View Full Version : So Afraid

November 14th, 2005, 4:46 AM
well as soon as i made this up, i posted it here quickly so here it is now:

So Afraid
Maybe im just not good enough for you
Im not really sure
Im scared to know the truth
And maybe I just dont wanna be with you

I dont want to get hurt again
I dont want to feel the same way
I had before
Im just so scared

But how could you know?
I might loose so many feelings inside
Im so afraid...
Im out of touch...

The things we did and everything we said
Means so much to me
But if you leave me right now
This might be the end...

I dont want you o leave
I dont want to see the end yet
My life is still depending
On everything we do together

But if it is the true way,
Then I will continue this path I think is right
My life will go on and on
With you by my side