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November 13th, 2005, 4:25 PM
I posted this a while ago but I decided to repost it now.

All right, this isnt really a new threat. Its basically the same threat as before. Except that this time it wont be with Ash and friends. And it wont be the same Mewtwo. The first one is still in hiding and no one knows he exists. But even though Team Rocket doesnt remember anything about it that doesnt stop them from wanting the legendary Mew.

Some of the information used in the first cloning managed to survive, despite Mewtwos attempts to destroy it. So Giovanni began funding the project again. But because it was basically the same procedure, the Pokmon they created was just like the old Mewtwo. There were only two differences. A slightly different appearance and his attitude is a bit different as well. The rest is obvious.

Mewtwo didnt like being used as an experiment so he destroyed the lab. The rest of the events are basically the same as well. Now he is searching for trainers to send invitations to.

Now this will take place in Kanto so you wont have Johto or Hoenn Pokmon unless you are like me and come from one of those regions. Please no more than two trainers that are not native to Kanto. And People in Kanto still dont know much about the Pokmon from other regions. Well start immediately.

The sign up for this RPG will be different from the usual form. Your description will be given in your first post. Your characters personality will be shown as the RP progresses. If theres anything about your characters history that needs to be mentioned that can be mentioned in the RP. This post will also count as your RP sample and it will determine whether you are accepted or rejected to put some effort into it.

My post will be an example and my first post.

A girl about 14 years old girl lay on a grassy hill over looking the ocean. She wore blue jeans, a navy T-shirt with the letters PL in yellow on the right sleeve, and navy shoes with yellow stripes along the side. A navy cap with the letters PL in yellow on the front covered her dirty blonde hair, which was pulled back into a ponytail. A Pokgear hung around her neck and she had six Pokballs each with a little gold marker in the shape of a Pokemon at her waste.

On her right was a navy backpack, which also had the letters PL on the front in yellow. And on her left was the little grass type Chikorita. Flying in circles above them both was a Pidgey who was wearing a navy headband with yellow stripes around it. Every now and then the Chikorita would open one eye and look up at the Pidgey.

Suddenly the girl heard a load chirp that hadnt come from her Pidgey. She opened her dark blue eyes and saw a Fearow with some sort of weird collar on its neck. Before much more could happen she heard footsteps and sat up. A boy maybe 16 or so stopped and pointed to her. Hey you Im lookin for a Pokmon trainer from some place called New Bark Town. Kids supposed to have some rare Pokmon and be really good. You seen some one like that?

The girl looked at him. Yes Ive seen them. She replied unconcernedly.

Good. Then tell me where they are.

The girl stood up. Her Pidgey landed on her shoulder but her Chikorita didnt stir. What do you want with them?

Im lookin for a battle.

The girl nodded. Then I accept your challenge.

What? Im looking for the kid from New Bark. I dont want to battle a runt like you.

The girl pulled a Pokball off her belt. The marker on it had the shape of a deer-like Pokmon. Why dont we battle before you make too many assumptions?

The boy pulled a Pokball off his vest. Fine. The sooner I win this the sooner Ill get to battle the other trainer. He tossed the Pokball into the air and a Tauros appeared.

The girl tossed her Pokball into the air. A deer-like Pokmon with gems in its antlers appeared. Stantler! It shouted moving forward to face the Tauros.

Ready? Stantler Quick Attack. Said the girl calmly. Stantler nodded and charged the Tauros.

The boy seemed temporarily dumbfounded. Before the Stantler made contact, he came back to Earth and shouted, Tauros dodge! Tauros jumped out of the way. Now use Horn Attack! Tauros lowered its head and charged at Stantler. Stantler stood its ground.

Use Horn Attack too. Said the girl quietly. Stantler lowered its head and pawed the ground. Then it charged at Tauros. There was an explosion of dust and bits of grass as the two collided. When the dust settled Stantler was scratching its nose with a hoof and Tauros was out cold on the ground.

The boy stared as the girl calmly recalled her Stantler. No way. I cant have lost. Especially to a wimp like you. If I cant win against you and your freakish Pokmon then Ill never win against that other trainer. He recalled his Tauros and ran off.

The girl sighed. Some people just cant see the truth. Even if its staring them in the face. She sat back down and pulled out a sandwich.

While she was eating, her Chikorita got up and yawned. Whatd I miss?

The girl smiled. Theres no need to play dumb with me. I know you were awake through the whole battle.

Hard to tell. It didnt last long. The little grass type walked up and took a bite of the sandwich.

The girl looked at it. You could have asked you know.

Yeah I know. Suddenly there was a great gust of wind. Pidgey was thrown backwards but the girl caught the little bird. She looked up and saw a Dragonite looking down at her.

Thanks a lot. She muttered as she got up and deposited Pidgey on her shoulder. The Dragonite fished in its bag for something.

Bag? Thought the girl curiously.

The Dragonite pulled out a small card and handed it to her. A hologram of a young woman appeared. The woman bowed then spoke, Greetings. This message is for highly promising Pokmon trainers. You are invited to a party hosted by my master, the worlds greatest Pokmon master. The woman vanished and a map appeared. The woman started talking again. This is the location of the party. It will be held at the Pokmon Palace on New Island. A ferry at the wharf will take you to the island tomorrow afternoon. Some blue lines marked the rout from the wharf to the island.

The image disappeared and the woman returned. Please send us your reply with the postcard. If you decide to attend bring the invitation with you or you will not be admitted. She vanished. The Dragonite then pulled out a post card with yes and no written on it. The girl took it. She thought for a moment then shrugged. She marked the square for yes and gave the card back to the Dragonite. The Dragonite then spread its wings and took flight. The girl watched it go.

Well lets finish eating and head to the wharf. We can stay there for the night, that way we wont miss the ferry. She packed up, then with Chikorita on her head and Pidgey on her shoulder, she headed off.

November 13th, 2005, 5:06 PM
Ok here goes nothing,

Kirk a 14 year old tamer, was walking down the dusty old road to a unamed forest where he was to tame his first pokemon,
OOC: this post needs to include me taming a pokemon, ok?? (Not a legendary though, something like, a heracross or something)
Was he ready for this he thought, it was a completely new thing to me, I was used to taming in the ranch, not out in the wild, but everyone else was to busy, and this was my chance to prove i could go out on my own

"What was the pokemon??did they even say??I doubt it," I said to no one, Oh come out Icey, The a dewgong appeared in burst of sheer red energy, "dewwwwwgong"(oh hey there kirk:) ) "Hiyer icey, we got a pokemon to tame, and they didn't say which pokemon or even what type[if it's ok its a quilava]",

We came up to were the report had taken place, and I saw a pokemon battle, and i just walked by, not thinking anything of it, Walking to the house were the report came from, I asked the basics, what type and stuff, basically i found out it was the quilava I passed earliar, I ran out, the Quilava was badly injured, but refused to let anyone near it, What a stubborn pokemon, I thought,well time to prove myself,

Coming near to the Quilava, i tried to use a potion to gain its trust but it snapped at me, trying to bite me, So i resorted to my last berries, I threw it some Sitrus berries and few oran, aswel as two leppa berries, It thought nothing of it and ate them, once again ready to battle, It faced me and Icey, What did it think it was up to, it had obviously just recently evolved, maybe it wanted to have respect, Doesn't matter i have to earn its trust, I jumped straight for me rather than icey, it thrashed with its flames bared, teeth gnashed, growling, and straight at me why?? I wondered to myself, it attacked at me again, almost catching me with it's body flames, When suddenly Dewgong jumped in the way of quilava's attacks, attack after atack after attack, i could see dewgong couldn't take much more of this, So I pushed Dewgong well out of the way, and stood in quilava's way, I could see in its eyes it recognized the love i have for pokemon, the reason why i became a tamer, The fire in this quilava's eyes, it was great, i was wrong it hadn't just eveolved, it was just acting like it had, to fool others, it was wild most obviously, but instead of talking me again, it growled gently while rubbing my leg,

"Oh well fine go pokeball, i don't want this one to go to the ranch like the others,This one was mine, I mean I'll still be a tamer, but ill also be a trainer, and make friends with pokemon on a journey, to be friends with all pokemon wild and tamed" I said beginging my return journey to the ranch in Azaele town, and also to see kurt, i needed some custom pokeballs, so i can catch wild untamed pokemon, like i did with quilava,

I was almost home when Draginite stopped me at the Celebi Shrine, Gave me a weird disc thingy, and a hologram of a Nurse joy was on the disc thing now, She began to talk......

So basically Now i on a wharf with Flame(quilava) Icey(Dewgong) Greenleaf(Bayleef) and Gator(totodile)
I knew it wasn't the best team to see the Pokemon master, But i liked them, they were my freinds, and if friendship can't overcome any obsticle, then i don't think anything will, now i wish to make friends with other tamers and trainers,...........The storm was bad............

shadow keeper
November 14th, 2005, 6:34 AM
can i be the guy you just battled alana?

November 14th, 2005, 10:48 AM
OOC: Hi Alana! Hm... thought this looked interesting, so I figured it was worth joining. ^-^ Let's see....


"Oh this is so nice!" a girl's voice sounded cheerfully as she pulled a small basket of bread rolls to her chest thankfully, "You guys are too kind! I mean it!" She smiled one of those happy smiles that were almost too sugary to bear. Her light purple hair was up in two pigtails, and they each had a little curl at the ends of them. Her bangs were light and fluffy, and fit nicely with her deep blue eyes.

She was taking the bread from a couple of old people, and they looked happily back at her as she began to walk down the road; it was apparent that they were saying good-bye to her. Their clothes looked quite drab though compared to the bright blue and green clothes that their young friend had been wearing. She sported a green shirt with a light blue windbreaker that stayed open unless the weather told her otherwise. She also wore a matching light blue skirt, with a green stripe through its middle.

At this moment the girl turned around and stopped waving good-bye, and then tossed three pokeballs from her small purse-like bag. Three bright lights issued from them, and out came her three best friends.

A rather stately and noble-looking pokemon; a Charmeleon.

A cheerful and smiling pokemon; a Vulpix.

Lastly, a squatty, pouting pokemon; a Psyduck.

"Wasn't that nice of those old people to shelter us last night?" she asked the three of them, who all nodded save for the Psyduck. The girl nodded back, "I thought so too. It took them a while to remember my name though... is Tiffany really that weird of a name? Though, maybe I should have said my nickname: Tiff?" She placed a finger on her mouth.

Charmeleon was already shaking his head no, while Vulpix was looking confused, and Psyduck had folded his arms with a frown and nodded yes.

"Ah well, their loss! You think that maybe--?!" she stopped abruptly as a huge wind came over the group, and a large thump sounded; Tiff couldn't see what it was, all of the wind had caused her to close her eyes. When she opened them though, she saw the large and ominous form of a Dragonite before her.

Most would be awed or confused at this sight; Tiff was just angry about the landing that had been three feet from her foot.

"Watch out; people are here you know!" she yelled at the large pokemon, that had suddenly begun to search in his bag for something. Tiff went on and on about the safety rules he had violated, and then stopped as the pokemon's large paw thrust a small device into her waving arms.

{Well at least someone shut her up...,} the Psyduck pouted, looking miserable.

"What's this funny thing?" she asked, holding it strangely and looking up at Dragonite with a confused frown.

The Dragonite's eyes rolled a bit, and it held it upright for the girl, looking unsure if it was even allowed to do this. Tiff's eyes widened as a tiny hologram began talking to her. The woman spoke to Tiff, "Greetings. This message is for highly promising Pokmon trainers. You are invited to a party hosted by my master, the world’s greatest Pokmon master." She then showed another screen, "This is the location of the party. It will be held at the Pokmon Palace on New Island. A ferry at the wharf will take you to the island tomorrow afternoon." The screen changed again, "Please send us your reply with the postcard. If you decide to attend bring the invitation with you or you will not be admitted."

"Huh?" Tiff said blankly, her eyebrows raising a bit, "What'd she say?"

The Dragonite frowned, this was not a part of his job, but he had been instructed to be helpful so... he turned to the girl's three pokemon.

{Please instruct her on this,} he said curtly to them, {She must check one of these boxes 'yes' or 'no'. This will mean that she has accepted the invitation.}

The Charmeleon was the one to grab the postcard, {You have my word as a gentleman my dear friend.} He inclined his head slightly, and walked up to Tiff. He handed her the card and replayed the message for her again, making gestures and such at important parts. Tiff's vacant stare slowly faded into one of understanding, and she checked the 'yes' box with a smile.

She then thanked her firey red pokemon, and walked up to the big dragon.

"Thanks so much for your patience!" she said, leaning over to hug a small portion of the pokemon. The Dragonite looked very uncomfortable, but couldn't do much about it, so he merely muttered a 'you're welcome', placed the postcard in his bag, and nodded to the little group as he took off into the sky.

"Aww, what a great guy!" Tiff said happily as they watched the dragon's form dissapear into the bright blue sky, "He's a sweetie!"

{Should've smacked her when she said 'Huh?' after that whole message,} the Psyduck said gloomily.

{That's mean Happy!} the Vulpix said accusingly, {Don't be such a meanie!}

{That is NOT my name! Stop calling me it!!} the yellow duck shouted back.

{Yes it is Happy, as mine is Socrates and hers is Flower. They may not be typical, or even names, but they are what Tiff has called us, and so that is what we are,} Socrates the Charmeleon said proudly.

Happy grumbled angrily to himself, sincerely wishing he were somewhere else right now. Tiff patted him on the head kindly and told him to cheer up. After all, they were going to an island for a cool party.

OOC: Would you prefer it if my pokemon spoke in quotations or {}? Just a minor question. ^-^

November 14th, 2005, 1:46 PM
Ok Light_Azumarill you are accepted. Kirk..try a different first post then you finding a red Gyarados and riding it like you were at a bull concert. And no eggs please. Also the trainer I battled wasn't anyone who was supposed to stick around. Plus he lost. What would Mewtwo think of that?

shadow keeper
November 14th, 2005, 4:37 PM
oh well

Jack sat on a icey hill near a lake. he was freezing and he knew his options. they were bad ones.Jack sighed. he knew that he would either get up or die.
he sat up and lokked in the ice. a boy about 15 white hair white long-sleeved shirt blue eyes and a tauros belt holding two pokeballs looked up at him. he grabbed one of the pokeballs. "Go cloyster."
in a flash of light a giant shell pokemon looked up at him. "guess we gotta leave now don't we" i asked. then a rush of cold air hit him as a shivering dragonite flew downwards torwards him.

The Dragonite pulled out a small card and handed it to her. A hologram of a young woman appeared. The woman bowed then spoke, “Greetings. This message is for highly promising Pokmon trainers. You are invited to a party hosted by my master, the world’s greatest Pokmon master.” The woman vanished and a map appeared. The woman started talking again. “This is the location of the party. It will be held at the Pokmon Palace on New Island. A ferry at the wharf will take you to the island tomorrow afternoon.” Some blue lines marked the rout from the wharf to the island.

The image disappeared and the woman returned. “Please send us your reply with the postcard. If you decide to attend bring the invitation with you or you will not be admitted.” She vanished. The Dragonite then pulled out a post card with yes and no written on it. Jack took it. He thought for a moment then shrugged. He marked the square for yes and gave the card back to the Dragonite. The Dragonite then spread its wings and took flight. He watched it go. he sighed. "i guess it's off to the wharf for us shell"

November 15th, 2005, 3:40 PM
OOC: You're accepted. Kirk if you would just edit your post a bit I'd be happy to have you in the RP. Just to let ya know.


The girl arrived at the a few hours later. A light rain had started but she wasn't to wet. Pidgey shook herself and Chikorita jumped off her shoulder. "Come on let's find something to eat. A small sandwich isn't much compared to the little walk we just took. More off the walk I took." She laughed and tossed her Pidgey into the air before heading for the Pokemon Center that was inside the wharf.

A poster near the entrance held the picture of a woman. It said missing. It gave a little information about her and said she was the daughter of a well known Pokemon Proffesor. Prof. Moon. The girl stared at the picture for a while then looked at Pidgey. "She looks firmiliar doesn't she?"

'Yeah she does.' Pidgey replied. The girl walked into the center trying to remember where she had seen her before.

"I get the feeling it wasn't too long ago that I saw her."

'Maybe it was on the news.' Chikorita sniffed and smiled then hurried off inthe direction of the smell of food.

"Always follow your stomach eh Chikorita?"

'It is a good idea. Espesually when you're hungry.'

"True." She smiled and looked around. A small cafe was inside the building. That was where the smell was coming from. The girl and her Pokemon entered it and sat down to get something to eat.

November 15th, 2005, 3:43 PM
OOC:i did edirt it , :( you didnt notice :(, keep a check on it lol you'll see

won't post an IC right now, i need to see everyone else start first :P

November 15th, 2005, 3:46 PM
OOC: Better. But you have to remember you're in Kanto.

November 15th, 2005, 3:52 PM
OOC: didn't i get the second jhoto place?? dammit, that affects everything :(

November 15th, 2005, 3:54 PM
OOC: Yes but you are not currently in Johto. You are in Kanto but come from Johto.

November 15th, 2005, 3:58 PM
OOC:ahh that makes it umcomplicated, i get it now :)

November 15th, 2005, 4:03 PM
OOC: Good. Just make your post start out in Kanto instead of Johto. Also if anymore questions need to be asked please send them through PM. ^^'

shadow keeper
November 15th, 2005, 6:55 PM
Jack walked in and looked around. 'wow this place is dry' he thought as he walked up and sat on a barstool. but he was as dry as the cafe. his cloyster had been hovering above him thouroghly enjoying the rain. the other pokemon were in the pokeballs. 'oh well' he thought and he picked up a menu. he had returned cloyster to his pokeball when he came to a hooded patio. he decide he rest on the couch till the boat.

November 15th, 2005, 6:56 PM
OOC: I hope it not too late to join in on this RP.

Mike and his Charizard were sleeping peacefully on the beach of Seafoam. Mike was dressed in blue jeans and a red t-shirt. He wore a black overcoat with many pockets in it to carry his stuff. A small knapsack was laid next to him. Long dark brown hair covered his head. He was tall and skinny for only being 15.

Then a yell awoke Mike and his Charizard. Then sand was kicked on them. “Hey! Kid! You Mike right?” A 15 year old girl was wearing what seems like a small top, shorts and long blue hair followed down to her hips. The tips were wet.

Mike got up and wipes the sand of him. “Yeah, what of it?”

The girl then said, “I am Sana from Mossdeep City in the Hoenn region.”

Mike then said, “Wow. I from the Hoenn region too. But I from Fallarbor Town.”

The girl then said, “Then time to see who is better. I challenge you to a battle! Two out of three.”

Mike and Charizard then got up and Mike said, “I accept your battle! Sana from Mossdeep!!”

Sana motion to something in the seawater. A Wailmer appeared out of the sea. “Get ready to battle!” The whale then shot some water out.

Mike then grab a pokeball from under his coat. Then a camera from his belt. He took a quick pictures of Sana. “She kind of cute one know.” He then threw the pokeball and said, “Go Medicham”

“Rollout” said Sana

“Tunderpunch Medicham” said Mike.

The two attack combine and hit. Wailmer got hurt a lot from the shock punch but Medicham took some damage. The Wailmer return back to the sea but still was using Rollout.

It was coming back but Mike the said, “Psychic.” Medicham then put it arm out to left the whale pokemon and put it in the sea.

Sana smiled and said, “Surf” The Wailmer made a huge wave and caught Medicham in the wave.

“Recover” said Mike.

“Hydro PumP” said Sana.

The Wailmer then shot a Hydro Pump attack at Medicham from the water. He flew a bit.

“Medicham get up close to the water.” Said Mike.

“Water Gun” said Sana.

The wailmer shot many water guns but mostly all miss because of Medicham foot work and jumps.

“Tunderpunch on the water.” Said Mike.

Medicham jumped up and then a electric current shock wailmer. It then floated to the surface.

“Return Wailmer.” Said Sana. She grabbed another pokeball and send out a Rhydon “Use Fissure”

Mike then grabbed Medicham’s pokeball and returned him. “You in Charizard!”

Charizard then flew into the battle and avoided the fissure attack.

“Rock Blast.” Said Sana.

“Metal Claw” said Mike.

Charizard flew towards Rhydon breaking any rocks getting in his way with his metal claw attack. The attack did major damage on both of them when the round was over.

“You good.” She said.

“You good too. I haven’t had a good battle like this since before I left Hoenn to compete in the Kanto League.” Mike said.

“Rock Slide” said Sana

“Flamethrower in the eye.” Charizard shot a flamethrower before Rhydon was able to launch the attack. It couldn’t see with the flames in her eyes.

“Metal Claw.” Siad Mike as Charizard flew in to finish the battle.

The Rhydon fainted. “Good battle” Sana went over to shake his hand.

“You too. So how come you challenge me to a battle?” Mike asked.

“I just had the feeling to fight you. I asked around about how was from Hoenn. They said you were on the beach and I found you.” She said.

Then out of nowhere a dragonite landed infrount of them. It had a bag.

“A dragonite with its own bag.” Said Sana.

Mike grabbed his camera and took a snapshot. “Something you don’t see everyday.”

The dragonite pulled out a piece of paper and a hallogram appeared. A girl then appeared and said “Greetings. This message is for a highly promising Pokmon trainers. You are invited to a party hosted by my master, the world’s greatest Pokmon master.”

The woman vanished and a map appeared. The woman started talking again. “This is the location of the party. It will be held at the Pokmon Palace on New Island. A ferry at the wharf will take you to the island tomorrow afternoon.” Some blue lines marked the rout from the wharf to the island.

The image disappeared and the woman returned. “Please send us your reply with the postcard. If you decide to attend bring the invitation with you or you will not be admitted.”

She vanished. The Dragonite then pulled out a post card with yes and no written on it. Mike took it and said, “I have nothing better to do for a while. Why not?” He then marked the square for yes and gave the card back to the Dragonite. The Dragonite then spread its wings and took flight.

Sana then said, “Wow. You must be luckly to be invited to go! Can I see you off to the wharf?”

Mike the said, “Yeah. Lets get going.”

Mike then looks at Charizard and said, “We have a party to got to right?”

Charizard then smiled and roar happily. “Lets go then. You know where it is right CHarizard?”

He nodded. Mike and Sana then got onto Charizard and flew towards the wraft.

November 16th, 2005, 10:35 AM
OOC: *looks at Charizard_maa's sig* *dies of cuteness* Such cute animated gifs....!! Anyway... ^-^


"So guys, what do you think they'll have at this weird party anyway? And what kind of guy owns a Dragonite?!" Tiff asked, strolling along the path. It was growing ever darker above her, and the smell of rain was in the air.

Happy rolled his eyes, {He's a pokemon master Tiff. He has powerful pokemon.}

Trotting along cheerfully, Flower nodded, {Yep, the ol' sourpuss is right! Probably scary strong ones!}

Chiming in last, Socrates thought quietly for a moment, and then nodded, {I would assume he means to challenge the best trainers. To test his skills.}

Throwing a dirty look at the Charmeleon before him, Happy folded his arms tightly. {That's stupid. If you're a pokemon master, you already are the best. No contest. He probably wants to sell us his new best-selling book or something.}

It began to rain lightly. Socrates motioned to be put in his ball, seeing as his tail was flickering unsteadily, and the other two pokemon watched silently. Flower was a Vulpix, a fire pokemon, but a little rain never hurt her. Happy thought that the gloomy atmosphere matched his own feelings. Tiff smiled as they walked on, nearing the warf and the ferry she would soon be taking.

November 16th, 2005, 11:17 AM
IC: Kirk wondered why the Pokemon-master wanted to meet him, he wasn't a great trainer, maybe it was his taming skills or something.

"Deewwgong??" (are you ok Kirk?)
"Oh yeh Icey, im fine, just hinking bout this Pokemon-master, i wonder why he wants to see us"Isaid
"Dewwgong?? dewwwgonggg"(isnt it obvious, he thinks were awesome, and he wants to see us inreally heavy, person)
"Yeah maybe Dewgon, maybe" I said
The rain began lightly, i was no where near the wharf yet, by the time i got there the rain would be really heavy,

I was right, we were closing in on the wharf, when the rain was so bad we coulf barely see, we got stuck in a forest just before the wharf, we had to battle a bundh of beedrill....

November 17th, 2005, 4:41 AM
OOC: I not sure if I apporve but I post the next post and if I am decine then I edit my post to fix it. Thanks for the comments on my sig Light Azumarill

IC: As Mike, Charizard and Sana got closer to the wharf. It started to rain a bit. Sana siad, "Should we worry about your Charizard in the rain?"

Mike laugh and said, "Charizard can handle a little rain. Me and him have battled in storms before with no problems."

Charizard pounded his fist on to his chest and gave out a roar.

"Yep, now let see if we can make it there before it rains harder.

As they got closer to the wharf the rain got even harder. "It a bit unnatural don't you think Mike" asked Sana

"I guess because it came out of nowhere." said MIke

November 17th, 2005, 2:42 PM
OOC: Yes you are accepted. IC coming later.

November 21st, 2005, 9:05 AM
The rain seemed to be getting harder. "We should find a place to stop."

Mike and Charizard agreed but they wanted to at least get to the wraft. Mike and Charizard then saw it. “There it is!”

Charizard knew what to do and began flying towards it.

They landed on the wraft. Then saw a building. The tree ran towards it and enter the building. Sana said, “We all wet!”

Mike then siad, “I don’t like being wet.” Char nodded in agreement.

After drying off. Mike notice a few other trainers too. One of them was a girl with light purple hair. Mike thought he asks her for any information.

He went to her and said, “Hello. But what you doing here?”

November 21st, 2005, 10:09 AM
OOC: Hmm? Where's Alana at?


After getting the rain shaken off of them, Tiff, Socrates, Flower and Happy all sat down on a small bench inside the building they had stopped in. When many more people came in though, Flower had hopped off of the bench to get a look at them all. There were many strong trainers around, and Flower commented on them all.

{So many... they kinda scare me...,} the Vulpix said nervously, {They probably have powerful pokemon!}

After jumping down from the bench, Happy scoffed at the Vulpix's fear, and his slick yet feathery, yellow arms folded. {You're such a whimp. Besides, there's no fighting inside. You're safe for now.}

{I am NOT a whimp Happy!!} Flower shouted, a small whisp of fire escaping her mouth.

Socrates stepped between the two pokemon, {Enough!} he growled angrily, {There is no reason to argue with such a young Vulpix, Happy. You should know better than that. And Flower, you need to control your temper.}

Tiff stepped up too, though she hadn't noticed the arguing. "Hey guys! Isn't this cool! I'm so excited; we haven't ever been invited to anything like this before...!" she said, smiling happily.

That's when a boy approached the small group and asked Tiff what was going on. She tilted her head for a moment, and then answered with a smile.

"Oh, we're here for the party! You know, the one with the pokemon master guy? Yeah, we're psyched! I wonder when the ferry will show up?" she replied, bouncing slightly with the excitement, "My name's Tiffany by the way. Tiff for short please. Tiffany makes me sound like a flower or something! Oh, and these are my three pokemon and best friends: Flower the Vulpix, Happy the Psyduck, and Socrates the Charmeleon. Though... I'm still not used to Socrates being a Charmeleon. To me he'll always be my little Charmander...."

Socrates blushed a bit. Happy rolled his eyes at the embarrassment. While Flower faced a large window showing the harsh storm that was developing. She didn't like the feel of things... and she was starting to suspect that her fear was not of the many trainers, but of something else....

November 21st, 2005, 11:26 AM
OOC: I wonder too.

IC:"Well me too. I was invited to this little party too." said Mike.

He looked at the pokemon around Tiff. A little on the unevole side but this girl must be powerful if this pokemon master guy chose her to come. He then motion to Charizard to come and Sana.

"Well your pokemon don't look that tough but I bet when in battle they are unbeatable." said MIke. Charizard finally came over to him.

"Well this is my trusty Charizard. Been with me ever since." he said proudly. "I also have Medicham, a Gyrarados, Absol, Nidoqueen, and a Skarmory too."

"And my name is Sana." said Sana. "I just following him around."

code zerro the deluge
November 21st, 2005, 12:00 PM
umm is it to late to join Alana

November 21st, 2005, 1:45 PM
OOC: No. But Charizard_maa, you'll have to drop Sana. She wasn't invited and can only follow you so far. Just a reminder.

IC: Alana thanked the waitress and stood up. "That was good."

'Yep. I was worried that the food would be horrid.'

"I wasn't Chikorita. Places like these usually have good food. It helps with business."

'I guess that's true...sometimes. Anyway, let's go and take a look around. It's getting kind of dark. They'll porbably insist we get a room or something for tonight.'

'I wish we could set off today. I don't want to wait until tomorrow.'

"We have to. It's a party so there must be others invited. And not everyone can get here in such a short amount of time. Come on. Let's see if we can find a place to stay." Both of the girl's Pokemon nodded and followed her as she set off to speak with the warf manager.

code zerro the deluge
November 21st, 2005, 1:53 PM
What was your name again.
Jalen tels the old lady his name anf leaves.
Well i am on my way.
Go Charizard! sayed Jalen.
I need you to take me to a far away island.
It is called New Island.
As he flies he sees a tiny island.
But as Jalen gets closer it is huge!
Jalen tells Charizard to stop when he sees a women.
hello lady says Jalen. Is this New Island?
New what why i don't know.
I have never evven heared of it.
Than all of a sudden
was that good?OOC

November 21st, 2005, 1:55 PM
OOC: O_O Dr. Jay I don't want to be harsh, but that's a rejected post.

November 21st, 2005, 2:21 PM
OOC: I guess that. I was hoping she could stay like Brock and Misty did in the movie but you the boss.

IC:Mike notice that the storm was seeming to grow worst. I wonder if the party still going to happen.

Why you say that? asked Sana.

Well if we getting there by boat then it my be to dangerous for the boat to past. Said Mike.