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December 4th, 2005, 3:35 PM
The basic premise:

This year, Pallet Town's theater troupe is putting on a play called "The Mage of Arcane" for their winter play, and they need people to help on the crew; as well as filling slots for a few more roles. Excited about the prospects of working in a theater environment, you rush to the theater to help in any way you can. Will the play be a success?

Here's the roles that have been decided already:

The mage and his sidekick (Ash and Pikachu)
The singing narrator (Brock)
The desert sage (Misty)

Roles you may ask for are below. Some of these are speaking parts, and some are not:

The Queen of the Fairies (must be played by a female)
Desert nomads
a genie (can be male or female)
Jungle Pokemon
Shadow Pokemon
Shadow Lugia

As director, I also need crew members to help, so here's the crew positions:

Prompter (helps the actors in case they forget a line)
Set designer
Lighting and sound crew
Costume designer
Assistant director (helps me direct)

That being said, here's the sign up form:

For a role:

Character's name
Character's age
Character's physical appearance
Character's personality

If you want a Pokemon role, the Pokemon you play will be determined by your character's appearance and personality. I'll also tell you if you have a speaking part or not.

For a crew member:

Character's name
Character's age
Character's physical appearance
Character's personality
Qualifications (if you want to be on the lighting crew, for example; you need to know how to work the lights)

December 4th, 2005, 3:50 PM
Character's name: Serenity Aura (Rei really is her nickname, but Serenity is just fine.)

Character's age: 15

Gender: Female

Character's physical appearance: She has crystaline blue eyes with a tinture of cerulean. Her skin is kinda paleish, falling into an ivory color. Yet, her hair contrasts, with the long black mane with two purple highlights. With a slender(scrawny is more like it), lithe frame, that's pretty much for Serenity's physical apperance.

Character's personality: She's really quiet, as her voice never really exceed six inches, she's more shy. The only reason why her voice is like that, is that she's afraid to speak out. So, instead of trying out for a role, she likes to help out behind the scenes. She is always on the lookout, always tentavtive of her surroundings, and always have some stress on her. But she tries not to show it, she kinda fails miserably. It's hard for her to let that go.

Position: Stagehand

Qualifications: Well, as in her personality, she likes to help out. During her stay at Rustboro Pokemon Academy(she was there as a student since eight) they had school plays all the time. And she always applied as a stagehand. So she knows how to work the curtains and everything else. (In fact, she was also the one to clean up after those school plays as well.)

December 4th, 2005, 3:53 PM
All right, you are Accepted!

Utter Disaster
December 6th, 2005, 8:17 PM
Character's name: Ryan
Character's age: 11
Character's physical appearance: brown hair, blue eyes, white shirt, camo jeans, black shoes, red bandana around wrist, necklace with a cross
Character's personality: Ryan is usually very talkative. He is usually found with his friends everyday. If not, he is always skateboarding at a skatepark near his house. He idolizes Brawly and tries to be like him, but he doesn't know how to surf. Ryan really enjoys being around pokemon.
Role: Townsperson

And could I please have a pokemon role as well?

December 7th, 2005, 6:39 AM
No, you can only have one role per person...but you do have a speaking part.

You are Accepted!