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November 11th, 2005, 3:08 PM
A story that happened over five thousand years ago. When the world was a paradise, an evil being appeared from light. It's name was unknown, but was sealed off for the next thousand years or so after seven pokemon legendary (Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia, Entei Raikou, Celebi, Mew)pokemon appeared. Now the beiong has been ressurected through the efforts of an evel scientists and her wicked cohorts. Now twelve heroes must surface and save the world from this being. They must do so, by finding Twelves magcal Object sonly Known as "The Remains." Each item represents a special ability about each person.Wach remain is in the shape of something the triner needs, but in a physical state. Now twelve trainers must come and end the evil of the evil only known as "The being" may it be a pokemon or a something much more powerful.
No Powerplaying
No goddmodding
Posts must be atleast five sentences long.
No legendary pokemon
Have Fun!^^

Age: (16-25)
Pokemon: ( Please no Legendaries unless, you Pmed me about a minor legendary)
Occupation: (You are a trainer, but an additional occupation, like student, police officer, etc.)
Quality wanted: (As I stated choose a quality of the remain you want. I mean like Courage, love, kindnees, any quality at all).

Name: Fai Takahashi
Age: 20

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Blastoise (Gary), Arcanine( Kuro), Sneasel(Kaze), Persian (Jumpy), Flygon (Taiki), Meganium (Mega)

Personality: A very talkative person that is always happy, he is very smart and always has some interesting information

Occupation: College student

Appearence:http://www.cafeanime.com.au/02.jpg Either one you think looks cooler.

History: Fai is a college student that has Telepathy. He was born with this ability and it was first discovered by his father, Proffesor Edward Takahashi, a world renowned scientist that discovered the existance of A fifth generation of pokemon when his Gyrados had evolved. Anyway, one day upon coming home from a lecture, Fai's father found Fai, using his mind to read his Sneasel's mind and got it food when it was hungry. His father did not tell anyone, since he did not want to lose his son, his only family. Fai, became a very world renowned peron himself when he became a gymleader at the age of thirteen and by seventeen and elite four member. He soon realized that the world needed his help, when one day in class he realized that "The Being" had surfaced when he saw images of something with red eyes and the appearence of a black cloud had said it was coming for him. He then decided to go and seek away to destroy or send it back where it comes from.

Quality for Remin: Light

Midori Chi
November 11th, 2005, 3:35 PM
Name: Chi Motosuwa
Age: 16
Gender: female
Pokemon: Blaziken (Ruru) Mistrevess (Pearly) Lapras (Beru) Gardevior (Shiney)
Personality: sweet, optimistic, has courage when she needs to. She has a big sweet tooth and likes battling for fun, more than seriousness)
Occupation: student (works at a cafe after school)
Appearence: *points to avy and sig*
History: Her parents abandoned her at a young age for relation reasons. She found herself an apartment, goes to school and works at a cafe/bakery after school. She's always wanted to find out what "love" is for she was never taught. She tries her best to understand eveything she can.
Quality wanted: love

November 11th, 2005, 4:07 PM
Name: Ryder Dynch
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Armaldo, Flygon, Donphan, Weezing, Camerupt and Piloswine
Personality: He can be cold at times, even when he yearns for someone he can call a friend but life has taught him that people can be cruel and unforgiving. He has a passion for battling and puts his heart and sole into fighting and training with his pokemon.
Occupation: Ryder attends a small public high school.
Appearence: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y142/Yami_Zidane/af78914f.gif
History: When he was young his father constantly beat him and his mother which eventually drove her to leave him but left him a pokeball containing a Koffing, once he had realised that his father was blaming him for his mothes depart he also decieded to flee the clutch of his father and ran away with his Koffing to the suburbs where he now lives and trains his pokemon.
Quality wanted: Friendship

November 12th, 2005, 6:53 AM
Name: Anumati(Anu) Magena
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Chikorita, Arcanine, Flygon, shiny Manetric, red Gyarados, and Espeon. (If I am not aloud to have two shinies I will change it. Same with not having any.)
Personality: A bit of a loner at times but friendly once you get to know her. She won't let herself or anyone else get pushed around and hates people who think they are above everyone else. She's quite sarcastic and has a good sense of humor. When angered she adopts a forked tongue which can help her make enemies easily enough. She loves fun and adventure but is also serious about her training. She's tough and refuses to give up no matter what the odds. Sometimes she's hard to read and it's just about impossible to tell what she's thinking about or what she's feeling if she doesn't want you to know.
Occupation: Student that attends a normal puplic high school
Appearence: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/SpiritGirl/AnoraCloths.png (She has a simple belt on which holds her Pokeballs. She doesn't wear it during school. Sometimes she pulls her hair back but those are the only differences.)
History: Ruki grew up in NewBark Town on her own. She lost her parents when she was fie. Her mother fell pre to a terrible disease ad her father died from heart ache. He simply stopped eating leaving his daughter alone. She was sent to an orphanage but hated it there so she ran away and lived on her own. When she was old enough she began school. When she was seven she met a young Chikorita that had run away from Prof. Elm's lab because it hadn't liked the trainer it was going to get. Rather than turn it over to him she kept her. She lived rather like a Pokemon trainer and managed to aquire six Pokemon by the time she was fifteen. She now lives with a close friend most of the time and trains her Pokemon so that she can some day head off on a Pokemon journey.
Quality wanted: Courage

Mail Jeevas
November 12th, 2005, 10:26 AM
Name: Rey Hinotama
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Feraligatr, Blaziken, Shiny Gengar, Dark Alakazam, Absol, Dark Rapidash.
Personality: He's a little untalkative, but cares more about others than about himself. It will try to help in anyway he cans, but If he's not able, It will try to find someone that does.
Occupation: Student (He's studying Medicine. He only has 1 year left)
Appearence: He has a strange scar in his face that goes through his eye. It was shoulder-lenght black hair and a "Beatle-like" haircut. It wears a black tuxedo and an black overcoat. Beneath those clothes, he has a sleeve-less Shirt. He usually will take off his tux jacket and leave the Shirt with the overcoat and the trouser,
History: He was abandoned by his fathers when he was 5. Then he was adopted by a couple that couldn't have children by themselves. At the age of 16 he went off to find his true parents. When he did, he found out that they were dead. He then started to study at the Medicine University.
Quality wanted: Calmness


November 12th, 2005, 12:04 PM

Name: Terrence Mange
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Blaziken,Gardevoir,Umbreon,Ninjask,Nidoking,Zangoose
Personality: He is usally kept to himslef but isnt around to talk to people he is comfortable with.He also has a trust problem at times and can be pretty paraniod and weird...but all in all his pretty much a regular joe.He enjoys having battles if theres nothing else to do.
Occupation: Student(Used to work for the school newpaper but quit after his camrea broke and they wanted him to become un editor.He didnt really care for it seeing as how it was only a small job.He currently works at a music store around his house.He used his paycheck to repair his camrea and carries it around in case of the picture prefect moment)
Appearence: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v375/PaperMagican/TerresnceMangeGear.png
History: When he was 12,his father abandoned his mother and left her with him,his brother and his sister;which are both older then him.Terry,his brother went like any other child his age and became a trainer.His mother forced Terresnce to wait a until his brother was back before he was allowed to have pokemon.He attended school and became a trainer after attending school for 2 years.He contiuned school until he finshed it before he set out on an adventure like his brother,or older sister who was married and runs a daycare.
Quality wanted: Kindness

He meant its an invite Rp which mean you cant join unless he pms you

November 12th, 2005, 1:19 PM
Plot could have used a bit more background information on the remains and what they are, and I would also like to see some information on how this being was resurrected and what the legendaries did to seal it away in the past. Another thing that would be a bonus to know is why we are the chosen ones. If you could add that to your plot, it would be great, dude!

Anyways, my sign up:


Name: Rachel Wong

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Murkrow (Slick), Houndoom (Kovu), Absol (Kiara), Xatu (Isis), Vaporeon (Mystique), Flygon (Drake)

Personality: Rachel is an adventurous seventeen year old, with all tendencies to make the most of her life and live it as she sees fit. Friendly and confident in her skills, she takes things as they come and doesn’t plan in advance before rushing into something. Her best feature is her determination, willing to try anything once and always determined to win, even if the outcome results in a loss, she only learns more from these losses, and won’t give up until she reaches the very top, as far as she can reach.

Occupation: Student

Appearance: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b282/SinfulDragon/Anime/Female/Tomboy3.jpg

History: Rachel grew up in a partially normal life, she attended school and made friends, but the abnormal part of her life was, that her parents were Pokemon watchers, who travelled all over the world in search of new Pokemon, making a television programme on the lives of these different types of Pokemon, they had even come across some unusual Pokemon in the distance, which people believed to be the Pokemon of legend.

Rachel enjoyed her life, even if it meant moving school every month, she still kept in touch with her friends through match call and swore that one day she would return and see them again after her journeys had come to an end…if they ever did come to an end.

Quality wanted: Determination

November 12th, 2005, 1:27 PM
@ Kirky Boy, it means you have to be invited to jon the rp. You were not, so sory please join next time.
@~* Strider *~ , well I wanted to reveal more when the story begins, but if you want I will edit my post and reveal it now.

November 12th, 2005, 1:30 PM
I like RPG plots to be around ten lines long. If you wish to reveil the legend at a later date, then that is fine, but you need to make it up with say...more description or some other sort of History in the plot. I don't want you to give the surprise away or anything ^_^

November 12th, 2005, 1:32 PM
I know, and thanks I added the legendaries, but alot more will be revealed as the story progresses.

MAR Heaven
November 12th, 2005, 2:12 PM
Name: Ash Takahashi (Brother Of Fai Takahashi)

Age: 21


Pokemon: (shiny pokemon) Blastoise (Bluster), Sceptile (Kryore), Typhlosion (Riri), Pikachu (Kiki), Salamance (Salm), Manyula (Snezz)

Personality: Can be fun and a serious a quiet guy

Occupation: College Student

Appearence: This is me exept with no Gun:D http://aveiceae.com/journal/v-aim.jpg]

History: When he was thirteen his parents gave him a squirtle abandoned by its family so he trained the squirtle and trained him to evolve in a Blastoise after High School he went on a Journey and is currently in Orre training.

Quality wanted: Trust

November 12th, 2005, 2:28 PM
OCC: just out of curiosity but...I guess we are gonna start when you get you 12 Rpers right?

November 12th, 2005, 2:38 PM
You are correct LusterKnight, when we have twelve on the dot.

November 12th, 2005, 3:29 PM
Name: Kanji Horutsa
Age: 16
Pokemon: Charizard Pichu Mr. Mime Haunter
Personality: He is smart and funny but stupid at times and has very little courage when danger arrives but hopes to slowly get it.
Occupation: Student at Kanto University
Appearence: he is 6'0, black hair (alot of hair), blue eyes,
History: His family was killed by a freak fire and has lived from orphage to orphange. He is also smart and has been accepted in Kanto University at a young age.
Quality wanted: Courage

MAR Heaven
November 12th, 2005, 3:43 PM
Hey I made my own Master Chief sprite so it could be my characters I made it myself so I only want complements :D http://www.freewebs.com/pokemonspriter/My%20Halo%20Sprite.PNG

Dream Illusionist
November 12th, 2005, 4:00 PM
Name: Melissa Fayth
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Marshtomp (Aqua), Purple coloured Swablu (if possible, if not, normal coloured) (Windy), Gardevoir (Queen), Espeon (Mystic), Starmie (Starlight).
Personality: She's quite introverted, and a bit of a show-off. She's quite intelligent, and is more dedicated to books than everything, however, very friendly with her Pokmons.
Occupation: Student
Appearence: She has long, brown hair, tall, thin and pale, and with green eyes. Normally uses a purple T-Shirt with her college's book club logo, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. Also wears glasses.
History: A girl from one of the richest families in the Pokworld. She doesn't like to talk about it though, because of an event that happened before (will be explained later in the story)... She attends the Balard College in Johto, an intern college for the rich families. She always hated the other girls, who only liked to play who's the richest... SO, because of this events, she fled to the books, where she can live a normal life. She finally got 16, so she can leave college during vacations to have a normal Pokemon trainer life, with her pokmons.
Quality wanted: Knowledge

November 12th, 2005, 4:07 PM
Name: Angel Demonte
Age: 16
Gender: male
Pokemon: Blaziken, Umbreon, garydos, tropius, pidgeot and Umbreon
Personality: quiet, doesn’t speak much.
Occupation: I am the apprentice of the best chef in kanto.
Appearence: http://users.bigpond.net.au/acey/images/fanart/elizabethk_ash.jpg
History: I was picked on by my parents and they eventually got what they deserved being killed in a car crash. I live by my self. And at school I am the quiet loner, the nobody. I have my pokemon and hope to become a great trainer and chef one day. I wear black and am photo phobic. Sun light hurts my eyes A LOT so I wear sunglasses. I keep 7 extra pairs in my bag in case I lose or break them. I will not let anyone get close to me.
Quality wanted: compassion.
Dictionary.com definition: Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.
Other: I am a very kind person and I understand other people’s pain more than they know. I am kind yet I live in dark places. I gave my self a new name after my parents died.

November 12th, 2005, 4:15 PM
Name-Juliyn Mirasu(she prefers to answer to the name,Ju.^^)

Personality-Ju is a very upright girl,being brought up in a wealthy family,surronded by servants and maids each day.She may be arrogant at times,but she will always try her best to help a friends in need.Another trait of the girl,is that she is extremely temperamental,anything could set her off at any given moment,but she is extremly passionate in whatever she does,she puts and cherishes every single thing she loves near her heart,never ever wanting to let go.

Occupation-Pokemon Coordinator

Appearance-Ju has long,dark blue hair which falls to mid-back and her eyes are of a soft,hazel color.She wears a green tanktop,accompanied with her long black jeans,reaching past her white trainers,almost touching the ground.The girl wears a red beret,pushed to the left side of her head and has a sling bag secured comfortably on one shoulder to match.

History-The girl grew up in a wealthy family,having maids and servants at her beck and call everytime she wanted something.But,they could never give it to her,what she wanted was much more than they could ever give her,she life,adventure.
As her 12th birthday dawned,the girl's parents finally agreed to let her go out into the world for she desired 'adventure' and to follow her,and make sure she was protected enough,a bubby Mudkip has assigned to the girl as she left the huge,dinky old manor she lived in.
Soon though,her trainer's journey became quite a bore,after training and training her pokemon,over and over again.Then,she saw her first contest in the Ventandurf Contest Hall,and has been a Coordinator ever since.

Quality wanted-Passion.

(I just,randomly noticed tha most people say that their RP chars were abandoned when they were young.^^''
Goshness,I was actually invited!!XD)

November 12th, 2005, 4:30 PM
Wow, I was invited to something ^^

Name: Kula

Age: 17

Gender: F

Pokemon: Shiny Minun (Myu), Dragonite (Tori), Quagsire (Wiki), Cleffa (Mori)

Personality: Kula is a carefree kind of girl. She can be arrogant at times and close-minded, but usually she's a fun type of girl. She's an easy friendmaker and a born leader. If one of her friends isn't in a good mood, she'd do her best to cheer them up. She is also one to hold a grudge.

Occupation: Assistant Pokemon Battle Coach at Rustboro School

Appearence: http://download.minitokyo.net:8001/view/94306.jpg

History: She's one that lives the high life. Her father owns the Pokeball Company in Lilycove, so she's one of the richest girls in the world. Her brother though who is part of Team Magma is the heir, so she won't need to take up the buisness. She doesn't like to brag about her money, but her overall carelessness and obliviousness to those who don't have as much as her is obvious. She is now in Rustboro, which she had graduated at an early age to become a Pokemon Battle teacher there. Hence, she is the assistant.

Quality wanted: Understanding (suits her better)

November 13th, 2005, 12:48 AM
OMG.. I'm actually invited too...

Name: Stephanie Heatherson

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Shelgon-Female(Stephy), Sneasal-Female(Sylvia), Pupitar-Male(Reizo)

Personality: She is a hard-working person who works very hard to achieve what she wish to achieve.. She’s also very optimistic who believes that nothing is impossible if you try..

Occupation: Student

Appearance: She has long brownish hair which is always tied up in a ponytail.. She dresses herself with a simple white t-shirt with a pair of light blue three quarter bermudas.. She always carries around a red sling bag… Her eyes are greenish blue..

History: She got separated with her parents when she was 7.. Just before she went to school.. A big typhoon blew her parents away to somewhere else leaving her and her Pokemon standing there not being able to do anything.. Lucky for her.. her parents left a large sum of money.. But the will states that she will only be able to get the money only when she fully turns 18.. She stays alone in the home she used to stay with her parents alone…

Quality wanted: Perseverance

There's on thing you all have ta' get used ta' meh about... The number of dots I use in every post..

November 13th, 2005, 2:56 AM
Hmm... well from my counting it looks like we have thirteen people o.o but anywho we should be starting soon, yes?

November 13th, 2005, 3:17 AM
occ: I was invited too.

Name:Amarezoth Azamir

Age: 20

Gender: male

Pokemon: Scyther (Razor), Raichu (Uziel), Persian (Sphinx), Alakazam (Galaga), Gengar (Shadow), Pichu (Kami)

Personality: A mysterious but also quirky former rocket member, who now searches the ultimate combat with the best challenge he can find. He normaly doesnt speak much, but he likes laughing and he is more a happy guy you imagines at first.

Occupation: Former Rocketmember

Appearence: Boots, Jeans, Longleaf, Vest, Visorcap and gloves. Everything in black, with red tribals and (of course) the rocket sign on his shoulders. He has an arm computer device (acd) on his left arm/hand which allows him the function of a pokedex, a map, a little computer terminal. He also has a shock weapon as a handgun. He wears cool sunglasses.

History: He was a trainer like others who started with him to the big journey of collecting pokemon and he wanted to go to the pokemon league. But he met a lot of corrupt and criminal poeple which showed him another way to reach his goals. He was just a kid, and so he followed the man with the red "R" and got on the wrong site of his path of life. He was a trained and successfully rocketmember who had no heart. But as he catched the pokemon he has now, they showed him a better path. Now he leaved the Rockets and he seeks the ultimate challence to proof his knowledge and strenght. He isnt as dark as he was ago, but he has a mysterious style.

Quality wanted: darkness

Dream Illusionist
November 13th, 2005, 6:06 AM
We're 14 now... This is becoming crowded...

November 13th, 2005, 8:08 AM
*blink* well, with 14 people, this RP will be rather hard to follow....

November 13th, 2005, 2:29 PM
OOC: Sorry, people I miss counted when I was only meaining to invite twelve, it became fourteen. *Guards self so I won't be hit* Sorry, but let's begin.
IC: I sat alone in my room staring outside. I saw a trainer with an Azumarill pass by my dorm room. I went into my desk and started fumbleing around the drawers until I found a pokeball.

"Well, good buddy, I think its time you and I head out." I said as I put away my pokeball with a couple of other things in a bagpack I found along the floor of my dorm room. "I hope my older brother does not mind me leaving without him. I mean this is my journey I have to make alone with my pokemon. It has appeared again and I believe I am the only one that can stop it. "The Being..." I began to think about what it truly is. "The Being, is something that is nameless and there is no way to stop it...unles I get all of the Remains." I picked up the rest of my pokeballs and ran out.

Dream Illusionist
November 13th, 2005, 2:38 PM
Melissa glanced at the road.
"It's a warm sunny day today...What do you say of making a picnic, Aqua?"
She looked at her male Marshtomp, who usually sitted outside the Pokball. He seemed to agree, as he shaked his head up and down.
She sat under a tree, protecting her from the intense sun rays. Aqua did the same.
She opened her picnic basket, and gave some food to Aqua, but she decided to read a while before eating. "The Being... I wonder what it is..."-She said to herself.
This was something the Marshtomp was used to, her companion tralking by herself, so he didn't make case of it and continued eating.

November 13th, 2005, 5:02 PM
Anu sat in a tree staring into the distance. A Chikorita was curled up in her lap. But she didn't seem to notice. She was deep in thought about something. Eventually she spoke. "Hey Chikorita, you awake?"

"Chi." Chikorita yawned in response.

"That's nice. I have a feeling you really don't want to hear about it again but you will anyway. The Being. I can't stop thinking about it. And the Remains."

Chikorita sighed. "Chi chikori."

"Because it's what I've been pestering you about for a while." She grinned. "But I didn't wake ya up for that alone. We need to get moving. And you're going to have to move ot my shoulder or I'll drop ya."

Chikorita muttered something but dragged herself onto Anu's shoulder. Anu then climbed out of the tree and allowd Chikorita to jump into her arms and go back to sleep before setting off.

November 13th, 2005, 5:25 PM
As I walked into my car I threw out a pokeball containging my Sneasel. I then threw my bag and pokeballs in the backseat. My Sneasel woke up as it appeared in a flash of light from my pokeball and strapped himself into the seat next to mine.

"Kaze, I think that we will be able to defeat The Being. I only wonder how exactly I will." I said to Kaze as he went into the glove compartment and pulled out cookies from himself.

"You kniow Kaze, when your trainer is talking yo you it would be polite to repond." Kaze gave a look thats said "Well, you woke me up, I deserve some food." I looked at Kaze and closed my eyes. "Of all the Sneasel in the world, I had to get Mr. Short-attention span. Oh well let's get ready to get ready to head out."

Kaze and I drove out to where we stop first to get the Remains...My father's house.

Mail Jeevas
November 13th, 2005, 5:40 PM
It was 6:00 Am. I was starting to wake up. When I open my eyes, the first thing I saw was my Absol staring at me.

"Absol" I said while standing up from the bed. "Get into your pokeball"

Absol started to walk towards me, showing its teeths.

"Absol, what's wrong with you?" I asked a little bit worried "Why are you acting like if I was a stranger?"

Absol opened his mouth. A black energy ball was beggining to appear inside his mouth.

"Absol, stop the attack!" I said scared.

Absol threw the Shadow Ball to the wall behind me. After the seeing that I wasn't hurt, I turned back to see what did Absol hit. After the smoke dissipated, I could see that a Misdreavus was inconscius laying on the ground.

"So you wanted to protect me against that Misdreavus?" I asked to Absol, he then nod.

After a few minutes, I got up from bed and changed my clothes. Today was a very special day. He was going to visit his Foster Mother, that was living a couple of miles away.

"Absol, get ready, we are heading out" I said as I put my overcoal over my shoulder.

November 13th, 2005, 6:10 PM
"Saia! Vulpix! Try harder than that! I know you can do it! You're just not trying at all!"

"Ms. Kula, that target is so far away! I really don't think Vul-"

"I'm not asking you to think about it! I'm telling you to do it! Everyone else could, and so can you." Kula brushed her bangs away from her eyes as she saw Saia ordering Vulpix on were to position herself to strike the scarecrow Charizard effectively. Though she looked fully focused on them, her mind wandered elsewhere...about The Being. She also began to think about the Remains....

"Mi-nuuu!" Myu her Minun, who was laying on her head, tapped it and reminded her her focus was supposed to be on Saia and Vulpix. She was finally going to have an opportunity to independently coach the Rustboro School Battle Team against other teams from around Hoenn. She had to make sure that Saia was 100% perfect, or else she would let down the school....and herself.

"Vulpix! Flamethrower!"

With a mighty wave of heat, the flames headed towards the imitation Charizard. It was a direct hit as the flames began to engulf the straw and the Charizard began to burn.

"HA! We did it!" Saia said happily, hugging his Vulpix who gave out a joyous growl.

Kula smiled and then winced as Myu began to jump atop her head, also happy. "Good job there, Saia. Next time we'll make the target 20 more meters away."

"Are you serious?!"

"No, I was just teasing, now go back to your dorm before it gets dark," She said as she ruffled his brown hair. When he had dissappeared, her mind began to wonder again...

November 13th, 2005, 7:46 PM
*Terresnce walked out of his final class for the day with his books in hand.He didnt really have much money for a real bookbag since he used his last paycheck to pay his mom for the loan she gave him.He bought a Raqui soft Jacket that was on sale.It was a ttainer excluisive,like on the clothes by the desinger pretty much were.It was black with sleves halkf the size they should be to be cosinder short sleves.It had whit shoulder pads as a design,a purple zipper and a special surpirse.On the inside back pocket was a serect pocket.It was made to keep traines things and since the jacket was loose fitting...It was easly acessable when the jacket was on.Terresnce had filled it with his camrea stuff aswell and a load of trainer stuff he thought he just "HAD" to bring around with him everywhere.Anyways...he walked of school with his head bowed.He was thinking out "The bieng" and the remains that had to be gotten.He knew he had to do something but knew it couldnt be alone.He looked up and noticed the light was about to change so he walked faster to the other side of the street.His Umbreon walked beside him and already knew what was wrong with his friend.Umbreon sighed and nodded its head as it walked faster.*

November 13th, 2005, 7:50 PM
Stephanie sighed as she opened the door... Upon stepping foot into the empty house which she lived in alone after she was seperated with her parents, she flung her sling bag on the floor and walked up to her room which is located on the second level..

She walked into her room and released her Pokemon.. "Okay.. Time for training.." She unlocked the door to another room which was linked to hers and said.. "Now.. Stephy.. you go first, Flamethrower!! " Stephy ran into the room and Flamethrower it was on the dummy puppets there and they were set to blaze.. Stephanie then withdrew Stephy and ordered Sylvia to use Icy Wind.. Sylvia's Icy Wind cooled the flames and put out the fire..

"Good job to all of you.." Stephanie praised

November 13th, 2005, 7:50 PM
Stephanie sighed as she opened the door... Upon stepping foot into the empty house which she lived in alone after she was seperated with her parents, she flung her sling bag on the floor and walked up to her room which is located on the second level..

She walked into her room and released her Pokemon.. "Okay.. Time for training.." She unlocked the door to another room which was linked to hers and said.. "Now.. Stephy.. you go first, Flamethrower!! " Stephy ran into the room and Flamethrower it was on the dummy puppets there and they were set to blaze.. Stephanie then withdrew Stephy and ordered Sylvia to use Icy Wind.. Sylvia's Icy Wind cooled the flames and put out the fire..

"Good job to all of you.." Stephanie praised

November 13th, 2005, 11:14 PM
Oh goshness,I'm so late!^^''

"Thank you!Thank you!"Ju took a deep bow before waving to the crowd.The judge of the Smart Contest smiled as he placed a green ribbon on her Gardevoir's chest.Gardehin proudly puffed his chest out,showing the gleaming ribbon to the spectators.

Juliyn Mirasu,Pokemon Trainer,Pokemon Coordinator.
The girl had just won another contest,slinging her red bag over her right shoulder,making sure that her beret was on her head,exited the contest hall with her Gardevoir beside her.

"Great job,Gardehin!Another contest won,again!"the girl took her Gardevoir's hand and gripped it tightly,she was always like that after a contest,brimming with joy.
Gardehin rolled his eyes,and sighed.At least one good thing came out from coordinating,his trainer wasn't as arrogant as before,but once in awhile,she'd show off her ribbons to any random stranger,which,wasn't all that appealing to the Gardevoir.
Storing the green ribbon into her case,Ju overheard the conversation of the two men beside her.

"Something---the Being!!!I saw it!"the two whispered franticlly to each other,before running out of the building.

"Oooh,I wonder what that's about?"the girl raised her head to see the men dashing off.Securing her bag as she and her Gardevoir stepped out of the contest building,taking in the wonderful scenery of Lilycove,along if er' fresh sea air.

"I'm itching for an adventure."Gardehin immediately froze on the spot.When had his trainer ever wanted an adventure?
Ju smiled cheekily,throwing four more pokeballs into the air.

"Swampert!!!Swampert..swarm!"(Oh yeah!!!Finally get to strech my fins!)a Swampert appeared beside the girl in a blinding flash of red light,streching both of his longs forearms.
A Swellow,Grumpig,and Beautifly followed,each calling out their own unique cry as they emerged from the squeezy interior of the pokeballs.

"Ah!!!"a passing woman screamed as Bebe spreaded his wings and lifted himself off the ground.

"Swellow..swellow?"(Well,what's her problem?)the Swellow settled himself in a comfortable position on Zuzu's back.

Ju sweatdropped,gesturing for her pokemon to come closer to her.

"I'm going to see what this...'Being' thing is all about!Maybe,you know,we could even help?"the girl and her pokemon huddled in a corner of street,making sure not to attract too much attention.
The pokemon exchanged looks of amazement and disbelief.Their trainer,actually wanted to go on a journey?

"Hey!Don't give me those looks!"she frowned.

"I don't know,but,there's something amiss,even if this is the first time I've heard about the Being...which,sort of.You know??Has a strange feeling to it."the girl expected her pokemon to understand.
Each shook their heads,sorry that they couldn't understand what their trainer was talking about,what feeling?

"Come on,I suddenly have an urge for excitment!For thrill!For adventure!"The girl laughed heartily and slapped Honhin and Vuvu,who were the closest to her,hard on the back.The Grumpig and Beautifly grimaced,as Ju dragged them and their teammates out to the main road leading out of Lilycove City.

"Its called a gut feeling,and its happens when --"the girl explained to her pokemon,her voice faded as they dissapeared down the old dirt road.Where new adventures were in store,and hopefully,something exciting!

November 14th, 2005, 8:59 AM
As I came upon the laboratory, I noticed that several cars were parked in front of it. Kaze seemed to recognize all of them due to the fact that one was Dad's and the rest were all of his colleagues, including Professor Garson, Proffesor Antreis, and Proffesor Fierte.

"Kaze, I suppose this means that he is having one of his famous parties we were never aloud to go to." Kaze steered at the cars with me as I said this. To understand Kaze I decided to read his mind.

"Fai, I don't think we should go in right now, maybe we should come back later when they are all gone." Kaze in his mind as I read it.

"Kaze, I agree, let's come back later around ten with big brother. I think that way we can get what we need from Dad." I said to Kaze as I started up the car again.

Suddenly, a man with a blonde beard, glasses and a labcoat appeared with an umbrella. "Kaze and my darling son Fai, come in. You are both old enought to come to my parties!" The man said.

"I guess Dad, finally thinks we are old enough."

November 14th, 2005, 10:05 AM
Ryder lay motionless on a small matress in an almost empty house where for the time being he called home.

Slowly lifting himself to an upright position he brushed his hair from his eyes and let out a slightly agitated sigh, 'how did i get myself dragged onto this' he thought to himself.

He dragged himself over to a small desk that sat in the darkened corner of the room and grabbed a belt with six small balls attached to it and flung them over his sholder "looks like we've got some work to do guys" he said as he hedded out of the door to the dorm room.

November 14th, 2005, 10:14 AM
occ: sry i am late, but i had to do something important! ^^

Amarezoth looked at the sky. It was clear and blue, and the wind blew him through his hair. He had to think about his last mission for Team Rocket. "huh... i think they got crazy.... the beeing... what a dizzy imagination of a ultimate pokemon. and they wanted to get it with.... remains? yeah, of course... i thought it was better to quit this team... what do you think Kami?" he asked his Pichu which was sitting in a tree, trying to catch an apple. "chuuu...." {I think you shouldnt think about this boring mission... how long do you think would be our journey if we did it? 3 Years?} "CHUUU!!!" the apple fell down on Amarezoths head. "Ouch! What do you think you are doing?" {Sorry man! But thank you for catching him...} the Pichu smiled.

"I think we should go... lets head to the next town. I think there is a pokelab too. Maybe we can break into it and steal some pokemon..." Amarezoth grinned. {Hey! I thought we arent Rocket Members anymore!?} "Huh? Cause i quited the Team, doesnt mean i am not evil!" Then the Pichu shocked him. "Piiii...."

Amarezoth smoked light. "Ok ok, we dont steal them, but lets go and have a look..." {Ok, but this was a warning. And i think you should just HAVE A LOOK. You know, you are wearing Rocket clothes...} With this words both went to the next city. Kami jumped on Amarezoth shoulder and eat the apple.

November 14th, 2005, 2:22 PM
'Hey Anu, where exactly are we going?'

"Not sure. I just have a hunch."

'What kind of hunch?'

"Well for some reason I get the feeling we should investigate the house where all the people are."


"Curiousity." Anu grinned.

'So it has nothing to do with The Being or the Remains?'

"No not really." The grin on Anu's face widened. "But hey, maybe they're all discussing the Remains and The Being and they'll be able to tell us everything we need to know about them."

'You're hopeless. You know that, right?'

"Course I do. But what's the fun of being hopeless if I can't have some fun?"

Chikorita sighed. 'Anumati...' But she couldn't think of anything to say. The two had wandered back into town and Anu had spotted a house with several cars parked in front of it and one pulling in. She could drive of course but didn't feel like it at the moment. There was also the small matter of the car she usually drove being used by her friend. So she was walking rather than enjoying the luxury of driving. Of course she could always ride Arcanine or Flygon, but she only did that for fun or when she was going somewhere that wasn't near enough to walk. And she didn't have the car.

'Anu, are you really going to eavesdrop on others conversation?'

"In normal cercumstances, I would. But when it's the matter of listening at doors that are unfamiliar, no of course not. I would much rather use my, erm, talent of good hearing, to listen in on conversations I think I could benefit from."

'So why are we going this way?'

"To explore of course. You know ever since I heard of The Being and the Remains I've been doing a lot of that."

'All too well Anu.' Chikorita sighed and jumped out of her arms. She stretched then began to walk along side her. "Might as well get some exercise if we're going to be doing the usual exploring.' The small grass type shot Anumati a quick look. 'Something's up.' She muttered. 'Care to spill it?'

"Nope." Was her simple reply.

Dream Illusionist
November 14th, 2005, 2:29 PM
Melissa now packed everything in the basket. SHe admired this basket a lot: It was made from pine, and had book adornations. It was... the only gift she ever got that she liked, not too richy-like.

"Well, Aqua, we should get moving.... It says here in this book that this The Being, or whatever it may be will only appear when twelve mythical items are found and gathered. So.. let's go find them!"-Melissa said,whilst grabbing the book and putting it in her so-called "Book Bag" and start walking.

The sun was shining in a light-yellowish tonality, and the sky was clear, with few clouds. It wasn't very windy, but a light breeze was in the air. Perfect day for a walk.
Melissa looked to her side, just to notice that Aqua had satayed behind, looking at her with a dodgy look.

"Oh, come on, Aqua! Whats the problem about this? I wanna know how this Being guy is! ARen't you curous?"

So, Aqua, eventually, was dragged along into this.

November 14th, 2005, 3:08 PM
*Terresnce streched his arms and put them behind his head.He yanwed and looked over to right and noticed his friend,Ema,trying to sneak up on him.She was going to try and scare him but got starlted when he turned at the moment she was about to pounce.He luaghed as she screamed and fell back into the alley she came from.She got up and pounted ready to hit Terresnce but noticed he didnt laugh as long as usally.He put on a serious face and sighed.She tilted her head and moved closer to him.He noticed her awared stare and felt uncomfortable.*

"What?!" He said ligting one eybrow
"Thats werid..." She siad look from side and side,studing Terresnce."
"What is?" He questioned, backing away from her.
"Well for one you didnt say something like "I know I'm good looking but you can stop looking at me now."Whats wrong?Something happen at school."
"Its...the b-its nothing."He said as he bowed his head to the side.
"Its the being huh?"She moved to side so that he could stop trying to hide."You plan on doing something about it?I can help ypou know..."
"Even if I did it wouldnt matter.I wouldnt now where to start to look for remains..."He sighed yet again and looked her in the eye.She was few inched taller the him.
"Well...You can start by going over to this place I heard it was spotted.I wasnt sure what it was but something happened about the being.IHeard about it a few minutes ago;I knew you would be like this so I was gonna make you do me a favor...like clean my room but...I knew you'ld want to know."
"Really?"He eyes lit up at her which made her blush.
"Er yea...besides...you probably dont even KNOW how to clean pokeball let alone my room.You might even burn it!...HEY!"

*Terresnce had started to ran off in the direction in which he came."
"Hey moron!I didnt even say where it was!Its a building behind the school..."
"Oh yea thanks! heh heh" he waved bye to her as she sighed.
"I hate crazy adventure people like you..."
"Well...then maybe you should get a new boyfriend because that happens to be my strong suit."He turned and started to snicker.Ema thought for a moment the blush vionelty.
"YOUR NOT MY GIRLFRIEND YOU...YOU...!GR!Come back here so I can finsh my insult!"

November 14th, 2005, 4:18 PM
"So, my son and his adorable Sneasel, what bring you to my humble abode? You ussually, you never come to my laboratory unless there is something seriously wrong. Why the last time you came, was to tell me when the highschool was destroyed due to kmy robot I had built."

"Father, Kaze and I have found out that the Being has been ressurected. I am not sure by who, but the other day during my History of the Ressiasance class, I had a vision and was unconsscious. I woke up in the infirmary and hour later. Mary had told me I had been screaming in class and I was taken there." I explained to my father in his study.

He got up and quicly fumbled throught a desk in which he took out a strange device. He then glared at me for a moment and went into the next room to speak to some guests.

"I am afraid I will have to end the party. My son has alerted me that there is a crisis that must be attended to at the college."

The guests quickly left the laboratory after the notice and piled into their cars. As I heard them leave, my father came to me and handed me the strange device which resembled a pocketwatch.

"What exactly is this device?" Kaze asked through communicating with his mind. "It looks like a normal watch. We really don't need to tell the time, we need the re..."

"Well Kaze, this is the device I built that can detect the Remains. See in my research one person per remain. Also, that means if, meaning if you are the chosen to possess one, this device will detect yours and yours alone. You can only posses one, so you have to seek out the others who possess the Remains."

November 14th, 2005, 4:28 PM
Chikorita looked up at Anu in slight annoyance. 'You going to tell me?'

"Tell you what?"

'Don't play dumb! Why are we so far from home?! Where are we going?'

"Long story." Anu replied simply. "But...I will tell you we won't be going home soon. I left a note with Kuni. She doesn't know where we're going but she knows we won't be home tonight."

Chikorita stared at her in silence. 'Alright...spill it. What is going on? Why aren't we going home?'

Anu shrugged. "Not sure. I just know I need to look for something."

'Real helpful. Well at least tell me why we're walking.'

"Exercise. Besides, I intend to ride Arcanine tomorrow. We'll find a place to stay tonight then get an early start tomorrow morning."

'But Anu....I don't get it. You wouldn't leave just because you felt you had to look for something. You wouldn't. Why don't you tell me what's going on inside that confused head of yours.'

"Long story. But I had this...weird dream or something. Now enough questions. We'll be in town soon so we'll be able to get a place to stay. I just hope we have enough money saved up." And that was all she would say.

November 14th, 2005, 4:44 PM
"So, now that we know what to do, let's go and find those Remains...Well my reamin and the people others belong...Oh forget it!" I said as I hopped into my car and with Kaze.

"I think we should just look for our Remin right now, Fai. I mean we can't just go around and assume that anyone is chosen. I mean did your dad mention anything about tracking people?" Kaze asked as he looked out the strom drenched window.

"Kaze, you were there. You know as much about the watch as I do. He saiod it tracks remains. I don't think I can just point it to something and it tells me. It activates on its own. Maybe if we just look for others it may get easier."

Suddenly, as we were drving we noticed a girl and her Chickorita talking.

"Hello, Miss, um i was wondering. Do you know how to get to Appero Town?" I asked her as I came out of the car with Kaze.

November 14th, 2005, 4:53 PM
Anu looked around and thought for a moment. Then she shook her head. "Sorry no." She glanced at Chikorita. Having once been a wild Pokemon she sometimes knew locations better than she did.

'No clue.'

Anu looked back up at the guy and shrugged. "I'm new to this area. Sorry we couldn't be any help. But can you point us to the nearest town?"

November 14th, 2005, 5:17 PM
"Actually the nearest down is two miles down that way. I can give you a ride, if you want. I need to get there my self to the the re..."

Kaze had put his claw around my mouth to shut me up.

"Fai, we can't tell everyone about The Remans. If they find out they will think we are crazy or they will take our watch. I think we should give them the ride then head on to the town after the next."

I nodded and smiled to the girl as I put the watch I was about to show her back in my pocket.

"So, would, you like the ride?"

November 14th, 2005, 5:21 PM
Anu glanced at Chikorita. What did she have to lose? "Sure. I appriciate it. I was trying not to use my Pokemon if I didn't have to."

'Hey uh that Absol....I think they might know something.....'

Anu gave her a quick look but didn't respond. Instead she smiled and said, "Yes that was rude of me. I haven't introduced myself. My name is Anumati." She got into the passenger seat and let Chikorita settle into her lap. She looked over at the guy and considered him. She was curious about what Chikorita had said. Did he really know something about the Being or the Remains?

November 14th, 2005, 5:34 PM
I stopped the car and looked at the Remains as did Kaze.

"Apparently, my Sneasel was wrong in judging when he thoguth you would think I would be crazy for describing the Reamins to a random person. Yes, we are searching for the Remains and We plan to destroy thee Being forever his time. I am Fai Takahashi of the Meherio University. I am a college student that is searching for the Reminas with My Sneasel and my other pokemon."

Kaze pulled my watch out of my pocket and put it in the girl's hand.

"Fai, tell her about the watch and what it can do. I think that if we search together for The Remains, we can all get what we need."

"This watch can track Remains for a person that is holding it. It has not reacted at all, but all I know if that only one prson can have a certain reamin based on a quality that person posesses, I hope I can find mine soon"

November 14th, 2005, 5:42 PM
Anu blinked. She listened to what Fai Takahashi said then looked at the watch. "Odd." She said finally. "How did you get this watch?"

'If the Remains can only be found by the person who is supposed to find them, how will the others be found?'

"Good question. There must be more than two Remains. How will we locate the others who can find them? No doubt we will need all of them to defeat The Being. But if the Remains are no where around...then simply allowing some one to hold this watch will do no good."

November 14th, 2005, 5:52 PM
Kaze began to communicate with the Chikorita.

"Well, apparently, the watch will react when the person who is suppose to have the Reamin is near it and is holdong it. The watch was developed by Proffesor Takahashi, my father. He is the guy that developed those theories on capturing legendary pokemon and he designed the new pokedex. Anyway, he wants me and Kaze here to find all the Remins and the people they belong to"

"Fai, now that they know all about what we have to do, we have to find the others then find the Remains. Hey I wonder what qualities are needed to become a chosen. I mean the individual ones. I wonder what yours it, Fai?" Kaze said to me through our minds.

November 15th, 2005, 12:37 AM
"Ooohh,how far have we walked??"Ju whined,hugging her stomach with one hand,the other over her Swampert's neck for support.The girl was not built for long distance traveling.
They had been wlaking for days and days,not even knowing whether they were still in the Hoenn Region or not.

Ju frowned and looked up,seeing that a boy and girl where talking to each other infront of a huge building,the boy had a Sneasel,while the girl was accompanied by a Chikorita.
She and her pokemon ducked behind a nearby wall,listening in to their conversation.

"Could they know something about the Remains and the Being??"Ju wondered,as the boy offered the girl with a Chikorita a lift to the next town.

Gardehin nodded his head,sensing the feelings of the Sneasel.Yes,they definately knew something about the Being.

"Eh?They do?Then,we'd better follow them!"the girl exclaimed,withdrawing all her pokemon except for her Swellow as the boy started his car.

"Come on,Bebe!Follow that car!"the girl got onto the Swellow's back and pointed to Kaze's car.

November 15th, 2005, 9:54 AM
The blinding sun shone brightly hindering Ryder's eyesite slightly but still he strolled along the pathway attaching the belt around his waist then pulling his jet black shirt over it.

Placing his hands in his pockets he continued up the dusty pathway towards a study area where he liked to waste away the days, he began to think to himself 'looks like i'll have to seek out companions... thats just great, but if im to defeat the being, i know that i'll need help my pokemon's strength alone is not enough' he let out another sigh and walked on.

Upon reaching his destination he saw the tranquil stream that he was now acustom to seeing from day to day, he found his way across and lay on the grass on the other side, once again he found himself in thought 'so where should i start, i hardly know anything about the being, all i know is that its back and needs to be stopped'. Just then a cry of a Swellow passing overhead drew his attention, as it got into the distance he saw a girl riding it and the seemed to be following a car.

"This should be interesting" he said raising to his feet and brushing himself off, detaching one of the small red and white balls from his belt he pushed the small button situated in the center it expanded in size, "pokeball go!" he called as he threw it into the air.

With a flash of light a large green creature emerged and stretched its wings and arms. Climbing onto the large dragons back Ryder exclaimed "Flygon, you know the drill, lets go!" With a few beats of its large wings they were airborn and on the trail of the Swellow

November 15th, 2005, 10:10 AM
Kaze looked at the window and began to get into a battle position.

"Kaze, what is wrong? I mean who are you getting ready to battle? We are o a trip to the next town now that the rain has finally stopped. We need to make good time.

"Well I would not be in a battle posititon if those people behind us were not following us. Look a girl on a Swellow and a Boy on a Flygon. I figure I can knock each one downwith a well place Ice Beam or Icy Wind." Kaze said to me telepacthically.

"Kaze, let's play it by ear."

November 15th, 2005, 12:49 PM
"Eh?"Ju noticed that a boy on his Flygon was following her.An ally or enemy?Bebe had finally come to a stop in mid-air,letting out a cry,using one wing to point at the boy looking out of the window.He had found out about her,his Sneasal in a battle stance,getting ready to attack her and the boy on the Flygon.

"Bebe,dogde whatever attacks they throw at us!"the girl whispered to her Swellow.

"Hey!What's your problem!!!I only want to find out about the Being!"the girl shouted at both the boys,getting angry at their behaviour.

November 15th, 2005, 1:05 PM
Shocked by what he just heard Ryder ordered his Flygon to decend and slow down. 'I may as well watch their reactions before i get myself involved with these people' he thought to himself.

Getting lower to the ground he peered into the car and saw a Sneasel standing in what looked to be a battle stance, and a girl with a Chikorita. "Flygon lets drop out of view for a while, i want to analize there actions" decreasing in speed Ryder jumped off his Flygon and watched on in fasination, while the large dragon beated its wings above him

November 15th, 2005, 1:15 PM
"Alright this is the last time i listen to her...I got there 3 hours after anything happened and the people were no help.Hmhmhm...maybe I just shouldnt get involved."

*As Terresnce finshed this sentence,he saw a car passby with a swellow following it and a flygon after that.The flygon slow down and went out of his sight but the swellow remained.It remained him of the swellow he had but traded for a ninjask.The car sped by Terresnce as a small grin crossed his face.*

"Well,I could follow them,it would be nice to see what happens.And I can also...heh heh..."

*Terresnce threw a great ball from his back jacket pocket and it relesed his ninjask.He started to power walk in the direction of the car.*

"Hey,use mind reader to keep a lock-on on the car."

November 15th, 2005, 1:16 PM
"Ms. Ruki, let's just keep going with our pokemon. I have a freeling they want something for us. I choose you Gary!"

I through my pokeball into an opening into the trunk and burrted out was my Blastoise in a battle position.

"Gary say on top of the trunk and Ice Beam that Flygon and the Swellow as well! Then go back into the trunk." I said as I floored the wheel.

"Fai, I am not sure if we should be attacking right now. The watch is reacting to the fact that you are holding it and it is pointing forward!"

November 15th, 2005, 1:32 PM
Ju grinded her teeth in agitation as she and her Swellow dogded the multiple Ice Beams from the Blastoise owned by the boy.

"I never hurt you!Heck,I never hurt anybody,why're you attacking me?"Ju demanded to know,she and Bebe dived down so that they were at level with the boy.

"What is your problem?"she stared coldy at him.Her Swellow followed her,staring with disgust at the Blastoise.

November 15th, 2005, 1:32 PM
Watching a beam of blue light come from the Blastoise's mouth and hit the hovering Flygon, Ryder was angered that his Pokemon was defeated so easily "Flygon return" he said as he pulled out its pokeball and pointed at the now frozen dragon.

"No one should be able to take my pokemon out that easily" he exclaimed "Go Donphan, take that car out with your Rollout attack" an elephant like pokemon emerged with another flash of light. Jumping into the air it curled up and span with tremendous speed, heading towards the car it nicked one of the tires causing it to burst.

Eventually the car came to a halt, feeling pleased with himself Ryder began to casually stroll towards the car.

November 15th, 2005, 1:45 PM
Anu's eyes narrowed. Before Fai could do anything she opened the door and hopped out. "That was unnecessary! You attacked us first!" She shouted angrily. She pulled a Pokeball off her waste and tossed it into the air. A Flygon appeared and stared down at the boy coldly.

'I'm here if you need any more help Anu.'

"I'm counting on it." Anu smiled and turned back to the boy. "You should have just asked to battle rather than attack a moving vehicle. What if we had crashed? Well I doubt you care very much." She glanced back at the watch Fai was holding. It was reacting. She blinked but knew that now wasn't the time. Her eyes were still narrowed in dislike as she turned back to the boy who had attacked. She waited for him to do something.

November 15th, 2005, 1:49 PM
I came out of the car and took out several papers and handed them to the girl and the boy.

"You each owe me seven hundred thousand poke-dollars, this was the new Pikanexus TX_KIL09, that was just release from Holland! I paid more then you will ever know. By the way Girl on Swellow, you were following us. On this route there are thousands of theives, I would expect if two people are following us are trying to steal from us. What was I suppose to do? You both look horribly suspicous. Oh and I want the money now or your pokemon will be collateral!"

"Fai, the guy with the Flygon looks like he has alot of money, let's bill him more for the car, since he probably has more." Kaze said examining the man.

"So, how will you both be paying?"

November 15th, 2005, 1:49 PM
"Oh cool know i get to watch."

*Terresnce waved for ninjask to drop his guard.The bug flew over and rest near Terresnce's shoulder.He put his hands iin his pockets and walked over to the car causally.He yanwed and streched for a minute but then conited to watch over what was going on.*

November 15th, 2005, 1:52 PM
"Attacked you first?" Ryder exclaimed, i was mearly following for the fun of it, i dont recall attacking at all, if your little friend there didnt attack my Flygon then we wouldnt be in this predicament now would we?" he finished as he came to a halt next to his Donphan and petted it.

"But, if its a fight you want, you've come to the right place little missy" he bellowed while giving her an icy stare

November 15th, 2005, 1:56 PM
"No fighting, Boy on Flygon! First pay girl and boy whose very expensive car you destroyed! I mean we are just going to the next town. I would think you would attack with your Flygon if I was following your car with your Swellow-girl cohort! The point is you owe us money."

Kaze started to yell at the Flygon and Gary came out of his ball and started to argue with Kaze.

"You and your master detroyed our car, we want our money paid in full tis very second, sir! I mean we would not have atacked you if you did not follow us!"

November 15th, 2005, 1:59 PM
Anu smirked while Fai spoke. Chikorita simply began laughing. Neither of them had thought about how much damage had been done to the car. Well double punishment didn't seem too bad. She watched the boy and smirk did not leave her face as he tried to defend himself. "You were following us." She said simply. "Does the term stalker come to mind? Well perhaps not. If you think you were just in your actions then you are very much mistaken. Collateral damage and putting others lives in danger because YOU were following us."

Chikorita stopped laughing and looked up at the boy grinning. 'He's a moron isn't he?'

"Yes he is Chikorita. I'm not after a battle. I released Flygon in defense. However I won't turn down a challenge." Her smirk vanished and was replaced by a look of intense dislike. "Your move."

November 15th, 2005, 2:01 PM
Ryder turned his attention to the boy who began addresing him about damage payments. "Your kidding right?" he asked with a tint of disbelief in his voice.

"I dont have time for this, ive got better things to do than argue about a petty tyre theres a world that needs saving, come Donphan were leaving" he coldly stated as he abruptly turned his back and headed back in the direction in which he came.

November 15th, 2005, 2:12 PM
"Anu, let's get him and get our money! You are not escaping that easily! I choose you, Taiki and Kuro!"

I threw two pokeballs and my Flygon and My Arcanine came out and startted to chase the man who destroyed our car as well.

"Kaze, jump on Taiki and I will jump on top of Kuro. Anu, do you have any pokemon you could ride?" I said as Kaze and I mounted each of my pokemon.

November 15th, 2005, 2:16 PM
"Yes." Anu replied simply. She climbed onto Flygon's back and let Chikorita jump to her lap. "He couldn't save the world if he was the last one with arms and legs." She looked at Fai. "Let's go." Flygon rose into the air and began to fly swiftly after the boy.

'That guy's a real jerk. I agree with you about not being able to save the world. What a load of dung. Lame excuse to try and get away.'

"My thoughts exactly."

'I could hit him with DragonBreath. Can I?'

"No Flygon. Not yet. There's time for that after he pays Fai for the damage he did."

November 15th, 2005, 2:23 PM
"Kuro, I think we should use a Flamethrower then Kaze use an Ice Beam. Finally, I want Taiki to use a Dragon Claw on Donphan!"

My pokemon executed thier moves until we heaed off the man with the Donphan and the Flygon.

"Now, unless you want a problem, I suggest you pay Anu and I our money back as well as tell us what you know about the Being. I knwo you know something."

November 15th, 2005, 2:25 PM
OoC: Akio just so you know, Flygon is frozen and in his pokeball XD
IC:Walking on trying to laugh off the incident he heard the voices in the background including the words "lets go" immidiatly he thought they were after him, and he was right. Turning around he saw them both charging towards him on various pokemon.

"Crap, just what i need" he said shaking his head "Camerupt go! Donhan you too, now lets settle this" he finished clenching his fists

November 15th, 2005, 2:33 PM
"Hey!That sucks they moved!I'm missing the action!Ninjask return."

*Terresnce walked over to the three trainers and there pokemon.His Umbreon blinked and decded that things were ginna get sticky.He stood posed to protect Terresnce.Terresnce on the other hand,was on the brink of getting discovered.He didnt really care much though,they seemed to be interented in each other instead of him.*

November 15th, 2005, 3:35 PM
"Flygon you can use DragonBreath now."

'Great.' Flygon opened his mouth and fired a blast of green at Camerupt.

"Chikorita use Razor Leaf on Donphan."

'No problem.' Chikorita nodded and flicked her leaf so that many razor sharp leaves were released. The blade shot at Donphan in a scattered line.

"Be ready you two. I'm not worried about either of you getting too badly hurt but with me on your back you may not be able to move as fast usual. But hopefully all the flying we've done has helped."

November 15th, 2005, 6:00 PM
"I will let Anu handle you I guess. However, if she beats you, you pay our car in full. Also, you give us any information on thee Remains." I said as I put my pokemon away.

"I bet this guy does not have the money to pay for our car." Kaze said as he looked at all the damages.

"I better get out out bag of things I packed for our long journey. Hopefully, he did not destroy our things as well. I mean good thing the pocketwatch...wait, Kaze, the pocketwatch is reacting to that tree over there. Let's go check it out."

Kaze and I went over to the tree and poiinted the pocketwatch at it. It started to glow and the tree began to glow a bright blue light to me as I came closer.

"Kaze, quick Ice Beam the tree, I think we found my Remain right here!"

"You got it! Ice Beam!" Kaze said to me as he shot a beam out of his claw.

Out of the tree came a very looking pendant with a scythe at the end that was embebed in a sapphire that was shaped like a teardrop.

November 15th, 2005, 6:12 PM
"You expect me to pay?I didn't even attack you in the first place!"Ju called out after the boy and girl as they flew after the boy whose Flygon had been frozen by the Blastoise's Ice Beam attack.

She sighed as her Swellow flew after them.
As the girl ordered a Dragonbreath from her Flygon onto the boy's Camerupt,and Razor leaf from her Chikorita,Ju and Bebe immediately got inbetween both attacks.

"Gardehin!Psychic!"she ordered,throwing a pokeball into the air.Her Gardevoir appeared in a red flash of light,using his Psychic attack on the green flames and razor shrp blades of the leaves.The flames instantely dissapeared,while the leaves fell onto the pavement of the street they were battling on.
Ju dismounted off Bebe and withdrew her Gardevoir and Swellow.Raising her hands into the air,she stared at the three pokemon trainers.

"I'm just here to help,I'm not here to partake in this useless battle.I even withdrew my pokemon."she stated,taking out her wallet.

"Is this enough?"she ran towards the boy,who seemed to have found a pendant like thingy and thrusted the required amount of money into the his hands.

"I hate this senseless battling,all over a car and misunderstanding."the girl scowled,clearly unhappy about the events that had just taken place.

November 15th, 2005, 6:16 PM
"Hmhmhmh...could it be?"

*Terresnce walked over to the tree and looked at what was beleved to be a remain.He sratched his head and step closer to it.He bent over and looked at it more carefully.*

"I would have thought the remains to be more...well bigger."

November 15th, 2005, 6:48 PM
"Thanks for the money, I am Fai. Anyway, this is the remain alright. I guess that means you guys will be joining us? Well I guess this means wee will have to walk to the dealership in the next town, we can buy a new car there. Right now, Anu, When you finish the battle, you get the pocketwtch next since the pendant, sems to be mines." I said as I got the pendand around my neck.

"Fai, the pendant is nice, but it isn't reacting at all to you. Maybe you should figure out what quality it represents to make it react." Kaze said telepathically as he examined the pendant.

"I agree, Boy on Flygon, please pay us now. We have to go. Our new friends, Anu, and I have to go to the next town and we would appreciate our money that is due." I yelled over to the battle.

November 15th, 2005, 6:56 PM
"Right..'Ju sweatdropped as the boy named Fai took her money,without even saying a 'thank you'.

"I'm Juliyn,but you can call me Ju.And yes,if you're looking for the Beingf and the Remains,it won't hurt for me to join you and...Anu right?"the girl bowed to the three trainers,feeling a great deal better,now that they had settled their differences.

"This is a Remain??"the girl looked at the pendant on Fai's neck,as he shouted for the boy with a Donphan and Camerupt to pay him.

November 15th, 2005, 6:57 PM
"Hmhmhm...i would if I'll ever get one of those..."

*Umbreon walked over as Terresnce sat on th ground and looked over the girl next to him.He had used a gardevoir that appeared to be male.He too had one but female and hasnt been let out of her pokeball in ages.She recenltly evloved and would have constant mood swings.She was better the last time he used her,it was a battle againist ema,but he didnt want to over do it.He cluthd her white pokeball and stood up firmly.*

November 15th, 2005, 7:15 PM
"Sorry, ms Ju. I did not say thank you, but I am. I hope we can get all the Remains. I mean hopefully we are all chosen here. I mean I only know I am, I have no idea how to even activate this thing." I said as I put my hand to shake Ju's.

"Fai, what about the boy that is sitting on the ground next to Ju. We should find out his name as well." Kaze said to me as he looked at Ju with an adorable smile.

"Yes, um boy on ground, what is your name. I am Fai Takahashi, I go to the college in the town south of here. Anyway, I guess we are all here to get Remains."

November 15th, 2005, 7:20 PM
"Heh heh boy on the ground...y names Terresnce Mange.I go to...some school i forgot the name.Sorry its a longer one but I just refer to it was SBJL.Um nice to meet you Mr. Fai."

*Terresnce looked around and sighed.He felt umbreon nudge his leg and return him back to focus.*

"Yea,I wanna find the remains aswell as stop the being.I dont know why but,I just feel like i have to.Werid huh?

November 15th, 2005, 7:26 PM
"No worries."Ju said,returning Fai's gesture by shaking the hand he held out.She then proceeded to pet Kaze on the head as he smiled at her.

"So,the name's Terence."the girl turned to the boy standing beside her,who had an Umbreon with him.

"Right,if we're going on a journey or something,you won't mind if I let my pokemon out will you?They get kinda bored cooped up in their pokeballs."Ju threw her five pokeballs into the air.
Zuzu yawned and scratched his head with one of his huge arms,taking in the surrondings.Honhin stood firmly and folded her arms,taking note of the trainers and their pokemon.The girl's Beautifly and Swellow hovered above her,while Gardehin noticed the boy beside his trainer,and the pokeball he was holding,a thought appeared in his head,it was a thought of family.Could he have had a Gardevoir with him as well?

November 15th, 2005, 7:33 PM
"I do to. He came to me in a dream saying he is coming for me. I want to stop him to not only save the world, but to stop whatever he wants from me. I am kind of afraid, since I don't even know where he is and who ressurected him. Anyway, I guess this means that we all want the same thing Terrence. Anyway, I guess when those two are done we will have to hop on foot till we can get a new car." I said as I sat on the ground with kaze next to me.

"Fai, I bet they are chosen. Terrence said himself he feels he needs to. That means he is connected to one. I kniow atleast Terrence is and I bet Ju is too. I know Anu is since, I felt she has a good power to her. The point is they are chosen and we need them to find their Remains or we can't stop the Being." Kaze said while lying down in my lap and I threw out my pokemon out of there pokeballs other then one.

"Kaze, you are righ, Terrence and Ju, you guys must be chosen like me and Anu are. I guess this means we have to travel together to get the Remains."

We all watched the battle as we contemplated about the Remains and The Being. Suddenly, a man in a white lab coat appeared looking at us and our Remain.

"Ju, Terry, that guy over there is stalking us. Get ready for a battle." I said to my friends as I pulled out a pokeball.

November 15th, 2005, 7:44 PM
"I'm a chosen one??"the girl pointed yp herself in disbelief hearing what Fai was saying to his Sneasal.
The girl looked at her pokemon for encouragement or ideas on what she should do.Was Fai really a loon or something?How could she be a Chosen one?Gardehin gripped his trainer hard on the shoulder,shaking his head to reassure the girl.

"You are a Chosen one,Ju."he told her telepathecally.

"A battle?"the girl snapped back to the present as Fai told her someone was stalking them.

"I don't battle,sorry."the girl said indignantly,folding her hands and eyeing the 'stalker' with one of her death-stares.

November 15th, 2005, 7:53 PM
"Ah, so you are a co-ordinator then? I see you were in a contest before we met you. Anyway, like you I can communicate with my pokemon telepathically. Kaze, also can transmit his thoughts through me. He uses me as a puppet if you will sometimes. I have had these powers for awhile and apparently Kaze was a Sneasel that could. Anyway, that is how he tells me something. Most people only know of the Remains, but not of the Being, infact my brother and I thought we were the only people that have heard of him and know he was ressurected. If you know about him, you must be a chosen."

Kaze nodded his head and put his claw on my arm.

"I am now going to speak to you through Fai. I can tell your a chosen, since also you seem to be a powerful co-ordinator. I see you have much power yourself. Fai, can see the future and talk to me and I can talk to him and through him. As you can see, he was chosen, and due to his theory, you must be chosen since you know of the Being as well."

The man in the lab coat crept closer and throughn a pokeball.

"I choose you, Muk, get that Remain, so that master will live forever! I will not let master be destroyed. We of the Crusix will never let that happen. Master will live forever."

November 15th, 2005, 7:56 PM
"Huh?You dont battle?What is that suppose to mean?...Stalker huh?"

*Terresnce cluthed his white pokeball and decided that it was time to see what he was talking about.He sighed and threw the pokeball in the air.*


*The pokeball spun around and released his gardevior.Her dress end was slight ripped and she seemed to look pretty rough and scruffy after never being left out of its pokeball in a while.She kept her eyes closed and started to strech out a bit.*

"Um...you ok Ladea?"

November 15th, 2005, 8:03 PM
"What it means Terry is-"the girl started talking slowly,as if she was trying to explain it to a Slowpoke.

"I,no,like,battling,so,I,don't,battle."she was being arrogant,again.Her Gardevoir would've stopped and asked her to apologise but as the boy released his own Gardevoir,Gardehin turned around and tilted his head.

"Gardevoir....Gardevoir...garde?"(So,you're name's Ladea eh?)he asked the Gardevoir with interest.

November 15th, 2005, 8:08 PM
"(Yea I guess thats what he named my now.It used to be Lade but that was when I was a kirlia,you would be?)"


*Gardevior opened her eyes and looked around.The light of the sun was slight in her eye and she could feel the wind in her loose and slight messy hair.*

"Ladea,use psychic on the that muk!er please?"

Mail Jeevas
November 15th, 2005, 8:42 PM
OCC: Chris, would you please put me on date, puh leasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee?

ICC: I walked rather quickly to catch the plain that was going to take me to Aria's home (She is my foster mother). Now I had all my pokemons in their respective pokeballs and I was ready to see her after 5 years of being at a thousand of miles away from my so called home.

"This is it" I said as I took a pokeball from my belt. "Get out Absol"

Absol came out from its pokeball with a shinning light that surrounded him. After he became counscious that he was outside, he looked around him.

"Hey, I want to ask you a favor" I said as I kneeled to my Absol. "Please, I beg you, try to behave well, because Aria doesn't like pokemons as I do, so if she sees you doing simething bad, she will take you outside, and I don't want that to happen"

Absol nodded, as he started to walk by my side towards Aria's house. I rang the bell and waited a bit. After 5 minutes, Aria came out and said:

"Ohhhhh Rey! You finnally arrived. And you are so tall!"
"Mom, please, not while my absol is here..." I said as my face was red as a tomatoe.

After a few hugs and kisses, she drove me and my Absol inside.

"huh? Who is this lovely thing?" She asked me when she finnally saw Absol.
"He's my new pokemon, Absol. He's very loyal and he won't do anything bad, he obeys me a lot and I asked to stay sit" I replied. "But... Since when you have a liking for pokemons?" I asked.

"Well, when you left the house, I was pretty sad and worried about you. After a few weeks, an Eevee entered the backyard and then entered to the house. I was sleeping by then when this lovely thing jumped in front of me" She answered. "It was lovely and since then I have a passion for Pokemons"

"But if you had an Eevee, where is him right now?" I asked a little bit worried

"Richard! Come here boy" she called. Some seconds later a beautiful Espeon came running towards Aria "here it is, my little Richard" as he showed it to me.
It was a little, lovely Espeon that had a strange color on his fur. "Do you know that this is a very special pokemon?" I asked her.

"Oh yes it is, its mine" She replied, thinking that I asked her if she aprecciated that Espeon. "No, I mean, have you ever seen another Espeon?"
I asked her. "Hmmm... No, not really"

"Here" I said as I handed over a pokemon book, with a picture of an Espeon. "This is a normal Espeon" I explained to her. "The normal color of an Espeon is light purple"

"But why mine has different colors? Does he have a dissease?" She asked very worried about her Espeon.

"No, he's a 'Shiny' Pokemon" I said to her "A shiny pokemon is a special pokemon that has enhanced abilities and is very rare. Also an Eevee is rare by itself, but a Shiny Espeon is three times rarer"

"Ohh So that's why you said 'Special'. Well son, we have a lot to chat about"

After a few hours, we told everything we had to to each other and we were a family, once again.

November 16th, 2005, 10:48 AM
OoC: ok guys im really confused by some of the latest posts, so if anyone has an idea of whats going on i would appreciate an explination XD

Dream Illusionist
November 16th, 2005, 11:07 AM
OOC: Sorry for the while now :P

IC: As Melissa and Aqua were walking around town, looking for any clue of any kind, as she said, for the Remains. She had read in her book that one was lying in the outskirts of this same town, so she thought she'd look for clues there...

As she was walking in the streets...

"Ladea,use psychic on the that muk! er please?"

There seemed tobe a commotion further ahead. She wasn't the one to mess in, until she passed by a car, and when she accidentaly looked inside...

"IT'S A REMAIN!!!"-She shouted, whilst looking at the shining object at the seat of that car. She had studied them quite a bit, so she knew how to distinguish them. "You see Aqua, now we're one step closer to finding the Being..."
Aqua sighed.

November 16th, 2005, 1:12 PM
Wait,Yami,let me think-
It looks like Anu and Ryder are going to have a battle.Ju,Terence and Fai have introduced themselves to one another,Fai found an inactive Remain and doesn't know how to 'activate' it.And Ju and Fai let their pokemon out for a strech.
(Terry also has a rather beat-up Gardevoir,which just evolved from a Kirlia,me thinks that Gardehin might be interested.o.O)
Fai then noticed that there was a guy in a white lab coat stalking them.And asked the trainers to get ready for battle!^^

November 16th, 2005, 4:56 PM
OOC: Yep, that is going on, and Gonzo, what are you talking about?
IC: "I choose, Mega!"

My Meganium appeared from the pokeball in a flash and looked at where I pointed.

"Mega, attack that man over there, he is stalking us. I think we should use a Sunny Day to blind him them follow up with a Solar Beam!"

Mega attacked the man's Muk with Gardevoir's pyschic attack combined.

"Well, I think that my master will be pleased to know that one Remain was found, and then the rest will be his. We off Crusix are not chosen, but we will find the rest of the chosen and take them under our wing. Once they are, the master will live forever!" The man sad as he returned his Muk and ran off.

"I wonder what that was all about. I guess the man was working for someone who doesn't want us to find the Reamains...

November 16th, 2005, 5:45 PM

Oh,and now,not to confuse you all or anything,but my poke' talk shall be in these {} bracket thingys.^^


Ju sighed and rolled her eyes in a lazy manner,she stood behind Fai as he released his Meganuim,not very excited.It could even be boring if you took out the fact that there was a stalker after them.
Out of boredom,the girl absent-mindely took out one ribbon from her case and pinned onto her shirt,it was the first ribbon she had ever won in a contest with her Swampert.
She smiled,oblivious to the events around her as Fai's Meganium Solarbeamed the Muk.Thinking b ack when she first started off as a lowly Beginning Coordinator.
But,what the man in the lab coat said seemed to snap the girl out of her thoughts.

"We of the wha-...?"she repeated as the man ran off with his Muk in tow.Ju folded her arms and frowned,what was the man trying to get at?
"The Crusix."she muttered.

{I'm Gardehin,very nice to meet you.}Ju's Gardevoir smiled inwardly as he took a deep bow in a dignified manner.

{It is such a pleasure to see another kin,I rarely see Gardevoirs these days.}he told Ladae.

"Its a Remain!"

Ju lifted her head to a girl's shout,noticing that a tall girl with long brown hair and a Marshtomp were standing near Fai's beat up car.

"Hey!What're you doing??"she demanded,rushing over to the girl.

November 16th, 2005, 6:10 PM
"I thought you said you hated to battle, Ju. Wouldn't you be battling if you go up to a girl his is looking through the car?" I said as I watched Ju move closer to the car.

"I sense this girl is not with us, but maybe with Crusix. I wonder who they are an d what they want. Also, who is this "master?" Who ever he is he must be powerful if he knows bout chosen, maybe he is a chosen." Kaze said as he ran after me and Ju.

"Kaze, we both know that anyone from"Crusix" is not a friend, but an enemy. I bet they know who the chosen are and how to activate Remains. I bet they are setting a trap for us."

November 16th, 2005, 6:34 PM
"Who said anything about pokemon battling??"the girl corrected him.Staring at the girl and her Marshtomp.
"Fai,when did I say I couldn't use my hands?"the girl sniggered,cracking her knuckles.

Her pokemon sighed,quickly hurrying after their trainer.

{Hey!Garde!Ju's going to get into trouble again!}Zuzu kipped to Gardehin,beckoning the Gardevoir to go over.
Gardehin let out a sad sigh,before giving Ladae an aplogetic look,bowing once more before floating back to join Ju and the rest.

November 16th, 2005, 6:43 PM
Kaze and I slapped our faces in unison and looked at Ju.

"Well, I guess we should stop her, I mean this is not going to end well. I mean the last thing we need is another fight. I mean Anu and that guy over there are in a pokemon battle, Ju is gonna hit this girl and Terry and I are just watching."

"Fai, I think we should just watch or go get some of the books on the Remains out. I mean we should research these things as much as we can." My Sneasel said to me as he reached into my bag and pulled out a book Entitles "The Power of the Inbetween. I think the In between is where we can find the secrest."

Kaze lectured me on the Remains, while many things went on.

MAR Heaven
November 16th, 2005, 6:46 PM
Sorry for me not posting earlier but here it is :D

Ash knocked on his brothers dorm room. The door was open so he walked in. On the bed he saw a note. It said "Dear Ash, "The Being..." has appeared again and I believe I am the only one that can stop it. I am Sorry for not telling you but I need to face Him on my own Goodbye Brother...".

Ash ran out of the room and went into his dorm grabed his Bag and sent out His Salamance (Salm) *His WIngs SHined in the Air* "Well old buddy its time to go on another Journey are you ready?" "Sal!". Ash opened the door and was on his way to find his brother.

November 16th, 2005, 6:54 PM
"Hey Kaze, I am going to contact older brother. I believe that he can help out as well. I mean he may be chosen too. He knows just as much about The Remains as we do..."

Kaze stopped me to show me a book with a device in it.

"Fai, he is a chosen to most likely, but there is a problem about that. We told him goodbye and did not tell him where we were. I think it will be kind of hard. Also, the note in this book has a device in it.

Kaze took out the odevice which resembles a small organizer.

"I think this will tell us who is a chosen. I bet Dad made this for you Fai. I saw this the other day in the mail, but I never showed it too you. Once a chosen is found, they go into this organizer."

"Kaze two things. The first os why are you calling my Dad, your Dad too? Also, how come you never showed me this? I think this will help slightly."

November 16th, 2005, 6:59 PM
Anu watched the conversation around her. She was annoyed at the abrupt end to the battle and curious about the Remain. But she stayed silent. Many thoughts were jumbled up in her head and the sun was low in the sky.

After a while she simply shrugged and stepped forward to face the small crowd. "Umm...hey...it's gonna be dark soon. Shouldn't we get moving to town? We're all trainers right? If we use our Pokemon we should be there before night fall. Then we can continue out discussion there." She paused and glanced at Flygon and Chikorita. Both nodded in approval. Anu smiled and turned back to the others to see what their response would be.

November 16th, 2005, 7:07 PM
Fai was like,"we'd better stop her'.
But,in the end,he didn't because his Sneasel was giving him a lecture.XD

"So?Anything to say?"Ju folded and arms and leaned against Fai's car.Closing her eyes as she spoke.
Her pokemon covered their faces with their wings and paws,too scared to even look at what they're trainer would do.She never used her fists to solve anything,just to threaten.The most she could do was tell the girl off,but still.

Zuzu however,his attention was grabbed by the Marshtomp the new girl had.He cocked his head to the left,and stared at Aqua,wondering when was the last he had been a Marshtomp.

"Oh,okay I guess."Ju shrugged at Anu's suggestion.Withdrawing all her pokemon except Bebe into their respective pokballs.

"I'm,Ju by the way."she held her hand out to Anu,wanting to have a formal introduction.

November 16th, 2005, 7:09 PM
"I agree I mean we need to get to Appearo town, so let's all get on out pokemon and leave this place with our Remain and new friendships." I said as I released Taiki.

"Taiki, take me and Kaze to Appearo Town, I guess we will keep going East till we hit the town. Kaze jump on and let's head down to the nest town!" I said when Kaze looked at his dragon friend.

"Fai, I let's get a move on then. I bet the next town will have food and a nice hotel." Kaze said holding a brochure.

"I agree, Taiki keep on moving on!"

Kaze and I got on Taiki and started to fly.

November 16th, 2005, 8:52 PM
"Hmhmhm...Use our pokemon?Um Ladea you wanna give me a psychic ride?"
(Um how about no?you weigh to much and porably get air sick.)

*She looked over to Gardehin as it was returned to is pokeball.He smirked and returned to intrested look he gave her.*

(Well i guess this might get fun...)
"Hmhm...I would if ninjask can carry me?"
(Your not very smart,I almost forgot.)
"Your sacratism is back i see...I almost had fun NOT missing it."
(You know you love it,dont play it off.)
"Your a werid pokemon..."
(And your a human but,you dont see me holding it againist you now,do you?Well atleast not THAT much.)
"And your mean..."
(Not really,just to you.I cant stand being this way to other people.Its just not very social.)
"Oh joy.Lucky them.Is Appearo town any far guys?"
*Umbreon sighed in relief as everything seemed to be back to normal now that Ladea was let out of her ball.He yawned yet again and wondered how long before he could take alittle nap and have some food in its belly for once.*

November 16th, 2005, 10:15 PM
In the shadows a boy of the age of sixteen years watches the group. By his side two umbreons sit happily and obediently. The boy shakes head and speaks quietly to him self and also to his pokemon. I can feel their pain, particularly the girl who owns the chikorita. Its all there hidden deep down. Suppressed. Every one is hurt in some way.
Umbreon: you have pain as well angel. Your pain is also suppressed.
I look down at the umbreon to my left and snap at him. My name is not angel! How many times do I have to tell you that? My name is not angel but demon and the only reason to have angel as a first name is bec-- I get interrupted by both umbreons.
Umbreons: --Cause you live in pain but have a heart and understand other peoples pain as well I raise my eye brows at them. We KNOW!
I look at the umbreon good. Now go and scout them. We need to find the remains. If my theory is correct. The remains are traits like kindness and courage. The two umbreons head off and disappearing when they go into the sunlight, an attack they have learnt through love of night. The walk over to the chikorita girl and watch her. Their rings start glowing as the sun comes out from behind a cloud. I watch them. I grimace at the sun I need to figure out how to stop that. I guess light appears when its touched by a powerful light source.

November 17th, 2005, 4:35 AM
Strange,I thought the rings on Umbreon's body were supposed to glow in the light of a full moon or something.

Ju glanced as Terry and his Gardevoir fought,or something.

"What're the two of them fighting over?"she whispered to Bebe,who merely covered his face with a wing and chirped.

{You,really don't want to know.}the girl,still had to get used to understanding what her pokemon were saying to her,but,judging by the way the Swellow hid his face,it wasn't a talk about daises and Beautiflies.

"Is Appearo Town any far guys?"the girl raised her eyebrows at the boy's question.

"I thought that Fai said,it was the next town or something,maybe I wasn't listening."she admited,getting onto her Swellow.

Bebe nudged the girl with his beak,pointing at Terry once more,probably at the fact he didn't release any pokemon to fly.

"Um...do you have any flying pokemon??"Ju asked the boy out of a strange impluse.

November 17th, 2005, 6:12 AM
"Actually I-"
*Ladea quickly gave him a stare to stop him from saying something stupid.He coughed and cleared his thorat.*
"Er um no?Heh heh...sorry but i usally battle by ground so htey only flying type i have is a ninjask but...its not much help for this huh?.If this place isnt far I can always ride my nidoking i guess."
*Umbreon grunted in disagreement.Riding a nidokings back?Not very fun or uncomfortalbe for that matter.*
(Is that even possible with all his spikes?)
"I've dont it before Ladea..."
(OH wow i sure dont wanna know how that turned out...)
"I should have kept you in your ball..."

November 17th, 2005, 10:28 AM
Taiki flew down to where Ju was.

"Ju, hop on. Taiki is big enough to carry the weight of twelve people. He is very strong and could have carried all of us." I said extending my hand to help Ju on.

"Fai, tell Ju, that Appearo Town is supposedly ten miles east of here. We can get there is about an hour. It won't take that long. Also, ask Terry and Ledea to jump on too. As well as Gardeihn. I bet we could get them all on since Taiki is big enough."

Taiki looked at us in anger.

"Guys, I am not that big. I can carry them all, but you are acting as if I am a work Rapidash!" Taiki said to us in protest.

"Taiki is saying he will take you as well Terry if you want!"

MAR Heaven
November 17th, 2005, 12:55 PM
Ash Still on his Salm saw a town called Appearo town " Maybe theres a PokeMart Here" said Ash Looking around.

"Hmm I should better land to get a better view of the town."

As ash was landing he remembered "IT" and almost fell off

"Aah I should better land now Salm Go on the ground over there (pointing towards a small house.) Better start looking for him" As Ash reached the ground.

Dream Illusionist
November 17th, 2005, 1:57 PM
OOC: Wow... away for a day, and all this happens O.O

IC: "Oh! Sorry! Is this remain yours? I beg your pardon, I had no idea..."-Melissa, said, spooked out by the girl's energy.
She turned to leave, when she remembered:
"By the way... do you know what a Remain is, and about the Being? Or are you just collecting?"
Aqua looked at her doubtly. They shouldn't be bugging other people...

"Oh, sorry, I wasted your time! 'll be on my way now..."-She gently said, while leaving in the other direction. She opened up her book, and looked if there was any other location encrypted there. She wasn't going to give up, not so fast.
Aqua smiled at her. He quite enjoyed her way of being herself.

November 17th, 2005, 2:16 PM
OOC: I am gonna pose a flashback for Kaze which will be bolded Italisized and Underlined

"Kaze, i wonder wear brother is." I said as Kaze climbed on top of Taiki's head. "I haven't spoken to hi since yesterday. Ash..."

"Fai, we will see him again in a short time. I hope that we will soonm atleast. I mean Salm was my brother as Ash was yours. I mean I miss my brother like you miss yours."

Kaze began to think back to when he met Fai.

A man holding a present handed a gift to young boy about five years old.

"Fai, this is a gift for you. It is a pokemon egg in a pokeball. When it hatches, the pokemon inside will be your fitrst pokemon. I want you to treat it with care.

"Okay, Daddy, I will, maybe I will get a Pichu.
Fai waited patiently as almost two years went by and the egg did not hatch.

"Fai, your egg will never hatch you should get a pokemon like we did. I mean you could never beat anyone with an egg.

"Stop it Dimitri, I can I believe in this egg. I do!"

Suddenly, the egg hatched into a Sneasel.

"Wow, you look so cool. I am gonna call you Kaze." Fai said as he hugged the new pokemon.

November 17th, 2005, 2:54 PM
Anu hopped on her Flygon's back and looked around. Hey eyes caught the sight of two Umbreon's and she gazed curiously at them. "Not an everyday sight is it Chikorita?"

'No it's not. I'm guessing they have an owner somewhere. Their trainer can't be far off.'

"Or trainers. Anyway," Anu turned her eyes away from the two dark types to look at the people who didn't have a flying type. She patted Flygon who soared over to Terrence. "If ya need a lift Flygon can help out." She said smiling.

Dream Illusionist
November 17th, 2005, 3:16 PM
"Appearo Town."
"Appearo town what?" -Aqua asked.
"Oh, finally you talk! I was wondering why you were silent all this way..."
"Well, you were going so dary!"
"Ok... No matter, the matter is, you finally talked, and I need an opinion. If what the book says is true, then in Appearo Town lies a Remain... How should we go? Walking?"
"Appearo Town by walking? You're silly! We would only get there three days from now. WHy don't you use your private car?"
"Must I...?"-she whispered, unhappy with the fact-"Well, no other choice if we want to beat them to it..."
"Ok then..."-She fiannly said, as she removed a cell phone from her pocket.
"Yes, Miss Fayth?"
"Please, Harry, bring the car to my location..."
"Yes, Miss." -The voice coming from the phone said.
A minute passed, a large, white limosine arrived at the location. It had black window, not allowing anyone to look inside, and a sapphire Marshtomp statuette in the front (Aqua was quite proud of it).
"Miss Fayth, enter please." -A young man said, coming out of the car.
"Thanks Harry. To Appearo Town, please."-She said, whilst she and Aqua were entering the limo.
"Yes, Miss." -Harry replied, as he entered the car.
Finally, Melissa's limo started going in Appearo Town's direction.

November 17th, 2005, 3:26 PM
"Hmhmhm,Alright if its really ok with you?"
(Yea i mean-)
*Terresnce grabbed ladea's pokeball and returned her to it.He sighed in relief now that he didnt have to hear her constanst nagging of him.He looked up to Anu and her flygon.*

"Sure its ok?Last chance to back out..."

November 17th, 2005, 4:39 PM
Kaze opened his eyes to see a giant town that had a Medieval look to it. Kaze and I had looked at Taiki who looked like he was falling alseep.

"Taiki, you can land over there." I said as to Taiki as I pointed an open and clear road. "I think I will make reservations at the Appearo Deluxe Hotel at the other end of the city."

As Taiki landed, I got out my cell phone. Kaze began to look through our bag and put Taiki back in his pokeball and sent out Kuro and Mega for us to ride on.

"Since, when are you the trainer and me the...Oh whatever! I made the reservations for all of us and I guess we will get a new car in the mourning. Right now, let's all check into the hotel."

OOC: http://www.digitalmediafx.com/News2001/Images/patrician202.jpg

That is Appearo Town

November 17th, 2005, 10:54 PM
"No thanks!"the girl shaked her head as Fai held his hand out.

"I can manage on my Bebe."she stated,getting onto her Swellow,who cried out indignantely.Did the other humans think of him as weak?

Ju glanced as the girl and her Mashtomp boarded a limo.When was the last time she had seen one of those?Probably when she visited her parents back at home.
Finally,they all took off and headed to Appearo.

"So?What's the plan now?"Ju jumped off Bebe as he barely touched down on the pavement of the town.The Swellow sighed,looking around, noting the surrondings,making sure that they were safe before starting to clean his wings.
The girl ran over to Fai as he said they would be staying at a hotel.

Dream Illusionist
November 18th, 2005, 8:32 AM
The car came to a sudden stop. Suddenly, Harry's voice was heard: "Miss Fayth, we have arrived."
"Thanks, Harry..."-She slowly said, as she left the car.
"So... where to?"-Aqua asked her.
"We should go make hotel reservations... We don't know how long we'll be here..."
Aqua nodded, as they walked into the nearest hotel.
"Appearo Deluxe Hotel. This is it."
"What kind of name is that?"
"Well, it's an hotel name. Let's go in, shall we?

They went to the counter and rang the little bell there. Almost like in a flash, a man appeared behind the counter.
"How can I help you?"-he asked.
"Well, we'd like a room..."
"Well, all rooms are filled except for some in the ground floor and the suites."-.the man interrupted.
"Well...ground floor."
"Suite!"-Aqua looked at her, with piercing eyes.
"Ok... a suite, please."
"As you wish, m'am."-The man lastly said, while leading them to their room.

November 18th, 2005, 9:57 AM
"Well, we should head over to the hotel, check in, and then get some food. Ju, I am gving the pocket watch that leads to each remain to Anu then you get it. I just wanted to make that clear. The Terry, then once we get the rest of our group together, we will give it to whoever, but now let's get into the hotel." I said as I mounted Kuro and Kaze mounted Mega.

"Fai, we are a couple blocks away from the hotel. I think we should just get a move on and then we will figure out where to eat." Kaze said as we rode my pokemon.

"Guys, do you think we should eat first or go to the hotel. I want to got to the hotel first, but I am really hungry."

I passed a brochure of the town's resturants to Anu, Ju, and Terry. Suddenly, the man with a the white labcoat appeared again with seven other people accompanying him.

"My master wishes to capture you and your remain. We know you have one and a device to find them. Give us oneof the chosenm, the Remain, and the device and no one gets hurt." He said as he took out a pokeball.

"Mr. Kunyuta, shall we all equip ourselves with pokeballs too. I don't think that would be a bad idea seeing as you only have one more pokemon."

"Ofcourse you fools, choose every pokemon you have and battle them! I can't fend them off with only one pokemon!"

"Okay, w all choose Golbat and Seviper!"

Seven very weak looking Golbat and Seviper appeared not incredibly ready for Battle.

MAR Heaven
November 18th, 2005, 1:23 PM
Offtopic* I am going to make a new sprite for my character the Master Chief thing is wierd :D


"Hmm I have to find my brother but I have no idea where he could be" As Ash turned the corner, he saw a man in a white coat and 7 other men behind him send out a bunch of Golbat and Seviper.

Ash sneeked over there and saw his brother Fai But stayed where he Fai could not see him

" So there you are Little brother lets see if you can take care of these pokemon with your friends."

November 18th, 2005, 1:34 PM
"Kaze and Kuro I choose you both." I said as Kaze jumped off Mega and Kuro through me off. "Kaze, use yoir Ice Beam and Kuro use your Flamethrower!"

"You got it!" Kaze and Kuro said in unsion. "Kaze, let's use our attacks together in but ten meters away so the attacks won't meet and cancel each other!" Kuro said.

"Kuro, your right!" Kaze said as he attacked the Golbat and Kuro attacked the Seviper."

November 18th, 2005, 1:53 PM
Anu nodded tossed two Pokeballs into the air. "Flygon, Arcanine let's go!" She gave a quick nod to Chikorita who jumped forward as well. "Ok Flygon attack one of the Seviper with DragonBreath! Arcanine attack a Golbat with Flamethrower and Chikorita attack another Seviper with Razor Leaf!" The three Pokemon nodded and sent the attacks at the targeted Pokemon.

'They don't stand a chance against us.' Said Chikorita happily.

'Too true.' Arcanine grinned and stopped the stream of flame that had been pouring from his mouth.

Flygon ended his attack too and grinned as well. 'Roast Seviper anyone?'

Dream Illusionist
November 18th, 2005, 2:19 PM
Melissa entered the suite.
"Wow... for an hotel this size, the room's preety big and comfy! Way not like outside!"-Aqua, excited, said.
"Calm down, Aqua... we'll only be here for a little while... We have to search for the Remain that lies around here..."-She said, quite in a stubborn way.
She adjsted her glassesand spotted a radio at the bedside table.
"Hmmm... I wonder what music is on..."-she said, whilst she turnd on the radio.
"Oh, I love this music!"-She said, as she lied down on the comfy bed and started singing.
Meanwhile, Aqua looked out of the window.
"Wow... It's a lovely sight from here...huh? Hey Melissa! Look, it's the people from before fighting Sevipers and Golbats! Let's... Melissa?" -He said, whilst he gazed at his companion. She seemed completely abstarcted by the music.
"We'll go right away... let me just finish hearing this music!"-She lastly said.
Aqua sighed.

Mail Jeevas
November 18th, 2005, 2:45 PM
"Would you like some more, Absol?" Asked Aria with her sweet and charming voice. Absol nodded with joy, because he loved to eat tasty food, and Aria's cooking was the best it has ever had.

"Well, I think he won't be eating my food anymore" I said, and after a few seconds Aria and I started to laugh.

"Mom... You know what? I've missed you all this years..." I said while I was petting my Absol.
"You did honey?" She replied "I also missed you"

I stopped petting Absol to get near my Mom. After a few moments I hugged her. "I never want to be so much time far from you again" I said. "And I never want to be far from you either, Rey" She answered.

After the launch, I was getting ready, I had to go to Appearo's library. I had something to do in that town, since they have a really vast library, with lots of medicine books.

"Good bye mom" I said while I was grabbing my overcoat.
"Good bye son, I'm looking forward to your next visit" She said while she called for Espeon.

I took Absol's pokeball and reatreated him. I then walked outside. Mom was following me.
"I'll call you when I arrive" I said without looking at her.
"Darling, Appearo is just a few miles from here. You can come back by night, I would be glad to have you for 1 more night" She said while putting her hands over my shoulders.
"I will come tonight, then" I said as I entered the car.
She stand by the doorway and waved at me.

After a few minutes I arrieved at Appearo. I asked the driver if he could get me to the library and he said:
"I can't sonny, there's a fierce battle going on inside of town. I don't want my car to be damaged"

I payed the fare and left the car. I was heading towards the library when I saw a boy with white hair and a shirt with a blue stripe and a Blonde with a blue t-shirt that has a Lightning on it. They were training or something I think, because they were giving orders to their pokemons. Since I liked pokemons a lot, I stayed to watch the "Training". After a few moments, I realised that they were fighting against some scientists, not training with them.
"Do you need any help?" I asked to the white-haired guy.

November 18th, 2005, 2:47 PM
"Well i cant let you two do everything,Go!Mr.Nido!"

*Terresnce reached behind to his back and grabbed a pokeball.(He has his pokeballs on the back of his belt.)He threw a safari ball in the air that spun around and opened to a flash of light.It fell back to Terresnce and rom the light fromed his Nidoking,his pride and joy and strongest pokemon at the time bieng...aside from Ladea who he cant completly control sometimes.Nidoking roared and stomped on the floor twice to show it was ready for battle.*

"Mr.Nido use thunderbolt on those golbat!Acuro,use your confuse ray on everything else!"

November 18th, 2005, 2:52 PM
"Well I guess this means that we have to go, Remains group! I swear the master will have what he wants. We will have the Remains and the device, I swear it!" said the preofessor as he ran off with his cohorts.

"Okay, that was strange, but back on track, let's head to the first stop. So, as I was saying, what do you guys want to do first, eat or check into the hotel?" I said as Kaze mounted Mega and I mounted Kuro.

"Fai, I say let's go check into the hotel first. They may give up or reservations to someone else if we don't come soon. I mean I want to eat too, but we don't even know where to eat."

"Kaze, you are right, but I doubt they will give up our reservation after an hour."

Midori Chi
November 18th, 2005, 2:57 PM
ooc: Okay...Umm...I'll just meet you guys in the next town..

ic: Chi wondered around her arpartment, laying on the floor, thinking.

She started whispering to herself very softly. Her eyes closed a little.

"B-bee, b-bee, b-beep!"
The alarm clock was contenuously ringing.
"Okay, okay! I'm up!" She walked to her closet and opened it. All that was in the closet were some pokeballs placed in a very organized but empty shelf.
"Wakey, wakey, everyone!"

November 18th, 2005, 3:01 PM
"Well we rode our pokemon here and they might be savring...and we can always slipt up and bring food to the hotel...or something like."

*Terresnce walked over and patted his Nidoking.He grunted in enjoyment and closed his eyes.Terresnce returned him and looked down at his Umbreon.He looked back at him with jeolus eyes.Terresnce amine sweat and picked him up huggling him like a teddy bear.Umbreon jumped up and down trying to get loose but at the end just gave up and dozed off alittle.*

"You've got to be the laziest Umbreon ever..."

November 18th, 2005, 3:01 PM
ooc: i would like to edit my profile and swap pidgeot for stamie

November 18th, 2005, 3:04 PM
OOC: Sure!^^ Your profile, so its ok!

Dream Illusionist
November 18th, 2005, 3:17 PM
"Ah, finished now! So... you wanted to participate in a battle, was it?" -Melissa whispered.
"Not any longer, as the battle's over..." -Aqua said, pointing to the window.
"Oh, it's the people from before..."
"What did I tell you before?"
"Sorry, didn't pay much attention...Well, that means we're off to an edge start. Let's go look for the Remanis, and find them before they do!" -Melissa said, whilst getting the book again from the suitcase.
"Ok, let's do it!" -Aqua nodded.

They left their room and descended to the main hall.
"We'll be back by dinner time."-She said to the man behind the counter.
Both her and Aqua left the hotel, and started walking for a while. After a bit of time, in the town center, he saw the group of before.
"Oh, it's you! You're here? I didn't know..." -she faked a surprise- "Well, guess I have a head start for getting this Remain... That's what you guys are after right? Well, see you later!"-She gallantly said, as she left directioned to the outskirts of the town.

November 18th, 2005, 3:31 PM
OOC: Sylph, we are not there yet we are deciding where to go first.XD

Dream Illusionist
November 18th, 2005, 3:41 PM
OOC: Ooops... gonna edit. Sorry for that

November 18th, 2005, 5:21 PM
Stephanie locked the door and muttered.. "We shouldn't be coming back for sometime.." She then recalled what her had happened the day after she got seperated with her parents..

That day, she received a call from someone mysterious after school.. The mysterious person told her to many stuff which was too profound for her then..

But recalling the words now.. All the stuff the person had said... It was actually had a hidden meaning.. She randomly came across the map the day before and found out that everything the person had said to her then.. actually relates to this particular town.. by the name of Appearo... Is the person asking me to go to Appearo Town? she thought.. But I could go and check it out.. No harm going there anyway..

"Off to Appearo Town we go Pokemon.." Silver exclaimed..

Mail Jeevas
November 18th, 2005, 5:27 PM
When I didn't hear any response from the guy or the girl, I decided just to see what was going on. After the battle ended, I heard the guy and girl talking about going to a hotel, so I decide to follow them, I was very interested in how they managed their pokemons, it was amazing.

"I better get going. Rapidash, come out!" I said while threwing a pokeball.

A black-coloured Rapidash came out of the pokeball with a dark aura surrounding it.
I got on my Rapidash as I commanded him to follow the boy and girl. When they arrieved at the hotel, the first thing I did was to stop my Rapidash and to get off him. After I retreated him into his pokeball.

I got close to the boy and said:
"Hello, My name is Rey Hinotama, and I saw the way you fought earlier against those guys. I was wondering, would you like to have a friendly battle with me?"

MAR Heaven
November 18th, 2005, 6:48 PM
Ash came out from hiding

"WELL GOOD JOB FAI!" Ash said to his Little brother

"I finally caught up to you. I can't let you face him on your own little bro."

" So are you going to introduce me to your friends or what?"

November 18th, 2005, 6:54 PM
"Sure, I am Fai Takahashi. And these are my friends Ju, Anu, and Terry! Who wants to be a judge."

"Fai, I don't think we should be doing a battle right this second. I mean our job right now is to find the remains and defest the Being. I mean that is more important then a battle."

"kaze, come one let's just do this little battle. I think it will be fun if we have a small battle right here and now. In fact, I think I will use my a pokemon that is fun toi battle with. I choose you Gary!" I said as I through out my Blastoise.

Mail Jeevas
November 18th, 2005, 8:10 PM
"Allright! Go Alakazam!" I said as I threw Alakazam's pokeball into the air.
He came out of it glowing in a strong black color.
I was thinking which attack should I use first, and what will I do to counter his attack.
"Okay, Alakazam! Use Confuse ray!" I ordered.
Alakazam put his spoons toghether forming an "X" with them and rainbow colored waves started to flow out of them.

November 18th, 2005, 9:20 PM
I watch the group leave and take two greatballs off my belt. Umbreons, return! I put the greatballs back on my belt and take another greatball off of the belt. Go starmie! a larger than normal starmie appears and lowers itself down onto the ground, jewel facing the ground. I put the greatball back on my belt and step onto starmies back. Invisible to human eyes a purple energy encases my shoes, like shoes over shoes. Starmie raises itself off the ground and start moving along and gets to a steady speed by reading my mind. I look ahead of me and see a battle ahead. As we get closer a stray attack comes towards me and starmie, looking through my eyes, swerves and I get thrown off as my feet are no longer stuck down. I role across the ground and my sunglasses come off. I stop rolling at the feet of the girl with the chikorita. I close my eyes and just lay there. i feel around me with my arms and find her legs. hi, whoever you are. I smile at the person.

November 18th, 2005, 10:45 PM
"Gary, hide inside your shell till I say, come out!" Gary went into his shell and hid for while as an "X" shape came around us.

"Fai, what are you doing? If you lose infront of Ash, I think that will make you look like a pretty bad elite four member. All things considered, everytime you lose, you look bad." Kaze said with a look of worry.

I picked up Kaze and pet him. I

" know you never see me lose all that often. I don't think I will especially, since this is how I beat Dad and Grandpa. I mean they are more then just good, Kaze." I said as I pet my Sneasel. "Gary get out now that the shape faded and use Bite then go back into your shell!"

Gary quickly bit Alakazam and then went back into his shell.

November 19th, 2005, 6:29 AM
"Hmp,reminds us of something,huh Acuro?"

*Umbreon nodded as both him and Terresnce smirked at Fai's battle technique.He grabbed behind him for Umbreon's ball and returned him,so he could be more cortfortable then in his hands.Terresnce sighed and placed te ball on his belt.He brushed off his hair and continued to watch the "battle"*

Dream Illusionist
November 19th, 2005, 6:44 AM
"Now let's see.... I wonder where's that nasty Remain..."-Melisa said, whilst reading her book. A clue should be there...
"Oh... now they're starting another battle..."
"Even a better head start for us!"
"That's not what I meant..." -Aqua mumbled.
"I know.... you wanted to participate, right? Well, I believe we'll battle them soon enough..."
"What makes you say that?! -Aqua said, astonished
"Just a feeling."-SHe replied, with a smile on her face - "Well... the Remain should be in a ruin... but I don't see any ruin around... This ain't gonna be easy..."

Mail Jeevas
November 19th, 2005, 6:53 PM
"Alakazam! Use Recover!" I commanded.

Alkazam closed his eyes and started to glow. After a few moments he was healthy again.

"Quickly Alakazam, Use Confusion!" I said to Alakazam.
Alakazam pointed his spoons towards Fai's Blastoise and made him levitate with psychic power.

"Now slam it against the floor" I said.
Alakazam made a downwards movement with his arm and made Blastoise hit the ground with a lot of power, making it come out of the shell.

November 19th, 2005, 7:55 PM
Ju leaned against a street lamp and folded her arms.
She thought her attention was being wasted,having to watch a battle between two brothers.A battle where pokemon were being hurt for no reason whatsoever.It wasn't really appealing to Ju,not one bit.

She withdrawed her Swellow,bringing out her Swampert to take his place.

"After this battle,we're going to go straight to the hotel.I want you to use those-"the girl pointed to the two fins above Zuzu's eyes.
"-to make sure that we won't have anymore surprises."she finished.

The Swampert merely cocked his head,before nodding.
The fins on his head were like radars,able to detect anything and possibly almost everything.

Dream Illusionist
November 19th, 2005, 8:15 PM
"Huff... huff... huf... Are there evn any ruins around?2-She said, exhausted of runing around, circling the town.
"Melissa, we circled this town over 4 times! Ther are no ruins what-so-ever!"
"We must keep searching! Maybe... huh?"_She suddenly had an idea.
"Might be a restored ruin, like a museum, or something! Let's ask around."
"How come you still have energy...?"
"Curiousity gives me energy."-She finally said, now entering the town again, to ask people around.

November 20th, 2005, 11:29 AM
"Gary, use your Mirror Coat then use a Hydro Pump on Alakazam!" I shouted as I watched an uninterested group of people. "Tough crowd to please I guess..."

Gary went into his shell then it began to glow into a Silvery Mirror that blasted a more powerful Confusion right back at Alakazam. Kaze soon began to worry.

"Fai, it will be over next turn, I can tell that Gary is not even hurting. I mean there are two more moves it knows and I think one of them could knock it out."

"Gary, now use Hydro Pump and then use an Earthquake!" I shouted listening to what Kaze had to say, but to caught up in the battle. "Kaze, don't worry, I just want to be able to beat him badly."

Gary used a Hydro Pumo that shot at Alakazam full force the jumped ten feet into the air and jumped down, creating a giant earthquake leveling the sidewalk three feet into the ground.

"I think you should call Alakazam back, I have things to do eight now. My group and I have to go into the hotel and do somethings right now."

Mail Jeevas
November 20th, 2005, 6:45 PM
"Wow... He's really strong" I thought to myself.
"Alright Alakazam come back!" I said as I retreated Alakazam.

Alakazam wasn't so damaged, but I didn't want to push it further.

"Hey, can I join you on your trip?" I asked the boy. "Because I really want to go where you are heading, I want to have the chance to learn your fighting style"

November 20th, 2005, 7:51 PM
"Sure, you can join us! We need all the help we can get. Also, brother, do you want to join us too?" I said as I called gary back into his pokeball.

"Fai, good move in making more people coming with us on the trip. I mean he could bea chosen as well. I mean we have so many chosen already. However, we only have one remain so far."

"I agree Kaze, now I suppose that we have another one. Let's head into the hotel." I said running into the giant hotel. "Wow, this place is huge. I mean I have never seen a hotel this big since the Pokemon league Grand."

November 20th, 2005, 7:55 PM
*Terresnce walked over into the hotel.It was huge seeing as he had to turn his head back and forth and up and odwn to see it completly.Ladea came out of her ball and was about to hit Terresnce for forcing her back into the ball but,looked at the hotel instead.Terrescne turned to Fai.*

"Wow...do we really get to say her or are you just pulling my leg?"
(And mine...)

November 20th, 2005, 8:01 PM
"Oooh,finally."Ju followed Fai and Terry into the hotel,Zuzu followed obediantely,nothing much was to be said as the many people sitting in the lounge of the hotel turned their heads at the trainers and their pokemon.
Ju's Swampert shuffled his feet,feeling uneasy about the fact that most were staring at him and his huge size.

"Pulling whose leg?That's just,ouch."Ju stated at Terry's question.

Zuzu merely sweatdropped at his trainer's ignorance.

"Are you sure you can afford for us to stay here for the night?I mean,come on,this place is just,posh."the girl continued,taking a good look at the Hotel Lobby.

November 20th, 2005, 8:43 PM
"Actually being an Elite Four member pays alot of money. Not to mention my Dad, frequently stays here on his travels. Just ask my brother, this plays has a family discount. Anyone who is related to my Dad can stay here for not much. I am paying for all of us." I said as I walked up to the front desk with Kaze at my side. "Hi, I am Fai Takahashi and, me, My friends and our pokemon all want rooms here for the night."

The man at the front desk smiled as he handed us our room cards and complimentary Toat bags.

"Well Mr. Takahashi, you and your friends be good now. By the way, there is a Pokemon contest tonight at the Grand Ball room. All the greatest coordinators will be there. I see Ms. Juliyan is with you. I have heard of her skills and thought you all may want to check it out." He said as he smiled at us.

"Fai, maybe you should enter Mega or I in the contestn tonight." Kaze said as he took our room cards and handed them out.

November 20th, 2005, 8:51 PM
"What?!A contest you say?!"Ju immediately rushed up and slammed her hands onto the counter so hard,it might've scared the people around her.
Finally,there was something fun to do.

"Hear that,Zuzu?"she smiled to the Swampert next to her.
Zuzu nodded curtly,taking the four pokeballs on his trainer's belt.He let out the rest of his team as his trainer proceeded to ask how they could sign up.

{Niah!!A contest?}Bebe chirped,spreading his wings in the excitment filling up the room.
{Oooh,its about time,finally something fun to do around here!!}Ju's Grumpig folded her arms and snorted.
{Wonder who Ju'll pick,maybe Gardehin!!}Vuvu suggested,fluttering her huge,colorful wings.
Gardehin levitated slightly above the ground,keeping a dignified look as he listened in the pokemon's conversation.

"You've heard of me?No way!"the girl laughed as the man finished his sentence.She had no idea she had gotten so well known.

November 20th, 2005, 8:59 PM
Kaze and I backed away slowly as Ju ran up to the desk and started slamming her arms.

"F-Fai, let's not enter the contest, I am afraid of Ju. She is really scary, whe a contest comes around. Maybe, we should just watch the contest and begin the searching again in the mourning."

"I agree Kaze, I think after that battle I could not do a contest anyway. However, I guess I would have chosen Mega or you depending o what the contest was."

The man chimed in as soon as I stopped talking to Kaze.

"The contest is a combination contest. See youn choose two pokemon , in this case Beauty and Smart, and then you use the attacks in combination in the contest tonight. For example, I would choose my Slowking for Smart and my Milotic fore Beauty. The trick is you have to use those two pokemon's attacks in unison to create Beauty and Intelligence. My advice, go woth a partner. Some peole in the contest compete with a partner. Like fai and you Ju could compete."

"I am glad I am not competeing this sounds way to complicated for me. I think i will stick to battling." I said as I slinked ov er to the elevator.

November 20th, 2005, 9:09 PM
Ju chuckled as Fai said he was having second thoughts on participating in the contest.Was she all that scary?Maybe.Maybe not.

"Hey!Now that's a challenge!"the girl glanced at her pokemon,wondering which two she would pick.
"Thank you,Uncle!Consider me signed up!"she smiled,before running over to her pokemon,explaining to them what was what.

"I'll be outside practicing appeals if you need me."she called out to the rest in the lobby before waving.Her pokemon followed shortly after her,though,they did have a rather hard time fitting Honhin through the door.

{For the last time,I am not fat!}the Grumpig snorted as the rest pushed her out through the doors.
Ju giggled,taking out a handful of colorful rubber balls from her bag.

"Right guys,time to do the ol' ball routine,doubled."she stated.

November 20th, 2005, 9:30 PM
"Okay, Ju, well the contest lookes like it will be around nine, so I wil be getting ready for dinner tonight. I am taking us out to the Villa De fillo tonight, the best resturant in Appearo Town! You have to dress in fanciest way possible I think, anyway see you later." I said to the others as I went up the elevator.

As, I got closer to my room, I heard sounds of someone in the hallway.

"This place looks really cool and fancy. I wonder how many more rooms to 809?" I said to myslef as Kaze and I walked down the hallway. "Here we go, I guess this is the room." I said as I opened the door.

"Fai, I heard some noises coming from that room over there. I heard glass break. I thionk we better check it out. I mean we need to get ready, but this seems like this could use our expertise."

I nodded my head and ran further down the hall and saw a man being kidnapped by six men in black attire.

"Something tells me that they are not the good guys! I choose you Taiki, use your Flamethrower!" I said as I chose Taiki

Taiki came out and ignited the men and they fled out the windows.

"Sir, are you alright?"

November 20th, 2005, 9:48 PM
"You two know what to do now,right?"Ju asked her Gardehin and Vuvu as they walked through the hallways of the hotel.The girl had withdrawed the rest of her pokemon,choosing her Gardevoir and Beautifly,she thought,was the best choice.All they had to learn was to work together,but,they had already done that in previous double battles the girl had participated in,so,it would be no problem.

{Meep!Meep!What's that!!}Vuvu jerked her head up to see men in burning, black uniforms jumping out of a window.
Not too far from them was Fai and an old man,along with his Flygon.The Flygon was extremly big in size,blocking the girl's path.

"Uh..Fai,what just happened?"she asked over Taiki's huge wings.

November 21st, 2005, 5:43 AM
"I wonder if we should particpate in the contest,Ladea?"
(You've only particpated in one and you did ok but...I dobut just ok will do.)
"I know but its better then just watching..."
(Thats a pretty childish reason to want to join a pokemon contest in a huge hotel,dont you think?)
"Heh heh-Huh?"

*Terresnce saw the burning uniformed men and Fai's flygon.He heard Ju question Fai as of what was going on.Him and Ladea stodd by waiting for an answer.*

November 21st, 2005, 6:19 AM
OOC: Um...I get the feeling I might have missed something important. Can anyone please tell me what's happened since I last posted I can get caught up.

November 21st, 2005, 1:15 PM
OOC: We we got to Appearo Town, and we got to the hotel only yo be met by my brother and some new guy that challenges me to a battle. They join to help out. We all checked into the hotel and Ju is entering a pokemon contest.

November 21st, 2005, 1:15 PM
OOC: We we got to Appearo Town, and we got to the hotel only yo be met by my brother and some new guy that challenges me to a battle. They join to help out. We all checked into the hotel and Ju is entering a pokemon contest.

Dream Illusionist
November 22nd, 2005, 9:57 AM
"That's...enough.." -Melissa said, almost out of breath.
They stopped and sat on a bench in the nearby park.
"Whyt can't we find a thing?! We searched everywhere..."
"Maybe your book was wrong..."
"Books are never wrong!!"-She stopped Aqua, quite angered by this one's conclusion.
"Ok! Ok! No need to get so annoyed..."-He said, catching his breath.- "Well, it's almost night, so why won't we get to the hotel?"
"You're right... we'll continue our search tomorrow. I'm way tired now..."
They finally agreed on this, and after relaxing a bit, they headed out to the hotel, which wasn't far from there.

"Whaaa... what's that commotion?"-Melissa asked at the group, who seemed to always cross paths with her, astonished, as she entered the hotel room.
"Hmmm... man in black uniforms, huh? They can't be up to no good..."
"You're fully right" -she interjected- "Something must be happening... Let's go help!"-She stated, as both her and Aqua ran to the hallway.

November 23rd, 2005, 11:31 AM
"Ju, I think we should help the old man to his room. I mean he looks kind of sick. Old man are you alright..." I said as Kaze shut me up with hiws claw.

"Fai, um maybe you should stop calling him old. He looks like he is getting very mad at you. I mean I don't think old people like the name "old man." Kaze saids as I got ther old guy and Myself to our feet.

"My name is Professor Masters. I wrote a book that shows how to awaken Remains when they are found. I mean if you actually had one ZI would show you the book, but I doubt you do..."

Before he cdould finish his sentene I took out my remain and showed it ti the professor.

November 23rd, 2005, 4:23 PM
"Oh!Right..right."Ju nodded,placing a hand on the beret on her head to make sure it was still there as she walked over and heaved the old man up by the other arm.

"Eh?We have a Remain!!"the girl exclaimed excitedly as the Professor told them he knew how to awaken them.As Fai held the Remain out to the old man,Ju tilted her head,looking at the necklace thingy in the boy's hand.Her Beautifly perched itself atop her hand,taking a look at the Remain as well.Gardehin merely rolled his eyes,folded his arms and waited for Masters' reaction.

November 23rd, 2005, 6:56 PM
"Why this is a remain! According to my research this has to be a Remain. I have researched wat all the Remains look like. See I am an Archeologist. My Castform, Hitmonchan, Machoke, Charmeleon, and I research ancheint artifacts like this. The Being was awakened twice before, but no one else knows about it. Also, both times, the chosen held the Remains and used them to destroy The Being. I have compil;ed research what each remain looks like and what quality is needed. This in paticuler one was used by two other people who have the quality of light. This is known as the Light Star Remain. It has the most power. " Professor Masters said, while taking out a book.

He handed a large book to Ju and a scanner to me.

"I was looking for the chosen you know, I needed to find each to give them this scanner and book. The Scanner has the ability to show what quality the chosebn in paticuler has and what remain. That book has a list of every remain and how to activate them. Also it has a brief history of the Crusix, the cult followers of the Being."

Kaze and I jumped back in hearing what the Crusix actually were.

"The Crusix, are the followers of the Being? I can't believe that those slimeballs follow that thing known as the Being. I thought the Being was the incarnation of all evil. Not some divine being."

"Heavens, no," Said Prfoessor Masters. "The Being is the incarnation of all evil. He just obtained followers, because...He used to be well..."

November 23rd, 2005, 9:45 PM
Ju raised her eyebrows as Masters thrusted the book into her arms.She looked up at her Beautifly,who simply shrugged back,just as confused as her trainer.

"What Chosen ones?Are you saying we're the Chosen ones or something?"she asked.Flipping open the book and skimming through it.She blew the layer of dust off a few pages,waving one hand to shoo the dust away as she read what was on the first page,and the next one,and the next.Pretty soon,she was reading through the whole book,not really bothering about the Professor or Fai.
Gardehin levitated beside her,reading the contents as well.

November 23rd, 2005, 9:52 PM
"Ju, what does the book say about the previous chosen? I mean maybe Proffessor Masters book will tell us how they used their remains."

"I see you young ones are very interested in the book, I wrote this when I was your age. I see the Remain of Light chose, you Fai Takahashi of the elite four and Miss Ju, I did not know you were a chosen too." Proffessor Masters said while taking out a magazine with us in it. "I want your autographs please."

I smiled and signed his magazine for him.

November 23rd, 2005, 10:04 PM
"I'm a Chosen?!"Ju didn't know what to say,her jaw nearly dropped.Gardehin took the book from his trainer and started looking through it himself with Vuvu on his head.
The girl smiled,however,as Professor Masters asked her for an autograph.

"I'd be delighted."she said as she signed next to Fai's signature.

"Though I still don't see how I could be chosen."she sighed as she passed the magazine back to Masters.

{Here.Here is what the previous Chosen did.}Gardehin had found what they were looking for,keeping one hand on the page as he held it out to Fai.

Mail Jeevas
November 23rd, 2005, 10:11 PM
After I thanked Fai for paying my room, I head towarrds it to take a little nap, I was really tired.

I took of my formal clothes and dressed in a sports wear trouser and a sleeve-less t-shirt. After I had changed clothes, I went towards the bed and layed down. I took out Absol's pokeball and called him out.

"Here we are buddy, Appearo town" I told him as I pet him "In a few hours we are gonna go to the library, so I please ask you to behave when we are there, because I really need to investigate" I asked him. He was idle for a moment, and then he nodded.

After 3 hours of a 'Quick nap' I woke up and picked up all the things I needed to go to the library.
"Absol, wake up, we are going outside" I told him as I touched his head trying to wake him up. After a few more touches he opened his eyes and grumbled a little, but I got him outside. I knew that when he was outside, he will change its mood.

We walked a few blocks from the hotel and there it was, Appearo town's library, just as gigantic as I thought. As I entered the building, I felt that Absol was very tired.

"Hey buddy, you want to rest a little more?" I asked him. He nodded in a goofy way, because it was really tired. I the retrated him to his pokeball.

"Sorry miss, this is the first time I'm here at this library, so I wanted to know how can I get to read the books in here, do I have to be a member, or do I need a special authorisation?" I asked to the receptionist.

"Oh, dear, you don't need any of that, you can read all the books you want, as long as you stay in the library. If you want to borrow the books, then you'll have to become a member." The receptionist answered.

"Okay then I'll start off my research" I said. "Have a nice time..." Replied the receptionist.

I walked across the aisles of the library in search of the book 'Pokemon Ancient mitholigies: The end of the world' which was a book that told the story of the end of the world as we know because of a stragne force we don't know.

November 24th, 2005, 12:02 PM
"Ju, what does it say, I really can't see without my reading glasses." I said while taking out incredibly thick glases. "Now that they are out, let's see what this book says about the first ever chosen."

I read the story of Constance Dellrostacey, the first chosen of ligght. How she was a great trainer that trained only Grass types. How she had the same powers I had and how she and her other chosen friends destroyed the Being.

"This Constance person sounds really heroic. I wonder how she died and why she dissappeared after the whole thing involving the Being. The Being was destroyed the first time it was ressurected. The first time it was born the legendary pokemon had destroyed the Being and created the Remains."

November 24th, 2005, 3:49 PM
"Ooh wow.If only I knew what my Remain was (if I have one that is) maybe I'll be able to see who was the one before me.."she whispered as Fai put on his glasses began reading out about the trainer and her Grass type pokemon.

{Ooooh,I'm sure you're a Chosen,Ju..}Vuvu perched atop her trainer's head said encouragingly.

"Thanks.."she smiled up to the Beautifly.

{Even I can sense that the people around seem to have mysterious forces surronding them,don't know what those forces were,until now.}Gardehin admitted.

Dream Illusionist
November 25th, 2005, 6:49 AM
"Aww... It's over.."-Aqua sighed, seeing that the battle competitors had already left.
"Oh, don't feel bad..."-Melissa whispered to him, whilst she examined who was in the corridor. Besides the large flame marks, she saw the boy and the girl from before and...
"P-P-Professor Masters!!! Oh god, I must be dreaming!! The Remains researcher and archeologist!! Oh! It's such an honor to see you live..." -She said, to the professor, fter zooming in on the group.
"Oh, no... here we go again. She's entering nerd mode..." -Aqua sighed.

November 25th, 2005, 8:32 AM
"Fai has a remain and Ju's also a chosen one...Where does that leave me?Hmhmhm..."

*Terresence poundered to himself while he leaned over to read the book aswell.He didnt see much that would answer his question but he kept looking.Ladea came over aswell.She looked over at te professor and wondered if he was going to be any help.She the sensed Melissa coming near them...*

November 25th, 2005, 12:15 PM
"Well,that makes you choosen too doesn't it?"Ju said honestly,overhearing what Terry was saying.

"P-P-Professor Masters!!! Oh god, I must be dreaming!!"

"Eh?"Ju tossed the book to Terry as he was the nearest to her.Before turning to see the same girl and her Marshtomp walk or rather,the Marshtomp walk and she ran.She sweatdropped slightly as the girl seemed to be very interested in Professor Masters.

{Is he all that?}Vuvu asked the pokemon around her as she sat atop her trainer's head.

{All that and a bag of pokechips I might add.}Gardehin nodded.

November 25th, 2005, 1:00 PM
"Hey Proffessor Masters, I was wondering if you could join us. Atleast until we can hide you from Crusix. I Mean you obviously know alot about the Remains and now that we have the hisory of the Remains, we can do alot more then we could before." I said as Kaze tried to grab the scanner.

"Fai, I want the scanner for a minute, I want to scan the Proffessor to see if he is a chosen as well. He seems quite powerful and very wel could be..."

I looked at Kaze and smiled as I picked him up.

"Fai, I can't join you. I mean right now Crusix is after all of us and we would all be a huge target." He said as he looked at his pokeballs.

"Proffessor, we have too. You can't do this alone, you have to come with us."

November 25th, 2005, 1:57 PM
"Yeah,if you go down falling,we'll pull you back up,if not...we'll fall with you!"Ju straightened the beret on her head with determination in her voice.

"Besides,what you said?We're the Chosen.As long as we stick together,nothing can happen!"the girl placed one hand on her hand the other beside her face as she winked.
Then,she proceeded to look back to Melissa,wondering what she wanted.Maybe just Professor Masters' autograph,maybe even more.She glanced at the scanner in the Sneasal's arms,before going back to Melissa.

Dream Illusionist
November 25th, 2005, 3:19 PM
"Please!!"-She said, glancing witha mean-ish look at the girl.-"This is THE Professor Masters! The great knower of Remains and the Being!!! I could learn so much with you, professor!!"-She said, now turning to the professor. He turned again at the rest of the group, showing off her book about the Remains.
"See, this is Professor Masters'!"-She said, pointing to the autor's name.
"Please...Melissa, relax... relax..."-Aqua begged her, sweatdropping.
"Please, Professor, could you autograph the book? Please..?"-She asked the professor, with her glasses shining bright.

November 25th, 2005, 7:45 PM
"Sure...Um I will definitely sign that for you Melissa. Also, Fai, Ju, Terry, and friends I will join you guys on your quest for the remains. I agree that I will be able to learn more if I join you and I need find the base of Crusix. They apparently have one of the remains and we are going ton get it back." The proffessor said while taking out his Machoke.

"Kaze, could you get me the pocket watch my dad gave us. Proffessor as you know my dad is Proffessor Takahashi, he made this watch to find the remains. We are going to use this to locate any and all remains that are to be released."

"Fai, I think Dad, will give us more information as we come along. We already know the proffessor knows alot."

Dream Illusionist
November 26th, 2005, 6:07 AM
"Ohhh...Thanks you, Professor!!" -She shoutted, overreactingly excited.
"By the way. What's this chosen-thingy talk?"-Again she asked, but this time, as Aqua would say, returning to normal mode.
"MKelissa, I think you shouldn't meddle in in others' conversations. It's unpolite." -Aqua said, on a harsh tone of voice.
"Yes you're right Aqua. I apologize."-She sqaid, looking at the group- "Hmm... for my apologize... Why won't we all go out to dinner? I'll pay..." -She asked, interested in their reaction.

November 26th, 2005, 6:26 AM
Appearo Town, she had finally reached it after asking directions and travelling for miles. She clutched her chest and sighed in relief as she gazed upon the angelic town. Slick, her faithful companion, sat perched upon her shoulder, eyes drooping and head bobbing, he was tired too, no wander, it was the middle of the day and he was more of a night time Pokemon.

Rachel smiled lazily at the little Murkrow and ran a delicate finger down his small head, she felt somewhat guilty for making him battle that trainer who had refused to let them pass on their way without a battle, but she felt proud that even in the early morning hours, he was still a strong opponent to go up against.

The Murkrow returned the smile without even a word and nuzzled against the crook of her neck, yawning widely. Unable to allow him to fall asleep in such an uncomfortable position, she took him from his perch and nestled him into her arms, cradling him as if he were a baby.

He was somewhat startled as he was taken down from Rachel’s shoulder, but soon became accustom to the change in position and fell asleep almost instantly. Rachel smiled widely now, and gave a yawn of her own, two days she had gone without sleep to reach this place, and she so wished to take at least a little nap.

Gazing over the town, she spotted a hotel and quickly made her way towards it, Slick still nestled comfortably in her arms. She opened the door with her shoulder and stepped in, not even looking at the grand appearance, but making her way straight to the counter to check in.


“Rachel Wong”

“That will be 10 dollars please”

Rachel handed over the money after placing Slick into the crook of her arm and rummaging through her pocket for the correct money. The man behind the counter handed the key to her rooms and stated that it was room eleven on the second floor. Rachel nodded her thanks and quickly made her way to the stairs, keen on getting a little shut eye before setting off once again.

(OOC- Okay, I don't know exactly where you lot are, but I'm now in the hotel, okay?)

November 26th, 2005, 4:44 PM
OOC: Actually you are right where we are!^^
IC: "Alright Melissia, By the way, I am thinking you should join thew group as well. I mean this way we have a huge team of people for all we know, you could be a chosen as well. Now we have to more people part of the group." I said as Kaze went into the professor's bag.

"What are you doing, you cat-weasel pokemon you!" The proffessor screamed as Kaze searched his bag. "Can you please get out of there!"

"Fai, I think the proffessor knows more about the Crusix more then he lets on. I bet he knows what they are doing exactly." Kaze said as he turned to Ju's Gardevoir. "Gardeihn, doen't he seem alittle to nervous tgo join us. Don't you think he knows more then he let's on?"

November 26th, 2005, 6:03 PM
(Hmhmhm...We have a werid professor and an over active girl with us now...Dont you think this is going to get a bit...werid?If not atleast intresting?)
"Do you have to be liek that all the time?"
(Be like what?)
"Be so like yourself?"
(Whatever...I'm just saying that if you dont keep your head out of your pants and pay attetion,things arent gonna be very pleasant...)
"You were abit less like yourself thatt time but keep trying."

*Terresnce looked down and flipped thorugh the pages of the book Ju gave to him.He skimed through and looked around to try and find anything useful or anything that had to do with him.After coutless page surfing,he gave up and looked up at Ju and Fai*

"Well,we have one remain and a bunch of werid guys trying to take ours and the rest of them.So,What are we gonna do?"

Dream Illusionist
November 26th, 2005, 6:39 PM
"Hmmm... your group? Chosen? Chosens of what?"-She mumbled,a bit confused.
"Well... it's nice to be in a group... why don't we do that for a change, Melissa?"
"Hmmm... ok!"-she said smiling. "Well, nice to meet you all. My name is Melissa Fayth."-She said, cheering the group a bit- "But what are the Chosens?"

November 26th, 2005, 7:20 PM
"The chosen are the ones that are aloud to have Remains and are chosen by a certain Remain based on a human quality one has." I said to Mellissa. "By the way, I am Fai, this is Ju, and this is Terry." I said as I took out my remain. "This necklace is a remain. I got it when I was walking around with Ju and found it in a tree."

I told Mellissa everything that had happened up till now and explained how the Crusix are an anchient cult based on the revival of the Being. Suddenly a very clock struck and it turned out to be seven. Kaze and I chuckled slightly as we realized we taking a long time to do many things.

"Alright, I guess we should get ready for dinner and get rready for the contest at nine. Ju, I wish you good luck."

Dream Illusionist
November 26th, 2005, 8:08 PM
Melissa heard Fai's story very attentively. Everything she hesard was put in a closet of her brain. She was syure it would come of use later.
"Wow.. that's interesting, but I noticed your necklace was a Remain before..."-She said, whilst opening her book on page 211, showing a necklace alike the one Fai had, with every nick and canny right. It was equal to the one Fai posessed.
"See, I found out it was a remain with this book, written by Professor Masters!"-She said, bowing at the professor again.
She then looked out of the window, to see what a beautiful night it would be. Many stars were already seen, and the moon was showing herself, in her usual shining dress.
"Well, let's go to dinner and discuss it there... we don't wanna be late"-She said-"Anyone knows a good restaurant around?" -She sai again, thinking of what a suculent dinner she and everyone else would eat.

November 26th, 2005, 8:30 PM
"Actualy I made variant reservations for Villa Del Sella downtown. It nis a great place and after we can go to the contest for Ju."

Suddenly a blimp appeared with a large man on it that was eating fried chicken on a screen on it.

"Hello, I am Ungoro, an executive to the east Crusxix division, I am here to present a contest challenge tonight at the Appearo Deluxe Hotel and Resort to Miss Ju! If I win, I will give the Remain we found with a scanner that is believed to be her's. If I win, we get the Proffessor!" Ungouro said while wiping off crumbs from his lower lip.

The blimped floated by as we watched from the floor we were on and waited for a response from Ju.

"Ju, I would ussually advise against it, but I know you will win, so I would do it. Also, we know that thew Csusix will be there, so we can finnally figure out where their base is. I have a theory that is we kiddnap a Crusix agent, we can tget them to spill the beans."

November 27th, 2005, 12:54 AM
{Yes?}Gardehin snapped away from the book as Kaze called his name.

The Gardevoir stared at Professor Masters,focusing onto his feelings.

{Yes,he knows more than he dares to speak,I think.}Gardehin concluded,eyeing the professor with suspicion.

Ju bowed as Fai introduced her to Melissa,before looking up see the blimp.Her mouth gapped open as he man on the screen challenged her.Also because he had bad table manners,Ju turned away from the screen as he wiped his face,it was just too much to watch.

"Me?!Why me?!?!And...I have a Remain??"Ju said aloud,looking around frantically.

"What..what if I lose?We can't just give the Professor up like that!!"Ju told Fai and turned to the rest.

"If I decline,all we'll lose is a Remain which they say is mine,if its mine,it'll probably never get activated."

"Can't even believe I have a Remain."she said under her breath.

"But..we kidnap him?What if we can't?What if the rest of you get hurt?What if we lose Professor Masters?What if-"the girl continued on with the 'What ifs' both her pokemon looking sadly at each other as they sweatdropped.

{Ju..don't be like that..we know you can do it.}Vuvu told her,leaping onto her trainer's head.

November 27th, 2005, 1:42 AM
Rachel made her way slowly up the steps towards her room, Slick was knocked out in her arms and she was on the verge of following his example soon. Her eyes dropped and her head bobbed every now and then with exhaustion, it had been one long, rough day and she was looking forward to a nice long sleep, refreshed for the next morning.

Turning the corner, her ears picked up whispers from nearby. She frowned and her head tilted to the side slightly. She walked cautiously down the hall, calling out rather tiredly Hello is anyone there? There was no immediate reply, and the whispering continued on.

She picked up something about remains and a contest, but the rest of the conversation was muffled and she could not even trace the voices properly, perhaps she was going further away from the source of the voices and not towards them, but as nosy as she was, she stopped in her tracks and listened out more carefully for the direction the voices were coming from.

She attempted her call once more, hello is anyone there!

(OOC-Short I know, but I need to find you somehow)

November 27th, 2005, 1:56 AM
"Hello,is anyone there!"

Ju turned around at the sound of another girl's voice which came from the beyond the hallway.
"Vuvu,go see whats up.I can't leave,not now.Gardehin has to stay with me."she whispered to the bug pokemon on her head,eyeing the guy on the blimp as she did.The Beautifly saluted her trainer,before flying off down the hallway towards the sound of the girl's voice.Beating her huge,colorful wings slowly up and down.Soon,she found a girl with a Murkow in her arms.

{Hi!!!What're you two doing here?}she asked sweetly,coming to a stop infront of Rachel and Slick,noticing that the Murkow was asleep and blushed sheepishly,wondering if she had woken him up.

Dream Illusionist
November 27th, 2005, 6:53 AM
"Villa del Silla huh? I heard very good praises of it... I can't wait to try out their food!"-she silently said to herself, imagining a great dish with various types of food (fish, vegetables an meat) in it.
"I'll pay everyone okay?"
After that, a sudden abordage of a Crusix member occured.
She was amazed on how bad they dresses and talked, not to speak of his rude manners.
"Well, Mr. Ungoro, we'll se how well you do in... a pokmon contest?!"-She said, surprised of such event.
"So that's what Ju is gonna enter tonight... Well.. I'll be right back everyone... meet you all at the lobby in 5 min..."-She said, whilst she fastly ran to her room and got dressed in a more formal manner. It was a famous restaurant, she couldn'ty go there dressed normally... She then ranto the lobby. No-one was there yet. Great. She ran to the counter, and asked the man behind it.
"I would like to register to tonight's Pokmon Contest."
"Very well, you're just in time, another minute and rfegistrations would be off..." -The man said, whilst Melissa sighed with relief, and the man wrote her name in the participants' list.
"The contest will cnsist of two pokmons together showing traits of Beauty and Smart categhories. Good luck.
"Thanks"-She told the man, as she ran to the door. No-one could suspect of this until the due time.

November 29th, 2005, 4:46 PM
"Hello there, who is there?" I said as Kaze and I peered around the corner. "Hi, how are you? I am Fai Takahashi and these are my friends Ju, Terry , and Proffessor Masters. My other friends and brother are downstairs."

As I said this Proffessor Masters walked to the stares with his Machoke behind him.

"Everyone, I am heading downstairs to make sure Melissa registered and to get ready for tonight I suppose. My room is the one over there. You all can get acqainted in there then go to your rooms later if you want. Anyway, I will see you all in five minutes."

"Fai, see even Gardehin beliebves me about the proffessor. I mean how exactly is he that important to the Crusix. I mean he knows alot, but I bet Dad, may know the same amount. I think we should see how tonight will go and see if Ungouro tries to pull anything. Meanwhile, I sense this girl is also a very important part of the group." Kaze said as he pulled on my leg.

November 29th, 2005, 5:40 PM
"Hi...."Ju followed Fai and Kaze,seeing that it was a girl who had called out to them.Not only that,but the girl also had a sleeping Murkow in her arms.Vuvu waved to Ju upon seeing her,landing again,onto her head.

{Here.}Gardehin thrusted the book of the Remains into Ju's arms.

"Thanks."the girl smiled to her Gardevoir,who merely gave a quick nod.

"Right,I'll get ready first,need to look good,not that I don't already,"Vuvu and Gardehin sweatdropped at their trainer.Now that the creepy man in the blimp had gone,she started acting her usual self again.

"Meet you all later."Ju walked off,with both pokemon following.Placing the key into the lock,she entered her hotel room.There was a single bed,a small television infront of it,a dresser and a desk at one corner of the room.There was also a closet.
"Wonder if..."the girl threw the book of the Remains into her Gardevoir's hands as he and Vuvu proceeded to sit on the bed.Ju opened the closet to find that it was already full of formal dresses.

"Heh,knew it!"Ju grinned,taking a long,red dress off the hanger from between the others.

November 29th, 2005, 6:47 PM
I waved goodbye to Ju and took my key. As I waved goodbye, I waved to the girl with the Murkrow.

"Come with us to dinner tonight. We would love to get to know you better. Meet me at my room in ten minutes. I am room 267. Remember in ten minutes." I said as me and Kaze ran to the room.

As we walked into the room we saw a small tv, a dresser and a bed.

"Fai, this is like your dorm rom. I think we should check the closet for anything we can take as a freebee." Kaze said with a Sneasel grin.

I nodded with a grin and opened to see formal clothes everywhere for pokemon and humans. I turned to Kaze, as I took out a suit made for a Sneasel.

"This is perfect," I said as I chose a suit. "This is exactly what I wanted to wear tonight."

I then took out a suit for Kaze, but he stepped back as I was about to see if he would put it on.

"No, I am a pokemon. I refuse to dress-up!" He said with a sneer.

I laughed then put it away in closet. I then went into the bathroom and changed. Finally, I put my things away in the drawers in the dresser and kaze jumped on my shoulder.

"Alright, let's head out!"

November 29th, 2005, 7:09 PM
"Come on out,guys!"Ju threw three more pokeballs into the air.In a flash,or maybe three flashes of red light,the rest of the girl's pokemon joined her in the room.
"What do you think?I look perfect don't I?"the girl turned one round so as to let her team see the dress from every angle.All of them sweatdropped and turned to each other,shrugging.Then,the five pokemon nodded,a little unsure.

Honhin,the Grumpig took a seat on the bed next to Gardehin,Vuvu had flown onto the television.Ju's Swellow,Bebe,yawned,scratching his head with one wing.Zuzu,the last and biggest,tried his best not to knock over anything as he sat down on the carpeted floor.

"Look!"the girl cried out,taking out small bows from the closet.

"They even have things for pokemon to wear!"she grinned,taking the bow ties in her hands,she walked up to her Swellow,Swampert and Gardevoir,helping them tie it onto their necks.

{I swear,this bow'll kill us all.}Gardehin grumbled as he loosened the bow so as to breathe.
{Hey,I look dashing,don't I?}Bebe asked the rest,staring at his reflection in the mirror.Zuzu merelu nodded,trying to get used to the bow around his neck.

Ju sat down with the female members of her team,combing both the feelers of Vuvu back with her own comb,then placing a pink bow on the Beautifly's head.For Honhin,however,there really wasn't much things a Grumpig could wear.
{Bleh.}she grunted indignantely,before snatching a bow tie out of Ju's hands,tieing it around her neck.
"Okay...."Ju giggled at the Grumpig's behaviour.

"Right,lets set off then,the rest of you can rest in your pokeballs till we get to the restuarant."Ju made sure that her beret was on her head,taking up her bag,before recalling all her pokemon except for Honhin.Gardehin quickly swipped the Remains book before dissapearing in a flash of red light.
The Grumpig looked too cute to be recalled anyway.Ju walked out of the room,Honhin behind,folded her arms and let out a low grunt before following after.

November 30th, 2005, 2:49 PM
*Teresnce walked over to his room and opened the door with Ladea quickly behind him.She looked around and glad she was free of her pokeball to get to see this.He threw herslef on the bed and let out a comfortable sigh.Terresnce nodded his head and went over to the closet to see if there was anything for him to wear.*

"You know...You should really get freshened up.I've decided to do you a favor and leave you out today as long as you keep your smart coments to yourself."

*Ladea tuned out everrything but "You should really get freshened up".She nodded and got off the bed and went over to the bathroom,closing the door sut behind her.*

"Huh.If she can use the bathroom by herself maybe the others will soon...Anyways lets see what I've go here..."

*Terresnce sorted through all the clothes in the closet.He grabbed a black shirt and a black suit aswell as some black pants.*

"I guess I'll wear black tonight..."

*Terresnce quickly changed into the clothes he had picked out and put it on.He opened his jacket pocket and grabbed a belt,aswell as all of his pokeballs.He placed them on the belt and put the belt on,with the pokeballs in the back.He looked at himself and nodded knowing he looked decent now.Ladea opened the door and came out looking as if new,she no longer ha holes in her dress skirt.He hair was loose and long.Terresnce tighted his ehad to the side and wondered if that was really his gardevoir.*

"Wow...Since when can you do that?"
(You mom used to watch alot of tv when I was a ralts at home and you were doing homework and I decinded to wander around.I picked up a few things.)
"Huh.THats rather...Interesting.Anyways,I'm about then and you seem to be in the same book so I say we get moving right?"

*Terresnce opened the door and walked slowy over to the lobby with Ladea at his side.*

November 30th, 2005, 5:15 PM
As Ju and Honhin walked down the hallway,the girl spotted Terrence and his Gardevoir.She immediately ran up,or rather,walked as fast as the tight dress would allow her,to the boy.

"Hi Terry,looking good there,and so's Ladea!"she grinned,Honhin merely acknowledged them by giving a quick nod.

"I wonder..."a huge smile was plastered across Ju's face as she 'accidentally' dropped Gardehin's pokeball onto the floor.

{Gah,what do you want now?You know how tight this bow is.}the Gardevoir grumbled and pointed to the bow around his neck as he appeared behind the group.

"Oh!Hi Gardehin,so nice of you to join us."Ju turned around,trying to look surprised as she took the Remains book from him before placing it into her bag.

{Bah...}the Gardevoir huffed,sometimes,he just couldn't understand humans,even his own trainer.Then,he noticed Ladea.Gardehin immediately went down on a low bow.
{Oh,how...uh..nice to see you,Ladea.You look..uh...rather,elegant.}he coughed,trying to get the words out.

{Ooooh...}Honhin smiled cheekily,finally,something fun was happening.

"Well,why don't we go down to the lobby then?"Ju suggested,pulling Terrence by the hand,as Gardehin continued with trying to stay calm,while the Grumpig beside him mischiveously poked him.

November 30th, 2005, 5:46 PM
"Oh?Yea!Lets go."

*Terresnce smiled at Ju and followed her down to the lobby.He signaled for Ladea to follow him but she merely nodded in agreement.Ladea looked at Gardehin up and down.She giggled at his bow and waved at him.*

(Why thank you...You seem rather handsome yourself with that bow...I hear that your gonna be in a pokemon contest,right?Is that why you seem nervous?)

*She semi cirlced around him and stopped.She then truned and went to follow Terresnce.She stopped to see if Gardehin would follow her.*

"Huh.Shes usally not this friendly,atleat not to me.Oh well,I guess I should complain..."

November 30th, 2005, 5:53 PM
Gardehin could feel his cheeks burning up.Honhin couldn't reisist but poke the Gardevoir.He eyed the Grumpig threateningly,slapping her paw away from him.Honhin covered her mouth with both paws,trying her best not to laugh.

{This bow'll suffocate us to death,death I say.}Gardehin grunted,following Ladea,Terrence and Ju.Honhin lagging behind,looking like she was suffocating,the Grumpig still let out a small giggle here and there though.

{Hmph,I'm not nervous,what gave you that idea?I'm used to the crowds in a contest.But sometimes,they are unbearable,becoming utterly rowdy and all that.}he turned at Ladea's question.
"Eh,really?Looks like she's really friendly towards Gardehin.Probably cause' there's not much Gardevoir around in the wild."Ju shrugged at Terry's statement.

November 30th, 2005, 9:00 PM
"We have to wait for the others to get ready for the thing as well, guys!" I said as I came to my friends with a smile.

"Fai, I thought that they would not dress up for this thing. I mean why would any pokemon want to dress up for this kind of thing? Anyway, I wonder of Ju ill be okay for the contest. Also, I am worried about Mellissa as well."

"Kaze, don't worry, if anything happens we will be right there to stop it. I think Crusix isn't very string at this point. I mean the Being could have atleast supplied them with better pokemon then the army led by the Proffessor person in the lab coat and his seven lackys."

Suddenly, another blmip came up, but with a very beautiful girl with flowing red hair and a blue dress on. She had a microphone and on the screen of this blimp read on top Appearo Sky report.

"Hello, everyone, this is Melinda Goodman of the Appearo News team!" Melinda said. "Tonight, the world famous Appearo News will be judging the Appearo Pokemon contest tonight. Also as an extra special treat, Ju will be there! I will be entering to verse my idol, anyway, we will see you al, at nine!"

The blimp floated away and I looked at Ju.

"Wow, ypu are really famous, I take it. I thought being in the Elite four made me famous, but you are the real famous one here."

November 30th, 2005, 9:28 PM
"Hi Fai.Heh,all looking good in suits don't you?"Ju nodded as she saw Fai and Kaze.Gardein was still busy with Ladea to notice,Honhin too busy with...laughing to care.

{This is priceless,if only I had a camera!}the Grumpig giggled as Gardehin turned scarlet.
{If I could just get my hands on you...}he grumbled,folding his arms.

{Its fun dressing up!}Honhin ignored the Gardevoir's threat,turning to the Kaze.

Ju narrowed her eyes as another blimp appeared,this time with a girl on its screen.
"Wha-??"she shook her head,as she had another challenge,beating one of her 'fans'.
"I didn't know I was an idol,didn't know I had fans as well."she said honestly as Fai told her she was rather famous.

"But,hey,its nice!"she grinned,not feeling embarassed whatsoever.

December 1st, 2005, 3:58 AM
occ: Hey there! Sry that i couldnt post the last weeks, but i had a car accident, so i am in the hospital now. The doc has allowed me to walk yesterday so i could make this post today, but i want to tell you that it could take a while until i can make full posts again, ok? Hope to see you all in about 1 or 2 weeks. Sry for beeing away the long time. See you all soon, ok? bye


December 1st, 2005, 2:57 PM
OOC: I am so sorry to ear that, please post when you can.

December 2nd, 2005, 1:25 AM
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December 2nd, 2005, 1:48 PM
OOC: That is alright, I guess it may be going alittle fast.
IC: "Okay, I wonder how long the girl we met and Melissa will take. I can't wait to go and then go see the contest. I mean we have ideas on how to get Ungouro to come out and say he is part of Crusix to everyone. Well everyone, who does not know about the blimp. I mean I guess he did, but I mean everyone will know that Crusix is evil and needs to be stopped." I said to Ju and Terry as Kaze went into my pocket.

"Fai, I bet Ungouro is planning to assualt the hotel after to steal this." Kaze said holding out out remain. "I am gonna hide this somewhere they will never find."

Kaze stuffed the remain in an empty pokemon he took out of my pocket as well. Then put the pokeball on my belt.

"There, just don't use this pokeball they will think it is one of your pokemon and they won't bother us."

December 3rd, 2005, 12:55 AM
I thought Melissa already came down to sign up for the contest,so,she should be somewhere around the lobby as well.o.O

"Oh yes,the contest shall be fun,so many people for me to beat!"Ju was getting full of herself again,as she proudly stated.Honhin tugged on her trainer's dress,wagging her paw at the girl.

{You know that you shouldn't underestimate people,especially those from the Cru...Cru...Cr-u-six.}the Grumpig struggled with pronoucing the last word.

"Fine,maybe I am underestimating people."Juliyn shrugged,before turning to Kaze as he placed the Remain they had found in a random pokeball,before clipping it onto Fai's belt.
"Hey,your Sneasal's smart."Ju grinned as Honhin proceeded to continue mocking the red Gardevoir beside her.

December 3rd, 2005, 12:42 PM
"Well, um, he is a college student too..." I said giggling while trailing off in laughter. "My dad made a machine, I left at my dorm that allows Kaze to speak to all humans. He is the one here who thought of this whole journey along with me. Kaze is a sense is my voice of reason." I said petting my pokemon.

"Fai, you are embarrassing me. Anyway, let's just wait alittle while longer. Ju or Melissa will win, and Ju will get her remain and we can leave town in the mourning. Tonight, I will figure out where the next town is."

I nodded and still waited.

Dream Illusionist
December 4th, 2005, 1:30 PM
OOC: Two informations:
1- I am at the lobby :P
2- My entry at the contest was supposed to be a secret until the contest itself started: No-one could suspect this until the due time. I referred at her entry. :P nevermind though... :)

IC: "Oh, there you are"-Melissas said, whilst joining the group.-"I was outside, waiting... what was that commotion up there? I saw a blimp again.. is Crusix back?"-She asked.
"Wow.. you're alway so head-on to business... You should relax a bit. No need to be so nervous."-Aqua stated.
Melissa looked at Aqua with a cold glance, spookying the poor Pokmon.
"Well, anyways, who's still missing? I'me getting a bit hungry..."-She said, whilst making a smile.
She looked at the man at the counter. He tried to avoid her look, like he had a secret that involved her.
"No... he couldn't have told them I was entering... He couldn't!!"
She stopped staring at the man to say:
"You really must tell me more about this chosen thing... and all you can teach me about the Remains and the Being. "-She muttered silently for everyone else in the lobby not to hear.

December 4th, 2005, 2:41 PM
"I will, but not here at dinner once that girl gets here. Let's give her ten more minutes, and if she isn't here we will go." I said to Melissa and the others as I waited.

"Fai, this is taking forever, and I am hungry. I need food or I am calling the Pokemon Humane soceity."Kaze said with an angr gaze.

"Kaze, wait, we need to wait for the girl. I bet she is chosen as well. I mean I sense it and I know you can as well. We have several chosen as it is, but we know there are more."

Dream Illusionist
December 4th, 2005, 2:59 PM
"Oh, look at the time!"-Melissa said.-"If we don't hurry, Ju will never be here for the contest in time... I hope the other girl you're talking about doesn't take much longer..."-She said, mentioning just Ju but thinking about herself as well. I wonder what girl they're talking about. Must be that girl with the Murkrow me and Aqua passed by in the hallway previously.
"Melissa, I agree with you, I'm really getting hungry..."-Aqua said to her.
Melissa looked at him with a smile.
"Don't worry, I doubt she'll take much longer"-Melissa replied.
She again loked at the man in the counetr, who hid fastly as soon as he saw she was looking at him.
That one is hiding something...

December 4th, 2005, 3:51 PM
"I'm hungry too,you know,we coordinators have to have loads of food to eat you know??"Ju said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.Honhin rubbed her stomach as well.

{Okay,if I die of starvation,you'll all be at the hearing.}the Grumpig whined,sitting one the floor,both of her brown ears drooping.

"Don't worry,WE'LL get to the contest on time.Anyway,why wouldn't they let the great Juliyn in?"the girl first emphasized on the word 'we'll' as she turned to Melissi,before proudly placing a hand on her chest at the second part of her statement.

"You're supposed to be staring at me,and not the man at the counter!!"Ju fumed,noticing that Melissi wasn't looking at her.

Dream Illusionist
December 4th, 2005, 4:43 PM
As soon as Melissa heard this statement, she launched a cold gaze at the man in the counter, now shivering.
"You know you can be scary, Melissa?"-Aqua whispered to her.
Melissa replied with a funny face, and turned to Ju.
"Sorry. I wanted it to be a secret, but..."-she says, again launching yet another freezing glance at the man.-"Well, someone spoiled it. Anyways, I hope you don't make it easy for me, beacsue I won't!"-Melissa stated, with her cheeks blushing a bit. She wasn't really used to this connection, this type of competition. She enjoyed truly this feeling, and Aqua smiled, understanding her.
"Well... Oh look at the time! I hope the girl really doesn't takes much longer, or WE'LL be late for the contest..."-She said, again looking at her pocketwatch.

December 4th, 2005, 4:51 PM
"Oh,I see."Ju nodded as Melissa stated she wanted her participation to be kept a secret.

"Now,even if I did go easy on you,you'd still lose because I was born with a knack for coordinating."Ju smiled arrogantly,before proceeding to bow to the girl and her Marshtomp.

"But,either way,lets have fun.Thats the only reason why I participate.Other than the prizes and the great crowd."she winked at Melissa.The Grumpig beside her continued whining and grunting on about straving.

"Oh!We'll go there soon,Honhin!!We don't you rest in your pokeball since you're so restless?I'll let you out once we get to the restuarant!"the girl didn't wait for a reply from her Grumpig,straightaway withdrawing her into the pokeball,before letting out another one.
Zuzu appeared,streching both of his huge arms,taking a glance at the Marshtomp beside Melissa.

{I seem to remember you from somewhere,have we met?}the Swampert asked honestly.

"Hey,you've a shiney watch."Ju's eyes gleamed at the pocketwatch.

Dream Illusionist
December 4th, 2005, 11:52 PM
"Yeah, it's really nice, isn't it?"-Melissa agreed, looking at the pocketwatch, whilst this shone a bit in the lobby.
She quickly looked throughout the room, and outside, observing the stars and the moon, this last one being extraordinarily preety tonight. The moon remembered her from her childhood days, and it seemed that it did the same with Aqua. She now focused her look on Ju.
"Well now, Miss Knack-For-Coordinating, I need real evidence if I am to believe your words - I need more than fame to convince me"-She said, smiling and anxious for the contest to start.-"By the way, your Swampert looks quite nice."
Aqua nodded, also interested in Ju's Zuzu.
"I dunno... I can't remember much of my kin. So.. well, sorry, can't affirme so."-Aqua stated.
Melissa patted Aqua.
"Aqua has been with me siince I was little, since he was little himself. Since little, we have always been close friends."-She explained.

December 5th, 2005, 12:35 AM
"Oh,a challenge I sense??"Ju replied,raising an eyebrow as the girl infront of her stated that she needed evidence.

"I could show you off right here and-"she stopped in mid sentence as Melissa continued to comment on Zuzu looking rather nice.The girl's eyes started sparkling with joy,while the Swampert beside her sweatdropped.

"At least you've taste.He's in charge of Tough Contests!"she grinned,giving Zuzu a good whack to the back.

The Swampert rubbed his back with one hand before turning back to Aqua.

{Oh,no need to worry,I understand,a scatterbrain myself sometimes,always forget when its my turn to appeal.}he laughed nervously.

"You think you're the only one with close friends?"Ju tilted her head and asked Melissi as the girl said she had been with Aqua since both were young.She instinctivly hugged the Swampert beside her as well.

{Can't...breathe...choking...}Zuzu gasped,but he knew his trainer meant well,on his face was a smile nonetheless as he hugged his trainer back,hoping that she would let him out of her death-grip soon.

"I've had Zuzu here,since I started my journey he was a Mudkip back then,first pokemon I had,before catching my Beautifly."she stated proudly.The Swampert could only grin weakly as he rubbed his neck,the bow tie still there in one piece.

Dream Illusionist
December 5th, 2005, 2:07 PM
"Yeah, he looks tough... but I think he would do well as well in a cute contest..."-Melissa stated, watching at the cute scene.
"Oh, don't worry about it. I know you must be good. It happens sometimes. I'm not much to contests, anyways... I don't like them much."-Aqua told Zuzu, in a friendly tone.
"Well, we better wait for the contest, we don't want to start a commotion here, and I don't wanna crush you so soon..."-She said to Ju, in a challenging tone.
"She entering competitions, befriending someone besides me... It's really good for Melissa's well being... I must thank Ju for that..."-Aqua thought.
"Huh... what are you thinking about Aqua? Are you... Oh my god! It's this time already!? We better get going..."-She shuted, again looking at the ppocketwatch, by accident.

December 5th, 2005, 4:03 PM
"Zuzu?He's too clumsy for that!"Ju laughed as Melissa sugested that the Swampert participate in Cute Contests.Even he had to agree with that,nodding at the human girl and Marshtomp infront of him.

{If Ju likes contests,so do we.Really,I mean,we weren't fond of the idea at first,but we grew to like the stage one way or another.Though,I kinda miss the days where we'd battle and train hard.But this,this is good too.}Zuzu stated to Aqua,feeling rather delighted that the Marshtomp didn't tease him about being clumsy.

"Not if I squish you first!"Ju replied,giving the girl a hard but friendly slap on the arm.Her Swampert flinched.

{Okay,tell your trainer,to make sure she doesn't get Ju too worked up,or the girl'll end up slapping people.And,her slaps aren't the type you'd miss.}Zuzu rubbed his neck again.
{But,it is good for Ju,normally,I'll see her showing off,but now that she's got friends,she's acting very differently.}he grinned at Aqua's comment.

"What?!"Ju called out in disbelief as Melissa stated it was already time for the contest.

"Fai,Terrence!We need to go now,our contest is starting!If you aren't following me and Melissa,you'll know where we are."Ju told the boys,giving Gardehin a good tug so that he would stop staring at Ladea.

"Come on then Melissa!"Ju grabbed the girl's wrist and started out of the hotel.
{Okay,that was un-called for.}the Gardevoir said simply,adjusting the bow as he levitated after the two girls,Marshtomp and Swampert.

December 7th, 2005, 5:47 AM
*Ladea waved goodbye to gardehin and winked as the door closed behind him.She then went over to Terresnce and cirlced around him twice and stopped at his side,waiting to see where they would go next.*

"Huh.Anyways,um should we follow them?"
(That would be nice...)

*Terresnce turned to Ladea and watched as his umbreon's pokeball fell off.His umbreon appeared and streched and yanw liked usally.Terresnce nodded his head and picked up the ball and putting it on his belt,deciding on give his friend a chance to strech its legs.*

December 10th, 2005, 1:42 PM
I took out my cellphone annoyed.

"Well, its been more then ten mintes and she hasn't shown, let's go to the resturant." I said as Kaze followed me.

As, we mover toward the lobby, I had noticed the man at the desk waving to us and wishing us good luck later at the contest. I smiled and waved to him back in a wy that signified a "See you ;ater!" rather then an abrupt goodbye.

"Okay, everyone ready to go and eat," I said as Kaze hopped onto my shoulder. "This place has the best food and is supposedly the fanciset resturant in the country. "

Dream Illusionist
December 12th, 2005, 12:03 AM
"Hey, Ju! Stop!!"-Meissa tried to pronunciate, as she was being dragged by Ju-"It's not time for the contest... I jusrt say that the ten minutes had already passed!"
"Oh, god. She always gets dragged on to everything..."-Aqua said, laughing a bit about the what was happening.
"Let's just go to the restaurant, ok? I'm starving!"-He asked politely, still looking at Melissa, laughing a bit.
"It's not funny!"-She stated, starting to laugh as well.
It was a charming night best to be spent by hanging out with friends, and that was exactly what Melissa was doing.
She liked that feeling of friendship and group, and so did Aqua, even if they only joined just a little while ago. This was going to be a great holiday for her.

December 12th, 2005, 12:43 AM
"Well,say it clearer next time why don't you?"Ju frowned letting go of Melissa as they came to a halt infront of the restuarant.

"We'll wait for Terry and Fai to come before going in ourselves."she straightened the ceases out of her dress,bringing a mirror out of nowhere to check that not a single strand of hair had fallen out of place.

{Oh!!Food!The rest will like this then!}Zuzu perked up to the thought of food,quickly grabbing the pokeballs off Ju's waist and letting the rest of his team out.

{I heard food..where's the food?!}Honhin grunted,glancing at either side of her as she appeared.

{Food!}a Beautifly emerged from her pokeball,flapping her giant wings for once or twice,before hovering in the air.

{Oh,yeah!!}the last,a Swellow chirped,deciding against flying,landing on the pavement,neatly folding his wings against his body.

{We've yet to get the food,anyway,we should wait for Ladea..}Gardehin had caught up to them{And!And the rest of them as well!}he added quickly as all the four pokemon stared at him.

{Garde's gotta crushy-wushy of Ladeeeeeee!!!}Vuvu flew next to the Gardevoir and chanted.

{Oh!Be quiet you!!}Gardehin turned scarlet as he shooed the Beautifly away with one hand,a Grumpig's laughter could be heard.

{Oooookay...I'm out of this.}Bebe sweatdropped,not wanting to have anything to do with the current situation,starting to clean his feathers.Zuzu merely gave the Gardevoir an encouraging and hard pat on the back.

{Thanks..I think.}Gardehin coughed,looking away from the Swampert to see Ladea....

Along!Along with Fai,Kaze,Terry and an Umbreon.

"The fanciest eh??"Ju nodded at Fai's statement,staring at her pokemon.

December 12th, 2005, 8:38 PM
"It'll ne nice if it is...we have to feed quite alot of mouths."said Terresnce,while looking at Ju's pokemon,who seemd to be reved up to eat.

*Umbreon looked around at the pokemon aswell,then quickly started over at the resturant,wondering if they had anything he would like,which would have been any kind of food at this point.Ladea came up behind Terresnce after awhile.She looked around at the resturant,noticing she was hungry as everyone else was.She caught,in the center of her eye,Gardehin.She over and looked athim for awhile.She then waved and gave off a small smile,being it was hard for her to smile since she was usally in a grumpy mood.Terrence's stomach grumbled as he rubbed it to try and quite it down.He poked at Fai's shoulder.*

"You think we can go in now?"

Dream Illusionist
December 13th, 2005, 11:41 PM
"Thanks..."-Melissa stated, a bit dizzy from the "ride".
She looked at Ju's pokmon attentively, checking out their characterstics, and finally, after a bit, she stated:
"They're really preety Ju!"
"Melissa, why don't you let the others out too? They musty be hungry too..."
"Yeah, you're right Aqua"-She said, as she relwased his Pokmon out~
First it was Starlight to blast open.
As it cmae out, it gave a big hug to Melissa.
"There,there Starlight. Calm down."
He then let go of her, as Queen and Mystic were released.
Mystic layed down, as Queen hovere up, waiting for their hug turn.
After all hugs were done, Melissa finally let off Windy, who majesticly flew around her.
"We missed you!"- The Pokmons all said.

December 14th, 2005, 2:05 AM
Melissa has a Gardevoir as well?
Oooh,wouldn't it be fun to see Queen and Ladea fight over Gardehin?!*gets brick'd*

It was just a suggestion...XD


"Of course!What'd you expect to see from Juliyn Mirasu?!"Ju scoffed at Melissa's statement,snapping her fingers.Her five pokemon immediately jerked up,all walking towards their trainer.

Gardehin waved to Ladea as a red line streaked across his face,there was that beautiful smile she flashed again,he would've continued staring if not for the Beautifly beside him buzzing playfully.
{Gardehin and Ladeeeee hovering around,K-I-S-.....'ing'!}Vuvu's spelling wasn't the best,which mocked the Gardevoir even more.
{For the love of Feebas,could you cease??}he sighed,the Beautifly grinned,shaking her head.

As Melissa proceeded to release her Starmie,Ju backed away,not wanting to get dirtied by the pokemon.The girl was prone to overreacting.

A shiny Swablu,Espeon and Gardevoir proceeded to appear after Starlight,each taking turns to hug their trainer.Ju raised an eyebrow.

"Right.."she nodded,starting to take note of all of Melissa's pokemon,especially Windy.

Gardehin turned to the Gardevoir called Queen and bowed,like he had with Ladea.It was common custom in the Gardevoir Society for males to greet females that way.

December 17th, 2005, 7:41 AM
"Now can we eat?"
*Terresnce was going impatient,as well were his pokemon.He noticed that melissa's pokemon and decided his should be releases as well.He grabbed all four of his other pokeballs and threw them in the air.First was his blaziken,who went over and stood michecheavously away from the group.He was followed by his ninjacsk,who just flew around...for no apparent reason.Nidoking roared and the sat amongost Terrence.Finally Zangoose came out always...He was the more normal of all of Terresnce's pokemon.*

"Thats over with..."
(Maybe they should have stayed inside their pokeballs...THey can be a pain sometime you know.)
"You know...you need to tell me these things before i do something.And besides,they arent gonna do anything...horrible,right?"
(I'll make sure to say I told you so later.)

December 17th, 2005, 4:44 PM
"Yeah,Fai!!I'm hungry,and so are my pokemon!"Ju whined,folding her arms.

{Woah,you fly fast!!}Vuvu grinned at the Ninjask which had just appeared,certainly interested that his wings were smaller than hers but he could still fly faster.

Zuzu stared at the Blaziken and Nidoking,tilting his head to one side in confusion.While the Grumpig beside him proceeded to cross her legs as she sat in the pavement,not really having anything to comment on.Ruru and Bebe kept to themselves,not really wanting to make conversation,since they were all equally hungry.