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December 7th, 2005, 10:32 AM
(This RP was inspired loosely by Megaman, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy VII, Akira and whatever else is stuck in my twisted little mind.)

The last human date recorded was 2799. This date marked the third year of World War III. Human technology had reached its zenith, fantasies were realities, the humans had reached to the stars and more.

In this world, artificial AI had become so advanced, the only difference between machines, robots and androids and humans was what they were made out of. An android had served a term as President of The United Republic of America.

The world had paid the price of such radical technological achievement. Geographically, the world was splitting apart. California had already been blasted free of the mainland North America, and had formed its own nation, the Republic of California. The rest of the Western North American continant had suffered a wide-spread desertification, and with all the aquifers dried up, the Desert, as it was now called, was a place where no human could survive.

The Eastern North American Continent was a technological Mecca. A metropolic covered the land, a city beyond imagination, and beyond description, supposedly with buildings that stretched too high for the naked eye to see, and a massive tower that shot into orbit, constructed to reach the moon. However, as of the last recorded date of human history, this glorious metropolis was being destroyed by invading forces.

The invaders were the now unified European League, comprising what was left of Europe. In the year 2355, a mis-directed test of a Sattelite-based laser annihilated most of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, and the Continent of Europe had been mostly flooded. The surviving nations decided to embrace the flooding, and constructed giant underwater cities, Neo-Atlantis being the largest of them all. They declared war on the United Republic after a botched weapons test obliterated the last vestige of African rainforest. They crosses the two massive bridges that now span the Atlantic, built 15 years prior to commemorate a century-long peace.

Russia is nothing more then a nuclear, washed-out wasteland, unfit for anything useful to reside there. Asia is now the world's superpower, led by China in terms of weapons development, resources and economy. Japan was no longer natural islands, but instead a massive, moving fortress that can easily hold the massive population that their native homeland had trouble supporting.

However, this future world was at war with each other, a terrible war that ravaged whole nations. It looked grim for everyone, but in the year 2799, on the eve of the New Year, history was annhilated.

Every record of human activity stopped at that point...and so, it seemed, did almost every human. Nobody knows what happened, but humanity was practically annhilated, and the small groups left have officially declared themselves "endangered."

In the wake of the humans' disappearence, were left Androis, Robots and other machines. Now, an unclear number of years later, they rule the planet, with minds as complicated as their creators, and with bodies more dangerous. An organized chaos grips the world, and these machines now rule over what the humans left behind.

(Your character)
You are an Android, highly advanced. You are part of one of two factions, one that wishes to rescue humanity, one that wishes to destroy it. The factions, and important people, are as follows:

The Eyes of the Mind, Leader: AL-45T3R (Alaster)
A mysterious group of mostly androids that are based in the Desert. They salvage ancient rubble and wreckage, on a constant search for something called "Eden."

The Children of Justice, leader: C0-R0-N4 (Corona)
A group of radical Androids that control the Eastern North American and the South American continents. Their leader, Corona, is a power-hungry being who seeks to annhilate whats left of humanity and let the machines have total control of the planet.

The Guardians of Neptune, Leader: UN-D1-NE (Undine)
They control the vast underwater cities left behind by the European League. They care little for the conflicts on the surface, and like the Eyes of the Mind, are constantly salvaging for something, deep beneath the waves.

The Imperial Rulers of the East, leader: SE-1R-YU (Seiryu)
Similar to the Children of Justice, they seek power as well, and also wish for the destruction of humanity. However, unlike the mindlessly destructive Children, they have no quarrel with their fellow Android nations, and are more diplomatic in their approach. They are lead by a mysterious creature called the Dragon Emperor Seiryu, whom nobody has seen.

Other important characters (not controllable by anyone but RP creator)

Arthur Killingsworth: A human, one of the survivors. He speaks little, and little is known of him, besides the fact that he's a priest who should long be dead. What his motives are is unclear, but he turns up time to time, usually at the most opportune of moments.

The Magi: Something of a legend has been circulating the dark recesses of the world about three powerful machines who manipulate everything behind the scenes. Supposedly, they are the ones who hold the keys to the place that the Eye of the Mind seek out, Eden. However, there is no proof that these machines even exsist, so most of it is seen as useless mythology.

The Hunters: A group of incredibly powerful Androids who serve as bounty hunters, killing political and personal enemies for a price they determine. They are led by an Android called S13G (Sieg), who bears some kind of animosty towards Alaster.

Neo-Jerusalem: The name of a city of legends that was supposedly part of a fleet of flying metropoli that filled the sky back when humans ruled the planet. Now, many of these flying cities have fallen, crashed into the deserts, wastelands and oceans of the planet, but some hopeful folks still believe that there is one that still floats in the dark skies, filled with incredible treasures...

And for clarification:

Androids: Humanoid-looking, posessing the most advanced AI, usually not as large or powerful as robots, but definatly smarter. They look like the robots from Megaman, for reference, human-like faces with metal bodies and advanced computerized minds.

Robots: Usually large machines, or animal-like robots, Robots range from very weak and simple to very very powerful and simple. Almost without exception, they lack the powerful AIs that Androids have, and are usually used for construction or weapons-purposes by the androids.

Character creation works like this (i'll use my guy as an example)

Name:AL-45T3R (Alaster)
Type: Male form, Upgraded Advanced Lancer Unit.
Weapon(s): High Proficiency in all fire-arms. Small Energy Sword. "Hand of Judgement"(?)
Occupation: Leader of the Eyes of the Mind

Description: His main body (torso and legs) are black with red circut lines tracing across them. His left hand is a small, more delicate-looking arm and hand, and is white. The other arm is much larger, like a huge gauntlet, and is wrapped in bandages. A large green jewel rests in the palm of that hand. His head is similar to Zero's head from Megaman X, with a human-like face and blood-red eyes. He has a long, silver ponytail that, while looks like hair, on closer inspection is a large group of highly sensitive fiber-optic strands.

History: Little is actually known about him, even by himself. He was discovered several decades ago, abandoned in the sands of the Desert by his now second-in-command, Virgo. She repaired him to an extent, but was unable to access any of his memory or programming faculties, nor was she able to repair his Right Arm, which was made out of some material that her databanks had no record of. Much to her surprise, he reactivated himself, but in the process wipe out half his memory banks.

All he knows is that he must save humanity, and to do that he must seek out a place called "Eden." Eden, however, is apparantly locked...thats all he can remember. Using his influence, he and Virgo have managed to create a large network of salvagers to seek out this mysterious location.

He has a strong sense of justice and a strong belief in what is right and wrong, a trait unusual for an android. As he seeks out this "Eden", he is hoping to be able to find out more about himself as well...

and you'll need an RP Sample.


Ok, thats all! A few ground rules/clarifications.

You can choose to be from any of the factions except for the Children of Justice (who are reserved as villains.) However, this first chapter will only take place in the Desert, so you have to have a good reason for being there.

You cannot be one of the named leaders or characters from one of the organizations unless I've given you permission (permission, which is usually reserved for friends and people I know are good RPers, but if you want to be one, PM me and tell me why you should.)

Have fun! This is a deep RP, but I've tried to incorporate a lot that many people will enjoy! if you like Megaman, Star Ocean, Akira, and anything of the sort, I think you'll really dig this one.

No God-Modding!

This is a chapter-based RP. That means there is a beginning and an end to each chapter. As of now I'm not sure how many there will be, but that means that there is one main plot that the RP will follow.