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December 11th, 2005, 3:06 PM
I dont normaly show my poems cause it says alot about me, I dont just make them for the fun of it and I make them to meen stuff to people. I have nine about poor animals for christmas and stuff that where tossed in the street cause there owners didint want to deal with it's treatment TT; So it kinda shows abit as to how I am on the inside, but here is something a little less bothersome and less painful for the animal lovers, however I may loose some friends on PC here if there cathlic, I hope you dont take this againced me ...

Ahem- I'm a crystal child and I beleave in wicca, so many people bash me about it and I cant even ware my tribal gowns outside T_T when I do I get attacked, anyway here is my poem of sorrow for not me, but those of you who take effence to by believes. My deepest apoligise for whomever this bothers.

The poem was inspired by a unknown person whom made this verse, I just added onto it as to my own feelings, thank you sir or ma'am for your help in alowing my expession to reach out.

The Shamans pain and pride arise, First verse by a unknown Wicca and the rest by me, Dolores T, heal. ( no joke that is my last name =/)

( By Unknown wicca)
Long ago and far away
We worked by night and hid by day
We could not in the open go
For the church did hate us so
They feared us for our power was true
Because our magic they couldin't do
And so they cried with evil smirks,
"Lets burn them all, tis devils work"
So burn they did and tortured too, but still we managed to come through
Now we work are rites as of old, now in the open free and bold
And so today our path is free to worship lord and lady
We did not fade nor go away
We told the world we're here to stay

(by me)
Shamans are thought of as a witchcrafts
Along with those of wiccan's drafts
And in of this day you may still say
"Ignor and hate them, Burm em this day!
They are devils and demonds at that
Kill them; smite them right where they sat!"

It will not change me in any way
We're just a body come what may
Are blood is thus and in the same
For we all will share a bridened name
We are but spirits in this place
And I just happen to come with Maze
I am a spirit tried and true
And I'm what is to come of you
On 2012 the world will rise, and I will lead that of the skies
You will then go and come to us, and we'll open are hearts with care and lust
You may hate us in these days, but sooner or laiter there will be more ways
We will keep are pashents as our mark
And wait right here till you know of our ark
We'll rescue you among the stew, for the negitive will just fall threw
You are of gold but so are we, and sure enough you will soon see

I may make more poems laiter, just as I said though my poems are very touching or a slap in the face, so I cant just post any of them o_o or I would be known as a ShamanPoet insted of MasterOekakier.

C&C is more then welcome and the insite as to my feelings are unknown to even me o_o for the people who may question it.
Thank you.

December 11th, 2005, 3:39 PM
I don't mean to meddle, but the reason the Church hated wiccan or I dunno what it's called is because it breaks the law of the Bible.

And I as a Catholic is not offended or so, instead I'm moved with pity. Somehow there are points in your poems that are true, magic is only but a creation of human beings.

Feel free to come to me if you have more questions regarding my post.

December 11th, 2005, 3:45 PM
No worries I dont think you are meddling and your expressing what you feel about my poem, I have no problem as to what you have said and I'm more then obliged to get your message post ^^. Some of what we do looks to go againced the bible but there are things in the bible that are againced us too, or so I am told. For one thing jesus even had his own young, still living today is someone who is of his blood, but he is also forced to stay hiden due to the believes and the people of the church will not alow such trechery, Sorry I missspelled it o_o I'm not normaly someone to talk or ask about religion so other then lutherin I dont know how to spell much religious words. My deepest apoligies. I know this will sertenly make some flames to sertan people who thrive on their religion and will attack me just as they would in person. 9not you of cource HS)

So for others who post, if you consider it as something to threten or hurt me, please post it in a Personal message or Email so it will not bother and confuse the forum, I promis to answer. Thank you again for reading.

Controller Freak
December 11th, 2005, 7:11 PM
Um... I don't believe that Jesus had children otherwise the Bible would have said so.

Anyway, I don't hate Wiccan people, I just don't agree with it. It is up to them if they wanna do what I do. I'd like everybody to be Christians, but I still think there are good people that are not Christians.

As for a quick critique of the poem, it is pretty good. I didn't really like the first part, but it gets deeper as it goes along. Much better.

Oh yeah, what is significant about 2012? "On 2012 the world will rise, and I will lead that of the skies..."

December 11th, 2005, 8:34 PM
For the information I have delt with, the main reason that he wasint placed in the bible is because Michiel is a shaman and became one after his father had lead him into such a generation in knowing that the people would not understand him just as much as they didint understand jesus himself, so his child was given to a friend of his and in that the friend of his took him far away from the areas of the peoples veiw and in that the children he had was in this religion and also lead the people to know he had a child, doing so it confused them and the leader in them told his people that it was all nonsence and that he had died that day on the cross, when in actuality he was taken to that area and not long befor hand the shamans and shapshifters he had taken in friendship along with the arch angels of then had rescued him . Brining him back to his child and reuniting him with his wife they where then protected under the gaurd of Nazleth for he was the Shapshifer among all of them and had lead the shamans to continue and cloke the young man Michiel from the eyes of them and forcing him to lie to there face in order to continue to survive above ground, so he would not suffer the same fate as his father.

It is your choice, I think you are being lead by a lie but I feel that is not of my choice, do not tempt me to not show my poems for it's not happening again, people like HS know exactly what they need and you are just as blinded as that of the people who was fooled by michiel's unhuman apearance.
Thus why I'm sorry for those badly for they are lead my christians who think the world is not for us to unite...

And 2012 people think the world is ending but in fact it will flood, as it rises into the new realm on the galexy all the planets will aline and once again the spirits and the humans will unite.... in this many peopel will die for they can not take the energy but at the same time people like me and many a shaman and wicca will then protect them by obsorbing as much of that energy and bringing them to safty from the flood.

Btw, who are you to judge me?
Who is anybody who says that and is not of knowlage of the turth to tell me of the wicca that I am not of good? I'm of the light of the holy spirit and I never EVER wish a bad bone on anybody and if it was my choice I would bring no pain to anyone, if you knew my friends they would tell you the same thing without a single doupt that I never wished harm apon them and have only shown never ending forgivness for their so called sins... I do not meen this in argument but you are not in a possision to judge me just as I am not of to judge you.... I think you are a good person and I think everyone is if given the chance, and though sometimes it take a little budging, it's possible to bring light into any darkness...... And I end this message on that note....

Sorry if any of what I have said in this message has bothered anyone, but I thought of it as a little insight into what I feel and the message basis apon who may be the one wronged...

December 12th, 2005, 1:08 PM
Beautiful poem. Beautiful and very moving.

I as part of the Wiccan religion feel very attached to this since I know many of the feelings that go along with said poem. I won't get into a discussion about the religion since it could bring about a bit of a problem ^^;

But as a thought it is very sad how so many dismiss as evil all that they do not understand. In my expirience it is often overlooked what we can learn and gain in experience because of so many years of discrimination. An act I solemnly frown upon since all religions must be respected for they all express their own love in all sorts of ways.

December 12th, 2005, 1:53 PM
It is indeed a beautiful poem. Poem is a title I do not apply lightly, but this is. It transcends simple verse into the realm of showing, explaining the world as the poet sees it. Much of what I see does not, but this... Insightful and soulful. Well done.

That said, there are a few structural and grammatical flaws within it that could be tweaked slightly for better flow and rhythm. Also, the rhyme scheme could use some restructuring as well. If you're going to write in couplets, you need to write couplets all the way through as it makes the segments that are not so, or even ones using approximate rhyme all the more obvious.