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November 26th, 2005, 2:10 AM

Barrel City, Alvo Region

Officialy run by the corrupt government, but everyone knows that the local gangs, Team Gear, Team Axle, Team Wrench and Team Joint really run it. It is a cruel place, of loss, misery, and pain. Yet the Pokemon League dosen't do anything.

Barrel City is divided into four disticnt areas each with their own gang. Gear takes the north, Axle takes south, Wrench takes west and Joint, east. They rule through terror, extortion and other machivellian qualities. Their pokemon are trained to high levels viciously bullying the weak ones.

Now a couple new trainers come together to try and bring peace to Barrel City. They'll need a pokemon, and enough skill to beat the four gang leaders. But with the 'law' prohibiting you from certain methods, solving this crisis isn't exactly legal.

But wait. There's more. The gangs are always looking for more blood to add to their ranks. Gang wars over turf are frequent. Pokemon are being used all the time. Many have died. Would you join a gang if the choice came up? At the moment Team Gear are slowly infecting Team Joint's area. The bigger they get the more complicated everything gets. Teams Wrench and Axle are considering merging to take down Team Gear. Unfortunately this could result in a full scale war and destruction of the city. The clock is ticking. Can you save Barrel City? Or will you let it be destroyed? Your destiny is ahead....


No legendaries or evolved pokemon for a starter, but I'll except non-evolvable pokemon.
No powerplaying.
No character control.


Starter Pokemon(will receive it later)-

November 26th, 2005, 3:02 AM
OK to stop confusion this is invitational.

ybur angel
Random Plushie
Alter Ego(your PM box was full)


Name-John Palmer



Starter Pokemon-He will get a Ralts.

Description-Tall for his age, John has dark black hair that covers a lot of of his face. It obscures one of his eyes, which are brown. He usually wears a black T-Shirt and jeans, and his trademark scuffed trainers. Has come into puberty, so he has slight acne.

Personality-John is quite rash, but also intelligent. He is clever, but he never bothers to use his intelligence in a sticky situation as he is a slow thinker.

History-John grew up in the East of the city. Team Joint have constantly made his life a mess, but now that Team Gear is invading, his family have moved to the safer south. John hopes to get a pokemon and escape from Barrel City one day. When he gets a mysterious letter telling him to come to the local club, The Bike, he never suspects that he will get a pokemon.

Other-John has a younger sister, who he loves to the ends of the earth. He is also quite good at understanding pokemon speech.
His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother. His father also lives in Barrel City. rumour has it that he has supposedly joined Team Wrench.

Random Plushie
November 26th, 2005, 3:30 AM
Name: Tessie Malong
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Description: This girl is fairly tall; not the tallest of her age group, but not many people are taller than her. Her hair is jet black in color, and falls to her waist, although it adds to the sense of gloom that seems to hang around her, no matter what she says or how she acts. As for her eyes, they are a very, very dark shade of brown, also seeming a bit gloomy regardless of what she does.

In terms of clothing, she usually wears a baggy, hooded black sweater over a dark violet T-shirt that sports the image of a Pokeball in the center, although it's usually covered up by the sweater. With those, she wears long, cerulean blue pants.

She carries things in a dark violet sling bag; a small black 'T' having been sewn in one corner.

Personality: Tessie really isn't a very talkative girl at all, and is really quite shy, or at least around other people. Ever since she can remember, she has been able to handle conversations with Pokemon a lot better; never really speaking her mind around humans, and yet doing the opposite around Pokemon, even though she really never had one to call her own.

In short, it takes a while before she can hold a regular conversation with someone.

In other terms, she's the type of person who can't bring herself to harming a fly, which is strange, since she seems to excel in Pokemon Battling.

History: Orginally from the City of Rustboro, Tessie was born into her family as an only child, her mother being a housewife, while her father was a researcher for the Devon Corp. The family, along with their 'pet', a Linoone by the name of Laka, thrived, in short.

But it was not to last.

When Tessie was eight, her father began to teach her what he knew about the dynamics of Pokemon, and battling with them. She was immediately enthralled, having already known Laka for all her life as one of the few creatures she could manage to have a conversation with.

She was interested in the subject, and looked forward to the time of day when her father would return home from work and teach her about Pokemon. In fact, her father was already taking pride in the fact that his child was so willingly learning about battling at such an early age.

But one day, her father did not come home..

And it became obvious that her mother knew why. She was abnormally silent for several days and refused to talk to Tessie about the subject. Eventually, her mother told her one day that they were to move to an entirely different region, to the city known as Barrel City.

In protest, Tessie argued that her father wouldn't be able to find them that way, but eventually, she had no choice but to give in to her mother's word.

To this day, Tessie wishes to know what happened to her father, enraged that her mother refuses to tell her, and so, believes that she will honour his memory if she becomes a Trainer of Pokemon like he always wanted her to be.

Of course, her mother won't let her take Laka anywhere.. And she has no idea where to start being a Trainer, seeing as how the city has fallen into tough times..

Starter Pokemon: Seviper, whee! ^^

Other: Eh, she can get scared rather easily, although she tries to hide it. XD

By the by, where will we be recieving the Starter Pokemon, eh?

November 26th, 2005, 3:41 AM
Yibber being invited?!
Now thats just creepy and freaky and cool dudes!!^^

Name-Jinger Macrim

Description-Jinger has long,reddish-brown hair which falls to her waist.She has bright,green eyes and wears a matching beret on her head.The girl is around the average height for girls her age,though it really was never a topic to sit around in her short-attention spanned head,that whether she was short or tall.
The girl has a blue vest jacket over a long-sleeved mint green shirt.She wears a blue,jean skirt to match the jacket.To carry her possesions in,she carries a small bagpack on one shoulder.

Personality-On first glance,she might appear to be a,how you say?Girly girl.Usually,she doesn't talk to you,she either whines or babbles on and on and on.Rarely has there been a moment of silence with Jinger around.She is also,quite a scatter-brain,forgetting things almost instantly unless she was reminded continously.
Dependant,yes.Snobby,never.One good quality of hers is that she almost never gets angry,and even if she was,it wouldn't be a big deal,no,she'd calm down after a minute or so.Other than these,the girl can also be very optimistic,happy-go lucky,though usually only on occasion.
But,truthfully,the girl wasn't like this before.No,she was different,WAY different.

The girl grew up in a rich family,father and mother being the chairman for the Official Pokeblock Making Association,having everything she could ever want at her beck and call.Posibbly one of the reasons that make her who she is these days.She grew up in along with two other siblings,her being the oldest.Both her twin brothers lived to get her in trouble.Whenever anything was broken in the house,the fingers would point and it would end up with Jinger being scolded.Though,she never really cared about getting herself into trouble.She was too busy thinking off another..another something everytime the topic of 'Who dunnit?' came up,blocking out her mother's and father's cries almost instantly.
A thing,which she places next to her heart every single second and moment every single day,would be none other than the green beret she wore proudly on her head.If she's not wearing it,she's probably holding it in her arms or claiming that the beret said it wanted a rest in her bag.People could only back away from her as she told them the last point.
At first,it seemed lonely for Jinger,but soon,she found friends,though,they only liked her for her money.But,atleast she had some.

Stater pokemon-Feebas,yes Yibber has finally decided to start with the pokemon she's loved for too long!^^

She,loves pokemon contests.
Probably the main reason why she started out with the journey.Even if there were no good,nasty gangs running around,she won't let that stop her,no sirree!!

November 26th, 2005, 4:08 AM
Where do we get a pokemon?
Why at the hippest club in town, The Bike!
We'll start when one more person joins.

Alter Ego
November 26th, 2005, 5:52 AM
Name- Ashley Fairlight
Age- 15
Gender- Female (Pwhee! I'm gender-bending! Hope that doesn't freak you all out. I just had to finally make a female character for a change. I'm weird like that. XD)
Description(optional)- Ashley is just a few inches shorter than an average girl of her age, something which all too often leads to the annoying result that people can't help looking down on her, not that she minds it too much. Her hair is blonde and usually reaches a bit below her shoulders, it is also constantly accompanied by a rather old blue bandana. Her eyes are clear blue and usually seem to have an energetic spark in them, more or less regardless of the circumstances. As clothing goes, she usually dresses rather tomboyishly, wearing a green t-shirt with a light blue jacket to go with it and a pair of slightly darker blue jeans, which are usually accompanied by a fairly average belt to keep her pokballs on (She might not be an official trainer yet, but that doesn't mean she ain't prepared), when she goes into rougher territory she also wears a pair of dark blue fingerless gloves, fingerless mostly due to the fact that she finds ordinary gloves to suffocating for her hands. She also carries around a fairly sizeable backpack, light blue in colour, in which she keeps her possessions. Having spent plenty of her life under circumstances where there wasn't all that much money to go around, she isn't really all that into fashion and other such expensive habits, prefering to have at least semi-practical clothes instead.
Personality- A friendly and outgoing person by nature, Ashley is always interested in making new friends and seeing new places, despite having been forced to leave a good amount of both behind with her family's all too frequent moving. She tries her best to get along with people and brushes of minor rudeness, but that doesn't mean that she's devoid of temperament, nor that she would be beyond showing it when she considers it necessary. If Ashley finds someone simply too annoying to stand, she will either snap at that person or just find someone else, it's a big world after all, but usually she does tend to get along with people. She is also fairly optimistic about the world, always doing her best to maintain good cheer among her friends, and it's very rare for her to get depressed. When that does happen however it does so with a vengeance, and when Ashley slips into that kind of mood she expects her friends to help cheer her up, just as she would do for them if they encountered similar problems. Overall, she is a fairly well-educated and intelligent girl, but all too prone of thinking with the heart rather than the head, which can quite often lead her to make decisions which others would consider foolish in the extreme.
History(optional)- The only daughter of the fairly famous pokmon psychiatrist Oliver Fairlight, most of Ashley's childhood was spent in the bustling coastal city of Slateport where her father was busy studying how the city environment affected the mental disposition of wild pokmon as well as countless other things. Ashley has plenty of good things to say about her early years, despite the fact that her mother left the famiy about five years after Ashley was born, leaving the girl and her less-than-practical father to make things work as best they could. Luckily, there were plenty of family friends willing to help them out, and, once Ashley began coming of age, she became more and more self-reliant. Which in itself was quite a useful trait considering that her father was still very much absorbed in his work, although he did allow the girl to join him in it, creating quality time of a sort. Pokmon psychiatry is not the most reliable or profitable line of work however, and payment times always seemed to stretch, especially since Ashley's father considered mere money to be nothing compared to the scientific profit that his work brought him and wasn't that adamant about payment times, or sums. And so, the family's economic situation began spiralling out of hand, and by the time of Ashley's fifteenth birthday, there simply wasn't enough money to support them both and Ashley had to leave home, getting sent of with a train ticket to Barrel City, where her aunt Maria supposedly awaits her with open arms...
Starter Pokemon(will receive it later)- Snorunt
Other- Having spent a great deal of time helping her father in his work, Ashley has amassed quite a deep understanding of pokmon behaviour, although it is quite rare for her to properly utilize that knowledge, given her all too emotionall far too unobjective way of percieving the world. Consequently, she does tend to understand human emotions quite well also, although her understanding in that area is more intuitive than anything.

And there it is! Enjoy! ^^ Oh, and by the way...this ish my 2100th official post! Huzzah!

November 26th, 2005, 7:48 AM
Yay! I'm not too late! XD And another invitation RP for me! That must mean I'm good. ^_____^

And 2100th post?! Darn you Alter!! You joined PC after me and you still have over double the posts.... o.o And, OMG, your girl name is Ashley. ^^

Hm... and because once again the gender ratio is WAY off for poor Pete, I'm gonna be a boy. XD

Name: Kevin Hale (yeah, I stole the guy from the 3rd pokemon movie's last name, but there's no connection -_-)

Age: 15

Gender: Male O_O

Description: Kevin usually wears black slacks with black shoes. He also wears a variety of nice dress shirts and always seems to look as if he's ready to go out to a nice place for dinner. However, this is actually his usual look. If he dresses up, he'll be wearing nothing less than an overcoat with a rarely used dress shirt, or a tuxedo. o.o He's pretty tall for the average boy and he's got deep blue eyes and dark brown, almost black, hair. He's got fair colored skin, and he has a shoulder backpack because he thinks anything else looks tacky.

Personality: Selfish, full of himself, and rather annoying at it too, Kevin is not the best person in the world. He always wants to know what's in it for him, and why he should be interested in doing anything. He thinks he's the best, smartest, awesomest, greatest guy there ever was, and anyone who thinks otheriwse is an idiot. This is probably why he has absolutely no friends aside from his headstrong pokemon that he will recieve. At first meeting, Kevin seems to care about no one but himself; and he does. However, this might change over the course of time... if a few people might convince him that he's not the best person in the world.

History: Kevin grew up as a pampered, spoiled rich boy. His parents were quite well-off from a mysterious source that was never revealed to him. He just assumed it was some sort of old money passed down or something. He knew though that he would inherit it all one day, and that no matter what happened, he would never have to work a day in his life. And yet... he always felt restless. He saw the stiffling atmosphere of his house, and he wanted to get away. Experience life for at least a little while before he was obligated to all of this money. And what Kevin wants... Kevin gets.

Starter Pokemon: Houndour (a female)

Other: What side will Kevin pick? Well, I can say he certainly won't be a good guy the whole time, though he will start out as one. ^-^

FUUU! Yugioh's almost on!!! I must leave!!! X_X

Alter Ego
November 26th, 2005, 8:09 AM
OOC: Heh, I did swear that my next cross-gender character would be called that. ^^ Plus, Ashley is a nice name methinks.

Oh and Kevin...heh, I can just picture Ashley picking him as her personal redemption project. XD She is the daughter of a shrink after all, and probably couldn't help trying to apply that knowledge wherever she can. Granted she was taught how to be a shrink for pokmon, but the principle is the same. ^^

And yay for the gender balance! (It always seems to lean towards the female side so I just had to blatantly disregard it if I ever wanted to get a female char again) If Charon goes male too we'll have a neat 50/50 spilt. ^^

Ehh...and for meh post count. Do remember that it's only the *official* one, so my good 100+ posts in the Mixed Trivia & Games section don't count. XD

November 26th, 2005, 8:44 AM
OOC: Just got to wait for Charon.....

Heck, I'm doing my starting post.

IC: Rain was pouring down over Barrel City. John was bent double, sprinting through the streets of the southern part. A couple Axle thugs were smoking together. No-one gave him a second glance. John smirked. Team Axle, the local gang, were on the increase, but if it meant anything, they had gotten stupid. John arrived home and pulled off his shoes. Scuffed, yes. Useful, YES! He went into the small kitchen and saw a letter adressed to him on the table. Curiously, he opened it. It read:

Ever wanted to have a chance?
Ever wanted to hit the big time?
If so, come to The Bike on 26th November at 7:30.

John didn't know what this letter meant. He looked it over again, and went upstairs to tell his mom. She let him off, so he pulled on his hoodie and exited his house for The bike, not sure why.

When he got there, there was music playing. A local band, the Franticshippers, were playing their latest song, Fished up a Feebas. John looked around, the letter dangling at his side. Suddenly he was approached by an important looking woman.
"Who are you?" asked John.
"I'd like to remain anonymous, but you may call me Clay," replied the woman, "Anyway, may I see that letter?"
"Sure," said John.
Clay looked at it, then smiled at him.
"Yes, yes. How would you like to get a pokemon?" she asked.
"I'd love to," replied John.
Clay smiled again then turned round and gave an egg to him.
"It's yours,"
John looked her in the eye. His egg was green and whitey-pink.
"When will it hatch?" he asked.
"Ten minutes...." she replied.

November 26th, 2005, 9:40 AM
{ooc| Yeah, I'm actually really struggling to think up another character... I'm thinking, I really am! I might re-se an old one so...watch this space! I'll try and sort something out after dinner. Sorry for being so troublesome. =D
Alter, are you hinting at me playing a guy? xD I actually think I will...

p.s: Golden Sun is the best! Especially Felix, man that guy's good-looking. xD}
Name: Alex
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Description: Alex wears baggy denim jeans which are cut off at the shin and fraying heavily, well-worn trainers, and a farmer-style checked shirt. He almost always is chewing a piece of corn - no matter where abouts he is in the world. He has messy straw-blonde hair, which is naturally spikey. It sticks up in peculiar in a peculiar, gravity defying, anime-style way, and makes him look even scuffier than usual. Alex has quite a pale face which is dotted with freckles, which just makes his wide gray eyes look even more innocent. He's best described as 'lanky' - he's extremely tall and extremely skinny, which is probably something to do with him working most of his life

Personality: He is very easy going, very open, and always happy to help. Because he was rather isolated when growing up, he trusts everyone and is easily fooled. He could easily be described as 'simple', because of his plain nature, but years of running after distracted tropiuses has left him adept at thinking on his feet.

History: Grew up on a tropius ranch - Alex has only left recently, and has a biggoted view of cities and the rest of the world. He came to Barrel City to seek fame, glory, and to get a pokemon other than a tropius.

Other: He's very easily influenced.

Pokemon: Charmander!

Alter Ego
November 26th, 2005, 10:31 AM
OOC: Hmm, let's not go too far RPing so that Charon gets a time to think up a proper character, m'kay? Mine came out this fast because she had been at the back of my mind for ages, all I had to was to put it down in writing. ^^ Oh, and I agree. Golden Sun pwns. Oh, and not to mock your favourite or anything Pete, but Felix > Isaac in my opinion, both appearance-wise (Although I ain't looking at him that way) and by his plot role/personality, so yeah.

Anyways, I suppose I shall make my first IC...


The rain was not only in Barrel City that day, on a small, desolate train station the downpour was just as fierce, if not more so, tiny droplets splattering onto the window, making those inside of the structure glad to be inside, despite the rather hectic and shabby atmosphere of the place. It was a fairly old and unkept structure, half-faded old posters hanging all about the desolate, black stone walls and tiny pieces of litter covering the equally coloured stone floor. The architect who designed the place undoubtedly thought it would look cool with such a colour scheeme, but in the middle of the torrent and with the added effect of one of the large ceiling lamps flickering, the end result was more creepy than anything. Most people wandered about like a grey mass, their primarily dark coloured rain clothes fading into an obscure blur as they huddled together in small groupings, each aiming to catch their own train. Within this gloomy assortment however, one person in particular stuck out like a sore thumb. She was a girl of about fifteen, standing by one of the service desks and smiling cheerfully to the rather bored looking clerk, an aging man (He looked about 70, although he probably was younger than that) with a thin covering of grey hair on his head and a somewhat scruffy looking moustache, on the other side as she explained her case.

"And I came to get this ticket redeemed so that I can continue on to Barrel City." she finished, absent-mindedly running a hand through her blonde hair, sticking a few strayed locks back beneath the blue bandana on her head.

At the mention of the destination's name, the clerk suddenly seemed to snap into alertness, staring at the girl as if he couldn't believe his ears "Barrel City?" the man repeated, "You actually want to go to Barrel City, youngin'?" he asked, his stare not faultering even as he began processing the girl's request "Most people these days are heading out of there, and I can't say I blame them." the man shuddered, a slightly haunted look occupying his face as he passed the now functional ticket back over to the girl.

The girl blinked, tilting her head as she lifted the blue backpack slung over her right shoulder into a slightly better position "What's wrong with Barrel City?" she asked curiously, returning the stare of the old man's dark brown eyes with her own clear blue pair as she picked up the precious train ticket and slippedit into the left back pocket of her dark blue jeans for later use.

"What's wrong?" the man echoed, casting a fidgety glance at his surroundings before leaning closer to the girl, lowering his voice to a whisper "Everything is wrong." he said quietly, "The neighbourhoods, the trainers, the government, the whole city. Everything. All because of those foolish teams and their squabbling."

"What teams?" the girl asked in return, her voice now a whisper as well as she tried to make out the old man's feelings. Whatever it was he was certainly terrified of it, anyone could see that, he probably had some personal experience of the matter too, judging by the way that his eyes darted about the surroundings, but the clerk had given very little concrete information.

"Hey, what's the hold up?!" inquired the person who was behind the girl in the queue, "She's not the only one who needs service and I've got a train to catch!"

There was a murmur of assent from the crowd members, and the clerk, who looked like he had been preparing for a long explanation, settled for one final whispered reply "The teams are the ones that rule." he said "Gear is north, Axel is south, Wrench is west, and Joint is east, never forget that. Everyone knows that they rule, everyone, but few will say it. They're too scared. Too scared. Ohh...they turned everything upside down, everything. If you're bad then you're good, and if you want to be good then you have to be bad. It's enough to drive anyone insane...but I have already said too much, ask the good people themselves, I speak for them but not in their name, you want to know...talk to Clay, don't worry about finding her, she'll find you. I'd advise you not to go, but youngsters never take advice, do they? Good luck youngin'..."

With that, and one nervous glance at his surroundings, the clerk quickly ushered the girl in the direction of her platform before turning to handle the other clients. Although she wasn't sure, the girl could have sworn that she felt the old man's eyes on her back all the way to the train, their haunting, desperate gaze piercing into the back of her head as the words replayed in her mind, "If you're bad then you're good...if you want to be good then you have to be bad..." the girl frowned, flashing her ticket to the inspector before she boarded the train, finding herself an empty compartment, not a hard feat considering that the Barrel City line did seem to be rather short on people. What could that mean? she thought for herself, absent-mindedly placing her backpack on the seat beside her and staring out of the compartment window as the train set off, watching the rain-blurred landscape flash past outside.


"Next stop, Barrel Town, East Quarter Station! Repeat, next stop Barrel Town, East Quarter Station!"

The girl looked up from her reveries as the announcement sounded in her compartment, snapping out of the mesmerized daze that watching the falling raindrops had brought on her. She peered out of the window once more, noticing that the rural landscape had now been replaced by that of deserted city streets, the rain pattering outside as hard as ever. She brought up her right hand over her mouth to stiffle a yawn as she picked up her backpack with the other while standing up at the same time, soon exiting the local train station, not much nicer than the last one she had visited and a good bit smaller too, with the city map she had been given firmly clutched in her hand.

"Okay, let's see..." she said for herself, unfolding the laminated paper and peering at it, "Foundry Street is right...there, that means that auntie Maria's house should be somewhere in..." she turned on her place, ignoring the raindrops that had now taken up falling on her all around, "...this direction." she concluded, looking up at the fairly wide street that opened up in front of her, according to the map her aunt's house was at the very end. As she wandered through the desolate streets, skipping aside from the occasional water puddle, the girl began singing for herself, a tune that had been stuck in her head for quite a while now and desperately wanted to get out. It was an old one, from way back...from the time that mum was still home. Ignoring any bitter thoughts concerning what had happened after that particular episode the girl lifted her head up and began singing. Although her voice was quite far from trained and didn't carry far, it was fairly light and had a certain ring to it, not particularly beautiful, but not really horrible either.

"Raindrops keep falling on my head,
but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red!
Cryin's not for me!
I'm never gonna' stop the rain by complaining,
Cause' I'm free,
nothing's worrying me!"

The girl continued on with the song, filling up the occasional gaps in her knowledge of the lyrics with a hum or a 'lalalaa' until she did little more than humming, although it had its appeal nonetheless and did improve her cheer. She stopped as she reached her aunt's house though, chuckling at her own silly performrance. "Ashley, you certainly are no singer..." she said for herself, pressing the doorbell and listening to the sound it made inside while she waited for someone to open. And sure enough, the familiar, and rather heavy, gait of her aunt soon became audible from within, the sounds clearly approaching the door until it finally turned open and a woman's face stuck out into the rain, surveying the soaked but smiling girl on her porch. At first glance, one might have deemed Maria to be a jolly woman, with her round and soft looking face, complete with the slightly curly dark brown hair and the friendly looking brown eyes, as well as the usual semi-fashionable clothing she wore, but in truth, her personality could be quite far from that at times.

"Whatever it is, I'm not buying." she said, casting a stern glance at Ashley "And if you've come to bother me with any of this 'Team' nonsense at this hour so help me I'll...Ashley?" she paused in her rant, squinting to make out the girl's face, even though she already nodded in return.

"Hi auntie." she said, "Long time no see."

"A far too long time." her aunt said, watching Ashley's clothing with an expression of slight disdain on her face "Come on in girl, or you'll catch your death from a cold. Don't you have any proper rain clothes? I swear, children these days...it's all about fashion without any concern for common sense. Why in my day..."

Ashley left on a polite smile on her face while she allowed her aunt's lecture to wash over her without really paying proper heed to it. To a stranger, Maria would no doubt have seemed like a narrow-minded biggot who enjoyed picking on the girl just because she could, but Ashley knew by experience that this was just her way of expressing concern. That didn't mean that she was about to listen to any of it, though, being preoccupied with her own thoughts as she left her wet shoes by the entrance before following her aunt inside. Maria's flat was a fairly small and rather mundane one, consisting of a small entry room which then opened into a hall which split into three corridors leading to kitchen and dining hall, bedrooms, and the living room respectively. Despite being rather cramped, the house was neat and well organized and did have a certain cozy feel to it, although there was maybe just a hint of over-cleaning in the air, possibly because Maria knew that her niece was coming today. Ashley didn't comment on it though, knowing that it wouldn't lead to anything positive.

"Oh that father of yours..." Maria ranted on as she led Ashley into the guest room, allowing the girl to place her backpack inside before ushering her onward to the living room. "...to value his research more than his own daughter...letting her arrive here looking like she just wandered out of Auswitzch, I swear...would you like some tea, dear?" she asked, her voice quickly turning warm and friendly again as she turned to Ashley, offering her a fairly old and somewhat dented mug filled with a transparent, steaming liquid which was brownish red in colour, a few blackened tea leaves still mingling at its bottom, "I'm afraid it's kind of weak because I'm a bit short on tea leaves at the moment, but it will shake that chill right out of you."

"Thanks." Ashley replied, accepting the cup and daintily taking a few sips, noticing that it mostly tasted like boiled water before she placed the cup down on the table by which she had been seated, deciding to start out the conversation before Maria continued her rant "Auntie..." she said, her eyes twinkling with curiosity, "What's with all this talk about teams?"

Her aunt suddenly inhaled deeply, nearly getting a mouthfull of tea down the wrong throat before she finally managed to reply "Teams?" she asked a tad hoarsely, the tea was still quite hot after all, "Who told you about that?"

"You did..." Ashley replied, which was perfectly true since Maria had mentioned it by the door, "You said, 'And if you've come to bother me with any of this team nonsense...' "

"Oh..." the woman said, her expression growing darker as she realized that she had already made a giveaway, she sighed heavily, "Well, I suppose you would find out anyway..." she said at last, taking another sip of tea "It's not like it's a big secret, especially with all this turf-conquering bussiness that's been going on...you see, this city...is not under the control of the government." she took a small pause to let the information sink in, "Not really, it's ruled by teams...four of them. Team Gear, Team Axel, Team Wrench, and Team Joint. Each have their own territory, and their own rules..."

Gear, Axel, Wrench, Joint... Ashley repeated in her mind, beginning to realize what the old man had been getting at as she nodded, a gesture for the woman in front of her to continue.

"Well, they've been demanding payment from all inhabitants, naturally, lowlife scum that they are...", at this point, Maria's expression turned into one of disgust "And of course, they make examples of those who refuse...messy examples."

"But...why doesn't the government interfere?" Ashley cut in, unable to contain the question any longer.

"Because they're involved in it, fool girl!" Maria replied briskly, slightly annoyed by the interruption "Everyone knows that the officials are right in the Teams' pockets, capitalizing on the war they've got going on. They don't really seem to care who the winner is, just as long as they can make as much profit as possible by selling favourable legislation and mysterious escapes to the teams." she frowned "They've even made it illegal to fight back..."

"That's...terrible..." Ashley said solemnly, feeling slightly overwhelmed by this new information, "Can't anyone do anything? I mean, shouldn't the Elite Four..?"

"Be doing something?" Maria completed, scoffing "You'd think that, wouldn't you? But no, those ivory-tower windbags don't give a Rattata's arse about what happens to this town, if they even know...and anyhow, they can't act without official backing. And with the officials being what they are..." she shook her head, "The Elite Four can't do a thing for us. Which is why I need you to promise me something." she leaned forward, grabbing Ashley by her right wrist, "I need you to promise me not to get involved in this in any way, is that clear? Not in any way."

"All-allright, auntie..." Ashley replied, keeping the fingers of her left hand crossed behind her back as she said so (A generally accepted sign for false promises, just in case she saw the need to get involved anyway), "I won't have anything to do with them..."

Maria's expression softened again and she released her grip, returning back to her original position "I'm glad to hear that, girl." she said, nodding "Welcome to your new home then. Oh, and someone sent a letter adressed to you, it arrived a short while ago..."

"A letter?" Ashley asked in surprise, "Who would want to send me a letter here?"

"Search me." Maria replied, shrugging, "But I believe I left it in your room, so if you're interested, you might wish to take a look at it."

"Allright." Ashley said, practically jumping out her chair, "Thanks for the tea, auntie!" she called, waving her a quick goodbye before dashing of towards her room. Sure enough, there was an envelope on the bedside table, and upon closer inspection it did seem to have her name on it.

The girl quickly snatched the envelope, ripping it up to reveal the note inside;

Ever wanted to have a chance?
Ever wanted to hit the big time?
If so, come to The Bike on 26th November at 7:30.

"26th of November?" Ashley said for herself, "That's today." she checked her watch; 7:21. Great, this would call for some speed. The girl quickly pulled out her map, noting that, fortunately enough, 'The Bike' seemed to be a fairly popular local hangout and was clearly marked on the map, it wasn't even that far from her current position either. Ashley was sure she could make it if she ran. But did she want to? That note was vague at best, and judging by what she had heard about the teams, she really couldn't help wondering if it wasn't a trap. But she had always wanted to have a chance. Surely just checking it out wouldn't hurt that much...

With this in mind, Ashley quickly stuffed the letter into one of her pockets as well, before breaking of into a mad dash out of the door and into the rain-swept streets, her light blue jacket, still open, fluttering in the wind.

OOC: And teh post has grown. Hope there aren't any people knowning too much. Anyways, she'll arrive at 'The Bike' in my next IC, promise. ^^

Random Plushie
November 26th, 2005, 11:09 AM

Whee, Alter used his cross-gender name! XD

Anyways, I feel like making a long first post.


The room was lit by a single lightbulb, although more light still made it's way through the window despite the cloudy day outside. Rain steadily pelted at the window, distorting the images of the world outside, the one that wasn't quite the same, beautiful view anymore. If ever this small room seemed gloomy, today it was off the charts.

In one corner, to the right of the window, sat a small, wooden table, text books and stories of Pokemon piled high, pages yellow with age and worn from having been read so much. Next to the immense pile of books sat a violet sling bag, which seemed brand-new compared to the books. The chair had been taken on a raid a good three years back, although Tessie was still having trouble finding out why, out of all the things in the house, they wanted a chair and some of her mother's cooking supplies.

In the oppoiste corner, to the direct left of the window, was a bed, the perfect size for its owner and the family Linoone. Laka, the Linoone, was fully stretched out at the foot of the bed, dozing off into sleep as the rain droned on.

Propped up with a pillow at the other end of the bed was a thirteen-year-old girl, dressed in dark colors as usual, which were, as usual, accompanied with a hooded black sweater. Her name was Tessie, and at the moment, she was again studying the many affects weather had on Pokemon Battles.

"Can't you just think about other things for a change?" Her mother's voice pierced through the silence, making her daughter visibly flinch, and also causing Laka to stirr in her sleep.

Tessie sighed once, then closed the text book and placed it on the bed.

"You've got a letter. I hope it's something that gets your mind off those silly Pokemon Battles.. You know with those gangs running around, it's become an even more dangerous sport." Her mother said, taking a few steps into the room before extending her hand to give the piece of mail to Tessie.

Tessie remained silent, looking the letter over as her mother retreated out of the room, heading off towards the kitchen. Figuring she may as well read it, she ripped the thing open and reached inside the envelope to retrieve the message, unfolding the paper until she could properly read it.

Ever wanted to have a chance?
Ever wanted to hit the big time?
If so, come to The Bike on 26th November at 7:30.

That was what Tessie read, raising her eyebrow as she read it a second time.

A chance.. She thought to herself, eyes seeming to sparkle with something other the melancholy for the first time in five years. Perhaps.. This is what I need..

The girl quickly folded the letter, stuffing it back into the envelope before placing it in her sweater's pocket, then quickly leaping off the bed to retrieve the sling bag from the table that it had been sitting on this whole time.

Reaching out to stroke Laka in farewell, Tessie made her way to the front door, looking back once to check if her mother had seen her, then moving out into the outside world of South Barrel City.

November 26th, 2005, 11:59 AM
OOC: There is now a GOLDEN SUN CLUB!! Link in meh siggy.

IC: "Ten minutes!" exclaimed John in surprise.
Clay nodded and continued. "You're very own pokemon. Of course, there is a condition."
"A condition?"
"Yes. We would like you to help us stop these gangs and restore order to Barrel City."
John laughed. Such a silly thought, after all, it was impossible.
"I represent a group named Archangels. Our aim is to restore order to Barrel City. Trouble is, we need members. I'm a recruitment scout. We have chosen you as a target," said Clay.
"What's in it for me?" asked John.
"A pokemon, and.....a large pay cheque," replied Clay warmly.
John thought this over. He would finally get a chance to do something, and he would have enough money to take his family away from Barrel City.
"All right, I accept."
Clay smiled.
Suddenly, as if John had said magic words, his egg started hatching. A small green head poked through and out jumped a tiny Ralts.
Clay put her watch to the Ralts. "It's a girl!" Ralts stared up at John hopefully.
"Oh, shall I give you a name? OK, how about Ring?" said John.
Ralts nodded. "Ralts," she said.
"Wow, she sure is pretty," thought john as Ring slid onto the ground.
Clay nodded, and departed.

John was nearly at his home, when suddenly a couple Axle gang members noticed a bit of Ring's eggshell poking out his pocket.
"Hey give us da pokemon!" said one.
"Now!" finished the other.
"What?" said John.
"Hey, he's messing! Go Nidoran!" exclaimed one of the grunts and a male nidoran popped out of its ball. The other sent out a Koffing.
"Um, Ring I choose you!" commanded John. Ring jumped off it's place on John's head. With it's green head, it looked like a baseball cap on John's head.

"Nidoran, poison sting!" Nidoran quickly jumped and sent a stinger into Ring. She screamed out.
"Ring, attack the Nidoran!" Ring stood there, confused.
"You can't attack? Oh God," said John as Ring shook her head.
Suddenly a quick pokemon darted into the Nidoran and fainted it in one hit. As it did, Ring seemed to have learnt from its mistake. She slightly glowed and the enemy Koffing started twitching, then smashed into the ground.
"Confusion..." commented John, "All right Ring! Use confusion again!"
Ring repeated the attack it did and the Koffing fell down, unconscious. The two goons returned their pokemon, and made a run for it.
John smirked. "I wonder who that pokemon that fainted that Nidoran belonged too..." said john thoughtfully. he picked up Ring, who was cheering, and headed home.

Alter Ego
November 26th, 2005, 12:12 PM
OOC: Oooh! Woah! Woah! Woah! Slow down a little there, m'kay? The others haven't even collected their pokmon (Heck, half of us haven't even made our starting posts yet) and still it seems like the event is already over. There's no need to rush. Anyways, where would they meet up with each other? (Will be a pretty silly RP if the characters don't meet) Oh, and just to check, did you notice the little edit I made on my first post?

November 26th, 2005, 12:20 PM
OOC: Roger, Alter. I will resist the temptation to post.

Random Plushie
November 26th, 2005, 12:23 PM

Eh, he meant that you're making things happen a bit too fast.. The other characters haven't even arrived at The Bike yet.. XD


Sticking close to the buildings, so as to not have to put her hood up, Tessie walked briskly towards her appointed destination. The fact that her mother fit in perfectly in the gossiping part of town, it was no wonder that she knew where 'The Bike' was. It was too popular to go unnoticed by the general population, anyways.

She knew it wasn't far away, but she was running short on time, or at least she had been the last time she had glanced into a store to check their clock. The rain was no help, either. True, she didn't think rain was all that bad, but it seriously cut down on how far ahead she could see, which slowed her down a bit.

Not many people were out, though. That wasn't unusual -- the chaos that was unfolding was enough to repel people from the streets -- but today it the streets seemed even more silent and dreary than usual because of the rain.

Hurrying quickly around another corner, Tessie couldn't help but smile a bit at the sight of 'The Bike', neon signs blaring through the dreariness, commanding total attention. Music from a local band playing inside could be heard, drifting into the streets and casting a feeling of hope over the girl.

Looking around for incoming cars, Tessie began to cross the street, approaching what she hoped was the promised chance.

Alter Ego
November 26th, 2005, 12:39 PM
OOC: Plushie compressed my opinion perfectly. ^^ Anyways, I just did a small check on some strategic information concerning my last IC post, not to mention that I compared it to a certain post made by Yibber with which she has gloated X amount of times because it was larger than mine, well, watch and weep! XP

My post

Words: 2783
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Yibber's post

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Characters (With spaces): 16058

Yibber, thy post is hereby officially pwned! Alter ish once again the king of longish posts! Huzzah! XP


The trip to 'The Bike' was little more than a blurr of rain, streets, and wheezing breaths for Ashley as she attempted to make it in time, her eyes flicking netween the watch on her wrist and the map in her hand so frequently that she barely payed attention to where she was going, suddenly she came to an abrupt halt however, having just made rather hard contact with another person, one who had just walked over the street, unaware of the girl running alongside it. It was a girl with long, jet black hair, perhaps slightly younger than Ashley despite the fact that she was a bit taller.

Ashley let out a pained yelp at the collision, barely managing to hold onto the map in her hand as the impact caused her to stagger backward and fall rather painfully down on the wet street beneath her. "Oh, I'm so sorry..." she said, quickly rising to her feet, ignoring the general dampness of her person as she rushed to help the stranger back up. "I was in such a hurry, I didn't see where I was going...I'm so sorry..." Ashley repeated, attempting to brush of whatever dirt had collected on the other girl's clothing.

In the background, the Franticshippers were still playing, and Ashley might very well have recognized the tune of her favourite band, were it not for the fact that she was far too busy apologizing to the stranger she had just knocked over.

November 26th, 2005, 1:02 PM
OOC: You're freaking me out Alter.....

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November 26th, 2005, 1:12 PM
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November 26th, 2005, 1:38 PM
OOC: The statistics. Definately. And I thought the DCC was freaky...

November 26th, 2005, 4:53 PM

*ish revived by Cascade*

Gah,Titan,laugh,celebrate,gloat all you want.*resists urge to strangle boy to death*
I'll be back!With....FEEBAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD
*starts talking and muttering like a loon to self,again*

And,you're mocking me aren't you?*counts with fingers*
Maria ish like my...4th name.Yeah,go Yibber,she has loads of cool names.^^

"Why me?!Why not somebody else?"Jinger whined,she was walking in the heavy rain,she held a pink umbrella over herself,one which she had brought just in case.
But,the water was soaking her at times,which all well didn't really appeal to here much.Finally,though,after walking through the streets of her quaint town,ignoring the thugs and groupies which hung around the alleys she passed,she finally came to the neighbourhood train station.
The girl sighed as she closed the umbrella walking in,taking a glance at the ticket counter,before lightly tapping the beret on her head.Remembering the events which had chosen to take place that very morning.
"Look,dahling!You've a letter!!"a fairly thin woman with red hair and emerald eyes just like her daughter burst through the doors of Jinger's bedroom.She was wearing a long blue dress.

"Mommy!!Don't you ever knock or something?"the girl was sitting infront of her dresser,wearing her normal clothes.The matching vest jacket and skirt,the mint green shirt and the beret on her head as she self-consciously brushed her long hair with a comb.Looking to the mirror,staring at the girl who looked back.

"I'm good,I'm beautiful,I'm cute,I'm-"before she had a chance to continue,a piece of white paper found itself infront of her nose.
Jinger sneezed before snatching the letter out of her mother's hands.

"Fine mommy,I'll open it,just get some breakfast for yourself,you look like you're getting thinner each day you know?"the girl slowly took the letter out of the white envelope as her mother smiled and walked out of the room.
Jinger silently read the note-

Ever wanted to have a chance?
Ever wanted to hit the big time?
If so, come to The Bike on 26th November at 7:30.

"A chance..."Jinger glanced at the beret on her head,taking it off and hugging it.Remembering the old times,if,if she could prove herself,maybe,just for a few seconds,could....would she be given another chance?Yes,maybe so!
The girl immediately knew she had to go to 'The Bike'.Yes,it was a popular place,so popular,that even she had heard of it before,considering the fact that she lived outside the area of Team Axle.
Wait,there was another problem.
Gwen returned to her daughter's room,holding a piece of toast in one hand.

"So dahling?What's it say??"she asked.

"Umm...its just one of em' advertisings' on Swampert Plushies and all that."she quickly hid the letter in the drawer in front of her.

"Okay then,I'll see you downstairs for breakfast dahling,and,would you mind waking up your brothers?"her mother said as she strolled casually out of the room.

"MOMMY!!!!"she whined,but her mother cut her off.

"No magazines for a week if you don't,dahling."which immediately shut the girl up,Jinger sighed.Taking a read at the letter one more time.Her mother,she knew her mother loved her all too much to even allow her leave the house,let alone in these hard times.
"No!"she told herself firmly,taking a bag from her closet.

"You want the good times to be back don't you?Well then,go!Sheesh,its not like they'll just come back without a fight now will it?"the girl continued talking to herself,stuffing,what she thought was essential for the trip.

"Hey,jerkys!!Mother wants you two out of bed!Bye now!"she opened the door of her brothers' room,shouting them awake before racing down the stairs.

"Bye,mother!"she said,not waiting for a reply before running out the door.

"Jinger Macrim!!Where do you think you're going?!"Gwen screamed in shock.But the girl was already running halfway down the road to Axle.

"I've come this far,can't turn back now I think."she told herself,lining up to get a ticket.

"A ticket to Barrel City my good man."she told him,stuffing the required amount of money into his booth.

"Lasse,don't you know what's happening?The teams and all that,everyone's leaving Barrel city,yet you're choosing to go there?"he asked as the single green ticket popped out of the slot.

"Fraknly,I don't care about them,and I've my reasons to go there,thanks Mister."she grabbed the ticket before running to catch the train,again,not bothering to wait for a reply.

"Barrel City..."she sighed,wrapping her arms around herself before taking out her umbrella again,it looked like it was going to rain all day.

Jinger let of a sigh of relief,she had made it,finally,and she wasn't planning on turning back anytime soon.She was going to be a Coordinator,and possibly redeem herself,yes,she knew she was.But,she needed a pokemon,and judging by the letter,the person who sent it was reading her mind.
The rain,it reminded her of one particular incident...

"No..no..no..not about that!"she shook her head under the umbrella,ignoring the strange glances the people hanging around in the alleys gave her.

Soon,she reached the club,'The Bike' in big neon letters it flashed over the entrance.Loud music could be heard form inside.the girl took a few steps back,wondering if she should go in.

Right,maybe if I go back now..
Ah,who was she kidding,she was doomed.

Then,to her right,two girls had bumped into one another,both falling on the wet street.Jinger giggled uncontrollably,she couldn't resist the temptation,and well,she didn't like being alone.
One was wearing a hooded sweater,black in color and blue pants.She also had long,black hair.The other however,was a blonde.She chose to wear a rtaher old looking bandana on her head,and a green shirt with a blue jacket over it.Not to mention the blue pants she wore.

"You two,you know that the streets for walking on and not banging into each other right?"she covered them with her umbrella,though it wasn't the biggest,hopefully the other two would be less soaked in the rain.

It may not have beaten your post,evil Ashley,but,like I said,gloat all you want.
When Yibber says she'll beat you,she'll beat you.^^With Feebas!

And yay for the random name of Franticshippers!!Wonder if Ruby and Sapphire are there.XD

November 26th, 2005, 5:46 PM
OOC: Fashionably late = me. XD And I've been wanting to play a selfish idiot for a while now. Feel free to have your character do whatever to mine Alter. He likes anything to do with himself anyway. ^_____^

I think Kevin feels like a Crimson colored font.


The rain came down, lightly sometimes and heavy others. A young boy walked briskly down the street, an umbrella over his dark brown hair. However, this umbrella was not being held up by his own arm, but by another arm. The other arm belonged to a small and rodent-like man that looked to be about fifty or older. He rushed along with the younger boy, looking meek and submissive compared to the confident and much taller teen.

"Hurry along now Evans, I haven't got all day and you know as well as I do how Mother hates to wait," the boy said in a hurried, yet bored tone.

"Yessir," the old man replied, bowing slightly as he hurried up his step. He looked curiously at the boy as they continued walking. "Sir, a letter came for you," Evans said, panting slightly.

The boy's head whipped around and he stopped in his tracks, "Is it another stupid girl wanting to marry me for my money? I get so bored with those! Just throw it away... I thought you already got the mail earlier...." He continued walking down the street again, and Evans had to race up with all his speed so that the boy didn't get any rain on him.

But he missed.

"AH! EVANS! RAIN GOT ON ME YOU FOOL!" the boy shouted, grabbing the old man and yanking his arm so that the umbrella was now above him correctly.

"S-sorry Sir!! I won't let it happen again!" Evans choked out, looking fearful, "P-please don't tell the Mistress about this! After what she said... I--."

The boy raised an eyebrow, "She said you'd be fired if you slipped up once more, didn't she?" His expression was undecodable; Evans couldn't tell if he wanted him to get fired or not... but surely....

"Will you tell her Sir? You and I... I mean, I have been your guardian since you were a baby... you won't... will you Sir?" the old man said, panting again. The boy didn't notice his panting and continued walking at his rapid speed.

He looked as if he were going to say that he would tell her. He had a look that made Evans' doubt about his young master grow. Evans felt the urge to cry out that the boy was a filthy traitor and warn him that in the future things would be awful and lonely for him.

He made the old man wait for his answer though, and while he waited, he grabbed the letter from the old man's hand, and opened it up. It read:

Ever wanted to have a chance?
Ever wanted to hit the big time?
If so, come to The Bike on 26th November at 7:30.

The boy promptly stuffed the letter back into the envelope, and looked up pompously at Evans.

"I'll strike up a deal Evans," the boy finally replied, "You let me go to this Bike place in the letter, do whatever I want, and I'll hire you back when I get back."

"Letter? Hire me back Sir? But wouldn't that defeat the purpose of not telling the Mistress about what just happened?" the old man said slowly, his head was very confused by all this.

The boy shook his head and slowed his pace for a moment, "Evans Evans Evans... my mother will fire you when she learns that you let me go to this place. You will be out of work for a while, but I will hire you back when I return. I have that power, do I not? Aren't I a genius?!" He smiled widely.

Evans shook his head, "But Sir... are you saying that you wouldn't have hired me back after that rain mistake if I hadn't agreed to this deal?" He was afraid of the answer.

"That's right Evans! That was a stupid mistake! Plus, what in the world would have been in it for me? This way I get to leave," the boy said happily, re-reading the letter, "Though, there must be some mistake, the letter says 'Ever want to hit the big-time?' Evans... I AM big-time. How on Earth could I get any more important?"

The old man shook his head. He had been with him for his whole life, and he was going to fire him like that? This was surely a sad day... 'Kevin...,' the old man thought, 'You had better change fast, or you'll be headed down the same lonely road as your parents.'

I shall post again tomorrow... I must now helpies with teh dinner. X.X

Random Plushie
November 26th, 2005, 10:30 PM

Sowwies peeps, been busy all day after my last posts.


In truth, Tessie had been quite startled when she had bumped into another girl, causing the both of them to tumble to the ground, although it was quickly remedied when the other girl immediately apologized and helped Tessie back onto her feet, then proceeded to brush off the dirt that had gotten onto her clothes.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed, Tessie was about to muster up a quick apology as well, when a second stranger seemed to appear out of no-where, giggling at the two of them before shielding them with her umbrella and commenting about what streets were for.

"I-I'm sorry, I.." Tessie stuttered, her natural ability to fail socially taking over. "It's okay, it was my fault, too. Didn't look around good enough.." She trailed off, taking a few steps back because she feared completely messing up the conversation.

That was when a sudden thought entered her head. What were the chances that all three of them had arrived at almost the exact same time?

"Um, excuse me, but were any of you asked to come here.. Like in a letter?" She asked quietly, her confidence already beginning to lower. Maybe if Laka were here, she'd feel better around these people.. No, not just Laka, any Pokemon would do, even a scary Exploud..

November 26th, 2005, 11:41 PM
I shall beat Titan,I shall beat Titan,I shall beat Titan...*continues muttering to self*

"You talk really softly you know that?"Jinger told the girl as she proceeded to take out the letter she had stuffed into her skirt's back pocket before leaving the house.

"Eh,I'm only here for the chance part and not anything else,its getting really boring round here."the tone of her voice didn't sound all too patient or polite.

"We're not going to stand around in this yucky rain all day right?Lets get into the club."Jinger pushed both of the girls into the shelter,wanting to get out of the rain as fast as possible,she hated it.

Random Plushie
November 26th, 2005, 11:57 PM
"Um.. Yeah, I know.." Tessie said in response, mumbling again because her self-confidence was still dropping. She half-listened to the rest of the other girl's words, wishing she hadn't come here in the first place. Oh, if only there were less people around.. She found herself less bothered by having no one around than with a lot of people around.

But still, whatever this 'chance' was, Tessie was sure she needed it.

She had no time to think about that some more, however, as the girl with the reddish-brown hair had decided to move into the club, pushing Tessie and the blonde-haired girl inside with her.

Sighing once, Tessie broke away from the red-head gently and moved towards a nearby pillar, although trying to stay near those two other girls, eyes shifting nervously around the room, which was packed with Franticshippers (lolness XD) that were cheering the band on.

I may as well stick with them.. Tessie thought to herself, glancing back to Jinger and Ashley. They're in the same situation, I'm sure of it.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 12:23 AM
Ashley quickly whipped around as she heard Jinger's giggling, soon spotting the girl as she walked over to them and offered them shelter beneath her umbrella, it was at times like these that Ashley found herself pleased to be a bit shorter than the average girl as she fit neatly beneath the umbrella without having to walk around in a half-crouch so that she wouldn't strike her head onto the edge. "Yes, I've heard that one before..." she replied, chuckling a bit, "But you never know for sure until you try, ne?"

"Yeah, I got a letter too." she said, nodding as she retrived the now rather crumpled piece of paper from her back pocket and showed it to the others "This whole 'chance' thing sounds kind of vague and fishy, though...but I decided to take a look."

She didn't have much time for further conversation before the red-haired girl energetically ushered them into 'The Bike'. Stepping inside from the rain, the girl soon noticed the tune playing inside, although it would probably have been a harder feat not to notice it with all the Franticshipper fans about.

"Oh, I know this song!" Ashley couldn't help exclaiming, her smile widening a bit as she began humming the tune for herself. It was one of those countless songs about loving what's inside rather than what's outside and all that mushy bussiness, with a Feebas somewhat awkwardly worked into the lyrics, but it was still a rather touching piece.

The girl soon snapped her mind back to the situation at hand, though, casting another glance at her watch. 7:29...well, she was here on time. Now all that remained was to find whoever had sent the letter. Ashley cast a glance around the room to relocate the two other girls who were there on the same errand, in her mind it made sense for them to stick together, and in all honesty, she had missed having company of her own age too. The girl soon realized that she hadn't even introduced herself, though, deciding to start out with the black-haired one whom she had bumped into earlier and who was now standing by a nearby pillar, watching the room in general.

"Erm, I don't think we were introduced back there." Ashley said, walking closer so that her voice could be heard over the noise of the crowd, "I'm Ashley, just moved here today." she quickly wiped of the worst of the dirt from her right hand onto her jeans before extending it to the girl "What's your name?"

OOC: Oh, and I almost forgot. *Gloats* Hah! Pwned your post Yibber! XP Who's da man?! I bet you're just jealous of my L33T RPing skillz! XD

November 27th, 2005, 12:40 AM
Yaynesss!!People shall all support RubyXSapphire I says!!!^^

*whacks Titan hard on the head with her Salmon*

I must beat Titan,I will beat Titan,I shall beat Titan..*continues rambling on*

Even though Jinger had never heard of the song the band inside the club played,she thought it sounded nice.Even if it had something to do with those Feebas thingys(I am not saying Feebas is ugly,Jinger is,get it?Yibber---Jinger ish too different so don't come after me saying that I,a worshipper of Feebas be dissing the wonderful pokemon,for I am not,my RP character is!^^ And my RP character and me have nothing in common whatsoever,only that I RP her and she is being RPed by me!!Gack..am I ranting?!Darn thee Titan...*grumbles*).Better than the classical ones her mother and father would play over and over and over again.

As the girl with blonde her proceeded to wipe something on her jeans before extending her hand to the shy girl leaning against the pillar,Jinger stood beside both of them,closing the pink umbrella she had and keeping it in her pack.
Ashley was her name.

"Well,I'm Jinger."she said proudly,without bothering to wait for the girl with black hair to answer.

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 12:41 AM

I wouldn't anger Yibber if I were thee, Titan. XD


Tessie cocked her head to one side as the blonde-haired girl she had bumped into approached her in order to introduce herself. She indeed seemed nice enough.. And they were here for the same reasons, so..

"Tessie." She said simply, slowly reaching out to shake the hand that Ashley had offered. "My name is Tessie. It's n-nice to meet you.. Ashley." She said, barely managing a small smile.

Feeling a bit more confident now, she decided to continue.

"Just moved in? Here's a tip: Always watch your back when you're on the streets. Seriously, those Teams aren't all talk." Tessie said, although her voice remained soft and was still as unwilling to be loud as before.

It was then that Tessie noticed that the other girl with the baret in her reddish-brown hair had walked up to them, proudly introducing herself before Tessie had said anything, in fact.

"..Nice to meet you, too.." She concluded, her confidence was back now. Perhaps this hadn't been a bad idea after all.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 12:52 AM
OOC: Well Yibber, for what it's worth I haven't read a single page of the pokmon special manga but I still support tha Ruby x Sapphire simply because they look like they'd make such a darn cute couple. ^^ *Pokes piccy in Yibber's sig* Oh, and don't worry Plushie...I have a red herring to protect myself from Yibber's wrath. But I just had to gloat at least once, tis' only fair!

*Gets thwacked by salmon*

Ouch...I swear the plagiates are everywhere. <_<


"Nice to meet you too, Tessie." Ashley replied, smiling warmly in return. This new girl...she seemed so timid, but why? Where could this behaviour be springing from? Oh great... she thought for herself Now I'm thinking like a psychiatrist again...maybe it's just because I ran her over like that.

"And you as well, Jinger." she added, nodding to the red-haired one before turning back to Tessie, listening to her tip.

"The teams..." she repeated for herself, frowning, "Thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind." she peered around the room a bit, "So, does anyone know where exactly we were supposed to meet this person who sent the letter?"

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 1:02 AM

Red herring?

Pfft, a tool of the past.

You really should get yourself some Bubu clones. XD


"No, actually.." Tessie replied to Ashley's question. "I guess they'll turn up sooner or later. It seems a bit late now."

She shrugged, then put her hands in her sweater's pocket, accidently bumping them into that letter, making her feel anxious. She wanted to know what this was all about, and soon. Especially with all these loud fans around. She knew they were just supporting their band, but still.. She couldn't think properly in all this noise.

It was times like these that she wished she had a Pokemon of her own to chat with.

November 27th, 2005, 1:22 AM
Clever Plushie..I'm already as temparemental as it,yes.*shoots Titan Jenny-like death stare*
And obviously RubyXSapphire!!!Aren't they the cutest darn things you've ever sawed other than Swampert and Feebas?!(And Yibber,yup,she's cute too!^^*gets buried in pile of Ludicolo,again*)*glomps Ruby and Sapphire*

Though,I just read a spoiler(couldn't resist..XD).
Those who read the manga,shield your eyes I say!!^^
Turned out,they liked each other from the start...they met when they were younger(Cause their dad's knew each other,Norman and Birch,they met for Norman's gym leader inaguation test thingy and stayed with each other for a few days,though,Norman failed the test in the end.),Ruby was a Battle Maniac,Sapphire a cute widdle girl like she is today,except that she was wearing a dress.They were playing tag.(Yes,cute I says!!XD)When a nasty Salamence appears.(Don't ask me why it be doing there in a clearing,spoiled the fun they had,yes it did.>_<)
Ruby protected her from a Salamence with his awesome battling moves,yeah,he rocked even when he was 5!!!XD
In the end,his head got slashed by a Dragonclaw,the piccy's here somewhere,I'll go and find it for all you peeps enjoyment!!Which freaked Sapphire out,she ran away crying.No dount because of the blood and the scary battle tactics for a five-year-old.Smooth Ruby...smooth.-_-
So,both realised-
Ruby-He was way too tough and reckless and all that...turning him into the NOT SISSY but still the dude who hates battling and sews we all know and love today!^^
Sapphire-For being too soft and crying and running away.Turning her into the battle maniac and wild-girl who wears leaves for clothes we all want to glomp today!
They influenced each other.^^
And didn't see the other for..7-8years I'd say,but they still remembered the other party..aw..young wuve,that's true,gotta love it!^^
And later,Sapphire finds out that its Ruby that fills her heart,and not the dude who saved her from the Salamence(Yeah..they forgot they actually met..XD)..and Ruby realises that she's the girl he loved for all those years,and he pushes Sapphire off the Tropius,locking her up,
"Why'd you do that!!Hey!!"
Ruby took off that cute white hat he has on to relieve the cuteness underneath...*again,will try to find piccy*he has a scar on his head.

"Because,I have heard your feelings and....
I also love you.I've also been thinking of you,for all these years."
FRANTIC SHIPPING ISH OFFICIAL I SAYZ!!!!!!^0^*ignores the fact that they're only 11 and 10 respectively*

Gah...did I write all that?
Stupid ranting from Titan must still be on.>_<

"Please...the teams can't possibly do anything bad!Hmph!Lets see them try!"Jinger snorted at Tessie's 'tip' to Ashley.The girl had never,and hopefully,would never be afraid of the four teams.Her parents told her that as long as she didn't meddle with them,she'd be fine.But..what if she wanted to meddle with them?Her parents never said she couldn't,Jinger could only grin.

"I don't know,they should be the ones showing up,not the other way around."the girl responded to Ashley's question.

She was getting even more impatient by the minute.The rowdy fans of the Frantishippers were really noisy,not really something which made the girl happy.Plus,the girl with the black hair seemed a little too quiet,maybe it was just the fact that Jinger had never grown up around such people,especially with her brothers for 'company'.But,she just didn't talk alot,which made Jinger herself,feel uneasy.

"Aw..come on,talk already!"she said,staring at Ashley and Tessie.

Bubu clones...?X_X

November 27th, 2005, 1:30 AM
OOC: I'm posting now.....MUHAHa?

IC: John walked into his house. It was exactly the same as it was when he left. He put down Ring, who was asleep, and walked into the living room. His mom was there, watching some crummy soap.
"Er, Mom," said John weirdly as if he didn't know what to say.
"Yeah, sweetie?"
"Well, I went to the place, and...."
He broke off to think.
"And I found this scrounging around by the dustbins! Can we keep her?"
He pulled out Ring, who was still sleeping.
John's mom fell silent. She thought the descision over abit and replied:
"Thanks!" said John warmly.
He didn't tell her that he was approached by gang members.
He left his mom alone and went out again, this time carrying a black backpack. He stuck Ring inside, still asleep.

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 1:33 AM

Pete.. What about the eggs for teh other peeps? Do we just get them ourselves, somehow? What? XD

November 27th, 2005, 1:36 AM
OOC: Just use Clay. She's a OPC(omni-playable character), meaning anyone can use her to get their egg.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 1:38 AM
OOC: Well, I've got one Bubu. *Huggles Bubu the Mudkip* But I doubt he counts, eh? I'll just stick to my red herring for now. ^^


Ashley blinked at Jinger's remark about the teams, raising an eyebrow. She seriously doubted if the girl had any idea of what she was talking about. Granted, Ashley didn't have any personal experience of the teams' activities in the city, but if it was enough to scare even auntie Maria then there had to be at least some substance to their intimidating powers. Ashley's aunt was not one to buckle under small pressure, being the former trainer of quite considerable skill (Indeed, some rumors even claimed that she was gym leader at some point) that she was. Ashley had always wondered why her aunt had chosen to abandon that career as she herself would have liked nothing more than to have a pokmon of her own to keep her company during her travels, but Maria had never agreed to discuss the matter so the girl had decided to let it lie. "Are you sure?" she asked at last, her voice indicating that she wasn't quite buying this statement "From what I've heard there certainly seems to be more to them than just talk."

"I agree with you on the inviting people, though." she added, nodding, "I mean, they're the ones who asked us to come out here without giving any real instructions, the least they could do would be to greet us when we arrive."

The girl sweatdropped at Jinger's sudden demand for conversation, somehow it struck her that this was perhaps not the most normal of company that she found herself in. But it was true that talking generally did seem to make the atmosphere better.

"Well, allright..." she said, quickly checking the area for anything to talk about "On a completely trivial note, have you guys heard of that band? The Franticshippers?" she smiled, her gaze growing a tad distant "I remember going to one of their concerts once, me and...a few friends." she concluded, although something in her voice hinted that she was hiding something "It was this very same song..." she sighed, smiling wistfully "Those were good times..."

November 27th, 2005, 1:48 AM
I could never be afraid of a Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert!!
And like,Titan dude,you put a 'him' right there in your RP post..XD
*laughs and falls off computer chair*

"Never heard of em',I don't hear rock.."Jinger smiled as Ashley started talking.

"Unfortunately."she added,turning to the band.She could never understand why her parents would call this wonderful sound ' a ruckuss and death to the ears '.They were obviously talented,too bad they had to waste time on striking guitar strings when they could by wellknown classical musicians.They had their own way of seeing things,Jinger supposed.

"Ehehehehe...I don't see youngins like you around here."an old lady had strolled towards them,eyeing each of them with a glint in her eye.

"Wha..what do you want,woman?"Jinger jumped back in surprise as the old woman started talking to her.

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 1:52 AM

Yay for OPCs.


Tessie frowned, preparing to tell Jinger about just how dangerous the Teams could be, when suddenly she fely a shiver run down her spine for some reason, sensing something different. She ignored it, however, when a curious old lady with a glint in her eye approached the group, talking to Jinger.

Shuddering, she turned around, only to spot a woman approaching their group, an official, important looking woman with easily forgettable features.

Falling even more into silence, Tessie stared curiously at the woman as she came closer.

She cleared her throat once she had gotten close enough, although only loud enough to draw attention to herself from Jinger, Ashley, and Tessie.

"Good evening, I trust you three have been invited as well?" She inquired, glancing around the group hopefully.

Tessie blinked. How did she know that?


Plushie just realized something. Is the old woman that Yibber described supposed to be Clay? XD

November 27th, 2005, 1:58 AM
Geez,I didn't describe her well enough did I?-_-;;

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 2:00 AM
"Oh, that's too bad..." Ashley replied to Jinger, "They're really good at what they do." she smiled at the band once more before a new voice suddenly caught her attention, causing her to turn around and soon spot the voice's owner, a fairly odd and strangely nondescript woman who still seemed to carry herself with an air of natural authority, who asked her wether she had been invited too.

Ashley blinked as well, although she soon found her tongue, no doubt this was the person they were supposed to meet. How else would she even know? "Why yes I have." she said, quickly rummaging in her back pocket until she found the, now considerably crumpled, note, bringing it up for inspection "Now would you mind telling us what this is about?"

November 27th, 2005, 2:07 AM
{ooc| You guys posted while I was sleeeeeeping. ;; I feel hurt.}

The moonlight leaked through the canopy in a dazzling display of filtered light, giving every leaf a strangely dappled appearance. Overhead, a mountain towered, surrounded by a ring of clouds. Yet the boy that dashed though the forest didn’t have a chance to absorb the tranquil surroundings; he had to keep running, keep going, keep out of reach. Behind him, the harsh clatter of hooves resounded through the trees, spurring them onwards. He could not be caught; if he was, something terrible would happen, something unimaginably bad. But what? Just as these thoughts raced through the boy’s mind his hand was wrenched away. Something was pulling him. He opened her mouth to cry out, but no sound came out. Despite himself, the boy knew he was being dragged towards-

Alex awoke with a start. He sat bolt upright, every muscle tensed. His breath came in rapid gasps, his heart drumming in his chest. But it was just a dream. Just a stupid dream. He groped about in the darkness, fingertips reaching out for the lamp switch in the gloom. With an echoing click, light flooded the room, and Alex struggled to hold in a gasp of relief. That dream, that ghostly forest that had seemed oh so real, was just a memory again. He slid off the mattress, only to find himself shaking. He was in his room, staring up at the same, familiar ceiling, just like he did every other morning… there were no forests around his home, just hundreds and hundreds of tropius filled fields. There was nothing to fear… but he couldn't help himself. The chase had been so real; the memory seemed more genuine than anything else before.

"Jesus Christ, boy, you sleep like death with a hangover."
Alexe glanced towards the door, which had just swung open to admit his grandmother. She towered over his bed, glaring at him with bloodshot eyes.
"Don’t give any crap, boy." She warned, and yanked the covers from under Aex and sent him sprawling onto the floor.
"…ugh…Gran…I was awake anyway…."
"It’s seven fifty, and if you don’t get your sorry butt off the floor this instant, I’ll let you teach your godarned self every day." She grimaced. "Honestly, I don’t know why I pay for you to-"
"I'm not going to school today, remember? I'm leaving!" Alex told the old women, with perhaps more force than he intended. The olds women looked concerned. "My pokemon journey?"
His grandmother adjusted her blue nightgown and frowned. "Okay, okay... you can borrow my Fido to get to that... place... but you better hurry." she turned and walked out of the room, suddenly looking ever-so-old despite her tatooed on eyebrows and her modern hair-style.
Alex ran a hand through his yellow-straw hair and dragged on some clothes from his wardrobe. He shot himself a wary glance in the mirror, and ran a hand along his chin. As always, his brown eyes were narrowed into a frown. He turned, and followed his grandmother to the bustling kitchen. He devoured his toast, grabbed his bag, and waltzed out side. Ffty or so young tropiuses bounded about, flapping their tiny, leafy wings in an attempt to get off the ground. Sure enough, in the centre of all this chaos, his grandmother's boney old charizard, Fido, was waiting. The pokemon was at least sixty, but he was still as fit as a fiddle and more than ready for a trip to Barrel City.
Alex's gran watched from the door as they took off, Fido's face a pained grimace at the effort.
Alex swore she was crying.

A few hours later they arrived, outside The Bike. Alex dismounted and the old pokemon took off again, now lusting for his warm nest by the boiler and granny's tasty soup.
The farm-boy took one look at The Bike, and entered; the franticshippers met his unprepared ears, and Alex blinked. Well, this was new.

Ah, if only he knew what he was letting himself in for.

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 2:13 AM

Oh gosh.. Sowwy Yibber!

*gives apology Bubu Plushie* ^^;;;;

Sorry to Charon as well! *gives another apology Bubu Plushie*


Tessie, instantly copying Ashley's actions, revealed her note, taking it out of her sweater pocket, then extending it out towards the strange woman.

"Um.. Yeah.. Would you mind explaining?" Tessie asked, again, softly.

The woman took Ashley's letter in her hands, then Tessie's, inspecting both of them for a second or two before nodding affirmatively.

"Very well, and you are invited, too, I presume.." The woman said, nodding to Jinger. "Let's see here.." The woman trailed off, turning around and then briskly walking away, leaving the trio. After several moments, she returned, and in her arms were three genuine Pokemon Eggs, all of them colored differently, and appeared to be showing signs that they'd be hatching soon.

"Each of you take one, they're all for you." She said.

November 27th, 2005, 2:17 AM
Niahahah....I forgive thy Plushie,but only with I can also control Clay..no apparent reason.XD
*stares scared at Bubu Plushie*

Jinger nodded as Clay asked her whether she was invited as well,taking out the letter from her pocket to show.

"Now,each of you,take these pokemon eggs,and they'll hatch!But,only if you promise one thing."Clay told them,holding out the eggs,each with its own unique color.

"What's the promise?"Jinger asked,taking a glance at the one which stood out the most,the pink and brown egg with blue star-like patterns on it.

"That,using these pokemon,you try and defeat the Teams.."she lowered her voice to a whisper,the girl barely heard what she said.After thinking over,or not.Jinger proceeded to grab the pink egg and nod.She always wanted to kick the sorry behinds of those nasty Teams,this was practically killing two Spinda with one Bazooka!Or something like that.....

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 2:22 AM
OOC: Yeah, sowwee Charon...*Offers turnip of sorryness*

And oh shootsies, I was planning to make a little scene with Ashley's first pokmon...ah well...


Ashley blinked as the woman dissapeared out of view just after she had promised an explanation. While waiting for her to come back, the girl absent-mindedly allowed her eyes to travel across the room once more, briefly stopping on a lanky and rather scruffy looking youth who had just entered, the expression on his freckled face indicating that this was an alltogether new experience for him. Ashley's attention soon shifted away from him though, as the woman from before returned, carrying...Ashley almost felt like rubbing her eyes at this point. The woman was carrying three pokmon eggs, their colorfull shells all looking like they were ready to give way to the pokmon inside. And what's more, the woman even claimed that they could each have one...their own pokmon.

"Oh, thank you..." she said, beaming at the old woman as she chose her egg, a strangely cold one with a delicate snowflake pattern of varying shades of blue and white on it, holding it tightly in her hands despite the somewhat numbing effect it had on them. The girl continued smiling, now at the egg, as she waited for the shell to crack...too enthralled by the thought of finall having her own pokmon to even think about speaking...or the consequences that would follow from this new charge...

She looked up as the woman explained her condition however, biting her lip. On one hand, she had promised auntie not to get involved with the teams...but...she glanced at the egg again, feeling it tremble slightly in her grasp as the creature inside struggled to get free...it was a pokmon...it would be her pokmon. Her very own little cute creature to look after, one to keep her company...and she had kept her fingers crossed when making the promise...

"Allright." Ashley said at last, looking up at the woman in front of her and nodding, a determined glow evident in her eyes "You have a deal. Mrs...erm, what did you say your name was again?"

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 2:27 AM
Defeat the teams with these? Tessie repeated to herself.

She quickly forgot about that thought, reaching for the egg she found the most appealing--a light violet egg with pale yellow hexagonal shapes patterned on it. She nodded slowly, hugging the egg close to her, pondering what kind of Pokemon could be inside.

Reaching out with one hand, she stroked the egg's side with one finger. She didn't care what it hatched into.. She knew deep down that she was going to like it.

"Th-Thank you.." Tessie whispered, awed that she had just recieved an actual Pokemon Egg. It was.. Just so unbelievable. Now she could finally have someone to talk to without freezing up or annoy because she spoke too softly. How she wished she could just run away with this Egg.. And keep the Pokemon inside as a friend forever, away from this city.

But best of all.. Now she could honour her father's memory. She could actually start battling now!

"We'll do our best.. Right?" She said, the last word directed towards Ashley and Jinger.

November 27th, 2005, 2:33 AM
Alex stood by the doorway, looking concerned. The people in this pub were all very ferocious looking, and he was beginning to panic. He glanced at the note again; it had arrived that morning in the beak of his grandmother's delivery spearow. His family had replaced postmen for pokemon long ago - how could that gabbling old man, whose knees knocked together when he walked and arms were covered in a thick dusting of liver spots, find her out on the fields?
He turned his attention back to the letter.
Ever wanted to have a chance?
Ever wanted to hit the big time?
If so, come to The Bike on 26th November at 7:30.
That was all it said; no signiture, no reason how or why, no nothing but that simple, scribbly scrawl! His grandmother was certain it meant pokemon, though; what was it she had said again? 'Trainers aren't as common as they used to be, my lad. They're probably getting desperate now, what with the leagues in this continent refusing to have any hand in Barrel City's growth.' At that point she had tutted, for Grandma had ben training her Fido since she was a little girl.

Alex peered around. There were a group of girls and boys over to the left, he noticed... with pokemon eggs! They weren't tropius eggs, which were brown and green and sprouting leaves... but they definetly weren't chicken eggs. He wandered over, feeling nervous, and jumping at small noises.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 2:41 AM
"Clay..." the old woman replied curtly, "That is what people call me. At a time they might have called me something else, but in the service of the Archangles I have always been known as Clay..."

"Clay..." Ashley repeated, once again remembering the old clerk's words, Ask Clay, she knows..., the girl didn't have time to ask anything however, as the egg in her arms suddenly began trembling violently, a small crack appearing on the very top and beginning to spread in all directions until the whole surface of the egg was riddled with tiny crevices, the cold that emanated from it increasing in magnitude as the shell finally gave away, shattering into countless tiny particles and leaving the creature within out in the open. It was undoubtedly the strangest little pokmon Ashley had ever seen; Its body seeming to be almost triangular in shape, with two stubby, black feet down at the bottom and two equally stubby black hands sticking out from the sides. The outer edge of the pokmon's body was covered with what seemed like yellow fur, followed by a thin triangle of red, within which lay the actual face, black in colour just like the arms and feet with an almost abnormally large looking mouth, lined with sharp, white teeth, and two small, light blue eyes peering up at the girl who was holding the pokmon. It was a Snorunt, and undoubtedly the cutest, most precious and adorable Snorunt in existence as far as Ashley's opinion was concerned.

{Mama?} the ice type asked after a while, peering up at the girl who was holding it, something that looked like a small smile creeping up on its large mouth.

"Ohh...it's so cute!" Ashley exclaimed, unable to contain her emotions as she hugged the Snorunt tightly to her chest, spinning a full turn on the floor out of pure happiness.

"Oh, we'll definitely do our best..." the girl replied to Tessie's comment, tears of happiness evident in her eyes as she beamed first at the girl, then at the Snorunt in her arms, and then at the girl again "I swear, I'll do everything in my power to make this city a better place for our little sweethearts." she hugged the ice type again, ignoring the cold as it hugged her back, apparently acknowledging the girl as its new mother, despite the striking difference in appearance.

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 2:42 AM
Tessie, completely enthralled by her Egg, took quite a bit of time to notice another boy walking towards, them.. He looked sort of like one of those guys that you'd meet on a farm. This whole setting obviously made him very uneasy, which reminded Tessie a bit of her own actions.

She was about to ask him something, when her Egg made a sudden movement, her attention once again completely focused on watching the Egg. Now that she was watching it, again, though, she couldn't help but notice that it was just a tad wider than Ashley's and Jinger's.. But why would that be?

Tessie half-listened to the happenings around her, concentrating mostly on her Egg, which was obviously preparing to hatch..

She barely noticed Ashley's Egg hatching.

November 27th, 2005, 2:48 AM
"Representative of Archangels,at your service.I like those looks you're giving me,bet you'll all do real good!"

"You were the few lucky youngins' chosen by our boss to help restore Barrel City and whatnot to its original peace!Probably because of your bloodline or maybe something else,I'm not the one who makes the rules around here."she told them,before taking a glance around to see whether any other hopefuls had arrived.

Jinger could only nod as the woman carried on about representing some organisation and all that,stroking the egg in her hands,feeling its warmth as she hugged it.It was going to be her first pokemon,she knew she'd love,and,judging by the look of its shell,a pretty one at that!It started to shake in her hands,was it about to hatch?
The girl took a glance at Ashley's egg as a Snorunt proceeded to hatch out.

"Wowies!!Such a cute pokemon you have there,Ash!!"Jinger smiled.

"Hey,you!"Clay waved her hand to a young boy with spikey,blonde hair, who looked a little older than Jinger to walk towards them,he seemed interested in their eggs.

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 2:56 AM
If there was ever a time that Tessie couldn't care less about what was happening around her, that time was now, for her Egg was now shaking violently, in very much the same manner that Ashley's egg had shaken. It wasn't long before a crack had formed along the side of the Egg, eventually spreading throughout the entire Egg's surface.

Within moments the Egg had split open, shards of egg-shell falling to the ground, revealing a scaly, black skinned creature that was tightly coiled up in Tessie's arms. As the creature began to uncoil itself, Tessie realized that it was a lot longer than it looked, forcing her to set the creature on the ground.

Ah, but once it had uncoiled, Tessie instantly recognized the creature as one she had seen in many a text book. The long, sharp fangs.. The yellow polygon patterns that plated the serpant's body in several places, which stood out from the dominating black scales.. The sword-like tail.. Her Egg had hatched into a Seviper, and at the moment she couldn't be happier.

"Oh.. Oh gosh.." She mumbled, watching in fascination as the Seviper opened its eyes, inspecting every inch of Tessie from the ground with pure curiousity. After some time, the serpant slithered closer to Tessie, wrapping itself around her feet, and snuggling close to her.. Indicating that he indeed thought that Tessie was his mother.

November 27th, 2005, 3:00 AM
"H-hello?" Alex stuttered, cathcing sight of the eggs in the hands of the others.Three girls. All of them looked like they knew what they were doing."I got a note saying to come here... that's right, isn't it?" he asked, cringing at how weak and pathetic his voice sounded. Alex always got embarressed around girls...and boys... it came with growing up on your own. You got used to the same old people again and again.
His eyes fell on the eggs, then on Clay, the important-looking women who seemed to be in charge here. "Are you giving those eggs out?" he asked, in his heavily accented drawl. It came out more like: 'Ya're a-giving 'dem eggs out?

{ooc| Yay buttsecks. ; No. Get out. *throws pineapples at him*}

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 3:04 AM
OOC: Eh? o_O Erm, Charon...there are only three girls there. XD


Ashley barely managed to tear her eyes away from her own pokmon until Tessie's egg hatched as well, at which point the girl watched the Seviper come into light, slowly peering at its surroundings before coiling up around Tessie's leg in an affectionate manner, clearly thinking, much like Ashley's Snorunt, that the girl it had seen was its mother.

"Oh, that one's cute too, Tessie." she said, beaming at the Seviper "Congratulations." During her time spent as an assistant pokmon psychiatrist, Ashley had learned that Seviper's tended to be aggressive and untrusting by nature, often lashing out at anything they percieved as a treath without warning, but this one was still a little baby...and surely not even a snake would bite its own mother? Ashley looked back at her Snorunt again, this time a bit thoughtfully, as she gently held the little ice type in her arms, seemingly incapable of letting it down for even one second. The Snorunt didn't seem to mind one bit though, peering curiously, if rather shyly at its surroundings and attempting to take in everything it saw, occasionally pressing itself a bit closer to Ashley when it found something to be a bit too scary.

"By the way..." the girl said, not really sure if anyone was listening "These cuties need names, don't you think?" he smiled at the Snorunt in her arms, taking a closer look at the way it moved. Now Ashley might not have been an expert at this, but somehow it struck him that there was something distinctly female about the ice type, it was most probably a girl. "Wonder what I should name you, my dear..." she said softly, stroking the Snorunt's head affectionately.

She briefly looked up as a strangely accented voice became audible and inquired about the eggs, noticing the boy she had seen earlier. "Yes, I think she does..." she replied, her face still locked into a preternal smile, "But I suppose she should speak for herself."

November 27th, 2005, 3:08 AM
{ooc| *edit'd* I hate coming late to roleplays, everyone's already getting aqquainted and it makes me confused.}

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 3:09 AM
At Ashley's comment, Tessie finally tore her gaze away from her Seviper, who was now refusing to let go of her leg. It was only then that she truly gazed at Ashley's Snorunt in awe, noting how cute Baby Pokemon could really be.

"Oh.. Ashley, your.." She paused, searching her memory. "..Snorunt.. It's so cute! Congrats to you, too!" Tessie beamed, feeling very happy at the moment. Although she was sure her leg would fall asleep soon, she didn't care..

Now she actually had a Pokemon!

"Oh.. Yes." Tessie added at Ashley's comment about naming the newborns. "They do need names.." She said, looking down at the Seviper thoughtfully.

November 27th, 2005, 3:15 AM
"Bet you're one of those we chose as well right?"Clay asked the boy with the strange accent as he strode up to them,ignoring the hatching of Ashley's and Tessie's eggs,seen them once,you've seen them all.

"Phooey!!"Jinger frowned,all her egg did was wobble back and forth in her hands.Ashley and Tessie had a Snorunt and a Seviper,and what did she get?One which refused to get out!

"Come on,you can do it!!"she encouraged the little one in the egg,it seemed like it had probelms of hatching.

After saying those words,the egg suddenly shook violently in her hands,Jinger struggled to get a good grip,not wanting the egg to fall onto the flloor.Pieces of the egg cracked and dropped onto the floor,and,in one mighty push,a Feebas appeared in the girl's arms.

{Mommie!!Hoot dang!Now tha' was some pushin' I had ta' do!}she said in a strange accent,smiling and hugging the first thing she saw,Jinger.

"What?!This..this is my pokemon?"Jinger called out in shock,the Feebas,it was...not say ugly.But the colors of its scales,and the way it looked.Suddenly,the girl remembered something she had been taught long ago.The girl changed her attitude immediately,placing her beret onto the Feebas before hugging it.
The Feebas was surprised at her mother's first reaction,but soon realised she had just been shocked,placing the thingy she had on her head on hers,and hugging her back,the Feebas smiled.

"Yes!Of course they need names!!"Jinger said nodded her head vigouriously as the Feebas continued to nuzzle against her.Now,happy to join them on the topic of the hatchlings.

"Mine's not one who looks the best,but...one of my friends taught me to remember that its the inside which counts."she told them,stroking her Feebas affectionately.

"I'll call you,Beauhin!"Jinger concluded,not really caring with it was a male or female.

The Feebas,now named Beauhin,cocked her head.

{Ya' mean me?I'm Beauhin??Hoot dang,tha's a nice name!!}she smiled,hugging her trainer as the girl took the beret off her head to place it back on her own.

November 27th, 2005, 3:23 AM
The boy looked slightly peturbed, as pokemon emerged from all around him. He was more than used to pokemon hatching, but not to these strange, leafless beasts that were burtsing free of their egg shells.
He turned back to the women - Clay, wasn't that a man's name? - and summoned up his own courage. "Can I have one of those too, please?" he asked. Cun I 'ave one o' 'dem too, Pleez? - Alex was beginning to feel strangely away of his accent... or maybe it was their accents? It was confusing...

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 3:24 AM
The Seviper continued to peer curiously at its surroundings, ****ing its head to one side at Beauhin's exclamation, then promptly releasing Tessie's leg, switching to the other leg, then coiling up around that one. It wasn't making any sounds, instead choosing to observe everything, as well as stay as close to Tessie as possible.

"Chako." Tessie whispered, smiling down at the Seviper. "That's your name. I dunno, it just sounds right. Don't you like that name?" Tessie asked, reaching down to stroke the Seviper's head. The creature seemed to make a low purring sound in response.

"By the way, that Feebas looks kind of cool, Jinger." Tessie mumbled, standing back up straight.

It was then that she noticed the boy from earlier, asking Clay for an Egg of his own. Ah, so he had been invited, too.. She observed him from her spot, not sure what to make of 'em.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 3:24 AM
Ashley tilted her head at Jinger's remark concerning her pokmon, taking a look at the water type.

"I dunno..." she said at last, still continuing to smile, "I think it looks kind of cute, especially with that beret on." she stroked the Feebas' scaled head a bit before returning her full attention to the Snorunt she held.

{Hoot dang?} the ice type repeated in confusion, incapable of understanding a word of what the fish pokmon was saying but finding the words a bit intimidating nonetheless, once again hugging her mother a bit tighter, the girl stroking her gently to reassure her.

"Not the bravest fighter around, are you my dear?" she asked, laughing softly as she hugged the Snorunt, "Doesn't matter...we'll work it out...we'll work it out..." she took a pause, "You're so cute...I think I'll name you...Kula." she said at last, smiling, "I've always thought that that's a very cute name, and it's easy to pronounce too. What do you think?"

{Kula...} the little creature repeated dutifully, a smile spreading across her face {Kula is happy with whatever name mama gives her!} she concluded, hugging Ashley again, which caused the girl to break out into another fit of cooing.

Random Plushie
November 27th, 2005, 3:28 AM

Okay, peoples.. Plushie ish going to bed now..

I probably won't be on that much in the morning..


November 27th, 2005, 3:31 AM
"Hmm..of course its cute and cool!!Its my little Beauhin!"Jinger smirked,glancing as the Seviper chose to coil and uncoil itself between Tessie's legs.

"Chaki...that's a nice name too!"the girl exclaimed,before turning to Ashley.

"Yup,definately one we chose."Clay told herself as she looked into the boy's eyes.She quickly scurried away,holding another egg as she came back.The egg was red in color,and a noticible flame pattern was marked on its shell.

"Promise to defeat the Teams,with this youngin' over here,and I promise it'll hatch into your very own pokemon."she whispered,placing the warm egg into his hands.

"Kula sounds right too."Jinger nodded her head in approval of the name,proceeding top pet Beauhin.

{Hello dudes,don' tell me ya' jus' got outta your' eggs to??}Beauhin asked the Snorunt and Seviper,assuming that they had just hatched as well,calling the other two female humans 'mama'.

November 27th, 2005, 3:39 AM
Alex took it warily, and tucked it under one arm. "Thank y' very much, Ma'am." he told her, and shook her hand. His own was rough and and calloused; no doubt from working with tough-skinned grass-types his whole life.
He watched the other girls cradle their hatchlings affectionatly, and felt very much oput of place. Luckily all three of them were all talking together; maybe Alex would be able to sneak away with his pokemon, unseen? He didn't like the sound of 'defeat the teams' - it sounded violent and mean. He crept backwards to the door, and was nearly at the doorway, when he tripped over someone's foot and went crashing into a table of beer. In an instant, people were up on their feet, all shouting at Alex - including a ferocious biker, dressed all in leather, with what looked like a horse's bit and reins in his mouth.
The boy went ghostly white.

{ooc| Gosh, Alex has turned into Zach xDDD}

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 3:56 AM
"I guess we've got the naming situation sorted out then..." Ashley said, beaming at the baby pokmon once more. They were all so cute that their mere presence had completely wiped out the presence of the band from her mind, even though their last piece was just drawing to a dramatic finish, the fans screaming so loud that the conversation taking place between the three girls and their pokmon was barely audible.

{Erm...yes...} Kula replied shyly to Beauhnin's question, casting another glance up at Ashley, just to make sure that the girl was there and ready to support her {Kula was finally released from the little world today and finally met the mama whom she loves so very much...} the Snorunt hugged Ashley again before turning back to the Feebas, slowly growing accustomed to the thought that, despite her strange way of speaking, the fish pokmon wasn't really all that mean {Did Be-beah-beauh-} she struggled with the name {Be-auh-nin, come from a little world too?} she asked, her two light blue eyes focusing on the Feebas.

Suddenly, a loud crash caught Ashley's attention, one which went beyond even the most enthusiastic cheering. Looking up, she noticed the source of the commotion...the boy from before, who had apparently made an attempt at a quiet exit, seemed to have tripped over something, causing a table to imbalance and fall over, which of course created a huge racket, one which was not appreciated by the patrons...particularly not by the Franticshipper fans and a certain large, biker-like person who seemed to be staring at Alex in a downright murderous manner, the boy standing petrified with terror and looking very much like a rabbit in the headlights.

"Come on, Kula..." Ashley whispered quietly, holding the Snorunt particularly close to herself as she moved towards the scene, feeling a strong urge to help out this stranger in distress. He did seem like a nice boy, a lot nicer than the angry mob treathening him at least, and she really didn't want him to get hurt, even though she wasn't really all that sure about how she could possibly help the matter. Kula merely nodded, whimpering slightly at the sudden hostility of the crowd and holding onto her mother as tightly as her chubby little hands would allow her, holding her eyes towards Ashley's shirt so that she wouldn't have to see.

November 27th, 2005, 4:05 AM
"What the?"Jinger heard the loud crash caused by Alex,the biker guy staring down on the poor boy.Clay could only sweatdrop and stand at one side.

"I have no idea who he is....no idea at all..."she turned away and looked elsewhere,humming to herself.

"Oooh,what a strange boy."Jinger followed after Ashley and Kula,the boy had an egg in his hands as well.

{Yap I did!!!All I could here were voiceses!!!Thank' it wuz these mommas talking!}Beauhin replied,smiling as Kula tried to pronouce her name.

{Kuuu-laaa}she repeated over and over again to get accustomed to the name.Then,giving the girl who held her another hug,before turning back to the Snorunt.

{Ehhh...I forget,what're our mommas' real names?}she asked,wondeirng what the name of her mother was.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 4:30 AM
"Oh come on..." Ashley whispered to Jinger at the girl's comment, "Cut the poor guy some slack. I bet he's just nervous with all these strangers about."

{Oh, Kula heard voices too!} the little Snorunt replied, peering up from Ashley's shirt and noting that her talking partner was moving more or less in the same pace and direction as she {Only, they were more like whisperings to her...but yes, they must have come from the mamas.} she beamed at Ashley again, continuing to hold onto the girl tightly as she was still very scared of all the noisy people around her, {Mama must have been telling little Kula to come out so she could hug her...} she added, now becoming slightly depressed {But the little world was so hard, Kula had to use so much cold to get out. Ohh...is mama angry with her?} the Snorunt suddenly exclaimed, looking up at Ashley again and whimpering a bit {Kula is sorry, mama!} she cried out, hugging the girl tightly and crying into her shirt, not that it mattered much considering how wet it already was, {She tried her best! Honest!}

Ashley quickly turned her full attention to Kula as the little Snorunt burst out in tears, hugging her even tighter and slowly rocking the ice type back and forth while whispering softly to her. "It's allright..." she whispered, stroking the Snorunt's head "I'm here, don't worry...everything is allright...no-one will hurt you..." the girl had no idea of why her pokmon had suddenly become so uneasy, but she did her best to assure her nonetheless, and after a while, Kula did quiet down, her previous smile returning.

{Mama is so good to little Kula...} she said hoarsely, turning back to adress Beauhnin, tilting her head slightly at the Feebas' question {Real name?} she asked in confusion {Their our mamas. Isn't 'mama' mama's name?}

November 27th, 2005, 4:35 AM
OOC: Aaack!
IC: It was late at the Bike. John finally arived, Ring curled up in his backpack. When he entered there was a scene of chaos. John noted the girl with a Feebas, the girl with an almost chibi Snorunt and also Clay was there. Ring woke up with all the noise.
{Huh?} she muttered.
"Hey, did you speak?" said John in awe.
Ring's voice had resounded in his head.
{Yes, I did,} said Ring.
"Woah," muttered John. He walked closer to the centre of the chaos.

Ring saw a bunch of other pokemon, namely a Snorunt, Seviper and Feebas.
{Do I really want to make friends?} she thought.
{YES!} came a voice from within her.
She decided to talk to the Snorunt.
{Hi,} she said telepathically, as her actual vocab was limited.

John looked around, then focused on the girl with a Snorunt.
"Did you get that from Clay?" he said, noticing that Clay was currnetly standing at the bar.

November 27th, 2005, 4:37 AM
Alex leapt to his feet and backed away, while the leather-clads gave him dirty looks. "I apologise! I'll buy you all new drinks, I promise!" he gabbled, but of course, his accent got in the way again. The bikers were in no mood to translate his foreign uttering, ([i]"'Pologies! I'll buy y'all fresh b'vre'ges, Ah swear!"), picked up their table and righted it, before turning to the boy.
Inwardly, Alex was cursing. He was now due for a thrashing, and his plans of escape had been foiled! The girls were coming over now, peering at him while they clutched their newborns to their...chests... Alex gulped. This was all too much.
"Sorry!" he gulped again, but the bikers moved forward.
"What 'choo think you're doing, wrecking the place? Eh, boy?"
"Sorry!" his voice had fallen to a whisper. Apparently Alex wasn't too good in the face of danger.

November 27th, 2005, 4:49 AM
Gackness!I meant to make Clay say the.."I don't know who he is" part...-_-;;

And anyways,check your e-mail if you've time Titan.
Don't know what I had to go through to type it out kay?!XD

"What?He's embarassing..."Jinger grunted at Ashley's statement.She,however,still decided to help the boy,was she getting soft again?What if she broke a nail or something?

{Yap,I was tryin' ta get out,hard it was..but then,I heard dis' voice tellin' me I could do it,so I did!}Beauhin told Kula,before noticing that the Snorunt had broken down crying.
{Oooh,no cry Kuuula,I don't thank' your Momma's angry..}Beauhin tried to calm the Snorunt,luckily,Ashley was doing a fine job as a 'mother' quickly hugging Kula and made her stop crying.

"Looks like you know how to do a good job as a mother I mean.."Jinger smiled weakly as Ashley cuddled against her baby Snorunt.

"Hey,uh...he didn't mean any harm,besides,what a little fun once in awhile no?I'LL pay for the drinks."Jinger went up and told the scary looking bikers,not intimidated by them one bit.She took out her wallet,noticing that a boy and his Ralts were asking Ashley something.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 4:50 AM
OOC: Lol, Charon! Does Alex have hormones or what? Geez...that boy's got a bit of a dirty mind to him, he does.. XD

And Yibber, I've checked my e-mail and I'll type up a response as soon as I find the time. ^^


"Thanks..." Ashley replied to Jinger's comment, smiling as she continued holding onto the Snorunt, "I do my best..."

Ashley had now had just about enough of simply watching the scene however, stepping forward to adress the biker without showing any kind of fear, despite the fact that the man in front of him was about a head talle than her. She just couldn't stand it...watching a grown boy quiver like that...and she certainly wasn't about to let anything violent happen with Kula about.

"Oh come on..." she said, frowning "Can't you see it was just an accident? Besides, he offered to pay you new drinks didn't he?" although the girl had no idea of whether she had translated Alex's heavily accented speech correctly she still did her best to maintain a confident voice, after all, arguments like this one tended to be won through confidence and determination rather than actual facts. "Can't we all just get along?" she flashed a quick smile to Jinger, noticing that the girl had stepped up for support as well.

"I'll talk to you later..." Ashley quickly mouthed to the boy who came to ask about her Snorunt before turning back towards the bikers. This really wasn't the right time for chatting up with complete strangers...

{Umm...hi.} Kula replied shyly to the Ralts' greeting, waving a bit at the psychic type, although she seemed to be too entranced by her mother's confident demeanor and projecting voice to really do much more talking, smiling at the girl instead. Oh, mama is so nice and brave... she thought for herself If only little Kula could be more like her....

November 27th, 2005, 4:52 AM
OOC: People are lurking. I see all.

November 27th, 2005, 5:00 AM
{ooc| Oh shush. He grew up on a farm with his grandma and a barn full of tropius's for company, what can I say? xDDD Poor guys's probably having a heart attack at all these beauties surrounding him...}

The biker stared at the teenagers for a moment. He then batted his eyelids. "O-kay." he told Ashley, in a small voice, and smiled blankly. He then held out his hand while Alex pulled a few notes out of his pocket, and turned back to his friends. Alex stared at the girl in shock. Mainly because he hadn't seen a girl his age for half a year, and partly because he remembered gilrs being meek, pathetic little things that screamed when the wind blew.
"H-how...?" Alex gaped at her, not noticing the bar manager and several of his bouncers which stood a little bit behind Ashley. The manager had been staring at the biker menacingly - and the leather-clad moron had decided not to risk getting thrown out. Alex turned his attention to his egg, which was starting to shake. Alex held it out in front of him, his eyes narrowed. "Hmm..." he stared at the firey pattern expectantly.
He turned back to Ashley, smiling lop-sidedly. "Thanks for that. What's that?" he asked, pointing to the snorunt. He'd never seen one before.

{ooc| remember, he's still talking in his accent, I just can't be bothered to write it...
Oh, Pete, I'm just really slow at posting. I'm not lurking. xD}

November 27th, 2005, 5:09 AM
*sniffle*What Jinger tried to do means nothing...XD
And,like,I always lurk,tis' fun!^^

The girl was still trying to catch on to Alex's accent,as he himself payed.She simply shrugged,it was better for her anyway,now she wouldn't lose any money.Then,the egg in the boy's hand started shaking,it was about to hatch!

"Hey!Your egg's hatching!!"she smiled.

{Hoot dang,Momma's got a lot of money!}Beauhin stared at the amount the girl had taken out from her wallet,before putting it back into for pocket.The Feebas then turned to the egg in Alex's arms.

{Hey!Its hatchin'!!}she squeaked in shock.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 5:15 AM
Ashley smiled as the situation dissipated, even though she quickly noted that it was partially thanks to the bar manager and the small group of burly, and less-than-friendly looking, bouncers standing just a short distance behind her. No doubt the knucklehead had realized that picking a fight in their presence wouldn't have been the smartest thing to do, and besides, it would probably have made him look like a pathetic bully, or worse, if he'd started fighting the two teenage girls too. A man could easily get sued for sexual harassment for far less...

"Oh, it's the miracle of persuasion..." the girl replied to Alex's question, giggling slightly as she noticed that the boy obviously considered this whole thing the doing of her and Jinger. "And you're quite welcome." She added, not really seeing such a pressing need to dispel the illusion either, watching with a measure of fascination as the egg in the boy's hands began trembling, although she looked up again as the boy asked her about Kula.

"Oh, this?" she asked, holding the Snorunt just a bit up so that she could face the boy, the ice type's light blue eyes looking him over "This is Kula, my little baby." she said, unable to resist giggling a bit again as she stroked the Snorunt's head, "She's a Snorunt..." she added, just in case the boy wasn't aware of the species "A cold climate pokmon...can't for the life of me remember what they live on, though. Anyhow, I'm Ashley..." she extended her right hand to the boy, carefully balancing Kula against her hip with the left "And you are?" she cast a glance at the ever-trembling egg in the boy's hands, "Apparently about to get a pokmon too." she concluded, smiling at the egg, "Congratulations."

November 27th, 2005, 5:20 AM
OOC: I'm going out or something.

IC: John turned away from the girl and looked at the bikers. There was something abnormal about them.
"They're from Gear," he muttered.
{What's gear?} asked Ring, confused.
"The largest gang in the city, and I don't think those bikers were here by coincedence," replied John.
He turned to the boy from outside of the country. "Hey, your eggs hatching!" commented John.
Ring wasn't as smart as she thought she was. But then again she was about a half-hour old.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 5:21 AM
OOC: Okay, that was random. o_O Why pick a fight in the middle of a bar for no apparent reason?

November 27th, 2005, 5:30 AM
OOC: I edited the post. It's different.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 5:33 AM
OOC: Okies, that sounds better. I mean, if he'd started a fight there then the bouncers would logically have thrown him out...which would probably have been followed by John getting blacklisted by the government and imprisoned, and methinks that wouldn't have been very bad for his personal development. XD Not to mention that most people probably wouldn't like a guy who just goes about attacking bikers for no apparent reason. Well, Keving might, but only if attacking bikers would benefit him somehow. ^^

November 27th, 2005, 5:34 AM
OOC: And judging by Melissa's sign up, they would.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 6:52 AM
Hiii Melissa! XD

Eh, looks like we got a bit carried away while you were gone. Well, happy reading and hope you aint' mad about it. ^^ But just in case...*Offers turnip of sorryness*

EDIT: Dang, she went offline again. Well, hope ya' post soon Melissa! ^^

November 27th, 2005, 7:22 AM
OOC: Hi Alter!!

Um... yeah. *dies* XD

What in the heck?!! Well, I guess fashionably late (again!) = me. Again. XD

Hooray! A bit of Zack lives in Alex's body!!! XD And yeah, Kevin would pick on bikers if there was something in it for him. But it would have to be a pretty big something. Kevin's not an idiot. >_<


Leaving was easy enough, with Evans' help, Kevin was soon on his way. With all of the comforts of home of course in his bag. His favorite cookies, his pillow that he could not live without, a couple pieces of his family's silverware for those times when only half-cleaned cookware was available, and a pile of money of course. It was good to rich.

In actuality, Kevin had no idea what he was getting himself into. He was so used to the good life, and never worrying about whether or not he would have enough food or money, that these thoughts never even entered his mind. He supposed that everything would be taken care of, but of course he was sorely mistaken.

He arrived at The Bike looking confident, and passing a group of several trainers as he went into the place. They all possessed new baby pokemon, and Kevin assumed they were some sort of commonfolk that were merely excited over their annoying pets. Kevin had never really had an interest in pokemon, though he didn't mind them. His mother always had a pet pokemon with her. Growlithe, Girafarig, a beautiful Ponyta she had raced for a few years before it pulled a tendon and had to be put down. She said it was no use to her because it couldn't race; Kevin hadn't cared, it was just a stupid pokemon anyway. Just a useless animal. What else could it have done? Looked pretty to her friends? Perhaps, but she had other pokemon and things she owned for that.

As Kevin approached the woman he assumed was in charge of this all, he gave her a confident smile and said in a loud voice, "You can all breathe easy now; Kevin Hale's here. Now, what is this proposition that I was given?"

"Not so loud please!" the woman hissed, "Come this way!" She beckoned him over to the eggs. There were a few left; for people who would never come even though they had been given the letters. Kevin blinked.

"What in the blazes is this? What are these eggs for?" he said gruffly, a nagging suspicion that these were pokemon eggs creeping up.

"You must pick one but quickly, I believe that I might be being watched," the woman said as she nervously glanced at a rather large and mean looking biker that had come in. Kevin raised an eyebrow at him.

Then he looked at the remaining eggs. They were an assortment of colors, and Kevin couldn't decide on which one. He wasn't even sure if he wanted to pick one.

"Hey look madam, I'm sorry but what is it exactly that I am about to embark upon?" he said impatiently, trying to sound a bit formal but not really caring.

"All of you are to help rid all of us from the gangs that plague the country! The others will explain; just pick an egg already!" she hissed again, looking as impatient as Kevin did.

Kevin put his hands on his hips, "How dare you speak to me that way! Do you even know who I am?!" The woman looked so angry about this, that she thrust a random egg into his arms and shoved him towards the others.

Clutching his black and rust colored egg awkwardly, Kevin walked up to the group of others with baby pokemon that had just hatched, and put his confident smile back on.

"It's all going to be alright my friends, I am here to lead you to victory. Surely you all know who I am?" he said smugly, still unsure about how to hold the warm egg and deciding that upright would do.

November 27th, 2005, 7:25 AM
The egg continued to tremble, but whatever lay inside seemed content to remain inside, for now anyway. Alex squinted at it again, quite captivated by the dull red colour, and the brighter orange shades, that decorated the shell.
He finally turned back to Ashley. She was dressed, he noticed, rather like his little brother, except for the veil of blonde hair that cloaked her shoulders. "Nice to meet you Ashley, I'm Alex." He pronounced it 'Ah-lacks'. He then smiled at Jinger, who he had only just properly noticed. He looked her up and down, taking in the brown hair, t-shirt, skirt and- woah, legs. Alex looked up very quickly, and smiled sheepishly.
"Nice to meet you too, What's your name?"

Everyone seemed to be commenting on the state of his egg, so Alex gave everyone the thumbs up sign with his spare hand. Another boy was talking to him now, and Alex was beginning to feel overwhelmed. So much for sneaking away unmissed...

His egg gave another shake, and nearly rolled out of Alex's hands. Thankfully he managed to catch it before it crashed to the floor - though a tiny crack was now visible down one side. Alex jabbed at it with his finger tip, and a piece of shell fell away to reveal something orange... and scaley. A minute later, a fist had thrust it's way through the remaining shell (the pieces were now littering the ground, much to the manager's distaste), and a charmander's head poked through the hole she - Alex guessed it was female, by the size of it's eyelashes - had made, in a triumphant manner. Intead of being the standard red, though, she was a distinct shade of orange, and her scales glittered and twinkled in what Alex thought was a rather pretty manner.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 8:04 AM
"Nice to meet you too, Alex." Ashley replied, slowly beginning to feel that she could make some kind of sense out of the boy's accent. As the boy proceeded to greet Jinger, Ashley couldn't help noticing that his eyes seemed all too focused on her friend's legs. The girl rolled her eyes, letting out a small tutting sound as she continued stroking Kula. "Boys..." she muttered under her breath, her voice barely audible, one look at a pretty girl and their brains went out the window. And the way that Alex was looking...it was as if he hadn't seen a girl in ages. In all honesty the sight was rather pathetic...kind of reminded her of the times when she started entering puberty. Despite the fact that she dressed just as boyishly as before, Ashley's had certainly not failed to draw a longing stare or two from some of the more hormonally active boys of her own friend gang, and had certainly not appreciated the new way in which they started acting around her. Without the girl even intending to do so, a somewhat indignant expression crept its way onto her face, although it quickly dissapeared as she snapped back from her reveries at the sound of a cracking egg-shell. And sure enough, when she looked down at the egg in Alex's hands a small clawed hand soon burst open, quickly shattering the shell and bringing a Charmander into the light. Not just any Charmander though, but a strangely shiny one, its scales glistening beautifully in the light.

"Oh...it's so cute!" Ashley exclaimed, her previous unpleasant thoughts seemingly overridden by this sudden influx of cuteness in her vicinity as she beamed at the lizard pokmon. "Congratulations, Alex." she said, smiling at the boy. (Come on, it wasn't his fault that he had hormones after all, was it?) "What name are you going to give her?"

Ashley's inqury and cooing was cut short by the door opening and one of the most dressed-up boys she had ever seen in her life entering the establishment with a bold stride. Everything in his appearance from his dark brown hair and deep blue eyes to his attire, which would undoubtedly have granted him entry to more or less any given restaurant in town, seemed to scream their testimonies of the boy's luxurious and pampered life, causing Ashley to feel strangely self-conscious of her own, rather worn, and considerably damp clothes.

The stranger pompously walked forth to Clay, declaring his name to her and demanding to know the reason for his summoning, quickly getting ushered into a side room so that she wouldn't expose every detail of the conversation too every given patron in 'The Bike'.

The boy soon returned out, carrying a rust coloured egg with him as he approached Ashley and the others, declaring himself their leader in the same pompous and arrogant voice he had applied earlier and asking if they knew who he was in a manner that suggested that the question, in his opinion, should have been a truly rhetorical one. And as a matter of fact, it kind of was.

"Kevin Haley." Ashley replied instantly, shrugging "You more or less declared it to everyone within a five-mile radius just now, so unless there are deaf people in this room I'm pretty sure that everyone knows who you are."

Ashley just couldn't help being cheeky with this boy, even though she knew that it wasn't very nice. It was just that...well, he was so darn full of himself. Honestly, did he think that having a rich daddy and snazzy clothes somehow made him better than others?

November 27th, 2005, 8:17 AM

"Ah so you've heard of me then!" Kevin said happily, ignoring the part about him having already announced it. Sometimes Kevin had what some called "Voluntary Selective Hearing". It was a disease commonly found in people who were full of themselves.

Glancing at the boy with the accent and his newly hatched pokemon, and then down at his own egg, Kevin looked back at Ashley, "So, these really are pokemon eggs then? And when is mine supposed to--."

However, the egg seemed to be answering this for him, and it suddenly burst open. Kevin dropped it as he was not in the least bit used to things exploding in his arms. It fell to the ground and cracked open fully to reveal a small dog-like creature. Its wet fur as black as the midnight sky, and its eyes an odd and startling yellow color. It had small bony lumps that would grow into the armored plates that usually covered parts of a Houndour. Slowly the pokemon looked back up at its new master and managed a small bark that sounded like a low whistle almost.

To the baby pokemon, it meant 'Mommy'. It was only understandable to other Houndour or Houndoom though, as many names for their own kind were to dog pokemon. To Kevin, the whole mess of the egg looked disgusting.

He sighed though, figuring this was what he had to endure to bring glory to himself, and dug in his pack for a towel to grab the filthy thing with. Then once he had grabbed up the baby with the towel, he looked down at her cute, tired face.

"Well, it isn't that bad, is it? And Houndour are supposed to be quite strong pokemon. Surely an asset to me," he said placing his finger in the pokemon's vicinity to pet it.

November 27th, 2005, 8:30 AM
{ooc| VSH? LMAO, Mel!}

Alex stared, dumb-founded, at this newcomer. "I haven't heard of you." he squeaked, thoroughly shocked at Kevin's entrance. At his clothes, too. Oh, and the dog pokemon that now sat in his hands, that too. He was obviously completely in control of the situation, unlike Alex. For the first time ever, he actually felt embarressed to be wearing a checkered farmer shirt and jeans.

The charmander was pulled herself completely out of the egg now, kicking in of the pieces out of the way. She gave a shocked little squeak and glanced up at Alex, something the boy knew would lead to her thinking she was Alex's daughter. Alex smiled at her, and lifted her up by her under-arms so she could get a good look at her new parent... only for the hapless boy to discover things weren't always as simple as he thought they would be. The charmander poked him in the eye defiantly, and stuck out her tongue.
Alex swore loudly.
"I don't know yet," he told Ashley, as the charmander snorted smoke in her trainer's face. Funnily enough, she hadn't burnt Alex yet - a good sign, he hoped.

Alter Ego
November 27th, 2005, 9:16 AM
Ashley was about to open her mouth to protest about Kevin's statement, but then thought the better of it and didn't interject, making a mental not for herself instead Patient suffering from severe VSH and swollen ego... she noted in her mind, briefly amusing herself by picturing herself in her father's place, listening to all kinds of pokmon yapping, barking, screeching and whatnot and making witty notes on a small notepad, with Kevin in the place of the pokmon. The girl couldn't help laughing just a bit at this image before dispelling it, it seemed simply too absurd to maintain.

The girl looked up again, watching as the egg in Kevin's hands began trembling, the boy instantly dropping it in shock and allowing to fall to the floor, its shell cracking to reveal the pokmon within...a baby Houndour.

Ashley frowned at Kevin's reaction as the boy recoiled, apparently considering himself too important to touch the newborn, and rummaged for a towel from his pack. Had Ashley been in his position, she would have picked up the adorable little puppy without a second thought and hugged it silly.

"Of course it isn't bad." the girl replied at Kevin's comment, once again astonished by the boy's attitude, "Any pokmon can become powerful with training. Besides, it's really cute too." she smiled at the Houndour, something which she had yet to do to the boy holding it, before she turned around once more as Alex reached out to pick up his Charmander.

"Erm, Alex..." Ashley began "You might not want to..." the lizard pokmon poked the boy in the eye "...do that." the girl concluded with a sigh "Charmanders tend to be self-reliant." she said, hoping that she remembered her lessons correctly "It's quite common for Charizards to leave their eggs, so young Charmanders tend to know how to fend for themselves, sometimes they don't even recognize anyone as their mother."

{Mama...} Kula whined, grabbing a tight hold of Ashley as the Charmander in Alex's hands began to spew smoke, {Mama, I'm scared...}

"It's allright my sweet..." Ashley replied in a soothing voice, once again turning her attention to comoforting the Snorunt, hugging it tightly and slowly rocking it back and forth "It's allright...no-one is going to hurt you...you're safe...I promise." she continued holding Kula, the ice type's crying soon coming to an end once more, although it still clung tightly to her neck. Ashley felt a slightly unpleasant chill as this happened but ignored it, allowing the Snorunt to have all the time she needed.

"It would be great if you got her to stop breathing smoke..." the girl said to Alex, nodding towards his Charmander "She's scaring Kula..."

November 27th, 2005, 9:58 AM
OOC: I'm a little lost...

IC: John lost everyone and slipped outside into the night air. He almost thought he could see a star, but to see one meant you were weird. Stars never appeared over Barrel City.
Ring, now asleep again, was dozing in his arms. John sighed.
"I wonder whats happening to my life," he thought.
Then he entered the bar again. The Feelingshippers had left and now a new band was on the stage.
"YES!" yelled John, upon recognizing his favourite band, Masterball. They were playing one of their best songs on their last album, as they had released two.
"All right! 'Focused!'," yelled John again as he heard the tune. Many people round the bar were singing along.
{Huh?} said Ring, roused by the music.
"Still sleepy, are you?" teased John gently and she laughed.
He looked around and saw a new kid by the others.
"What is Clay up to?" he thought and went towards him.

Random Plushie
November 28th, 2005, 10:47 PM

Ack, I tried to post but ran out of time.. >_<

Don't go too far..

November 28th, 2005, 11:16 PM
Notice that all the baby pokemon are female...0.o
Or is Tessie's Seviper a male?Did Plushie specify yet??

"I'm Jinger,and this is my adorable Feebas,Beauhin."the girl curtsied gracefully before holding out the Feebas infront of Alex.Beauhin grinned,waving her fin at the boy and his egg before being pulled back to his 'mother'.Oblivious to the way Alex looked at her.

Beauhin yawned,she was feeling oddly tired all of a sudden.The Feebas wondered why she felt so sleepy.Jinger quickly noticed this,craddling the Feebas back and forth in her arms.

"Its natural for you babies to want to sleep,so don't worry."she told Beauhin,poking the Feebas lightly on her forehead.Beauhin nodded,before closing her eyes and cuddling close to the girl.

Jinger was smiling at the cute pokemon,before looking up and noticing that another boy with brown hair,marched into the club with so much pride.He wore such fine clothes,Jinger assumed that he was another rich tycoon's son.Just like her father,the girl thought,only that this boy seemed either worse of better,she couldn't tell.
As he announced himself to be a 'Kevin Hale' and got dragged away by Clay,and returning with one of her many eggs.He walked up to her and the rest,proudly clutching the egg in his hands.Asking if they knew who he was.

"I'm not deaf,you said that your name was Kevin."she frowned.Then,the egg in his hands started to hatch,showing that it was a Houndour egg.Jinger raised an eyebrow as the boy dug into his bag to take out a towel and proceeded to wrap the pokemon with it.

As Alex's egg hatched into a Charmander,Jinger clapped her hands.

"Yay for Alex!"she smiled as the boy tried to carry the newly hatched lizard.But only ended up getting poked in the eye and being covered in smoke.

"Ouch..."she flinched,coughing at the smoke.

"Don't think you should've done that."she smiled,listening to Ashley's explanation on Charmanders being independant.

"Wow,you know alot."she stared in amazement at the girl beside her as she shushed her Snorunt.Waving one hand so that the smoke would stay away form her and her clothes.

Alter Ego
November 29th, 2005, 5:53 AM
OOC: A strange coincidence about the baby pokmon, ne? Well, Kula just had to be female cause' I didn't really happen to have any good names for male Snorunts at the moment. It's not my fault that you're all copy-cats. XP


"Oh, it's just a little piece of trivia I picked up..." Ashley replied, smiling a bit bashfully at Jinger's comment and amazed stare over her small lecture on Charmander behaviour "Charmanders were one of the pokmon species that we studied most, me and dad, back when I still lived with him..." she smiled wistfully, slowly cradling Kula back and forth. The Snorunt had now stopped crying, loosening her grip around Ashley's neck just a little bit and laying back in her arms. The ice type seemed to have decided to try not to see the scary fire type, focusing on the face of 'mama' instead, the Snorunt's previous smile soon returning, along with a wide yawn. All the commotion and crying had taken its toll on Kula, and she began to feel sleepy...but she couldn't bring herself to close her eyes yet. What if mama wouldn't be there when she woke up? What if she would be left alone? It was an all too scary thought for the little Snorunt to handle so she did her best to keep awake, despite fatigue showing.

November 29th, 2005, 7:25 AM
Alex flinched noticably as the next song started up. All the modern rock was beginning to give him a head-ache. The boy rubbed the smoke from his cheek and popped the charmander on the floor, where she growled and grumbled and looked thoroughly fed-up - but clung to Alex's legs all the same.

His grin widened as he saw the houndour - it was an adorable, floppy sort of thing, and looked incredibly vunerable without it's bones grown properly. However, Kevin still had Alex in awe, so the farm-boy decided not to comment.

Alex flushed scarlet. "Sorry.. I don't..." he bit his lip. Ashley seemed to know ever so much, and she seemed sensible, too. He glanced at the charmander. "...I don't know much about pokemon. ...I know lots about tropiuses, and how to make medicines from plants and how to check for wounds and how to keep their bodies healthy... but I don't know anything about their natures."

The little fire type was glancing about, still clutching Alex's leg with one paw. She didn't want to be babied, but she certainly didn't want to set off on her own just yet.

{ooc| ALSO, Alex is a slightly down-played reincarnation of my character Rod (I think I told you and LA about him...he used to be more stupid/crazy, but he is two years older now..) and he's always had a shiny female charizard called Sierra. I think he lent her to Maxie once, I'll have to check that...}

Alter Ego
November 29th, 2005, 9:13 AM
OOC: Ohh...I knew there was something familiar about Tropius farming, especially with a Charmander in the picture, but I just figured it was coincidence. XD Anyways, yay for the reincarnation of Rod! *Wishes he had seen the original* ^^


As she listened to Alex's embarassed comment, noting that his face had undergone a distinct change of colour, Ashley began to feel quite sorry for the boy. He really seemed to be uneasy in this new environment, the mere change of music causing him to flinch visibly, he clearly wasn't used to the city-life, although his attire should perhaps have been evidence enough of that.

"You've been taking care of Tropiuses all your life?" Ashley asked in response to Alex's last comment, smiling in approval "You must know a lot about them, then. I mean, working with my dad I learned about a lot of different species, yes, but I never got to spend very much time with any single pokmon, or even species, like you have. Really, there's no need to be embarassed about something like that, I'm sure you'll get the hang of these things once you've get into it." she cast a glance at the Charmander "That Charmander seems to like you well enough." she noted "I mean, it doesn't look like she really wants to be separated from you. I think you two will get along fine, just as long as you don't baby her. She's not really the type for that sort of thing..." she stroked Kula again, continuing to rock her slowly in an attempt to make the Snorunt take the rest that she saw it so badly needed "Unlike Kula here." the girl added, smiling warmly at the ice type "It's allright my sweet..." she said in a soft, kind voice "You're still a growing girl and need your sleep...I'll still be here when you wake up in the morning, I promise."

The Snorunt looked doubtfull for a while, but she was far too attached to Ashley to ever even concieve the thought that she would lie to her and soon relaxed properly, giving of a small yawn before drifting of to sleep in the girl's arms.

Ashley continued smiling at the Snorunt for a moment before turning her attention back to Alex again. "What's it like?" she asked suddenly, "Taking care of Tropiuses, I mean. They look so big and strong, how do you...you know, herd them?"

November 29th, 2005, 9:33 AM
OOC: Can't post now...
I'm seeing Arsenal V Reading in like... 30 mins. Anyway I would have been on here earlier just I couldn't log on, but for some flukey reason, I managed to log on. I'll post tommorow.

November 29th, 2005, 10:41 AM
{ooc| Reading v Ars-... OMG PETE'S ENGLISH! *shock* Anyway, I'm a Saints supporter myself (we are soooo losing) but I've sort of.... got bored of footie over the last few months. *traitor to her heritage* ;;}

Alex's face was a picture of relief; now this was a subject he could talk about! He got the impression Ashley had asked that paticular question for his benefit, rather than hers, but boy was he glad! Ashley definetly a likable girl, she certainly was kind and thoughtfull. Her pokemon seemed to already adore her, too; Kula obviously trusted her, alllowing herself to be cradled in that way. Alex felt certain his charmander was just clinging to him because he seemed less scary than the others.

It took Alex a minute or so to get his thoughts back on track. Eventually he stopped smiling aimlessly, and turned back to Ashley to answer her question.
"Since I was born, I've been raising them big ol' lumps." he voice seemed more certain now. "I know mainly what my gram'ma's taught me. She's got just over three hundred, but they mainly feed themselves, being clever like they are. Herding them's easy enough, you normally just slap one on the rump and they start walkin'. The rest normally follow, 'cos they're a bit dependent like that. 'Course, there's always one bozo that decides to stay behind. They're normally the girls, the lasses are more intelligent. And the guys normally stick with the girls, soooo..." he trailed off, grinning. He knew far more, of course, but he guessed Ashley didn't want to be over-run with details. Girls just weren't up to hard work like herding. His Grandmother frequently reminded him that she was a girl too, but Alex had come to what he thought was a rather educated decision, in thinking she was a different breed to Ashley, and his cousins.

"What does your Dad do, then?" he asked, "Is he a vet?"
Alex's mind wandered back to their own vet's infrequent visits. Alex's family remedies kept their own stock healthy, but they occasionally got surgeons in to do things a boy and his grandmother couldn't do alone. Like neutor a tetosterone-crazed male.

the shiney charmander wasn't listening; she was staring at the Snorunt curiously. She hadn't noticed the other pokemon yet.

November 29th, 2005, 4:20 PM
Jinger just stood there,craddling Beauhin in her arms.Unlike Kula,the Feebas wasn't scared of her mother leaving her,most probbily because she had never thought of it.But,this were their mothers they were talking about,no way would Jinger leave her!The Feebas let out a small yawn,shifting her position to her side.

"Woah,Tropius herding?"Jinger repeated,listening to how the boy told them what they were supposed to do with the Tropius,though,still trying to get used to his accent.Truthfully,the girl wasn't exactly paying attention,she didn't like getting her clothes dirty and all that just because of darn pokemon.Maybe that was the reason why Alex was dressed in such a way.

Random Plushie
November 29th, 2005, 8:39 PM

Thank gawd I finally caught up.. o.O

I might have missed stuff so I'll have to reread later..

By the way, Yibber, I did try to specify that Tessie's Seviper was female, but I think the group should at least have one male Pokemon, so I'm going to have to edit that. Plus, I'm going to have to edit one letter in his name.. Chaki just sounds too feminine for some reason. XD


Tessie still hadn't moved from her spot by the pillar, ever since that whole incident with the biker. Instead she chose to observe rather quietly, stroking the top of her Seviper's head every once in a while the whole time. Even when a conversation really started going, she did not walk over.

Sure, she had managed a semi-decent conversation earlier, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to mess up if she tried again. Yes, so even when Kevin had loudly strolled in, then entered the conversation, she remained in her position.

"Chako, do you think we should go over there? I suppose since it's a good idea to stick around.." Tessie whispered, looking down at the serpant.

{Nyah..} He hissed, although it wasn't really a threatening kind of hiss. At this point, he had uncoiled himself, releasing Tessie's leg and slithering to the other side of his Trainer, in order to get a better view of the others.

Tessie nodded, somehow getting the idea of what he had said. Perhaps he had said something that sounded like 'no' on accident, but still..

November 29th, 2005, 9:46 PM
Yep,Yibber must've forgotten or something.
Do you guys know tha Sapphire's Blaziken's name is Chaka??XD
Actually,the Chunag Yi Version translated it into Toro.But another guy,Coronis I think,went and re-named the Blaziken,Chaka.
Would start on a random rant of all their nicknames..but...nah.XP
Just.....random manga knowledge for all.XD

Jinger took a headcount,wondering if they were forgetting anyone.The girl pondered over it for a moment or so,placing one finger on her lips.The other hand continuing to rock Beauhin back and forth.

"Oh,right!Tessie!"she snapped her fingers after scanning around the room,noticing that the shy girl and her Seviper wasn't with them.Jinger turned around,trying to spot them.Finally,she found both of them at the pillar Tessie had decided to stop in the begining.Curiously or maybe,because of nosiness,she decided to go up and ask Tessie herself.

"What're you doing?Why aren't you with us?"she asked the girl and her Seviper.

Random Plushie
November 29th, 2005, 9:53 PM


You know, in XD, I nicknamed me Arbok Kachaka.. What's with that? XD


Tessie sighed, she had hoped that the others would have stayed over there.. Social disasters were things she liked to avoid.

"I'm over here because.. Well, let's just say conversing isn't exactly my thing. Besides, I asked Chako and he said he wanted to stay here, or at least I think he did.." She responded, in that soft voice of hers, glancing down at the Seviper.

Speaking of Chako, the Seviper had slithered in front of Tessie rather protectively at Jinger's approach, but he didn't hiss or anything that suggested 'back off', instead watching the girl very closely. He just wanted to make sure she hadn't come over here to harm his beloved mother..

November 29th, 2005, 11:14 PM
Niah,nothing's up with tha,its a unique and nice name I say!^^

"Right..you're really strange you know that?I mean,we're just talking."Jinger said in an honest,yet rather annoying tone.Staring at Chako before looking up to Tessie.

"Did we agree to travel together?I mean since we've got the same goal."Jinger drifted off for a moment,hugging the sleeping Beauhin before turning back to Tessie.

"Shouldn't we get to know each other better and all that?Just..make sure that that thing doesn't hurt me."she pointed at Chako,holding her Feebas closer to her.

Random Plushie
November 30th, 2005, 7:42 AM
Tessie merely tilted her head at the other girl at first, but then folded her arms in a 'hmph' kind of way when Jinger referred to Chako as 'that thing'. Eventually, Tessie let it go, deciding that Jinger had every reason to be a bit afraid, after all, the Seviper was still poised in front of Tessie, still staring intently at Jinger.

"Don't worry about him, I won't let him hurt anyone." Tessie replied, stroking Chako's back so that the serpant would calm down and stop staring at Jinger. "But anyways, I guess you're right. I was just thinking.." She paused. "Well, if you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly Queen Social. But whatever floats your boat I guess.." She concluded, sighing.

Alter Ego
November 30th, 2005, 7:43 AM
Ashley couldn't help smiling as Alex described the Tropius herder's job, even though the boy did seem to be skipping most of the details, probably deeming that she wouldn't be interested. The girl didn't mind too much, though, it was reward enough to see Alex's face split into the very incarnation of relief, and to hear the sheer enthusiaism with which he spoke, this was obviously a subject that the boy knew more of than Ashley wagered she ever would.

At the question about his dad's job, the girl shook her head, "Nope, not a vet." she replied, grinning slightly at the picture of her dad, who had an almost phobic fear of going anywhere near a doctor, wearing the attire of a vet and preparing to operate on a live pokmon. She knew he could never do it, Oliver had always been very sensitive to the emotions of his patients, a good trait for a psychiatrist perhaps, but definitely not for a vet. He would probably never recover if he lost a single patient "He's a kind of psychiatrist for pokmon, tries to teach people how to understand them better, even wrote a book about it. He's pretty famous for it too..." she took a pause "Have you ever heard of Oliver Fairlight?" Ashley kind of doubted that the boy had though, after all, Alex really didn't seem to be the type to be reading books quite that...heavy.

The girl cast a quick glance to her side, just to check what the others were doing, and soon noticed that Tessie was still standing on the same spot where her egg had hatched, although Chako had now let go of the girl's leg, taking up a position in front of Tessie instead, ready to guard her against any possible treaths, which in this case basically meant Jinger who had walked over to ask something from the Tessie, Beauhnin still fast asleep in her arms.

November 30th, 2005, 8:41 AM
OOC: Um... sorry to do an all-OOC post and all, but I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about this RP! XD Just that I've got to go to English class in like 10 minutes, and I won't be able to catch up AND post in that much time. You shall be getting your post in appoximately an hour and a half. ^-^

November 30th, 2005, 8:52 AM
{ooc| My arbok was called Pakka. Sorta similar names, eh? Anyway... I've nearly finished my Maxie pic. I gotta shade her face, then she's done. Then I'll post it, and then work on the background. It's very distracting! And the new censors are reeeally sensitive, it's driving me mad!}

"Yup!" Alex told Jinger cheerfully, "I've done it since I was old enough to walk!"
"Psychiatrist?" Alex turned to Ashley, his head tipped to one side. There was no doubt it was a trait he picked up from his tropiuses; a famous poster for fortree city portrayed a paticularily quaint looking tropius with her head to one side, with rolling hills behind her. The poor beast was probably thinking 'What the hell is that?' - they very frequently saw humans over than Alex and his grandmother, and they certainly weren't interested in tropius' photogenic traits. "Aren't they the people that sit you on a coach and get you to talk about your problems?" Alex strained his memory. His grandma had told him about them before, he just couldn't think why. She never told him anything without a reason; she thought too much information damaged a young man's muscles. She had informed Alex of this repeatedly for the last five years. Bless her, she was getting senile.

"Well... I've never heard of Oliver Fairlight... but we don't have many books. Only big reference books about ailments and remedies. Still, it sounds quite interesting. Do you help him a lot?"

November 30th, 2005, 9:33 AM
OOC: I've supported Arsenal for absolute ages. We won, 3-0!

IC: John walked over to where everyone was chatting. He didn't say much, but took interest in the boy whose egg had just hatched into an abnormal Charmander's conversation.
Ring, having woken up, looked around.
{John, seriously, what are we doing here?}
"I dunno, Ring," replied John blankly.
He then heard something about a person named Oliver Fairlight.
"Oliver Fairlight?! Wait a sec, I've heard that name! Didn't he do one of those shows, but for Pokemon?" asked John blurtingly.

OOC: Gotta run, dinner.

November 30th, 2005, 10:47 AM
OOC: Heh, good, you guys haven't gotten too far. ^-^

*nods at the British sports and pretends to know what Charon and Pete are talking about* Uh-huh! Yeah!! ^___^;;; Eh... I don't really watch the US sports anyways... I used to have a favorite Football team, but they kinda stink now. And my favorite Basketball team has completely different players on it now, and the main one is a selfish ball-hog that was accused of adultery among other things last year. XD So... erm... yeah.

By the way, I'm making my baby Houndour a little more like Pete's baby, because I feel that she would be more like Ash's Phanpy (though not exactly like it... that baby elephant could battle, run off, get stolen, and make hard decisions all within the first hour of hatching and without any food in its stomach... o.o).

Oh, and I think my Dad has Voluntary Selective Hearing. He always seems to keep asking me if I want to put a jacket on before I go out even when I've answered "No" three times. X_X


Ignoring the stares and annoyed looks and recoils he recieved from the others and assuming that they were just annoyed with the farm boy's lack of knowledge and style, Kevin continued patting his new Houndour's head.

He had to think of a name. A nice, proper name, nothing like what these people were naming their pokemon. It didn't really seem so bad... looking into the bright and alert yellow eyes of the little puppy. She was a rather cute one.

He looked up though as he heard Ashley's father's name. "Oliver Fairlight?" he said, laughing a bit, "Oh I have most certainly heard of your father!" He shook his head as he realized it must have seemed quite rude to laugh about someone's father, "No no, nothing bad; it's just... heh, my mother has a bit of a crush on your father. She's always taking our family pokemon to him claiming him to be the best even though it's actually only because she likes him. Has his book too. With his signature in it as well." He smiled to himself. His mother often took their pokemon to him when they were behaving badly-- they acted more like spoiled brats though. They would come back better behaved and nicer, but Kevin's mother would never keep to what Dr. Fairlight had suggested to do and soon enough, the pokemon would be right back where they started. It was more her problem than theirs, though she had never wanted to believe that. Thus why they never improved.

"Has your father ever mentioned my mother?" Kevin asked Ashley with a smile, "I mean, I know doctors and psychiatrists and such have their confidneital conversations with patients, but she must have come up sometime... can't imagine a woman as annoying and full of herself as my mother not." He had no idea that the person he was just describing was not only his mother but himself as well. Kevin considered himself different though; because he was not mean and cruel like his mother could be at times. He was selfish, but never had a wish to hurt anyone.

However, he didn't know this for sure, as he had never been in a situation where it benefited him to hurt someone.

As he was thinking of his mother, he suddenly came up with a name for his baby pokemon. "AH! Adeline! That shall be your name. A name that means kind and noble. A perfect name for my first pokemon," he said, patting the Houndour again.

The little black puppy looked up at him with a frown. She was tired of being coddled, she wanted to move! She struggled a bit in the towel, and then nipped at Kevin's outstretched hand.

"OW!" Kevin squealed, grabbing his hand that had barely been nicked. He wasn't even bleeding.

With a small plop noise, Adeline had jumped from his grasp and down to the ground. She looked at the road ahead of them with excitement, and stared in wonder at the other people and pokemon. This was a new world and she wanted to enjoy it! Not stand around and talk. That was boring her already.

"I was wrong! Should have named her something that meant 'devil' and 'painful' instead!" Kevin said savagely, glaring at the little puppy. He wanted to take it back and demand a new one, but he was getting very fond of the idea of having a powerful Houndoom, and if he had to endure a few scratches... so be it.

Adeline merely smiled back at him. Her tongue lolling out as she smiled at him. It was funny to see him react that way; highly amusing! She would have to try it again sometime.

Alter Ego
November 30th, 2005, 1:42 PM
Ashley laughed a bit at Alex's description of a psychiatrist, "Why yes they are." she replied, nodding "Although I'm sure you can imagine that it's not quite as simple with pokmon. I mean, imagine trying to seat a Wailmer on coach." she chuckled "The principle is the same though, you just listen to what they say and see how they act then try your best to find a way to help them." she smiled, adjusting her hold of Kula slightly so as to make sure that the little Snorunt would stay firmly where she was, "Yes, I do help him quite a lot." she replied, "It's mostly smaller errands though, you know...filing, sending letters, reminding people about their payments...small things that he never seemed to get the hang of. I did get to help with the actual patients now and again, and he's always more than willing to tell me about his findings. It's about the only shared time we have..." the girl sighed, "Or...at least used to have."

"Hmm?" Ashley asked at Pete's comment, tilting her head "Oh yes, I believe he did have his show a while back...it only lasted a month and a half, though." she shrugged "Dad always was one to prefer work over publicity, and the producer got tired of his last-minute appearances."

"A crush?" Ashley echoed at Kevin's comment, it figured, she supposed, after all, if you were a celebrity, even a fairly obscure one, you were bound to get at least a few clueless people with far too little other things to occupy their time who suddenly decided to have a crush on you...there had been quite a few letters to that regard, although Ashley had been quite efficient in trashing them. "That could explain quite a few things..."

"Haley..." she repeated for herself, searching through her memories "Oh yes, I remember a Mrs. Haley." the girl said after a small pause, nodding, "She's one of our regular customers, and the only one to always pay punctually." she cast another glance at Kevin, now looking at the boy in a slightly new light. She hadn't connected the surnames at first, probably because there were so many other things occupying her thoughts, but now that she had been asked about it, Ashley remembered Mrs. Haley all too well, although perhaps more essentially, she remembered her pokmon. The same poor things coming over for treatment over and over, always returning just as spoiled as they were on their last visit, despite all of the advice Ashley's dad had given the woman, advice that she had undoubtedly ignored. The girl had often pondered how anyone could spoil their pokmon so utterly, especially in repeat, and looking at Kevin in this light, she began to see where the obnoxious attitude was coming from; granted, the boy didn't acknowledge his problem himself, something which was made quite clear simply by the way in which he spoke of his mother being annoying and full of herself, but denial was a completely natural first reaction. He didn't seem to be completely spoiled though, Ashley noted as she thought of the things Kevin had said, he wasn't really all that terrible all of the time. Just incredibly snobbish and self-centered. Maybe...maybe he could be cured yet...if she tried hard enough. She had managed to get some results with the pokmon after all, and goodness knows she might have been able to make them completely well if it wasn't for the continous bad influence from their owner, and in this case, the bad influence wasn't there. I'll do it... she thought for herself, feeling quite confident that she would succeed as she listened to Kevin naming his Houndour, Although it will take time...

Her spirits immediately sank a bit as the newly christened Adeline bit, or rather nipped, at Kevin's hand, causing the boy to scream in pain as if he had been lethally wounded and began screaming. Yup, it will take time... she thought for herself, shaking her head, A lot of time...

"Oh come now." Ashley said, walking over to Kevin and quickly inspecting what little damage the finger had incured, which was hardly more than a tiny indenture and a small reddened area surrounding it, it wasn't even bleeding. "That's not even a proper scratch, it will dissapear completely if you just let it be for a while, maybe stick it in ice to numb the pain." she cast a glance at the Houndour, who seemed to be finding her trainer's reaction very amusing. The girl was about to comment on this but decided against it, after all, there really wasn't that much evidence to go by yet, it was far too little to make a proper diagnosis.

November 30th, 2005, 4:33 PM
"Right.But,still,you should try,am I right?"Jinger tried to understand what Tessie was saying,though her attention span seeemed to drift back to Kevin naming his Houndour,Adeline.Then,the most amusing part,him being nipped on the hand by the newly named Houndour.The girl couldn't help but let out a small snicker.
Then,turned back to Tessie.
"Well then,come on!"Jinger forcefully grabbed Tessie's wrist with one hand,the other holding tightly onto Beauhin.It was amazing for a girl,who looked(and well,acted.)like Jinger to have this sort of strength.

Random Plushie
November 30th, 2005, 8:17 PM

Well, I'm just going to assume that Jinger pulled Tessie over to the others, okay? ^^


Tessie had noticed Adeline nip Kevin a bit, too, but she was far too concerned about what Jinger was saying to find it the least bit funny. In fact, she kept talking about trying to get to know the others better a bit too much..

She had no time to ponder as the other girl grabbed her wrist, intent on making her socialize.

"W-Wait!" Tessie shouted, but resistance was futile, for Jinger was a lot stronger than she looked.. It'd probably take months of struggling to break away. Knowing this, she bit her lip and fell silent, letting Jinger pull her away towards the other new Trainers.

Chako hissed his first real hiss, glaring threateningly at Jinger when she made contact with Tessie, following after them quickly and silently, sword-like tail whipping about just as threateningly.

He wasn't really intent on hurting Jinger, it was just that he didn't really figure that her intentions were pure.. For all he knew, she was dragging his mother away to hurt her or something terrible like that.

And so he followed, never advancing too much, although his current attitude seemed to suggest he wasn't very happy with Jinger's actions.


I lurve him.. He's so protective.. XD

November 30th, 2005, 9:33 PM
Jinger took a few steps back from Chako as he hissed at her.Bah,the Seviper was just being protective or something,the girl supposed.Keeping her grip on Tessie's wrist,the girl finally managed to drag her over to the group.

"This is Tessie,she's too 'shy' to come and talk herself."Jinger told them,before letting go of the girl.

"That's..Kevin and Alex,you already know me and Ashley,but to remind you,I'm the wonderfully cute and eternally pretty Jinger!"she told Tessie.

Jinger's acting like Yibber!!Yayness!^0^*gets buried in a pile of Ludicolos*

And about Chako being protective and hissing-
Well....at least he ain't as scary as the dreaded Bubu clones...>_>;;
*runs and hides*

Random Plushie
November 30th, 2005, 9:45 PM


D-Did you just call my beloved clones.. Scary? *twitch*


As Jinger introduced her, Tessie forced a smile, and waved meekly at Kevin and Alex, since they hadn't met her yet. She didn't really know what else to say, not that it wasn't normal for her, but she still felt very nervous all the same.

As she felt Chako slither up to her, effectively placing himself at her side, between she and Jinger, Tessie instantly felt a bit better.. Just knowing that the Seviper was there.

She still wasn't very up for talking, but as long as she felt some kind of support from Chako, and a bit from Jinger, she supposed, she could avoid melting on the spot.

That's right, stay away from mother.. Chako thought to himself when he noticed that Jinger had taken a few cautious steps away, grinning slyly, which only further revealed his fangs. Who cared if they weren't fully developed yet? He wasn't even trying to be scary yet.

After that thought, the Seviper fell into a state of silence, eyes shifting between the surrounding people as he kept watch on all of them. Partially to learn more about them, and partly to maintain 'safety'.

December 1st, 2005, 9:29 AM
OOC: Jeez I've just had to wait outside in the freezing London cold for twenty minutes doing nothing but waiting. I hate life.

IC: John noticed that the newcomer had a Houndour near him.
"Aww, she's cute," said John, with a melted heart, "What's his or her name?"
John waited for an answer, but decided to continue the conversation.
"By the way, did you get that from Clay? I got Ring here, and she's independant. Probably because I'm male and she dosen't think I'm her mama,"
{Hi,} said Ring, sending her voice into the boy's head.
"And I'm John," he finished, holding out his hand.

OOC: Dinner. Gotta run.

December 1st, 2005, 12:08 PM
OOC: Aw... London cold, eh? I wouldn't know what that feels like, but seeing as England is farther north than where I'm living, I can only imagine. o.o

AH! Calm now Plushie! The Bubu clones are cute! ^.^ Cute Bubu clones! No wanna hurt Yibber right?? ... Sorry Yibber, you're on your own. Maybe you can use those Ludicolo that you keep getting buried in to help save you? XD


"What do you mean not a proper scratch?! It's aching!! I think it's broken!" Kevin whined, feebly trying to move it. It bent as a finger should, and then Kevin's eyes widened.

"Do you think I'll have to get shots? What if she has rabies?!! What if?!" he said frantically. He stopped though as Jinger introduced a girl, Tessie. He smiled back at her as she was introduced. Kevin was a bit spoiled and rude, but he was usually quite nice to people that did him no harm.

"Hello there. Nice to meet you," he said to her, forgetting about the finger now. He was about to ask her where she was from when he realized that John had been talking to him.

"Eh...? Are you daft man? Didn't you just hear me call her Adeline, the name that means," he shuddered, thinking of how he had misnamed her, "Nobility and kindness. And yes, I did get this pokemon from Clay; if you mean that woman at the counter." He had said it rudely and bluntly, but he didn't notice; he hardly ever noticed the way he talked to people.

Adeline had padded up to Ashley when she had begun speaking to Kevin, and was now sniffing at the girl's shoes. She thought that this girl looked very strange indeed compared to her mother, and wondered why she smelled different than her mother, John, and Alex. She was too young to realize it, but her nose could differentiate between genders. She walked up to Kevin, who was now shaking John's hand.

"Pleased to meet you," Kevin said in a bored voice. It wasn't that he was bored, more like he was just so used to being introduced to people that he got easily tired of it. He noticed Adeline below him.

"Independent Ralts, eh? Well, mine seems to be quite independent herself," he said, eyeing the little puppy.

{Mommy* I wanna play! Play with me Mommy!} Adeline barked, jumping up and down a bit. She tugged at Kevin's slacks.

"Stop it! Do you know how much these pants cost?! Don't make me get a leash for you!" Kevin warned the Houndour, wagging his finger at her. Adeline stared for a moment at the finger, and Kevin nervously moved it away, remembering the nip from earlier.

{Play! Play!} Adeline continued, darting back and forth. Kevin suddenly figured out what she was trying to communicate. He recalled times when he would play fetch with his mother's pokemon, though they would never bother to bring the stick back unless he gave them something like a treat or special priviledge.

"Later," he said finally, thinking that this wasn't the time or place to play.

Adeline blinked for a moment, and then sat down on her bum, and stared up at the talking humans.

* When Adeline says "Mommy" she doesn't use regular pokespeak. She uses a system of barks that dog pokemon use to identify people close to them. Family members and close friends usually get a 'bark' that means their name. It's like a whole other language that most pokemon and people don't understand unless they have spent a good deal of time around them. For these terms/words, I will put them in bold italics. Just thought I'd explain that. ^-^

Alter Ego
December 1st, 2005, 1:12 PM
OOC: London is freezing cold? Out of curiosity, how cold is it over there anyway? It's been kind of wobbling between plus and minus around here, so first we get snow, but before it has time to freeze properly the temperature goes warmer again so that the snow starts to melt, but it doesn't have the time to do that properly either, because then the temperature gets cold again so that the part of the snow that melted freezes into a covering of ice instead. Real lovely to pass over, especially with a bike...that was the reason I had to give up going to school by bike again. -_- Been doing that even in late November too...*Grumbles* stupid weather...but really, that's no reason to hate all of life, Pete. Try to look at the bright side...well, I have no idea what the bright side is, but try looking at it anyway. XD

And Yibber, trying being crude to the Bubu clones. They might get depressed or something. XD


Ashley didn't know wether to laugh or cry at Kevin's childish outburst about his finger, finally deciding to do neither. "Not to worry." she said, shaking her head at the boy's speculation about the finger getting infected "Adeleine is still a newborn pup, there's no way she could have contracted any disease unless you passed it onto her, in which case it is a moot point since that would mean that you already have it, which you don't. Besides, fire scours, I doubt any bacteria could survive long in her mouth."

The girl listened with slight surprise to Kevin's polite greeting to Tessie, almost doubting her own ears and eyes until the point where the boy decided to acknowledge John's existence, reducing to his usual blunt and crude self. Although the boy performed this switch in such a fluent and natural manner that it was questionable wether he even acknowledged it himself. Besides, denial was an all too common factor in psychological problems.

Ashley snapped out of her musings for a moment as she noticed that Adeline had walked over to her, sniffing her shoes intently with a definite air of curiosity about her as she took in the girl's appearance. Ashley wasn't sure what the little Houndour found so peculiar exactly, but it apparently wasn't that important as the dog pokmon soon walked back over to Kevin, beginning to jump against the boy in an excited manner, clearly asking him to play. Kevin's first reaction, not really a surprise to Ashley anymore, was of course to think of his pants, and the boy was quick to scold his pokmon, although, Ashley noted with a hint of amusement, he was also quite quick to withdraw his finger to safety. Kevin soon seemed to catch onto the Houndour's drift however, giving the dog pokmon a vague promise of playing with her later, one of the few decisions that the boy had made which Ashley actually agreed with as The Bike was hardly the best place for playing fetch.

{Mmm...mama?} Kula murmured, stirring in her sleep due to all the commotion and blinking her bright blue eyes a few times as she adjusted them to the light before opening them altogether, smiling as she noticed that Ashley was indeed still very much there. {Mama!} the Snorunt repeated happily, immediately hugging the girl's waist.

"Kula?" Ashley asked, turning her attention to the ice type and returning her hug fairly quickly "You really should be sleeping still..." she noted as the Snorunt gave of a wide yawn, "Did all this commotion wake you?"

Kula nodded in a slightly sleepy manner, drowsily peering at her surroundings, even managing a slightly vacant smile at Adeline and even the Charmander she had found scary before. Rubbing her eyes a bit, the Snorunt soon perked up a little more, once again curious of her surroundings and not really feeling up for sleep at the moment.

Ashley shook her head, "Oh, stay up then..." she said at last, realizing that it would probably be pretty futile to try to get the Snorunt to sleep anyway "But once we get home you've got to promise that you'll go to sleep without any complaints as soon as I ask you to, allright?"

Kula nodded in response, smiling at her mother again before turning to watch the other pokmon in the room, Adeline in particular, with newfound interest, now feeling slightly more secure about the world, although still not courageous enough to actually venture anywhere away from Ashley's vicinity.

December 1st, 2005, 1:23 PM
OOC: No snow, just freezing cold. Oh well, there is a bright side somewhere. MARIO KART DS AT MY HOUSE IN ABOUT 3 OR 4 DAYS!! OMG!!!111oneone...

IC:John tickled Ring and returned to takling with Kevin.
"Her name's Adeline? Okay, then," said John. He put down Ring who immediatly looked at Adeline.
{Hi, I'm Ring. My best friend is John over there, and he makes such a fuss about me. I'm only about an hour or so old, but I've been in a battle," said Ring proudly, once again talking in people's heads. She giggled and then waddled over to John, motioning to pick her up. John did so, and she fell asleep again. John put her into the rucksack and looked back at Kevin.
"She looks energetic," siad John, commenting on Adeline.
He also acknowledged the introduction of Tessie, from some unknown girl, saying hi.
"Who's that?" asked John, motioning to the unknown girl who brought Tessie over.

Alter Ego
December 1st, 2005, 1:25 PM
OOC: Duude...you can't even write anaI nowadays. Sheez...does someone have a dirty mind or what? <_<

December 1st, 2005, 1:28 PM
OOC: What? Are you saying I can't write anaI? Do I have a dirty mind?
*shock horror*
What is anaI anyway?

EDIT: Oh, I get it. This is to do with all the editing things like you can't say ordinary words.

December 1st, 2005, 1:43 PM
{ooc| It's been about 4 degrees around here today, but it's been colder...
Ana|? *gasps* that is a rude word!
I'm annoyed, I can't write 'c0cked' anymore - that's the only word I can think of that suitably describes the ultra-cute way animals (and some people) tip their heads to one side when thinking or puzzled.}

"Adeline... Nice." Alex lied. He actually thought the name sounded quite pompous for a houndour, but it wasn't his place to say. He simply smilied. He preferred John's Ring; her name was short and sweet, just like the Ralts herself.

The charmander ****ed her head, and tugged on Alex's trouser leg.
The boy grinned at her. "We need to name you too, eh?" he thought for a moment, taking in her strange colouration. Alex had never been good with names; his tropiuses were all called Bob, Fred, Mungo, Hunka-Munka... stupid names. Naming his first pokemon would be quite a different matter. "I'll call you Sierra," he said eventually, "After the mountains you come from."

Alex's attention was jerked away from his pokemon by Kevin's fussing. The farm-boy wouldn't say boo to a goose, but Kevin was getting on his nerves. "Rabies doesn't exist in these richer regions any more, carefull importation laws have stamped it out." he said calmly, still smiling in that vacant way of his. "The only way that wound could harm you is if the mother had a degenarative blood virus, like we humans have HIV, then the pup would have it and you would catch it. However I doubt they'd allow a tainted Houndoom to reproduce, because the PAIHS - Prevention against illness in Houndooms Society - has induced strict rulesd to prohibit that, too." Alex told Kevin, still smiling despite the morbid conversation content. Apparently this young man listened in his Biology lessons.

Sierra yawned, and took several tenative steps away from Alex. Her eyes were on Kula and Adeline, a calculating look in those green orbs of hers. {Yo.} she dipped her head in a non-commited way, as if greeting these two properly was below her, {I'm...Sierra?} she glanced at her trainer. He still had a goofy expression plastered on his face. The charmander groaned in embarresment.

Alter Ego
December 1st, 2005, 2:18 PM
OOC: Is it a dirty word even if you use it in the word 'AnaIysis'? *Rolls eyes* Really Charon...what kind of filth did you think I was writing? XD

Oh, and Pete...I was just lamenting the draconian language censors we are stuck with for the moment, sorry if it sounded like I was accusing you. XD


Ashley blinked at Alex's explanation, finding herself quite impressed by the sheer amount of knowledge that the boy possessed on the subject. Biology had never really been Ashley's strong suit...all that tedious memorising, it just didn't suit her nature, she had always been more into things that demanded independent thought and reasoning rather than just rambling out a list of set facts, but it was still quite inspiring to listen to Alex's preaching, he really knew what he was talking about.

"Really?" was all that Ashley could manage, still slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things mentioned, "Wow, you really know your biology, don't you Alex?" she asked, smiling at the boy "Well, there you go Kevin." she added, "There's no way you'll get rabies." she turned back to watching the Charmander, having just heard Alex naming it.

"Sierra..." she repeated, attempting to match the name with the lizard pokmon in front of her "That's a nice name I think."

Kula focused her attention on the Charmander as it adressed her and Adeleine, feeling a slight sting of fear as she remembered the smoke that the lizard pokmon had been spewing previously but resisting the urge to cry and hide behind mama this time. Mama had always been so brave and friendly with everyone, and the Snorunt wanted nothing more than to be like her.

{Hi...} she said at last, her voice slightly uncertain as she waved in response to Sierra's nod {Kula is the name of I.} she took a brief pause, her light blue eyes watching the Charmander intensely before she spoke up again {Why did you spew smoke at your mama?} she asked at last, a slightly accusing edge in her voice {The mamas are big and strong and smart and looking out for us, why did you try to hurt yours?}

December 1st, 2005, 3:53 PM
Heh..it never snows here,yup,I'm living too close to the equator.-_-
Never saw real snow in my whole short life.XD
Anyway,I probably couldn't take the snow,catch a cold everytime I go out of the country.XD

Bah!All siding the Bubu clones I see,let Yibber point out what they have done to her-
Chewed her hair
Provoked her Pokemon into destroying her house
Attacked her in a magic fishytank.
Glomped her to death
Come after her multiple times just because she was voicing out her opinion tha Plushie should be overthrown and....oh no.

Don't think just cause my neurons have not fully developed,and I don't think as much as you dudes that I don't keep score,because I do!!!!>_<

"I'm Jinger,"the girl said simply as John introduced himself and his own baby pokemon,Ring.Saying that the Ralts was rather the independant sort of pokemon,Jinger took a glance at the sleeping Feebas in her arms,cuddling it before turning back to the group.

Kevin said something about him having rabies because of Adeline's bite,though Alex quickly answered that by telling him a series of words which Jinger only had a quarter of her mind to pay attention to.

Now,Kevin had taken to scolding Adeline as the Houndour pulled on his pants.Before realising that she only wanted to play,but still,he told the Houndour 'later'.

The girl shrugged as Alex named his Charmander,Sierra.Jinger couldn't care less.

Random Plushie
December 1st, 2005, 8:21 PM

Ah, I guess the Bubu clones will never amount to the original, that much is true. But anyways, they are supposed to chew hair, provoke Pokemon, go after, attack, and glomp rebels, Yibber! It's in their programming. Yes'm, they're robot clones. XD

Although.. I say.. It would be in your best interest to keep on my good side, eh Yibber? XD

By the way, I have a concert tomorrow. Can't post 'till a lot later than I usually do. Just a heads up. ^^


Tessie nodded slightly to those who had acknowleged her, then fell into silence as the conversation drew on. From Ashley and Alex' information on rabies, to Sierra getting named, she did not comment, although from the expression on her face you could tell she was listening intently. But since she thought it'd be a good idea to speak, considering Jinger would tell her to until she did, she decided to do so, commenting on the newly named Charmander.

"Sierra.." She whispered. "..I like that name. Just the sound of it, really nice, you know?" She muttered, looking down at her Seviper, then back up, falling into silence once more.

Every so often, as she took in information, she would absent-mindedly stroke Chako, who seemed to be calming down from his threatening acts towards Jinger from before. In fact..

How can these big guys be so calm? Chako thought to himself. There's badies and meanies everywhere! You gotta be ready! He continued. And yet.. These big humans, along with their Pokemon, seemed so relaxed, just talking like that, except for those few conspiquous incidents, like Kevin's reaction when Adeline had nipped him.

That's when a new thought dawned on him.

Are these big guys mother's.. Um, clan? Not trying to hurt mother? He thought, suddenly feeling guilt for the first time in his short life. Guilt for being so rash towards Jinger. He settled slowly, closer towards the ground, pondering these new thoughts, the only thing to look at being the other Pokemon on the ground.

December 1st, 2005, 9:19 PM
I am not a rebel!!
I'm an individual.^^


"Right...so...what're we supposed to do now?"Jinger asked,it was getting way too boring in 'The Bike',now that the Franticshippers were gone.(XD)
As she let out a yawn,the Feebas in her arms proceeded to rub her eyes with both fins,letting out a yawn before staring up to her mother.
{Hello,momma!!}she smiled,glad that her mother hadn't changed a bit since her nap.
"Oh..you're awake now,aren't you Beauhin?Had I nice nap I suppose."Jinger gave the Feebas a quick cuddle before returning to carrying it in her arms.Beauhin gave a quick nod,before turning to the tall girl and her Seviper.

{Who're ya?}she asked,before turning to Sierra.

{And,who're ya??}then,the Feebas turned to Adeline's barking.

{How many ar' there?!}Beauhin wailed.

Random Plushie
December 1st, 2005, 9:52 PM
Tessie didn't bother to answer Jinger's question. She didn't know the answer, so why should she say anything? She concluded to communicate her thoughts in some way, though, responding to Jinger at last with a simple shrug, saying nothing.

Meanwhile, Chako peered up at Beauhin from his spot on the ground.

{..Ch-Chako.} He replied, stuttering over it, seeing as how it was the first time he had ever said something, not counting hissing or growling. He didn't bother to answer her final question, however, concluding that the Feebas was too caught up in the moment to recieve his answer.

December 1st, 2005, 10:54 PM
OOC: No offece taken Alter.

IC: John turned to Alex.
"Sierra's a nice name. Haven't heard it before," he said, commenting on Alex's Charmander.
He checked the backpack, but Ring was still in her unmovable sleep.
"Do Ralts usually do this?" asked John to the general crowd. He wasn't that knowlageable about pokemon, "I mean, go to sleep every ten minutes?"
While he waited for an answer, he quickly scanned the club. He knew everyones names, Jinger, who he knew last, Ashley, Alex, Tessie, and Kevin. And the pokemon? Sierra, Kula, Adeline...He didn't know the rest.

December 2nd, 2005, 12:48 AM
Wait...Melissi asked me to use the Ludicolos for protection from the evil/scary Bubu clones.
Gah!!!Woman,do you think that if the Ludicolos liked me,they'd squish the life out of me every waking moment they can find?!XD
Anyway,I can't say I like the Ludicolos.All thanks to Wallace in my Emerald Game.
So...many...Double Team...o-O

"Bah,all babies are like that."Jinger told John.

"They like to sleep cause they don't have as much energy as us..."the girl shrugged,wondering why she even bothered to remember that piece of information.

{Chako!Okay!I'm Beauhin,yep!!}the Feebas turned back to the Seviper as he introduced himself.

"Oh,I don't think I've introduced you to my cute baby."Jinger held Beauhin infront of John's face.

"Her name's Beauhin,and she's the prettiest Feebas ever,yes she is!"the girl tickled her Feebas as she commented.Beauhin chuckled,hugging her mother.

Random Plushie
December 2nd, 2005, 7:38 AM

Dang, I wish I could actually type something now but 'tis hectic this morning.. -_-

Well, see y'all much later!

Alter Ego
December 2nd, 2005, 7:56 AM
OOC: Pfft...having a hard time RPing right now for some reason. But Yibber, first of all, Alex was the one who came up with the name 'Sierra', not Ashley (XD), secondly, there ain't any more smoke coming from Sierra, that happened a good while back, so I doubt Beauhnin would have any somke to cough at. Oh, and Pete...are we allowed to get more pokmon later on in the RP, and decide which ones? Because I've got this one pokmon in mind, Ashley wouldn't get him in a good while yet, but I'd like to make a little foreshadowing thingie for him while I still have it all clearly in mind.



Ashley took a moment of silence at Jinger's question as she attempted to phrase up a proper answer, "There are plenty of things..." she said at last, shaking her head, "First of all, we've got to sort things out on the homefront. Now I'm not sure how your folks would react, but I do know that auntie Maria is going to have a Miltank when she hears that I've got myself involved in something like this." she cast a slightly guilty glance at the floor, "She...sort of told me not to get involved with the teams in any way. But I've got to help, right?" she asked, looking to the others for support.

"Erm...she's right." Ashley commented at Jinger's reply, shrugging "She's not even a day old yet, it's only natural for her to need her sleep."

Meanwhile, Kula had been watching Chako intently, finally coming to a decision which seemed exciting and scary at the same time.

{Mama...} the Snorunt said at last, gently nudging Ashley by the arm, {Mama, Kula wants down for a moment.}

"Hmm?" the girl asked, immediately breaking out of what she had been doing as she noticed that the ice type had something to say, "Is something wrong, my sweet?"

{Down...} Kula repeated simply, nudging her head towards the floor.

"You...want to try walking on your own?" the girl asked, quite surprised considering how timid the Snorunt had been just a moment before "Are you sure, Kula?"

A flicker of doubt passed across Kula's face at the question, but she soon put on as determined an expression as she could manage, nodding to Ashley.

"Well allright..." the girl replied, bending down and carefully placing the Snorunt next to her on the floor, "Whenever you want back up, just give me a nudge." Ashley said, trying to turn her attention back to what she had been doing previously but finding it very difficult, her eyes constantly flicking back to the little ice type just to make sure that she was still allright.

For a moment, Kula simply stood there on the floor, awed by how much larger and scarier everything looked from there and briefly considering asking mama to pick her up. {No...} she muttered quietly for herself, gathering up her courage {Kula gots to be brave like mama...Kula brave...}

With that, the Snorunt slowly lifted the right one of her stubby little feet, stumbling slightly as she attempted to regain her balance, and taking several extremely tottering steps around the floor before she began to get the hang of how these little limbs of hers worked, finally managing an only slightly wobbly walk over to Chako.

{Umm...hi...} the Snorunt said, feeling very shy in the snake pokmon's presence. He was big...well, at least by Kula's standards, although he had sounded nice and not at all scary like Sierra or Adeline {Kula is the name of I...nice to meet you, it is.} the Snorunt became silent again, not quite sure on how to proceed but not wanting to back down just yet.

December 2nd, 2005, 8:27 AM
{ooc| Gah, my friends are coming over in just under an hour, and I've got soooo much to do! *wails*}

{He's not big and strong,} the charmander retorted, her fierce green eyes locking on Kula, {he's skinny and speaks funny. My Mother was definetly bigger. She didn't sound like a strangled rat, either.} she frowned, and flicked her tail from side to side. Sierra was beginning to feel irritable; she was certain there was something unnatural about this, because how could such a light coloured, hairy biped be her mother? She remembered a deep, grating, warming voice, heavy hands, and firey warmth when she had been inside the egg - that couldn't have been Alex.
She waved at Chako, smiling brightly. {Nice to meet you!}

Alex watched his lizard, a pained expression on his face. He had no idea what she was saying, but he guessed it was bad. Tropiuses were easy to please, a tickle under the chin and a pat on the rump had one their favour. Alex sighed.
"Yeah, well, Charizards live in mountains, right? Sierras are the jagged ridges." he told John.
"Biology is very important is you want to have a successful herd of tropiuses, they can get all sorts of diseases and pass it on easily. Though... they do make the best banannas..."

December 2nd, 2005, 10:27 AM
OOC: Oh... my mistake Yibber. Perhaps you could clone some Feebas then? Perhaps some other pokemon? I'm not sure what could possibly be effective against the Bubu clones.

By the way, I've discovered how fun it is to say "Bubu". Bubu. Bubu. Bubu. Bubu! ^-^

And the way the filter blocked out Charon's "****ed", it could mean several things. /dirty mind of Melissa. XD

Darn... I just realized I have to think up pokemon to catch in this RP! o.o *gets thinkin'*



"Huh... is that so? Well then, I guess I can stop my worrying about the enormous gash on my finger," Kevin said, still looking over his practically non-existant wound.

Adeline was happy to see the other pokemon moving about. She thought them all very interesting and unusual. They looked nothing like she and her mother; or her mother's friends. Adeline still hadn't figured out the fact that she was a pokemon-- a completely different species than her "mother".

{Hello! I am Adeline! Wanna play?! Even though Mommy says no, I wanna play!} she piped up, a look of defiance in her expression. She didn't particularly want to listen to Kevin; where was the fun in that?

Fuuu... apologies for the shortness... I have to go practice though for a presentation in my Speech class. ^^; It's getting closer to finals... I have so much studying this weekend I think my head shall explode. @[email protected]

December 2nd, 2005, 10:40 AM
OOC: I've gotten very angry recently in my house. But Rping is always good!<3
Alter, we can get them later on, but we'd first have to get out of the Bike. Which is precisely what I'm doing in my next two or three posts.

IC: "Mmm, Bananas," mumbled John, "They're my favourite fruit. Though I don't get them very often in Barrel. Not much choice for food."
Ring, still sleeping, yawned and rubbed her stomach in John's backpack. John laughed.
"Guess I'll have to feed you too! Anyway if we all got these pokemon from Clay, are we supposed to go anywhere? Only because all we've done is talk generally. I swear she said something about taking down the gangs. Except thats impossibly hard. No-one's ever even come close. Two grunts from..." He thought hard to remember their uniforms, "Axle ambushed me earlier. They almost knew I had Ring. Maybe they have things that sense pokemon."
He finished his speech and waited for other people's opininions.

Alter Ego
December 2nd, 2005, 11:15 AM
OOC: That's what I said...she will get it later on, I just wanted to write a kind of introductory/background post for the pokmon already. Hey, Ashley just got Kula after all, don't worry, I'm not into rushing the party gathering procedure. But if it's such a big deal then sure, the pokmon's first appearance, located in a completely different place than the characters, shall take place after they exit the Bike.

Oh, and on the subject of cloned pokmon....well, okay, not really cloned, but anyways; I used to have a whole box full of Feebas in my old Emerald game. I swear, it took me forever to breed out one with a suitable nature. They've all got Dragonbreath too, so they could defend thy honour Yibber. XD

And Melissa...that dirty mind of yours...I believe that we have both arrived at exactly the same interpretation of that word. XD


As Kevin broke of into yet another lament over the barely existant scratch on his finger, Ashley felt her temper boiling, her voice taking on a note so silky that anyone with the least sense of self-preservation would take the hint and back off.

"Enormous gash, you say?" she asked, eyeing the diminutive mark on Kevin's finger for a moment, "Then what, might I ask, would you call this?"

She suddenly pulled up the right sleeve of her jacket, revealing a large scar running down from somewhere beneath the sleeve of her t-shirt to about halfway down her arm, a vicious looking mark to say the least.

"This..." she said in the same silky voice, bringing up the scar for Kevin to inspect "...is a gash, a particularly large Mightyena with an aggression complex left that on me last year. But if you are still so concerned about that little scratch of yours then do as I already suggested. Stick it in ice to numb it and then put a piece of bandage around it or something."

Ashley turned around, pulling the sleeve of her jacket back down so as to not scare Kula with the mark, and ignored the boy and his whining for a moment, attempting to collect her thoughts. How was she going to break this to auntie Maria? Or if she wasn't, how was she going to hide this from her? And on the subject of hidden things...had it really been such a smart move to reveal her scar? People were more or less bound to comment on it, and the girl had grown pretty tired of the standard pittying phrases that she got. The scar didn't hurt her anymore, just as long as she didn't over-excert the arm, so she really wished that people wouldn't fuss over it.

Hoping to divert attention from what she had just shown, Ashley was quick to comment on John's thoughts;

"I know..." she said, "She said that we are to take down all four of the teams in this city, but I doubt we're up for it just yet..." she cast a glance at Kula, who was still trying to grasp the concept of walking straight, and the other baby pokmon, each with their own concerns "I mean, our pokmon are still just hatchlings, we've either got to find some way to make them grow or find other pokmon who are capable of fighting. But you mentioned being assaulted?" she asked frowning, "So...I suppose Ring could fight, but I'm not sure that my little sweetie is up for it just yet." she cast another glance at Kula, "Or...maybe I just don't want her to be." she added, sighing, "But if they've got sensors that can find pokmon then we'd better be carefull." she took a pause, biting her lip, "We need to find ourselves some kind of gathering place." she said at last, "Somewhere where we can meet up without drawing too much attention. Maybe even a hideout of some sort, just in case things get ugly? Any ideas?" she cast a glance about the group, hoping that someone would have something usefull to come with.

{Oh, hi.} Kula said, turning to Adeline, as Chako clearly didn't seem to be quite ready to answer just yet, and noting with a measure of relief that the Houndour didn't sound as scary as she looked, {Play?} she asked curiously, {Playing sounds fun...but maybe Kula should ask mama first?} she cast a quick glance at Ashley, {Kula would not like to worry the mama she loves so very much.}

December 2nd, 2005, 5:55 PM
Niah..*edits post*
Now,tis' proven tha Pixelart does numb my brain.XD

Anyway,many thanks for the offer,Titan,with Feebas by my side,nuthin' can go wrong.Though,it be best not to underestimate Plushie,yes?^^

And,for some reason,Ashley's scar reminds me of something,but I can't place my Feebas on it,and I suddenly have an urge to cry.....*sniffle*

Jinger didn't really pay attention to whatever was taking place around her.She held Beauhin in her arms,having a glazed look in her eyes.As if she was thinking about something....
The girl's hand immediately shot up and grabbed the beret on her head,making sure it was there.

{Adeline?Sure!I'll plaw wif' ya!}Beauhin grinned,though taken by surprise of her mother's sudden movement.The Feebas poked her mother with one fin,trying to get her attention.

"Huh...what??Oh!Beauhin,yes?"Jinger rubbed her head with her free hand before smiling to the Feebas in her arms.

{I wanna play Momma!}she told her,immediately jumping out of the girl's hands.
"Gah!!Beauhin!!Stop being so rash!!"Jinger called out in shock,catching the Feebas before any 'splat' sound could be heard,and carefully placed her on the floor.
"Don't run off now,you hear?"the girl wagged her finger at the Feebas,who nodded before bouncing over to Adeline and Kula.

{Ya' said somethin' bou' playing??I'm game!}Beauhin had gotten used to walking around,probably because she didn't have any legs to walk with.

Jinger stared at Ashley's scar,trying to make heads or Feebas on how a girl could have such a gash on her arm.As she explained that it was because of a Mightyena,Jinger still couldn't help but feel that Ashley was awfully brave.

"Doesn't that hurt?I mean..the scar?"she walked up to the girl,who seemed to be unsure whether she should have let her Snorunt onto the floor.Not thinking whatsoever that maybe Ashley didn't feel like talking about it,since she quickly changed to conversation to answer John's question.But,Jinger wasn't the type to think either way,so....

Random Plushie
December 2nd, 2005, 11:51 PM

13 hours.

Rehearsing. Just rehearsing. Plus lunch and dinner. And two concerts.

..I'm tired. XD

Anyways, Yibber must be reminded of Cid, yes?

Oh, and the Bubu clone thing. Yeah, it isn't wise to underestimate them. XD


Tessie, who had been taken aback by Ashley's scar, now lost all interest in it when she realized that she basically had no where to go. As she widened her eyes with realization, many thoughts ran through her head.

One, going home meant dire punishment from her mother, because apparently it was 'much too dangerous for a young woman to be wandering about'. Not to mention the fact that she now had Chako, and bringing him home meant that her mother would instantly get rid of him for fear that her daughter would get involved with battling.

Two, she barely had enough money on her for a cheap room at a cheap hotel for only one night. How could she make do with that?

Three, she hardly knew these people yet. How could she possibly ask one of them if they had room at their places?

Then suddenly, a new thought dawned on her.

"When it comes to hideouts, I think I have a good idea." Tessie piped up, excited because she had found a solution with a double meaning. She paused for a bit before continuing. "There's this old abandoned vehicle repair shop near the outskirts of the East part of the city. Actually, it's only about a hundred yards from the city limits.. The sign is really faded, but you can make out the word 'Dexter's'. Perhaps that could be a hideout?" She asked.

The truth was, she had often visited that place with Laka. Before the city's troubled times. Just to get away from what she considered her social problems. You know, it was like her Secret Base. She had even furnished it a bit. But ever since the Teams really took over, she got to visit the place less and less because of the spike in danger.

Maybe now it could be her new home.. And a hideout for their new group as well.

Meanwhile, Chako had been staring intently at Kula, tongue flicking in and out of his mouth quickly while he took in her scent. When she had become tired of waiting for a response, turning to Adeline when the Houndour mentioned playing, the Seviper had almost followed, but decided against it when still more Pokemon wished to join Adeline in play.

{Nice to.. Meet you..} He whispered, his snaky voice taking on a natural, yet soft hiss. He continued observing the gathered Pokemon intently now, more than ever, drawing closer inch by inch as he became more interested in their activities.

{Mother named me.. Chako.} He whispered again, suddenly becoming much like his Trainer in a sense.


I felt the need to make Tessie live in some sort of Secret Base. XD

Ish it otay if that's like the hideout as well?

December 3rd, 2005, 12:03 AM
OOC: Jeez, I only got about 6 hours sleep last night. 1:30-7:30

IC: "Ouch. That's a nasty scar," said John, watching the gash on Ashley's arm, "And even though we were assualted, Ring's not a fighter. Some really quick pokemon came out of nowhere and took one of their pokemon down. Then Ring seemed to like,...learn something and be able to hurt the other pokemon. Also I think the other pokemon did not like Ring's attack, because he kinda freaked out before it hit."
John finished his lengthly answer to Ashley's question, then concetrated on her gash.
"Where did you get that thing treated? Not in Barrel, by any chance? Only because if you did you'd be dead." commented John.
He turned to Tessie.
"Huh, a hideout. Sounds like a good place. Shall we go check it out?" replied John to her question, "You'd better come too, we don't know the way."

OOC: Dexter's. Reminds me of a resturaunt chain named Dexter's grill.

Random Plushie
December 3rd, 2005, 12:11 AM

Oh.. I think you missed Plushie's post.. XD

December 3rd, 2005, 12:30 AM
OOC: AAAGH KUPO!!!!! Uhhuh I'll edit it.

EDIT-Who are the bubu clones?

December 3rd, 2005, 12:36 AM
Alex flinched noticeably, as Ashley bared the scar for all to see. He only untensed when it was put awya, hidden away beneath a sleeve. "That looks nasty. it seems to be healing well, though, lots of mightyena wounds fester because of the bacteria that live in their mouths."
He nodded at Tessie. "Yeah, that's a good idea. We need somewhere we can practise battling and level up without being distrubed, a hotel room do now good. I was sort of planning to camp out, but I doubt you guys have got water-proof-ultra-thin-uber-insulated-sleeping-bags with you."

Sierra cheered. {Yay, play!} and she tackled Chako playfully, chewing on the seviper's tail. {Play!} she told Adeline, Beauhin and Kula, and wagged her tail so much is began to smoke again.

December 3rd, 2005, 12:43 AM
Ain't 6 hours of sleep enough for Pete?o.O

Anyway,today during Badminton Practice,like,I kept reminding the coach to let us do push-ups at the end of the class.
Bleh,and,like,I was the only one who wanted to do push-ups,the rest pleaded with her till she said that this week we wouldn't need to do the push-ups.

"Mightyena wounds..what?"Jinger really didn't know that such things could happen,just because of a bite.But,the girl immediately shook it off before turning to the girl next to her.
"I guess I'm with Tessie."Jinger sighed,making sure that Beauhin was alright every now and then,wondering how the little Feebas managed so easily.Anywhere was better than this old club,it was very boring.

"How far is it again?Oooh,how I hate walking."the girl asked,sulking as she remembered Tessie state the Secret Base be at the outskirts at the East of the city.She hoped that it wouldn't be too far.

{Tha's playin'?}Beauhin asked Sierra as she proceeded to tackle Chako and smoke started forming again.The Feebas coughed slightly,before looking up.

Why'd you hafta go and remind Yibber..*sniffle*
Now she was to wash her brain out with soap.-_-
(Which really isn't that hard,since it ain't tha big either way.XD)

December 3rd, 2005, 12:49 AM
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Alter Ego
December 3rd, 2005, 12:52 AM
Ashley sighed inwardly as questions and comments about her scar broke out all around, just like she had feared them to. She did her best not to show her frustration about it outwardly though, after all, they were just showing honest concern and she really didn't want to hurt their feelings. And anyway, she told herself, the important part was that they had bought the Mightyena explanation without any objections.

"No, it's fine..." she replied to Jinger's question, "Just as long as I don't put too much pressure on the arm I barely notice that the scar is there. And no, it wasn't treated in Barrel City..." she replied to John's question, "It was some local herbal medicinist in the Jagged Pass who treated it for me." the girl grimaced at Alex's comment, "I guess he really knew his stuff." she added, "Because once a real doctor got to see it he said exactly the same thing as you did. But really, it's not such a big deal. We've got more important things to worry about, don't we?" she asked, attempting a quick change of subject before she got too...involved in it. It's not such a big deal... she repeated in her mind, turning around for a moment as she felt her eyes growing slightly teary, It wasn't such a big deal for me...I only got a scar... she gritted her teeth for a moment, forcing of her melancholy thoughts before returning to the conversation, her expression more or less normal.

She turned to Tessie, smiling at the girl's suggestion. "Oh, that's a great idea." she said, nodding, "I live in the East Quarter too, so it should be a fairly quick walk from there." she took a pause, "Umm...Tessie." she added in a slightly more uncertain manner, "Would it...be okay if I kind of lived over there? Like I said, auntie Maria doesn't want me to get involved with these teams in any way...and if she finds out, she might even take Kula away from me..." the girl shuddered at the thought, feeling a strong urge to pick the Snorunt back up and hug her just to make sure that she was still there. But Kula seemed to be doing unusually well with her new friends and she really didn't want to break that mood.

{Oh, it is nice for little Kula to meet you too Chako.} Kula replied happily, turning around to adress the Seviper who had finally spoken up {You want to play too?}

The Snorunt leapt back in shock as Sierra tackled Chako and began chewing on his tail, the ice types blue eyes narrowing. {Stop!} she cried out in panic {You is hurting him!}

December 3rd, 2005, 1:02 AM
Alex nodded. "Maybe I could kip there too? In...a seperate room, of course." he added quickly, before anyone yelled Baka Hentai! and branded him as a pervert. "I live in fortree and that's a two or three hour flight from here. Plus... I came to Barrel city to get away fromt he tropiuses and chores, not to go straight back there once things get tough."

Sierra tilted her head to one side. {But... I was just playing...} she said, in a hurt voice. {Don't you want to play too?}

Alex sniffed, smelling smoke. He glanced down, only to see his Charmander half-mauling Tessie's Seviper.
"Sierra, get off!" he shouted at her, and the lizerd leapt away, shocked at how fierce her 'Mama' now sounded.
"Play gentler, you're bigger than them!" he warned her.
The charmander watched him carefully, not quite understanding his language.

December 3rd, 2005, 1:04 AM
Almost as tasty as cheese and clams.

"Oh..okay."Jinger nodded as Ashley explained that the gash didn't hurt much.Though...really,could a Mightyena have done so much.The girl remembered that one of the jerks,or...her brothers for those who didn't live with her,had gotten bitten before,as her father's colleagues had brought one over.It wasn't as serious as Ashley's,though,and the wound healed soon after.Bah,what did she know about these things anyway?She had probably forgotten,it was a long time ago.The girl instinctivly reached for her beret again.

"Oh!May I stay there as well??Mother and Father wouldn't like it if I go home."the girl nodded as Ashley asked Tessie whether she could bunk at the Secret Bas.Jinger still remembered the scene of her running out of the house very clearly,very clearly indeed.It was better sleeping in a old base,rather then going back to face her parents.Or was it?

{Oooh,I don like dis type of fun.}Beauhin covered her face with one fin.

Alter Ego
December 3rd, 2005, 1:17 AM
OOC: *Sigh* Physics lessons call again. ;__; Will see y'all once I get back.

December 3rd, 2005, 1:29 AM
Niah,need ta set up the Christmas tree.
And,we shouldn't go too far,poor Plushie.XD

December 3rd, 2005, 1:48 AM
John looked round at everyone. Seemed like they all except Kevin wanted to go.
"OK, then. Well, I'll have to kip there too. Seeing as my mom would never let me back into the house if she knew what we were doing," said John. Ring, having slept for a while woke up again.
{Hey, are we still here? I'm bored,} she moaned, so John sat her down on the floor. She waddled over to where Kula, and Sierra were chatting to another pokemon, or so it seemed.
{Hi, who are you? I'm Ring!} she asked the other pokemon(Chako), {Are we playing? I want to play too!} Ring had gotten a lot more hyper.
"OK, if we have all this, do we have a leader? I mean, one besides Clay. I guess we should vote," continued John, "Me I vote..." He looked around, studying them all. He decide on one of them, "Ashley. Everyone else?"

OOC: I cannot see Kula growing up and becoming a glalie. Too freaky.

December 3rd, 2005, 1:56 AM
*tries to imagine Kula as a Glalie*
Ouch,my head...X_X

{I'm Beauhin,nice ta meet ya'...Ring!}the Feebas nodded as the Ralts walked up to them.Glad that Sierra had let go of poor Chako.
{Playin' looks painfull ta me...}Beauhin cautiously took a few steps back.

"A Leader?Bah!I'm the best vote!Look at how cute I am!"Jinger proudly stated,ignoring Pete voting for Ashley.
"But,yeah,I don't like the pressure,could never handle it anyway.Ashley also looks like she knows her stuff..so...yeah,Ashley I guess."she quickly continued,scared that the rest would actually vote for her.

Random Plushie
December 3rd, 2005, 6:55 AM

Sowwy I fell asleep.. I was so tired.. XD

Anyways. I can't really imagine Sierra biting into that sword-like edge.. You know, where poison oozes out? XD

Ooh! Unless of course she bit his skin. XD


Tessie tilted her head as the conversation drew on. One would say that it was one of the few times she felt like talking. She waited for the majority of the group to voice their opinions about it until she spoke up herself.

"To tell the truth, you guys, I planned to stay there myself.. Let's just say my mother isn't too keen on Pokemon battling, and this would make it a lot worse because she hates getting involved with the Teams as well. So, um.. Anyways.. Yeah, you guys can stay there too. There's more than enough empty rooms there, and I'm sure we can find some kinds of beds."

She stopped there when she noticed that Sierra had announced she wanted to play, instantly tackling Chako, proceeding the assault by biting his tail.

The Seviper hissed in pain, but mostly only when she had bitten down on his tail. Compared to the Tackle, it hadn't hurt nearly as much. As he recoiled, attempting to shake the Charmander off, Alex had noticed this and called Sierra off, effectively scolding her even though she didn't seem to understand.

"Oh! Chako, you okay?" Tessie managed to ask, basically concerned that the Seviper was critically injured. (XD)

{Yes...} Chako hissed, this time very softly, as he slithered back into his original position, tongue flicking in and out. His expression seemed to be a bit agitated, although for now it seemed like he wasn't doing anything..

December 3rd, 2005, 7:59 AM
OOC: *dies* XD Okay, yeah... much stuff is happening here. Anyway, I'm all caught up now. However, I won't be on again until a little later, I have ta' go watch Yugioh and eat some waffles (fweee! waffles are so yummy! I have them every weekend! XD).


After Ashley had brandished her large scar, Kevin had felt the need to do something he never had before-- to shut up. In his family, he had never seen anything as impressive as that. His family was too pampered, too rich to have a scar like that.

Adeline was confused by Kula's fright. {But... that IS playing! It doesn't hurt if you do it right!} she said, rolling around on the ground. {You can roll around with me though if you'd like. It's also fun to do!} she added, not really wantning to grapple with the others at the moment.

As the conversation turned to where to go, Kevin sort of lost interest; this wasn't something he really cared about, he just wanted to get out of this boring place. He nodded after everyone else said their piece about going to this hideout, and who should be leader.

"A leader? I don't think you would do well at all Jinger," he said quite confidently, "I would take it up myself, but I think perhaps you have made the best decision. However I do hope you will come to me Ashley when deciding things; I am, after all, obviously the most cultured of this group. Perhaps you are wondering why I am not taking up the post of leader-- shocked perhaps. Well, it's because I have come out into the world to experience it as my parents would never have me experience it; and my parents would always want me to be the leader, so... there you go!"

This was not the real reason though. There was something more to his decision than that....

He leaned over to Ashley, "Congratulations on your nomination and win! Not to change the subject or anything, but you know, I think...," he paused, choosing his words carefully, "I think your scar is wonderful! After all, it's the sign that you've endured a tough battle, and come out a wiser person." He was trying to give a compliment, as he truly did admire Ashley's scar. It had come out a bit awkwardly though; he was not used to giving them.

Some might have wondered why Kevin would not be jealous of another having a better scar than him. Well, one cannot be jealous when one already believes himself to be the best no matter what.

Random Plushie
December 3rd, 2005, 8:14 AM

Okay, you go have your waffles, and I'll go get.. I dunno, pizza or something. XD

I know, I never eat healthy on weekends. XD


"Oh yes.. Voting on a leader. Well, I do agree that Ashley seems to be the best choice. I don't really care what happens, though." Tessie said, shrugging. "But, um.. Are we all ready to leave yet? Or are we still discussing things?" She asked.

{Well then..} Chako hissed, directing his voice towards Adeline. {I guess that wasn't playing 'right', because that hurt. A lot.} He said, restraining himself from attacking Sierra back right then and there.. Although he supposed she had meant to only play..

Why did it have to be so confusing?

December 3rd, 2005, 8:24 AM
{ooc| Sierra bit the fleshy bit. xD}

Sierra's eyes grew strangely big and worried. {But... I didn't mean to hurt you...} she told the others, her voice little more than a murmur. The charmander sat on the floor, feeling dejected. She had an awfull urge to spar, but no one else seemed interested; in fact, almost everyone seemed to frown on this 'game'.

Alex blinked. "Surely we don't need a leader?" he looked to the others for support. "I mean... We can have a...democracy, right?" he didn't like the idea of being told what to do, because Ashley was a girl and most girls were stupid. The only clever women he knew were his grandmother and her friends. Ashley didn't have nearly enough wrinkles to be intelligent yet.

Random Plushie
December 3rd, 2005, 8:29 AM

Alex is the reason we have segregation today.. XD

Nah, Plushie ish kidding. XD


"Well, I really don't see what's wrong with having a leader.. Wouldn't Ashley make a good leader..?" Tessie asked softly, turning to Alex when she had addressed him, falling silent as she waited for a response.

{Hmm, is that an apology I smell?} Chako said, inching closer to Sierra, tongue still flicking in and out. Maybe if she said she was sorry, he would leave her be..


Shortness.. It.. It burns..

December 3rd, 2005, 8:36 AM
{ooc| lmao, plush. Alex is also the reason Yorkie bars exist... *English Joke'd* ho ho ho. It's a type of confectionary that says 'not for girls' on the front.}

{Yes...I'm very sorry...} Sierra apologised, but through gritted teeth. Fighting seemed like the right thing to do, was she a bad person for following her insticts? pish posh, apparently so. She dipped her head anyway, and made a big show of being sad.

"Well..." Alex began to stutter, now finding himself face-to-face with Tessie... who was also a rather pretty young lady. "It's not because Ashley's a girl, um, but..." he trailed off for a moment. "Surely we'll need everyone's opinions and knowledge if we want to help barrel city? We can't leave the decisions in one person's hands, it's just not cricket."

Random Plushie
December 3rd, 2005, 8:47 AM

Awesome, I'd totally eat one anyway. XD


"Well, I guess that makes sense, too.." Tessie trailed off, torn between choosing one leader or going for Alex' 'democracy'. Although she couldn't help but feel that that wasn't the real reason Alex didn't want to have one leader..

{Thankies berry much.} Chako said, nodding firmly. {Your apology is.. Erm.. I think the word ish accepted.} The Seviper concluded, pondering where he had heard the word before. He hadn't heard it since he had hatched.. Perhaps sometime while he was in there?

Now in silent thought, he retreated back to Tessie's side, where he instantly began to observe everything again.

Alter Ego
December 3rd, 2005, 9:16 AM
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Ashley didn't have time to voice her own opinion on the leadership issue before John, Jinger, Tessie, and, much to her surprise, Kevin had all nominated and elected her to be the leader of their haphazard little group, a decision which left the girl with rather mixed emotions. On one hand, she had never been very fond of bossing people about or making decisions about others, but at the same time, it was rather flattering to recieve so much support from them and she wanted to do something to repay their trust.

The girl grinned wryly at the comment Kevin delivered with his vote, "I'll keep that in mind." she replied, although she was still somewhat uncertain about the boy's true motives. Based on what Ashley had learned about the boy so far, she found the thought of him giving up on any position of power, no matter how trivial, to be peculiar at the very least, and she couldn't help thinking that there was some other factor behind his decision which she wasn't aware of. Her suspicions were soon confirmed, as Kevin leant over to tell her something in a slightly more hushed voice so that the others wouldn't hear. Again, it wasn't at all what the girl had expected, there was no bitterness in his words about him not being chosen for leader, nor any nasty side-remarks or attempts of getting a special position, but instead he congratulated her...and what's more, actually did something which Ashley would have deemed him almost incapable of; he complimented her on her scar.

My scar...beautiful? she echoed in her mind, Now there's a first... Regardless of how strange they sounded, it was obvious that Kevin's words were sincere, and that he admired Ashley's scar, perhaps even respected her a bit for it. No doubt the boy had never seen anything like that considering the luxurious environment that he had undoubtedly spent his whole life in. To him, it was probably a testament of having faced hard things in life but still triumphed over them, the real life, outside mommy's and daddy's home and pampering. Nonetheless, Ashley found it strangely touching to recieve a compliment from such an unexpected source.

"Thank you." she whispered in response, smiling at the boy for the very first time before turning her attention to the topic being discussed; mainly, Alex's reservations towards having a leader at all. Although listening to the boy's words, Ashley couldn't help thinking that it wasn't as much the concept of a leader that the boy was opposed to as the concept of that leader being a girl.

"Oh, don't worry." she replied, smiling a bit, "Of course I'll listen to everyone's opinions. I mean, it's not like I'm going to become some kind of brutal tyrant or anything." she chuckled at the thought "But even democracies have presidents, don't they?" she added as an afterthought, wanting to see how much water Alex's arguments could hold "And I was elected after all."

Kula tilted her head at Adeline's comment, giving the Houndour a quizzical look, {Rolling is fun?} she asked, scratching her head. {Okies, little Kula will try that then she supposes.}

With that, the little Snorunt carefully lied down on her side before attempting a roll on the floor. Snorunt bodies aren't exactly the best suited ones for such however, and she constantly had to struggle so as to not get stuck on her back or on her stomach. {Little Kula...doesn't get it...} she panted after a while, struggling herself up into standing position {Rolling...is a looooot harder...than it looks...}

December 3rd, 2005, 9:23 AM
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IC: "Well I guess Ashley's the leader," said John. He suddenly realized their problem, transport. He thought hard, then hit apon something.
"Hey, we can use the old Monorail system to get around!" exclaimed John, "You know, to get to the 'secret base' and all that!"
He looked around for an answer.

Ring was watching what Adeline was doing.
{Heh, that looks funny!}
She then flopped down on the ground and began rolling about.
{Ow! I hurt myself,} complained Ring as she banged her head on the ground. Then she started crying.
{John!!!} she wailed and began waddling over to him. John looked down, and picked her up.
"Did you hurt yourself? Awwww," said John comfortingly as Ring wailed in his arms, "Jeez, this is going to attract attention."

December 3rd, 2005, 10:00 AM
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"There's no need to worry my dear man," Kevin said with confidence as he took a step toward Alex, "If she's a worthy leader, then she will do what is in everyone's best intrests. And if she doesn't... ah... well, then she gets fired." This last part was said a little stiffer than the fluid, confident tone that Kevin's voice usually assumed. He stared off at a tree for a moment, thinking to himself. His father's loud voice... he thought he was so cool and important. To the point of... well, there was no reason to be thinking that now. He would show him.

Adeline noticed the change in her 'mother's' expression and posture, and stopped rolling to go up and nudge him with her muzzle.

{Mommy?} came the familiar bark, {You okay? Being upset is silly....} Kevin looked down at the puppy and frowned.

"What are you looking at?" he said.

{Oh good, you's back to normal!} Adeline said with a grin, going back over to Kula, who seemed to be having a bit of trouble.

{Hm...,} said Adeline, thinking hard, {What would be a good game for you? Um... how about jumping? Are you good at that?!} Adeline proceeded to show her what jumping was by doing a small one over and over, as she had done to Kevin when she had wanted him to play.

As John looked to the others with his wailing Ralts, Kevin nodded. "Shall we get out of here then? Let's go to the hideout," he said, looking back at Ashley. She was, after all, the leader.

Random Plushie
December 3rd, 2005, 11:17 AM
"Yes.. Alex, we should just go with Ashley being leader. She's gonna be a good one anyway." Tessie said, pausing.

"So.. If we're taking the monorail to get there.." Tessie began softly, turning her head up as she pondered the information gathered. "Oh!" She exclaimed, beaming.

"If we take the monorail, when we get off in East Barrel City, all we have to do is head due east! Very simple, all you do is travel in one direction until you reach the city limits, then turn north and walk a few more blocks. That's where the base is." Tessie explained, so that the others would have a better idea of where to go when they started off.

"Are we going to go then, or what?" She asked, falling silent after that question.

{I.. Can't really jump..} Chako muttered when Adeline had spoken up again. {Lunge, yes.. No jumping..}

December 3rd, 2005, 12:22 PM
"Uh huh," replied John, " Even though I'm not leader, I say we should go!"
He still held Ring, who had stopped crying over the fact that she had banged her head.
{John...it hu..hur..hurts,} she quietly whinged in his arms.
"Don't worry, it'll get better," said John soothingly back to her.
{Really?} Her mood seemed to brighten a little, {Yay!}
"Phew," thought John.
Ring decided she wanted to go in the backpack, so John stuck her in there. She stood on her tiptoes to peek out the top at what all the adults were doing.

Alter Ego
December 3rd, 2005, 1:22 PM
"I agree." Ashley said, nodding, "It's about time that we moved out. We must be looking pretty suspicious already, standing around here this late." she cast a quick glance at the ever-thinning crowd in the Bike before continuing, "I'll let you lead the way, Tessie." she added, "I mean, I'm not a local, so I wouldn't know the city layout nearly as well as you do. But there's one thing I have to do before we head out by monorail..." the girl added, biting her lip again, a habit she was quite prone to return to whenever something bothered her, "Most of my things, including my spare clothes, are still at auntie Maria's place, I'll have to sneak in and get them before we go. It's only a short distance away from here though, so it won't be much of detour."

{Jumping?} Kula asked curiously, {Okies, maybe little Kula tries that then.} the Snorunt concluded, performing the best attempt at a jump that she could manage with her stubby little legs. Although it only brought Kula a few centimeters above the floor and nearly caused her to stumble as she came back down, the Snorunt was nonetheless quite excited by this new game and decided to jump again, and again, and again...smiling contentedly.

December 3rd, 2005, 3:55 PM
Bah,leave Yibber in your Feebas dust for two RPs...XD
I need something called sleep.
To stay my annoying self!^^


Jinger folded her arms and chose not to answer back as Kevin deemed her unworthy of the title 'Leader'.
Such trivial matters,including talking back to boy like Kevin,the girl didn't want to waste her breath on.Though,after the boy whispered something to Ashley.The girl looked a great deal better than before,right after she had shown her scar.

{Oohh!I wanna try!!}Beauhin nodded,first using her 'Splash' attack while trying to roll,before they changed the game to jumping.
The Feebas then started bouncing up and down,though she wasn't built for these things,Beauhin was getting the hang of it.

{Hey,its fun!!}the Feebas called out happily,though,feeling rather worried when Ring banged her head,causing the Ralts to cry.Though,luckily John was there.

Finally,they were ready to move out.

"Come on,Beauhin,I'll have to carry you in my bag."Jinger picked up her up from the floor of the club,before placing the Feebas into her bag.

"Don't worry,you can play with the others later,why don't you get some sleep first."she hissed to the bag.It wriggled a little,which meant that the Feebas had nodded.

"Oh,we have a pit stop first?"Jinger sighed as Ashley stated that she needed to sneak back into her auntie's house for a bit.

Random Plushie
December 3rd, 2005, 4:25 PM
Tessie was about to begin leading the way with a shout to the others, but she froze in place when she realized another potential dilema, right about when Jinger placed Beauhin in her bag so that the Feebas could get some sleep.

The question was.. What was she going to do about Chako? The Seviper was no where near small enough to fit in her bag, or anyone else's. Plus, she had no Pokeball for the serpant, which meant that travelling would be a lot harder, yes it would.

"Chako.." Tessie whispered, catching the Seviper's attention. "Do you think you can stay awake until we get to the Secret Base?" She asked.

Chako, who had felt no need for sleep since he had hatched, shook his head slowly. That Bite from Sierra had done a number on him, but he wasn't feeling tired enough to need sleep.

Tessie nodded at that. He was going to have to slither along side her, staying awake the whole time. She had no idea how he was going to pull that off, since he was a baby like all the others, but she trusted his word..

"Okay everyone, let's move out." Tessie said softly, gesturing for the others to follow her. Once she had moved towards the entrance to 'The Bike', she opened the door for Chako, who slithered out onto the sidewalk, wet from the rain that had been pouring down a few minutes ago, but had faded since then.

She waited there for the others, holding the door open for them.

December 3rd, 2005, 5:25 PM
"Won't anybody notice that we've got a Seviper here,and report us or something?"Jinger asked as she walked out after Chako.The girl didn't know everything about the bad government,but she had overheard her parents talking about it time and again.

But,didn't John just mention that Ring was almost taken from him by a Team?Wait,why did she even listen?For all Jinger knew,she could have heard wrongly.

The girl carefully clipped the her bag shut,clinged tightly onto its strap so that if anything were to happen,at least Beauhin wouldn't fly out of it.

Random Plushie
December 3rd, 2005, 5:52 PM
"Well, unfortunately for us, Seviper are too big for my bag, and I don't have any Pokeballs. He has to travel alongside us." Tessie replied, sighing. "And.. About the law. The last time I checked we could have Pokemon. We.. We just can't use them in battle in public or we'll get in trouble. That's bad for us, but.. The Teams are dearly mistaken if they think I'll let them take Chako away." She stated firmly, throwing a smile at Chako before paying attention to holding the door open.

{Who are the Teams? Are they trying to hurt the Clan?} Chako piped up. His words drifting to Tessie's ears, she pondered the PokeTalk for a minute.. It seemed as if she was beginning to get the idea of what the Snake Pokemon was saying! How very cool.

"Yes, Chako.." She whispered so as not to attract attention from anyone in the group. Wouldn't they think it was weird for her to be able to partially understand him? "..The Teams are very bad people. They need to be taken down."

{Then I will help mother.} Chako said firmly, the last thing he said before falling into a deathly silence, his eyes suddenly becoming very shifty, hanging around the area near Tessie in constant watch for threats.

Tessie couldn't help but smile. Yes, she couldn't understand every word. That would've been crazy. But from the tone of his voice, and his reaction gave her a better picture of what he was saying. The smile spread into a small grin, the girl standing up tall as she returned to simply waiting for the others.


Otay, Pete, if something about the law is off, just let me know and I'll edit. ^.^

December 4th, 2005, 12:38 AM
OOC: Nah, you kinda got the law perfect there. I mean what's the point of having a corrupt government if it isn't going to do some evil things?

IC: "So we're making a pit-stop? I'm okay with that,"
John began putiing his hoodie on. He pulled the hood over his head.
"Heh, everyone will think I'm just a yob(a hoodlum)," said John smugly, "It'll draw less attention."
Ring, still peeping out of the bag, gasped.
{Hey, you can be different!}
Ring had evidently not heard of clothes.

Alter Ego
December 4th, 2005, 1:10 AM
"You know...Tessie." Ashley said as the girl mentioned the problem with carrying her Seviper "I'm pretty sure we can fit Chako into my backpack once I get it, it's quite large and we could put him in amongst some clothes so that it would be nice and warm too. That is...unless you would prefer keeping him close to you of course." she added, turning her attention to Kula, who was still having glorious fun jumping. Ashley laughed a bit, smiling at the Snorunt's happy expression. "Come on Kula..." she said softly, bending down and picking up the ice type, "There are bad people out there, I've got to keep you out of sight for a while so they don't get to hurt you. Do you understand?"

The Snorunt nodded, her expression turning serious as Ashley explained the situation.

"Good girl..." Ashley replied, "Just poke me if something is wrong, okay?" she said, opening up her jacket a bit more and carefully placing the Snorunt into a pocket sewn into the inside of it. Ashley smiled for herself, that pocket was the perfect spot, to top it all it had even been sewn on a bit sideways so that the sagging was less obvious from the outside, quite a common trick among the various shoplifters that had frequented the streets of Slateport, and one which Ashley had quite quickly adapted for her own purposes.

"Well, let's be of." she said, nodding to the rest before walking onward to the exit, pushing up the door and feeling the cold breeze outside strike her face as she stepped out into the street again. It was already well past midday and the city had begun darkening, although thankfully the storm had also toned down a bit, now only remaining as a thin but persistent drizzle over the streets.

December 4th, 2005, 1:41 AM
And a hug for you.And one for you.And one for you too!
Yeah,I brought the Feebas from the Showgan RP all the way here,though,I got rather stranggled along the way and it took me a few minutes to dig out of the pile.XD


"Gack!!Is it raining?!"Jinger felt a few drops of water land on her arms,head and...beret!!The girl immediately pulled out her umbrella and opened it.Not really thinking much or noticing that it was only a small drizzle.The girl was still rather scared of getting wet.

"Oooh,we'd better get to your Auntie's house soon,I'll get my clothes wet in a storm like this!"Jinger told Ashley as the girl walked out of the club,Kula tucked barely seen,underneath her jacket.

Random Plushie
December 4th, 2005, 1:47 AM
"That's a good idea, Ashley.." Tessie began, although she couldn't help but smile at the girl's latter comment. "Well, of course, like anyone else I'd prefer to have him by my side. We'll see.. If he gets sleepy I can count on you, right?" She asked, deciding to let the door close already so she could pay attention to other things.

Meanwhile, Chako didn't like the sound of this.. This 'backpack'.. Just the word.. So terribly vile.. Ugh.

Well, if mother approved, then he supposed he should as well, but only when he felt like he was going to drop on the ground from sleepiness.

December 4th, 2005, 2:01 AM
John followed Jinger and Ashley out of the club.
"Rain, again," he sighed. He usually liked the rain, but something had clicked inside him, and he seemed to hate it.
{Hey, stuff is falling on me, and it's cold!} said Ring, {it's funny!} She cheered as the drops fell on her.
"Strange Ralts," thought John as her mood got a lot brighter, "Don't tell me she'll cry in the sunshine!"
The storm had toned down, yet now a strong wind was blowing. Not much rain was falling, but the wind was quite loud, so it was hard to talk.
"I think the monorail's that way!" yelled John over the din and pointing with his hand to the right, "Once we get there, we'l be fine!"
Ring now was a bit gloomier, as she couldn't be heard over the wind. She made a point to hurt any pokemon that made gales and gusts, in other words she hated flying types.

Alter Ego
December 4th, 2005, 2:25 AM
OOC: *Blinks* Lucky Feebas...

Hmm...can't tell if I was just being sarcastic or not. XD


"Believe me Jinger, that is my plan." Ashley replied, unable to resist rolling her eyes a bit at the big scene that the other girl made of such tiny rainfall. It was all too consistent with the show that Kevin had put up over the tiny scratch on his finger, and Ashley found herself wondering what either of those two would do in a real crisis.

"That you can." the girl replied to Tessie, nodding at the girl and giving her a friendly smile, "Don't be shy to ask for help if you need it. We're all on the same side after all."

As John began talking of the monorail, Ashley frowned slightly, "I've got to visit auntie's house first, remember?!" she yelled back over the intensifying howl of the wind, "But sure, the rest of you can wait at the monorail station if you want to!"


Meanwhile, within a shaded building in the seediest area of the east quarter, one of Team Joint's secret bases to be exact, a fairly slim and very pale fist was pounded with surprising ferocity onto an unsuspecting and alltogether innocent desk of oak, causing the various stacks of paper on it to jump up a few inches into the air before the force of gravity quite rudely dragged them back down.

"Gone?!" the fist's owner, a pale-skinned and fairly tall man dressed in a white and somewhat tattered lab coat, with long, greasy black hair hanging in messy stripes over his scarred and paled face, thundered, his two, haunting indigo-coloured eyes fixing the Joint member, one who seemed to be a notch above the standard grunts if his uniform was anything to go by, in front of him with a fierce glare, "Incompetent fool! I asked you to perform a simple fetch and deliver assignment and you failed even in that...captain?!"

"It wasn't my fault!" the captain retorted, folding his arms defensively "Those Gear grunts ambushed us on the way! They must have known that we were coming! Besides, I got seven of them here, didn't I?!"

"Indeed you did..." the man replied in a low voice, casting a glance at the seven nondescript cardboard boxes stacked up into the room, "But what you seem incapable of grasping, my simian friend, is that if our enemies manage to unlock the power of even one of those weapons they could wreck untold damage on our ranks before we could snag it back and reprogram it to serve our cause as it should!" he pounded the desk in front of him once more, the wood creaking treatheningly under his blow, "I take it, our enemies have the missing specimen in their possession, then?" he asked, attempting to steady his voice.

The captain shook his head, "Don't think so sir, that box fell off during the chase, and since we didn't notice it untill later I doubt they did, it is probably still somewhere in this district."

"I see..." the black-haired one said, stroking his chin thoughtfully before turning to glare at the man in front of him again "Well, what are you waiting for then?! Get out into the street! Call on every last man under your command if you have to! But retrive that specimen for me! And it is imperative that you find it before someone else does! If the container was damaged then the specimen might very well have awoken! And if it has awoken it will bond with the next human it sees! I do hope I don't need to remind you, captain, what it would mean for our plans if the specimen would bond with one of our enemies...now go! And do not return without the specimen!"

"Yes sir!" the captain replied, making a hasty salute, "Erm...I mean, no sir! I mean yes to the first part and no to the second part! Sir!"

"Shut up, imbecile!" the man snapped irritably, "And get moving!"


Meanwhile, in an alley somewhere within the east quarter of Barrel City, within a small, abandoned-looking cardboard box on the pavement, or rather, within the complicated-looking metallic container within the box, a creature stirred, the mechanism holding it breaking, allowing the creature's thoughts to flow unhindered once again.

{Where...where am I?} it said quietly for itself, blinking its one, red eye and zooming it in and out a bit in an attempt to get a proper focus on its surroundings. {Darkness...all around...} the creature muttered, feeling extremely disoriented as it hovered about within the metallic case until it finally came to what looked like an exit, a large indenture in the cage that otherwise would have held it in, only to find...more darkness, and another wall. {How...how did I get here?} the creature muttered, swivelling about as it attempted to maneuver its way through the dark and crampped environment it was confined to. {Who...who am I, anyway?} The creature attempted to scroll through his memories but tp his dismay he found nothing but blanks...emptiness, nothing...nothing at all...except for a message, or part of one at least...

{I...} the creature begun, {I...am and shall become...of all...power...I shall not...} it blinked, no that wasn't right. {I am not all...and shall become...of power...}

No...that wasn't right either. The creature sighed, there were simply too many blanks...too much he didn't understand...but he had a distinct impression that there should be something there, something...someone, someone who would make it all clear...the master...he had to find the master...but how? The creature braced himself, studying the material in front of it carefully and prodding it with the small, blunt appendage sticking out from above his eye, the material felt...soft, and rather thin...a strong enough blow would probably break through it. But should he? The master hadn't commanded him to...and he was supposed to obey the master, this the creature knew. But then again, he rationalized, the master had never told him not to break out either.

{I'm coming master!} the creature exclaimed, hovering a bit backwards before charging at the nearest wall with all his might, his small, metallic body effortlessly breaking through the cardboard and opening up the real world for him...the sheer amount of sounds and objects nearly overwhelming the creature's senses as they came in front of him. He had more pressing concerns however, as his body was still very much in acceleration, and was heading towards a barrier...a far bigger one, one built out of bricks...

{Urgh!} the Beldum exclaimed, his vision swimming as he struck the wall head on, hovering about in a confused daze as his system attempted to keep his little body in balance.

OOC: And there is the promised foreshadow...hope I'm not taking too many liberties with this little dude. ^^

December 4th, 2005, 2:29 AM
OOC: I still cannot imagine Kula evolving...
I've also got plans for catching a pokemon...

December 4th, 2005, 2:41 AM
Bah!!Don't insult the Feebas!!!*whacks Titan with Salmon*

And,like,dude,you're like using,dude!XD


"I'm sorry,was I overreacting?"Jinger called out in a sarcastic tone,after noticing that Ashley was rolling her eyes.

"Not my fault I can't help but be sure that I stay dry,could catch a cold out here you know."the girl closed her eyes as she lied.Truthfully,she didn't give a Feebas about the drizzle,it wasn't herself the girl was looking out for,it was for her beret and her Beauhin.

"Aren't we supposed to go to Ashley's place first?"Jinger looked up at John pointing to the right,about going to the monorail where they'd be safe.

Random Plushie
December 4th, 2005, 2:50 AM

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Alter Ego
December 4th, 2005, 2:58 AM
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Anyways, yeah, I'm using dude. It's not the first time, you know. ^^

Oh, and Pete, I'm sure you'll grow adjusted to the idea of Kula evolving eventually, although I admit that it's a pretty strange picture at the moment. ^^ Anyways, when she does evolve she shall be the nicest, most well-mannered Glalie there ever was, that much is sure. XD

And sorry to hear about your posting troubles, Plushie. Hope your dad moves into another room soon. ^^


"Yeah, maybe a little." Ashley confessed at Jinger's question, "Think of it this way, if your practice with small amounts of rain then you'll develop resistance towards it so that you won't get a cold as easily. As dad used to say, it builds character." she chuckled a bit, "But really, sorry about the eye-rolling bit, that was uncalled for." she watched the girl's behaviour closely, unable to avoid noting that seemed to be particularly carefull about her beret, something which kind of reminded him about the way a certain someone had acted about his bandana...well, back when it had still been his, the girl added in her mind, absent-mindedly reaching for the considerably worn looking piece of clothing in her hair and sighing a bit for herself, a small tear of melancholy escaping from her eye, although thankfully the rain did an excellent job at concealing it from view.

Shaking these thoughts out her mind once more, Ashley increased her pace just a bit, taking point, "Auntie's house is this way!" she called out over the wind, the part of her hair that hung free fluttering across her face "Follow me!"

{Oh...Kula likes this weather...} the Snorunt in her pocket commented, smiling for herself and relishing the chilling breeze that blew through Ashley's jacket {So very nice and cold...}

December 4th, 2005, 3:07 AM
I know!Darn!*overreacts about the smallest things about Feebas.XD*

And,like,yeah,I think I just noticed and was compelled that it seemed only right to comment.Either that or I was just being Yibber.Or your Feebas have brain-washed me...feels good.XD

*hopes tha Plushie may post soon*


"Hm..well,I suppose so."Jinger sighed,closing the umbrella and passing it to the Feebas in her bag,who was more than happy to place it beside her for a snuggle.Quickly taking of the beret as well,she carefully placed it,like it was worth much more than it looked,onto the Feebas' head.

{I like dis',seems warm,tha' it does.}Beauhin grinned as her mother closed the bag once more.

"Coming."Jinger quickened her pace and followed after Ashley.

December 4th, 2005, 3:55 AM
OOC: Has someone been thinking of Feebas and Chips? I sense a traitor...

IC: "Oh right!!" yelled John again, as he saw Ashley point the way to her aunt's house. Ring quickly searched around for another pokemon, but found no-one.
{John! Can we go play?} she desperately asked.
John barely heard her.
"Sorry Ring, but we need to go now!" he growled back, now angry.
Ring immediately fell silent, and shut herself up. She had never seen John get angry before. John contined after Ashley.
Ring, now tired from everything, started to doze off and fell asleep in the backpack again.

December 4th, 2005, 4:10 AM
LIKE,NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*takes out bazooka and points it to everyone in the thread*

I've got blue cheese inside this thing and I'm not afraid(okay,might be wasting the precious cheese,so yeah,a teeny bit scared.XDBUT FOR FEEBAS!!*stuffs more blue cheese inside*)to use it!
Against the wall,peeps!!

Okay,would post an IC,but like,this is far too big a matter and my brain's drained,probably cause of FEEBAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

NOBODY MOVE I SAY!*raises bazooka*
What're your sources,Pete?!
Tell me or feel my wrath and Salmon.XD

December 4th, 2005, 8:57 AM
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All I know is someone has been thinking about Feebas and Chips. There was a big ad paper saying

"Mmm! Super battered Feebas and high-quality chips!"

Protect Feebas with your life, Yibber!!

Random Plushie
December 4th, 2005, 10:35 AM

Silly little Yibber, I will not back down against the wall. I fear no blue-cheese bazooka. And my third-level minions will teach you that.

*snaps fingers*

*A large building appears, one with tinted windows and one single door, a sign hanging above the door that says Plushie's*

Plushie's Bakery is now open for business! Yibber, feel priveledged, your its first customer!

*snaps fingers*

*approximately 67,405 cookies in the shape of Herbie fly out of the door and fling themselves towards Yibber, clogging her bazooka and pelting her*

Mwahahaha! I have POWER! *is obsessed* >D


Tessie didn't make a comment towards Ashley to let the girl know that she had been heard.. Mostly because the wind was now picking up, so Ashley probably wouldn't hear her anyways, even though she wasn't that far away. She merely stuffed her hands in her pocket and marched after John and Jinger, not feeling like putting her hood up. The truth was, she kind of liked the rain when it was a drizzle like this. If it got worse she'd put her hood up.

Chako hurried after Tessie, slithering quickly so that he could keep pace with his Trainer and stay by her side. When the wind let up for a few moments, he just barely managed to catch Kula's comment on the weather.

How can you be thinking of weather when there's badies lurking about? Chako thought to himself, his eyes still shifty and his pace quickening so that Tessie was the one who had to keep pace with him.

Alter Ego
December 4th, 2005, 11:20 AM
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As the wind intensified, Ashley lifted the her jacket a bit higher up and lowered her head a bit so as to shield her eyes from the wind enough to be able to look straight forward. Making her way across the streets she had followed in such a hurry earlier, and now turning around every now and then just to make sure that the others were keeping up, the girl felt an ever increasing dread build up inside her as her aunt's house drew closer. She was going to have to pull this off in one, clean, sweep...she simply couldn't allow auntie Maria to see her, knowing all too well that no excuses would help. Yes, she would just have to make her backpack dissapear mysteriously, a note of apology and farewell left in exchange...that was the only way it could be done. She sighed, feeling awfully guilty about doing this, after all, auntie had gone through all that effort in preparation for her arrival, and the first things Ashley did was to break against the only rule that had been set for her and run off...and she couldn't even explain her motives face to face. Was this how she felt? the girl pondered for herself as she began walking down the street by which auntie Maria's flat was located, Was this how mum felt when she left? The method was certainly the same; a mysterious dissapearance and a goodbye note, all put into order while Ashley was tucked away in bed, blissfully unaware of what was going on.

"Well...here we are." Ashley said at last, stopping by the door of her aunt's house, the carefree, off-key singing she had been engaged in when she last arrived now seeming a distant memory indeed. "Now to get in..." she muttered, biting her lip as she studied the front of auntie Maria's house carefully, looking for possible entry-ways and finding none; her aunt seemed to be quite diligent about keeping both doors and windows bolted shut, in preparation against surprise raids, Ashley wagered, and the simple flat now seemed as impenetrable to her as a fortress. But wait...wasn't that window..?

Ashley peered a bit closer, yes, one of the second-floor windows did indeed seem to have been left unhatched and was rattling slightly in the gale, and to top it all, the drain pipe ran right next to it. Now of course drain pipes were hardly ideal climbing material, but this one looked fairly sturdy, and Ashley was quite a light girl, so she was pretty sure it could support her.

"You guys better wait here." she said to the others, "Oh, and Tessie..." she added as she turned to the girl, slipping the jacket of herself and handing it to her "Hold this for me, please." she turned back to the drain pipe, her face set into an expression of fierce determination "I'm going in."

Random Plushie
December 4th, 2005, 11:34 AM

What is that, Alter? Is that fear I smell? The Herbie cookies love fear.. *maniacal cackle*


Once Tessie had taken in the sight of Ashley's Aunt Maria's house, which seemed a lot like her own, except her's wasn't two stories, she snapped out of her observation state when Ashley had asked her to hold onto her jacket.

Nodding once quietly, she took the jacket from Ashley, maintaining a tight grip as the wind picked up again.

"Good luck, Ashley." Tessie whispered, not caring that Ashley's chance of hearing that was slim to none. "Be back out soon, the closer it gets to dark, the more Team Grunts start hanging around."

Chako huddled closer to his Trainer with every gust of wind that blew his way, hissing at the fact that he was now very cold. If only he had one of those neat cloak things that Kula had.. It would've made his day.

December 4th, 2005, 11:46 AM
OOC: Alter, I'm afraid I'm going have to...
*pulls out a baseball bat and attacks Alter*
You're in for it now!!

IC: John watched as they drew near to Ashley's aunt's house. It was bigger than his, but he wasn't exactly at the top end of the money chain.
"Nice place," he whispered under his breath, and gazed up.
He was starting to get cold, even with his hoodie. So he turned round and kept watch for people. Three grunts passed by on patrol so John took up his 'inconspicuous look', and put his hands in his pockets, and looked up against the sky, rolling. No-one would recognize him in a crowd.

Random Plushie
December 4th, 2005, 11:53 AM


Alter = Screwed.

Gah, I have nothing to post right now.. XD

Alter Ego
December 4th, 2005, 1:54 PM
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Oh, and just for the record, anyone who hurts a Feebas is probably in for a trashing from Yibber and her bazooka. xP


Ashley nodded in response to Tessie's wish of luck and her consequent warning, although with the wind howling as loudly as it did, she couldn't even be sure if the girl had said anything. But in all honesty, her attention was needed elsewhere anyway.

"Well, here goes nothing..." she muttered under her breath, grabbing a tigh hold of the drain pipe with her right hand and placing her left foot onto it simultaneously before taking a deep breath, leaning a bit backwards and then forcing her body forward as she lifted her right foot from the street, quickly finding a fairly decent place for it in a decently sized crack in the wall and then concentrating on finding an equally firm hold for her left hand on the pipe. Both metal and brick were wet and slippery in her grasp, and the girl was constantly worried that she would slip, tumbling headfirst onto the hard concrete beneath her and leaving Kula an orphan at barely one day of age, she forced those thoughts out of her mind though, just as she did with the slight complaint from the scar on her right arm, as she pressed onward, feeling the wind and rain whipping her face as she begun a painfully slow ascent towards the window, at least it felt painfully slow, although the girl was actually progressing at a fair pace, but with every second sending a small jolt of pain down her arm and every shift of position entailing an even greater chance of falling, as if the wind and slippery surface didn't make it hard enough to stay up as it was, time certainly didn't seem to be in a rush...

"Come on Ashley..." she muttered for herself, shutting her eyes and concentrating on feeling the right spots on the drain pipe and the surrounding wall, "Pull it together...just a bit more..." With her eyes firmly shut, the girl began picturing up a far more idyllic scene in her head in an attempt to raise her spirits, a scene from her earlier childhood which she remembered with striking clarity...

It was a sunny and warm day in late May, the long exposure to sunlight having heated up the cliffs around Lavaridge to a pleasant level of warmth, a few stray clouds dotting the clear blue sky and providing a slight measure of relief from the otherwise constant glare of the sun to the two youths travelling up the jagged pass.

"Come on you Slowpoke! If you keep lagging behind like that we'll have to turn back before we make it to the summit!" called the one of the youths who was further, a somewhat short but energetic looking girl who looked about fourteen, dressed in a faded green t-shirt and a pair of suitably used looking dark blue jeans with a rather stuffed looking light blue backpack on her shoulders, her long and unkempt blonde hair fluttering in the breeze that blew between the cliffs and her clear blue eyes focused on the one below, a somewhat tawny young boy whose hair was quite strikingly dark blue, forming a contrast with his pale skin. Overall, he looked far less accustomed to climbing up slopes than his friend, his dark blue shirt and trousers (Both seeming far less used and far more high-end than his companion's) and the light blue bandana on his head all soaked in sweat, and his breathing sounding somewhat ragged, obviously marking him as the less experienced one. His manner also betrayed signs of fatigue, even though he did his best to conceal them as he strode upwards, a determined glint in his dark green eyes. The girl up above was challenging him, and he was not about to give up that easily, it would simply not do to break this little game of theirs that quickly...

"I was just...admiring the view..." he huffed back, forcing an increase in the pace of his stride and adjusting the light brown bag slung over his shoulder a bit as he climbed up the last bit, ending up the next to the girl where he stood panting in a slight crouch, his hands resting against his knees.

"View?" the girl inquired sceptically, chckling at the boy's fatigue "And what view could you possibly see when you were facing upwards all the time?"

"A view I'm sure any guy in his right mind would enjoy." the boy replied, flashing the girl a larcenous grin and casting a meaningfull look at her jeans.

"Wha-?!" the girl called out in surprise, blushing quite considerably before she cast an accusing glare at the boy who seemed quite amused by her reaction, "You've got a real dirty mind Seth, you know that?" she inquired, thwacking the boy lightly over the head, nothing violent, but enough to make him flinch just a bit.

"That I do..." the boy replied nonchalantly, shrugging, "But I do believe it takes one to know one, so riddle me this: To make it stiff and stand up straight, she rubbs it; to make it slick and slide it in, she licks it. What is she doing?"

"Wha-?!" Ashley's face turned crimson, "She's-you know...she's-you're-you're disgusting! She's-"

"...threading a needle." Seth completed the sentence, a smug smirk spreading across his face as Ashley tapped her forehead, "Now who did you say had the dirty mind here?"

Suddenly, Ashley felt a new kind of material under her fingers, opening her eyes, the girl noticed that she was now hanging near the end of the drainpipe, her right hand firmly on the window sill and the previous feeling of dread strangely lifted for the moment. With a few swift motions, the girl managed to heave her body against the window, the hinges giving in to her mass and the shutters turning wide open to make way for her as she landed on the floor of her own room with a slight thud. Struggling up to her feet and massaging her aching knees, Ashley felt a sudden and very strong surge of gratitude towards the scatterbrained handyman who had put in the hinges the wrong way.

OOC: Whew, took me a while but it's finally done. Oh, and if you see any naughty bits in the text it's only a testament to your own, dirty mind. XD

December 4th, 2005, 4:17 PM
*swallows cough droplets and opens umbrella*

*ish buried under Herbie cookies*X_X

*Hears Titan ordering Feebas to protect his honour*

GAHHH!!!*slowly crawls out of pile of evil cookies and whacks Titan on the head with her Salmon*
DUDE!!!Sending out poor Feebas into a battle with an evil baseball bat!!WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM!?!???!?!??>0<
*runs into school of Feebas to Pete and pokes him with her bazooka*

Hurt the Feebs,and,you know what?
Its been a long time since I used this thing.Such a pretty little bazooka.Wonder which Feebas-hurter shall be my next target?>D
And,I take it that Pete must've heard from some Feebas abusers the *shudder* you-know-what-darling-fish-pokemon and chips line.So,I shall let all the people in this thread go.
BUT....I'll be keeping an extra watch on all of you.


Jinger raised an eyebrow upon seeing Ashley's Aunt's house.Compared with her mansion,this one looked,well,rather small.As the girl proceeded to pass her jacket,with Kula still inside to Tessie,she then started climbing up the drain pipe,her scar ever so visible.

Jinger gapped her mouth wide open as Ashley managed to climb up to the window on the second storey.She herself,could have never done that.Though,with that nasty looking scar,wouldn't it hurt or something?

"Yay,Ashley!!"Jinger called out uncontrollably as the girl then went through the window.

Random Plushie
December 4th, 2005, 6:31 PM

What? Attempting to escape your destiny? GET BACK HERE, I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!

*snaps fingers*

*all Herbie cookies leap back towards Yibber.. And miss her, yet totally engulf her bazooka in cookie dough*

Now! *grabs one of Titan's Feebas*



Tessie smiled a small smile as she saw that Ashley had safely made it to the window.. That was half the mission right there. The whole time Tessie's grip had remained firm on the jacket, which basically meant Kula, not wanting to let the Snorunt go flying.

"Indeed." Tessie directed towards Jinger's exclamation, her smile growing wider. Though this fierce wind was getting a bit cold, even through her sweater, she didn't really mind.. The excitement of this ordeal, even from the sidelines was enough to let her completely ignore the drop in temperature.

But Chako didn't have any time to relish the excitement.. Or at least he chose not to. Hissing when a bit of debri from a nearby bush hit him, the Seviper shivered a bit, but remained firm, deciding that no matter what, he would watch for trouble.

Just like earlier, Chako wrapped himself around one of Tessie's legs, but this time to keep warm while he scanned the area again and again, glaring particularly at the backs of the grunts that John had noticed earlier.

December 4th, 2005, 6:52 PM
*GASPEN*GAHHHH!!!!Don't hurt the Feebas,Oh Mighty Plushie!!!>0<

*runs to Plushie and snatches Feebas away*
(You know,you didn't even pick the thing under a lock and Ludicolo,you just said that you grabbed it.XP)


It was getting rather cold for Jinger,not to mention the wind picking up.The girl rubbed her hands together,possibly because she was anxious about Ashley or the fact that it was getting chilly.
She took of her bag,and opened it to make sure her beret....and Beauhin were alright.Inside the girl's bag,the Feebas felt warm,she had the umbrella to hug and beret for extra warmth.But still,the pokemon,she was rather bored and,she wanted to hug her mother.

"Okay,it looks like you're doing fine.Don't worry though,you'll be out of the bag soon."she told Beauhin encouragingly with a warm smile as she took out her own jacket from the bag.The Feebas merely nodded,managing to hug her mother's arm for a moment or so before Jinger proceeded to close the bag.

"Right,Beauhin's getting rather restless,and the weather isn't helping much."Jinger stated,putting on the purple jacket.

*grabs sledgehammer out of pocket and tries to break cookie dough to get bazooka back*

Random Plushie
December 4th, 2005, 7:00 PM

Aw man, now you have to make me use up precious energy on taking another one.

*takes another one of Titan's Feebas, then summons a Herbie cookie*

Now, nobody move or I will make this Feebas eat my one and only defective Herbie cookie! HAH!


Tessie herself hoped that the rest of the mission wouldn't take Ashley much longer.. She terribly feared that this wind would make her drop the jacket, Kula going down with it. She really didn't want that to happen, and so with every gust of wind, she clamped down tighter on the jacket.

"Oh.. Please hurry, Ashley." Tessie whispered, before noticing that Jinger had made a comment as well. "I'm pretty sure we're all very restless right now.. I feel Beauhin's pain." Tessie concluded.

December 4th, 2005, 7:25 PM
FOR FEEBAS!!!!!>_<
*grabs Herbie cookie and eats it*

Call it defective??Tastes good.*grabs Feebas from Plushie*

My stomach must be developed to eat these sort of things.Since Yibber eats/drinks virtually anything she wants.Like,the other day,I accidentally drank expired milk.Blame my evil sister who forgot to tell me that she knew the milk was sour.-_-


"Gah,if her aunt comes out we'll be doomed."Jinger bit her fingernails,holding tighter onto her bag and zipping her jacket up.The weather had changed greatly.The girl wanted to make sure that her beret(and Beauhin,don't forget about Beauhin.XD) was warm enough,taking the bag off from her shoulders and holding it close to her with both hands.

"Isn't Chako feeling cold??And,you'd better hold tighter onto that jacket in this wind."the girl remembered that Kula was still in the pocket sewn onto the jacket.

Random Plushie
December 4th, 2005, 7:47 PM

That's what you think, Yibber.. XD


"Please don't think about such things, Jinger.." Tessie said, already picturing Ashley's Aunt peering out the window and spotting them. For the millionth time that day, another gust of wind blew into her, causing her to tighten her grip again.

"And I'm holding on as tight as I can.." Tessie continued, her voice hushing to a whisper. "And I know Chako's cold.. But.. I can't do anything right now to make him warm.. Other than offer him my leg." She said, sighing.

In truth, all that Tessie wanted to do was to pick the Seviper up and warm him up somehow, but as long as she had Kula, she dared not make a move, putting all of her energy into holding the jacket.

"Hang on, Chako.." Tessie whispered down towards the Seviper, not wanting anyone else to hear.

December 4th, 2005, 8:11 PM
What do I think??o.O

I'll stop it with the posting,I feel sorry for Charon/Titan/Pete,and especially Melisii.-_-;;


"Hey,just trying to get a conversation going.Its not fun to stand out here in the cold.At least Ashley's got the house,we've just got the wond blowing against us and the cold pavement for company."Jinger stated,gripping tightly onto her bag,just like Tessie did with the jacket she was holding.

"I'm sure I've got some blankets here."the girl rumagged through her bag upon Tessie saying what she did about Chako.

{Momma,feelin' cold...too bad ya can't fit with me inta the bag.}Beauhin sighed,feeling sorry for the others on the outside,passing a green blanket to the hand of her mother.

"Here,"Jinger held out the blanket to Chako and Tessie.

December 4th, 2005, 11:02 PM
OOC: *gets up from Feebas swarm*

You're going down Titan!!
*hits Titan on head with Baseball bat, then swaps Baseball bat for big kendo stick!!*
No-one abuses Feebas, except Feebas abusers, and they go to jail too!! And no-one says my country is disgusting!! Charon, help me hurt Titan!!

IC: John watched as they shared a blanket. He had seen Ashley climb up to the second floor, but after that the weather had gotten very miserable. It didn't bother Ring though, she seemed perfectly cosy.
"Not much happening," he sighed. No-one was out and he was chilled to the bone.
"Except I'm freezing to death."

Alter Ego
December 5th, 2005, 1:42 AM
OOC: Ack! I didn't abuse no Feebas! The precious little things just wanted to protect me! And I never claimed that England was disgusting, I don't believe I used that adjective at all, and anyway, I was only speaking of the 'food' you lot eat (Feebas and chips, and you call me a Feebas abuser? <_<). But if that's the way you want to play it. *Grabs own kendo stick*


*Strikes Pete's Kendo stick in half* (I actually did that once IRL, ahh...I still remember the expression on my training partner's face when half his stick flew across the room. XD)

And Plushie! Don't you dare hurt that Feebas! It's my baby! >_< Don't you dare or I'll...I'll...I'll kill off my hostage! *Brandishes special edition Herbie plushie and holds it over a particularly large porto shredder*

That's right Plushie...don't mess with my Feebas and no-one will be hurt.


{M-mama?} Kula whimpered in the pocket of Ashley's shirt, now feeling a good bit more insecure as the wind began tugging at her in a far fiercer manner. Tessie's tight grip held her quite well however, and the Snorunt relaxed again just a bit. But still, she couldn't help thinking that there was something very different about how mama was now holding her; a distinct change in the warmth she felt, an ever so slight variation in the way that her fingers felt through the cloth, and all of this puzzled Kula to no end.

With one final sigh, Ashley finished the her goodbye letter with a quick signature, picking it up and placing it inside an envelope, carefully folding it and placing it at the pillow in her bed so that auntie Maria would be sure to spot it, she felt that she owed it to her to at least handle the letter proffessionaly. After one last glance at her surroundings, the girl finally tore her eyes away from the room, placing her backpack firmly onto her shoulders and turning back to the window, determined not to dawdle for another second. Waiting outside like that had to be nerve-racking for her new friends, and Kula might be worried too...besides, the more time she spent inside the more likely she was to get caught, and that was a scenario she would really rather avoid going through.

Now to get down... she thought for herself, feeling how her scar still stung from the climb up as she carefully swung her right leg over the window sill, nearly slipping as she reached for the drain pipe once more, but managing to make the grip regardless, firmly clamping onto the pipe with both hands and legs. The rest was all up to gravity, she told herself, as she loosened her grip, allowing herself to slide down the drain pipe at as fast a pace as she dared, her eyes once again shut until she suddenly felt the ground rush to meet her feet, letting out a small cry of pain as both knees bent a bit under the unexpected increase in force.

The girl opened her eyes once more, relieved beyond words to be back outside and smiling triumphantly, despite the fact that her scar now ached quite badly and would probably continue to do so for a good while yet.

"I made it." she said simply, adjusting the backpack a bit better as she walked over to the others, "Thanks for holding my jacket for me, Tessie." she added, smiling at the girl, "And taking care of Kula."

Meanwhile, back inside the house of Ashley's aunt, the rather heavyset figure of Maria Aegisfield made its way through the house at a steady pace, an old and rather ragged looking Houndoom following in her steps, its grey furr and faded eyes standing as a testament to the dog pokmon having made it through hard times in its life and still pushed through. The duo proceeded right down the middle corridor and up the stairs, straight for the bedroom that would have been Ashley's. Maria didn't seem particularly surprised to see the window open, still pummeled by the gale, nor to find a carefully folded letter on the girl's bed, merely shaking her head in a tired fashion even as the Houndoom began a fiercely determined scan of the area to determine the intruder, its nose almost seeming glued to the floor as it began tracing the scent towards the window.

"There now Hiro..." Maria said quietly, gently pulling the Houndoom backwards and stroking its furr affectionately, "She's already made up her mind, and such a show of determination desrves its reward." she smiled wistfully at the window, "Like mother like daughter..."the old woman said, chuckling quietly "Who would have thought that such a trivial thing like the misplacement of a few hinges could connect such different people like that? The wonders..."

Hiro yawned tiredly, having lost all interest in the conversation and pressed his head against his former trainer, accepting the absent-minded stroking she gave him with a smile of obvious contentment on his face.

December 5th, 2005, 2:03 AM
*stares at the sheer amazing-ness of the battles waging,including own*
Oh,this ish so Feebas interesting!!^^

And Titan,I took the Feebas away by eating the defective Herbie cookie,so,your Feebas are safe,yes,Yibber ish protecting any and all of them,all Feebas shall not be harmed.Yes,they are all under Yibber's...fin.XD
So,put the Herbie Plushie down boy,slowly,before Plushie comes after Yibber for no apparent reason....XD

*finally manages to dig bazooka out of cookie dough*
Hello,old friend!!*huggles bazooka before proceeding to continue huggling the 20 Feebas*

Still,Pete's poor kendo stick got hurt...T_T


Jinger clapped her hands as she finally saw Ashley climbing out through the open window and carefully descending down the drainpipe.As the girl let out a small cry of pain,Jinger immediately rushed over,though still holding tightly onto the bag in her arms.

"Are you alright?I can't believe you managed to climb up,and with that scar of yours,it must've hurt."the girl smiled weakly after Ashley thanked Tessie for looking after Kula.

Inside her bag,Beauhin was feeling rather uncomfortable.Though,the Feebas managed to hear what was happening beyond the bag,she heard another girl's voice,stating that she had 'made it' or something.It must've been Ashley.Beauhin then banged her small body against the bag,hoping to remind her mother what she had promised a minute ago.

"Oh,yes,we're getting rather cold,think we could go to the monorail John was talking about?I mean,if you aren't feeling too tired or anything."Jinger jumped as the bag nudged her,realising it was only her Feebas.

Random Plushie
December 5th, 2005, 7:43 AM

This is where I draw the line.


Yes, Yibber took away the Feebas and defective Herbie cookie.. Which will start taking effect some time tonight, but anyways..


*lunges at Titan and totally bites him XD*


"You're welcome." Tessie said simply, smiling back as she handed the jacket, and Kula, to its rightful owner. Now that that was done, she took the blanket that Jinger had given her, bending her knees so that she could wrap it around Chako's freezing body, the Seviper not making a sound and letting Tessie wrap him in the warmth.

Once Tessie was done, Chako was completely covered in the blanket, save his head and the sword-tip of his tail, which flicked about as he tried to further warm his body.

To his surprise, Tessie actually picked him up, despite his size, and resorted to carrying him in her arms so that he didn't have to attempt slithering around in that blanket.

"Well, this'll be interesting.." Tessie said, adjusting her grip. "But I'll manage. Now we can go?"

December 5th, 2005, 10:47 AM
OOC: Oh my god. I hqve a music exam. Grade 3. Tommorow. Help.
Nah, I'm okay.

IC: "Well, we're ready to go!" said John, a little more enthusiacsticly, after finding out they were doing something. He hitched his backpack back up, after letting it sloop halfway down his back during the hiatus at Ashley's house.
"Okay, the closest monorail station to here is Eastern Drive, which is..."
He got his bearings and pointed north west from where he was standing.
"That way."

December 5th, 2005, 10:56 AM
{ooc| *is on grade 8* xDDD I've only been playing the piano for four years.
I've fallen behind quite a bit in this roleplay... by three pages. xD}

Alex followed the others, Sierra trotting by his heels.
"I'm ready too," he told John, "but what's a monorail?"
Sierra groaned.
{What a moron...}
Luckily Alex still couldn't understand her, so as far as he could tell Sierra was just complainging about all the walking.
"Don't worry, we'll be there soon." he said placidly.

Alter Ego
December 5th, 2005, 10:58 AM
OOC: *Ish bitten by Plushie and nearly drops the Herbie plushie into the shredder but manages to catch it at the last minute* Ack! Careful! You almost shredded Herbie yourself you manic person! >.<

And a music exam, eh? Haven't had much experience with those really since I've got a private teacher and we don't have exams in the school music course. Well, we had a small one last year, but it was easy, just recognizing some pieces of music and remembering a few terms. And anyways, I don't have music at school anymore so I don't have to worry about that. ^^

Oh, and you play piano too, Charon? What a coincidence. ^^ Meh, don't recall how long I've been playing myself, but it's a few years at least.


"Yeah, I'm fine..." Ashley replied to Jinger's question, putting on a brave smile, moving her right arm about a bit so as to prove her statement and promptly ignoring the protest that said limb made, even as she flinched just a bit at the pain "I did use to be an amateur mountain climber...before...a certain event." she gestured towards her scar and sighed, "I'm afraid my skills might have gotten a bit rusty since then. But don't worry, I'm not dying on you yet. I've still got a baby to take care of after all..." she accepted the jacket from Tessie, hugging the little lump in the pocket tightly for a while, happy to be reunited with Kula again, before carefully returning the jacket onto herself.

The girl smiled at the sight of Chako rolled up almost entirely into a blanket and held in Tessie's arms. If it weren't for the sword-like tail sticking out now and again the Seviper could quite easily pass for an infant, just as long as he kept his head down a bit.

"Yes, we can leave now." Ashley replied, nodding at Tessie and John, "You two can lead the way, what with being the locals and all."

December 5th, 2005, 1:11 PM
OOC: Charon, how does Alex fit in at this moment?
And..Alter's already done it. you will see a glimpse of my next pokemon, who is a direct opposite of Ring.

IC: "As I said, the closest station is Eastern Drive. Now if I remember from when I lived round here, we go that way, get the Eastern Line and take that two stops," explained John with careful pointing, "But I'll need Tessie for the minute details. That's just a basic route."
Greasy Bill's. A local cafe, which despite the name, isn't that bad.
A couple middle aged men are drinking theirselves insane, three quiet chaps are playing cards and a bunch of other assorted people are there. Round the back, there are a couple bins. Beside them, a small ragged creature remains unnoticed. It is green and yellow, and isapparently making all the bins around it give people small electric shocks. It is looking for scraps, to eat. Without any it would die. A couple Gear grunts patrol the street, looking for 'things'.
The creature remains hidden.

Alter Ego
December 5th, 2005, 1:19 PM
OOC: Pwhee for the Electrike Pete! ^^ Erm, one question though...why did you suddenly switch to present tense when you began explaining its actions? o.O

Oh, and I don't feel like I can make an intelligent IC at the moment. Sowwee...

December 5th, 2005, 3:49 PM
Ouch.*flinches as Titan gets bitten by Plushie*
I told you so.XP

And,what's taking effect tonight?!Hey,it 7:35am in the morning and I'm still alive!!!Yay!!^0^

Bah,play piano,I play the organ.Whose sound is adjustable so it can become a piano AND a trumpet AND a guitar.XD
And have group lessons with 15/16 year olds.And have two exams a year.
I failed this year's exam by ONE POINT.One friggin' pont.-_-
The darn Examiner couldn't give me an extra ONE POINT.Honestly,they're evil.I only mis-read a few notes.-_-
Reminds me of the time I failed my Higher Chinese Exam.By 1/2 a mark.(49 1/2)Which is even worse than one.I swear that the teacher which taught me that year was out to get me.She showed my exam paper to the whole class so everyone knew I failed.-_-

Pete,what exactly makes the Electrike a complete opposite to Ring?!XD
Unless you're talking about the natures.


"If you're sure."Jinger said in a small voice as Ashley proceeded to hug Kula before putting her jacket back on again.Now she couldn't see that awful scar anymore.
As Tessie carried Chako,who was now wrapped in her own blanket."Note to self,never use that blanket again."Jinger looked rather impressed.The girl stated that she would manage carrying around the Seviper.Ashley was right,Chako did look like a baby,if only that long tail didn't stick out of the bundle in Tessie's arms.

"Yes,we're going there,and you can come out to hug Mommy then."Jinger hugged the bag,the Feebas in it hugged her back.

"I was talking to my sweet beret,but that of course includes you too Beauhin."the girl stated,grinning sheepishly before following after Tessie and John.The Feebas nodded,for some reason,understanding that her mother loved the beret on her head just as much as herself.And frankly,Beauhin didn't really care,as long as her mother loved her.

Random Plushie
December 5th, 2005, 8:47 PM

*hisses at Titan XD*

Well maybe if you hadn't threatened me in the first place.. Now you'll be scarred for life. GIVE ME THE PLUSHIE! I COMMAND THEE!

*bares fangs*


"Eastern Drive sounds right.." Tessie said in response to John's suggestion, pondering for a bit before striding forward. "Come on everybody, 'tis right this way." She finished, already picking up her pace. The sooner they got there, the safer they'd be..

Meanwhile, Chako had warmed down significantly by now, and was now eyeing his surroundings again, paying no attention to that look on Jinger's face, as if she'd never use this blanket again.. All he cared about were those 'Teams' everyone kept talking about.

He wasn't really sure what they meant by 'Teams', but he was sure to keep them away from his beloved mother. Yes, none would get by him, that was for sure.

December 5th, 2005, 9:17 PM
I feel lucky that I got the Bubu clones instead of the Plushie.^^
Titan,may the Feebas be with you.XD


"Fine."Jinger shrugged at Tessie's statement.She had no idea where was the place the girl had pointed out,so she just followed after her and John.It was still rather cold,and Jinger didn't like the look Chako gave her.The girl took a few steps away,keeping her distance from the Seviper in Tessie's arms.

Inside the bag,Beauhin was still restless,regardless of the fact that she knew that she'd be let out of the bag soon.Sighing,the Feebas turned to the beret 'sitting' beside her.

{So...what's Momma like?}

Random Plushie
December 5th, 2005, 9:23 PM

Hee hee.. I feel sorry for Titan too.

But anyways.. I posted a poem in the Poetry section.. X3

Otherwise, I don't have much of an IC to post right now, nyah.

*is still baring fangs at Titan XD*

December 5th, 2005, 11:22 PM
OOC: Don't feel like an IC....
The Electrike...he's a loner, dosen't like John, is surly, never goes to sleep and will hurt all your pokemon if nescessary. While Ring loves making friends, loves John, sleeps a lot and will never hurt her friends.
You get the drift.

Alter Ego
December 6th, 2005, 1:44 AM
OOC: *Blinks* Still doesn't explain your sudden use of present tense in your previous IC...shouldn't you maybe edit that?

Here! Here it is! *Throws Herbie plushie into the opposite direction* Catch!

By the way, that poem you wrote is great Plushie. ^^ I'll post my full comments in the thread once I have the time.


Not really having anything more to say on the matter, Ashley merely nodded at Tessie's words, doing her best to make mental notes of what things she and John were saying about the layout of the city, although it was far too little information for the girl to really get any real picture of it as of yet. The houses and streets all still looked the same to her.

"Just a bit longer, my sweet..." she whispered in response to the growing quivering motion in her pocket, stroking the fairly discreet lump on her jacket gently. It was obvious that Kula was getting ever more anxious within the pocket, and the girl would really have liked nothing more than to take her out for a bit of fresh air and a big hug, a proper one, but she knew it was far too risky.

"Hey! Out of the way you lot!"

The sudden appearance of an older male voice and the sound of approaching footsteps caused Ashley to freeze on the spot. The girl quickly whipped around to the direction of the noise, only to spot no less than five rather unkempt looking men in their late twenties (Or early thirties, it was hard to tell), tall, broad-shouldered and carelessly shaved, both donning the same type of uniform; black pants and a matching black shirt with the letter 'J' almost flauntingly displayed on the front in blood red, with a shabby, ligh brown, fur-lined biker's coat on top, presumably to keep the cold out. They were not really the most fashionable of uniforms, and if Ashley had been better aquianted with the city she would surely have recognized them as team Joint's, but as it was, the glaringly obvious letter was enough to tip her of about it being a team, although apparently not enough to make her dodge in time, as one of the grunts, slightly large than the others, with short, greasy black hair covering his head in uncontrolled tangles, ran straight into her, knocking the girl down on the pavement, right onto her aching right arm, although luckily enough, Ashley thought as she got back up on her feet, gritting her teeth against the now considerably more intense pain in her scar, Kula had remained concealed quite well, and didn't sound like she had come to harm.

"I told you to get out of the way!" the head grunt spat out in a slightly defensive voice, glaring at Ashley and brushing of some non-existent dirt from his uniform, "You messin' with Team Joint?" he briskly grabbed Ashley by her right shoulder shoulder, clamping it tightly and causing the girl to wince in pain as he leaned his face in so close that she could smell the heavy saturation of garlic in his breath.

"I-" The girl was slightly unsure of what to say, there were five members of team Joint and six of them, but they only had one baby pokmon each while the Joint members no doubt had several trained ones. A straight out challenge would be tantamount suicide, especially with the current legislation. "I haven't done anything!" she cried out, deciding to play the hurt victim and managing a few fake tears and a quivering lip, "I-I've never been bad! I'm a good girl! Honest!" she burst into another fit of fake tears "I-I w-was just going to the store to get so-some milk! B-but this city is so big! And-and then it started to rain! And I got lost! And-and then I met these nice people who offered to lead me home! And-I'm-I'm in trouble, aren't I?" she managed to whimper, giving the grunt her most tear-filled and sorrowfull expression, her lip wobbling again as if she was about to burst out into another hysteric crying fit.

"C'mon Reeves..." another one of the grunt's said, apparently taken in by the act as he carefully placed a hand on the head grunt's shoulder, "Knock it off, she's just a lost kid. She's not a treath to us."

The one called Reeves snorted indignantly, "I-I-fine..." he muttered to the grunt behind him before turning back to Ashley and releasing his grip of her shoulder, "Since this is your first time, I'll let you off with a warning, girly." his eyes narrowed, "Don't mess with Team Joint if you like to keep that pretty face of yours the way it is. Now, have you happened to see a cardboard box around here?" he demanded, "Don't lie to me if you have."

Cardboard box? Ashley thought in puzzlement, What on earth could be so important about a cardboard box? "B-box?" she stammered out, still maintaining her facade, "I-I haven't seen any b-boxes around s-sir! Only the o-one we h-have at home! You-you aren't going to take that box away from us, are you sir? I-I don't have anywhere else to sleep!"

"It's not the box we're after fool!" the head grunt growled irritably, "It's what's inside-! Never mind! What about the rest of you?!" he now turned his glare to the rest of the group, although he seemed to have failed at spotting Sierra and Adeline, short as they were, and probably mistook Chako for a baby.

{Oh...are you crying mama?} Kula whispered quietly in the girl's pocket, hugging Ashley as well as she could, although she was still far too frightened and obedient to step out into the open, or make much noise, {Don't be sad mama, don't cry...it's okay...Kula is here...}. It was questionable wether the Snorunt had any idea of what her words really meant or if she was just repeating what mama had told her. To her surprise, Ashley found that she didn't merely hear what the ice type in her pocket was saying but actually even seemed to understand the words. Well, not the words really, but rather the meaning behind them. The girl let out a small gasp of astonishment over the fact, although she quickly managed to conceal it as another snivel when one of the grunts turned to investigate, discreetly stroking the pocket and hoping that Kula would take the hint and keep quiet.

December 6th, 2005, 2:11 AM
Ain't Tessie supposed to be tall?Shouldn't the girl be standing out from teh rest?Especially with the bundle in her hands?*ish being a prick again*


Jinger quickly turned around as she heard the voices of men.Telling someone to get out of their way.As Ashley fell onto the pavement,the girl had a right mind to walk up to the man in uniform which pushed her and give him a telling off,but thought otherwise,remembering the beret and baby she had with her and the way that they looked.

Though,Ashley looked like she was managing well,summoning up a few tears as she tried to reason with the man who grabbed her.Telling her that she had gotten lost and that the rest of them had offered to show her the way.Jinger mentally sighed,great,now they were most likely going to come after her too.

"Whoa,she's good.But,why'd she have to go and include me?!"Jinger clung onto the bag,hoping that the men wouldn't think of taking away any of their pokemon or possesions.The odd letter on their shirts had to mean something,she just didn't know what.Finally though,the man let go of Ashley and asked her whether she had seen a cardboard box,getting yelled at by,maybe the boss perhaps that they wanted to find the something inside the box.
The men then directed the same question to her and the rest.Not knowing what to do,Jinger franticly jumped up and down twice,before running around in a circle.

"Gah!!Aliens!!Mommy,help!!If I see cardboard boxes,it'll be the end!!The end!!"the girl wailed.

Alter Ego
December 6th, 2005, 3:08 AM
OOC: Well, the grunt kind of ran right into Ashley, and with her whole crying act she would obviously draw quite a bit of attention. And I'm kind of thinking that Tessie would probably stay out of sight a bit. But yeah, it's a bit inconsistent, no matter...she shall surely be acknowledged too.


Reeves stared wide-eyed at Jinger's performrance, seemingly incapable of phrasing up a single sentence about her erratic behaviour. The other grunts seemed to be just as surprised, all of them staring at the strange spectacle unfolding in front of their eyes.

"Cut-cut that out!" Reeves demanded, now sounding quite unsure of himself, "I said cut it out you raving loon! I don't have time for your nonsense!" he performed a dramatic slash through the air with his right arm.

"O-ohh, please don't get mad at m-my cousin, sir!" Ashley interjected in a pleading voice, "S-she can't help it! Doctor says it's a-a phobia! She-she won't even sleep inside with us, sir! B-because we only have that-that...you-know-what to sleep in!" she concluded, as if she was afraid to say the word 'box', "There, there..." she said, gently patting Jinger on the shoulder, "It's allright...no-one's going to put you into one of those things...don't worry...the aliens are far...far away..."

"Nice acting..." she whispered under her breath, flashing the girl a triumphant grin before returning back to the role of the sorrowfull and scared little miss.

The head grunt ran a hand across his face, groaning irritably, "For crying out loud!" he exclaimed, "Crackpots and snivellers all around! I ought to have the whole bunch of you locked up! Isn't there a single sane person among you?! You!" he turned over to Tessie in an almost desperate manner, "Where is the darnable box?! Tell me! All I want to know is where I can find the stupid...cruddy...cardboard box!" he looked like he was about to break down into a crying fit just as hysteric as, and far more genuine than, Ashley's one.

December 6th, 2005, 3:22 AM
"Meep!!"Jinger leapt back,her bag over her head,trying to look decently scared of the grunt slashing his arm in the air.

"Yes,yes cousin dear,yes.The cold ground is welcoming,you should sleep outside with me,that's what you're going to do right?!The horrible thing,no,don't make me,no...."Jinger maintained the same tone of voice,trying her best to sound like a lunatic,nodding to Ashley as the girl patted her on the shoulder.

"Not so bad youself."the girl hissed back,before turning away,jerking her head here and there,acting like she was looking out for a spaceship in the sky.She purposely flinched and let out a small yelp the same number of times the grunt had used the word 'box' in his statement as he turned to Tessie.

Random Plushie
December 6th, 2005, 7:34 AM

H-Herbie Plushie! *immediately catches it from where she is and stuffs it into pocket*

Phwee! *butts into conversation*

Besides, Yibber, he said the grunts think that Chako's a baby. XP


Tessie had planned on remaining quiet the whole time, never counting on these Grunts to call her out. The whole scenario reminded her of a certain event years ago.. The first time she had ever run into Team Joint. Well, she had run away before they had had time to actually run into her, but that's beside the point.

She froze in place as she was forced from her memories, and the head grunt pointed at her, calling her out and wanting her to tell him where 'the cardboard box was', although she had no idea, because she had been engulfed in memories, that she was supposed to act insane to get them to leave her alone.

Tessie immediately covered Chako's mouth with one hand when he seemed ready to hiss, and then instantly blurted out a response.

"W-What? Cardboard box?" She said, almost hesitating before the next part. "Why, there's a ton of 'em back in the South! Yes, right by Meditite Motel!" She said, pointing in the opposite direction in which the group was traveling, hoping that they'd immediately head in that direction.

Well, she had seen some boxes the last time she'd been there..

December 6th, 2005, 9:43 AM
OOC: I dunno why I put it in the present tense. Just felt like it. Makes it a bit eerie.

IC: John had remained quiet through this encounter. If those Joint grunts had those scanners...But they wouldn't have. They were just grunts, after all. Thugs looking for some cash. Ring had not woken up, and if she didn't, they might get away. John quietly slipped behind a drainpipe.
"Okay, attacking is a no-no," he thought, "So our best bet is to outwit them. I know!" He remebered Ashley's scar. It would work...

He came out and blinked. He heard Tessie telling them about a cardboard box at the Meditite motel. The men obviously seemed impressed. John slapped himself as he realized he didn't need a plan. Suddenly Ring woke up.
{Hi John! I'm up now!} she said brightly.
John needed a plan.
(And now for the ubercool return of the Electrike!)
The creature is on the move. Silently it creeps along the gutter, hiding in the shadows. Two men are cycling along the road. The creature notices the danger heading towards it. It jumps just before the cyclists hit it's original spot. Now it is on a ledge. The creature forces itself not to look down. The drop below is dizzying. There is a lot of noise as many Gear grunts have flocked out in patrol. One sees movement and looks up, but there is nothing. For the creature is clever. It hangs below where movement was seen. It rights itself and heads along the way it's going. For the creature is answering a call, an irresistable call to power, which is impossible to refuse.
But this creature is different. For it can refuse.

Alter Ego
December 6th, 2005, 10:12 AM
OOC: Also makes it more than a little bit confusing when the two meet and is rather awkward from a stylistic viewpoint. But whatever...this isn't the fanfic section after all...


"Meditite motel, eh?" Reeves asked, scratching his chin thoughtfully, visibly relieved to have found one who didn't speak gibberish, "Well, let's take a look over there boys! Come on!" he gestured for the rest of the group to follow him, beginning to walk of, and Ashley heaved a quiet sigh of relief. She had rejoiced too soon, however...

"Hang on." one of the grunts called suddenly, stopping, "The boss said that our box is in the East quarter."

"Hey, that's right!" another concured.

"Right adamant about it, he was..." a third one noted.

Reeves stopped as well, turning around and preparing to question another one of the youths present, his narrowed eyes a clear sign of an ever shortening temper. But just then, Ring decided that it was a suitable time to pop up and call out a cheerfull 'hi' in a voice that sounded painfully loud to Ashley, almost causing the girl to jump up in panic. It had certainly been loud enough to attract the attention of the team Joint grunts too, all five of them turning towards John and his Ralts.

"A pokmon?!" Reeves thundered, heading back towards the group with long, treathening strides, "That's it! What's going on here?!"

"Of all the bloody..." Ashley muttered under her breath, swearing far more colorfully in her mind. Their cover had been blown. Ohh...if only Ring hadn't been such a blabbermouth.

"S-sir..." she began, still upholding her act in the hopes of somehow explaining things away "You see...the-the things is-"

"Enough!" Reeves roared, taking a tight grip around Ashley's right forearm, "I've had it up to here with you and your stuttered excuses! You there boy!" she called to John, "Hand over that Ralts right now or I'll have to rearrange your little friend's face!"

"S-sir!" Ashley called, desperately trying to stall for time until she could come up with a new ruse, "You-you're hurting my arm!"

"And I'll hurt a lot more if you don't keep quiet!" the head grunt thundered back, small particles of spit flying out in all directions from his mouth, "Come on boys! It looks like this lot needs to learn who's in charge around here!" he gestured for the four remaining grunts to close in, all of them cracking their knuckles treatheningly and reaching for their pokballs.


Reeves wasn't given as much as a second to react as the barely noticable lump within Ashley's jacket suddenly sprang up on the girl's shoulder, the tiny Snorunt's face twisted into a most uncharacteristic expression of anger as she glared at the man in front of her, taking in as much air as her lungs would hold before blowing straight at his face with all her might, a surprisingly powerfull gale that caught the head grunt of guard, sending him staggering backwards while trying to shield his face with his arms, frost and snow covering his face and clinging to his hair and eyebrows, a Powder Snow attack, and a well aimed one at that.

"Kula..." Ashley whispered quietly, just as stunned as the grunts in front of her. She soon gathered her witts however, noticing that the rest of their opponents had just realized that, despite the surprising ferocity of Kula's attack, she was still just a wee Snorunt who probably wouldn't last long in battle, turning to the rest of the group; "Everybody! Run for it!"

December 6th, 2005, 10:18 AM
OOC: XDD *dies a lot* Sorry guys! My week's been a hectic one as Finals are next week, and teachers seem to think that its a great idea to have part of the final during this week as well. X___X Ugh... that and studying for Japanese... I keep repeating the same basic sentence to memorize in my head:

Watashiwa gurai gozen shichijini okimasu. <I wake up around 7:00 AM.>

I think my brain is gonna explode... =_=

Anyway... it'll be a short postie...

GAH! Alter you posted before me!! >____<


Ashley continued to talk to the grunts before them. Kevin was getting a bit bored with this though, and thought the whole situation very stupid.

"Cardboard box??! Hahaha!" laughed Kevin, clearly not understanding the need to stay hidden. Why should he have to hide? He never had anything to fear. "Really now that is hilarious! What's in it again? Dirty old socks? Or perhaps a half-eaten meal?" Kevin laughed again, thinking it a huge joke that these men would want anything to do with a box.

Adeline tilted her head a bit in confusion. She didn't know what any of these things were, but they sounded interesting to her. She walked out in front of Kevin, not realizing the grunts' potential for danger.

It was actually quite fitting. Kevin was like a newborn in this outisde world. He was the same as Adeline in that respect; they both were in a new place full of things to learn and experience.

However, before anyone had a chance to react, the grunt had grabbed Ashley, and Kula didn't look too happy about it.

"Hey! All this over a stupid box?!" Kevin said outloud, "Your priorities are in a very strange order...."

After that Kula began to get very upset, and used Powder Snow on the enemy. Adeline thought it was amazing. She gasped as the Powder Snow was created, and she had to be picked up by Kevin as Ashley yelled for them to run for it.

"Let's go Adeline!" Kevin said hurriedly as he dragged her along in his arms. He hadn't the time to think of what her dirty paws would do to his clothes.

Alter Ego
December 6th, 2005, 10:20 AM
OOC: *Blinks* Uh, Melissa...you're kind of behind in these events...XD *Pokes own last post*

Anyways, good luck with your Japanese. And you're end exams. Argh, I can already feel the Physics exams creeping on me, so trust me, I kind of know your pain...=_=

December 6th, 2005, 10:26 AM
OOC: -_________-; Erm, I knew I should have checked before I posted. Fuu... I'm so sleepy.... Forgive me if the stuff I post makes no sense.

December 6th, 2005, 10:28 AM
OOC: When they meet I'll....*thinks of a killer twist* stick it into the future tense!!!

IC: "Oh ****," cursed John as Ring piped up. Suddenly Kula came out of nowhere and peformed a nice ice attack. Not all the grunts were distracted and a fews chased him down.
"Ring!" yelled John, angry.
{What?} relied Ring, starting to get scared.
"You remeber when we fought pokemon, right?"
"Well we're fighting again."
Ring fliched, then toughened up, and put on her bravest impression. She felt john's warm hand and then appeared out on his shoulder.
"Confusion!" yelled John. Ring understood this and linked it with her only attacking move.
She glowed and the men started behaving like rag dolls. They slumped down in a daze. John thanked Ring, stuck her inside the bag and made a run.

He had run for a while, when eventually he had to stop for a rest. He stared up at the sky, but the stars had gone. Tears flooded his vison as he knew the reprocussions of that stupid event. It was all his fault. No, wait it was Ring's. No, that wasn't right. He screamed out. Whatever had happened, one thing was for sure.
The others weren't going to like him when he found them.

Eastern Drive monorail station was nearly empty. About four people were there. No-one saw a fourteen year old kid climb on to it. He sat down in an empty carriage and began to think. Where could he go? Nowhere. The next stop loomed up ahead. He hid himself underneath his seats. A few grunts got on. These weren't from Joint. No, these were from Gear.
"I'm definately still in East Barrel. What the hell is happening?" he thought. The pokemon in his backpack shivered. She had read her trainer's emotions and they weren't pretty.

Alter Ego
December 6th, 2005, 11:59 AM
OOC: Eh...right Pete...*Stares in a funny way and slooowly backs away* XD

Anyways, don't worry Melissa, I was just pointing out. In its current text your post makes perfect sense actually, and since they probably all ran off in different directions it leaves you with a suitable excuse for making Kevin dissapear for as long as you need to in case you can't bring yourself to write an IC. ^^


"Hey look!" One of the remaining grunts called, pointing towards Kevin and Adeline as the duo dashed of, well, Kevin was the one who did the dashing really, Adeline would probably have stayed behind to admire the snow on Reeves' face if it was up to her, "I call dibs on the Houndour!" the grunt proclaimed triumphantly, raising a pokball into the air and releasing it all in one motion, "Go Vigoroth! Hunt it down for me!"

With a menacing cry, the wild monkey pokmon appeared on the street, jumping and moving about constantly, as if it was physically impossible for it to sit still even for a moment, and glaring at the various people running around it with an aggrevated expression on its face before it finally managed to spot Kevin, although the boy had already covered quite a considerable distance and was just turning around the corner, running of after its prey with a loud, frenzied, cry.

Ashley did not get to see this, however, as she was quite preoccupied with the grunt who had decided to pursue her, or, to be exact, his Beedrill, who was easily as dogged in its pursuit of Ashley and Kula as the Vigoroth was in hunting Kevin and Adeline.

Rounding another corner as she dashed forward with Kula pressed tightly against herself, the girl couldn't help noticing the relentless assault of fatigue on her body, the stinging in her lungs, the ache in her feet, and the ever more ragged sound of her breathing, as her pace slowed down, despite the girl's best efforts at keeping it up. Her pursuer didn't seem to show any signs of fatigue however, the steady droning of its wings growing ever closer. Ashley could almost imagine the bug type approaching, its sharp, venomous stingers preparing for the strike.

In one last desperate attempt at shaking of the Beedrill, the girl suddenly made a sharp turn in her path, ducking into a nearby alley...only to find it a dead end.

"No..." she muttered for herself, peering about desperately in search of another escape route but finding none. There weren't really any places to hide Kula either, not even a single proper garbage sack, despite the rank stench of waste that hung over the alley. Both of the emergency ladders on the sides of the houses, left there in case of fire, were securely fastened up, way beyond her reach, and the wall that separated that particular alley from the one on the other side was quite impressively tall. It lacked the spikes that most such things possessed however, maybe if she could climb..?

Well, it certainly seemed like it was worth a shot, Ashley rationalized, closing in on the wall and beginning to search for suitable indentures to use for her climb, even as she felt someone watching her...approaching her...a trickle of sweat began rolling down the girl's forehead, her grip of Kula growing ever tighter and her search growing ever more feverish even though she knew it was all in vain now...she would never make it...the Beedrill would catch her at any second and that would be the end of that...she would-


Ashley blinked, whipping around at the sound of the surprisingly mechanical voice that came from behind her and spotting something quite unusual...

It wasn't the Beedrill she had expected, but apparently steel pokmon of some sort...undoubtedly the strangest one Ashley had ever seen, strange enough for her not to pay proper attention to the fact that she could in fact understand its words, not intuitively as with Kula, but she could actually 'hear' them in her head, even though the creature itself didn't seem to possess any kind of mouth to communicate with. Its shining, blue body was perhaps most closely resemblant of the arm of some kind of robot, except for the single, dark red lense which the girl assumed was its eye also seemed to be focused on her for the moment. The pokmon didn't really have much in the way of expressing emotions, but somehow Ashley got the distinct impression that this particular creature was very confused about something. Kula, noticing that mama's grip had loosened quite considerably, peered up at the stranger as well, watching it carefully and with far less trepidation than she had shown before. Even though the Snorunt hadn't really won a real battle, she had managed to deal quite the blow to Reeves, the head grunt, and that alone was enough to bolster the ice type's confidence. She was not going to let anyone hurt mama...

{Initializing...} the creature repeated, seemingly oblivious to Ashley's presence even thought it was clearly looking at her {Failed to initialize...manual assumption error...one is not one...please reinstall universe and reboot.}

"Uhh...I'm afraid that's a bit beyond what I can do." Ashley replied, scratching her head and beginning to feel just as confused as the little steel type "Listen, you haven't seen any Beedrills around, have you?"

The creature stared at her for a moment, {Beedrills do not compute...} it replied at last, {Insufficient guidlines...manual assumption error...please reinstall universe and reboot...}

"How am I supposed to reinstall the universe?" the girl asked in exasperation. She was quite happy to help others, even if they were strange robotic things, but this was a bit too weird for her.

The creature stared at her for a moment more until replying, {Call status...} it said simply, {Then insert the spare universe into the F jack and reboot.}

"Umm...okay, status?" Ashley tried, hoping that she was heading in the right direction.

{Total hitpoints remaining...87 %} the creature stated in an ever-continuous monotone, {Damaged spread...protective plate, 11%....data storage...37%...behaviour module...52%. Areas in critical status...behaviour module...data storage. Insufficient guidlines...please input new behaviour module and reboot...}

"Right..." Ashley replied slowly, "Input behaviour module."

The creature paused again, {Searching...} it muttered, hovering about in perfect suspension for a moment and letting out a soft humming sound before it opened its lens again, once again focusing it on Ashley {Behaviour modules found...template...please choose behaviour module.}

"Template." the girl replied, no beginning to get the drift of how these things worked.

{Affirmative...} the steel type replied, {Initializing behaviour module...}

The creature took up its peculiar manner of humming and floating once more, although this time, the lens didn't open quite as quickly. {Warning!} the creature suddenly stated, its lens still shut, {Data retrival error...contamination in files...some data may be missing...continue, abort, retry?}

"Continue." Ashley replied. After all...she would never be able to figure out how to fix the 'contamination', whatever that was, and anyhow, how important could that data be? The important thing was to get rid of this poor creature's confusion.

The steel type began humming again, until its lens finally opened, a small beeping sound becoming audible. {Behaviour module ready...} the creature informed her, {Please input username...}

"Ashley..." the girl replied.

{Inputting username Ashley...} the creature stated, {Input complete...desired speech and behavioural patterns may be added at will...initializing behaviour in five seconds...five...four...three...two...one...}

The creature unleashed another beeping sound, blinking its lens. Suddenly, it seemed to take on an altogether new appearance, even thought it didn't change its shape one last bit. Even as she knew that this creature was artificial, Ashley couldn't help thinking that there was something distinctly...alive about the steel pokmon that hadn't been there before, a new kind of intellect shining from behind the single red lens that continued to watch her with unending patience.

"Hello..." she said at last, feelings slightly stupid since the creature hadn't really bothered to speak with her at all until then, but to her surprise, the answer came, and without delay.

{Hello user Ashley.} the creature replied, its voice now sounding a bit less monotonous and a bit more like that of a carefully trained servant, {How can I help?}

"Well..." Ashley began, but before she could finish her sentence, a familiar sound caught her ears. "The Beedrill!" she called out, cursing her own lapse of attention. She had completely forgotten about the bug pokmon when her new metallic servant had entered the picture, and now, it had caught onto her and was advancing into the alley, stingers at the ready.

"Protect me..." the girl said, pinning her hopes on that the steel type was stronger than it looked. "I want you to chase of that Beedrill!" she pointed towards the bug type.

{Affirmative!} the Beldum replied, its lens now focusing on the Beedrill instead as it turned around, gathering up its energy for a while before charging straight at it, the steel pokmon's thick plating effortlessly shrugging of the Sludge Bomb that the bug type tried to hurl at it, and the steel pokmon's small, but extremely hard, body soon coming into contact with its opponent's, sending the bug type scrambling backwards. The Beldum had not made it without injury either however, spinning in the air a bit as it attempted to steady itself again, preparing for another blow.

"Kula..." Ashley said softly, watching the battle and finding herself quite impressed by the little steel type's performrance, "Can you help? Use Powder Snow, but be carefull!"

The little ice type nodded her head, inhaling once more and releasing a small cloud of ice and snow at the Beedrill. It was hardly a lethal attack by any measure, but it served to divert the bug pokmon's attention long enough for the Beldum to catch it with another Take Down attack, this one straight to the head, which sent the bee pokmon crashing down into the alley. The bug type twitched for a while on the pavement, glaring at its foes, but couldn't seem to muster enough energy to drag itself back up into the fight, collapsing instead and laying there, quivering slightly. Despite what the bug type had just attempted to do, Ashley couldn't help feeling sorry for it as it laid there, sprawled out so pathetically. But it would recover with time, she told herself, and its owner would no doubt come to find it quite soon.

{Mission complete.} the Beldum stated, hovering back down to Ashley and fixing her with the unyielding stare of its lens again.

{We-we beat the meanie!} Kula stated, jumping up and down in excitement, {Little Kula and the funny shiny person beat the meanie!}

"Good job, Kula!" Ashley said, bending down to pick up the Snorunt again and hugging her tightly, "You too..." she added to the Beldum "Say...I haven't heard your name yet, have I?" she added thoughtfully, "What are you called?"

{Name?} the steel type echoed, once again sounding confused for a moment, {Oh...you mean my serial number.} it added after a while, {MR 07}

"MR 07?" Ashley repeated, shaking her head, "Nah, that sounds too...artificial. From now on, I'll call you...Marvin! What do you think of that?"

{Marvin...} the Beldum repeated, nodding, {Affirmative. Name is equal to Marvin.}

Ashley shook her head again. "You're still thinking like a machine..." she noted, sighing, "Oh well, we'll just have to work on that with time." she cast a glance at her surroundings, "Speaking of time, it's about time we got out of here. More Joint grunts will probably arrive any minute. Let's go!" she gestured for the Beldum to follow her.

{Affirmative...let's go...} Marvin repeated dutifully, hovering behind Ashley at a steady pace.

December 6th, 2005, 12:31 PM
OOC: Marvin the Metagross. Has a nice ring to it....
Note: John can only do his telepathic stuff with Ring as she is a psychic type.

IC: John lay still under his seat. Ring spoke out mentally into his head. Could they contact telepathically? She had asked what was happening. John had replied that he was in trouble and they needed to be very quiet. Ring understood and sent a 'OK' message.
"Brilliant!" thought John, "Now that we can contact telepathically, we'll be the masters of stealth! No-one will find us!"
Ring cheered in his head.
{Yay! We're um...sta...stea...}
"Stealthy," replied John as a thought.
{That's it! I'm happy again. Yay!}
The Gear grunts were discussing something. It was to do with Team Joint. John was reminded of the others. A stop loomed up. The Gear grunts procceded to get off. John followed them. He was in North East Barrel. The street was dim lighted and John set off at a brisk pace. He took only two steps then...
(Can't be bothered about the future tense)
he saw a green and yellow blur heading up the street. It was deserted, but the blur was hidden well and hard to see. It bounded into him. John looked down. It was a pokemon.
{Hey, what you doing?} it yelled.
Ring heard the pokemon.
{Hi there, who are you?} she asked friendily.
{Dosen't matter, Ralts!} The pokemon spat the name out, as if he was disgusted.
Ring took this offence seriously. She began to cry.
{Waaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!} she wailed loudly.
"What did you do that for?" shouted John as Ring cried on his shoulder.
{Huh, she was annoying} replied the pokemon.
"She was just asking your name!" retorted John, "So who are you?"
{Okay, okay, I'm an Electrike, by the name of Neco. Who are you, and who's she?}
"She's Ring, a lovely Ralts, and I'm John, a trainer of sorts."
The two sides stared at eachother. Ring had stopped crying and was now emmiting large snivels. They weren't going to get on...

Alter Ego
December 6th, 2005, 1:33 PM
OOC: Yeah, doesn't it? XD And it fits a Metang nicely too. ^^ I really got that name from 'Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy' at first (Yes...shame on me.), and I've been using it on my NetBattle Metagross (Who annoys the beejezus out of my opponents with its moveset XD) for quite a while. But don't worry, this Marvin won't complain about the ache in all the diodes on his right side. ^^ Erm...I think... o.O

Anyways, the authorities above (I.e. My parents) have decreed that it's time for me to get off the computer for the day so I'm afraid I don't have the time to write up an IC at the moment. Plus, I already worked myself a good bit closer to a carpal tunnel syndrome with my last one. XD And besides, I don't want to leave the others too far in the dirt. Be back tommorow. ^^

December 6th, 2005, 4:51 PM
*ish all confuzzled by John's weirdness and hides behind bazooka*
I'm taking that they ran off in seperate directions.


It seemed like it was going to work,after Tessie told the grunts that there were cardboard boxes near the Meditite Motel they had passed earlier.Though,one of them had to remember what their boss had said,and it didn't help when Ring decided to pop out of John's bag.

Jinger was already half way down the street when Ashley called them all to run.She heaved a sigh of relief as the two grunts chose to chase after Kevin and Ashley,before relising that one was standing behind her!

"Gah!"she ducked out of the way just before he had a chance to grab her with his huge,burly arms.

"Get back here you!Bet you've got a pokemon too!!"he ran after Jinger,arms outstreched.

"Look,kind Sir,I know nothing of your plans with the cardboard boxes,please,couldn't you just leave me alone?!"she pleaded,sounding rather unfeeling.The girl gulped as a Slugma appeared beside the man.

"I'll..take that as a,yes?"she laughed nervously,before continuing to run.

{Ouch!Ouch!Momma!!}Beauhin called out irritably,the girl's possesions didn't hesitate to hit her over and over again.

{Whats happanin'?}she frowned as a comb hit her on the head.
"Slugma!Ember!"the grunt pointed to Jinger firmly.

"Hey!"the girl turned away in time as the flames barely missed enflaming her skirt.

"Okay you!That was just,rude!You know how much this skirt costs?!"she frowned,wagging one finger at the grunt,before realising what she was doing,and breaking into a run again.

They were gaining on her fast,no doubt because it was a pokemon and he was well built.The girl bit her lip in fustration,her eyes darting to the left and right of the alley they were running through.Slugma,Slugma was a fire type wasn't it?And,and fire types were weak against water,and Beauhin was a water type!Wait,the Feebas was only a baby,how could she possibly know any attacks?

Knowing that it was no use trying to hide her in the bag,Jinger slowly brought the Feebas out while continuing in a run.

"Look,Beauhin,these mean men want to take you away,so,now you go run and hide.Don't worry,Mother'll be fine."she told the Feebas encouragingly,looking behind her back.A grin appeared on the Slugma's face as he narrowed his eyes.
Beauhin,partly dazed by the objects which hit her in the head,thought that she was only hearing things.Not waiting for a reply,Jinger threw the Feebas onto the floor.

"Go,Beauhin!"the Feebas sat there,beside her mother,tilting her head in confusion.

{What?}she asked.

Jinger sweatdropped as the Slugma and grunt finally caught up with her.

"Look Sir,let me go,just this once?"she clasped her hands together and begged,though,the possibilty of getting what she wanted were negative to a hundred.The grunt laughed at the sight of the girl begging him,while his Slugma proceeded to stare at Beauhin.

{Whats ur problem?}she narrowed her eyes,as the Slugma became agitated and leapt towards her.

"Gah!!"Jinger bit her fingernails,quickly grabbing her Feebas before the Magma pokemon had a chance to fry her.

Beauhin,she wasn't happy about this,not one bit,they were making Momma scared,and she didn't like that.


Jinger closed her eyes,too terrified to watch,but Beauhin,she gathered up her courage and seemingly hovered in the air.Elegant swirls of water appeared out of nowhere and hit the Slugma squarely on his body.Surprisingly,sending the magama pokemon back into a pile of garbage bags.
The grunt and Jinger gapped their mouths open in shock,had the Feebas just used an Water Pulse Attack?

"Beauhin,do that again,on the nasty man."Jinger pointed at the grunt,who instinctively backed away.

"Come on!"Jinger held the Feebas in the arms as they dashed out of the alley.A grunt and his pokemon lay on the pavement,half dazed.

Random Plushie
December 6th, 2005, 10:20 PM

So this is what I get for not turning in a signature? XD

Anyways, I need a battle scene, I do. Been itching to write one for a while now. Sorry if the post is too long because of it. XD


It was a fact that Tessie was scared silly when things began to take a turn for the worst. First, the Grunts had remembered something their Boss had said, which was good enough for them to prove her information wrong.. And then Ring had just happened to wake up and make an exclamation.

Yes, she was very scared at this point.. A bit awed when Kula performed her first Powder Snow, but not enough to relieve her fear.

Ashley called out for the others to run for it, and immediately Tessie complied without a word, turning around and beginning to sprint, only to be stopped by one of the Grunts that hadn't been distracted by the Powder Snow.

Apparently he had originally been chasing after Ashley, but at the sight of Tessie trying to escape..

"Yo! Where exactly do you think you're going!?" He shouted, the fierce expression on his face being all it took to make Tessie quiver at the knees, clutching the bundle that was Chako even closer.

"I-" She had barely gotten the word out when the Grunt released his own Pokemon--a particularly agitated Numel popping out of the Pokeball the Grunt had thrown into the air.

As the Grunt commanded a Tackle from his Numel, Tessie cried out in fear, the first audible sound she had made to represent her fear.

And that was when Chako first began to burn. Burn with pure intinct, one that repeated simple words in his head again and again. Protect.. Fight.. No mercy.. For mother..

The Seviper instantly began to hiss maniacally, squirming his way out of Jinger's blanket while Tessie panicked and immediately put him down on the ground, just in time for the very blanket to be ripped to shreds by accident, courtesy of Chako's tail.

"Chako, wha-!" She didn't have time to finish, watching as the Seviper took the Tackle before it hit Tessie, recoiling in pain, but never pausing in his hissing, instantly using the momentum gained from Numel's attack to lunge back at the Ground-Fire type, then Wrapping around it.

The Grunt clenched his fists as he saw this, shouting out as Chako began to constrict the Wrap attack around his Numel.

"What? You all have Pokemon!?" He said, shaking his head before clenching his fists and going into battle mode. "Fine! Whatever! I'll just have to take that snake for myself! Numel, Ember!"

Numel, its agitated expression twisting into anger, immediately released the commanded attack onto Chako's skin, forcing him to let go and retreat before it took too much damage, all the while continuing to hiss.

"Chako, I.." Tessie stuttered. She was very worried.. But.. Apparently now was the time to carry out this battle. "Wrap it again! Then Bite!"

Chako complied without hesitation, leaping back towards Numel and instantly constricting again, baring his fangs threateningly for a milisecond before biting down with them, causing a shriek of pain to erupt from Numel.. A good four seconds later, of course, since Numel naturally react a bit late.

"No! Numel, you have to hit it with a good Ember!" The Grunt cried, just as Chako ended his Bite attack.

Of course, Tessie was by no means going to let that happen.

"N-No, don't let it! Bite again!" Tessie shouted.

Chako reacted just when Numel released another volley of Ember, the flames scorching the Seviper's skin just a bit, however Chako continued the Bite attack anyway, swallowing the urge to hiss and clamping down with his fangs as hard as he could. Fight! Protect!


A good four seconds later, Numel cried out in pain, toppling over as he fainted, collapsing onto the pavement. The Grunt took in the whole thing for about as long as Numel took to react to the pain, shaking his head in disbelief, recalling Numel without a word.

"No.. I didn't lose.. Boss would kill me.. He doesn't need to know.." He whispered to himself, eventually running off to join another Grunt that seemed to be running away, away from the direction that Jinger had run off.

Chako squealed happily, instantly lunging back towards Tessie, wincing a bit when he realized that he still hurt from the Ember attack.. Probably a burn.. Oh well. He had succeeded in protecting mother, and that was all that mattered.

"Oh, Chako! That.. Amazing! That was amazing! M-My first real battle!" Tessie exclaimed, hugging the serpant when he returned to her..

The emotion dwindled, however, once Tessie realized that she really hadn't moved at all, while the others had pretty much run away.

"Ashley! Jinger! Kevin? Anyone?" She shouted, standing back up and looking around. Apparently the rest of the Grunts had chased after everyone else.

December 6th, 2005, 10:45 PM
"Beauhin!A great job you did,the Water Pulse attack was divine!I never knew that such a....that you,you'd know that attack."Jinger smiled to the Feebas in her arms,reaching into her hand and pulling out a familiar beret.

"For a job well done,I'll let you wear this beret,deal?"the girl laughed,placing the hat onto her pokemon's head.Beauhin merely smiled contently and hugged her mother.

{Yeah,yeah,I've been missin' doin' dis.}the Feebas cuddled close to Jinger,who had quietly followed the running grunt and Slugma in hopes that they would lead her back to the place where the rest were.

Staring out of the alley,making sure that there were no grunts,when suddenly,another ran past her,though,he seemed too preoccupied to notice.Cautiously,the girl took a few steps out of the alley,only to see Tessie there,with a rather tired-looking Chako.

"Tessie!Is Chako alright??Is,is my blanket alright?!"Jinger ran up to them,noticing shreds of a familiar material on the pavement around them.

"Where are the rest?Did the grunts chase after them as well?"Jinger asked the girl,looking up from the torn pieces of blanket.

Random Plushie
December 6th, 2005, 10:55 PM
Tessie was relieved to see Jinger step out of the alley, but sighed when the girl reminded her of Chako's condition. She was perfectly aware that Chako may have gotten a burn from his actions, but she really didn't have any Pokemon-related items on her other than a few old gadgets..

She decided to respond before she became too lost in thought.

"Chako was just in a battle.." Tessie said, smiling proudly, although it quickly faded when she saw Chako wince in pain again, instantly stroking the Seviper gently. "..Do you have a Burn Heal on you, though? Yeah.. He needs one.." Tessie then paused to glance down at the ground, where the remains of Jinger's blanket lay.

"And I promise I'll buy you a new blanket one day!" She quickly added, smiling sheepishly.

She quickly changed the subject, however.

"What happened to you? Did you manage to avoid those Grunts?"

December 6th, 2005, 11:38 PM
Okay,I just swallowed bubblegum.o.0


"Oh,I might have some of the burn thingys."Jinger let Beauhin sit on her shoulder as she rummaged through her bag.The girl pulled out what looked like a can of green bug spray or something at first sight.

"Here,I packed all the things I found in Father's drawer before coming out."she tossed the Burn Heal to Tessie.

"And,you needn't get me another blanket,that one was old enough anyway."Jinger added,taking a look at Chako's body.

"Ouch."she was glad that Beauhin didn't get hurt like the Seviper did.

"I didn't manage to avoid the grunt,I managed to beat him!"she scoffed at the girl's statement.

December 6th, 2005, 11:55 PM
What up im new to all of this so treat me well

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Hello everyone im new getting used to everything

December 6th, 2005, 11:57 PM
Does anyone play any mmorgs???????

December 6th, 2005, 11:59 PM
Does anyone play any mmorgs???????

December 6th, 2005, 11:59 PM
i do
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opps sorry people that was my little brother

Alter Ego
December 7th, 2005, 5:27 AM
OOC: Okay, what the-

TheReturnerZ...this isn't a friggin' chat room. <_< Really, now I have to go through the bother of calling someone to clean up this mess you made. Pfft...read before you write. =_=


"Okay...does anyone have any idea of where we are?" Ashley asked after a while, sighing heavily as she sat down on a nearby bench, carefully placing Kula by her side before beginning to massage her aching legs.

{Erm...nope.} the little Snorunt replied, {Doesn't mama know? Kula has never been in the big world before.} a flicker of anxiety entered the ice type's expression again, {Is mama mad at Kula now?} the snorunt asked, looking like she was about to burst out into tears.

"Oh, oh, of course not!" Ashley replied hastily, lifting up the Snorunt and hugging her again. Despite her recent battle prowess, Kula still seemed to be very much the same, insecure little child deep down, and now that mama wasn't in danger anymore and the exhileration of the battle was over, her old behaviour was quickly returning.

"How about you, Marvin?" she added as the Snorunt quieted down again, glancing up at her newly acquired Beldum hopefully.

{Negative.} the steel pokmon replied, {No data of current location found.}

"So we're officially lost then..." Ashley sighed, leaning back a bit and casting a glance at her surroundings. She seemed to be in a crossing of some sort, a fairly sizeable circlular lawn with a path of grey pavement going straight through it, forming a smaller circle within the circle of grass where two benches had been placed, facing opposite directions. Despite the run-down feel of the place, with the long, tangled, and unkempt grass and the sheer amount of wear and tear on the faded old benches, it was a strangely relaxing spot. A small respite of green among the browns and greys that seemed to make up most of Barrel City, and Ashley found herself strangely at ease there. "I wonder if the others are allright..." she said, stroking Kula a bit more. There was no point for her to be running around in circles, odds were that she would just get even more lost than she was now. After all, the place did seem to connect to a great deal of other places. With a little luck, the others would run into her...if they had made it.

Marvin merely hovered beside his trainer, unaware of the emotions running about in the girl's head. He had the distinct feeling that there was something missing. Something he ought to remember...something within the ominous darkness in his mind...something important. But for some reason he could not bring himself to remember what. The only thing he could remember was the master, Ashley. She was the one...the one who was always right...the one who he could trust...the only one he could trust...the one with the answers to his questions...oh, if only he could remember his questions...

Random Plushie
December 7th, 2005, 7:36 AM

Too bad I'm repairing my Bubu clones right now. XD


"Thank you!" Tessie said quickly before catching the Burn Heal, turning it over until she was holding it properly. She bent down and quickly scanned Chako's skin to identify the burnt areas, and all the while the Seviper was observing, not really sure what mother was up to.

Eventually she actually sprayed the medicine onto the Seviper, who didn't move seeing as how he felt nothing at all, using up the whole can like she had seen her father do so many years ago.

"Ah, so we both won our first battles, then." Tessie stated, throwing a smile at Jinger as she stood back up, tossing the empty Burn Heal in a nearby trash can. "But I strongly suggest we find the others before we do anything else."

As she said that, Chako's burns already seemed to have been dissipated, the Seviper himself feeling much better, slithering closer to Tessie's side as he focused on Jinger.

December 7th, 2005, 10:12 AM
OOC: The ReturnerZ, what the hell are you doing in this thread? This is invitational, so go away and delete those posts. May I remind you that double posting is against the rules? And then you just posted six times in a row. Please read the rules, and learn some proper grammar.

Rule A-This is invitational, so if I have not PM approved you, you are not allowed to post in this thread.

IC: John and Neco faced off for a bit longer. Neither of them liked the other, but they knew they hadn't come together by accident. Something had drove both of them to this place.
{John, he's mean and bad. I hate him!} said Ring again telepathically.
"Yeah I know. but we're stuck with him now," replied John.
{Okay, what are we doing?} asked Neco gruffly.
As soon as he asked that John heard the unmistakeable scrrech of a monorail.
"Getting on that."

John vaulted the ticket barrier and ran down the steps. The monorail's doors were closing. Neco leaped aboard and hid under the seat. John managed to leap onto it. He hit the deck, and lay sprawled out. No-one was in the carriage, save a few locals. They were all reading magazines.
"Neco, quick come up," commanded John. Neco was suspicious as he smelt other humans. However he jumped up, and landed on John's shoulder. Ring peeped out from behind John. Neco was easily two or three times the size of her. Yet she was a newborn and also small for one.
The monorail entered a dip and the carriage started rattling violently. Ring got scared and started shaking with fear.
{Help! It's scary!} she wailed. Luckily there was lots of backround noise and only John and Neco could hear.
{Be quiet! Those humans are dangerous!} hissed Neco.
"Shush Ring, we'll be okay," said John warmly.
Ring heard her trainer's words and cheered up. She could always count on John to make her strong.
Neco snarled and darted down as another member of the carriage briefly glanced at John.
{Stupid humans!} thought Neco. His mind was full of rage and hatred for humans as he said that.

December 7th, 2005, 1:35 PM
OOC: *dies again* XDD Hey! A rare post! Aren't you all delighted?! ^^;


As Kevin was running with Adeline in his arms, he came to the realization that he had absolutely no idea where he was going. He soon slowed and stoped on a street corner, looking very out of place. The buildings were a bit grimy, and Kevin winced as he thought of how dirty everything was.

"I think we've ended up on the wrong side of town Adeline," he said slowly, his stomach churning from a man's smoke. He was smoking a cigar, and a rather smelly one at that.

Kevin couldn't take it though, and as he choked, turned to the man, "P- Put that thing, ugh, out will you?! You're killing, ogh, me!"

The man stared at the boy for a moment, and then blew a huge cloud of smoke at Kevin's face. Kevin glared back at the man as he choked even more. The man decided to leave though, and he slowly began to shuffle away. Adeline didn't like that the man had made her 'mother' choke, and she leapt out of Kevin's arms, which wanted to wave the smoke away from his head anyway, and chased after the man, latching onto his pant leg with her tiny teeth.

"GAH! Get your stupid pokemon off me!" the man yelled, waggling his leg.

Kevin looked up to see Adeline get kicked off by the man, she flew back about five feet and smacked hard into a wall. Kevin felt not anger towards the man that had just kicked his pokemon though, but embarrassment that his first pokemon had done that and been so weak.

He let the man go without another word, and then walked up to Adeline. "Thanks a lot Adeline, you made me look like some hack. Let's go! Are you alright?" he said, looking down at her. Adeline looked back up. Her head was swimming a bit, and she felt dizzy, but she stood up anyway.

{Yes... I think so,} she said, walking a bit strangely. Kevin nodded, "Come on, let's find the others. Or at least find out where we are. They can't have gone that far...."

OOC: For the record, I would most certainly care if my pokemon got kicked by a stupid man. Just wanted to say that so that no one accidently associates me with Kevin. O_O Though, I wouldn't think you good people would make that mistake. One time I played a really rude and annoying person in an RP, and some of the people playing thought that I was really like that. Erm... no.... o.O

Oh yes, and no Houndour or cigar men's legs were harmed in the writing of this post. ^___^

December 7th, 2005, 4:17 PM
"Shouldn't we find the rest?I mean,come on,we've got to check whether they're alright.And,no doubt their missing me already."Jinger asked Tessie after she had sprayed the Burn Heal onto Chako.

Truthfully,it was her who was feeling rather uneasy with only Tessie there,but,she wasn't going to tell the girl and Seviper now was she?She then decided to back away as Chako slithered back to the girl's side,staring at her again.

"I know I'm beautiful,but could you stop staring?It's scary."Jinger finally managed to say,taking the beret from her Feebas' head and placing it back onto its rightful place on hers,now that the drizzled had subsided.

{Chako,my Momma,she really tha pretty isn't she??}Beauhin,still on the girl's shoulder,asked the Seviper.

Random Plushie
December 7th, 2005, 7:34 PM

Yibber, Tessie already asked that. XD


"Staring?" Tessie repeated, before following Jinger's gaze down to Chako, who indeed had been observing the girl. "Oh, Chako, stop that, it's freaky." She said, playfully flicking the Seviper's back.

He muttered something softly, slithering behind Tessie so that most of him was cut off from Jinger's point of view.

{Pretty?} The Seviper asked, directing his voice towards Beauhin. {I find her helpful, not pretty.. Besides, she was a potential threat earlier, just like everyone else.. And so I must always keep an eye out.. For mother.} He concluded, saying nothing more.

"Well, come on, then." Tessie said to Jinger, turning the other way and starting to walk. "The sooner we start searching, the better."

Chako followed without a word, his shifty eyes flicking from one object to the next, sometimes across the street and sometimes in an alley they were passing.

Right now, Tessie was heading in the direction she had seen Ashley run in.. Or was this where Kevin ran off to? She couldn't tell, the rain had left behind it a slight fogginess that made it a bit harder to see than usual.

December 7th, 2005, 7:58 PM
Bah,I knew that,I purposely made Jinger repeat it.She didn't listen to Tessie.XP

"Thank you."Jinger thanked Chako and Tessie as the Seviper finally looked away from her by taking place behind his mother.

{Naw,Momma's pretty and helpful.}Beauhin told the Seviper as he stated that the girl was more helpful than pretty.

{And,she ain't no threat.She's me momma,and she'll protect me and beret over there with'er life!}the Feebas said firmly upon hearing the Seviper's last comment on Jinger being a threat like 'the rest'.

"Coming,don't rush,now that the dreadful rain is gone,this fog comes along,if I choke to death,you'll all be at the hearing."Jinger followed after Tessie and Chako,exaggerating on the fogginess which had replaced the mild drizzle.

Random Plushie
December 7th, 2005, 9:15 PM
Tessie rolled her eyes, deciding not to comment for her own good. She merely kept trudging, looking into allies along the way, just in case one of the group was hiding somewhere in there.

{Trust needs lots of time to build..} Chako stated towards Beauhin as he followed Tessie. And from his earlier actions, he was obviously referring to a lot of time.


The only sound one could hear was the faint creak of the shop's second floor sign as the wind blew past, some debris from the recent downpour tumbling along the dirt road. That was all that remained of the pavement that used to line the street, and also towards the city limits.

The shop itself was rather quaint and run-down, but considering how old it was, it was actually in pretty good condition. The dull mustard-yellow paint had become even duller through the years, and the old garage door was still sealed tightly shut since it had been when the shop was closed.

However a large, meter-high hole as wide as an adult male with arms outstretched was torn into the metal that was the garage door, but even so, it seemed to be barricaded by a old, broken down vehicle that had been worn down beyond recognition. The car was blocking the only visible entrance to the building besides the closed windows, which were locked from the inside, and the emergency exit behind the building, but even that was locked.

Team Joint hadn't bothered checking this area for human presence or Pokemon presence for a few months now.. The area was already labeled 'abandoned', even to the public. Even most Wild Pokemon that bothered to stray into the city wouldn't consider living here.

Except for one.

A large yawn sounded from within the car-barricade, causing the heap of metal to quiver a few times before suddenly, a teddy-bear like head popped up from the passenger seat, a cresent-shaped symbol embedded on its forehead. It blinked its cute little eyes once before quickly becoming bored with the whole 'abandoned' theme, falling backwards into the seat of the car and going back to sleep.

December 7th, 2005, 9:39 PM
Why ish everyone fore-shadowing??!?!!?XD

Makes me wanna foreshadow too.^^
BUT,I shall not,for like,no apparent reason again.


{Trust?Ya don't trust nobody cept' fer ur momma??}Beauhin tilted her head,or rather,whole body,since there was no visible neck on a Feebas.Wondering why the Seviper on the street seemed so over protective.

{Ya needn't be so scared for everythin' ya know!}the Feebas grinned happily.

"So,where are we going,exactly??"Jinger asked Tessie,twirling her red hair with her fingers,deciding to tone down on the complaining since the girl was ignoring her.She hated getting ignored,yes.

Random Plushie
December 7th, 2005, 9:47 PM
{Well.. Perhaps you can be trusted..} Chako hissed back, glancing towards the Feebas for a split second before catching back up with his 'mother'. {And scared isn't what I'd say..} He said nothing more, falling back into one of his 'eerie silence' moments.

"I remember seeing Ashley.. Or Kevin.. Running down this way. So now I guess we're following their trail." Tessie replied, looking straight-forward in front of her, a smile beginning to spread on her face when she realized that Jinger wasn't complaining anymore.

She fell silent, though, when she realized she could smell something.. Rather different. Like grass or something. She hadn't smelled this kind of plant-smell in a while. Were they headed towards a garden or something?

December 7th, 2005, 10:09 PM
{I am glad to earn ur trust then!!}Beauhin bowed as low as she could on Jinger's shoulder,nearly falling off.

"Hey,watch it."the girl warned her Feebas,grabbing her tail with one hand,pulling the fish pokemon up show she wouldn't fall splat onto the street.Jinger looked up to what seemed like the smell of grass.

"Gah,do you smell that?Is it dead grass?!"the girl jumped up in shock,Beauhin holding tightly onto her neck.

December 7th, 2005, 10:59 PM
OOC: Gah, I am really tired. I can just about post an IC.
School matters.

IC: The monorail train drew up to the stop John had first gotten on, Eastern Drive. John got off, Neco silently trotting behind him. Ring stared down from above.
{Meanie} she muttered, but no-one heard her.
John however was busy working out a route.
"So left there, then a second right..." he said to himself. The others watched him, then they got on the move. A couple minutes of silence passed as the group moved down backstreets silently. John looked ahead. He could see the faint outlines of two figures.
{Be careful John} said Ring, as he approached them.
{WHAT THE **** IS HE DOING?} thought Neco again, {IS HE INSANE?}
Apparently to Neco, John was insane. He kept on approaching the figures. Every step Neco got more angry, and Ring got more scared. Eventually she ducked her head back into the backpack. John was now very close. Neco muttered something about imbeciles and jumped out of sight.
John could see who the figures were now faintly. There were two big ones, one long one and a very small one.
"Is that Jinger and Tessie?" thought John. His back hairs stood on end.

December 7th, 2005, 11:14 PM
How'd John end up there?Did Tessie and Jinger walk tha long?

And like,dude,JINGER AIN'T SMALL!!!!!XD
She'll come after you for saying that.^^

Jinger was about to continue whining about the smell of grass,when she felt that they were being watched by somebody.The girl turned to her right,to see a boy and an Electrike staring at her and Tessie.

It was John!

"Oh!!John!you okay??Did you manage to get away from the rest off the nasty grunts?"Jinger called out without hesitation,grabbing onto Tessie and dragging her along in the same manner of which she did in 'The Bike'.Not really noticing that the boy looked rather petrified to see her and Tessie.

{Heya!Where's Ring?}Beauhin waved one fin to the Neco.

December 8th, 2005, 9:07 AM
OOC: Your Electrike has a potty mouth Pete. XD


Still feeling slightly dizzy, Adeline wobbled her way down the street with Kevin, her stomach churning a bit too. She was trying to be strong, she didn't want Kevin mad at her again, though it was silly to pretend to be well when you weren't. If Kevin yelled at her, maybe she could just try to bite his finger again. She puzzled about this as they walked past a man standing on another streetcorner, waiting to cross the street.

"Excuse me Sir?" Kevin said with a tone of annoyance at not being able to find the others, "But do you know where I am?"

Adeline was glad for the pause, she was starting to get a major headache.

The man looked over Kevin and his pokemon, and then folded his arms with a smile and answered, "Earth."

Kevin frowned, "Oh funny funny... that's really witty. I see then. Let's go Adeline." Kevin expected to hear the now familiar bark of Adeline's {OK!}, but heard silence instead. He turned around, and spied her lying on the ground, her eyes closed, "Adeline?! What are you doing?! Taking a nap right now! Get up!"

There was a gap in the cars on the street, and the man was about to cross when he said, "She looks unconscious to me laddie. And for the record, you're a pretty big idiot if you can't even tell that your pokemon's hurt. From the look of you; I'd say you probably don't care about anything or anyone, and they probably don't care about you either." He then dipped his hat, and crossed the street.

Kevin glared at the man as he left. How dare he say that to him?! Lots of people loved him! His family was rich and famous! Though... as he looked down at Adeline's unconscious form, he tried to think of people that knew him... truly knew the real him... and the only one he could come up with was his pet Magikarp when he was five years old. He looked down at Adeline... did she care about him? Or was she like his parents... using him to look good, to get more powerful, like a tool... a tool that could be discarded after messing up once.

He was certainly not like them! Or was he... hadn't he thought of Adeline as a tool...? Wasn't that the very thing he hated about his parents? He picked up the little Houndour's limp form. She was still breathing, but she wasn't looking too good.

"Come on Adeline, I'll find you a doctor or something...," he said, trying not to think about how inconvenient this all was.

OOC: Now, don't worry, just because Kevin's had this little realization doesn't mean he'll change a whole lot. Just a bit where Adeline's concerned. It takes more than that for humans to change. ^-^ Meh, just thought I'd say that.

December 8th, 2005, 9:08 AM
OOC: Two big ones, hmm... humans, a long one like a SNAKE and a small one AKA FEEBAS GOD BEAUHIN WOULD LIKE TO BATTLE. FEEBAS GOD BEAUHIN SENT OUT FEEBAS.
And I know the Electrike has a potty mouth, but at least he isn't a complete chav. Otherwise you'd hear

"OH MY DAYZ!!" at every single moment.

IC: {Right over here, Beauhin!} answered Ring happily, as she saw her friend. Neco however didn't look impressed.
{Oh boy, this is brilliant} he grumbled. John walked up to Jinger and Tessie. He did look scared, only because he thought they were going to flip out and kill him for giving them away.
"Yep, it's John," he called back sheepishly. Ring didn't notice his fear and started talking to Beauhin.
{And so we did this...}

Alter Ego
December 8th, 2005, 9:41 AM
"Come on..." Ashley said after a while, getting up on her feet again, feeling a good bit more refreshed "We can't sitt around all day. We have to at least try to look for the others."

{Okies!} Kula called enthusiastically, leaping up onto the girl's shoulder and smiling at her {Kula thinkings we try...} she spun around for a while before stopping, the right one of her stubby little hands pointing down one of the many streets that branched out from the circle of grass {That way!} she concluded.

Marvin turned his attention to the Snorunt, giving her a quizzical look but remaining strangely silent, as if it was physically impossible for him to speak with the ice type despite his obvious desire to do so. Kula caught onto this, turning to face the Beldum and tilting her head.

{Hmm...does Marvin want to ask something of little Kula?} she inquired curiously.

The steel type remained silent for a moment {Kula...is not an accepted interaction partner...} he stated at last, avoiding eye contact with the Snorunt and seeming to adress the air in general {Marvin may not interact with unapproved partners...}

{Wha-what's wrong with little Kula?} the Snorunt asked in reply, giving the Beldum a hurt look, {Kula has done nothing wrong to you!}

Ashley frowned, hugging the Snorunt a bit again "Marvin?" she asked, instantly gaining the steel pokmon's attention "How does someone become an accepted interaction partner?"

{Interaction partners are chosen by the master...} Marvin replied, {Unit Marvin may only interact with a partner whom the master has order him to interact with.}

"Is that so?" Ashley asked, stroking her chin thoughtfully, "Well then, I order you to talk with Kula when either one of you wants to."

{Affirmative.} the Beldum said, a small beeping sound emanating from him as he turned to the Snorunt who had now taken up quiet snivelling {Hello Kula. I have a question; how can you tell what direction we should go to?`}

Kula sniffed a bit more before replying, {Kula doesn't...she just spins around and points at the direction that feels best.}

{Feels best?} the Beldum echoed in confusion, {Feeling is random. How can a decision be made randomly?}

{It is easy.} Kula replied, tilting her head, {You just choose whatever. Like little Kula just did.}

{But how do you know what 'whatever' is?} Marvin asked, now utterly confused, {What is the definition for it?}

{Kula doesn't know what a def-defian-deiin-definini-" the Snorunt struggled with the word {Definiti-thingie is.} she concluded, scratching her head, {Whatever is just whatever.}

{Whatever is just whatever...} Marvin repeated thoughtfully, {Marvin sees...he must process this information} with that, the Beldum returned to his previous silent state, floating a bit to the right of Ashley's head as the group proceeded down the streets. The girl herself hadn't been paying much attention to the conversation between her two pokmon, focusing on finding the others instead. She had had no luck in that department though no luck at...hey, hang on.

The girl peered closer at the street opposite of the one she was walking on, there was an unconscious pokmon lying on the pavement, a Houndour, and a small one at that...and next to it...Ashley gasped.

"Kevin!" she exclaimed, paying no heed to common sense as she rushed straight over the street, causing a passing driver to stamp down hard on the breaks and honk in irritation. The girl didn't care though, rushing over to Kevin and Adeline with Marvin still dutifully following her.

"Kevin." she repeated, her eyes darting between the boy and his unconscious Houndour, "Kevin, are you allright? What happened to you? What happened to Adeline?" she leant down to examine the dog pokmon. Of course Ashley was by no means an expert at such things, but it seemed fairly obvious to her that the Houndour was still alive. She didn't look like she was feeling well though "We need to get her some help quick." she said, "Although that's obvious I suppose..." she bit her lip, casting a glance around her surroundings in search of someone to ask for directions but finding none.

"Marvin?" she asked the Beldum hovering next to her, although she didn't really get her hopes up, "Do you know any place where we could get her healed?" she gestured towards Adeline.

{Whatever is whatever.} the Beldum replied proudly, turning her attention to Ashley, {Marvin thinks you should just pick whatever.}

The girl ran a hand down her face in exasperation, whatever the Beldum had been discussing with Kula, it certainly hadn't made him much smarter.

OOC: Heh, there's a certain pattern to Marvin's development/thinking. Anybody care to guess what?

Random Plushie
December 8th, 2005, 10:02 AM

He learns by firmly planting whatever someone says to him in his brain. XD

By the way.. Plushie is sick.. So she couldn't post earlier.. And now I can taste that icky medicine that I took earlier. x.x

I'd rather be here sick than at school, though. XD


"Oh, hi John.. Thank.. Thank goodness you're alright." Tessie said, pausing to find the right words, although she only ended up finding slightly corny ones. Apparently she had reverted back to the old Ms.Un-Social.

Meanwhile, at Tessie's feet, Chako stared intently at Neco. He hadn't seen the Electrike before.. And to make matters worse, the Electrike seemed very moody and unpredictable. He knew John and Ring weren't that bad when it came to threats because they seemed nice, much like everyone else in 'the Clan', but this Electrike..

His tongue flicked in and out as he observed Neco, sticking close to Tessie.

December 8th, 2005, 12:19 PM

Kevin looked up as Ashley raced over. "Oh... well, I don't know. She did get kicked into a wall a little bit ago when she attacked a man's leg. We walked for a while after that. Then she just... fainted like this," he said, trying to think. She had seemed a bit wobbly... but he hadn't thought anything of it.

He looked over to the Beldum that was now with Ashley. "Is that your pokemon?!" Kevin gasped, as Beldum were quite rare pokemon, "Amazing! But... that's a good question... perhaps there's a Pokemon Center around here? Maybe we should ask a few people-- hopefully ones that don't have witty answers."

OOC: The shortness!!! ACK! I have class in a few minutes... must go!

December 8th, 2005, 1:23 PM
OOC: It would be funny if someone got a Zangoose and it started fighting against Chako...

IC: Neco stared at Chako intently. He studied the Seviper, analyzing all his details, in case they might prove useful. Just a little weakness....
Ring was still talking to Beauhin.
{So I did my confusion on the person, and they went all weird. It looked funny!} she giggled. She found most things hysterical. Except when they hurt her, and she started wailing. She waved her arms around, signalling 'Put me down'. John did so, and she waddled around on the floor happily. After all, who wants pins and needles?
Unfortunately she tripped over, and lay sprawled out on the floor. {It hurts....Ow!} she moaned as she tried to get up. It was hard for her, but she finally did it. Looking pleased with herself, and wuite dirty, she waddled over to John and hugged him. John saw how tiny she was. She barely stretched up to his knee.
"Seems like you can take care of yourself now, can't you?" said John warmly.
{I can? Yay!} replied Ring happily.
{You don't know anything about taking care of yourself!} snapped Neco.
"Hey! She's a newborn!" retorted John.
Neco offended Ring again. She buried her face into John's leg and cried.
{Waaaaaaagh! He's mean!} she wailed. John was getting serious dja vu. And now with Tessie and Jinger around....he looked embarresed. Hugely embarressed.

Random Plushie
December 8th, 2005, 1:48 PM

I was thinking that, too.. XD

As long as it stayed away from Tessie, I think it'd be all good. XD

I'm going to wait a little bit.. Can't think..

Alter Ego
December 8th, 2005, 1:54 PM
OOC: Dang, you hit the nail on the head Plushie. That's exactly how it works. ^-^ Goes for speech patterns too (Notice how he refers to himself in third person like Kula does), now just imagine what will happen when he starts picking up more accents, like say...Beauhnin's?{Hoot dang! Marvin doesn't know, mama!}, he ain't too exact about where he uses the terms he learns either, not developed enough for that. XD

And Pete...way to predict my pokmon choice! XD Yeah, I'm planning on giving Ashley a Zangoose, although it won't perhaps be a stereotypical one. Oh, and there will be a distinct speech pattern involved for that one too. But I suppose I'll take a bit of a break before I foreshadow him, seeing as how Ashley just got her Beldum. ^-^


Ashley's eyes widened in shock, "Kicked into a wall?!" she repeated, her voice sounding just a bit shriller than usual "And you still made her walk on her own after that?! What were you thinking?!" for the first time since they had met, Ashley felt a strong urge to slap the boy straight over the head for being such a total self-centered moron, but restrained herself, not wanting to turn everything into an argument when there was a Houndour in need of attention. She reached for the dog pokmon's unconscious form again, carefully inspecting the body for possible bone fractures and taking care not to make any ones that might exist there worse, although much to her relief she couldn't find any, although the poor thing did look a good bit bruised, and the left hind leg felt like it gave in a bit too much to the girl's liking.

"Yeah, Marvin's mine." Ashley replied absent-mindedly, "He helped fend of that Beedrill they sent after me. He insists on calling me master so I suppose that means he thinks of me as his trainer."

"Oh, if only there was something I could do..." she whispered quietly, tears beginning to make their way to her eyes without her even noticing. Adeline lying there, limp and quiet, it reminded Ashley of another time...the time when she and Seth had been walking on one of their mountain climbing expeditions again...how they had scaled that enormously high cliff, watching the waves crash into it so far below. And how they had found a Wingull lying there all abandoned, unable to flap its right wing, its cry so weak that it was barely audible above the roar of the waves. Ashley had freaked that time, much like she did now with Adeline, but Seth, he had...the bandana. He had taken his beloved bandana...Ashley perked up a bit as the thought struck him, quickly reaching for the clothing article and taking it into her hand, ignoring the way her hair instantly took up hanging way over her back and quite long over her face as well as she pushed aside the few locks that were in her way and bent down over the Houndour, firmly securing the bandana around the dog pokmon's left hind leg, a makeshift support just in case something was broken.

"That should help..." she said quietly, still looking slightly tear-eyed, "Just in case she broke something...now we really need to get her revived."

Kula watched the scene in somber silence, looking like she was about to burst out into tears again {Mama...} she said quietly, {Mama, is...is Adeline going to be okay?}

"I hope so..." Ashley replied, hugging the Snorunt tightly, as much for her own comfort as the ice pokmon's "I really hope so..." she dislodged her backpack from her shoulders, looking for a towel or something which could be used to better carry the poor Houndour, when her hand suddenly met with something that felt like an unusally coarse leaf. In slight confusion, she dug the object up. It was a small bundle of strongly scented leaves, crisp green in colour despite the fact that they had been stashed in there for quite some time. She stared at it for a moment, before finally remembering...her face now splitting into a genuine smile.

"Kevin." she said, a new energy entering her body, "I need you to get Adeline to swallow this." she held out the small bundle of herbs, "These are revival herbs." she informed him before the boy could ask, "The herbalist who helped me a year back gave them to me, said they were for emergencies. They're a bit old, but I think they should still work. Although they taste kind of bitter, so maybe it's best if you feed them to her. After all, she trusts you the most."

December 8th, 2005, 1:58 PM
OOC: And eventually Ring...
{Yay! It's funny!} cheered Marvin.
Hoot dang indeed.
And of course Neco...
{What the **** is she doing programming data in my body?}

December 8th, 2005, 2:16 PM
OOC: I can only imagine what the Zangoose shall sound like. XD


Kevin stared as Ashley yelled at him. He had a strong urge to yell back in defense of himself, but he couldn't think of anything to throw back at her. He had been careless... again. Though he had the distinct feeling that Adeline should have spoken up if something was wrong.

Ashley then held out the herbs and told him to feed them to Adeline.

"What?! You want me to reach into her mouth with all of those horrible teeth?! Then you want me to reach further and somehow get her to chew?!" he gasped, appauled that someone tell him to brave the beast's bite again, "Are you daft?!"

A small voice somewhere inside his head suddenly piped up though. It reminded him of his thoughts not too long ago... about not being like his parents. That was the sort of thing his parents would say... about him if he were sick.

He glared down at the old herbs for a moment and then sighed, swiping them out of Ashley's hand. "Oh fine. I'll do it... for... for Adeline," he said shortly, stuffing the herbs into the Houndour's mouth very slowly.

At one point the top of his hand nicked a tooth, and he pulled away quickly, but then he went on back in with more resolve, determined to defy his parents' ways. Once he got the herbs in, he took his hand out, and shrugged to Ashley.

"Now what do I do? I've never had to revive anyone! In fact, I've only ever seen people sick with common colds and once my father had pneumonia! That's it!" Kevin admitted, his tone still a bit angry and impatient with the whole situation.

Random Plushie
December 8th, 2005, 2:28 PM

{Relax, lay back, take a breather..}


Chako had been resisting the urge to hiss for a while now, taking note of how the Electrike seemed to be analyzing him in return, but quickly surpressed the urge when Neco seemed to have had offended Ring..

"Well, we shouldn't just be standing here. We should get on the move and look for the others." Tessie said firmly, trying to get the subject away from Ring's wailing.

With that, she began to walk in the direction that she had originally been heading in, gesturing for John and Jinger to follow.

Chako immediately tagged along, being careful not to look at Jinger for fear that the girl would go off about it again.

Tessie hadn't even walked that far when she noticed what looked like two Trainers on the corner in the distance. She seriously hoped it wasn't two Grunts.. Although she swore that the limp thing in one of their hands was a Houndour.

Alter Ego
December 8th, 2005, 2:35 PM
OOC: Heh, suffice to say that he shall have yet a distinctive accent to make the blend more complex for Marvin. ^^ You see, once he gets a wider vocabulary so to say he will start mixing the different styles up. He could end up saying things like 'Hoot dang! Marvin is so ****ing happy about this, mama!" In the end, it would probably be pretty hard to tell wether he's insulting someone or just trying to make casual conversation. XD

Incidentally, 'Hoot dang' is a very random term which I like very much for some reason. ^^


At Kevin's protest, Ashley had a good mind to start yelling at the boy again. She still hadn't fully gotten over the shock of what had just happened and was in no mood to be patient with the boy and his uncaring manner. Strangely enough, Kevin seemed to experience a change of heart on his own accord, crudely swiping the herbs from Ashley's hand and placing them inside Adeline's mouth with surprising determination.

"We just need her to swallow them." Ashley replied, watching the Houndour carefully. "The herbs will do the rest. She might get a bit of indigestion since we don't have the means to make her chew them at the moment, but it's far preferable to letting her stay like that. Just give me a moment."

The girl sat down on the pavement next to the Houndour, carefully placing the dog pokmon's head onto her lap before slowly tilting it upward until she was confident that the herbs had reached their destination.

"If they still work she should be up in a few minutes." Ashley said, allowing Adeline's head to return to its original position and watching the fire type intently. Kula followed the scene as well, although she stayed silent for the whole time to give mama the peace she needed for her work. Marvin on the other hand seemed puzzled by all the fuss going on. It was obvious that this unit had just been shut down for the moment, why didn't they just plug the power back in? A small jolt of electricity would do to start up the power circuit again...at least for the standard units. The Beldum remained silent however, mostly picking up the cue from those around him.