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November 24th, 2005, 4:41 PM
The story: The princess has been captured, but this time bowser isnt to blame. A new evil is slowly poisoning the land, the residents of the mushroom kingdom are getting sick, trees are dieing, food is becoming scares and theres something that creaps around at night, you cant see it but you know it there for now its not doing anything just sitting there watching and waiting

1 No new charters only ones found in the games
2 No power playing (i will control your charter if you go out side of the story)
3 try to avoid repitition, ooc and double posting if you can help it
4 have fun

sadly only 5 people can join

the charcters you can choose from are
Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad

Charcter (only one):
age (approx):
sample (i only want the best):

charcter:mario (also sole controller of the beast)
abilitys: fireballs,flying, high jump,

November 26th, 2005, 7:10 AM
Well, if you want people to join, you might wanna elaborate on the plot. No ones gonna join if the bad guy turns out to be a fluffy bunny. But Ill join.

Name: Naoki
age: 16
abilities: fire whip, white flame(healing), summon-Ifrit(demon)
Sample: I watched her leave the room. I looked at the ground, and left my dorm, and found a dark corner. I sat down, and began to cry, not hard, the type of cry where the tears roll down your cheek, and you dont notice. I tried to made no noise, and stayed there for who knows how long.

i squeezed the stone, and became furious. i stood up, just in thime for Dorna to appear. "give me the stone" i said. amother tear rolled down my cheek. "go to hell!" i cried as i ran up to him, and began to punch him, but not doing any damage. "you ruined my life you *****!" i screamed as i shot a jet of fire at him.

he dissappered, and reappered behind me. i dropped to my knees, and began to cry. i looked behind me, and there was no one there. i cried even harder. i left the shadow, and went to my dorm. i pulled out my scissors, and held it to my wrist.

that was when the principle walked in, and snatched the scissors away. he pulled me into the office, and began to dial my home number. i was in trouble.

November 27th, 2005, 5:53 AM
uhh, he said a character found in the games, you know, the supermario games? like this:

Charcter (only one): yoshi
age (approx): depends (depends on weather he had just been hatched, or he had been out for a while)
abilities: able to eat anything and can jump very high

i sat down at a table, after continuous turns to go at another of mario's partys, this was the seventh, a cruise, but a party none the less, i hated partys

adn before that was the baseball trounament, adn before that tennis, peach dominated here

things were all going down hill here, as something was roaming around and killing everything off

"oh well" i sighed, but, noone understood me because i was a dinosaur, exept the other yoshis, who were, far away on yoshi island, so, i was all alone in this castle, no birdo, peach was off being rescued by mario agian, luigi was off fixing someones pipes while mario was getting teh glory againg, something that happened ofted, but i knew it was getting to him

toad however, i hadnt seen him in a while, probably just wandering the castle or something, i never knew, i didnt know much about the castle, i was always stuck in this little room up on the third floor

thats life in this castle, bowser captures peach, mario goes to rescue her, with occasional help from me and luigi, but toad, he just gave us stars at those stupid partys, thats it! he had no real other perpus! so why was he even here? because the prinsess had him stay with us, good grief, lucky me, i get to stay with an overweight plummer, his stickfigure of a brother, a princess thats waaaaay too happy all the time, and an army of mushrooms, like i said, lucky me