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Chaskis Sato
March 6th, 2004, 1:13 PM
I was talking to a friend who was not a Christian about the Passion of the Christ, and he said that it was a good movie. Not only that people said he was going to heck and stupid stuff like that and they where Christians saying that it was a bad movie and just bashing it. Thats besides the point.

Since he thought it was a good movie he brought up a point that, maybe they have something here. Meaning since he was Muslim that a movie about his religion would come out starting a new kind of movie genre if you will. And other releigions would follow (The 3 main religions anyway ) Do you think that it would be a good idea or a bad idea?

March 6th, 2004, 6:48 PM
It depends, The Passion was professionally done and you can see they put a lot of money and effort, and tried to make it as accurate as possible. It depends on what story of their religion they choose because if they choose something that is not historical proven it might not appeal to people of other religions.

Also you have to account most people are christians or catholics so that is why The Passion is also getting so much Hype.

John Denver
March 16th, 2004, 2:22 PM
You could note saying that the movie never actually says WHY jesus was crucified...some people just saw the movie and said, "Ooh! Gore! cool!" and left with that attitude...

I guess it'd be best to explain to him...

Chaskis Sato
March 19th, 2004, 8:49 PM
Dakota there is a thread for the Passion of the Christ, this is about the "genre" of new movies.