View Full Version : If you had a lifesize PokeDoll what would it be? (Version 2)

November 9th, 2005, 3:42 PM
Sup, people!!
Yes.......I made another one.........
So.....If you had a lifesize PokeDoll what would it be?

Of course I would have a Zangoose and a Milotic

November 9th, 2005, 3:49 PM
If I had a lifezise Poke`Doll, I'd probably want a Wailord. :33 Imagine how totally huge it would be! XD It would be fun just to lay on top of it...ya know, read a book, do some homework...sleep. XD So yes, I'd choose a big cuddlie Wailord. :33


November 11th, 2005, 8:01 AM
For me I would love to have a lifesize Snorlax :)

November 11th, 2005, 8:08 AM
I'd have a life sized Latias. That'd be really neat.

Or a Rayquaza! I could unravel it and it could stretch so far...

November 11th, 2005, 8:10 AM
It would be a eevee or a Lucario, my two favs, cause there just so adorible ^__^

November 11th, 2005, 8:35 AM
I'd have a Raichu, Torchic, Pichu, Latios, or Eevee (Or any Eevee evolved form). Those are some of my fave. Pokemon!

QT Plusle
November 11th, 2005, 8:39 AM
A life size plusle would be sooo cute! and maybe a life sized absol would be cool.

November 11th, 2005, 9:33 AM
I'd want a Torchic ^^; I think Torchic is so cute. <3
And I actually have a Torchic stuffed animal already. Then I can have two! ^^

If I couldn't have Torchic, I'd take Pikachu. Pikachu's cute too.

November 11th, 2005, 9:37 AM
A Groudon and a Kyogre one, so I could play with them~ :3
And a Speed Deoxys too. Well, if I could keep wanting, I'd like a Rayquaza and all the Regis one too. Yeah, Hoenn pwned me.

November 11th, 2005, 9:40 AM
XD I'd also have a wailord..XD And I'd get a crane...lift it up about 50 feet...then drop it on the unsuspecting streets of Manhatten...XD

November 11th, 2005, 9:40 AM
Aahh! I can't make up my mind! @[email protected]
Okay, I'd take any of the following...


November 11th, 2005, 10:06 AM
Ninetales or Jolteon for me... they would just seem so... eep!

Dragonite Tamer
November 11th, 2005, 10:11 AM
I'd have a massive dragonite

Shiny Meganium
November 11th, 2005, 11:34 AM
Imagine a Wailord doll! I'd have a Meganium and a Tyranitar.

Samurai X
November 11th, 2005, 11:48 AM
I would want a life sized Mew doll or a Pikachu but my favorite is Pidgeot.

November 11th, 2005, 7:03 PM
I would want a lugia, with flexable wings. You could pretend you were flying or something. :3

Kid Frost
November 11th, 2005, 8:30 PM
Mines would be Sceptile, Houndoom and moltres

November 11th, 2005, 8:32 PM
I'd have a linoone, a zigzagoo, grovyle manectric, rukario or a blaziken, choices, choices...*faints*

November 11th, 2005, 8:46 PM
I would want a Nidoking doll with glow in ta dark eyes imagine on halloween scare people silly with them!

QT Plusle
November 12th, 2005, 3:03 AM
Oh yer! An Espeon and vaporeon would be great to! So would a cute lil celebi!

November 12th, 2005, 4:26 PM
Mine Would Be A Charizard, Blastoise Or Rayquaza. I Think Their Coolest Pokemon Dolls.

November 13th, 2005, 10:03 AM
Rawrr!!!! I want life-size dolls of Charizard an' Ninetales!! ^_____________^ ...I can't state tha reasons I want 'em for though. XD

November 13th, 2005, 11:11 AM
I'd want myself a gigantic Jigglypuff(ChibiPurins are kawaii :333)I love Jigglypuffs <33I'd aslo want a clefairy or Balstoise!

November 13th, 2005, 11:07 PM
ditto is definitly the best pokemon, anyone else agree with me?! I love episode with ditto hehe his eyes are so funny.