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November 12th, 2005, 2:54 AM
Beyblading is an on going fandom across the world; there is hardly anyone who doesnt know of the famous sport where spinning tops are put against one another in a fierce display of power, endurance, speed and the companionship between Beyblader and Bit beast. Yes, this game is much more than a battle of power, the link between the Beyblader and the spirit within the blade is equally important, even more so, for the Beybladers determination and faith it what triggers the spirits power and unleashes its full force.

Many believe this sport to be nothing but a game, some perhaps even think it pointless and a waste of time, but to some, this sport is a meaning of life, a calling perhaps. They believe that when they show determination and the spirit of Beyblading, they can do anything. All across the world, tournaments are hosted to those who think they possess the power to overcome the best of Beybladers and make it to the top; these people are true Beyblade champions.

They test their strength, speed, endurance and faith in these tournaments, and some come away in tears, unable to get over the fact that they have lost, but loosing only means that the opponent has more faith in themselves and their Beyblades than the others, in which case, the looser needs more faith and determination for their link with the bit beast to grow stronger so that they can win.

Tyson, a well known Beyblade champion is proof of this. Once just your ordinary kid, overconfident in his power and perhaps overly determined, but after participating in these many tournaments, he found the true meaning and spirit of Beyblading and made it to the very top, even after losses, he never gave up until he achieved what he had set out to do.

Tyson is an idol to many, even the older generation of Beybladers look up on him as a true Beyblader and they enter their matches with high hopes and a determination that even Tyson would be proud of.

So, the questions stands; do you have what it takes to become the next Beyblade champion, and do you share that special link with your Bit beast. There is only one way to find out; the stadium awaits.

Character bio

Age: (Under 20)

Bit beast bio

Attack: *
Defence: *
Endurance: *
Special attacks: (*One only)
History: (How you found your bit beast)

*Status: Attack, defence and endurance will rise throughout the RPG, so dont make them to powerful to begin with. You have 6 points to share between the three fields, for example:

Attack: 2
Defence: 2
Endurance: 2

See? 2 + 2 +2 = 6

But dont worry; this will change throughout the RPG.

*Special attack: You will start out with one special attack, but like the status, this will improve and you may even gain or learn others.

In the RPG you will work both alone and as a team to over come battles, so we may have to go against one another in battle, or sometimes, work as a team of four to get through tournaments. Depending on how many sign ups there are, it may be easy or difficult to split up into teams, but we will sort this out when the time actually comes.

The RPG will be a mix of battles and adventure, so dont go thinking we will be stuck in battles twenty four seven.

So, I will allow as many as I see fit to sign up, before closing the sign ups and beginning, OR I may allow late sign ups, it all depends on what outcome the RPG gets in the next day or so.

My sign up will come a bit later accompanied by some minor characters.

November 12th, 2005, 7:02 AM
OOC - Whatever you just said made no sense at all.

Character bio

Name: Kyou Ryusaki
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Description: Wears a plain white t-shirt and plain black basketball pants. He's often wearing a pair of black basketball shoes. He has a small pouch carried in the same manner as a messenger bag to store his beyblade gear. He has messy black hair and grey eyes.
Personality: Humorous and a coward, but gets much more serious when it comes to beyblading. Ever since he discovered this sport, Kyou has had a more serious attitude towards things, although still the humorous self at times.
History: Never took anything seriously, Kyou's parents were happy to find Kyou doing something serious. Kyou comes from the Ryusaki family, who's ancestors were archaeologists. (Kyouryuu means dinosaur in Japanese so bleh.)
Other: Boasts the fact that he made his own beyblade.

Bit beast bio

Name: Tyrano
Description: http://www.rangercentral.com/images/prdt-zd-tyranno.gif but more 'animal'ish [Wow, the new Power Rangers robots look cool.]
Attack: 3
Defence: 1
Endurance: 2
Special attacks: Jurassic Volcano
History: Discovered in a school trip, Kyou saw a glowing light that no one seemed to notice.

Prof. Pine
November 12th, 2005, 4:50 PM
Character bio

Description:Wears a Black T-shirt and a blue overshirt,wears blue jeans,white tennis shoes. He has brown hair and eyes. He stands around 6'8"
Personality:A little overconfident. He knows the stats of certain blades, but raley uses it. He's a good friend to have though.
History:He was a lazy kid, but got good grades. The only thing he realy did good at was drawing and bayblading. His parents were baybladers who help him become great Beyblader.
Other:Sometimes gets kinda impatient, but it doesn't realy last long.

Bit beast bio

Name:Thyrus X
Description:(See Below)
Attack: 4
Defence: 1
Endurance: 1
Special attacks: Thunder Tyrant's Strom
History:During A Storm Nick found it under a pile of rocks.

November 12th, 2005, 5:28 PM
Character bio

Name: Kay
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Me (http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b301/Kay11190/CASE3TH0.png)
Personality: Kay is mostly calm collected person and rather friendly to everyone he meets. For those who are his friends he is incredibly kind and is always looking to help them with thier problems. When it comes to blading he sees it as just a leisurly activity and tends not to take battles too seriously. Though if pushed into a corner in battle he will do all in his power to win and prove his strength.
History: Kay grew up in a small town with both of his parents where he had very little friend. When his parents got divorced he moved with his mother to a town where the sport of beyblading was rather popular. Kay soon picked up on the sport and started playing whenever he was stresed helping him improve his skills and learn to keep his cool. Through blading Kay met many new friends and has grown happy with his new life.

Bit beast bio

Name: Carius
Description: Carius (http://de.geocities.com/sdodip/datei/animated/wolf01.jpg)
Attack: 2
Defence: 1
Endurance: 3
Special attack: Firatonte-When Carius howls and raises his wings he creates a black firery orb that shoots towards the opponets blade causing severe burns.
History: After being in town for about a wek and picking up blading kay became very frustrated from his parent divorce. some kids also mocked him making him seem he had no one left. while he was blading one night a dark blakish purple wolf with wing flew down into his blade knocking him to the floor. When he got up he wasn't sure of what had happend until he noticed a figure of the wolf inside the bit chip of his blade. When he looked at the wolf closely he remembered the sories his dad told him of a wolf who came when people were in need named Carius. Kay began to learn the power of his bit beast.

November 12th, 2005, 5:46 PM
Name: Rey Deikun

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...edievilrey.jpg

Personality: Rey is mostly known for being quiet, loyal, calculating, and manipulative. Considered to be a student of beyblade, he usually spends time on his laptop researching his opponents. He doesn't like making friends, and usually ends up alone, enjoying his solitude and thinking. He views beyblade as his passion, and his own path in the world. He fights to win, making his academy teacher proud. When it comes to beybladeing his personality changes from the emotionless soul, to the aggressive and determined battler.

History: Rey is an Unknown beyblader. No real history, but was at the DESTINY beyblade academy, where he graduated as a red blader. Rumour has it that he was an abandoned child, and the headmaster found him and took him in. He showed some skill as a blader, and the headmaster trained him personally. Because of this, he is absolutely loyal to the headmaster, and will do anything for him. A side affect of this made him really emotionless; he doesn't really show his emotions. He prefers to concentrate on the beybattle instead.

Bit beast bio

Name: Flashfox

Description:A red fox, with nine tails which are all white in colour. It’s quite big, at around four feet tall, and 100 pounds. It has amber eyes, and a pointy black nose.

Try not to use too many full stops, use some commas instead.
Attack: *
Defence: *
Endurance: ****

Special attacks: Legendary Blaze

History: Personal gift from Quattro Dulindal, the headmaster of the DESTINY academy. It was captured and sealed into a bit chip long ago by Quattro, and stored at the academy. As the days past, it would never activate before any beybattler. On the day Rey's graduation, he was able to choose a bit beast, and flashfox activated in front him, so he chose it.

November 12th, 2005, 5:54 PM
Character bio

Name: Kevin "Soul" Michako
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Click Click (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v718/12max1/Drac1.png)
Personality: Stubborn sometimes, but most of the time Soul is a fun but serious Beyblader.
History: Soul lives by himself, his parents died when he was 11, the same time he found DinoBreaker. Soul trains almost every day, he trains by himself and with his Beyblade.
Other: N/A

Bit beast bio

Name: DinoBreaker
Description: Clickeh (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v718/12max1/DinoBreaker.png)
Attack: 2
Defence: 2
Endurance: 2
Special attacks: Steel Saw
History: When Soul was 11 he was walking along the beach when he stepped on a shell, inside the shell was DinoBreaker.

November 12th, 2005, 8:04 PM
Character bio

Name: Ace Angelos
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Description: {see attachment}
Personality: Often quiet and withdrawn, skilled with computers and some may call him a nerd, but when in battle, he's energetic, tormentful, wild, crazy, and schizophrenic.
History: His parents tried everything to get him to be active and outgoing, they tried everything they could think of, from aeronotics camp to zoology class. Then he came home with his bit beast and he and his father made his Beyblade
Other: Very skilled at making beyblades, and is a wiz with statistics

Bit beast bio

Name: Airazor
Description: {http://www.dinosauria.com/gallery/joe/archaeopteryx.jpg} but a little more mechanical-ish; probably closest to {http://www.beybladegallery.friko.pl/255.jpg}
Attack: 3
Defence: 2
Endurance: 1
Special attacks: Iron Claws
History: One day while he was coming home from his piano lessons he decided to take the long way home and along the way he crossed the creek, he saw something flash in the sunlight and he bent down and picked up his bit beast.

November 13th, 2005, 4:04 AM
discreption:see avvie
history:i was born with a bitbeast!!!
other:is a very tough apponent


decripition:like kari's digimon angewomon is digimon
speical attack:HOLY ARROW!!!!!
history:biibeast came in the beyblade after my birth!

November 13th, 2005, 4:24 AM
Beyblader Humza: I have no idea what you said, but this is an RPG, you should not post here unless you wish to sign up.

Otstake: The link to your bit beast does not work, and I need more from your personality, how does his attitude change whilst beyblading? I need more there sorry, please edit.

Prof. Pine: I need much more in both description and personality, and perhaps even History. Take a look at my sign up to find out what I need.

Kay11190: Accepted!

flashfox: Your character seems a little overpowering, you need to describe his personality, not his battle style, please edit that. Also I need more on your History and bit beast description, again take a look at my sign up to see what I am looking for.

Darkstrike: Read what I said to Prof. Pine.

Night-kun: I need more on your Personality, but other than that, it's an alright sign up, but I defiantly need more with your personality.

MistMermaid: I see no effort there what-so-ever, disapproved.

NOTE: Remember that all fields should be at least a Paragraph long (four lines) and the same goes for all RPG posts.

Character bio 1

Name: Rachel

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Description: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b282/SinfulDragon/Anime/Female/GothicGirl.jpg

Personality: Rachel is a determined seventeen year old girl, with all tendencies to make it to the top. At first glance she comes across as intimidating and uncaring, but in truth, she is one of the most loyal and caring companions to have. But don’t let her caring nature fool you, she can get quite a temper if provoked enough and can be rather violent in her actions, she acts first and saves questions for later. Wise in her knowledge and caring in her nature, Rachel is a great companion and a worthy opponent.

History: Rachel attended a school of art since the age of sixteen, for she wished a career in graphics designing. She had been an A level student and had never been a fan of beyblading in her younger days; she thought it a waste of time and energy, her studies came first in her eyes. But ever since she found the bit beast, Miditour, her mind had changed completely, though she still treasured art, she found that her new calling was within the mighty beast that she carried with her. She built a Beyblade, black in colour, that fit this bit perfectly; ever since, she has been concentrating mostly on her beyblading skills.

Other: N/A

Bit beast bio

Name: Miditour

Description: http://www.saberfire.com/dragons/archivehigh/066.jpg

Attack: 2
Defence: 2
Endurance: 2

Special attacks: Midnight Storm

History: One day she had been walking through the park in the middle of the night, on her way home from working in town, when a strange light caught her eye. Out of curiosity she approached the blinding light, only to note that when she got closer, the light changed to a dark aurora, giving off a frightening chill. All of a sudden a Dragon unlike any she had seen before, emitted from the dark mist and charged at her. She woke up the next day, holding the bit beast that was, Miditour.

Character Bio 2

Name: Drake

Age: Eighteen

Gender: Male

Description: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b282/SinfulDragon/Anime/Male/ComputerBoy.jpg

Personality: Drake, a young lad with the intelligence of a fully qualified teacher, is somewhat bossy in his nature, but caring of his companions. He claims that the reason he is so bossy, is because he wishes for his team to do well in getting through the tournament. Unlike Rachel, he doesn’t let his intelligence go to waste in mindless beyblading, in stead, he creates and customizes her beyblade to ensure a quick and easy win.

History: Drake met Rachel whilst on a school trip to a local gallery, the two schools had attended the gallery opening together and they had quickly made friends after criticizing a piece of art that stood on show. He explained that he was an expert on coding and anything computerized, and from there on, he had been Rachel’s beyblade companion.

Other: N/A

More character bio's will be introduced when they apear in the RPG.

November 13th, 2005, 7:56 AM
Character bio

Name: Yami
Age: 14
Gender: female
Description: Long black hair and dark blue eyes that glitter with light blue on very rare occasions. Wears loose light blue jeans and a medium sized black T-shirt with a blood red shilloett of a cat sitting down on it. About 5'4".
Personality: Not so outgoing with people she doesn't know too well but trustworthy to her close friends (which are a secret to only her).
History: Grew up alone at a small cabin in the mountains. Never remembered who her parents were and just figured they died when she was really little. She hasn't been around people all her life or just what she could remember from it. She isn't afraid of people though. On very rare occasions she sees someone out in the distance passing by for whatever reasons she could imagine. No one really goes up to where she lives. Its cold and has snow almost all year round where she lives because of the climate and temperature up in the mountains where she lives.
Other: Wears a golden necklace with Kyuubi on it

Bit beast bio

Name: Kyuubi
Description: http://www.absoluteanime.com/naruto/_kyuubi.jpg http://www.naruto-fan.net/uploads/images/Summonings/kyuubi.jpg
Attack: 3
Defence: 1
Endurance: 2
Special attacks: Dark Twister: The Beyblade spins at very high speed and circles around the opponent. The area around it turns dark while this attack is in motion. It creates a twister-like whirlwind around the opponent, the high speeds knocking it out of the arena.
History: One day Yami was walking through the woods and found a huge, silver boulder with a bit-chip embedded in it at the top. Yami was always a huge Beyblade fan after she had found one under a floorboard in her house in one of the bedrooms. She spent days and nights trying to dislodge the bit-chip from the huge stone. When she was finally about to give up, she tried one last time. When she pulled at the chip, a huge flash formed in the sky and struck down at Yami and the bit-chip. She was knocked unconscious. The next day she woke up and found the bit-chip in her hand, with the Kyuubi embedded on it, with a dark black backround.

EDIT: XD I try to say bitchip but it doesn't let me post the b*tch part X3

November 14th, 2005, 1:30 AM
Editted with more detail. :] Do we get beyblades like in the anime (ie. Dragoon S, Dranzer S) and then advance to other beyblades like Dragoon F, and then Dragoon V and that? Or do we only have 1 beyblade (e.g. Galeon)

November 16th, 2005, 12:22 PM
(OOC- Okay, the accepted are as follows:

Kakashi and Sasuke Lover

More can join, but I expect good sign up's)




“It’s not my fault, it won’t work!”

“Hmm, and your sure your releasing it the right way?”

“For the last time, yes!”

“Then I really don’t know”

“Great help you are”

The two friends were busy trying to perfect Miditour’s latest move, ‘Midnight storm’, but it seemed whenever the blade began to create a small gust of wind, indicating the beginning of the attack, it would fail in its attempts and fall motionless to the floor, and Rachel was becoming more and more frustrated with the whole ordeal.

Her friend, Drake was getting the bad end of the deal. Her anger was slowly rising and turning on him. Of course, he had done nothing wrong, but Rachel could not control her anger issues. The poor lad was slowly tiring of the hard studying he had been making.

“I give up, it’s not going to work, Drake.” She growled, retrieving her precious blade from the hard floor and cleaning it off with the sleeve of her trench coat before plopping it into the deep trenches of her pocket. She sighed and brushed a stray strand of her raven black hair aside and behind her ear.

Drake quickly closed his laptop and walked to stand at her side, he lay a gentle hand upon her leather clad shoulder and rubbed it gently “Have faith, without that you can guaranty the move will never work. All you need to do is put faith in your bayblade and it will work, just keep on trying.”

Rachel smiled her knowing smile, Drake was wise in both knowledge and words, and he knew exactly what to tell her in her moments of depression. She returned the gratefulness with a squeeze of his shoulder and uttered thanks, audible enough for Drake to catch. He smiled, before following his friend back into the grand house they had been practising outside of.

“You thirsty?” Rachel asked, making her way into the kitchen as Drake plopped himself onto the sofa in the middle of the living room. “Yeah, water will do me fine!” He called out to her.

There was a moment of noise within the kitchen as Rachel prepared the drinks, but it was shortly followed by the shuffling of feet as she re entered the living room and set the glasses on the little wooden table just before the sofa. Drake immediately reached over and grasped the glass, bringing it to his lips and chugging the liquid down in a few long gulps.

Rachel stared at him with a raised eyebrow as she sipped slowly at her drink, before placing the now half empty glass back on the table. “Enjoy that?” She asked amusedly.

Drake nodded his head enthusiastically “Very much, I was parched.” He admitted, propping his feat up on the table in front of him. “Where are your parents anyways?” He asked curiously, looking around for any sign of them.

“Dad’s working and Mom’s out getting some food with my little bro.” She answered, mimicking Drake’s movement and propping her feet up to accompany Drake’s, “Never said when they would be back…think Dad finishes at seven though”

There was silence then, it seemed the two were having a hard time thinking of a topic to discuss. Drake seemed to be fidgeting next to her, and it seemed his eyes lit up as he remembered something he had overheard at school the other day. He turned his body so that it was facing Rachel and replied excitedly, “I overheard some of the bladers at school say that there is a tournament being held at the new baystadium in the centre of town. Sounded to me like a great opportunity for you to test your bayblading skills and for me to do some extra research…what do you think?”

Rachel sighed, lowering her head and shaking it slowly from side to side, she spoke in a low whisper “You know as well as I do that Miditour wouldn’t stand a chance, I can’t get that attack of his to work and neither is he customized great enough to handle a tournament, and I doubt that I am ready either”

“Well, this will be the perfect chance for you to better your skills then, what better way to test a bladers spirit than a good ol’ competition!”

Rachel pondered over his words for a second. It really wouldn’t do any harm to participate, and from her losses she could only improve, she really had nothing to loose in the matter.

“Where to I sign up?”

(OOC- First post is to find out about the competition being held in the new baystadium in the middle of town. You can have minor characters as friends if you wish to tell you of it, or even see it on a banner or add.)

November 17th, 2005, 3:58 AM
Yami gazed up at the dark gray clouds in the sky and sighed. Her left hand tightened around her Beyblade.

'Theres no way I can train outside in this.' She whispered inside, looking down at the endless amount of snow on the ground.

'We can always train inside.' Yami heard a deep, brisk voice whisper to her inside her mind. Yami sighed again.

'What we need is a Baystadium'

'But we'd have to go into town for something like that..'

'I know..' She added in bitterly. Jumping off from the tree stump she was sitting on, Yami trudged back to her house through the path through the snow that she made to get here, which was already half filled with snow again. Silence was all that was heard on their way back to the house. Yami stepped on her porch and gazed out one last time at the snowy scenery. 'Wait.' She gazed up at the clouded sky and saw a small piece of paper come fluttering toward her. 'What is that?' Yami felt Kyuubi tweak in her pocket.

'Your destiny..Grab it.' He whispered curtly to Yami.


'You'll understand soon enough. Just do it.'

'Ok.. Whatever..' She trudged out in the snow again and jumped up, snatching the paper from the air.

'Read it'

Yami unfolded the piece of paper and turned it over to the front side. She looked at the date of it that was printed small in black at the bottom. 'Hm.. Its recent..' Then her gazed shifted to the top of the page and saw what the piece of paper was about..

*Rawr cliffy* XD X3

November 17th, 2005, 5:34 AM
((OOC - Shouldn't it be Beystadium A la Beyblade?))

In the small podium was a boy, playing a sport, otherwise known as beyblade.

Kyou was tired. He was busy tuning his beyblade to a speed high enough to cause sparks to emit from the ground. This would wear the base seriously, but thanks to his father's latest archaeological trip, a new material was discovered, which Kyou quickly tested it with his spare beyblades.

Kyou pulled against his launcher as his ordinary 'ring' ripcord made a noise against the gears inside.

The red and white themed beyblade leapt off its launcher as it added more spin for a few seconds as sparks started to fly off.

"There it is... Jurassic Flame!" Kyou called out.

The beyblade hopped up and down, imitating a dinosaur stomping. Sparks flew in all directions, some burning bits of the tile.

Kyou bent down and pressed the beyblade on the bit chip, taking care of his fingers and took up his beyblade. The beyblade was custom made with the exception of the weight ring and the spin gear, although hand painted delicately. Kyou had spent hours trying to tune his beyblade and it seems that his dad's last trip had bought him luck.

Kyou went back to his room. He took a small cloth and started to clean off dirt from his beyblade and put it in his case. Turning on his computer, swarms of instant messages greeted him. He clicked through all of them, most of them chain messages, until his best friend, Ian had sent him a website. It was of the BBA!

Excited as ever, Kyou clicked the website, and on the browser read...

'District Beyblade Tournament'

That was enough for Kyou. He took out his beyblade and went back to practicing his 'Jurassic Flame'

November 17th, 2005, 4:22 PM
"Alright just a few more adjustments and I'll almost have the perfect attributes for my blade" Kay said as he played around with multiple pieces of bldes he had taken apart. He chad just finished combinding parts to make his attack ring and bldae base and was looking for a spin gear. "Ok this right spin gear and wieght ring should do the trick. Now to connect them and, tada a brand new blade. all thats left to do it paint it and..... before he could finish he heard someone start to approach his room. As he turned around a woman about 5'5 with long black hair wearing a simple pair of jeans and a white shirt appeared.

"Kay I have something to tell you, I thnk you'll love it." The woman said smiling down at him her groceries about to fall.

"Yeah mom what is it I'm kinda busy."

"Well while I was shopping I saw a poster for a beyblade tournament and thought you'd be intrested since for the last couple of days you've been working on a new one."

"Really, I can't believe it. I'll get to test my new blade out on some new people and hopefully pick up some new moves."

"Well dinner should be ready in a half hour so make sure your ready." His mother said walking down the hall to the kitchen.

"Need to hurry and finish this blade so it'll be ready in time." Kay said grabbing a few jars of black and blue paint.

November 19th, 2005, 1:18 AM
(OOC- Outstake, I use to spell it as Bayblade/ Baystadium, it’s taking me some time to get accustom to spelling it with an ‘e’)

The two friends had made it to the centre of town in less than ten minutes, the roads were busy, so grabbing a bus was out of the question, in stead, they walked (ran) to the stadium to register their names for the tournament. Most of the traffic was heading in the direction of the new attraction to their city, which was somewhat of a threat seeing as they would not allow the whole of the city to join in this tournament, and Rachel was not ready to wait another year for the next tournament to start.

Upon arriving, they found that the stadium was absolutely packed to the full; the line for registration was trailing out of the stadiums open doors and around the walking path. Rachel’s stomach sank into her stomach, and she stopped in her tracks with disappointment. Drake sighed and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, he replied “There’s always next year”

Rachel shook her head wildly “But I wanted to do it this year, I can’t wait another year to participate in this thing…we have to try!”

And with that said, she ran off towards the line, only she did not take up a place in it, instead she ran through the crowd of people and right through the stadium doors. What welcomed her was a surprise to Rachel. Never had she dreamed the place to be so grand. A gasp emitted from both the teen’s mouths as their eyes scanned their surroundings.

“Man, it’s huge!” commented Drake, running a hand over the life like statue of Dragoon which stood at the exit to the stadium.

Rachel growled “We’re not here to admire the stadium; I need to get into this tournament and fast!”

Little did she know that a shadow watched her from the corner, the person was almost completely surrounded with shadow, that it was too hard to make out his appearance. But he uttered words under his breath in a satisfied tone “One of them has arrived”

(OOC- just arrive at the stadium. This figure will be revealed soon, but until then, he waits for all of our characters to arrive)

November 19th, 2005, 5:46 AM
Yami quickly stuffed some of her cloths, a water bottle, and all the Beyblade equipment she owned into a dark blue leather backpack. She zipped it up and gazed at her Beyblade one final time. The neon blue stripes that outlined the Beyblade seemed to glow with a new life around the dark blue color in the middle. Her gaze shifted toward the Kyuubi bit-chip embedded in the center. 'Are you ready?' She whispered steadily in her mind. There was a moments silence, and then a reply.

'..Yes.' With that said, Yami slipped the Beyblade carefully into her pocket, grabbed her backpack, and slung it over her shoulder.

'Y-you sure you want to go through with this..?' Yami asked hesitantly, opening the door to her house. She stepped outside and closed the door behind her, waiting for a reply to come.

It took some time, but Kyuubi slowly said. 'I believe this is our destiny to fulfill. You know yourself we got what it takes, now we just got to step up to the Beystadium..' Yami nodded and continued onward.


Yami padded across the hard pavement of the city, gazing in awe at all the buildings that were towering above her.

'Don't get sidetracked. Remember, we have a destiny to fulfill here..'

'E-heh, sorry bout that'

'Look, I think its to your left' Kyuubi said. Yami turned her head and saw one of the biggest buildings that were there. She shifted her wide eyes toward the line of the sign up.

'Aw, man!!' Yami let out a disappointed sigh as she crossed the crowded street and started walking toward the end of the line, wherever it was.

'Wait' She heard Kyuubi said sternly. 'Remember, never let anything get in the way of us' Yami knew what he meant and nodded. Without looking back, she fought her way past the crowds, and ran into the stadium.

November 19th, 2005, 7:27 AM
Kyou stood at the entrance. Guarding the 4 entrances were the Dragoon, Draciel, Dranzer and Driger statues, Each one representing a block in the tournament. Kyou walked around the the Driger entrance where the line was half as long as the line in the Dragoon entrance. Kyou sighed and took out a card from his pocket.

He walked up to the front, carrying a small pouch in his hands. He flashed the card at the receptionist who immediately stopped and wrote down Kyou's name on the applications.

"You're the son of Kenta Ryusaki, who found the Ryusaki core right?" The receptionist questioned.

"Indeed." Kyou answered. He walked away from the reception, looking out for people he knew

November 19th, 2005, 8:49 AM
"Yea I'm all done, but ineed to hurry or I'll be late" Kay said pocketing his newly painted blade and rushing out the door. he quickly grabbed his bike and started to ride to the stadium. Please on't let there be a long line. He thought to himself knowing that paiting his blade took longger than expected. When he arrived to his dissapointment the line was huge. He secured his bike at one of the racks and decided to head inside to take a look. "Wow it's bigger than I could have dreamed it would be" Kay said inawe as he looked around pushing through some people to get a better view.

November 25th, 2005, 2:52 AM
Kyou turned around and went back into the stadium. Inside official beystadiums were built into the floor and some people were practicing. There were some themed courts which people had to be a member of the district BBA to practice in. Becoming a member was easy. Just passing a short exam about Beyblading was needed. Different themed stadiums were available to more special members. Kyou himself was the lowest type of member available. He walked over to a computer at the side where we applied for a friendly match.

November 25th, 2005, 4:05 AM
(OOC- Outstake: The reason for the line was for your characters not to sign up, you were suppose to wait for the figure to approach you…sorry if I wasn’t clear enough in hinting this, but please edit your posts :/)

Rachel kicked at the wall and growled under her breath, she would have thought that the line would be smaller than this…granted, there were a lot of beybladers around, but never did she think so many would sign up for a tournament, there were even kids here who didn’t know how to beyblade to save their lives, she knew this from her past battles with them.

Drake on the other hand, was staring off to the corner with a confused and suspicious look upon his face. He held his laptop close to his chest and Rachel noted that he was shaking a little from whatever it was he was staring at. Curiously, she glanced in the direction Drake was staring off to and saw that a shadowed figure was standing towards the far corner of the stadium.

“You know that guy?” Rachel asked, hovering over Drake’s shoulder, he shook his head in reply and gazed at her with his Violet eyes “No…but he’s been staring at us for some time now…” He turned back towards the shadowed figure to see that he was beginning to move towards them.

Drake stepped back, bumping into Rachel and moving her backward with him. Rachel grunted as his elbow came into contact with her stomach and grabbed him roughly by the shoulder “Don’t be such a coward, Drake!” she hissed, stepping to the side and then in front on him.

She stood up to her full height and begun to stare the figure down as he came closer, and closer until he stood directly in front of Rachel and Drake. From here, she could see that he was quite old, but stood taller than herself. He had hazel eyes and matching hair and moustache. He wore a cream suit and pale brown tie, accompanying this was a pair of well polished brown shoes upon his feet.

Rachel raised a sleek black eyebrow and tilted her head to the side in question, she asked sharply and to the point, “who the hell are you?”

The figure gave a warm, calm laugh and gazed upon her with laughing eyes, he answered “I am Mr Dean Thomas, owner of this stadium”

(OOC- Now may seem a bit rushed, but I need to get us all together. You somehow over hear this conversation and rush over to meat the owner of the stadium…and thus brining us all together, simple and effective, don’t you think?)

November 25th, 2005, 5:03 AM
'Wait, stop' Kyuubi called to Yami. She skidded across the floor to a halt.

'What do you want now??' She demanded.

“I am Mr Dean Thomas, owner of this stadium"

Yami froze. Was she hearing things?

'Thats what I wanted' She heard Kyuubi call to her. She turned around on her heal on looked past the growing crowds at three people talking to eachother. There was a boy, a girl, and an old man.

'The owner of t-the s-st-stadium??' Yami stutered on the inside. Maybe this guy can actually help us get in!

Yami stalked past the crowds, closer to the three. She was still careful that they didn't notice her though, so she was acting as casual as possible. Whistling, she got close to the edge of the Drigger statue and sat down on it's left paw, waiting to see if she could catch the owner alone.

November 29th, 2005, 2:22 AM
OOC - Oh. I'll just pretend I was early to go. Oh and, it's Outskate, not Outstake.

Kyou navigated outwards after the friendly match which he barely won. He walked out to see the owner of the Stadium.

"Mr. Cream Suit Guy?" Kyou called out. Kyou had an attitude to insulting those dressed rather strangely.

The man turned his head around. "Ryusaki-San." He said in a Japanese accent.

Kyou arched an eyebrow.

'How does he know my name?' He thought. Curious, Kyou walked towards the man. A boy and a girl were also next to the 'Cream Suit Guy'

November 29th, 2005, 4:28 AM
OOC: Outskate I want you to fix your paragraph. first, I wasn't 'rather noticably' and second no gaurds come up to me in my post. >=/

December 2nd, 2005, 3:02 AM
Done, but why woulden't security guards come and get you when you sitting on a statue of one of the best bit-b easts? (Since Tyson is the 'best' blader in this RP)