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November 27th, 2005, 12:47 AM
This is after the Dartz guy had died. The story is a new boy named Mitsude goes to Domino High and meets Yugi and Joey. Then there is a new Battle City Tournament hosted by Seto Kaiba. First we need a Yugi and Joey. And we also need somebody to be Mitsude, here's some info about him:

Mitsude pronounced Mit su day
He is a teenage boy who has lost his dueling spirit by losing in the Championship of Kings against Frelido. He regains his spirit after he becomes friends with Yugi Mutuo, Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardner, Tristen Taylor, and Mako Tsunami (they meet later in the story). His goal is to become the best he can be. He also holds the 8th Millenium Item, the Millenium Bands. Thier power is to tap into the powers of the other items to form an unbelievable surge of light that destroys all evil in it's path.
Deck type: Dark Black Luster Soldier Magician Deck

The story starts out at Domino High where Mitsude meets Yugi. Then the story continues from there.

Yugi: Nobody yet
Joey: Nobody yet
Other: Nobody yet

Any other people can play the people in the room with them and then switch off to a different role in the Battle City Tournament. You can make a new character as long as you give them a bio like I did. We will need a Seto Kaiba to start the tournament and compete in it, duh. You can be any one from the series as long as they are living and duel. All the souls Dartz took returned to their owner's body. the duels between people will be like regular duels except that the winner is posted at the beggining of the duel and the cards that our character's use are made up in the fact that you don't need to have the cards. The players's decks will be like the one's they have on the show unless you make a new character. Post the Deck type at the end of the bio.

If you make your own character then please use the form below

Anything Special (NO MILLENIUM ITEMS(unless they already exist and you have a way to explain how you got it)):
Deck Type:

Here is mine
Name: Alex Pegasus
Age: 15
Description: Hair like Pegasus and he wears a black suit with a white tie. He is quite tall and wellspeaking
Anything Special: He has the millenium eye (got it from his father who wierdly enough is Maximillian Pegasus)
Deck Type: Dragons (including 3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon and 1x Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon)

November 30th, 2005, 6:28 PM
I'll take Yugi...

December 10th, 2005, 12:21 PM
i'll take Joey if possible