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KoBRe LaiR
November 26th, 2005, 1:39 PM
Brought to you by Dark Hacking inc.
Website: Click Here (http://psi.mihopa.com/index.php?id=fn) to view site.

An Introduction...
Pokémon Forest Nature is the sequel/remake to Pokémon Nature which is been created by Dark Hacking inc. Some of the plot is the same as in Pokémon Nature, with some changes made around. In this hack you'll be able to chose from two trainers, a boy and a girl. You can pick from a brand new branch of pokemons. Some of the characters in the game are new. With the exception of one. Can you guess who?

The Forest Nature Staff
Here is the list of the peple who bring to you Pokémon Forest Nature. Any help is also welcomed and if you like to help out with the hack let us know.
Hacker: KoBRe LaiR
Sketch Artist: Kukuru01
Revamp Artist: Barry
Spriters: Cowrie, Brushfire0605, pikafirefight

The Hero and Heroine
http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/6545/0015ys.png http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/6939/girl6kw.png

The Starters
Pokémon Forest Nature features a brand new line of starters who pack heavy power once evolved the propper way.
In the game you will be able to choose from either Blozzed the grass-poison starter, Volcanu the fire-ground starter or Zellex the Water/Ice-Dragon starter. To view more information about each of the starters from Pokémon Forest Nature.


Pokémon Forest Nature is a gae of its own. The game not only brings the introduction into the world of Hautson and it's legends and myths, but you are also welcomed to explored many mysteries hidden within the region. Pokémon Forest Nature also comes pack with a lot of awsome and newly features added to make it even exited. Some of the things you can expect from this hack are listed below.

:: 150 New species of brand new discovered Pokémon ::
:: Three new starters to choose from ::
:: Over 30 New Trainers Including A New Elite Four and Gym Leaders ::
:: Completly New Maps ::
:: New Intro At The Beginning of The Game ::
:: Over 30 New Attacks That a Pokémon Can Learn ::
:: New Plot And Better Storyline ::
:: More Two On Two Battles ::

http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/9170/batt0iq.png http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/8940/pic27ji.png
http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/8172/gym13ar.png http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/4686/gym25jx.png
http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/3033/drill3ku.png http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/8618/aquanto5hv.png

Below you will find a list of versions currently available to be played for Pokémon Forest Nature. To download just click on the version name and save it into your computer. This is a hack of Ruby so once you download it, you will have to patch it to a Ruby ROM. Please report any bugs you find in it, it means alot if you do since we will be able to fix them and not have them in the next release.

Pokémon Forest Nature Version 0.1 (http://psi.mihopa.net/forestnature/FNbetav01.ips) Download
Pokémon Forest Nature Version 0.2 (http://psi.mihopa.net/forestnature/FNbetav02.ips) Download*

*Beta v0.2 will be released on December 4th.

November 26th, 2005, 2:28 PM
Are the screenshots shown of Beta v0.2? Had a fast run through of the release in the previous thread (0.1?) and it's a very good hack. :D

MAR Heaven
November 26th, 2005, 2:36 PM
Wow looks really good if you need any help with spriting contact me. :D

November 26th, 2005, 3:58 PM
Awesome screens Kobre, I love this hack ^^

KoBRe LaiR
November 26th, 2005, 5:14 PM
Some of the new pokemosn you saw there are from the seocnd beta. I have new screens to show here too since I wanst able to upload more than 10.
So here... enjoy ^.^
More to come later.

Sign that shows the difference between Zyolan Town and Zyoforest.
"Oops! I jumped off a ridge XD"
Talk, talk talk...
Should I...?
Yeah! Ardyla CUT!!!
"Bugging Out! Verugia VS Wurmple. Who will win?"

November 26th, 2005, 11:39 PM
I would ask to help, but I feel I would mess up, such a masterpiece, great job!

November 27th, 2005, 5:33 AM
good work...
i like your storyline...
keep up the good work!

November 27th, 2005, 7:03 AM
This hack is amazing Kobre! This is one of the best hacks I've seen.

November 27th, 2005, 8:06 AM
Kobre, I have Downloaded Beta v0.1 but im unable to play it because I have Visual Boy Advance. Could you post instructions on how to patch it with Lunar IPS

November 27th, 2005, 8:37 AM
Kobre, I have Downloaded Beta v0.1 but im unable to play it because I have Visual Boy Advance. Could you post instructions on how to patch it with Lunar IPS
Vba should patch it, rename the .ips and the .gba so they have the same name in the same folder. Then open the .gba with Vba. :)

November 27th, 2005, 10:17 AM
Sorry, could you tell me in detailed steps...

November 29th, 2005, 8:37 AM
Sorry, could you tell me in detailed steps...
Say you rename the .ips file to 'Pokemon - Forest Nature' you have to rename the original rom to 'Pokemon - Forest Nature' aswell, then open up Vba, go to file then open.. and open the Pokemon - Forest Nature.gba and it should automatically load it with the .ips. :)

Treecko Fan 12
November 29th, 2005, 10:32 AM
This hack looks sooo mega good. I loved the original Nature version. It was totally the best Gold Hack ever. Now this looks like the best Ruby hack, hands down.

KoBRe LaiR
November 29th, 2005, 6:47 PM
Time for an Update...
Here are three screens of the first Gym Leader in Forest Nature.
Her name is Annabel and she runs the Zeffarro Gym. Her specialty are cute Pokmon and she is a very kind-hearted girl with a love for beauty.
Presenting the cutest girl in the gym... Annabel!!!
Annabel on her sideview.
The outside of the Gym.

Hmm.. I'm debating whether or not posting the images of the Pokmon that she uses or just post shadows of them.
But anyways I will have more screens as they come.

MAR Heaven
November 29th, 2005, 7:14 PM
Awsome Kobre Lair your a great Hacker! :D

Gaaradon Of The Dessert
November 30th, 2005, 7:05 AM
can i patch it to any version of ruby?

KoBRe LaiR
November 30th, 2005, 1:11 PM
You can but then that will not work always. It is usually recommended to patch it to a clean one.

November 30th, 2005, 1:43 PM
I thought that the first beta was great I can't wiat for the final

KoBRe LaiR
November 30th, 2005, 2:30 PM
There is no set date for the final release O.O lol
But probably in a year if all goes well.
Oh btw I;m giving previews of beta to anyone who I know and has me on MSN already and I mean already. So don't add me if you just want the beta because that will just get you me accepting you and blocking you. ^^
But if you already have me and I talk to you then just ask me there and I'll be glad to send you the copy in an IPS form. Look for me as "Reese" on MSN.

Gaaradon Of The Dessert
November 30th, 2005, 3:36 PM
i still cant get it to work tell me everything i need and step by step instruction, because i tried to get it to work for and hour,oh the 2nd version doesnt work, it say http 404 could not find it so i need a link to the second version.:shocked:

KoBRe LaiR
November 30th, 2005, 4:43 PM
Pokmon Forest Nature Version 0.2 (http://psi.mihopa.com/forestnature/FNbetav02.ips) Download*

*Beta v0.2 will be released on December 4th.
DOn't you guys ever learn how to read the * sign? It says below the thread that the link does not work yet. Since it hasnt been released.
And sorry I cant go step by step in here since all you need to do is open up the LIPS patch and just apply it.

November 30th, 2005, 5:13 PM
Lol Kobre is mad with you guys, you need to learn how to read >.>

December 1st, 2005, 5:19 AM
link dont work sorry

Gaaradon Of The Dessert
December 1st, 2005, 6:41 AM
it wont let me open the IPS patch, its says that its unknown or damaged. now what do i do?

December 1st, 2005, 12:30 PM
I NEED HEP TOO! What do i patch it too???

KoBRe LaiR
December 1st, 2005, 12:54 PM
Below you will find a list of versions currently available to be played for Pokmon Forest Nature. To download just click on the version name and save it into your computer. This is a hack of Ruby so once you download it, you will have to patch it to a Ruby ROM. Please report any bugs you find in it, it means alot if you do since we will be able to fix them and not have them in the next release.

Pokmon Forest Nature Version 0.1 (http://psi.mihopa.com/forestnature/FNbetav01.ips) Download
Pokmon Forest Nature Version 0.2 (http://psi.mihopa.com/forestnature/FNbetav02.ips) Download*

*Beta v0.2 will be released on December 4th.
Cant you guys read????
Wow you know it does get tiring if you dont read the thread and just post for anything.

December 1st, 2005, 2:21 PM
I think Kobre will have to make a sticky thread with the info so people would read it.

Gaaradon Of The Dessert
December 2nd, 2005, 11:05 AM
i cant wait for the next version!

December 4th, 2005, 8:52 AM
where's beta 0.2???

December 4th, 2005, 9:47 AM
yo... ill help u with this game. it has alot of potential but frankly(no offense) it needs quite alot of work... u need the backsprites, there are afew glitches, like being able to go into the wild before you get a pkmn. so i will be more than glad to help... im good at title screens(pokemon stone doesnt show it but pokemon atom does :). and wheres 0.2???? its the fourth of dec.

December 4th, 2005, 4:42 PM
looks good so far keep it up

December 4th, 2005, 11:27 PM
where is the dam beta!!!???

Mr Snrub
December 5th, 2005, 12:29 AM
is actually the 5th december now and still no beta

KoBRe LaiR
December 5th, 2005, 3:53 AM
where is the dam beta!!!???
With that attitude your only making it worse.
And I havent been able to upload anything since my dad shut the interent off, he cut cancelled my aco**** and now deicded to get AOL -.-
But yeah i just got it back after three days. So as soon as I get a chance I will post the new one, but give me time since now I just have enetered Finals for school so i need to study more than being online.

December 5th, 2005, 11:36 AM
sorry...ok then, im looking foward to the beta

December 5th, 2005, 6:42 PM
me too, i cannot wait :)

Mr Snrub
December 6th, 2005, 12:02 AM
does aol suk or sumthing i duno since is not in aussie

Ash's Apprentice
December 7th, 2005, 4:10 AM
Nice hack,keep up the good work! not only the game is more challenging, the sprites are good too

December 8th, 2005, 10:30 AM
This looks relly good. I'm downloading it to try it now!

December 8th, 2005, 11:44 AM
Whens bETA 0.2 gonna be ready?

December 8th, 2005, 4:31 PM
Please don't ask for betas since its against the rules, thank you.

the O rly? owl
December 9th, 2005, 7:22 PM
Alex, it is nice to see your hack is back in action and please remind me if the beta is out yet? Heck, I have not been to PokeCommunity for like... three months.

December 10th, 2005, 6:15 AM
this hack by far is the best hack ever KoBRe LaiR.

KoBRe LaiR
December 10th, 2005, 9:10 AM
Regarding the beta release.. unfortunatly my current internet server is kinda slow. And I'm working on getitng a faster one soon, thus this problem cuasing all my files tha tI uplaod take too long than they used to before. So what I've been doing is extending the beta to the econd gym. *please be noticed that the game does not follow the original mapping* ^^ It's way different than how Ruby is set up, but yeah you have to train hard to pass thorugh. What I am doing is giving beta rleeases form what i had to those instested by AIM. IM to KoBRe LaiR and just ask me for it.

As to where I will release a new beta here all depends on my internet connection to become faster. Plus I have a two sites, and other forums to be on as well.

Jason no problem and yeah your question had been answer on my abover writing

December 10th, 2005, 1:56 PM
If you give me the beta i can just upload it to my site for you...

December 10th, 2005, 4:09 PM
Firstly, the hack looks great, best i've seen yet! and second of all (not to be rude) but Jc rcw quite acting like your a moderator, cuz your not.:P

December 13th, 2005, 5:55 AM
once again good work kobre lair your doing great man

December 13th, 2005, 8:25 PM
um....how do i patch it to a rom?*new at this stuff ^_^'*

Mr Snrub
December 14th, 2005, 12:22 AM
use lunarips (get it at pokedrome.info;))

Digimon Kaiser
December 14th, 2005, 12:25 PM
Forbes, I had AOL once, and it is ****! I want the beta!

December 14th, 2005, 12:38 PM
Now.. This is what we're waiting for!

Respect to your work KL!

I'm impressed ones again

KoBRe LaiR
December 14th, 2005, 6:24 PM
Well I can't promise too much from this little preview since all I have been able to to work onso far its been map connections. You will need Rock Smash to go beyond the game as well as cut but the game map follows a different path for now. Although Rock Smash is not obtainable for now. Hmm... but yeah... Im working on finisheing up most of the map and tehn worko n editing text and events then the images and intro.
Pokmon Forest Nature Map Connection Beta (http://psi.mihopa.com/forestnature/FNbetav02.ips)

December 14th, 2005, 7:02 PM
Ok, Cool... I think i speak for most people when i say we've been waiting

Mr Snrub
December 14th, 2005, 10:33 PM
the 'volcanu' sprite is still a torchic as in the previous beta... and there are still no starter evolutions or backpics.. maps are gud tho

Pokemon Master XD
December 15th, 2005, 12:17 AM
I need to know how to change text... If you used scripted, PLEASE PM ME! I'm making a hack too, and I need to change the text.

December 15th, 2005, 9:35 AM
change text as in ltter style you use a program from the the elitemap package. Anyway this looks Brilliant, does the trainer picture come up when you talk to someone or something.
i gunna have to get you to teach me that one day.

December 15th, 2005, 9:43 AM
wow cool hack p.m me if you need any sprites

KoBRe LaiR
December 15th, 2005, 9:49 AM
First of all, if you read the link of the beta it says "Map Testing" and since that is a separate patch I have two different versions one with teh maps, then one with the graphics. This is only the map version of it with whaever i was able to mix with the old beta.
The pic doesnt really pop out but it does on the RMX version of the game ^^
No sprites added since this isnt the the official beta 2 release, its just a map test.
stellixlv255 if you have othing to talk about the hack do not post in my thread, your post was offtopic so please stay on topic.
I'm woring on more mapping well finishing up that whole forest where you before you get to the actual first gym battle, finishing up the route below the second gym, and trying to make an event so that you can use Rocksmash sooner than it is set up on Ruby, since you need it to get to the next town.

Mr Snrub
December 15th, 2005, 3:41 PM
ohh ok nise stuff tho dood

December 17th, 2005, 7:41 AM
how do i creat my own pokemon

Treecko Fan 12
December 17th, 2005, 9:45 AM
For starters, that question is completely off topic, second, CREATE has an E on the end, and third, your question should be punctuated with a question mark. Sorry if this sounds harsh, no offence meant.

Now to get back on topic.

Can't wait to see this hack complete, always been a fan of this hack, and of Pokemon Nature. I hope this gets finished ASAP, cause I'd love to be able to play it, though I am aware that you have a life outside of hacking and do need to live it, so I'm ok if I have to wait.

December 17th, 2005, 9:53 AM
I must admit this was the first ROM Hack I have ever played, and I am quite impressed with it so far...

I would love to see this progress till it is 100% complete... Usually over the years, I have seen a developer just stop after around 20% of completion, so props to you and I hope you continue :P

KoBRe LaiR
December 17th, 2005, 12:47 PM
Thanks guys for the support.
There have been times where I have wanted to just give up (even though FN is a group hack, I barely get any hackers on teh team to help ou, thanks to the spriters like Cowrie, pikafirefight and Barry as well as Brushfire0605 for graphics and to Accident for some help) FN still lives! ^^

SO far the hack is about 35% done. As in the whole hack. But about 30% of the whole ocmpletition has edited text and events. As far as graphics tahst where the 5% lies. Im still waiting for the sprites of the back pics and trainers to be sent to me.

Here is some other screens you can see for now. SOme of the mapping in the route after your first gym battle leading to the second second gym.
http://img482.imageshack.us/img482/9317/028hj.png[/URL] http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/6812/035je.png

And this is the other route leading you to the third second gym. (there were more routes and town maps that i could have showned but my computer is going slow so ill show more screens later)

http://img482.imageshack.us/img482/8061/102ds.png (http://img482.imageshack.us/img482/9317/028hj.png)


PS: be-cool12... post one more time on any therad not relating to in hack showcase with your quesitons and you'll be warned. tehre is anotehr forum for questions.

December 17th, 2005, 4:24 PM
Wow, looks promising, keep up the great work.

December 28th, 2005, 7:47 PM
really cant wait for this hack plaied the beta's and my friend enjoied the screen shoots

December 28th, 2005, 9:22 PM
The new Screens look good, keep it up.

December 28th, 2005, 10:34 PM
i agree with Chris-h11 good work (clap*clap)

December 29th, 2005, 6:13 AM
VERY good hack you've even impressed me T$T!

December 29th, 2005, 5:46 PM
nice job on the hack
ur maps r amazing

December 29th, 2005, 10:23 PM
pokemon foest nature seems to be very good.how can i get it????

[leni leni leni & typhlosion

December 30th, 2005, 3:55 AM
any way you can put my avi as a pokemon?

Omega Latios
December 30th, 2005, 4:04 AM
Looks Really Good ^^ Can't Wait To See More Screens ^^

KoBRe LaiR
December 31st, 2005, 8:38 PM
any way you can put my avi as a pokemon?
sorry but no.
pokemons are welcomed but that sprite is not a custom. it can be clearly seen what pokemons were used to make that sprite.

As for more updates. There wont be any until past february. i will be working hard though on the hack but youll get very few updates sicne i wanna keep more things as a surprise. the hack is almost 40% finish overall which isa big improvement for me ^^ most of it since i was bored one weekend and decided to hack but yeah I have a life outside of my life online and lately ive just been working more on my outside life than here and yeah *hintHint* :-( hence soon but not on 06 but later. :(

January 1st, 2006, 1:11 PM
take ur time kobre lair
no need 2 rush things here

KoBRe LaiR
January 28th, 2006, 7:36 AM
its been a while since my last update. ive been busy with some school work, job and the usual college essays and applications. but i have manage to get some free time to still work on FN, so dont think FN is gone.
Well as to updates, i manage to finish most of the maps so all that is left is to finsih all text and events as well as inserting sprites.
Expect a new beta 3 soon.

January 29th, 2006, 7:13 AM
great job, but if i may say, some advice on your sprites in there!
drillosell thing is an edited machop back, the dog things back is edited growlith and the like, crazy creature with the petals on its backside needs to be revamped, its not upto the standard this hack should be set. if you have changed these things now, then good, but it is an issue which needs to be addressed

January 31st, 2006, 2:59 PM
Hey these are custom can they be sprites. you dont have to use the rest just the sprites

Type- Grass
Ability- Overgrow
Height: 1"0 Weight 6 lbs
EGG- Grass/Feild

lv 1 Tackle
lv 1 Growl
lv 7 Razor Leaf
lv 10 Vine Whip
lv 15 Sythenis
lv 19 Absorb
lv 23 Magical Leaf
lv 27 Mega Drain
lv 33 Growth
lv 36 Spore
lv 42 Leaf Blade
lv 48 Solar Beam

Evolves into Spike Lv 16

Pokedex-Leaf Pokemon-Leafy is a very freindly pokemon and will try to become freinds with almost anything. this pokemon must be handled with care because they are known to cry when they are sad or even see another pokemon be defeated

On Blue Island http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/3670/leafy29rj.png

Anywhere else http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/5905/leafy37un.png

Type - Grass / Bug
Ability- Point Explode- If touched by another pokemon or attacked by a attack that involves touching spike . ex MEga Punch, Vital Throw. It will shoot out all points that do damage may poison. (dont worry they grow back)

Height 1 " 8 Weight 34 lbs
EGG- Grass/ Bug

lv 16 Poison Sting
lv 21 Rapid Spin
lv 23 Harden
lv 27 Self Destruct
lv 32 Needle Spin
lv 38 Spikes
lv 44 Pin Missle
lv 48 Pin Storm
lv 52 Explosion

Evolves into Frogla at lv 36

Type - Grass / Dark
Ability- Internal Darkness- When Frogla faints the arena turns dark with shadows for the next 3 turns.

Height- 2"4 Weight-40Ibs
EGG- Grass/Feild

lv 36 Leaf Blade
lv 40 Dark Tail
lv 45 Moonlight
lv 50 Petal Bomb
lv 55 Solar Beam
lv 60 Dark Beam

January 31st, 2006, 3:35 PM
can you upload the isp patch on a different site plz?

January 31st, 2006, 3:57 PM
the beta site does not work what do i do

KoBRe LaiR
April 1st, 2006, 3:45 PM
Unfourtunetly the site has been shut down but I will be working on having a new one back up soon. For the mean time I will try to see what I can do to post a new patch.

Dirty Little Secret
April 4th, 2006, 2:33 PM
You are still working on this hack? It looks even better than the last time I saw it!

April 7th, 2006, 6:34 PM
The screens look great keep it up!

D a n i e l
April 8th, 2006, 3:53 AM
@ Kobre Lair
Can could you please send me the file?
When I Click on the link,comes a "make thin site".
Maybe you can upload it here: -rapidshare.de-

Roxie Mika
April 9th, 2006, 5:40 AM
Pokemon Forest Nature Beta 2. (http://psi.mihopa.net/forestnature/FNbetav02.ips)

Problem solved. ^.^

D a n i e l
April 9th, 2006, 5:55 AM
Youre an angel^^
Thanks that was really really nice of you

April 11th, 2006, 4:16 AM
stiil dont work 4 me soz @_@!!!!

May 24th, 2006, 1:42 PM
i love your hack becose the male hero has smilar to rival in "crushgear"

May 29th, 2006, 6:31 AM
wow very good hack!! i like you palletes for pokemons unlike other hacks there pokemon looks weak and useless!!!

KoBRe LaiR
June 19th, 2006, 10:20 AM
KoBRe LaiR is back in action. =)
Well... as for the Forest Nature demos, I had one last one that had most of the whole first part playable, but unfourtunely i deleted when i thought id given up.
Im back now so ill start working with what i have... although dont expect updated too soon since i need to catch up during this summer...
so any suggestions are welcome, and the other thing is that new recruits for DHi are opening, so if you think you can be a part let me know. here or on a pm on revolution community. and the FN site and PSI will be back soon. as soon as i get my dsl back next month. =)

June 20th, 2006, 12:18 PM
*major glitch alert*
at the beggining when you save katty from a monster if you dont get a pokemon out and walk in grass you battle with a pokemon and the pokemon i used was ? just the unknown sign

another glitch prof katty and doggy were stuck in the tree!!!

? was obtained in trade
+it if fainted so i was using a fainted pokemon in battle

look at his moves and it goes fhudfgdfhgjfchgjdhghdfj all flowing across the screen

June 20th, 2006, 12:52 PM
fluffyfiremew, do not doublepost, as it is against the rules!
If you have something to add to your post, use the Edit button, please!

Glad to see you're back, Alex. :D
Too bad that you have to re-do parts of FN from the backup.
But knowing you, you'll get back to your previous working state easily.
Good luck homes.

master pokemon
June 20th, 2006, 3:24 PM
your game is cool

June 21st, 2006, 2:24 PM
i thought u finished this but i forget easily. yaaaay! this hack is GGGGGGGGGGGGGReat!

June 21st, 2006, 2:46 PM
What i have found alot of glitch's with sprite first is with the prof its the birch sprite than the starter sprites are still starters ,maybee i got a bad rom some one help me

June 23rd, 2006, 9:24 AM
This is quite a good hack (of what I've played so far). Your maps are definitly a plus, but I really like the new pokemon sprites. I usually dislike them, but their level of quality is much higher than other new pokemon that I have seen. Good work.

@ Ezxen: I don't think they are glitches - they just havent been done yet (for example, Torchic is still a starter).

@ firefluffymew: The reason why you release a ? sign is cause you don't have a pokemon yet, but since you're in a battle, something has to be released.

So you've probably already realised this KoBRe LaiR, but at the beginning when you run up to save Prof. Kaity, you go into a patch of grass. And grass=pokemon. But if there is no pokemon then ... you die (more or less). Can you do something along the lines of removing the patch of grass?

Also, in Zyoforest, there's this - ht tp://img173.imageshack.us/img173/4237/treewalk1ry.png . (remove the space in http).

Good luck.

June 23rd, 2006, 11:50 AM
i patch it to ruby and it says the file has been patched but the data in ips file appears to be truncated or misaligend what does it mean??

June 23rd, 2006, 5:10 PM
thanks guys!
hopefully all of us will be back in action soon,
im starting to sprite again, and maybe my new sprites will be better than ever :)
well cheers

February 13th, 2008, 3:21 AM
I hope its back in action to.

February 13th, 2008, 8:40 AM
I hope its back in action to.

Please don't revive threads that are older than a month old. And stop posting random offtopic comments in threads, you've been doing that a lot.