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November 11th, 2005, 8:48 PM
Beckoned by the past, taken from the future. Six gems of power, to their rightful owner. Twenty days, twenty nights, and the six gems will disappear from sight, the destruction of the world to follow.

On a night that seemed like any other, you began to walk home from a summer festival with a group consisting of 5 of your friends. One of your friends suggests you take a shortcut through the forest, and you do so, despite the wishes of the others. After travelling for a few moments through that forest, a red light is casted across the land, the light originating from the sky. Yes, on that night like any other night, the moon began to glow a shade of blood red.

At that very moment, the ground around you began to soften, turning into a quicksand-like substance, causing you to slowly sink into the depths, thoughts of death echoing throughout your mind.

You awake to the sound of heavy breathing, and find yourself in the middle of a vast forest, surrounded by a group of monsters- no, demons. You and your friends are then attacked by the beasts, and almost fall, before a bright light fills the area, destroying all of the demons, and saving your lives.

It turns out you were saved by the souls of deceased demons and warriors, intent on continuing their legacy. As payment for saving your lives, they demand you take on their powers, so that they can pass on without feeling like their legacy has ended. You obviously agree to this offer, and they explain to you the world you're now in, before channeling their power into you.

When the light clears, any trace of the souls has disappeared, but it feels like a part of them is within you. After a close examination of your body, you find that it now strongly resembles that of the one in which you recieved your abilities from. This moment of discover does not last, however, as a demon named Naraku appears on the scene...

1) You can not play a character from the actual series, since the story is centered around our characters. Characters from the series will make appearances, but they will be NPCs (Non-playable characters)
2) No god-modding, yadda, yadda.
3) Do not join if you aren't going to stay dedicated. I'm tired of my RPs dying after only a week because members give up.
4) If you do not RP to my standards, I have the power to kick you from the RP.
5) There are only 5 more spots to fill, so its a first come first serve basis.



After transformation
Name: (If your character wants to go by something different)
Gender: (It's one of my RPs, did you expect this not to be here? XD)
Race: (Human, demon, half-demon? If demon, what kind?)
Appearance: (Remember, it strongly resembles that of whom you recieve your powers from)
Personality: (It may alter slightly)
Abilities: (The abilities you inherited from the soul)
Soul History:

RP Sample:

November 11th, 2005, 9:39 PM

Name: Robert Price

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Your average brown haired, brown eyed, large-framed teenager, wearing typical bluejeans and an orange T-shirt.

Perosnality: Nein, you should know by now thatmI don't do personalities. I RP them.

History: A typical child for the most part, no silings, just a mom, dad, and homeschool since the 2nd grade.

After transformation

Name: (Maybe, maybe not. :3)

Age: N/A

Gender: N/A

Race: Necrosis Demon

Appearance: A large, but very slim framed figure, almost skeletal, but only vaguely human, with pure white armored flesh, and bright yellow slitted eyes, pehenstile feet, and four arms based close together in pairs.

Personality: See above notice

Abilities: He has no real magical powes, other than the ability to levitate, and the fact that he can survive in any temperature. However, his reflexes, speed, and strength, as well as endurance to pain more than make up for this, and being able to use six attacking limbs at once doesn't hurt.

Soul History: A demon of living death, a necrosis demon is rarely found, and even more rarely understood. They typically keep to themselves, but the demon that saved his life was outgoing enough not to purposefully hide from anyone and anyhting.

November 13th, 2005, 12:21 PM

Name: Rachel

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b282/SinfulDragon/Anime/Female/SportGirl.jpg

Personality: Calm and collected, Rachel tends to go with the flow and take things as they come, even if they are a bit far fetched. Her calmness normally comes across as uncaring to others and this usually gives her bad luck in making friends, but it’s not like she cares or anything, she gets on fine without them, but she never said that she didn’t want any.

History: Rachel until this life changing event was your average high school student. Active and adventurous, she would take any opportunity thrown at her and make the very best of it, even if it turned into a total failure. Granted she was a bit of a loner at school, but she got on fine, though it was a little hard on her not to have anyone to lean on when she was down.

After transformation

Name: Damien

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Half Demon

Appearance: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b282/SinfulDragon/Anime/Male/DemonBoy.jpg

Personality: Damien is pretty much the colder side of Rachel’s personality, instead of keeping his emotions in like Rachel; he permits them to show…only in anger and violence. A deadly foe, but a worthy companion, Damien isn’t one to take things lying down, and would surly stand up to anyone who got in his way.

Abilities: Damien has the power to stop time for a while, giving him the chance to evade an attack or deliver one. But this power is limited, he can only perform this little trick once every ten minutes, so when he uses this technique, he must use it wisely. If he uses this too often, the watch he uses to use this magic will stop.

Soul History: The Demon of Time, but unfortunately after transferring his powers to Rachel, the most part of his magic has been lost, and will alter be regained to it’s full power. Once upon a time, he was permitted to move back and forth in time, meddling in others affairs or even changing history, but he had his own rules not to tamper too much with History and obliged to them.

November 13th, 2005, 1:35 PM
Name: David
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: David stands around the height of 5'11", with blue eyes and short red hair. He is built averagely, and wears a white t-shirt with a black hoody overtop, and a pair of navy blue jeans, black running shoes to accompany them.
Personality: N/A
History: David is just a regular kid, 'nuff said.

After transformation
Name: Sora
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Wolf Demon (Northern Tribe)
Appearance: http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a282/Shinn_SEEDmode/1128087075244.jpg
Personality: In this form, David's calmer side shows through, along with a strong sense of patience, though not much else is different.
Abilities: Wolf demons from the nothern tribes posess the speed and agility of the others, as well as their control over the wind. However, the northern tribes appear white in colour, and have a stronger power over the wind, and they dress extremely different:

Kazeyumi- The name of the sword in Sora's posession. It has a strong influence on the wind, contains special abilities that are superior to many other weapons.

Demon Form- Sora has the ability to change into her demon form, which is the beast displayed in the picture with her.

Soul History: The one who gave David his powers was a Wolf Demon that went by the name of Yumearu. She was a savage demon who abandoned her tribe and pillaged towns, destroying what remained. However, she was slain by a demon that went by the name of Sesshomaru, and went seeking for a body in which she could give her power.

IC: What the hell had happened? The moon... it had turned a shade of red that reminded me of blood, and then the ground sucked me in. After that, I felt like I was falling, and continued to feel like that for at least three hours, before I landed on something hard with a thud. Maybe it had all been a dream. Perhaps I had just been imagining it all! For some reason, I highly doubted it. Maybe it was the fact that whatever I was sitting on was shaking, and something large sounded like it was running towards me, until I felt its hot and rank breath blowing across my body.

My eyes shot open to see a monster of some sort. It was at least 12' tall, and was only wearing a cloth around its torso. It's skin was blue, it's eyes were red, and it had brown horns on the top of it's head. It also has a large mouth lined with razor sharp teeth. "It's been a while since I've had human, I hope I can digest it!" The thing laughed as it reached towards me with large blue had, and grabbed hold, lifting me into the air. It began squeezing me, and I felt my bones being crushed into dust under the pressure, the pain became too much, and I shouted to nobody in particular for help.

You who posess the gem, I will aid you. A voice echoed, making the beast look around for a second, before it just... blew up? It's true, it blew up from the inside, sending green and red guts and blood everywhere, its arm dropping to the ground with me still clenched in the now bodiless hand. Before I hit the ground however, a white light consumed me, and I began to float midair, now facing a long furry thing, that reminded me of a wolf. I am Yumearu, a wolf demon of the northern tribes. You aren't from this world, so I'll explain. You've somehow come to this era, which obviously differs from your own. I take it from the look on your face that demons do not exist in your world? Anyways, if you wish to survive from now on, and because I saved you, I'd like you to take my powers. I have no need for them now, and because you have that thing inside of you, I think you'll require it. I just nodded, and the light faded into darkness.

I awoke during what seemed to be the next morning, to the sound of birds chirping. My whole body ached when I sat up, and I saw two others around me. "Hello?" I asked, having forgotten about the night prior, and the events that occured, considering I just awoke.

November 13th, 2005, 2:48 PM
It wasn’t exactly freighting, but it wasn’t exactly pleasant either, falling through the air in an unknown location wasn’t exactly on her to do list, but she had to admit that it was sort of exciting to be free falling in the middle of no where through what seemed an everlasting nightmare. The red moon glared at her, it seemed so close…close enough in fact, that it was almost reachable in her eyes, but still, her arms remained motionless, spread at her sides due to the gravity.

It actually became boring after the first few minutes of falling through the sky, with the same view and the same drooping feeling within her stomach, she actually sighed in utter boredom, but this was quickly replaced with a light gasp as she landed on solid ground once again. She took a glance around only to find that the same blood red moon was staring at her, not from a distance, but the only thing different was the large shadow that overlooked her now.

Her eyes bulged upon figuring out what it was, in fact, she had opened her mouth to scream before a scaly body encircled her mouth and the gleaming eyes of the white python-like demon was before her. Fear shone in her eyes and she was unable to do anything, the python’s hot breath caressing her cheeks, but Rachel did not let a single tear fall from her teal eyes, she was braver than that.

“A human, here? What a delight, so long hasss it been since one sstrayed in my path; I will cherish the taste for another century to come.” He announced gleefully as he dislocated his jaw, giving Rachel a superb view of his almost purple insides. His head rose above hers, and Rachel soon found herself lunged into the great mouth, when she heard a voice.

‘A great trouble you have gotten yourself in,’ came an amused voice ‘do you wish me to help you, or do you have a plan?’ the deep voice chuckled ‘Of course you do not, you are half way devoured by this creature, what a foolish question. Well then, I see you do not wish me to delay any longer, but in return for your safety, you will carry with you my power and my spirit, be weary though, you will hold a burden on your back’

And without further delay, the snake began to burn, he immediately pulled Rachel from his mouth in agony and his grip loosened on her, allowing her the time to crawl away from him. Its screams pierced the night as it burned from its tail upwards, until all that was left was ash.

The darkness overcame her then, and all that remained in her head was the continuous laughter of the deep, masculine voice of her saviour until she awoke in the same room as two others, both male as far as her blurred eye sight could see.

She replied to the quite voice that had called “Hello”

November 13th, 2005, 3:22 PM
Considering what had just happened, I believedmyself to be doing rather well. That was, until I saw the orange eyes. There were seven of them, but that was all I could see. They weren't hot like fire, they seemed to glow, yet be a depth of darkness at the same time, I couldn't look away. The eyes darted all around me, becoming blurrs of lights, I didn't even think to look at the rest of the... thing. There was no sound, but I realised I had already been slashed open in many places, and blood was soaking the grass. The thing stopped, and I saw that it was somewhat human shaped, but misformed, with greyish purple skin, and growths all over it's body. It looked up, before literally smoking at every joint, and falling apart, as though it had been cut with a red hot sword. That's when I heard a grating, rust-like voice speaking, though I didn't hear anything with my ears.

Well, human, it looks like your potential isn't to be wasted after all. You aren't from this world, so I'll explain how things are. I don't know where you're from, but judging from the look on your face, your clothes, and the feelings in your heart, this place is very different from your home. Well kid, since I've got nothing better to do any more, I'm channeling my strength into you. I think it'll come in handy, but be careful. Even I wasn't invulnerable. I didn't even had time to think as darkness overcame me.

I blinked the yellow, slitted eyes I had recieved, slowly coming to myself, and rising up, both pairs of thin, white arms limp. "What happened?" I asked, not aware of my situation, or the fact that my voice now had the same, sinister rust-like quality to it, only it was still definitely my voice.

November 13th, 2005, 4:19 PM
I was about to inquire the other two about our situation as they awoke, despite their scary appearance, but it was cut short as I heard "Dance of the Dragon!" echo off in the distance, and the wind suddenly picked up to an extreme speed, lifting me into the air. When I was about 40 feet high, rocks and other debris that had been sucked up had started flying at me, cutting and bruising my skin.

What the hell are you doing? A voice echoed in my head as a sword hovered in front of me. Call out its name and swing it, you'll be able to break free that way. I took hold of the sword, but had no clue what I was supposed to refer to it as. Maybe I just needed to focus.

I closed my eyes, despite the situation I was in, and cleared my mind of any thoughts that weren't related to the sword's name. About a minute later, my eyes shot open. "Kazeyumi!" With that, I swung the sword horizontally, dispersing the twister, and sending me flying towards the ground at a high speed. For some reason I had to large steel balls chained to my head, and I'm guessing that didn't help much...

On my way down, I noticed a young girl dressed in a simple white kimono with matching sandals, a large mirror in her hands. Somehow, I landed on my feet without any additional damage in front of the girl. After getting a closer look, I noticed her expressionless dark eyes. It was kind of creepy.

"You will... Recieve no more aid..." The girl said as her mirror began to glow blue, that presence that helped me earlier disappearing. Something was definately not right about this girl, and my instincts told me she was evil. I sprung forward, the sword in my hand, and swung it vertically down at her. However, she blocked it with the mirror, which glowed, and sent me flying back 10 feet. I was disturbed however. I had caught my reflection in her mirror. It looked... female. I glanced down at my body and found that it was, and it was worse than that as well. I had a tail and wolf ears as well. I didn't have the time to be shocked or amazed right now, however.

November 14th, 2005, 10:33 AM
I got up quickly to help, but I was caught offguard as a tree slammed into me. A tree? Trees didn't fly... I had to backflip in time to dodge a large rock, almost as large as me that came whizzing by. Since when could I do backflips? I didn't have time to think about it, as more debree started flying, as well as large, somewhat wasp-like insects. I didn't know what they were, but I didn't want to touch them, that was for sure. I spotted what looked like a small figure wrapped in a white baboon skin, and I growled, my eyes flaring. I wasn't sure why, but I didn't like this person, and I somehow knew that he was responsible for this...

I sprung into action, and if I was impossibly agile before, now I was a miracle.I danced through the cloud of debree and insects, using all my limbs to guide myself. I wasn't sure how I was foing this, but that didn't matter, as I got closer and closer to baboon-boy. I had blood on my mind, and I knew who I wanted to get it from...

November 14th, 2005, 7:52 PM
I glanced around as I heard the other two being attacked by similar methods, before turning my attention back to the girl who apparently had no emotion. "Who are you- WHAT are you? What do you want with us?" I inquired as I lifted my blade into the air.

"I am... Kanna, a being born from... Naraku." A time of approximately 30 seconds elapsed between this and her final answer. "We only wish... to fulfill a prophecy..."

November 15th, 2005, 1:21 AM
Oh, oh, can I join~~?


Name: Isabelle
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Appearance: http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a159/KayPocky/Anime/girlandkitty.jpg

Personality: Timid and meek, Isabelle always speaks in a soft and barely audible voice. Every time anyone focuses on her she would instantaneously blush heavily, even when locked in a mere eye-to-eye contact. Usually, should anyone speak to her alone, she would suddenly find something interesting about shoes and would occupy herself with them until she knows that the attention is not on her. She also has a bit of a low self-esteem and believes she is nothing but a big blunder.

History: She's just normal. Despite the fact that she's painfully shy, a bit way too nice, she's lived her life normally.

After transformation

Name: Cailyn
Age: Depends~
Gender: Female

Race: Cat Demon

Appearance: ~nine years old (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/3monica6/nyaa.png)// ~twelve years old (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/3monica6/P1030829.jpg)// ~fourteen years old (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/3monica6/32779ad1.jpg)

Personality: The polar opposite of Isabelle. Fierce, mischievous, and not quite the quietest; Cailyn is perhaps the noisiest creature in the whole world, in fact! She would immediately result to brute force to get what she desires and won't stop until she finds that she is triumphant. With an ego as big as can be, Cailyn tends to act tough and forces herself to push through her limits. The last thing she would want is to be defeated in a battle.

Due to the two mismatching personalities, Cailyn suffers a split personality. One day, she would be her sweet and timid self, and the next, she's the loud and obnoxious egoistic cat demon. She's just…unpredictable.

Abilities: Cailyn has the power to alter her age to anything she finds fit. She usually sticks with the body of a fourteen year old—or younger— as it appears that she gets away from most of her troubles by merely acting all cute-like.

Though it may seem that speed is her necessity, she relies more on her strength and wields an axe for battle. She also has great vitality to back her strength up.

Soul History: With her ability, many from her tribe came up to her with tasks. Often, it would be to slay something; demons and humans alike. As she never technically ages, she found a way to exert more power to herself and gained resistance against attacks that are highly dangerous. With that, she found a way to be as strong as she desired. She thought that it made her invulnerable, but an assault from this wolf demon, Koga, proved her wrong and her life ended all too quickly.

Keo Kirito
November 15th, 2005, 4:24 AM

Perosnality: Randall is a loud 16 year old who pipes in whenever he can. He gets in trouble alot when his mouth starts running.
History:Randall grew up in the small town of Lethos. He grew up learning how to defend himself. He was picked on quite often and got in many fights. Now his fights has died but now its his mouth people worry about.

After transformation

Name: Shou
Age: 24
Gender: male:
Race: demon
Appearance: http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a250/Randall-kun/Shou.jpg
Personality: Still a loud mouth, he has learned to control it some what more. Causing less people yelling at him.
Abilities: Amazingly strong. He is fast as well. His skill with his sword are amazing as well.
Soul History: He lived his life trying to find a way back home. This demon appeared human until he need his true strenth. He fought many demons and humans. His partners were turned against him when they strived for more power. They attack him and were destroyed. After long fights with 3 demons he was killed and his soul absorbed into a crystal.

RP Sample:
Shou walked down the streets of the small town. Humans and other creatures were scurrying about their business. Shouts of Bargains entered his ears. But Shou continued on. He was not interested in foolish items. He was a Demon. Of human appearance, yes, and he was always like that. He needed not lesser nutrients. His white Cloak and hood appeared not to be touched by the dirt and filth of the street. His face was soft in appearance and comforting. He seemed kind enough, his baritone voice kindly refusing all the offers handed to him. Thanking the shop keepers for their kindness and all.

Then, a small child ran into Shou and fell over. Shou kneeled down to pick the child from the street floor. The smile and soft features were still on his face. But the eyes had changed tone into a darker, crueler, colder yet the eyes burning with rage. The Child's happy face turned to that of horror and ran off like he had seen a ghost.

The villagers looked oddly at Shou, and Shou took his hood off of his head, his face was back to normal, kind and comforting. The villagers seeing the face saw nothing wrong, and thus came to the conclusion that the child had probably imagined something. Life returned to normal.

For the moment, he will allow the lesser filth to run free in the lands of Ordek. But soon, Shou will claim his true title, Kurayami no Shou, so as to declare dominance over the living and the dead alike. Control the past and the present and thus dominate the Future with the choking alliance of Darkness and Fire.

November 15th, 2005, 2:23 PM
Name: Rei Kuroshii
Appearance: Rei is a small, frail looking girl who isn't exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of the Captain of the Kendo club. She stands about 5'4", and weighs around 115 lbs. So in short she looks to be quite defenseless and innocent. Her skin is slightly tanned, and her build is surprisingly good considering that she looks so petite. Her hair is a dishevled dark brown that is borderline black. It has varying lengths and curls slightly. Normally it is kept in a loose bun atop her head, but stray strands have a habit of escaping it. Her eyes are a dull hazel and are usually behind a pair of gold rimmed glasses. She normally sports baggy and torn clothing, ignoring the dress code as usual. Sometimes she even walks about in her Kendo uniform.

Personality: At first she appears to be shy and quiet, but then she opens her mouth. In all reality she is wild, mischievious, and devious to a fault. Everything is a game to her and she intends to play it. Being from a city gang has turned her into a rather rough individual and a very difficult person to trust. The strange thing about her though is that she seems to have another side to her personality that is seen only when she is fighting. She morphs from a fun loving, generally positive girl into a violent, deadly, and cold woman. This is the reason that she so quickly moved up the ranks of the Kendo team and commands respect from any who challenge her.

History: Born in Tokyo, she was abandoned by her mother and left in a dumpster. Of course she was rescued by a man who took her to a church and left her on the alter. The priest there called the girl a blessing and decided to raise her himself. Unfortunately the wild girl was not at all the innocent church goer. She ran away from the church and joined up with a street gang. They raised her on the streets, and Rei quickly learned how to fight and how to steal. However she was captured by the police and returned to the priest. She eventually grew to trust and love the man as a father. She was home schooled for many years until she was introduced to high school where she quickly made a name for herself as Kendo fanatic and troublemaker.

After transformation
Name: Rune
Age: 1734 years but looks about 20
Gender: female
Race: Kitsune
Appearance: ( See image below and leave out the dog thinger)
Personality: She becomes even more of a trickster, but has a certain calmness about her that makes it hard to figure out what she is thinking. Rune is highly protective of those she deems worthy and will defend those she trusts til the end. But other then that she is still the same wild girl as before.

Weapon: A pair of daggers and a kendo stick that she carries with her everywhere.

Abilities:Shape shifting= Can temporarily hold the shape of something, Kitsune bi= Fox Fire, Apparation= A skill that allows her to disappear and reappear in another location. But this only works for short distances and she must be able to see where she is going., And She can take the form of her fox form.

Soul History: Rune was merged with the soul of the demon lord of the South Runeiliska, a kitsune. She was once the powerful leader of the southren clan of kitsune and mated to a black male kitsune named Serinos. After the disappearance of her brother (shippou's father), Runeiliska went on a journey to find any trace of him. In her absence her mate took over, exiling the female. She fled to the north where she disquised herself as a human and settled in a small village. There she began to regain her strength in order to seek revenge. But, she fell in love with a human man named Taijin. They were wed and because she was afraid that he would hate her, she did not tell him of her true self.

She gave birth to a son. A Hanyou named Daaha. Unfortunately this revieled her for what she was. Her husband, though hurt did not reject her and loved his small family even more. However, he was sent off to fight in a war and died. Runeiliska morned his death to the point of crying tears of blood that stained her cheeks and her son's. A few months later the village was attacked by a black kitsune, Runeiliska finding herself face to face with her old mate. He wanted her dead and the child for his own. So Runeiliska fought, but because she was so weakened she died, and Serinos stole her son away.

RP Sample: (( from a Gundam Wing Rp ))

A explosion.



And ear shattering bang and finally...Darkness.

Focus on your breathing 01. In and out. In and out. Do not move. Just breathe. Slow your heart and your blood. Do not move 01.

Those words moved through the mind of a fallen figure, a continuous mantra for the soul who's heart had become so hardened and cold that these commands were all that he knew. Still Dr. J's voice rang so clear in his mind even now as he lay in the midst of a war zone. His first thoughts were to keep his body under control, the young man slowing his heart rate with little effort. It was easy really, for him at least. Afterall, he had been trained well. Slowly his eyelashes fluttered open, reveiling startling cobalt blue that slowly focused on the surrounding reckage. That was the only movement he made. The young man allowed his eyes to take in the area fully, scanning for movement, danger, anything. So they hadn't gotten out in time had they? Great. Once again he had survived something that he shouldn't have, something that, like so many other insidents, should have ended his service to the war. That was all he was really. Just a toy, a little doll that had been programed to perfection and sent out to kill.

Get up 01...

He attempted to move, pain lancing through his body. The young man ignored it and sat upright, his messy brown hair falling into his eyes. Silently he assessed his body, noting that he had broken two ribs, his left arm, and possibley more. Why was it always his arm? Blood trickled down his pale skin from various wounds, the most noticable one being on his forehead. A peice of metal must have caught him during the explosion. The red liquid rolled down his face slowly, dropping from the sharp curves of his cheek. He ignored it and searched the room. As far as he could tell he was one of the only ones alive, his eyes falling emotionlessly on the bodies of various people who were luckier then he.

The young man moved to his feet, ignoring the pain that knifed through his protesting body and picking up a 45 that had fallen close by. His own, he noted, having committed every inch of the weapon to memory. He picked his way through the rubble, moving as quietly as possible.

Check for survivors and eleminate any that pose a threat, 01.

His eyes fell on a familiar form lying nearby, the young man's heart leaping for an instant much to his own surprise. He moved quickly to where a young man had fallen, his eyes looking over the person he had fought alongside for signs of life. Duo was alive. Good. Silently, 01 crouched next to the long haired man, gently laying a hand on Duo's chest to alert him of his presance.

Though he did this, he said nothing, his eyes looking over the wounds of his ally carefully....

November 15th, 2005, 3:29 PM
X___X I was going to join this...I really was, but school got in the way so I didn't have enough time to make a character, when I finally do, I need to go to school x.x When I come back, I see more people join..*sigh* Well, it'll be ok, if I didn't make it quick enough. I'll try not to be so lazy next time! XP

Name: Sora

Age: 17

Gender: F

Appearance: Her hair is dark black, shoulder length, and curled outward at the ends. Her eyes are a dark blue and her body is obviously mature. She wears dark black jeans and a sleeveless red top. She wears dark red sandals and her skin is tanned from being in the sun.

Perosnality: She's an outgoing 'in your face' type of person. She acts crazy and sometimes mean around those she doesn't know, and yet she's caring and understanding around her friends. She likes to be tough sometimes, even when she's afraid.

History: Sora has an older brother whom she looks up too. She's middle class, but longs to be one of a higher status. Her parents are usually gone on buisness, she her brother looks after her...which leads to lots of crazy parties on which she now grows around.

After transformation
Name: Mizki

Age: 15

Gender: Still female XP

Race: Human

Appearance: Here! (http://www.mahoraba.net/graph/top/top023.jpg)

Personality: She's now more resourceful and somewhat more serious. Everything has a reason now.

Abilities: She has a powerful light-filled sythe and a spirit of a rebelious serpent demon named Supen that once belonged to Mizki.*twitch* Supen (http://images.neopets.com/pets/happy/hissi_green_baby.gif)

Soul History: Mizki was a young preistess in a rather large village called Kazukken. With her sythe that was powered with the power of light, that she could only wield, she had protected the village from many demons. She lived along with nature and loved all of the animals. Her parents had both died due to a demon attack , so she was mostly alone and didn't find time for friends. She became friends with one serpent demon named Supen though. He has a human form, that he only used with Mizki, but now won't show it to Sora.

One fateful day, she was given a report of a fallen shard from a Shikon Jewel. She found the jewel and guarded it from approaching demons with her life. In the end though, she was found by a demon named Narraku and was killed along with Supen.

Weapon: Exactly like this, minus dude XP (http://tn7.deviantart.com/300W/fs6.deviantart.com/i/2005/083/c/6/Killer_Scythe_by_rinji.jpg)

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November 16th, 2005, 3:54 AM
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November 16th, 2005, 10:12 AM
Trees flew at full speed through the air; large rocks were like feathers as the wind drew them up and hurled them through the air at the small group. How were they to defeat something as powerful as this? Rachel glanced past the thick cloud of dust and leaves towards the figure standing in the distance. Scarlet red eyes glanced back at her with what seemed to be anger and a lust for battle; it captured Rachel, for a brief second, in anger and torment.

‘Pay attention!’

The voice from within her head immediately brought Rachel back from her little trance just in time to dodge a tree trunk that was hurled in her direction. She threw herself out of harms way, landing roughly on the floor with a loud “oomph”. Upon looking up, she noticed that the woman had moved from her position and was now glancing at another, who was desperately trying to fight against the fierce winds.

Just at that moment a twig caught her eyebrow and slit it open. Blood ran swiftly down her face, and was taken by the still gushing wind. She growled, her rage slowly building up inside of her, and before she knew it, all that she knew was anger, rage and an urge to kill this being.

There was evil laughter from with in her mind, until her senses were clouded with blood lust. A silver blade appeared before her eyes, and she grabbed it by the hilt with little through of why it had appeared there in the first place. She dodged the many tree stumps that were thrown her way by the chanting woman before her, and leapt high into the air. Of course, her hopes of an easy win were dashed as another wind attack was thrown her way and she was knocked back to square one of her assault.

She growled, only to notice that her voice was deeper and more masculine.

“What?” she questioned herself, her hand grasping at her throat.

‘Do not worry little one, a temporary change in your body’s appearance that’s all. My powers come with a price, and that price was that you would take on an appearance that resembled my own. Now, KILL HER!’

A scream unleashed itself from her mouth and she leapt to her feet and dashing forward in another attempt to defeat this woman that she knew to be the enemy.

November 16th, 2005, 10:46 AM
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Sparkling angel I believed
you were my saviour in my time of need.
Blinded by faith I couldnt hear
all the whispers, the warnings so clear.
I see the angels,
I'll lead them to your door.
There's no escape now,
no mercy no more.
No remorse cause I still remember
the smile when you tore me apart.

A pulse filled me as a strange light seemed to flow outward from me. My hazel eyes fluttered open to to darkness that surrounded me, confusion filling me at I looked around. Where was I? What was that smell? Blood? I looked about, panic swelling within me. Darkness and more darkness. I rose my hands before my eyes, once tanned flesh now split and bleeding crimson.

Suddenly I noticed that it was no longer dark, a warm fire crackling before me. Confusion was quickly replaced by comfort, my arms cradling a tiny form in my arms. He was perfect. His pale round face, the tiny mouth that was parted ever so slightly in sleep, and even the pair of white and black fox ears that were fixed atop his skull. Such a beautiful little child. Gently I ran my clawed fingers through his golden locks, a smile curving my lips. My beautiful son. A human man burst into the room, panting for breath.

" M'lady! You husband!" He exclaimed. Fear stabbed through my soul, pain following close behind. The child in my arms stirred, opening beautiful golden eyes to peer up at me.

" Okkaa-san?" He yawned. Without a word I leapt to my feet, my many layered kimono flowing about me as I rushed outside. A man lay atop a wooden trelis of sorts, his handsome face pale. Panic once again consumed me and I ran forward, throwing myself over his body. My ears twitched forward to catch the sound of his dying heart. The child in my arms seemed to pick up instantly what was happening and fell silent.

" Runi..." The fallen man breathed, his thick blonde hair framing his gaunt face and splaying out on the ground about him.

" Don't speak Koibito...my dear Taijin..." I sobbed, my voice much deeper and silken then I remembered it being. His Bluish eyes filled with such love and pain as they stared into mine. Gently I pressed my lips to his, tears rolling down my face.

" My Koibito..I will...wait for you...take care of...Dahaa...Aishiteru...Runi" He gasped, his breath catching before exhaling sharply. I shook violently and rose to my feet, setting my son down gently. I felt an anger unlike anything I had ever experianced before surge through me. I wanted blood. A large black fox stood before me leering down at me.

" Serinos..." I spat hatefully, keeping my son behind me. The beast let out a high pitched howl and leapt to attack. I felt my body growing, shifting. Before I knew it I was launching my own attack, my six tails whipping the air as I sank my teeth into the black fox. Suddenly a blast of green light shot through me, pain lancing through me. NO! Desperately I wrapped my dying body around the frightened child in a final attempt to protect him.

Life drained from me and I felt the world falling away slowly, the black fox's leering face etched in my mind.

You took my heart,
Deceived me right from the start.
You showed me dreams,
I wished they would turn into real.
You broke the promise and made me realise.
It was all just a lie.

Sparkling angel, I couldn't see
your dark intensions, your feelings for me.
Fallen angel, tell me why?
What is the reason, the thorn in your eye?

I gasped in pain, the darkness surrounding me once again.

" Human girl...You are dead...You were killed by demons...I can save you and bring you back..but, only if you help me avenge my Taijin and save my dear son."

The voice was so warm, so soothing, so promising. I reached out to it, feeling the warmth grow within me.

" I will help you not for my own life but for yours..." I spoke truthfully. After all, my life was pathetic. This woman had suffered greatly. The voice seemed pleased and pain shook me roughly, my body shifting and contorting as her soul transfered it's energy to me.

Then I give you my pain, my rage, and my power. Do not fail me... Rune.

I see the angels,
Ill lead them to your door.
There's no escape now,
no mercy no more.
No remorse cause I still remember
the smile when you tore me apart.

Rei awoke slowly, a groan escaping her as she sat up. Blood had pooled about her body, her own she assumed. But wait, she was not Rei anymore. Her intense eyesight picked up a battle of sorts a little further away, her white and black tipped ears perking forward to catch the sounds. The reborn kitsune rose to her feet with a growl, her tail thrashing wildly. She would bring about the revenge of Runeiliska if it were her final act.

(( this is what she looks like now ^^))

November 16th, 2005, 1:12 PM
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IC: Supen! Use whatever power you have left to create a barrier!

Lady Mizki! I'm not sure if I'm still able to-

Try it now! This is our only hope, youkai!

These voices seemed to have awoken me as I realized that trees and rubble was projected twards me. I instinctively put my hands over my head and screamed, expecting to be hit, but only noticed that everything was going around me. Startled, I realized a rather ghostly winged serpent causing a purple shield around me as it looked like he was losing energy fast. When the gust had weakened, so had the serpent which lay rather exhausted.

I was to shocked to talk. But then again, I really had nothing I could say...How about a thank you? I looked around unsteadily, a battle seeing to be going on from the direction of the wind...Hmph, don't mind that now...you, owe me your life, do you not? I searched for my voice, but my mouth just was agape searching for this voice...

Fine then! I will answer for you. You do. It obviously looks like you are startled here, so let me explain. This demon with you is Supen. I, -stop looking, you can't see me- am Mizuki of the Kazukken village. You are obviously unfamiliar to this era, so I would like to pass on the power of my scythe and my accomplice, Supen. This is what shall be compensation for your life, alright?

I found some words, but they seemed to stumble off of my tounge and crash together.

Well, I must go now, hopefully Supen will help you out with whatever you need. Hopefully you can carry on my legacy...

With that, I saw a blinding light, that was gone rather quickly. I was never afraid of snakes, a winged one was no exception. I slowly went to pick up the tired serpent and wrapped him around my neck. Hopefully he wouldn't choke me... I then remembered the battle as I protruded from the grove of trees where I was and began to analyze whatever these things were.

Those are demons... Supen began to hiss, The one with the fan and the girl are the ones who are the opponents...

"Opponents!" I finally said, "But I don't have a weapon and you are too weak!"
Supen hissed.

Solem, call it. It should come to you...the scythe of light. You should be able to hold it... I repeated the name and raised my arm into the air. Within seconds, a shiny scythe appeared from afar into my outstreached hand. The Solem had two large blades in the opposite directions on opposite sides. It seemed to glisten by either the light or with malice. It was then that I noticed that I had a different appearance than what I once was...I could worry about that later.

Drop me here. I'll come to you when I've recovered. You have the Solem now, so go and destroy them...keep Mizuki's legacy alive...

I swiftly obeyed and rushed into the fray, nervous, yet determined.

November 16th, 2005, 5:55 PM
"Now, now, stay still, my little dear. You want this to be as quick and painless as possible, yes?"

As she was now backed against a tree, with nowhere else to go to, Isabelle shut her eyes tight and instinctively wrapped her arms around her head for protection.

No! Please, don't cry. You're stronger than this.

Isabelle tried her best to be optimistic, but it was futile attempt. She could hear the slow steps of the fish-like woman as she neared towards her. Her footsteps sounded louder through her ears, it sounded like the noisy ticking of a clock. For every step the creature took, Isabelle knew she would be closer to her death.

She hesitantly opened her eyes, its vision blurred from the watery drop forming, when she noticed that the creature had ceased her movement. Instead of feeling the creature's sharp claw plunged through her, she felt drops of liquid descending on her face; its soft pitter-pattering made an eerie sound she did not like.

Daringly, she shot a quick glance upwards. She tried to scream, but her voice betrayed her. Her whole body was numb, and all she could do was stare apprehensively at the creature that was trying to slay her. An axe had made its way through the creature's torso, splitting it from the lower half of the body. The axe also held the creature stuck against the tree.

Her hands unconsciously made its way up on her face, wiping off the liquid. The liquid was thick and it was crimson in color. It…it was the creature's blood. Whoever had attacked the fish-woman must have been trying to help her.

"A-anou, thank you." She whispered softly. It mattered not that her savoir was not visible to her. She was simply glad that she managed live.

Hey! My service does not come free, you know!

Isabelle meekly nodded as her eyes darted around the forest. You can't see me, idiot. Anyway, listen. My name is Cailyn, I'm a cat demon—very well-known, in fact! Unfortunately for me, this stupid wolf demon, Koga, had luckily got his hands on quite a few shards of the Shikon Jewel and so he managed killed me. Ack, if he didn't have those I would've beat the heck out of him, I'm sure!

Despite her current, and rather bizarre, situation, Isabelle let out a meek giggle. "Yes, I'm positive you would have defeated him."

Yep! Anyhow, back to the point. Since I’ am now dead, I want you to have my powers. My amazing strength included!

"Me?" She repeated, uncertain. "B-But I'm much too weak! I-I will only be a great disappoint to you."

C'mon, no need to be so humble~! Now, look to your right. There's a fight going on there and as you are now the Great Cailyn, you shall join the brawl! Ugh! I can also sense the putrid aura of a wolf demon somewhere there.

"Yes, ma'am!" Isabelle could only blink at her sudden confidence.

November 17th, 2005, 4:00 PM
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IC: What kind of prophecy was Kanna talking about? I would have asked her, but for some reason I began to feel tired, like my energy and life was slowly being drained from me. A light shot up from Kanna's direction, the source being her mirror. Whatever was happening to me, obviously was linked to that mirror.

I was about to make a move, when I fell to my knees, now completely unable to move. My breathing slowed, and my breaths became short. I felt as I was about to perish at the hands of this girl, the girl with the mirror that seemed to draw me in.

Fwoo. An arrow shot past my head, which had a purple glow to it, and impacted the mirror, releasing it's grip on me, and dropping 6 gems in the ground.

"Retreat for now. Kikyo is about." Naraku informed his detatchments a purple miasma surrounded the three, before flying off into the distance.

"What the hell... was that?" I said to nobody in particular.