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Keo Kirito
November 23rd, 2005, 6:40 PM
Pokemon: The Final Takeover


It was seven years ago when Axus took control over the Kanto Region. When he gained power Johto and Hoenn tried to aid Kanto's secret defence but there was no way. Axus had control over everything. The only way Hoenn and Johto could keep in contact with these secret factions was through pokemon. If Axus felt he was being betreyed he would have the person killed ASAP.


Axus is gaining ground. He is rapidly taking over Johto, he has taken everything but Golden Rod. We hold strong, but we are weakening. This may be the last letter you recieve from us. We hope you can gather a team together and fast because its you next.

Prof. Elm


"That was the letter we recieved from Elm, sir." One man replied. "We can't ignore this!" Replied another.
"I know! Snapped the Devon President, Mr. Stone. "Dammit! Bill, is there anyone you know who can help?"

"No, all my men are at Golden Rod, Prof. Brich, do you know anyone who can help? I mean what about you son?"

"Seth? I am sorry to say that he was captured tryingto save his girlfriend in Kanto. Dumb ***!"

The silence in the room deepend. Then the door burst open and Steven stood at the door. "Dad, I know who can help!" The silence broke with chattering. "Shut the hell up!" Mr. Stone boomed. "Who is it Steven?"

HAVE FUN! (Or die! lol)

RP sample: (I want people who can really RP. So if I ask you to remove your post please do it. If your going to blow up because I asked you to delete your post, dont post here. I want good RPers. Thanks)

name: Jimmy
age: 16
gender: male
pokemon: Typhlosion, Umbreon, Ledian, Scyther, Kirlia, and Amphros
description: http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a250/Randall-kun/jimmy.jpg
personality: He is very full of himself which can get him into alot of trouble. He is also very trustworthy. Even though he is cocky and a smart ***, He is still very strong.
history: N/A
other: N/A

November 23rd, 2005, 10:42 PM
Name: Kurogane Mugen
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Scizor, Houndoom, Glalie, Gyrados
Description: Dark, unkempt hair; ice blue eyes; two scars over right eye; dark attire including a sleeveless, hooded shirt, cargo pants, tied belt, and fingerless gloves; a spiked wristband is on his left forearm; beneath the spikes are Pokeballs; silver chain necklace with Dive Ball
Personality: Independent and determined; cares deeply for his Pokemon, but rarely displays such emotions as anything more than a mutual respect. Relatively friendly at times, but is usually morose and introspective. He is not particularly skilled with socialization, and may seem harsher or more direct than he intends to be. When forced into group situations, he may appear distant or critical--partially as a natural reaction to his awkwardness. Kurogane is rather perceptive; and, rarely is his true anger aroused. In respect to his enemies, however, he may display a certain sadism--and, occasionally, masochism.
History: Kurogane does not know who his true parents are. Found abandoned on the shore of an island, he was then adopted. When he was found, a necklace and a note were with him--the note stating his name and recording a message regarding the necklace.
Because he was raised in the mountains of a remote island, for some time, Kurogane was relatively unaffected by the takeover of the Kanto region. However, as Kurogane's adopted parents began to help trainers escape via their island, Axus discovered their actions and commanded that they be destroyed. When the attack force arrived at their home, Kurogane's parents ordered him to escape while they fought. Though unwilling, Kurogane escaped into a freezing mountain blizzard. After several hours of wandering alone, he found he had strayed beyond his area of familiarity. He was lost. Desperate and hoping for comfort, Kurogane clasped the necklace his original parents had given him, recalling the note's promise that the necklace would protect him. A red light flashed from the Dive Ball that hung from the chain, releasing a Snorunt. Stunned, Kurogane followed Snorunt through the blizzard until they arrived at a cave. Waiting until the blizzard had faded, Kurogane then exited the cave and, with Snorunt's aid, returned to his home. Upon arrival, though, he found only dried blood and the carnage of battle. After this, Kurogane left the island and began to search for his parents. As of yet, he has not forgiven himself for, as he feels, abandoning his parents.
Other: Kurogane specializes in training unruly or savage-natured Pokemon. He is also left-handed. All his Pokeballs are stored in his spiked wristband, excluding a Dive Ball that hangs on his necklace. The spikes without Pokeballs beneath them may be removed and used for other purposes.
RP sample:

Kurogane lay beneath the moonless night sky, silver starlight reflecting on his features and in his half-closed eyes. Arms folded behind his head, the trainer rested amidst the wave of tall grass that was now a night-enveloped field. His eyes of winter's azure partially open, Kurogane's lips faintly moved as he murmured, "Why . . . Couldn't I live up to it?"

The male's sapphire eyes, now frosted fully and distant in thought, slowly closed as he mused, " 'Kurogane' . . . that name they gave me. They said 'Kurogane' meant 'iron'. They said they believed I would be strong--as strong as my name. But . . . " The tranquility of Kurogane's features was suddenly disrupted as he flinched from the pain of inner turmoil. But, I couldn't live up to it. The ones who sacrificed everything for me and cared for me even when I was not their own--the ones I should have been strong for, I failed when they needed me most.

Kurogane suddenly sat upright, slamming one fist into his palm in fury and frustration. If I can't protect what's important--what's precious, how can I be called strong? How? Was it too much . . . What my birth-parents were expecting of me? After a long pause, Kurogane seemed to relax slightly, lowering his hands and exhaling a misted breath into the night air. Opening his cobalt eyes, the trainer gently touched the Dive Ball that hung about his neck. The orb seemed to glow softly in the pale starlight, glinting slightly as its master's touch shifted its position. We won't fail, Glalie. Never again.

Keo Kirito
November 25th, 2005, 1:05 PM
I have RPed many times with you Kogenta, you didn't need a sample! ANyway accepted!