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November 30th, 2005, 10:36 AM
I don't know if this is the right place to post this XD but nevermind, I would be pleased if this got rated or advised.


Espeon ex
Jolteon ex
Eevee (Unseen Forces) x3

Clefable (Jungle) x2
Clefairy x3

Gardevoir (Delta)
Kirlia (Delta) x2
Ralts (Delta) x3

Xatu (Unseen Forces) x2
Natu (Unseen Forces) x3

Electabuzz (Sandstorm)

Mewtwo (Promo)


Steven's Advice x2
Bill's Maintenance x2
Potion x2
Elm's Training Method
Curse Powder
Professor Elm
Protective Orb
Energy Search
Energy Recycle System


Recycle Energy
Metal Energy
Psychic Energy x11
Electric Energy x 9

December 25th, 2005, 4:00 AM
My Best 2 Pokemon Decks is WildFire/Steeplechase Deck.
Inside my 2 Pokemon Decks:
WildFire Deck from EX Emerald:
Manectric X 2
Combusken X 2
Camperupt X 2
Electrike X 4
Torchic X 4
Vulpix X 4
Numel X 3
Pikachu X 3
Pokenav X 2
Professor Birch X 2
Wally's Training X 2
Energy Search X 2
Potion X 2
Fire Energy X 15
Electric Energy X 9
Steeplechase Deck from EX Delta Species:
Shelgon X 2
Bagon X 4
Rapidash X 2
Ponyta X 4
Taillow X 4
Porygon X 4
Meowth X 2
Dual Ball X 2
Holon Lass
Holon Researcher X 2
Master Ball X 2
Potion X 2
Switch X 2
Fire Energy X 20
Metal Energy X 2