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November 22nd, 2005, 1:37 PM
It's a year 3xxx... Where technologies and robots exists. Earth are now divided into 4 places, Spring land, where it is always spring, Summer land where it is always summer, a Autumn land, where it is always Autumn, and a Winter land, where it is always winter.

Though, humans of each land cannot live in peace... They each wants to rule the whole Earth! So, the war started, though, they also used their pokemons, and because of that, many pokemons lost their lives.

But there are few who is against all these fightings, and they want nothing to do with war and wants to live in peace with other lands, including gym leaders, few community people and few of them, a trainers.

You, as a trainer travels, trying to earn badges and obtain different pokemons. Though, that's so much harder than it was years ago... Many people are against a trainers who comes from the other land, and they may try to destroy you, so along the way, you also must find a peace and stop this war before it can get out of hand...

There are limits of three trainers from each land, and remember, you are a one of the few trainers who doesn't hate other people from land.

Sign ups:

Name: (given name and a last name)
Age: (Under 20)
Pokemons: (Limit of 2, you'll catch more later, and no legendaries!)
Land that you came from: (spring, summer, autumn or winter)
RPG samples:

Few things before signing up:

Remember, you're a trainer.
I won't accept RPG samples that doesn't make sense, no puntuations, bad spelling (I will stil accept you if you mistake few spellings, but I'll expect you to know a simple spellings) bad grammar (I'm bad at grammar too, so it's ok, but I don't want thing like; he fall from the sky. It's supposed to be he fell from the sky.) Or less than 4 lines.

I also will not accept a unrealistic character, or a character that has no effort put into it.

And, I'm so sorry if I'm too demanding.

Also, I'll put my characters later.


Spring: 3 left
Summer: 1 left (one is taken by me)
Autumn: 3 left
Winter: 3 left

November 22nd, 2005, 6:09 PM
OOC:I'm here AGAIN! lol. Hopefully this won't go as fast as the school RP. If it does, don't expect me to hang around. By the way, you forgot to put an area for where you put where your character is from, so I'll tell you here, she's supposed to be from summer, but she has a lot of steel pokemon. Also, are we going to have starters? Because there's no pokemon area in the sign-up sheet either...
Name:Rinoa Minakami (RinRin)
Personality:RinRin is a bright and bubbly girl, who could easily be labeled 'optimist'. Always the one who says, 'It's half-full, not half-empty!' She keeps up her cheerful attitude as often as possible. She is easily frightened, and screams, and yells almost more than she smiles. Her mood easily changes with the simplest things, weather, pokemon, winning, or losing, you can't expect something from this girl and get it, because she's going to give you something completely different. But all this fun and play and mood swings tire a girl out! She doesn't like traveling long distances, and dislikes not getting at least 8hours of sleep. Whiny, and easily bored, she usually gets on just about everybody's nerves.
History: RinRin, comes from a superly large family. Mainly siblings and cousins, whom are almost all female, each one has their own distinct personality. RinRin's personality is that she's always building and inventing something,and that she always judges someone by their first meeting with her. But even so, her goggles are more of an accessory, than a practical item. She is very intelligent, but her attitude suggests otherwise.
Pokemon:Metagross(Skrapper) Scizor (Splice) Skarmory (Skarr) Steelix (Karsh) Mawile (Mimi) Zangoose (Axel)
Place She came from:Summerland
Other:She loves mechanics and is quite the genius at constructing inventions
RP Sample: (From The Pokemon Revolution)I stood up from my kneeling position on the floor, in front of the great and worshipped statue of Regice.
I lived in a province that was dedicated to Regice, and created by no other than the great ice regi himself. Everyone who lived in this frozen city were followers, and servents of this regi. Nobody who wasn't born here was not allowed inside, unless that person had no wish but to serve Regice.
Ice priestess or not, I hated my position.
I wasn't respected, nor was I even acknowladged.
People acted as though I didn't exist.
All because my father decided that Regice was too lowly a legendary, and moved on to the other Regi's.
If I left, then my mother would be forced to flee.
But then again, if I was to be sent on a mission...
I shook my head.
It would never happen. Regice had taken me as the lowest person in the city.
I turned around and walked out of the crystal temple, that was covered in intricate designs of the battle of the regi's.
As I took my first step out of the very heart of the frozen city, I felt the calm and quiet of the streets, and the crystal and ice castles, where each Priest and Priestess lived.
The people Regice chose to serve him was just a reflection of this street.
Elaborate on the outside, Cold and simple on the inside.
I pushed the heavy door leading inside the very first castle on my left with all my might, as I was only 14, with too little brain waves to open it with my mind.
A nearby scholar priest saw my struggling and sighed.
As I fell inside with a yelp, I looked for the person who'd opened the door for me.
"Lune." I grumbled.
Lune was just the same age as me, but ten thousand times as stuck-up. He was better than me at everything, and his family members were Regice's favorite servants.
He sauntered away without replying.
He was smarter, faster, stronger, everything you could think of. He was better than me.
But everyone knew he had a crush on me.
I was disgusted by him, because he acted more smug, more stubborn, and more eager to show-off in front of me than even Gailia.
She was the most popular and beautiful girl in the temple school.
More like idiocy. She's got no brains whatsoever. Which is why Regice doesn't seem to like her as much either.
Another reason the people in my city dislike me?
Nobody addresses Regice in a casual way such as mine.
It's always, Lord of Ice, or Regi of Ice, or even Master...
That's what they are.
More than anything, I wanted out.
Out of this stupid place, and to someplace that I could be welcome. Kyogre didn't sound like a bad legendary...
But no. The only legendaries that would even think of accepting me are the other regi's.
Never in all my years would I follow another gatekeeper.
I know now that even if Regice isn't the legendary I would prefer to be under, it is the most powerful of all three gatekeepers.
Maybe it's because that theory was impressed upon me since as long as I can remember.
Maybe it's because Regice gaurds Aquace, which is where Kyogre sleeps.
Whatever the reason, I wished to see Regice for myself.
I wanted to know if he was really as great as they say.
My mother? Well, she can deal with her problems. She never really liked me anyway.
I stepped in front of the swirling portal that took me to the void nothingness, where regice gaurded the gate to Aquace.
"What are you doing?"
I spun around and saw Lune.
"Sightseeing." I said, walking into the forbidden portal, where only the oldest and most reknown priests were allowed.
"Hey! Your not-"
That was all I heard until I fell into a swirl of blue colors.
I landed bluntly on my feet in front of the gate.
"State your purpose." Regice said lazily in front of me, pointing his sharp fingers at me.
"Um...I wanted to see...Kyogre." I finished lamely.
Regice's fingers started to spin.
"You are a follower of mine are you not?"
I stiffened. Not good.
"Fine. If you must. But bring this too him also." Regice said. His fingers stopped spinning to reveal a blue orb in his three fingers, in a vice-like grip.
I put my hands forth from my cloak and held them there until Regice pulledhis fingers off, which left three, inch long scrape marks on the once beautiful orb.
But as soon as I blinked, the orb seemed to mend itself.
Regice stepped aside and said coldly "find him, and do not come back until you've delivered this orb safely to him."
I nodded and held the orb tightly, afraid I might drop it if I was to come to another drop, like before.
I grit my teeth and closed my eyes.
Walking forward, I felt the ground collapse under my feet as i took the 5th step...

November 22nd, 2005, 10:53 PM
Oops, I forgot to put pokemons and region that you came from, well, I fixed it.

Well, a place you live won't depend on what type your pokemons are. Also, Idoubt that this will go as fast as the boarding school one, though, I may never know, it depends...

Also, you're accepted!

Name: Sakurai Yuuya
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality:Yuuya is a cheerful girl who thinks that 'everybody is nice in some way' She tends to be stubborn and hates to give up even if it's nearly impossible. She never judges people by their cover and accepts who they are. Though, she's completely clumsy.
History: Yuuya is a youngest child of a wealthy family. And being the youngest, she was never taken seriously by people, and her older siblings, 3 older brothers and 2 older sisters, treated her as a baby. She weren't also that much into well manners, even though, her parents told her about it all her life.

She also learned a piano and ballet as a child, but were bad at it, so she quit.

When she grew up, and got her first pokemon, Trapinch, she realised that she didn't fit into 'insider' and rather fitted into a outsider. So, she studied more about pokemon and about things in the wild. And when she came to age of 14, she left, with her companion, Suna the Trapinch, to travell and train.
Pokemons: Vivraba (Suna) and Pichu (Spark)
Land that you came from: summer
Other:Loves outside and loves pokemons. She's an expert about wild pokemons and plants.
RPG samples: Later.

December 9th, 2005, 6:07 PM
Name: Hiroko (Hiro) Tamiko
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearence: (See attachment)
Personality: Hiro is a kind and generous person whom will be seen helping others. When someone is in need she would drop everything she's doing just to help them. In battle Hiro is not the type to be messed around with. When she's not seen training with her pokemon she's seen relaxing and having fun. She's a great person to talk to and get to know. At times she can be very quiet but once people get to know her she can be quite talkative.
History: Hiroko is an only child so she was pretty lonely as a child. Her parents wouldn't spend that much time with her because they claimed that their jobs were very important. To keep her out of mischif(sp?) they gave her a Torchic which she simply adored. She'd be seen around her town, hanging out with her Torchic and playing with it. To her, Torchic was just like having a sibling.
Pokemons: Blaziken (Tory) and Houndour(Shadow)
Land that you came from: Spring
Other:Spending a lot of her time alone Hiro has grown to love pokemon with all her heart, as well as nature. She also loves listening to music.
RPG samples: I groggily opened my eyes as the light from the sun hit my eyelids. Turning around so the sun light wasn't in my eyes I come face to muzzle with Shadow, whom starts giving me sloppy kisses. "Good morning Shadow! Good morning!" I exclaimed pushing his muzzle out of my face. "just what I need, Houndour slober." I mumble as I get out of bed. I trudge down the hall way and to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth and hair. Putting my hair in a loose ponytail I went back to my room and put on my casual jeans and light blue top. My neckless hung proudly around my neck. I walked out of my room with Shadow following closely behind.
Meeting Tory at the end of the stairs, we three head to the park, where I am to meet my friend for a friendly pokemon battle. "Hiro!" A voice called out ot me. Looking up, I see my friend Saya... what's she doing here? Did she know aobut the battle I'm supposed to be having with Haku? I gave her an odd look. "It's aobut time! I thought you were'nt gonna show up in time for our battle. "Aw snap! I totally forgot!" I exclaimed snapping my fingers. Saya gave me a bored look. "Well now you know! So let's get on with it." She said as she ran to the opposite end of the field. "Fine. Haku's gona kill me now." I mumbled the last part to my companions. "Araidos go!" Saya calledo ut THAT pokemon, eep! No offence but I don't like spiders that much. Oh well. "Go Tory!" I point to Araidos as Tory jumps infront of me. "Ariados string shot!" "Dodge! Ember!" As Ariados fires the web, Tory burns it to dust. Yay one point for me! Tory get's up close to Ariados and taking this chance: "Double kick!" I yell. Tory kicks the psider pokemon sending it flying. "Bring Tory with you!" Saya yells. Ariados uses string shot again, dragging Tory across the feild as well. "Smart." I say as I shift my weight. "Tory ember!" I yell again. A frenzy of fire shoots out toward Ariados, but Tory misses. "Blaze kick!" I yell, we haven't mastered that move yet, but I decided to give it a try. Tory clumsily misses Ariados. "Nice try! Psychic!" Ariados successfully hits Tory. I let out a small growl as Tory tries her hardest to stand up. "C'mon Tory! i have faith in you!" I exclaim looking intently at my friend. Tory locks eyes with mine as she slowly stands up...

January 10th, 2006, 6:11 PM
Name: Macey Star

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearence: Black shirt, blue jean vest, blue jean pants, black shoes, black fingerless gloves, and a navy blue cap with silver lightning bolt on front with silver sunglasses sitting on the front. She has long, dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.

Personality: Macey is unpredictable.

History: Her parents were killed when she was very young because they were 'different'. By different I mean they could understand the pokemon language. The last thing they gave her were her pokemon. Her mother gave her Thor when he was still a Pichu and her father gave her Ace when she was still an Eevee.

Pokemons: Pikachu(Thor) and Espeon(Ace)

Land that you came from: winter

Other: Because of her genes she can understand the pokemon language. She also wants to prove that fighting doesn't solve everythin.

RPG samples: "Hey you're Ash and Misty's oldest daughter aren't you?" he asked Tammy. She nodded, "Yeah that's me. I'm surprised you even know my name."

Then the guy pushed a notebook up to her face making both girls jump back.

"Can you get your parents' autographs for me?!" he exclaimed. Tammy growled, fire appearing in her green eyes, then yelled, "What do I look like, a messenger girl!"

The guy sweatdropped and ran out screaming, waving his arms like a maniac. Macey smiled, "Well you have your mother's temper."

The girl turned to her best friend, and hit her in the head with her mallet. The poor girl had swirlies in her eyes as Tammy dragged her out with Macey's vest collar in one hand and a plastic bag in the other. When Macey finally came to she screamed horrified, "I got a hole in my jeans!"

Tammy stopped realizing Macey finally woke up. She let her vest go putting her hand over her mouth, "I'm so sorry. I..."

She didn't get to finish because Macey smiled evilly and ran off calling back, "Sucker!"

Tammy growled at the girl but soon fell to the ground with laughter as Macey ran into a lamp post. She slid down falling on her butt.

"Hey! Who put that there?" she asked stupidly, rubbing the big bump on her forehead. Tammy jogged by smirking, "Maybe it was the people who work for Pallet Town."

Macey growled at her, "You're luck I don't have Pikachu with me or he would fry you right now."

After that the girls walked on in silence glaring at each other every few seconds. It was kinda hard to believe they were best friends at times, but their bond of friendship wouldn't let them stay mad at each other more than a day or two. When they got to Oak's lab their parents' Pikachus greeted them.

"Pika pi!" both pokemon exclaimed jumping in the girls' open arms, or in Tammy's case open arm. They smiled, "Hey Pikachu."

The Pikachus got on the girls' heads making them forget about their small fight. When they walked in Tracey, now older, greeted them, "Hi girls. That the pokechow I ordered?"

"No, it's the pokemon I ordered off ebay." Macey stated rolling her eyes, "Of course it is."

Tammy handed the pokechow to her parents' good friend. It was getting dark so both girls walked home. Well Macey walked home anyways since Tammy lived in the house/labatory combo. Macey waved to her best friend as she walked down the road to her home.

"Well Pikachu I start my very own journey in two days." Macey started, "Do you think I'll be a good trainer?"

The pokemon nodded, "Pika pi pikachu cha."(Of course you'll be a good trainer.)

He then asked, "Pika pikachu pi chu cha, Pichu?"(What pokemon are you getting, Macey?) (A/N: Pichu is what Pikachu calls Macey.)

"I'm getting a Pikachu." she told him without hesitation. She then smiled at him, "You think that's a good choice?"

He nodded his head rapidly agreeing with her choice. Her smiled stayed on her face as she spoke, "I'll have to start getting my things ready tonight after dinner."

Pikachu asked, "Pika pi pikachu chu pikachu pika pikacha?"(Are you going to travel with Tammy?)

She nodded, "Of course I am. I can't travel with anyone else."

When she finally got home she ate and got all her things ready. She still hadn't decided on what pokemon she was going to have in her team but she was glad that she could finally start her very own journy. She started packing her potions, antidote, and stuff like that in her backpack. She was really excited about getting her first pokemon even if she had to wait one and a half more days. She went to bed dreaming about her pokemon journey with a smile on her face. The next morning she woke up when the Dodrio wailed, "Dddddooooodddddrrrriiiiooooooooo!"

Macey woke up and mumbled, "Stupid bird can't even let me finish beating Lance."

She got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom yawning. After taking a shower she walked back to her room. Looking in her closet she wondered out loud, "What should I wear today?"