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Zero ex
December 4th, 2005, 4:38 PM
After Ike beated Ashnard. Elincia regaind her country and there was peace for years... Until one day, all the peace ended. All started in Crimea, there were massive attacks. Killing lot of soldiers, but not harming Queen Elincia. It started in Crimea, but then it spread thorugh all the countries. Soldiers were killed, and the king/queen weren't touched.

Days later, Crimea start searching for new mercenaries, hey had the Ike mercenaries once known as Greil's mercenaries. But they need more power. So they start searching for new mercenaries, more powerful and capable of another things than the Ike mercenaries.

This RP is 10 years later than the Fe: Path of Radiance. You can choose a old character or create a new one. The mission is to find who have planed all this murders, could it be a country? Or a new enemy?

This rp will start in Crimea castle, there , all the new mercenaries will be, that means you.

Just fill the info:
Class: (You can create one. Please, give a escription of the new class. And you can make it unique(only you can use it) or that all can use it)
Weapons: (you can create a new weapon)
Beorc or Laguz:
Best stat:
Worst: Stat: (it can't be HP)

Note: If you want to be in the dark side, just pm me, and i will give all the info.

December 5th, 2005, 4:32 PM
Hehe. I was planning on making a FE: Path of Radiance Rp but school got in the way. Anyway, here's my post.

Name: Vahn
Age: 1,013
Class: (New)Celestial Dragon (A Holy Dragon; Anyone can be.)
Weapon: Holy Breath
Race: Laguz
Best Stat: Speed
Worst: Defense
Description: He has silver eyes and pale white hair. He stands at 6' 9". He wears light clothing with a rare mythril undershirt. He has a light skin tone and hair that falls over his eyes. He looks smaller than most male Dragons but has a tough fighting spirit that never gives up. His small size gives him an advantage in speed but makes him prone to physical blows.
Story: He has been in the land of Goldia for most of his years but left unexpectedly. He now resides in the house of Gallia with the king as a well known and loyal friend. He helped with the reconstruction of Crimea Castle and became good friends with Gerik's Mercenaries's Commander, Ike.

I hope that's enough. Phew.

Zero ex
December 5th, 2005, 6:28 PM
You are in Uzumaki.

Name: Kyosgue
Age: 19
Behaivor: Most of the times he is happy, he likes to bother his partners.
Class: Ilussionist; A class that can attack with ilussions, the ilussions conguse the enemy, though it have bad magical strenght and resistance, but it have great speed and skill.
Weapons: Daggers.
Beorc or Laguz: Beorc.
Best stat: Skill
Worst: Stat: Mag.
Description: Kyosgue is tall, about 1.85 meters. He wears black clothes, having a band in his forehead. He have long black hair. He have blue eyes, and a scar around his right eye.
Story: His story is unknown, but you will discover it within the roleplay.

Electric Hero
December 16th, 2005, 7:03 PM
Name: Max Hunter
Age: 17
Behavor: Weird, has sudden mood changes that make him from happy and cheerful to sad, shy, and mysterious. No matter what, he is good and will always save everyone else than himself.
Class: Lord
Weapons: Legendary Sword, only mine: A beautiful sword with blue handle and silver blade. The handle has an unfinished circle that looks it is holding the beautiful, but powerful sharp blade, it then has four small things like begginings of another circles in the corners of the unfinished circle. The blade has a lightning-pattern ink on the flat sides. The ink is like that of the japanese swords (just for reference).
Beorc or Laguz: Beorc
Best stat: By a little bit, Max's best stat is speed (since Max has really well balanced stats)
Worst Stat: By a little bit, worst stat is Skill.
Description: Max wears blue clothes with some black ones. Uses black boots, dark blue pants with many pockets. A dark blue shirt with a black long-sleeve shirt below it. Wears a dark blue cape that can cover his body. Has black hair he keeps with a weird anime hairstyle, and has electric blue eyes.
Story: His story is unknown, just known as a Lord that travels helping people and defending them. The story will be known gradually in the RP.

December 16th, 2005, 8:15 PM
Name: Toren

Age: 16

Behavor: Very quiet and shy. Can't really open up to anybody unless they are a good friend. Cares deeply about his country and will give life and limb for it.

Class: Falcon Sage. Basically a sage that rides a pegasus(Only me)

Weapons: Hurricane Blade - A dull sword crafted with the finest Crimean silver. Is not used to cut flesh but cast magic. It has swirling blue designs on the hilt of the sword that symbolizes strong wind. Regularely can cast wind magic that is sharp like knives on the skin. When Toren's skill activates, creates a gigantic gust of wind that creates huge gashes over the body of victim.

Beorc or Laguz: Beorc

Best stat: Magic

Worst stat: Skill

Description: Has spiky, black hair. Wears a silver shirt and black pants. Wrapped around his body is a silver vest and a long, silver cloak. His eyes are a murky gray, his body is frail, as from lack of exercise(But he's not fat or anything). Sometimes feels so tired he doubles over in pain.

Story: Grew up in Begnion. Was always interested in Pegasuses, but his family were all magic users. So he got the idea to ride a pegasus knight and use magic at the same time. When he got a bit older, he and his 20 year-old sister moved to Crimea to visit some relatives for the first time. They liked it so much there that they decided to stay there and live. And so they did, and now they spend their days training and fulfilling their dreams.(lame, I know ^^)