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November 14th, 2005, 1:36 PM

I am looking to make a Pokmon battling forum. For those who dont know what this is, and majority probably dont, I will explain this later on. But first things firstif you are interested please contact me at [email protected] Thank you.

Whats a Pokmon Battling Forum?

This is a highly organized, unique battling system. It is turned based an extremely fun as Ive played with my friends. It works by using Referees to determine the match. To get you to better understand this I will post an example of a round: (If you wish to see the full battle my friends and I had, please PM me. Its too long to post here.) This is copy and pasted so dont mind my friends spelling mistakes o.O

Boohu: Staryu, stay under water. Considering Pidgey cant breathe underwater, we will avoid his attacks. Use RAIN DANCE underwater to make flying harder, and boost your water damage. Then use REST at the bottom of the pool.

Angelic: PidgeyWere in trouble lol. Since hes not doing any damage attacks we shouldnt have to worry about our healthbut that Rain Dance is going hurt our flying ability. Lets try and hurt Staryu in its element with a WHIRLWIND. Lets make that ocean a treacherous place 2 be. Then use TOXIClets make the water poisonous.

Referee: Here we are Staryu still underwater and Pidgey flying high. The match starts out with Staryu dancingsummoning the heavens to rain upon the field. The rain storm wont take full strength until next round, so Pidgeys flying abilities are fine. Pidgey counters with Whirlwind as Staryu swims to the bottom to use rest. The massive winds turn the water into a whirlpool, and Staryu is thrown against the floor and sides of the pool. After the attack, Staryu finishes what it started and slowly begins regaining energy and health through rest. Pidgey fires off a toxic into the water, poisoning the surface. In a few rounds or so it will make its way to Staryu, perhaps he better get out of the water.

Pidgey used moderate energy, as Toxic isnt hard to use and Whirlwind comes quite easy to a flying Pokmon. Staryu used very little energy, and through rest has already gotten in back. Next round the Rain Dance will take effect, Pidgey may end up in the now toxic water.

In a Pokmon Battle Forum, some of the attacks may be changed. For instance, for Leer instead of instance defense decrease, eye contact must be made to successfully lower the opponents defense. Tail Whip does damage instead of defense decrease, etc. For more information, post here or PM me.

About Me

I have excellent web designing abilities. I am 16 year old Female from MA, USA. I have good typing skills; very active online, and am willing to ideas. I can make the website for the Forum and purchase a domain for the site and Forum if it is successful.
CONTACT: [email protected]
P.S: To see the full battle, instead of just a round, please PM me. It will help get you to understand what this is about.
If you are interested in helping make, please contact me thru the given e-mail. More questions? Post here or PM/Email me. No more than 2 people (not including myself) will be allowed to help make this as I want to keep it organized. After it is made we will think about hiring more staff.

November 15th, 2005, 2:37 PM
Got all the help I needed from this. Thanks for all those who contacted me...I'll e-mail you when its up and running.

This thread can be closed now :)

November 15th, 2005, 7:54 PM
Uhh...okay. o.O *was totally confused anyway* XD