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Prince Kingdra
December 11th, 2005, 6:04 PM
Simple Simple Simple! We'll start with the Pokemon form, it's changed a bit, but it needs Attack, Sp. Attack, Defense, Sp. Defense, and Speed.
Using these will either need the seven-star system, or the the Very Weak to Very Strong set up. So here's how it goes:
Very Weak = *
Weak = **
Weak Medium = ***
Medium = ****
Strong Medium = *****
Strong = ******
Very Strong *******


Name of Pokemon:
Origin: (Where it was found, made, or discovered)
Description: (What does your Pokemon look like?)
Species: (Type of Animal or thing it's like)
Evolution Chain: (What your Pokemon evolved from or will evolve into)
Types: (All the types of your Pokemon, more than 2 require limits!)
Height/Length: (#'#" format, Foot and Inches)
Weight: (in Lbs, must be proportionable with Height/Length, or you need to tell me why it's like that)
Stats - (Use the system with these!)
Sp. Attack:
Sp. Defense:
Attacks: (You don't have to name every attack)
Limits: (If your Pokemon is too powerful)
New Attacks: (If your Pokemon has an attack you don't want others to use)

Prince Kingdra
December 11th, 2005, 6:29 PM
Ok I'll put in my pokemon

Name: Marciless (Marlin+Merciless)
Origin: Found in deep oceans
Description: Marciless looks like a blue, monstorus marlin with a blue body, and a very sharp snout that seriously hurts the victim whenever he's/she's/it's touched by the spearlike snout.
Species: Merciless Marlin
Evolution chain : Doesn't evolve or have an evolved form
Types: Water
Height and Weight: 4'0" 66 pounds
Attack: *******
Sp. Attack: *******
Defense: ****
Sp Defense: *****
Speed: ******
Resistance and Weaknesses: all resistances and weaknesses of Water types
Attacks: Swords Dance, Fury Slash, Surf, Rain Dance
Limits: Not much moves
New Moves:

Fury Slash
Type: Normal
Base Power: 60 on every slash
Accuracy: 80%
Description: 5 slashes. If all 5 connect, the next turn, Marciless uses the move again. If it doesn't connect on all 5, it stops using the attack.

December 11th, 2005, 7:47 PM
How would you define "very strong", "very weak" and all that? I have quite a few fake Pokmon with their exact stats decided, but I'm not sure how to translate that to your system...