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Zero ex
December 6th, 2005, 6:18 PM
Decades ago, there was a legend of a prophet, that saw darkness in his predicctions. The most famed of his predicction was, "I see... a beast, having 7 heads, but i see more, 4 knights... Black,green,white, and red, those colors..." No one know what that mean. Until a day, one peasant disapeared for 3 days. When they found him he had white eyes, his hands were covered in blood, and was saying "I know who are the sinners, those 7 shall live like a god in earth, and shall live like a animal in hell." At first the people thought, that he was talking of the beast. But as they start analyzing the words of the peasant, it refered to 7 different living organisms.

When the people go to the prophet place, they heard another of his predicctions "1 is the rain of blood... 3 is the war... 1 is the suffering of the stomachs... 2 is the ilness, that will kill a town..." What was that? Each number could represent anyhting, could it be days? Number of people? Countries?

2 months later... The prophet saw all the people of the village of Neoter and said, " I shall go, I have to find the 7... Remember my words, if someone gets a new ilness, kill him. If someone battles, kill him. If more than 30 persons feel hungry, put the foodin a safe place. This are my words, this words will guide you to a new place, a place full of live.

When the prophet left, a knight come to the village. The knight have a white armor, a armor that showed glory to the other people. So they let him stay in the village. But when the knight was around a person, the person feel hungry, and not even eating a whole cow he/she will feel full. People start dying, or eating himselfs, until the kight leave the village.

One year later. A theif enter to the prophet house, and read some of his things. "Demons... Angels... Which are the good ones." was written in one of the papers. But when he grab the last one of the bunch, it said, " Find the 7 cursed children, find them... no matter what. The curse children are the sinners, they have commited murders, stealed gold, and more... The only way to recognize them, is by the "seal" all the cursed children have a seal, it can be in different parts of the body and they can have more then one. But greater power if they are less seals."

After that the thief showed the paper to the villagers and searched for people who can find this "cursed children" and the prophet...

Now this story is based in another era, an era of swords and axes. The mission is to find the prophet and the cursed children. In the way for that, you must fight different kind ofpeople, like mercenaries, demons, and soldiers.

You need to fill this to enter.

Cursed: Optional. You can hide you identity.
Town: Neoter or other(create a town/village/kingdom)
Apparence: (you can use pics if you want or a description)
Story: Optional
Type of weapon: You can use swords and many other weapons, that aren't guns and tose types of weapons. You can use bows.)
Magic user: Yes/no. (if you are a magic user you have less strenght, but more magical strenght.)
Lv. of magic: More level = less strenght. Max 15
Type of magic: Dark, electric, earth, wind, ice, water, ground, holy, fire. You can create your own type of magic.

Dark Magician ruler
December 6th, 2005, 6:50 PM
Hey why not I'm in the mood for somthin new anyway guess I'll join it heres my stuff
Name: Sith
Age: 17
Cursed none
Town: Neoter
Behavior:Rash and doen't think much instead goes on what his gut tells him
Apparence: all with a dark red cloak and black shrit pants and boots
Story: N/A
Type of weapon: A Large sword named Choas
Magic user: Yes
Lv. of magic: 10
Type of magic: Dark

Zero ex
December 6th, 2005, 7:11 PM
You are in. I ahve edited the magic power. so you can check what is the max. Sorry, i forgot to put.

this is mine:
Name: Kyosgue
Age: 19
gender: male
Cursed: No
Town: Neoter
Behavior: He is a crazy minded guy. He is stupid, but when he is in a battle he changes to a serious guy, doing whatever to protect their friends.
Apparence: He is tall, like of some 1.84 meters. He wears a large black coat. He have in his forehead a white band. He have blue eyes and black long hair.
Story: When he have the age of 4, his father was killed by an outsider. Though no one knows who is the outsider, but Kyosgue will do whatever to kill that guy.
Type of weapon: Twin daggers.
Magic user: Yes
Lv. of magic: 4
Type of magic: holy.

but reserve one cursed children for me, he will enter later in the rp.

Electric Hero
December 6th, 2005, 10:38 PM
Name: Max Hunter
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Cursed: No... Yes.... who knows?
Town: City of Ragrack ((if that's allowed))
Behavior: Wierd. Can be happy, and cheerful and one second later, he can be shy, silent, or mysterious. No matter what, he always cares about everyone first than himself.
Apparence: This (http://ps2media.gamespy.com/ps2/image/article/599/599165/gagharv-trilogy-2-20050325031237026.jpg) and this (http://ps2media.gamespy.com/ps2/image/article/599/599165/gagharv-trilogy-2-20050325031234308.jpg)... in the second pic, he is the one that is infront of everyone. Just with black hair and electric blue eyes, and the band around the head is also blue and larger. Both arms are covered with white sleeves and the sword is on his back. The sheath and sword colors, not including the blade of the sword, are blue and silver.
Story: Unknown...
Type of weapon: The sword I use in the pics
Magic user: Yes
Lv. of magic: To not be so weak in strenght... 5
Type of magic: Electricity ((can summon any kind of electrical body against the foe))

Zero ex
December 8th, 2005, 7:54 AM
You are in max.

More info of the cursed childs, they have different abilities and are stronger than normal people. All the cursed children can transform to something, like an animl. But ifyou put that it will transform to a lion, it will only be a lion and not other thing.

I will use another one:

Name: Vash
Age: 53
gender: male
Cursed: unknown
Town: unknown
Behavior: He is always positive, but maybe he can change later.
Apparence: He is tall, like of some 1.90 meters. He uses a hat, his hair is grey, he have dark-brown eyes and have a lot of scars in his face. He wears a black jacket.
Type of weapon: none,he don't use waepons.
story: It will be revealed within the rp.on.
Magic user: Yes
Lv. of magic: 3
Type of magic: confusion, he uses psychic abilities. But it can't be used to do phisical damage, it can't be blocked; created.

Now we can get started.

It was morning, all the villagers where in the eentrance of the village waiting for the people that will go to the journey.

"Oh boy, what time is it, the sun is out? It is out. Oh no, i have to go!" Kyosgue stand up and ran towards the entrance, there he saw most of the villagers waiting.

"You are late Kyosgue, you were the only one that said that you will wake up when the sun haven't raised. And look now, it seems you just wake up!" The elder said to Kyosgue.

"Sheesh, this old man heard that, i thought he wasn't able to hear from that distance." Kyosgue silencly said to himself.

"What did you said?!" The elder shouted Kyosgue, standing in a position to hit him.

"I-I said t-that you have the ears of a ... god?" Kyosgue said.

"Now our only salvation will be your new partners, if the aren't like you." The elder said, waiting for the others to appear.

December 8th, 2005, 1:11 PM
Name: kyro technick
Age: 13
gender: Male
Cursed: no
Town: Hiita (village of fire) (all members of village's names represent fire in one way or another)
Behavior: prankster when traveling, but vicious warrior in battle, will use pranks to distract enemy, or just to annoy them and make them make desperate movements

Apparence: red hair and eyes, wears red, fire resistant shirt/pants, shirt has fire symbol on it no shoes

Story: he is one of two twins from the village of fire, at the base of an active volcano, his brother might join them, an dhes the same in almost every way, exept that he is much better at spellcasting (his brother's name is scorch)

Type of weapon: wide sword and bow & arrows
Magic user: Yes
Lv. of magic: 14 (he is still learning)
Type of magic: fire

will that do?

Zero ex
December 8th, 2005, 4:23 PM
OoC: you are in DM8000. You can start posting.

Electric Hero
December 8th, 2005, 5:09 PM
I silently got in the entrance of the village and saw one partner of mine talking to the elder. "sorry for being late... I had other things to do first..." I said to the partner and the elder. "I'm Max..." I said vowing to the elder and then extended my hand to my partner. "I think we are the first two... oh well... I guess we need to wait" I expressed smiling.

Zero ex
December 8th, 2005, 6:28 PM
"Oh one more, I know that you will make a good work." The elder happily said to Max.

"H-hey, wait a moment, you didn't told me something like that!" Kyosgue angrily said to the Elder.

"Ignore him, son." The elder said to Max.

Suddenly a man came to the entrance.

"So you are the cursed children hunters." The man said to both Max and Kyosgue.

"You think we are trash, right? I know that tone of voice." Kyosgue angrily said.

"No I don't think you are trash, I know you are trash." The man said.

"Let's beat this guy Max, we are two, and we are younger, not like you old man!" Kyosgue angrily said. He take out his daggers and ran towards the man.

"Don't be foolish." The man said. He grab Kyosgue right arm and kicked him in his stomach.

"Darn!" Kyosgue said with a expression of pain. He felled to the floor and saw the man.

"Will you try to fight?" The man asked Max.

Electric Hero
December 8th, 2005, 6:36 PM
"Thanks" I replied to the elder as he told me I was going to be okay. "Ignore him" he said to me... I only laughed a bit and smiled. Until a man came and said he knew we were trash, I stopped smiling and became serious. He asked me if I was going to fight him... I looked at my right side and said "I don't need to waste my strenghts in fighting such a weakling like you!". Weakling was the person that was weak... if some people don't knew it. And yes, I called him a weakling.

Zero ex
December 8th, 2005, 6:54 PM
The man saw Max and smiled. "You have guts, that means you are a smart boy." The man happily said to Max. Then he turned his sight to Kyosgue. "And you, you aen't smart, but you seem decided to do something." The man happily said to Kyosgue.

Kyosgue stand up, chang his face, and asked "Ally or enemy?"

"Ally. My name is Vash, now that I have seen both of you, I can join you." Vash happily said.

The elder saw Vash and start laughing. "Oh Vash! You have not changed! But badly for you, more people will come." The elder said to Vash.

"So more people, more allies. Good. If they won't slow us, I will be fine." Vash happily said. Vash saw Max. "Where are you from boy? You don't seem to be from here." Vash asked Max.

Electric Hero
December 8th, 2005, 7:06 PM
I looked how the new man, Vash joined the group. Atleast there was another one... and he looked he could help us. He asked me from where I was... I looked at him and smiled faintly. "I... I come from a land far... far far away... consider me a Knight that travels from land to land..." I replied as I looked to the sky. I said Knight maybe because that was what I always wanted to be... but they said I needed more agae... atleast 21... oh well... I needed to do something fun while I grow some 4 years right?

December 8th, 2005, 8:09 PM
Yo Zero ex and eveyone else. I hope there is a spot still open. I'll just post my character. Tell me later if I can join.

Name: Ryo
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Cursed?: N/A
Town: Blueridge
Behavior: Try to guess in the Rp. (That is if i'm in. :P)
Appearance: He has blue hair and sapphire eyes. He wears a leather shoulder pad on his right shoulder and brown gauntlets. He wears a navy blue headband and has a quiver filled his arrows tied to his belt in a slanted position for easy pulling of arrows. He also has a silver colored sheathing for his blue blade he calls Sting. He wears brown boots with tan pants.
Story: N/A
Type of weapon: Bow w/ Arrows and a short blue colored blade,that is called Sting that looks heavy but is actually extremely light for swift attacks.
Magic User?: Yes
Magic Lvl.: 7
Magic Type: Holy

Zero ex
December 8th, 2005, 8:27 PM
OoC: You are in Uzumaki. you can start now.

December 10th, 2005, 3:50 PM
i relaxed on the roof, completely unaware of the time

"bro, do you know what time it is?" my brother siad, appearing behind me suddenly

i jumped and looked up at the sky, it had to be just after noon

"early, why?" i asked

"because, its almost time for the other to leave looking for the cursed children!" he siad angrily

i nearly fell off the roof i was laying on after hearing that

"you could have woke me up earlyer!" i siad angrilly, jumping from the roof

"how? by lighting your pants on fire? you know how heavy a sleeper you are!" he siad, jumping down and following me

we ran to the elder's hut

"sorry were late" i said, pointing to my brother, who was trailing behind me, his staf hitting him in the head as he ran

"stupid staff.....couldnt they have made the holder different?" he said, rubbing the back of his head

"maybe thats because its on wrong" i sid, taking it off and putting it on him the correct way

"thanks bro" he said

i turned to the elder "im kyro, and this is my twin scorch, sorry if were late" i said

Zero ex
December 10th, 2005, 9:40 PM
The elder turned his head towards both Kyro and Scorch. "Well, good morning." The elder said.

Kyosgue saw Kyro and Scorch. "Pffff! You are late! If you will have been responsable youwill have come earlier!" Kyosgue angrily said to both Kyro and Scorch.

"Oh, boy. Calm down Kyosgue, this will be a difficult journey and if you will be acting like this, the cursed children will kill you." Vash said to Kyosgue.

"And what do you know of the cursed children?!" Kyosgue angrily said to Vash.

"Well, more than you I can say. This question will go to all of you. Do you know what is the most special part of a cursed child?" Vash asked to all.

Kyosgue start thinking and answer the question by saying "... Er... that they...er...darn! I don't know!"

Vash turned his face towards the others and said. "Waiting."

December 11th, 2005, 7:50 PM
With a short yawn, I had gotten up and washed my face by a sink. "RYO!!! ARE YOU UP YET?!" My mother shouted from downstairs. "Yeah, mom." I replied while wiping the water off my face with a blue towel. "I THINK THE ELDER SAID HE WANTED TO SEE YOU." she shouted again. "What? I wonder why?" I said back. "HE SAID IT WAS URGENT." "Ok. I'LL GO AFTER I FINISH GETTING READY." I said. After quickly slipping on a navy blue T-shirt and a pair of tan pants, I walked downstairs, kissed my mom goodbye, and ran towards the elder's hut.

After a few minutes of running, I came to the hut. The elder and three others were outside talking. I approached them and heard a question be asked. "Do you know what is the most special part of a cursed child?" I heard the elder ask the three boys.
"I think it was their cursed seal found on their body." I said joining the group. "Sorry I'm a bit late, elder." I said bowing to him once.

Electric Hero
December 11th, 2005, 8:04 PM
ooc: Hey Uzumaki... it was Vash who asked the question! XD

ic: I heard Vash asked us a question about the most important part of the cursed childs. I knew it of course.... when you travel, you begin to know a lot about everything. I was going to answer until a person came and answered it before me. He had a shoulder pad on his right shoulder, which was the most characteristic cloth of him.

"Exactly... that is the most important part" I said, kinda shocked someone knew. Did I mention I read a lot too? "Hey, did you came for the job of hunting the cursed children, if yes, you will come with us" I told the newcomer.

Zero ex
December 11th, 2005, 8:53 PM
Vash saw the newcomer. "Well that's right. Both of you are smart, well at least we have some smart people, not like Kyosgue." Vash happily said. He tuned his face towards the newcomer and asked "What's your name?"

Kyosgue's face turned red and shouted to Vash. "I missed that question, but you will see later old guy, I will show you that am powerful and smart!"

"Yea, yea." Vash replied to Kyosgue.

The elder saw Ryo and happily said. "Well, you are a total of 6, you can go now. I will tell the others to go to your location, when they arrive."

"...huh? Where do we have to go?" Kyosgue asked the Elder.

"Don't worry dumby, I know where we have to go." Vash answered Kyosgue's question.

"DON'T CALL ME DUMBY!!!" Kyosgue angrily shouted to Vash.

Vash saw the newcomer and said "He is a bit stupid, don't pay attention to him."

December 12th, 2005, 3:31 AM
"he may be stupid, but i think i know someone stupier" my brother said, punching my arm slightly

"shut up!" i said punching him back with a grin on my face, it was just one of our usual brotherly bouts, it would be over in a few miunets

he went to punch my arm again and i caught his arm, then tapped him on the back of the head "got you"

"yea yea, lucky shot" he siad, rubbing the back of his already sore head

i got him in the place where his staff kept hitting his head, so it may have hurt a little, but it got him to stop, see? a few miunets tops

"when can we get going?" i asked boredly, i could tell my brother was bored too, but i asked the question for him

Zero ex
December 12th, 2005, 9:15 AM
Vash saw the Elder and said "Well we are going now, if other arrive tell them that we will be in the town of Xiot."

"What?! That's the town of thiefs and assassins!" The Elder seriously said to Vash.

"Do not worry Elder, we will be alright. Besides there are spies(spy). We need one to find the prophet." Vash replied to the Elder.

"Vash, there are three entrance, we will need to divide. If someone gets in a fight at least the others can go for the spies." Kyosgue said to Vash.

"Bravo! Bravo! At last you say something good. Now what we need to do is divide in pairs." Vash said to Kyosgue.

"Get the hell sut up, I have said more smart things that this." Kyosgue murmured.

Vash saw all "Well, do anyone of you know with who do you want to pair in this mission?" Vash asked to all.

December 12th, 2005, 1:08 PM
"i know one thing, im with my brother, we work well together" i said

"thats right, we can antisipate our opponents movements, and confuze them, they think they will be attacking one traveler, when there are two of us striking, one will dissapear, the other will attack, the attacker will dissapear, the hidden one will attack" he said, he was always the smarter one, alway describing things in almost perfect detail, me on the other hand, i just liked relaxing, he strikes their weak point with magic, i go for strong frontal attacks with weapons

"looks like you have to divide between the four of you, me and my brother go almost everywhere with eachother" i said, leaning agaisnt the wall

"i have a question, where is xiot?" my brother asked

i nearly fell over

"HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHERE THAT IS? WEVE BEEN THERE HUNDREDS OF TIMES! i know atleast half the people there, helped 'em out a bit" i said after regaining my balance

"so thats where you go when you say your in the forest" he said narrowing his eyes "and what do you mean, helping them?"

"well, i, uhh......its none of your biusness!" i said

"ok then, but mom should know this..." he siad, turning away

"ok, ok, i helped them get a few cakes, a couple of loaves of bread, things like that, food" i said "stole from the rich, gave to the poor and all that"

"thank you, i wouldnt tell mom if your life depended on it, i was just seeing what your reaction would be!" he said laughing

i crossed my arms and hunched my shoulders

"you try that again and ill tell mom you sneaked off after me" i said

"how did you know......" he said

"i saw your footprints on my way back once, learn to cover your trails, while leaving mine" i said

he was the one who nearly fell over this time

"lets just not talk about again" he said walking away

Zero ex
December 12th, 2005, 2:48 PM
"Ok, we have a team. Then I will go with Max, Kyosgue you will go with Ryo." Vash seriously said.

"Ok then, we will go to the north entrance." Kyosgue said.

"South, we will go to the south one. Kyro and ...brother of Kyro, both of you will go to the east entrance." Vash seriously said while going to the town.
"Come on Max, we need to arrive fast." Vash said to Max.

December 12th, 2005, 3:41 PM
"MY NAME IS SCORCH!" he said as i dragged him off

we walked out of town, our village was only a few miles away from here, and xiot was only a few miles away from there, it was going to be a long journey, but it was going to be fun!

"i cant beleive he didnt remember my name....." scorch muttered

"its ok bro, he'll learn in time, just like you with your magic, your like what? level 3?"

"yea i am" he said "most powerful in out vilage, thats for sure"

Electric Hero
December 12th, 2005, 5:53 PM
I heard we were divided into teams, I was okay with that. Vash selected me and we were going to the south entrance of Xiot. "let's go then, I hope you are fast, 'cause you are leading the way" I told Vash holding my sword's handle, just to hold it, it was more efficient to run that way that letting it swing around the whole back.

December 12th, 2005, 5:59 PM
OOC: Gah. I missed some posts. Oh well. Sorry 'bout the mistake on the names. I sorta rushed. Hehehe.

"Yes. North entrance it is." I said walking with Kyosgue and shouldering my bow. As we walked towards the northern entrance, I restrung my bow and waxed it a bit. I pulled the string a few times to see how tight it was. I took out a few arrows and checked the feathers at the bottom. After checking them, I placed them back. "So Kyosgue. What kind of magic is your profession?" I asked.

Zero ex
December 12th, 2005, 8:56 PM
OoC: It's ok Uzumaki.

IC: Kyosgue saw Ryo and said "I use holy magic, my master told me that if I want to be ike him, I need to learn holy magic. But I'm weak using magic, is to hard for me." Then he hold his sword and asked Ryo "What type of magic do you use? I need to learn all about my new partners, except for Vash."

Vash saw Max. "Well, I can be old but I'm faster than most of today's youngsters." Vash start running with Max and asked to Max "Do you believe in Zeke(Zeke is the most powerful god of darkness in this world.)?"

December 12th, 2005, 10:52 PM
"Hm. Interesting. I ,too, use holy magic. I believe that righteousness will lead the way." I had answered. "For me, holy magic is not too hard, i guess. I'm already half way to mastering it. I also have this ability where i can mold magic with weapons to make them more effective or just add magical effects to the weapons. I dunno where I picked it up but it's a easy thing for me." I explained and scratched my head a little.

Electric Hero
December 13th, 2005, 6:09 PM
I was one step behind Vash, just so he could lead the way. As he asked me a question, I jumped a bit and got exactly beside him. "Why, yes... I do in believe in Zeke... I believe in all gods there can be... I like to gather all the information together, in one room... even if it is unpleasant. Why do you ask if I believe in Zeke? do you?" I asked back at Vash as we kept running towards Xiot.

December 15th, 2005, 3:36 AM
we continued wakling, soon we were home, mom was furious!

"where have, you, been?" she asked angrilly ((shes alot like mrs. weasly XD ))

"we were around" i said boredly

"well, you'd best not do it again" she said "now get in here and have some breakfast"

"mom, we were wondering if we could go on a camping trip, just the two of us" scorch said, pointin at me

"when will you be back?" she said impatiently

"no idea really" i said, knowing he was going to say the exact same thing

"well, aslong as your together" she said walking in "but first you have breakfast"

"yes mom" we said boredly

after breakfast we got the last of our things and we were off to xiot, of cource mom had no idea where we were going


along a trail full steaming pillars, an arrow landed at my feet, scorch was still behind me, so he had no idea of the danger

i picked up the arrow adn looked at it

"an assasin's arrow" i muttered, running back to warn scorch

he was walking along, while i was running ahead as ususal

"bro, assasin" i muttered when i was in his range of hearing

he stopped dead in his tracks, noddded, then dissapeared into the feild of steaming pillars

"lets do this" i said, running back to where teh arrow had fallen, another one zipping past my ear

i heard voices coming from the trees along one side of the path

"whos there?" i called out angrily

a boy appeared, around my age but shorter, it was sage

"hey kyro"

"hey sage, why were you trying to kill me?" i asked

"wasnt after you, after someone else" he said "wheres your brother?"

i whistled loudly, scorch appeared next to me

"oh, hey" sage said, he was an old friend we had made along time ago, on one of our 'adventures'

"well, were off" i said walking past sage "nice talking to you, i think"

"bye guys" he said waving us on, he jumped back into the tree he was hiding in and fell silent

"man, were gonna be late....." i mutterd, looking up at the sun, which was almost set on the horison

"well, it wont take us long to get there, because its just a little further to the south gate" scorch said "because there it is"

i looked at where he was pointing and saw xiot

it was teh same as ever, large pillars at the corners, huge walls keeping prying eyes out, and three gates, one from the south, one from the north, and one from the east ((somebody correct me if i am wrong))

"here, grab a leaf" i said, grabbing one of the large leafs from a tree

i got on the leaf and slid down the hill, which went from muddy to icy as we reached the bottom

"i never have understood that hill" scorch said "its always frozen"

"search me" i said "i dont think i even want to know"

we reached the south gate, and walked in, yep, same as ever

there were lots of brokendown and destroyed buildings, tarps everywhere, and more people than that earlyer town, and our town put together

"welcome back" i muttered, walking to twords the center ot teh town

Zero ex
December 16th, 2005, 6:39 PM
Kyosgue smiled at Ryo and happily said "Then can you help me improve my magic." Kyosgue saw the village and said "Man we are near the entrance prepare yourself."

"Zeke, h is the demonic god of 7 heads. I believe in him, I have seen him with my own eyes, he is powerful, each head have different powers." Vash seriously said to Max. Vash saw the village and said "There, the entrance is there c'mon prepare, maybe we will have a battle."

Electric Hero
December 16th, 2005, 6:46 PM
"you have faced Zeke? the god with seven heads? you kidding right?" I replied at Vash as we were going to enter Xiot. I unsheated my sword and befire going in, I looked at Vash. "I thought gods only existed in a different world.... just sending their powers to this world.... but I think I was wrong... and how does Zeke look like? like people describe him? what are the powers each head has? and where is it? I would like to go the place and face Zeke..." I added.

But suddenly, something hit my head, "if you faced Zeke, one of the most powerful gods, how is it that you are still alive?" I asked Vash.

December 21st, 2005, 3:02 PM
"Sure. I'll help you with your magic. Shouldn't be a problem." I said back to kyosgue. "But another time would be best." I said preparing as we neared the entrance of the village. I grabbed my bow with one hand and with an arrow, placed it with the bow ready to fire. I followed Kyosgue waiting to fire from behind him for back up.

December 22nd, 2005, 1:22 PM
as we walked into town a large man appeared in front of us

"its just us kargone" i said

"little theif! it is you!" he said, picking me up and huging my tightly "and who is this other? a twin perhaps?"

"yea, thats my brother scorch" i said

"i see, you should watch out, there are four strangers aproaching the town, each from different directions" kargone said

"dont mind them, take us to the gates" i said

"ok young ones, but be warned, they carry arms" kargone said, taking me adn my brother to seperate gates

i saw the others appoaching and waved to them, letting them know it was me, my brother did the same at the oppocite gate, creating a large ok in the air made of fire