, but Miguel worried about Valthor tonight, for he seemed disturbed. Disturbed enough to remain solidly awake. Miguel closed off his link with a Heonn stone collector, switched off his internet connection and closed his Laptop.

"You might as well scream 'I'm Worried!', Valthor. What's wrong?" No one read Him as well as Miguel did. Even through his apparent 'Darkening', Miguel still always had time for a chat before sleeping.

"Its just that, well, Entei has been getting so much better lately you know. He's been here three days now and each day his strength returns and grows. He seems so determined to get better."

"You think you're gonna miss him once he's gone?"

"No, no nothing like that. I mean, we've grown to be friends over these past few days, but it's not that. Its like, well, theirs something missing. Like theirs something he's not telling us you know? Whenever he's questioned about the chase, he seems to draw a blank on a certain part. He comes up to the truck that was chasing him and then kinda goes all twitchy and thoughtful."

"You think he's in danger still don’t you." He meant it more as a statement than a question. Valthor answered carefully.

"Whatever or whoever was after him must have been pretty serious about it if he ended up on our doorstep so close to death. He must have delivered quite a few deathblows before he decided to run. Can you imagine what it must have taken to get a Legendary dog so beaten? I just wish I knew where to start in finding the men who did this. At least we know he's safe here for now. No one could find him where he is now."

And with that comforting thought, Valthor and Miguel went to sleep, confident their mission was going to be a complete success.

Valthor awoke to deafening sirens and red alert lights flashing in his eyes. A young agent screamed through the dorms as fast as he could. He pulled open the dorm door and boomed the words Valthor dreaded most.

"It's TERRIBLE! Entei's been STOLEN!!!"

Xvax delivered the news personally. It was his decision and although he had fought with the board to be lenient on Valthor, it seemed that they were in poor spirits of late. He waited as Valthor absorbed the adjudication on his failure. He watched as his favorite agent turned a pale shade of purple and red as the news sunk in.

“We’re all Demoted?!!!” Valthor lay back on his bedroll as Miguel, Erinn and Galita let their jaws drop.

“Now, it’s not as bad as it sounds. They wanted to take away your uniform altogether. I was lucky they didn’t fire you Valthor. I fought hard for this punishment. It could have been a lot worse.” Xvax knew nothing but the truth would sate Valthor and his unit. He hated his superiors for making him deliver this news and punishment personally. He dutifully removed a ribbon of rank from each agent and departed to let them chat.

Galita and Miguel roared in frustration.

“Its not fair!!!” Theirs no way we could have slept down there. How did anyone get down there in the first place?!” Miguel was trying to understand the proceedings leading up to his demotion and not liking where it was taking him.

“This is ridiculous!!!” Galita was furious, as were they all. “This is obviously an inside job, Valthor. No one could have simply ‘Guessed’ Entei was in that lab. Someone had to know! Who was on guard down there?”

Miguel answered. "Arken was given a chance to lead his first unit that night. He and three others were on duty. But he says he and his unit were doped. He looked pretty groggy when they were found. A test showed traces of a drug used for tranquilizing Snorlax evident in their bloodstream."

Erinn was both calm and controlled about her demotion. She felt it was more her fault than anyone’s and accepted her punishment.

“Arrgghh! We can't just let this slide Valthor! We should find the culprit and hang them from the roof! We have to save Entei!! And I think starting with finding Code Gravity is the best start! They MUST be behind this!” Galita was starting to raise his voice as angrily as he'd ever.
“I don’t know guys, maybe we should think this…” Erinn began to council, but Valthor interrupted her.

“Yeah! We leave tonight. We will need the best Code Gravity hunter with us if we’re gonna do it right. We need Arken.” Miguel pointed out.
“We don’t want to alert anyone. This is our secret mission. Our deliverance. These guys are going to pay. Miguel, I think you know what to do.” Valthor hinted to his friend who nodded and immediately went about contacting Arken through his laptop. A few minutes later, he looked up.

“He’s in.”

An hour later, outside the Dragonagi compound and within the bright morning of day, Arken approached the four. Arkens’ Noctowl sat upon his shoulder, body bobbing rhythmically to his every step, watching wisely. Ryath strode happily and smiley alongside them. Flicking a pokeball in the air between steps.

“Whats this? You’ve brought a friend?” Galita joked happily.

“Yeah, he was with me when he saw us messaging each other and I had to take him with us. He won’t be a bother.” Arken seemed as if he wasn’t totally sure. Ryath pretty much bribed him to take him.

“A bother? Pfft! I’m gonna be a great help. You just watch and see! My Pokemon are going to be your saviors! Haha.” Ryath, dressed all in black ninja garb in contrast to Arken, who wore his blood-red armor and cycloptic visor, smiled cheerily at the bemused trainers.

April 22nd, 2004, 10:43 PM
They immediately traveled by air to Celadon City, where Arken was positive he knew a Code Gravity base was located. He was, as a matter of fact, headed there just before approached by Valthor all those months ago back on the Saffron City skyscraper rooftop. He felt he was a different trainer now. A more cautious and complete trainer. His Pokemon over the months had trained as hard as he did. But they trained under his own instructions and flourished under his care.

They landed down in the main square of the city and as usual, Valthor, and Miguel were in instant culture shock. The hustle and bustle, the closeness of person to person and the noise a city that size was not to their liking. Everytime they were confined to the compound for periods of time, they found adapting to city life difficult and stressful. Eager to get into action, Valthor prompted Arken to lead them to the outpost. They passed all manner of people, none more prevalent than those dressed in neatly trimmed suits and colorful ties. Valthor knew he could never miss the crammed car parks and temptation of delicious fast food.

Galita suddenly made an observation as they followed Arken and Valthor who led the party. The question made absolute sense to him until he asked it.

“Why don’t we ever drive a car? In fact where are all the cars? We’re in a city.” He seemed deeply curious about this. Erinn, Miguel and Ryath all looked at him as if he’d sprouted an extra head. He was evidently going insane. Finally Erinn’s logic prevailed.

“Duh Galita. This is a Pokemon story. No one has cars.” Miguel and Ryath both smiled and nodded knowingly at Erinns wisdom and accepted these words. Her thinking was sound as far as they were concerned. Galita looked at her skeptically. She drilled home her point by speaking to him as if he were a vegetable.

“Well, Galita, do you think Ash Ketchum drove a car?” Miguel and Ryath laughed as they all continued walking. Galita mumbled something inaudible about that possibility being pretty good.

Finally, entering a small dull-lit alley between two tall buildings, the six Agents halted midway, outside a rusty metal door. Their guide signaled this was the hot spot. Arken put his ear to it and tried to listen but to no avail. He couldn’t hear anything. He looked at the lock thoughtfully and proceeded to pick it with expert ease. The lock clicked open. With nothing else for it, Valthor gave Galita the signal to charge the door and all six agents fell in prepared for whatever lay within, Pokemon following suit bravely.

Pokeballs at the ready, and Pokemon wildly looking for a target, the agents assessed the situation as well as they could. Their eyes darted here and there searching for signs of danger. Valthor thought the room was eerily warm.

“Its empty?” Arken was in shock. He was sure Code Gravity in Celadon was based in this building. He'd seen maps and plans all pointing to this exact place. It was a textbook hideout.

“Empty.” Valthor nudged a small can of soda onto its side and he dipped a fingertip into the resulting puddle. He looked up half-puzzled, half-suspicious.

“What are you doing?” Ryath asked even more puzzled than his friend.

“Its cold.” Valthor scanned the large empty room for more clues, as did the rest. Miguel was ruffling through a folder of documents on a table while Erinn and Galita tested the handles of two other doors and Arken stood perplexed in the middle of the room trying to figure out what he read wrong on the plans.

Erinn managed to open her unlocked door and they all followed her in single file through it. Erinn, followed by Valthor (Valor in tow), Galita, Miguel (Espeon on tow), Arken and tailed by Ryath tensely stalked the dark red carpeted hall to its end, where Erinn once again went through the door, unhindered. Miguel whispered to Arken behind him.

“I thought we had ourselves a Code nest here.” For Miguel, this seemed a bit too easy.
“I don’t know whats going on. This ones different.” He whispered back confused and angry. He smelt a trap.

Stepping through the open door, the group came to stand at one end of a large high roofed and skylighted room. The skylights lit only those parts of the floor the sun sliced through the glass with, painting two bright windows of light on the ground ahead of them. The rest of the chamber, which was about ninety nine percent of it, was pitch black. Ryath was about to open the door they came in from to allow more dim light in when it abruptly closed and locked them in. He felt more than saw that all their faces had darted in his direction.

"It was self closing." He explained himself.
"Espeon and Valor say they can't see anything in this two toned light." Miguel whispered his Pokemon message.

“Everybody stay behind me and be quiet.” Valthor breathed to his friends. No matter how many seconds slid by, their eyes simply couldn’t adjust to the two contrasting light levels. They all searched in vain from their positions in front of their locked door for another means of escape, when they could all clearly hear the sounds of shuffling feet from ahead of them. Houndour growled menacingly. Then just as loudly, Valthor heard the sounds of shuffling feet from behind him, quickly sliding from his six o’clock, around him and into the darkness ahead. They were not alone in this hall.

Grouped together, Valthor led his friends into the light supplied by the nearest skylight. Having no other plan, they all followed his lead without question. He knew he was endangering his unit and the two others and he knew they were all afraid, especially since now they could see nothing but the light pouring in on them from above. Fear cold as ice spread through every part of him for he clearly heard laughter coming from directly in front of him, then from all around. The lights flicked and blinked on and he was face to face with his worst nightmare.

“Miss me Valthor?” Senga flicked his pokeball eye level in the air and caught it. Myth, Swoon and Ambre flanked him. Behind them and surrounding his unit and Arken were about twenty trainers. But for some reason, none of this suddenly mattered. He was infuriated by something more devious. Smiling cheek to cheek, Ryath stood at Sengas' side.

Thin skeletal fingers grasped the airborne pokeball.
“I certainly looked forward to this moment my pathetic little weedles. Surely you didn’t think you’d rid yourselves of Code Gravity that easily?” Senga relished the look of despair on Valthors face. It sent warm shivers through him.

“You’re sick Senga!!!” Galita taunted him angrily.

“Shut your mouth, before I have my dark Banette do it for you. Just like in the tournament last year.” Myth intervened emotionless. Void of feeling. He wanted these people dead as soon as possible. Galita wasn’t going to debate the fact Myth had cheated in that battle, switching a fainted Pokemon with one that was identical in looks without the judges seeing midway through.

Erinn tensed as she saw the situation spiraling out of control. Valthor and the boys shared no love for Senga and his Code Gravity members. She had vivid memories of when Senga had actually defeated her in a close battle. He had actually beaten her. Erinn never lost. Senga and his gang were cold-hearted killers. And nothing she could think of seemed to be a non-violent way out of this. A shadow glided across the window of light provided by the above skylight.

Arken was dumbstruck. He hadn't seen this coming. How could he have been so stupid? He cursed himself for his trust. His lack of foresight. Valthor looked at him as if to say “Outpost huh?” which only made him curse the harder. Arken felt even more embarrassed than back at Quirinos. Arkens worst nightmare was being relived right here and now. He was going to be destroyed again.

Miguel conversed with his Espeon, gathering as much information as he could about his foes around him in every direction before the battle erupted. He had so far calmly determined each and every Pokemon carried by Senga and his three vengeful friends through his Espeons' reconnaissance. The other grunts he didn’t care about. He’d rather go down battling the main threat. This time, Miguel wasn’t going to play. This time, Espeon and his party were going to deal some permanent damage. In the back of his mind, he thought he saw something-birdlike fly overhead.

Galita was ready. He’d calculated that since their escape from Chromex Prison, none of these lamers could have leveled their Pokemon up or had time to train them significantly. Whereas he and his friends had used over a year to alter and train there own. He had his hands readied at his pokeballs, strapped by his torso, prepared for when the battle began. In the corner of his vision, he too saw a small Pokemon fly near the above skylight.

No matter how he looked at it, this was ending in bloodshed. Valthor couldn’t see any way out of it. Senga threw down a series of pokeballs and in less than a second all **** broke loose.

“Houndour! Gooo!” Espeon threw a black and blue wavelike psychic blast, knocking down three trainers in one go. Senga released a mighty Machamp its muscular four arms pumped, Seviper its long slippery body coiled for striking and Nidoking its massive bulk primed for pummeling, each proceeding to attack randomly. Erinn and Galita released their Pokemon in defensive formations against the tirade of Pokemon thrown by the Code members. Bright and dark blasts lit up and threw the room into darkness all at once. Bricks were chipped and metal bent and melted. Pokemon from both sides threw their might and power at its foe. Arken and Ryath flew at each other, katana swords in hand, steel ringing on contact as their respective Pokemon battled unsupervised, unprompted. They knew what to do. As he and Senga dueled, something pricked the small hairs on the back of Valthors’ neck as a small, long tailed Pokemon glided overhead.

April 22nd, 2004, 10:45 PM
Watching, MeW could see the Dragonagi members’ defense holding weakly, slowly being driven into itself, destined to be crushed. MeW watched as the Code Gravity members doubled their efforts in doing harm to these valiant trainers, who so valiantly held their formations. But this intrigued MeW less than the man in the doorway at the other side of the hall did. The man holding the gun. The gun which glowed light blue. Light blue like his rock. This man was large, at least six feet high and broad shouldered. He wore a smart black and orange suit made of fine fabrics and he glared upon the battle scene, waiting. MeW knew this mans soul by looking at him. His soul was black as the darkest realm and as cold as the Icy cave. MeW knew the terror this man had been behind in the course of his life. But MeW didn’t fear him.

MeW hovered above the skylight and looked at the gun analytically, thoughtfully. Finally, MeW found what had been pulling at it all this time. There was MeWs' rock. MeW looked unhappy as it noted the rock had been fashioned smooth and unnaturally round. MeW, small white tail and cute form crinkled up in what can only be interpreted as determination and anger, was going to get its rock back.

Valthor’s Pokemon were defeated, the carnage ended. Miguel’s Pokemon had long been recalled, battered and beaten at last, his Espeon licking its wounds within the safety of his long leather overcoat. Galita stood over his fainted Pokemon protectively daring any of the Code members to come a step closer. Erinn helped the limping, bleeding Arken, sword still in hand, back to his feet as Senga and his gang grouped in to deliver their revenge. A final grouped attack.

“Fufufufu. You should have known better!” Swoon snickered tartly. She flicked her long red hair vainly. Her prediction of Valthors demise coming true. This would be the sweetest victory of all.

“Feel my wrath Valthor. You've had this coming a long time!” Ambre roared as hostile as always. She was finally going to pound this weed. Destruction was her specialty.

“Your battle has only just begun Valthor. I’m gonna make you suffer!” Myth clenched his fist in fury. Hate consumed him and his Pokemon, a ghostly smiling Haunter, its form semi transparent and dark, and its eyes full of evil. Dark blood pumped through his veins. He was finally going to have his retribution. Nothing could stop him.

Senga shifted forward before Valthor and his spent friends. He glanced at Ryath who slumped against a wall, trying to halt the flow of blood from his various wounds. Most of them pumping freely under his hands pressure. Senga looked horror struck. He wasn’t succeeding in blocking all of them.

“You two, Help him!!!” He ordered two of the remaining gang members. They hastily went to the young villains’ aid. “You’re going to pay for that, Arken!! No one attacks my brother and lives to tell the story!!” he shrieked as he and his gang moved in for one final attack. Arken closed his eyes in preparation for his last moment alive.

“No!” Above the clattering of pokeballs and shrieks of rage a voice boomed. “Senga, stand down. I have a better idea.” a calm, reverberating voice ordered, and Senga instantly bowed his head and retreated, as did the rest of Code Gravity.

Marcus honored them with his commanding presence. Beside him stood the famous scientist who'd created the de-evolution gun. His mouth quivered with delight. He licked his thin bloodred lips in excitement that in contrast with his pale pasty skin made him look more sinister than ever. His white lab coat almost tripped him up as he pushed a large trolley laden with three small cages, each one containing the scared and tiny bodies of the legendary puppies. Each one whimpered in fright, as they smelt the open wounds and resulting blood. As far as they were concerned, this place was bad.

The two forms struck fear into even the Code Gravity members. Neonil for his sickly ghostly and skeletal appearance. Marcus for his sheer weight in power. They controlled this battle. And they knew they demanded the fear and adulation of their men.

"Welcome to my humble abode, Valthor." Marcus approached, his finger tight on the trigger of the glowing gun, which lay relaxed pointed at the ground by his side. The group of battered and bruised trainers and Pokemon, unable to find any way of escape, watched him.

"I had hoped to see you at a much later date, but as you are so eager to visit, I had a little party planned for you. I hope you liked it. It's going to be your last" With no further words he aimed his de-evolution gun coldly at his nemesis' head and pulled the trigger without so much as blinking. Killing was second nature to Marcus.

MeW, using 'extreme speed' glided swiftly through the brittle glass, as if it were air and flew into the rays' path catching its force full on its stomach. MeW hovered stationary, the only one not surprised by the weapons ineffectiveness in babifying itself. Unaffected, MeW faced Marcus and his gathered henchmen with an irritated expression on its face. MeW, concentrating with little effort, held out its left paw slowly, as it glided carefully towards the shocked man. Marcus glared at his scientist, Neonil, who stared panic eyed at the failure of the gun. He didn’t understand why it didn’t effect the Pokemon. It always worked!!!

Marcus had no idea where this Pokemon came from, or why it was there. All he saw was a dangerously powerful Pokemon aiming its arm in his direction. He fired another blast of de-evolving beam into MeW. The beam struck and seemed to splash off. MeW simply looked up at him and retaliated. It wasn’t happy about the use of his rock.

"Mewwww!!!" It screamed as it threw its mind at the physical form of Marcus. The sheer force of the psychic blast rushed the air past everyone's faces as if twenty heaters had just been lighted. It propelled him across the room into his band of followers who were unable to hide their fear of this obvious threat. MeW held out its arm again only this time, not waiting for a response. The men and women of Code Gravity lay there paralyzed with fear thinking the worst. Hoping for a quick death.

MeW took hold of the gun with its mind and loosed it from the mans grip. It floated midair, then emptied itself of the rock contained within. MeW wandered where it had gotten to. The rock glided over to MeW who pocketed it in some unseen pouch relieved and turned to the now saved humans who called themselves Dragonagi.

Galita and Erinn had no time to bask in MeWs beauty and power. Assisted by Miguel and Arken they collected all the pokeballs of their enemies and stowed them in a spare pack. Erinn and Galita, with the help of their Pokemon, kept the captured menace in a corner. None resisted more than speaking a few choice words. Most starred fearfully at the wonderful Pokemon in the room with them.

Valthor stepped forward for MeW who was looking in his direction for a moment. Finally, He noticed it wasn’t him MeW was looking at, but Espeon, directly behind him. The two were conversing, and from the look on Miguel's face, his Pokemon was relaying everything to him. Miguel was smiling openly. He summed up for his unit leader.

" MeW says he must call upon a friend of ours. He says not to be frightened." And with that, MeW suddenly sent out a wave of psychic power, it was invisible and subtle, but everyone in the room felt its immense power. Like a ripple in water, but tearing through their very bodies and spirits. It was like looking upon the ocean, and although unseen, they knew within that psychic wave were many many depths of mysteries.

Without another second passing, a small speck of piercing bright white light appeared before them. It grew as big as a family table and just as round then stopped growing altogether.

From within, Celebi flew at full speed into Valthors arms who embraced his old friend as happy as he'd been the first time he'd seen it. Celebi was so happy to see all his old friends again, it had almost forgotten MeW was even there, who was excitedly watching and mentally joining them in their moment. MeW was easily caught up in moments of emotion such as this. Celebi, light green and tiny antenna sitting on his head, rejoiced at seeing his fellow Psychic Pokemon. The two joined minds and communicated. What was said was past through each mind in a matter of seconds, and could not be interpreted exactly, but Miguel later told Valthor it went along the lines of this.

"Greetings friend Celebi, healer of the forests, traveler of time and rider of its waves."

"Greetings to you MeW, Psychic child eternal, my friend and my family. Why have you summoned me?"

"The time has come. We must act."

"But to interfere is not our function, MeW. I wish it were so. I am sorry. I cannot." Celebi sounded these words, to Espeons reckoning, like they had not been spoken for the first time.

"You have felt first hand these humans hearts. They beat like ours, like I have said. I feel much akin to them. They deserve our help."

"MeW, we cannot interfere. Your are correct. These humans are beautiful and I love them as I love you, but we cannot act for them alone. We do not exist for them like that." The words sounded rehearsed, as if spoken often.

"I do not ask for us to act for them, friend Celebi, but for myself. Do you sense that which I hold?"

"Yes. You have on you your soul stone. Why is it not on its shelf below the ocean?"

"Something dire has occurred. The Guardian no longer dwells there. My rock was stolen. I have just now acquired it from these bad seeds." Espeon couldn’t fathom what "the Guardian" could be when Miguel asked.

"They have directly threatened you friend MeW?"

"Albeit unintentionally. They were not aware of the power they held within their very hands. They were not aware that they held my soul. Such is their nature not to look before they leap. But as you can imagine, a threat nonetheless."

"Yes, MeW. You're correct. What have you in mind? Deliverance?" Espeon let Miguel know just how much she wanted to stop listening in at this point. Listening to two Pokemon talk of death as freely as this was not to her liking.

"Thoth." Espeon then found it disconcerting to hear the two Pokemon laugh uncontrollably and gleefully for a few moments until it was Celebi who regained its composure first and continued. Both were in jolly spirits. It was strange to hear Pokemon communicate with such caring and so much love all at once, while talking of punishment.

"Oh beautiful MeW. You make me laugh so. Very well, I shall assist you. Lend me your power MeW. I shall make this so. Let there be humans on the darkness of Thoth."

"Thank you Time rider. But first I need you to assist me in the undoing and misuse of my stone. Its path back to me was a long one."

"Of course, MeW."

April 22nd, 2004, 10:50 PM
Valthor and his unit watched as MeW and Celebi joined tiny hands and faced the forgotten but ever curious pups. Peering from within their cages, they seemed unable to avert their stares. Three pairs of baby blue eyes glued to the two small Pokemon as they began to charge their powers, weaving a spell of such intricacy and precision that no other Pokemon could possibly conceive its detail. Suddenly, quietly but rising in volume, a beautiful and childlike melody, both astoundingly simple and complex, could be heard coming from MeW.

The pups ears pricked up as they listened, calming their tense minds. Its sound soothed every inch of Valthors being. Its every note like a burden lifted. It was a beautiful sound and one no one who heard it could ever forget. The spell was thrown over the three pups like a blanket, clearly visible to all in the room. The blanket was made of hundreds of marvelous twinkling stars, twinkling energetically and wonderful waves of rainbows, all blending together, and lighting up every face in the room in a colorful display. It was a dazzling display of Pokemon magic at its most potent. Something never again to be experienced ever again.

Valthor and his friends, and even the criminals in the corner had completely forgotten whatever was on their minds before. Now they were all fixed on the transformation before them. All couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. MeW psychically probed and unlocked all three cages, floating the three pups out onto the bare floor as each began to grow. None looked frightened anymore and all seemed drowsy. As the blanket absorbed itself into each pup, they grew and matured, producing their great manes and sprouting their brutal forms back to their former glory, each one as deadly as the other. Each shook off the magic's effects and shivered for a moment before lifting their fully-grown heads up to face everyone. They looked as noble and kingly as the next. Valthor almost wanted to bow for them and get on one knee.

"You're all going to pay for this! Your all fools!" A weak and guttural voice spat from the corner where every Code Gravity member had been gathered. It was the bloodied and pale form of Ryath. He drooled and frothed, wrath masking his fear well. He looked hellish, the wounds delivered by Arken obviously disabling him, but not completely finishing him off. His eyes were riddled with insanity.

"Yeah, you heard me. Fools! I easily tricked all of you into believing I was one of you. No one thinks a guard would dope himself and his own unit to let their precious guest get kidnapped. Well, believe it! I did." Entei moved menacingly towards the blood soaked form of the ninja, claws stretched out and gleaming deathly shiny in the light.

"Stay away from me you stinking Dog! You deserved whatever you got with Professor Larwood. I'm sure he gave you all a lovely time in his lab. Hehecoughcough." His laughter deteriorated into a rasping and bloodied fit of coughing. He didn’t cough long however for Entei swooped over his body roaring his vengeance and with one foul sweep of his forepaw, Ryaths' existence ended in a spray of sticky mess. Senga wretched as he watched his nephew's execution.

Entei coldly turned to the gathered members of Code Gravity, who all cowered behind their master. Marcus stood, barely showing emotion of any kind. He breathed calmly, waiting and watching. Evaluating his every chance for escape, of which he found none, he smiled evilly. Of all the ways he'd predicted this project to end, this was not among them.

"You waste your breath testing the air for fear from Me, Entei. I fear you not." Entei had to hand it to this human, he was not afraid. "Were it not for the confiscation of my pokeballs, I'd battle you into the ground and your brethren with you right now. You're head would be a mighty trophy to hang on my wall. One of many great Pokemon to fall at the hands of Marcus. Prove me wrong!"

Entei listened to his taunts unblinking and replied without hesitation once the sharply suited man had finished. Entei wasn’t so easily fooled into being angry.

"Hrmf, I don’t do requests." He turned his back on him and strode to his brothers who kept their eyes on Marcus and his fearful gang.

MeW and Celebi floated smoothly in front of Marcus just as he'd taken a step in preparation for a last ditch effort to wrest his pokeballs from the pack not ten feet away. He stopped dead in his tracks at their glares of defiance, their small forms blocking the way to his powerful Pokemon.

Clasping hands once again, the two ancient Pokemon intertwined their powers. MeW lent his every spark of energy and guidance to Celebi, who with no small amount of struggle and intense concentration, opened up a particularly special and far-reaching portal. The air screamed around them as the Portal opened up. Its blackness swirling and calling invitingly to all around it. MeW concentrated with Celebi to hold open the portal, as the three legendary Dogs had the pleasure of coaxing the band of evil doers into it, with one tactic being throwing their pack of pokeballs into its pitch black interior. Once all were within its vast darkness, Celebi snapped the gateway shut gratefully and slumped to the ground exhausted with MeW who rested alongside equally energysapped.

Everyone seemed amazed and confused, and happy all at the same time.

"Where were they sent?" Valthor was shocked at this course of action. He'd had himself prepared for transporting the felon's back to Chromex Prison. Now he'd just witnessed two of the strongest Pokemon ever known combining powers to send his worst enemies somewhere obviously far away. The power of their magic still had him tasting strange "alive" currents in the air. It was as if the air itself was happy to have witnessed what occurred. Happy to participate.

It was Suicune who answered, although none saw his mouth move in speech. His words were smooth as the water through a river, ever running, and timelessly wise.

"They have been taken far away, to Thoth. Thoth is an evil place, more so than your minds can comprehend. It is where the Pokemon known as Dark originate. But far worse things abide there also. Worse by far. A more terrible fate I cannot imagine for those wretched souls. They are surely doomed." Suicune turned his nose up at this.
Miguel seemed thoughtful. This place sounded fun, but he was more worried about the plan of punishment by the Pokemon. He was looking forward to punishing them himself.

"Will they live their forever? Will they be able to return?" It was Raikou who answered this time. None could doubt it was, for his voice crackled and sizzled as if static, powerful and supreme.

"They will survive long into history there. Time moves hastily there and even if they do find a way out, they will be aged far greater than you will have. The foul beasts, which call Thoth their realm, will no doubt rule them, thus giving them no chance for retribution here. Such things crawl in that damned place, that I was glad to see the back of. Pokemon they be called, though in form they are not so beautiful as those we have amongst us." He gestured with his head to MeW and Celebi, who giggled.

Erinn couldn’t hide her disgust for the place called Thoth. She was feeling sick thinking about a place that makes the legendary Dogs sound disapproving.

"What is Thoth? It sounds like it isn't a natural place."
This time it was Celebi who replied, its voice deep, echoing, as if bouncing off of the walls of time itself. He, like the Legendary dogs, spoke kindly and humbly.

"Oh, Erinn. As fair as you are wise, you never cease to amaze me with your thoughts of curious logic. You are right. Long ago was Thoth created by an Overseer of great power. Created for the purpose of containment for all things deemed unworthy by nature. Of course, Nature resides here and places far distant. Little can I tell you now, for these things are not yours to know. But know Thoth is not a place for such fair people as you."

The question hung on Valthors mind. Overseer? Deemed unworthy by nature? Who?

Suicune and Raikou looked severely bored. Both looked at MeW imploringly who flicked its head towards them, evidently hearing their thoughts. Reacting, MeW mentally prepared itself, whipped its long tail, slapping the floor, finishing off a spell of transportation and blinked the two hounds away in a heartbeat. First they were there, then they weren't. For a couple of seconds all that remained was a bright white outline of where they were.

Galita, who was totally obsessed with these great Pokemon was sad to see them go without so much as saying good-bye, and swore on an oath to see them again one day. Maybe even catch one or convince one to join his party of Pokemon. It seemed like it was something that he felt destined for. Their farewells continued.

Each member of Valthors unit said good-bye to MeW and thanked it gratefully. MeW was more than happy to share a hug and a word or two with each, who were extremely honored to have talked with it. MeW was so kind and cute, none of them hesitated when he hugged them warmly.

MeW and Celebi both hugged as old friends and MeW parted without another word, its cute form gliding so fast out of the buildings skylight that it took the humans a while to realize it hadn't actually shattered. It simply passed through it. MeW flew far away, positive it would see those humans again one day, hoping they remain as fair and wonderful as they were right then.

Celebi and Entei stood facing each other inside the sky-lighted room. The two conversed before Entei was blinked away back to his fiery volcanic den, somewhere only a select few know about. Miguel later told Valthor the conversation was easier to hear than the previous.

"My brothers show little gratitude for your help, Time rider. I thank you on their behalf. Their pride hinders their duty. You have done us a great favor today." Entei sounded both submissive and respectful.

"Thank MeW, noble Entei. It was the Eternal Child who summoned me here." Celebi responded equally as respectful.

"When will MeW ascend…?" Celebi interrupted Entei here, much to his annoyance. This question had been on his mind for a while.

"Tut tut Entei. Our eavesdropper may be invisible to you, but I see you Espeon, seer of the future." Espeon almost snapped his link shut to the two at this point, pure shock claiming her. "We shall discuss that subject another time Entei. Is there anything else before I say my good-byes?" Entei looked at Espeon at this news and didn’t take his ancient giant eyes off the seated Pokemon until the conversation was over. He seemed disturbed by his inability to sense the psychic Pokemon, his brow furrowed. Espeon pretended not to notice the suspicions aimed at her. She was still youngish for a Pokemon and still coming into her powers.

"Just know that one day, when you and yours finish your duties for the Overseer, I will personally welcome you back to this realm in this time so that we might talk over a meal. I owe you that much." This seemed to be a joke between the two ancient Pokemon for Espeon let Miguel know they laughed here openly. They laughed wearily as if a great thing burdened them.

"See you then, Entei and not a second sooner." That was when Entei was blinked away in a flash of bright white light. A white shadow all that remained of him for a couple of seconds.

April 26th, 2004, 7:57 PM
Marcus followed by a weeping Senga, a weary Myth, a sniveling Swoon and grimacing Ambre stumbled through the blackness of the portal into an almost darker environment. The eight others followed timidly looking at the great leader of their gang for a sign of hope.

Dark gray stone and dry dirt covered the planet for as far as the eye could see. Leafless blackened trees, like dark skeletons spotted the uneven surface here and there. Great shards of the dark earth jolted up through the already uneven ground like fingers trying to reach the ski. The hellish blanket above them was made up of massive dark red and black swirly wisps of cloud, both raining down in places with fire and lightning respectively. Mist, dark red like floating clouds of blood drifted here and there, as if alive and seeking something along the ground.

But none of this compared to the terror of the realms inhabitants from their vantagepoint on the hill. All gasped in horror as it registered in their minds just how dead they all were. Marcus was glad Entei was not there with them, for he would have at that point smelt the sickly sour smell of fear on him then. He looked down at the backpack, roughly thrown by Suicune into the portals depths before they entered. Pokeballs had rolled out and settled next to it. As one of the nightmares roared mightily not far away, Marcus took charge.
"Grab your pokeballs. This isn't over." He braced himself for the upcoming war.

Back at Dragonagi Headquarters, Blue and Sven questioned their new prisoner. During the interrogation Blue couldn’t resist letting Siryn know the latest news about her ex-boss.

“You do realize Marcus and the rest of Code Gravity are as good as dead don’t you? Surprised to here this? You shouldn’t be." He saw pure disbelief on her pale face. Siryn's stay at Dragonagi hadn't been pleasant in the least. Sven and Blue had made certain of that. She had proven to be a most quiet visitor. "Doubt me do you? I’d bring MeW and Celebi in here to prove their handy work, but I guess that’s not going to happen. Lets just say they aren’t coming back anytime soon. Where they are, even the legendary Pokemon dread. It shouldn’t be long before the remnants of your little organization are completely mopped up for good.”

It turned out one Code Gravity member survived the battle in the Celadon warehouse. A grunt no less. She had survived only to be taken by the Dragonagi Agents into Chromex penitentiary where Siryn found her in a state of psycho shock. Apparently no-one talked or associated with the weird Code Gravity member because all she ever did was ramble about MeW and Celebi, the “death Pokemon”.

This proved Blue’s story, enraging her to no end. She vowed to avenge her boss and continue Code Gravity once she was released, One hundred and ten years from then.

Erinn, her newest year of holidays well and truly earned, swam and dived in the shallow forest pools of a beautiful untainted forest somewhere in the Kanto region. She chatted with a newfound friend. Her Wailord and Politoed played and swam with her, laughing and splashing happily in the crystal clear pond. Her beautiful Ampharos and Arcanine chased each other energetically and leapt upon each other through the lush undergrowth in a mock fight as her Vileplume jumped off an overlooking cliff, clinging gleefully to a vine and dived in, splashing everyone. Erinn was having the holiday of a lifetime.

Suicune made certain, Erinn would not be disturbed on these holidays. He watched over her, talked with her and played with her Pokemon, feeling much more at ease with this human, than any other. He hoped all humans were as beautiful as this one some day. He splashed at Politoed who laughed merrily with a "LiiiiPoli!"

Miguel, receiving generous promotion along with his fellow Unit members to above that which they started with a year previously, smiled at his wonderful Espeon.
"Isn't it beautiful, Espeon? It's where I'd like to be born if I were a Pokemon. You must be very proud of your birthplace." He was very envious.

He and his party of Pokemon, his special Espeon, shiny Flygon and Marill, Umbreon Dragonair and Sableye, all stood on the dream-like plains of the Dark Star Realm. Its dim lighting and dark exterior was the only thing it shared with the horrid realm, Thoth. It was a magical place of magnificent berry growing trees that sprouted brightly glowing flowers, lighting pathways. The sky was a deep marine blue and its stars shone a rainbow of colors. The Pokemon that resided there in its dark forests were numerous and mysterious. Some curious about this light fleshed two legged Pokemon with green hair, some more menacing than Miguel would have thought.

Miguel was in heaven. He'd traveled this magical plain once before with Valthor as his companion. It was only accessible with the psychic ability of those born there, like his Espeon and Sableye. This time, he had the rare privilege of having the creature that created the realm as his guide, hovering beside him excitedly.

"You read my dreams when you made this place, MeW. You read my dreams."

Galita, using his holidays as only he would, battled his heart out in the final of a major Pokemon battle tournament in Gedyn. His battles had consistently been a perfect mix of tactical excellence and offensive prowess like nothing anyone in the realm had ever seen before. Record crowds gathered to watch him and his major draw card.

He had never felt so free and never known being a Pokemon trainer could be so much like a dream come true. His graceful and deadly Scizor fought valiantly in the final and had been the key to most of his victories so far. He was a beautiful green gold color and all in his party knew he was an exceptional battling machine.

His Glalie took an unlucky one hit KO by his final opponent but Galita, only one Pokemon left, smiled devilishly, loving the look of fear upon his knowledgeable foes' face. His next Pokemon may have been new to his trainer, but he by no means was new to this. He laughed in pure ecstasy.

"I Choose You! Raikou!!!"

Arken, wounds fully healed and with a clear mindset walked the dirt path with Valthor to Quirinos. His pride was of no consequence, his dignity something he had never lost.

"Dunsparce should be migrating soon." Valthor noted referring back to his days as a Pokemon Ranger.

"Really?" Arken continued walking, his mind on other things and nothing all at once. He struggled to find something to say to his new friend, for they had talked the whole trip, both on the ground, water and air currents.

"So….What do you think everyone else is up to?" He finally asked for lack of a better subject. Valthor looked at him as he contemplated his answer.

"Oh, You can bet they are bored out of their minds."

This settling their blank thoughts, they trooped on, blue striped Houndour rolling his eyes as he followed.