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December 11th, 2005, 6:06 PM
Sorry if this is alot of reading ubt try to bear with me
Over five hundred years ago in a far off land called Carenthia four kingdoms were built each in a different region giving them command over the various creatures there. In every region there is a special breed of dragon that lives there that over the centuries the human kingdoms have befriended and can call upon in times of war or for simple festive fun. Tradora, the kingdom of the northern lights was known for its plains ,fertility with their crops have control over the agile Silver Dragons. Drenti the kingdom of the eastern wind known for it's beautiful snowcapped mountains and control over the ever confident Red Dragon. Carius the kingdom of the western symphony is known for its heavily wooded forests, fogy swaps and control over the aggressive Green Dragons. Finally Sarentie kingdom of the southern stars known for their great lakes, lovely beaches and control over the inquisitive Bronze Dragons. Out of these kingdoms the two main rivals have always been the north and the south which has brought countless disputes and several pointless wars ending in draws each time. Soon after when the other two kingdoms stepped in the turned their disputes into a tradition of festive games of different type of events to stop violence and help the peace. These Knight Games have gone on for about four hundred years until present day Carenthia. The games are now about a week away but instead of the regular message to the north about where it should take place the south has again declared war seeing that they have never won any of the Knight Games for fifty years and want to rid the land of Tradora once and for all. With Drenti and their dragons on the south's side things are looking bad for this once powerful kingdom. Aside from all the horrible things conspiring in the other kingdoms Tradora is the first to have their dragons teach them magic though this is restricted to only King Albert and his royal guards. Though this is a small look up this magic should do well against regular soldiers but in order to win the war only the western kingdom's help can secure them victory.

Alright heres the information about the dragons to farmiliarize yourself with them.

Red Dragons-Red dragons or fire dragons as they are also known are greedy beasts they are after treasure to increase their hoards. They are red in colour, though their wings tend to be grey in colour. Red dragons live in the mountains, in large cave networks deep under the surface. They have a Smokey odour about them, Red dragons like to perch on mountains to view their territory.

Red dragons are meat eaters and their preferred prey is humans or young elves. Red dragons often persuade village elders into regular sacrifices of young virgin maidens to them. Red dragons are confident creatures they tend to dive into there attacks without thinking, though they will normally only attack creatures weaker than themselves. Red dragons prefer to attack with their claws rather than use their breath weapon so not to damage any treasure that their prey might be carrying. Red dragons have a fire breath attack, and dragon dragons are immune to fire.

Red dragons are magical creatures and have the following magical abilities

Locate object - the dragon has the ability to locate treasure using its magical abilities
Suggestion - the dragon is able to assert some control of another creature by using powers of suggestion.

Green Dragons-Green dragons are aggressive in nature and will attack without provocation. They have spiky crest that run down their spine. As Green dragons get older there green colour lightens. Green dragons live in forests and are sometimes known as forest dragons. Green dragons have a distinct smell of chlorine about them. Green dragons will eat near enough anything, but there particular favourite are Elves with Sprites a close second.

As said before green dragons will attack with little or no provocation. It does not matter on the size or the ability of the creature. Green dragons enjoy terrorising their prey. Green dragons breath attack is a corrosive acid breath. This dissolves and blinds their attacker/prey. Green dragons also have the ability to breathe underwater.

Green dragons are magical creatures and have the following magical abilities

Planet growth - green dragons are able to cause plants to grow much quicker.
Command plants - the green dragon are able to control plants.
Suggestion - Green dragons are able to use suggestion to control other lesser creatures.

Bronze Dragons-Bronze dragons live in temperate and warm aquatic climates as well as underground. Bronze dragons are inquisitive creatures they like to observe other creatures acting about their daily routines and business. Bronze dragons do this by using a skill called polymorphying, which allows them to assume the appearance of other living creatures.

Young bronze dragons scales and skin tones are yellow tinged with green, as the dragon grows older its colours deepen and develops into a bronze tone. Bronze dragons are well adapted to swimming and can breath underwater unhindered. This swimming adaptation is due to there diets as bronze dragons mainly eat marine or freshwater creatures and aquatic plants.

Bronze dragons dislike killing attackers and would rather bribe or force them away magically. Bronze dragons are armed with two types of breath attack, the first been a lightening breath a ttack which they can electrocute there attacker the second is a gas breath that repulses the attacker away. Bronze dragons are magical creatures and are able to cast the following spells.

Fog cloud - dragon is able to bring down a cloud of fog to confuse and disorientate its attackers.
Control weather - The dragon is able to control the weather in the local area.

Silver Dragons-Silver dragons live in temperate and mountainous regions as well as in underground caverns. Silver dragons are cheerful creatures. They have the ability to polymorph, which means that they can assume shapes of other animals. They use this skill often disguising themselves as kind humans, as this is a silver dragons preferred company.

Young Silver dragons start out in colour as blue-grey skin tones and scales, which become silver with age. Silver dragons prefer to live on seclude mountain peaks, this often brings them, into conflict with red dragons that also live in these regions. Silver dragons are highly skilled in the air.

Silver dragons have two breath attackers, the first been a freezing breath that freezes the attacker/prey. The second breath attack is a paralysing gas cloud. Silver dragons are magical creatures and there are able to control the weather with the magic.

Age: (preferably 17 and over)
Weapon: (bow and arrow, sword, etc. Also you get new enchanted weapons for the war at the end so the weapons you start out with won't be the ones you end with.)
Spell: Since magic isjust being learned try you can only hve one spell and try to keep it simple nothing too powerful.
Craft: (horseback riding, archery, swordfighting, etc.)
Personality: (optional)

Heres Mine:
Name: Kay
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weapon: Starts off with Sword of darkness (http://www.swordsdirect.com/sword_of_vaelen1.html) then later gets Sword of Darkness two (http://www.swordsdirect.com/sword_of_darkness.html)
Spell: N/A
Craft: Weapon/Armor smith
Personality: N/A
Description:Me (http://photobucket.com/albums/b301/Kay11190/th_Kail3.png)
History: Kay is the son of one of the most famos weapon smiths in Tradora Mataro, who makes the weapons and armor for the kings armies and gaurds. For the past year or so Kay's father has been obsessing over magic after hanging out with one of the elder dragons. Recently his father has left the ingdom with the elder dragon to learn more about magic and deffirent species of dragons. All he left behind was four jars of dust of different colors ane Bronze, one silver, one red and one green, along with a book of forging. Though Forging weapons is Kays craft in his spare time he tends the to the many dragons on the castle grounds and has made friends with one his age that takes form of a human that resembles kay only with silver hair and red eyes.

December 11th, 2005, 6:13 PM
Me love Dragons....

Name: Manny
Age: Aprox...... 17
Gender: male
Weapon: bow and arrow (made of silver and gold, this thing is **** hevy)
Spell: fire flick, (all it does is throw a tiny spark at something... only good for making campfires.
Craft: horseback archery
Personality: (optional)
Description: I look like Link... look at the pic if you don't know who he is.
History: I'm lonely and I don't know who I am, I had my memory earased three years ago and am still trying to figure out who I was...

I stole it yess i know...

December 11th, 2005, 6:57 PM
Name: Riyan
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weapon: Greatsword
Spell: N/A
Craft: Swordfighting
Personality: N/A
Description: Tall, somewhat skinny. Has brown hair,and dark green eyes. Always wears a black shirt and black pants. He also wears a silver pendant around his neck, a symbol for who-knows-what.
History: Riyan is a mercenary with no knowledge of his childhood. He picked up his abilities with a sword from an old man who taught him the basics. For the last three years Riyan has been in the service of Tradora Mataro, acting as a guard for supply convoys and nobles. About a year ago he met a suspicious looking boy who has seemed to take an interest in Riyan, following him wherever possible.

December 12th, 2005, 3:35 PM
Name: Raiyna
Age: 17 but younger than kay
Gender: female
Weapon: daggers (2 for those of you who are dumb...XD jk)
Spell: a small levatating ability
Craft: ninja-like?
Personality: N/A
Desription: blue/white hair w/ violet eyes. normal size and wears a purple shirt w/ black pants
History: she is orphaned and her only friend is kay. in the same country, Tradora, she is very helpful. always caring, her parents were killed in war. she never got to see them once because she was only a newborn. who was she protected by? she never knew his name but knew he wanst from her country. now helping Kay, she keeps to herself and only talks when its good news.

December 12th, 2005, 5:57 PM
Alright you are all accepted we'll start tomorrow or as soon as one or two more people join.

Electric Hero
December 12th, 2005, 6:30 PM
Name: Max Hunter
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Weapon: ((is on description, and if I can decide what sword I can get later, like you did, here's a bit of description about it)) Blue handle and a beautiful shining silver blade. The sword (http://ps2media.gamespy.com/ps2/image/article/645/645500/legend-of-heroes-20050825003546955.jpg) in the right upper corner is the sword. It has the same handle as shown in the pic. The silver blade, has a black ink, used in japanese katanas ((just for reference)), and is in a lightning-like form. The blade is not as thin as you think, if the point looks at you, it is like kinda thin square (not so long rectangle) , but has the corners really sharp and the sides finish like if a normal blade of a long sword.
Spell: Lightning - sends a lightning at foes
Craft: Swordfighting, horse riding, horseback swordfighting. ((I would have posted something else, but I want to be sure, read below my sign-up))
Personality: (optional)
Description: this (http://ps2media.gamespy.com/ps2/image/article/599/599165/gagharv-trilogy-2-20050325031237026.jpg) and this (http://ps2media.gamespy.com/ps2/image/article/599/599165/gagharv-trilogy-2-20050325031234308.jpg)... in the second pic, he is the one that is infront of everyone. Just with black hair and electric blue eyes, and the band around the head is also blue and larger. Both arms are covered with white sleeves and the sword is on his back. The sheath and sword colors, not including the blade of the sword, are blue and silver.
History: Was raised by two lovely paretns but now work as a teacher. Teacher in fighting styles though. Masters really well swordmanship and spars everyday with his friends and even older persons in small tournaments. He also works like fighting partner for new knights that just got recruited by the army. He also likes dragons and is friend to a Silver Dragon, that he calls Lightning, since he is around Max's age, and he can also morph into an appearance exactly like Max, but with blue hair, and dark clothes. Max also have learned to ride horses, to fight even on a horse.

((Can I ask something? Do we ride dragons? if we can, I would like to make some editings to mine...))

December 12th, 2005, 6:43 PM
Heya Kay. Hehhe. This is a must for me. :P

Name: Ryo
Age: 17 (roughly about the same as Kay:D)
Gender: Male
Weapon: starts w/ Falore (IceSpear), ends w/ Sigmund (Flame Lance)
Spell: N/A
Craft: Dragon riding w/ spear
Personality: He is friendly and calm. He is quiet sometimes but happy. He is reliable.
Appearance: He has blue hair and sapphire eyes. He wears a dark blue armor that is light and easy to move with brown pants. He has on brown gauntlets and a pair of brown boots.
History: He lives with his father and sister in a small remote town. His father has trained with him teaching him the basics of the spear. His sister enjoys watching them spar and helps with other things. One day while he was wandering in the nearby woods, he happened to see a beautiful female silver dragon that had transformed into a female human, who looked lost. He was intrigued and decided to help her. They became fast friends and enjoyed each others company. He lives a peaceful life but when the war started, he lost his father and his village was destroyed by dragons. He escaped with his sister but pledges to stop the war even at the cost of his life, while promising to also protect his sister from harm.

I'll finish when i get back. Sorry Kay.
Edit- Ok. That should do it. :P Is it ok if I ride dragons?

December 13th, 2005, 8:36 AM
OOC: Yeah you do get to ride dragons but that's only near the end of the Rp though, so hopefully we can get that far into it. Anyway MaxHunter your accepted and Naruto just finish up your sign up and you should be fine. Ok, we can start the rp now.

IC: "Kay the king sent in an order for forty new swords and thirty bows, he says he'll get someone else for the armor and arrows." Kays mother shouted downstairs where Kay and his workmen had been at work making weapons all morning.

"Mom I can't take all this non-stop working. I'm going to head over to the dragon ranch and meet with Rein maybe there I can finally get some peace." He replied heading up the stairs grabbing his jacket. "George make sure most of the orders are filled by the time I return so you all might have a break later on." He called as he shut the door to the basement. Kay then headed into the twon toward the castle passing through the market place and up the main road to the main gates. AS he passed through he waved to the farmiliar gaurds and then made a right through a small cave that lead to where the dragons were held. Upon looking at the ranch it seemed to stretch for miles and had a small lake in the center and near the edge of the boundries large caves where the dragons slept. Looking out into the plains Kay searched the air for Rein but saw no sight of him instead he found the king and some of his knight practicing flying some of the mid aged silver dragons.

December 13th, 2005, 1:42 PM
"Well, guess that excludes that..." Kay said lowly. He was then spotted by one of the knights who called him.
"Kay? Is that you?" He asked.
"Umm... Yeah. Who are you?" Kay couldn't tell because of his helmet.
"Chien! Raiyna's brother? You know me." The soldier replied.
"Oh, you...." Kay sounded firm.
"What's that supposed to mean?"

Electric Hero
December 13th, 2005, 6:47 PM
ooc: Blue flygon.... that sounds like power-playing, you are taking over Kay's character and using him like if he was yours.... that's against the rules. It is okay if Kay gave you permission, but he should have told us first to post like me telling you the rules. But he didn't.... talking with his character is also taking over.... you can't do anything with another person's characters.

ic: "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" was heard from behind a house. I was fighting another skilled person around my house... older than I , but as good as me. We were using wooden swords to harm each other. He tried to hit me sidewards, but I protected myself and pushed his wooden sword with mine to ground and then kicked his hand. He left his sword, which gave two spins in mid-air and then I grabbed it.

I spun once and hit him in the head with his own sword. That was a unique technique of mine... after that, he left with a smile, I always battled in a friendly way. "Max! remember that they gave you the day off because they were going to practice to fly on dragons!" my mom told me, yelling from inside the house. I grabbed my sword and swung it many times through the air, making a cool sound as it cut the air. "Yes mom!!.... I'm going to see Lightning! I will be right back!" I told back as I sheated my sword.

I ran to the castle and the guards I see everyday let me in... since they were familiar with me and I battled with them sometimes. I was also sometimes fighting teacher. I reached the grounds but didn't saw Lightning. Instead, I saw Kay. "Hey Kay!" I said to him as I stood beside him. I see him sometimes, delivering swords and other stuff, and sometimes he was with his dragon friend.

December 13th, 2005, 7:01 PM
ooc: sorry...><
ic: "where'd that boy go...." Raiyna grumbled as she walked through the village looking for her brother. "im gonna kill him..." finally finding the king, she also saw Kay and another boy. "who are you?" Raiyna asked.

Electric Hero
December 13th, 2005, 7:11 PM
ooc: I am sorry too if I sounded rude...

ic: After looking at Kay and the King and the dragons... I heard a girl from behind. I turned around and saw a girl with blue-white hair and violet eyes. "Well... I'm Max Hunter, but call me Max. I am fighting partner with the Knights and soldiers and sometimes even trainer and fighting teacher..." I answered the girl. "And you are?" I asked her in a nice way... I had manners too, you know?

December 13th, 2005, 7:31 PM
Can I still join? If so:
Name:Chris Langly
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Spell:Water ball (throws an Ice ball at the opponent being fougt to temporally blind them)
Craft: Swords style (Magic Swords)
Personality: (optional)
History: Chris grew up in Carenthia to a wealthy family. he always had a very nice life, but really hated it. He watch knights battle and things of the sort and grew to want a life like such. Chris eventually ran away from home at fifteen hoping to find a life as a knight. He spent the next three years under a master of swords and battling. When Chris turned twenty, he graduated, and was given the red rose blade, a powerful sword that has the power of a dragon, however, only a great knight can unlock its true powerl. He truls has made no progress in using its full potential, but hopes one day he can.

December 13th, 2005, 7:45 PM
((Ok... let me get my two cents in...))

" MANNY!!!!!"

" What the f--" Manny said falling off his bed and hitting the floor so hard that the lamp on his bed side table fell off and hit him on the head, " D*** it!"


" Right away Mrs. Fanny..." Manny answers standing up, "Ahg, my back. That's it tomarrow I sleep on the floor." He grubles as he puts his clouths on.

" MANNY!!!!"



" Would you like it if I cleaned you up?" he said under his breath as he walked down the stairs, He quickly exits the orphanige so that Mrs. Fanny wouldn't have time to slam him with more choars. " **** Woman can't do anything for herself, what does she think I am....." Sence he wasn't paying attention he runs right into the younge girl with white hair that he had been admiring for some time now... " Oh God I'm so sorry.... Are you Ok?" He offers her his hand.

December 14th, 2005, 7:34 AM
ooc: is that supposed to be me? 0.o;
ic: "oh! im Raiyna! nice to meet you! "

ooc: no, you werent mean Max. i needed to know! ^_^

December 14th, 2005, 1:25 PM
OOC: Ummm Blue remember that the Rp rule for posting is you have to post at least four lines(one Paragraph) just to remind you. Sure you can join Akio just remember that you can't unlock the swords power until near the end

IC:"Hey you guy's." Kay said as both Max and Raiyna appraoched him. He then glanced back up at the dragons where the king was flying down toward them.

"Admiring the dragons are we you all" The king called slightly chuckling as he landed next to the fence Kay and the others were standing. "I always seem to find you all here looking at the dragons but either way I have something important I want to ask you all to do for me. Just meetme at my throne in an hour and do remember to bring your weapons you'll need them." Albert said whipping the reigns of the dragon getting it airborn once again. "OH and Kay make sure you appoint someone in charge of your smithing shop because I'm sure you won't be there for the next three days or so. Sorry if I'm rambling on but I need you all not to be late for every second counts in war, and also I hope you run into the other men I arranged to go with you all."

December 14th, 2005, 1:41 PM
Can I join?

Name: Sun Li
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Weapon: Chakram http://graphipedia.squares.net/image/Weapon/Throwing/Chakram.jpg
Spell: Angels Breath- Heals allies.
Craft: Fighting with Chakrams
Personality: (optional)
History: Sun Li has a long lost twin brother

December 14th, 2005, 4:47 PM
OOC: Hehe. I hate to do this but I'm going to post Kay, ok? Just say something if you don't fell intrigued. Hehehe.

IC: Rising from my bed, I yawned, stretched, and rubbed my eyes. "Huwwaa. That was a good sleep." I said. "You were out training again, huh? You slept for only four hours. That's not good at all!" came a softer and more femine voice. My little sister, Mist, in a yellow skirt with a blue shirt was carrying a large silver bowl with warm water inside. "Here. Wash up, ok?" She said. "Yeah." I replied. I took the cloth that was on the edge of the bowl, soaked it, and washed my face. "Ah. That feels good." I rose and looked for my suit of armor. "Mist, do you know where my armor is?" I asked. "Oh", she said while washing some dishes, "I put it on your wooden practicing pole outside." I went outside, found my armor, and prepared it. "Ryo. I forgot to take some food to Glen. Would you mind taking it to him?" Mist asked. "Yeah, sure. I was planning on going to the dragon stables too." I replied. "Thanks. He'll be happy." she said.
I walked past a pair of guards who nodded to me as I did them and entered a cave to my right. The cave led to the dragon stables. I walked into the stables and looked around. I see Kay with three other people who I could not point out and looked for Glen. I spotted the medium sized silver dragon. "Hey there Glen. You hungry?" I asked taking out some fruits and other things. "Mist want you to have these." I said giving them to the dragon who seemed to enjoy them. "I'll be right back, ok?" I said to the dragon and walked towards Kay. "Hello, Kay. What are you talkin...." I stopped and noticed that it was the king. "I bowed once and lifted my head. "Hello, Your Majesty." I said to the king.

December 14th, 2005, 5:26 PM
OOC: Oh yeah I don't think I mentoined it but the dragons can talk, also your ok to post Naruto. And yes you can still join shylocke

IC: "Well the king just asked us to visit him in the castle in a little while, so I'm guessing it's pretty important too since I said we couldn't be late." Kay said as the king flew off back into the flock of dragons. "I'm sorry but I don't think you've met Raiyna or Max. Kay continued gesturing to the two people behind him before noticing there was a third there. " "ummm don't thikn I knw you Kay said to the boy, my names Kay and you?"

December 14th, 2005, 9:43 PM
I nodded once to Raiyna and shook Max's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet both of you." I said calmly while giving both of them a smile. "I'm sorry but I must tend to my dragon. I'll see you guys in a bit." I said and walked towards Glen. The dragon was still eating the fruits and meat I gave him. He saw me and snorted happily. "Hey. You haven't finished?" I asked. "Nuh-uh. Mist makes such good food. I didn't want to eat it all." He said grinning. "Well, the king asked me and some friends to go to the castle so it might be a while before I come back." I explained. "You go right on ahead. I'll be occupied with my food." the dragon said. "Ok. Oh I forgot. here some more." I poured into a wooden bin more fruits and meat. "All Mist's. Enjoy." "Oh ho. You bet I will." Glen said snatching a piece of meat and tossed it into his mouth, chomping away gleefully. I walked back towards the group and waited for them to depart. I noticed another person there other than the three people.

December 15th, 2005, 8:47 AM
Sun Li walked in to the building to see what was going on with the rest of the people there.
"ummm hi My names Sun Li" She said feeling a bit shy. There were two charkrams on her belt just incase she needed them for a fight.
"So what does the King want he called me up here." She moaned whilst leaning against a wall.

December 15th, 2005, 11:23 AM
"D'nno. but i do know we're going to war," Raiyna said. "you do know that right?"
"yeah, i know," Sun Li answered. "its just, why does he want us?"
"who knows?" Max said sitting down.
"Maybe he thiks he have special powers!! ^_^" Raiyna cried happily.
"We all know you do..." Manny said snickering.
"Hey!! whats that for?" Raiyna protested.
"Hey! Manny, be nice. besides, we're in the King's castle. Have Manners," Kay shushed. A servant suddenly walked in and told them to go to the throne room.
"king, here we come! ^_^" Raiyna cried.

EDIT: aright, im sorry for that. i wrote about everyone else. sorry. its just, in my fanfics, im so used to wiring abou others that i dont want to leave anyone out. sorry 'bout that, and i promise it'll never happen again. forgive?

December 16th, 2005, 8:29 AM
Sun li sat down on a nearby chair.
"yeesh I wish this guy would hurry up" She said getting impatient. She looked around the walls when she heard a noise from somewhere.
"Did you hear that?" She gasped. She stood up and held tightly to her chakrams.

December 16th, 2005, 7:35 PM
'hm...' Raiyna thought. 'what should i do whilst i wait in this wonderful and humungous castle?' sarcastically thinkning of course, she found the kitchen. "Ooh! food! ^_^" she said happily. running to the fridge, she found that there was a note inside. "huh? what's this?" opening it, she saw what looked to be a chant. "Mine (mih-neh) choko shinatutsu; chamra shoko danetano?" she said reading it. "what the heck kind of note is that?" suddenly, the ground shook and she nearly lost her balance before someone, or somthing caught her.

December 17th, 2005, 2:59 AM
Sun Li felt the earthquake and ran into the kitchen after Raiyna.
"WHAT HAPPENED!" She shouted then saw something holding onto Raiyna. She unclipped her chakrams form her belt and stood there in a fighting stance.
"Get your hands off her you foul beast!" She growled moving closer to it.

December 17th, 2005, 7:40 AM
Raiyna was knocked out cold, still being held by the "beast". she could still mumble a few things, but they were hardly noticeable to Sun Li.
"Channa....." Raiyna mumbled. Immediately, the "beast" looked at her and began to take off. Being stopped by Sun Li, it fell to the ground throwing Raiyna to the ground as well.

December 17th, 2005, 7:46 AM
Sun Li spun round and slashed the beast with her Chakrams.
"RAIYNA!" She screamed seeing her fall to the ground. She kicked the beast out of the way and ran to Raiyna. The beast grabbed Sun and threw her into a wall.
"DAM IT!" She screamed at the pain searing through her back. She got up none the less and started pounding at it again before it got to Raiyna again.

December 17th, 2005, 12:56 PM
Raiyna bean having visions of the others in the castle and where they were.
Talking to the king. Finally, she kind of woke up hearing some one fighting and screaming in agony.
"Uhh...." Raiyna tried her hardest to get up but could only open her eyes and saw Sun Li.

December 18th, 2005, 2:43 AM
Sun Li was still trying her hardest no matter how worn out she was. She grabbed her chakrams and went into a frenzy of slashing. The beast was finally gone, well chopped up into tiny pieces. She ran over to Raiyna and got her up.
"It's alright now" She puffed out walking along with her.

December 18th, 2005, 2:09 PM
Raiyna looked at her sympathetically. "You saved me. and for that, you have my heart-felt gratitude." Raiyna saw that she was a bit hurt and wanted to help her. Sun Li refused. "But youre hurt! surely you want to be taken care of!" Raiyna protested. Again, she refused and told Raiyna to go and find Kay. "Why?" Raiyna asked. but, she kind of knew the answer and went along to find Kay and the others.

December 19th, 2005, 10:42 AM
OOC: Umm B_F you controlled my character again.

IC: Sun Li limped along after Raiyna. She clipped the chakrams onto her belt and caught up with her. The pain in her back was unbearable. She collapsed to the ground feeling breathless.
"HELP!" She cried lying on the floor. She layed there worried about what might happen to her.

December 19th, 2005, 2:14 PM
OOC: hey. the owner wnated me to tell allt hose who dont understand. we got to the castle an hour later. so, when we ended up in the castle, it was actually and hour ago...so...that's if you're confuzzled! ^_^ oh, im sorry!!! >< i forgot!!! ><
IC: "OMG! Sun!!" Raiyna ran to her and bent down. "She's knocked out cold..." Raiyna tried to pick her and put her over her shoulders. Running to the main throne room, she saw Kay and the others talking to the king. "Kay!! It's Sun! She's hurt!!" she then stopped and noticed they hadnt even noticed the earthquake that had happened a while ago. "Kay? Didn't you notice the earthquake a while ago?" she then noticed the king looking annoyed as the others turned around. she had interrupted them....

December 24th, 2005, 9:17 AM
"My King, Please continue on." I said. "I'll take care of this." The king nodded and continued with the meeting. "Ok, Raiyna. What's wrong with Sun?" I asked. Raiyna had explained about the earthquake and the large "Beast" that attacked them. "OK I understand. Where is Sun now?" I asked again. Raiyna quickly led me to Sun Li, who laid on the ground crying for help. I picked her up and carried her towards one of the unvacant rooms. "Follow me Raiyna. We can used these unvacant rooms." I said. Raiyna wondered if it was ok. "I know this castle really well. Don't worry if you get in trouble. I'll be there to clear things up." I said flashing her a quick smile and continued on carrying Sun Li into one of the empty bedrooms. I slowly and carefully placed her on the large, soft bed. "Ok. Sun Li. You are going to need some rest. I'll go grab some medicine from the doc's place which shouldn't be too far down the castle corridor. Be right back." I said and quickly ran towards the door and opened it. I stopped for a second and said, "Raiyna, You seem stressed so feel free to rest in the other bed. OK. I'll be back." I said and jolted towards the Doc's working place.

December 24th, 2005, 9:43 AM
I nodded as Ryo left the room. "Sun....." I said. Looking at her, i felt a stream of compassoin and need to help her. But I had no idea how to. 'I just have to wait until Ryo gets back...' I thought. "Ah... $hit! I cant believe I interrupted them! Kay's gonna kill me!" I said aloud. Hearing footsteps, i quickly hid behind the door. I knew it couldnt be Ryo already. The person wallked in and i jumped at them. "Gotcha!" I shouted. Surprised enough, it was Kay. "Ohhh.....Crap....." I mumbled. He nodded. "Aheh! i guess i couldnt get it anymore trouble, eh?" I asked nervously. He shook his head. "Great...."

December 24th, 2005, 10:26 AM
Sun Li layed there still gasping. She felt tired.
Dont go to sleep Sun... If you go to sleep before the medicine kicks in you could die She kept saying to herself in her mind.
"Kay t-t-this is my fault. She wouldn't of burst in if i hadnt of been hurt. Please dont blame her." She whimpered in pain.

December 24th, 2005, 10:36 AM
"Ahh! Sun! Rest, i got this," I said. "You see, Kay, I..." I saw Kay staring at me as if to say "let's go somewhere else and talk about it. Sun needs her rest." and I agreed.
"Ok, there was this...thing. i beast. I didnt know what it was because it was very dark. "It grabbed me after i was looking for some kind of food in the kitchen. I found a note and read it and that's when it happened. An earthquake came and Sun tried to help me. Then, she got hurt so i had to bust in....I'm sorry..." I said. I felt a hand on my shoulder and tears came to my eyes. "I can't beleive i did that though..."

December 24th, 2005, 10:31 PM
I ran a bit and found Doc's room across from a corridor leading to another tower. I had begun to knock when the door slightly opened. "Huh?" I wondered. I slowly pushed the door and it opened. I peered inside to look for Doc. "Hey, Doc?! Do you ever lock your door?" I asked. A small laugh came from behind the wooden counter. "Am I suppose to have a reason to lock my door?" Doc asked. "Uh, I guess not. But at least close your door. It could just swing open and probably hurt someone." I said. "Hahaha. Then I'll have another patient to work with. What brings you here?" He asked. "I need some medicine to help cure a person's body." "Oh, well, I might still have an extra vial of healing potion left. Lemme check." Doc said. He went around rummaging through his things. "Hm... Ah hah! Here it is!" He took out what looks like a red and green colored vial. This should do the trick." He said as he gave it to me. "Oh, and I might need some strengh, body, and stress relieving stuff too." I added. "Hehehe... YOU can clear that up really quick... Heheh.." Doc gave me a few jabs to the ribs. "That's not funny! Please. Someone really needs it." "OK. OK. Here." He reached out and opened his palms. Another vial that contained a blue liquid laided in his palm. "Take this and hurry. People can't wait. Hehehe..." "Thanks, Doc." "Yeah. No problem." I went to the door, exited, and made my way back swiftly. I came to the room with Sun Li in it. I entered it and found only Sun Li in it. "Where did Raiyna go?" I asked. She replied that she had left with Kay. "Oh well. Here take this." I said leaning towards her and giving her the vial. "I'll be back. Might need to help sort out stuff with those two." I gave her a smile and left. Walking through corridors, I found both of them. "Hey Kay. Raiyna. Sun has her medicine now. Here's yours Raiyna." I said giving her the blue vial.

December 25th, 2005, 11:11 AM
"Uh? Oh, thank you." I said smiling. Ryo nodded and smiled. "Um...Kay? You arent gonna...Kill me now are you?" I looked at him and he was smirking a bit. A look of "why would i do that??" was on his face too. "So...You aren't?" He shook his head. "Yay! I'm not gonna die! I'm not gonna die!" I jumped up and down shouting in happiness. Usually, Kay'd chew me out bigtime for doing something like that. I got lucky this time.

December 25th, 2005, 12:22 PM
"Okay. Now that that has been cleared up, what happened during the rest of the meeting, Kay?" I asked Kay. Raiyna was extremely cheerful that Kay didn't chew her out. "Nevermind. Tell me later. I need to check up on Sun. Y'all wanna come?" I asked. "Just come to Sun's room whenever you feel ready. She might need some more vials so I need to check if see needs some more." I gave a quick wave of goodbye and left for Sun Li's room.

December 25th, 2005, 3:13 PM
"Ahh! I feel soo great!" I walked outside for some fresh air. "Uh?" I looked up in the sky and saw a dragon. "AHH!!" I screamed. Kay ran outside and saw the dragon licking my cheek.
"Kay! Is it yours?" I saw him walk over and pet the dragon. "I take it it is..." Looking at the dragon, i felt compassion for it. 'Hm...I want one so bad...' I thought.

December 27th, 2005, 6:01 AM
Sun Li had taken the vial. She sat up in her bed hearing Raiyna scream yet again.
"She likes screming" She said to herself. She saw Ryo next to her.
"Oh hi Ryo... Thanks for helping me" She said giving him a smile of gratitude. She layed back down to have a quick rest before getting up.

December 27th, 2005, 9:45 AM
"Oh. It's ok really. I was sort of bored anyways. I had to do something today." I said to Sun Li also smiling back to her. "You should take a good rest. Your body will recover after a good nap." I explained. "Doc sure can make strong effective potions. Maybe I should get some too...." I mumbled to myself. Then I remembered something. I reached into my pockets and tried to find an object. I took out a small whistle with fine wood carvings. "Here. Something from me to you." I said giving the whistle to Sun Li. "My father made that. If you ever need help, just blow that and I'll come ASAP."

December 27th, 2005, 12:39 PM
"huh what are you serious?" She asked surprised that he would do that. She got herself comfortable in her bed and fell asleep. "Huh whats going on? Where am I?" She said. She was drifting in her thoughts.
It seemed like she had been running for hours when she suddenly ran into something. Somthing similar to what she was fighting to save raiyna. Suddenly it grew larger and larger and swallowed her.
"AHHH" She scremed lurching forward, she was heaving.
"What was that about." She asked herself. Last thing she remembered before going to sleep was Ryo there next to her. She looked for him and then saw the whistle.

December 27th, 2005, 2:20 PM
Kay had let me ride his dragon. Watching over the side, I saw the village and plains from up high.
"Wow..." I awed at the sight. I saw little boys and grils running and playing with each other a game of hide-and-seek and "catch me if you can". The scenery changed to the mountains and rolling grass. "Kay...This is beautiful." I felt light breathing on me and was about ot turn around when the dragon screeched in alarment. "Huh?" A whole flock of dragons were heading towards us.

December 28th, 2005, 7:22 AM
Sun Li heard the screech and leapt out of bed. She put her clothes on and rushed outside.
"Whats going on?" She asked Kay. She looked up at the dragons.
"Oh no need to ask" She grumbled grabbing her chakrams.
"So who's to die first?" She asked with a grin on her face.

December 28th, 2005, 8:55 AM
As I saw the approach of the dragons, I felt uneasy. "This doesn't feel good." I said. I took out a special whistle made of silver. I blew it very hard and it made a eerie noise. I stopped and waited for a few seconds. A medium sized silver dragon had came towards me. It landed beside me and made large clouds of dust particles fly as it stood beside me. "You called?" it asked. "Yeah. Get ready because we might need some dragon power, Glen." I said to the dragon. "Oh ho ho. This will be fun." Glen smiled and signalled me to get on top. "Shoot. I don't have a worthy enough weapon to go against a dragon right now. I guess your breath will do for this battle if they attack us." I said to Glen. "We need to join Kay and Raiyna." I then saw Sun Li not too far from me. "Sun Li! Care to join me? I think Kay and Raiyna might need our help too." I asked her. Glen gave a small mischief grunt and smiled deviously.

December 28th, 2005, 11:38 AM
"Kay!! Look out!" I shouted. The dragon swerved and just barely missed a few dragons breathing their fire. "AHH!" I nearly fell off the dragon but he cought me.
OOC: hey, kay can't get on the comp for a while....is it alright if i control him for just a few seconds??
IC: I tried to get out of the way of another fire attack...

December 28th, 2005, 1:04 PM
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IC: Sun Li grabbed onto Ryo's dragon.
"Sure I would love to join you" She said smiling and pulling out her chakrams.
"So which one do we go for first then?" She asked Ryo felling a burst of happiness flow her as the wind blew over her face.
"Wow the view is great" She gasped looking around at what she could see. Suddenly a long streak of fire came charging at her.
"CRAP!" She scremed ducking.

December 28th, 2005, 2:32 PM
"Raiyna!!" Kay said grabbing her.
"Ahh..." I sighed. Holding onto the dragon for deat life, Kay said,
"Listen, you have to do something. I dont think he'll be able to hold out much longer with all this fire."
I stared at the dragon trying to think of somehting. "Channa..."I gasped.
"Huh?" Kay asked.
"It's nothing. You got another dragon I could use?"
"I know where to find one..." With that, Kay took me to find another dragon to use.

December 28th, 2005, 4:02 PM
I hope its not too late for me to join up....

Name: Adron R. Landen
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Weapon: Longsword
Spell: Ice Wave: A medium burst of cold frost shoots up from the ground towards the opponet. On the way to the opponet, it turns into Ice and knocks the enemy back while hurting he or she some.
Craft: Swordfighting, Military Stratigist
Personality: Calm
Description: Rather tall in appearance with black hair. The hair is pulled back into a ponytail that flows down behind Adron. Adron usially is seen wearing a red and black overcoat. He usially takes this off if he's about to fight. Under the coat, Adron wears a suit of chain mail thats placed between two layers of leather armor. He also wears black boots and a pair of tan pants.
History: Adron was born into a pesant family that lived in a farm village off deep in the southern country. At the age of 15, Adron went off to a highly reguarded military school where he quickly rose up in the ranks to become a stratigist. He isn't only reconized for his tactics on the battlefield, but his sword skills as well.

December 28th, 2005, 10:09 PM
"Heh. You might want to duck a lot when dragon fire flies by. It'll burn your hair to crisps. Glen, Go!" I shouted. Glen nodded and shot large fumes of silvery dragon breath at the oncoming group. Most of them steered clear of it but 2 were caught in it and fell. "Ok. Two down. Just a couple more." I said to Glen trying to count the remaining dragons. Three fire breaths shot towards us with amazing force. "Ah!" I shouted. Glen made a barrel roll to the left. I had held onto Glen tightly but Sun Li had started to lose grip. Her grip had suddenly slip and she fell. "Glen! Sun Li!" I shouted. Glen turned his attention to the falling Sun Li. He put his wings close to his body to enable a faster dive downwards. He swirled below her and I caught her. "Phew. Are you ok?" I asked Sun Li. Glen had glided a few seconds when his wing started to stiffen. "Ah. I took damage to the right wing." Glen explained. "Darn. We need some more dragons to fight them off. Let's go back to the stables." I said. Glen nodded and we made our desent towards the dragon stables.

December 28th, 2005, 10:26 PM
I found the dragon i needed and flew off telling Kay i'd be back. 'Alright, Channa. I need you now more than ever...' I thought.
Flying to the woods, i found a small hut. "Channa?!" I called. "Cha--nna!" Suddenly, a little fox thingy came out of the hut and looked at me.
"Ah! Raiyna!" Channa ran to me and jumped in my arms.
"I'm so glad to see you. And I need your help."

December 29th, 2005, 3:32 AM
Sun Li slashed at a dragon coming nearer to Glen.
"Thanks for the help Glen" She said smiling. As they reached the ground she saw the stable and jumped off shooting down through the air. She landed next to the stables and waited for Glen and Ryo.
"Wow theres a lot of dragons here." She gasped looking in.

December 29th, 2005, 8:09 AM
"Yeah. There's a bunch. You can look around and choose one. They're all friendly and ask me if you need help because they know me very well." I explained to Sun Li as she began her examination of the dragons. Glen and I stood ny the stable doors to be on lookout. I stood there and suddenly started remembering things. Loud and ear-piercing screams were in the air. Firey orange flames raging around a house. A beautiful snow haired girl in a long white dress. "Wha... Is that... Arika...And...Is this... Home???" I grabbed my head and tried to shake it off. "No. Out. Get Out. Now. Ahhhhh!" I started shouting.

December 29th, 2005, 12:57 PM
Sun Li whipped round to see Ryo holding his head. She opened a door to one of the stables and let the dragon out.
"Ryo whats wrong!?" She said grabbing hold of him. She looked at glen and the other dragon.
"Whats this one's name Glen?" She asked.

December 29th, 2005, 1:45 PM
I rode the dragon all the way to the battle ground where the other dragons began attacking us.
"Channa, this is it. I need your help." I said looking at her.
"you got it! I know exactly what to do! <3" Channa squealed. Making a small power come out of her, she turned a light purple and it then sorrounded me. "Nime chaka sodiane. Abain doki muchatnama!" I chanted. Suddenly, I turned into a wolf. A silver one. Jumping off of the dragon, I ran to the larger dragons taht couldnt fly b/c of their weight. Biting and slashing her way through, she found Kay and howled at him. He thought she was an enemy b/c he started to attack her.
"Kay! I-it's me! Raiyna!" I howled in pain as he slashed me with his sword.
"Raiyna...?" He landed his dragon which then truned into a human with silver hair and red eyes.

December 29th, 2005, 5:46 PM
As I shook my head, I started to calm down. "Agh. What's wrong with me?" I mentally asked. Sun Li had came to check up on me. "Ah. I'm... fine now, thanks." I replied to Sun Li. Glen looked at the dragon Sun Li brought with her. "Ah. That is a good pick. Her name is Delila. She is very experienced like most of the older dragons." Glen said. "Okay. Now we ride. We'll need to regroup with Kay and Raiyna quick. Two lone dragons against a whole group is a lot of trouble." I said mounting Glen. Glen flapped his wings a few times and was now airborne. "Your right wing feeling better now?" I asked. "Yes, very much. Thanks for caring." Glen replied back. I patted his back a few times and smiled. "Ready to go Sun Li? I think this is your first time riding a dragon by yourself, right? It's very easy. Just hold tight onto the dragon and the dragon will do everything else. All you have to do is give it commands." I explained as both, Glen and I, waited for Sun Li.
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December 29th, 2005, 5:50 PM
"Kay..." I managed to say.
"Raiyna...No! I didnt mean it!" Kay shouted.
"I-I'm alright. just a little hurt. That sword you have there is no joke," I chuckled.
"Can you get up?" Kay asked.
I got up and growled happily. "Of course! I'm perfectly fine!"
"You sure? I hit you pretty hard."
Running to the dragons I howled, "Perfectly fine!"

December 30th, 2005, 2:08 AM
Sun Li jumped on Delila.
"Go Delila You know what we're doing dont you?" She asked her smiling. Delila took off from the ground.
"Ofcourse I do" She said in a happy voice. She dodged a blast from a dragon and rammed it. It fell to the ground. Sun Li looked down.
"CRAP RAIYNA!" She screamed
"Delila go down there." She commanded. Delila flew straight down to Raiyna and Kay.
"In coming dragon above us!" Sun Li shouted grabbing Raiyna, Kay and the little thing.

December 30th, 2005, 10:55 AM
"Whaa!" I shouted. I was bein lifted by Sun Li from a falling dragon. "Channa!" I Hugged her thankful she wanst hurt. "Mineko!" I shouted. The dragon Kay let me use flew up and Channa and I got on. "I'll meet you back at the castle!" By now, I was my human self again. Kay nodded and we flew off. I grabbed my daggers from my belt and nodded at Channa. She looked at the incoming dragons and started hitting them with a strange power.
"Ah, geez...I gotta get to Raiyna before something happens..." He kicked the side of his dragon and flew off towards her. Finding her, she was being dragged to the ground. "Raiyna!!" He shouted. "Rein! Go now! Get Raiyna!" Rein flew down and grabbed Raiyna and Channa from Mineko. 'Ah...sh*t...Raiyna, hold on 'till I get to the castle.' He thought.
Reaching the castle, he let her lie down and thought of a way to beat these dragons. "I got it!" He said aloud. Rein looked at him already a human.
"What?" He asked in a serious voice.
"We go to Sarentie. The land of the Bronze dragons. There, we can forge the dust my father bave me... I think we can anyways. It's worth a try."
"Aren't you going to wait for Raiyna to wake up?" Rien asked in his deep voice.
"Yeha. Channa, What happened?" Kay asked the little fox.
She jumped up and squealed, " The big monsters hit Raiyna on the side and it knocked her out! I had to try to control our beasty but it was no use. She wouldnt listen." She said "monster" in reference to the dragons.
"Ah, I see. Rein, we have to leave now. Raiyna'll wake up sooner or later. C'mon."
They left. Entering the Sarentie border, they saw many dragons of bronze color.
"Thses smaller beasties arent as fast as the big besties!" Channa said talking about hte horses. Having to ride the horses was as drag, but it was the only way so no one would spot them.
'Sun Li, Ryo, I'm sorry. I'll be back.' Kay thought.
Entering the main town, he searched for a forging house.
"Kay, over there," Rein said.
Kay loked and saw the house. it was disguised, but he could tell. "Alright, Rein, take Raiyna and Channa to a medical center. See if she'll be alright."
Rein nodded and took Raiyna and Channa on his horse.

December 30th, 2005, 11:09 PM
"Sun Li. I have to go back home to get something. Wait here until Kay and Raiyna gets back, ok?" I said to her. "Remember the whistle, just blow it when you need help." I said, smiled at her, and ran off. As I exited the castle, Glen flew nearby and signaled me to get on. I jumped on and we took off. "I need to get back home." I said to Glen. "Will do." Glen replied back and shot foward with extreme speed.
----At Ryo's house----
"Lalala." Mist sang as she hung wet clothing onto the clothesline. As she hung a few up, a shadow had bee casted onto the clothing. Mist looked up, saw the shadow, and quickly stood up from the ground.
"Wh-Who are you?" She asked the snow-haired lady in a white dress.
"Please do not be alarmed. My name is Arika. I am a dragon in a morphed state." the lady said.
"W-What is it that you want?" Mist asked as she started to tremble.
"I-I have come to see your brother Ryo. I have to talk to him."
"Ryo isn't here at the moment but he should be coming back anytime now." She said looking at her watch as she tapped it constantly.
"Then I will wait for him here, if you do not mind?" Arika asked.
"Oh. Um. I guess so." Mist replied though feeling a bit uneasy about the stranger.
"Thank you, Mist." Arika said.
"H-How do you know my name?" Mist asked as she wondered.
"Your brother has told me a lot about you."

December 31st, 2005, 2:38 AM
Sun Li couldn't just leave the dragons to destroy the place. She jumped on delila and kicked off. She took out her chakrams and started mumbling something.
"moya sum hui jia cou sen AH!" And lets out a blue sort of blast from her hands flying straight at a dragon. She ducked from another and slashed it with her Chakram and then flew off to wait for Kay and Ryo. She saw Raiyna laying there.
"AGAIN!?" She screamed diving down. TShe jumped off the dragon and sat with Raiyna.
"Don't Worry it's going to be ok got it" She said picking her up and taking her inside. She ran to the medical ward to see what he had to say.
"hmmm She used up alot of energy. She must of used a spell or something" The doctor said examining her.
"I think she just needs some rest." He said.
"Right ok" Sun Li said picking her up and taking her to her room. She put Raiyna in the bed and sat with her.

December 31st, 2005, 1:50 PM
OOC: alright, Kay has given me permissioin. He no longer wants to be owner of this club b/c of his past work. in other words, he hates looking back on this b/c its old work that he doesnt remember. so, we will take a poll for the owner of the club. does everyone agree? and yes, he will still be in the story. but anyone may control him. he is ours!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! ahem sorry! ^_^;
IC: "Raiyna?" Rein asked as she opened her eyes slowly.
"Uh...Rein?" I mumbled.
"Yes, it's me. Kay went to find a forging shop to ask about some sand he got from his dad."
"Raiyna!!" Channa squealed jumping on her.
"Ah...! Oh, Channa! It's you! You're alright!"
"Well of course, silly!"
I giggled and hugged her tightly.

January 1st, 2006, 4:18 AM
Sun Li sat with Raiyna.
"Are you ok now?" She asked her giving a sigh of relief. She got up and went over to a cabinet. She found an amulet.
"It's been ages since i've held this" She said to herself. She put it on. It was her fathers, her father was killed when she was young and he gave it to her.
She went back and sat with Raiyna and rein and channa.
"I've got to go back and fight i'll talk to you later bye" She said getting up and walking out of the room.

January 1st, 2006, 12:30 PM
Kay shouted at the boy in the forging shop.
"You mean to tell me you dont know what this is?!"
"Well, obvously you dont either."
"But you've been working longer than me!!"
"Hush, children," a rusty voice said.
They turned to see an old man who looked very wise and generous.
"Tell me your name young man."
"I...I'm Kay."
"Toshii. Now, what is it you need?"

January 1st, 2006, 10:39 PM
"Gah." I said to Glen. "There seems to be two dragons following us."
"Yes. I can hear them." Glen increased his speed and flew extra fast towards my house.
"I need that spear my dad made. It was meant to punish dragons." I said. Glen made a sad face.
"haha. Don't worry. It's not like I was going to use it on me." I said to him.
"I truly hope not." He said back.
"There!" I said pointing towards a two story house. Glen stopped next to the house and I dismounted off him. "I'll be back." I said to Glen. He nodded back. "Be quick."
I made a mad dash towards my room.
"Ryo? RYO!" Mist shouted as she saw me running up towards my room.
"No time, Mist. I have to get dad's spear." I said without looking at her.
"But, Dad said it was only for battling dragons. A-Are you going to fight one?" she asked. I gave no reply and continued on. I looked under my bed, in my closet, and trunk. "Where is it?" I mumbled. As I threw everything on the ground and searched, I saw a pointy tip by my fencing pole.
"Ah hah." I snatched it and ran downstairs. "Have to go Mist. I'll be right back." I said.
Mist, looking at Arika, said, "I think we should follow him."
"Indeed. He might need help." Arika said and they both went outside.
When I got outside, Glen was furiously battling the two dragons with extreme difficulty.
"Red Dragons! Stay back!" Glen shouted as he clawed one of the dragons. I, without listening, lunged at one of the dragons that wasn't battling Glen. I shoved the spear at the dragons heart. The dragon grabbed it and broke it in two.
"Hehehe. Puny human. Die, NOW!" the dragon shouted and swiped his large claw at me opening a large wound on my chest. I had stumbled backwards and laid on the ground clasping onto my wound.
"Ryo!" Glen shouted and was hit my two fire breaths. Glen backed up and lost his footing.
"G-G-Gle-n-n." I struggled to say.
"RYO!" Mist shouted and ran towards me. "Oh no. Your bleeding really bad!" She said with fear.
"Gah. I-I'm sorry. I won't be able to help you anymore." I said and closed my eyes.
"NO! RYO! OPEN YOUR EYES! PLEASE!" Mist said with tears falling down her face as she shook me constantly.
A loud explosion had came from the dragons. Large dust clouds flew around them and started to settle. There stood Arika and the two dragons, crystallized.
"They should be trouble no more." She said with an unusual calmness.
Mist was astonished but had not stop crying.
"Can you help Ryo? Can you? I beg of you." Mist begged.
"I will do all I can." Arika said. "I might need your assistance Glen." She said to the dragon.
"Very well mistress." Glen said and got up. Glen, Arika, and Mist carried me into the house where Arika began to chant spells.
"Mistress?" Mist asked Glen.
"Oh yes. She is one of the daughters of the elder." Glen explained.
"But how does she know me and Ryo?" Mist asked.
"That I do not know." Glen replied.
Arika had finished chanting her spells and stepped back.
"I have healed his wound and given him some of the silver dragon's power. But the will to wake up is his and his alone." she said.
"T-Thank you." Mist said and hugged Arika.
"When he wakes up, give him this spear." She said giving Mist a crystalline blue spear.
"What is it?" Mist asked.
"It is for battling dragons other than silver dragons. It ,too, has our powers." Glen answered.
"Okay. I will. Arika, how did you meet my brother?" Mist asked once more.
"No. Your brother met me. I was picking some flowers and thought I had put up an invisible spell, but I was wrong. Your brother found me. You should ask him for further information." Arika said. "I beg your leave."
"Good luck, Mistress. Do be careful."
"I will, Honerable Glen. May Dragul watch over you all." Arika said and disappeared.

January 3rd, 2006, 3:31 AM
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IC: Toshii helped Kay with the dust. It turns out, the dust could be used to make a weapon.
"What kind of weapon?" Kay asked eagerly.
"Patience, child. You will soon find out," Toshii said.
'Hm...I wonder how Raiyna's doing....' Kay thought.

"Raiyna...?" Rein asked.
"Hm? Yes, what is it?" I looked at him.
"Um...well....you see....I-" I cut him off.
"REIN!!" I shouted pointing outside.
He could see Sun Li riding a dragon and getting badly wounded.
"They followed us....you're kidding me!?" Rein shouted rushing outside.

January 3rd, 2006, 4:52 AM
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Sun Li scremed as one of the claws slashed her.
"WHO THE ELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?" She shouted jumping off of delila and slashing it with her chakrams. She landed back on Delila and carried on. She sensed something wrong with Ryo.
"RYO!" She scremed a tear falling from her face. She started glowing red.
"You foolish idiots" She said gathering a ball of energy in her hand.
"higen wigin maken buka!" She growled and shot the blast. It sent one dragon to the floor. She got back on the dragon.
"The Mistress was there Sun Li" Delila said dashing towards the forest. Sun Li felt Ryo's precsence coming closer.
"RYO I'M COMING!" She cried.
"What are you going to do lady Li?" Delila asked.
"I dont know" She replied. She pulled the whistle out of her pocket. She landed next to Ryo who was on the floor. He saw Mist. She knelt down next to him and cried.
"Ryo wake up, please wake up!" She cried.

January 3rd, 2006, 5:44 AM
OOC: ok...ill ask him to make us one.
IC: I ran outside with Rein and saw the dragons getting closer.
"Raiyna!!" I heard a voice shout.
I turned to see Kay and smiled. "Kay! You're back!"
"Yeah, but we dont have time. Raiyna, you stay here with Channa. Rein and I will take care of them."
"What!? Kay, no!!" I screamed.
"Raiyna! Get in there, now!!" He mounted Rein and flew off.

January 3rd, 2006, 5:58 AM
Sun Li turned and saw the dragons that were crystalized.
"Crystalized is not good enough they need to die!" She growled taking out her chakrams. She slashed the ice into peices.
"Don't you ever mess with my friends again." She grolwed looking at the pieces on the ground. She turned to mist.
"You must be Mist, Ryo told me a lot about you." She said. She picked up Ryo and signalled for Mist to come into the house with her.
"Delila can you keep an eye on the house for me please" She asked.
"ofcourse Lady Li" She said. Sun Li put Ryo into his bed and sat down.
"You'll get better. I mean it, and if you dont... Then what would me and Mist do?" She said to him. She pulled out the whistle again. She put it in her mouth and blew on it as hard as she could.
"GET UP RYO!" She scremed blowing it again hoping that he would wake up to the sound of it.

OOC: Yay can't wait:D

January 3rd, 2006, 11:09 AM
I had opened my eyes and looked around seeing many shapes. I was on top of a stone altar.
"Wha? Where am I?" I looked around and saw no one. I stood up and walked a few minutes and stopped. Three paths were open to me. At the distance of each, I saw a person. On the left, I saw my sister, Mist. The middle road showed Sun Li. And the last held Arika.
"What is this?" I asked myself with utter confusion. "Am I suppose to choose a road?"
My head started to hurt. I grabbed my head and tried to stop the pain.
"Agh. Ah. Ughh. What is going on?" I went on. Three roads with three precious people to me.
"What am I suppose to do?" I looked at each road again. I took a step towards my sister's path when I saw something. Two large dark spirits hovered above Sun Li and Arika with a huge scythe. They chuckled and brought their's scythe up about to cut them down.
"No!!" I shouted and stepped back suddenly from the road. The spirits stopped and disappeared.
"Is this some kind of nightmare?" I wondered. I took a step in Sun Li's and something else happened.Two dark figures hovered above Arika and Mist. I stepped back and they also disappeared. I did the same to Arika's and two more spirits hovered above Mist and Sun Li.
"How am I to choose?" I took a step in the uneven ground between each road. I looked up and saw each girl go into pain as they grabbed their heads and started to tremble. I jumped back and did some more thinking.
"What is this world?"
"This is your world and what will happen to each person who is precious to you when you
are faced with the decision to save one of them." came a voice.
"What?! What do you mean?" I asked trying to find the owner of the voice.
"Try to figure out. If you save one, you lose two. Not a very good outcome." it said again.
"But..." I said as my head started to hurt again. "Choose carefully. Their lives depends on your decision......" the voice faded with each word.
"Why? WHY?!!" I shouted. A large piercing sound came to me.
"My whistle!" I shouted. I stood up and looked around.
"My decision..." I turned my back to the roads and made my way back to where I first was. "This will be my decision..." I said laying back down on the altar.
"I will save them all. Without choosing a path."
I opened my eyes and saw Sun Li, blowing my whistle extremely loud, my sister Mist, who was crying, and Glen.
"Hah huff. Y-You can stop now Sun Li." I said smiling and holding onto my hurting chest. They all gave me a look of relief and happiness. "And don't cry Mist. You get all puffy eyed and it looks horrible." I said to Mist.
"Y-Y-YOU!" Mist shouted. "I-I'm not crying!" she said wiping her tears away and smiled.
"Rejoice." Glen said and also smiled.

January 3rd, 2006, 12:24 PM
"No....Kay..." I mumbled.
"Hey, don't worry! He'll be ok! I've seen him fight when he was teaking you here! <3" Channa said.
'I....hope she's right. Come to think of it, I've never seen him fight....I'll have to ask him to fight me one day...' I thought with a smile.

"Ah...$hit...Rein! Take me higher!!" Kay shouted.
Rein flew higher into the clouds ans saw more of the dragons coming.
"So that's where they hide..." Rein said. "Kay, I suggest you use the new weapon you got. I heard it should work."
"Alright! You got it!!" Kay drew his dwrod and Rein flew off towards them.

January 3rd, 2006, 3:42 PM
Sun Li notice Ryo getting up.
"RYO!" She scremed flinging her arms around him. She ran out side and told Delila that he was ok.
"That is fantastic Lady Li" She said cheerily. She wet back up to talk to Ryo.
"I thought we had lost you for a minute. You seemed like something was wrong just before you woke up, what happened?" She asked curiously.

January 3rd, 2006, 5:28 PM
"Hgnn. Uh. N-Nothing happened. Sorry to had worried you all." I said and smiled.
"Here. This is from Arika." Mist said and handed me the crystalline spear.
"Arika gave you this?" I asked Mist and reached for it.
"Uh huh. She saw you having trouble with fighting the dragons so she fixed Dad's spear and made it like this." Mist explained.
"So.. Where is she?" I asked.
"She left a few minutes ago." Glen replied quickly.
I stood up and saw that my armor was lighter and much more durable with a glimmering blue color.
"Let me guess. She also did some work with my armor too." I said.
"Yep. She is nice for a mistress. She also healed you." Mist said.
"Oh. I should thank her next time. Wait. She told you she was a mistress of the silver dragons? Sorry for not telling you, Mist." I replied to Mist.
"No. It's fine. Glen said it so I asked." Mist stated. She got up and walked into the kitchen. Glen had polymorphed into his human form. Glen had white hair with amber eyes. He wore a white shirt with brown pants. He ceratinly tried to look normal and I couldn't blame him.
"Hope you feel better. And please heed my warnings." Glen said.
"Yeah. I should, huh?" I said and grinned a bit. Mist brought a tray of cups with tea.
"Here everyone." She said passing out the cups. I sipped it and brought it down.
"Wow. That feels good. Sure can warm me up." I said brimming with energy. Glen did the same. Mist ,however, did not. She gave me a worried look.
"That was an extremely hot cup. Are you Really felling ok?" Mist asked.
Glen replied to the question, "He has some of our properties. We can take extreme temperatures. That was probably why he didn't feel anything from it."
"Wow. So that's it." I said. "I don't feel cold anymore too."

January 4th, 2006, 12:50 AM
Sun Li finished the cup of tea after about ten minutes.
"Wow that was quite hot" She said putting the cup down. She thanked Mist for the tea. Just then more dragons flew above the house.
"LADY LI GET OUT QUICK!" Delila shouted up. Sun Li grabbed her chakrams and ran outside.
"Come on everyone out now!" She called up to the rest. She jumped on Della and got ready to fight.
"Why couldn't the mistress be here now?" Delila asked herslef flapping her wings and kicking off from the ground.

January 4th, 2006, 1:20 AM
"It's fine. We'll handle it, right Sun Li?" I asked as I got on Glen. "Arika need not fight. Though she is powerful, I pray for her safety. Now. Let's see what this spear can do." I said holding the blue spear ready to plunge in a dragon. Four fire dragons had flew by and made a turn back.
"You take one and I take three. Ok?" I asked Sun Li and prepared to attack while waiting for her answer. Glen shook his head at question.

January 4th, 2006, 8:59 AM
Sun Li nodded grabbing her chakrams.
"Ready?" She said smiling. She jumped up and slashed at the dragons neck. It just stood there.
"hmm not what I expected" She said landing on the ground. She spun round and slashed at it.
"DELILA COME ON!" She shouted jumping on her. Delila shot a blast of fire and clawed the dragon. The dragon fell to the ground and turned to dust.
"Hmmm thats new" Sun Li said looking at the dust on the floor.
"Lady Li there will be more soon and there is not enough space I propose we leave this place to a more open space. Glen what do you think?" Delila asked looking over in his direction. Sun Li by now was helping Ryo fighting the other dragons.

January 4th, 2006, 1:42 PM
I stood there waiting for Kay to come back. Channa noticed my fear.
"Don't worry, Raiyna. I've seen him fight when we were taking you here. He was awesome! ^_^"
I sighed and smiled a bit. After a hwile, i looked down at Channa and saw a look of fear in her eyes.
"What is it?" I asked.
I looked to where she was and saw a whle giant flock of dragons heading for us. Getting ready, i took out my daggers and faced them. "Channa, get back."
She listened and got behind me. Fightinf for what seemed forever, the leader came and hit the side of me with his spear. Falling over, Channa said another spell.
"No...Channa don't..." I strained to say anything. She continued, and i closed my eyes to refrain from it. It was no use. My eyes shot open and my pupils dialated. "The....Fox Demon..." I growled. Slashing and biting, i killed every last one of the dragons except the leader. Kay walked up beside Channa and stared at me.

OOC: hey, if you wanna see what i look like in this scene, tell me and ill draw it.....XD (on paint of course....XD its gunna look horrible, so be prepared...XDDDD)

January 8th, 2006, 3:24 AM
Sun Li stood there and watched Ryo finish off the rest. A shadowed figure came running at us. All of a sudden Sun was ducking from daggers being thrown at her.
"RYO! MOVE!" She screamed jumping over to Mist and pulling her down.
"get inside now Mist." Sun Li said. She picked up a sword. She ran at the person and held the sword ready to fight. The figure appeared to be a ninja. He picked out a sword from his sheath. Sun Li flipped out of the way of a swipe from the sword.
I can't show them I am a ninja She thought to herself. But I haven't got a choice I can't beat him otherwise She thought. Sun Li grabbed two throwing blades and threw them at the ninja.
"You are a foolish little girl aren't you" He grolwed running at her and kicking her in the face. Sun Li fell to the floor but flipped back up soon after ready to fight again. She lifted herself off a rock and kicked him in the face with both feet. She landed swiftly on her two feet and grabbed two daggers from the pouches hidden on her boots. She stabbed them into him and watched him turn into dust.
"Ahhh that should do it." She said smiling putting the daggers back into the pouch.
"Lady Li what was that?" Delila asked her with a look of awe on her face.

January 8th, 2006, 9:07 AM
A swift object had approached me and attacked Sun Li. I was too busy finishing up the dragons to help her.
"Ah. Hold on Sun Li!" I shouted while blocking claw slashes by the two remaining dragons. I jumped up and did a diving swipe at a dragon's head, crushing it. That dragon fell down and just twitched. The other dragon blew a large fire breath at me.
"Agh." I yelled as it enveloped me. As it cleared, I noticed that I was unharmed.
"What the...?" I wondered. The dragon had become a bit confused that it wasn't a crisp. INow was the time to strike. I sprinted towards it zig-zaging so I wouldn't get hit and lose momentum. I quickly ran behind it and plunged the spear into its back and through its heart.
"Ack. D-**** You. Don't Think You get away. My brothers shall devour you and your family. Hehehe.. Ack. Br-BROTHERS!!!!!" It cried and died. I pulled my spear out and ran to Sun Li. I stopped running.
"Where did that guy go?" I asked Sun Li wondering where the figure that attacked her had gone.

January 8th, 2006, 10:13 AM
"umm yeah about that" She mumbled trying not to tell him about her being a ninja.
"Lady Li killed him" Delila said. flapping her wings.
"It was quite a show actually" She said nodding her head.
"ahhh jeez forget it i'll just tell you. I used to be a ninja and I couldn't beat him with the skills I was using before so I used my ninja skills." She said.

January 8th, 2006, 1:40 PM
"Ah. A ninja. Impressive." I said with awe.
"Well I guess we're done here. Shall we join Kay and Raiyna?" I asked Sun Li.
"Wait. I want to go too." Mist said with envy.
"What? I can't let you go. It's dangerous." I explained to Mist.
"But still. I want to go. I can help the injured. I'm very good with medical help. Please brother. Let me go with you." She begged me.
Waiting for a few minutesand thinking about it, I replied, "Oh, alright. Just don't cause too much trouble for Sun Li. She's been jumping around saving you." I said with a puffy face. Mist smiled and hugged me. I tried pushing her away form me.
"Ok stop. We should be leaving now. Kay and Raiyna might need our help." I said mounting Glen with Mist behind me.

January 8th, 2006, 1:54 PM
Sun Li jumped on Delila and flew behind Ryo.
"Thanks Ryo, for all of you're help" She said smiling.
"Lady Li?" Delila asked.
"Yes? What is it Delila?" She asked her looking down.
"Why didn't you tell anyone that you were a ninja?" She asked back. Sun Li hesitated.
"Because I didn't really want to cause any fuss" She said at last

January 9th, 2006, 2:00 PM
OOC: you know, Uzumaki...this "Mist" girl sounds a lot like Mist from Fire Emblem...XD is that who it is?

IC: I glared at the dragon and his master before me. "You'll die..." I growled.
Jumping at him, the dragon tried to reflect it by using his wing. I tore a hole in it with my claws and went for its face. Biting and scratching the dragon, i turned to the leader and slashed his face taking my nails and sticking them right through his heart.
"Don't ever come near me or my friends again..." I said in a low growl as he died.
Kay walked over to me a little scared of what i might do.
"R-Raiyn....Raiyna?" He asked uneasily.
I looked at him and saw his fear. Turning back into my real self, i looked at him and smiled. "I'm...sorry you had to see that..."
"No, no...it's alright...I just wish I could've been here earlier." I smiled at him once more to see two dragons overhead coming in on us.

January 10th, 2006, 4:35 PM
OOC: Gehehe.... Finally, someone who knows. Good job. *gives Raiyna a giant cookie*
Shylocke, I am going to skip up too where Raiyna and Kay are. Hope that is fine with you.

IC: Sun Li, Delila, Glen, Mist and I were gliding just above Raiyna and Kay's position. Upon reaching there, I witnessed the end of the bloody battle of Raiyna and the dragons. Suddenly, a loud shrieking noise came from behind us. Two more dragons had came.
"Sun Li. Get down there and help Kay and Raiyna. I'll deal with these two." I commanded her to do. "You too, Mist." I also said while gliding closely to Delila for Mist to get on.
"Alright. I'll go help Sun Li." Mist replied back and jumped on Delila with Sun Li. I took off with Glen and came upon both dragons.
"I'll be dealing with the both of you." I said with a grinning smile.
"Hssssss. get out of the way boy. Or you'll get hurt." One of the dragons hissed at me while the other chuckled.
"Die!!!" I shouted lifting my blue spear and delivered multiple blows to the nearest dragon, who was the one talking. The dragon parried some slashes but got hit with a few to the leg and wings.
"D*nm you. Burn in hell!" the injured dragon shouted and spat flames at us. Glen quickly barrel-rolled to the left avoiding the attack.
"Get up close now!" I commanded and Glen brought us within combat range.
"Blizzard Spear!!!" I shoved the spear through it's scaly skin and through it's heart. It twitched and laughed while enduring the pain.
"Ack. Hah. Y-You will not kill me without getting a present." it said and spat it's blood at me body, legs, and arms. "You'll suffer forever. Hahaha.... Brothers avenge me......" He said with his last breath and became motionless. I took my spear out of it and suddenly became engulfed in pain. My skin felt like it was being burned.
"Acid?! Agh. Hgn. AHHH!!!" I shouted as the pain increased dramatically.
The other dragon shot towards us and swiped at Glen with it's claws. Glen was hit with the full force and I was thrown off.
"M-Master Ryo!!!' Glen shouted ,while holding off the dragon, as I fell from the sky.
"N-No!! I'm fine. D-Deal with that dragon." I struggled to say to Glen as I fell. Glen. with much worry, obeyed.
I fell faster and faster as my body felt like it was being eaten alive.
"Brother? BROTHER!!!!" Mist shouted when she saw me fall down.
"Uuwwaaaaaa!!!!" I shouted again. My body became enveloped in a bright light. There suddenly was a bright flash and what replaced me was a figure with dragon wings. He had my facial expressions and looks accept that his hair was jet black. He flew in place and stretched himself like he just got out of a prison.
"Ummmmm haaaaaaa.... It sure is good to be out." he said with a devious voice. He saw Glen and the dragon battling.
"Heh. Seems like fun." he muttered and flew to them. He stopped inbetween them and stared at the red dragon.
"You'll be my first customer." He said as he drew out a yellow blade that held an aura.
"Dragon Buster. Obliteration!!!" He yelled as he dashed at the dragon and swiftly sliced through the dragon. The dragon moaned and was sucked into the sword.
"Heh. No challenge." he said to himself and turned to Glen.
"Master Ryo?" Glen questioned.
"Hah. I am not Ryo. I am Kyo. Do not mistake it." he said and arched his blade about to attack.

January 10th, 2006, 4:44 PM
OOC: OMG! KYO! like the Kyo from Furuba! ^_^ yay! a cookie! hey, i wanna talk to you about FE in a PM sometime! ^_^

IC: I looked up to see a dragon replace Ryo. A little girl was with Sun Li and she cried "brother".
odd, i thought. I didn't know Ryo had a sister...
Looking at Sun Li she had unimaginable fear in her. after all, Ryo had just truned into a dragon, it seemed.
"Kay, what is that?" I asked him motioning towards the dragon.
"It...its Kyo, Ryo's other side, I believe." Kay answered. "Not sure though."
I watched them as they continued to stare each other down, Kyo and Glen.

January 10th, 2006, 6:18 PM
OOC: Hah. I'll be glad to talk about FE. Just PM me and we'll be on our way. :D Ack. Did I even added you as a friend? And that Kyo thing was sort of random. I never expected to use the name Kyo but......

"Taste my blade!" Kyo shouted and slashed at Glen. Glen quickly looped and evaded the attack.
"Ah. You are quick. This will be fun." Kyo said while grinning with excitement. He again arched his blade and dashed at Glen trying to get a good swipe in.
"Where is Master Ryo?!" Glen shouted at Kyo, wanting an answer.
"You can say he's......sleeping. Hehehe... He'll be asleep for a long long time to come now that I'm out." Kyo chuckled. "Feel my wrath!" Kyo flew straight up and became enveloped in the sun's rays.
"Good luck finding me." Kyo said as he vanished in the sun's light. Glen shot multiple ice breaths up towards Kyo's position but it just flew off and disappeared.
"No. Where did he go?" Glen said with uneasyness as he tried to find Kyo.

January 11th, 2006, 11:10 AM
"GLEN!" Sun Li screamed jumping on Delila. She flew straight up to Glen and Kyo. They reached Kyo and Glen, Sun Li grabbed her blade.
Two angel wings stuck out from the blade as Sun Li started glowing white. She jumped off of Delila and started floating. When the light finally disappeared Sun Li looked completely different. She had long blonde hair reaching her waist and two wings sticking out from her back.
"Kyo what a pleasent surprise remember me? Pipa (pronounced Pie-Pa) it looks like I will have to banish you from this world once again as I did 1000 years ago" She said holding her blade in a fighting stance
"EN GUARDE" She shouted starting to fight with him.
"Remarkable" Delila gasped looking at them both.

OOC: Can I control Mist if you are not on Uzumaki... and that was just to spice the rp up lol if you dont want that to happen just tell me

January 11th, 2006, 9:46 PM
OOC: Go right on ahead. Like Kay's character, you guys can control her. Just don't make it too weird or anything.

"Heh. YOU again?! I never imagined to see you here. Well. It must be my lucky day. The day I cut you down is the day I will rejoice. Show me what you've got." Kyo said as he desended from the sun's ray and going into another fighting stance. "No. Let me be the one to give you a welcoming." Kyo said, arched his yellow blade, and dashed at Pipa.

OOC: Gah. Short post. *clomps post*

January 12th, 2006, 3:39 AM
Pipa clenched her blade. She waited for Kyo to get close enough for her to attack. I'll blast him with my fire attack in a miunte She thought to herself. Mist looked up at Sun Li as she had just transformed. She looked over to Kay and Raiyna.
"What's happening why have they both changed?" She screamed over the noise of the fighting. Mist saw a sword on the floor.
"DELILA!" She screamed up to the dragon to come down. She flew down to Mist jumped on and held the sword. She flew up to Pipa and Kyo.
"GUYS STOP RIGHT NOW!" She screamed. She flew in between them and held the blade out.

January 12th, 2006, 4:42 PM
"Huh? Who are you to get into my battle?" Kyo asked looking at Mist.
"Move now or I'll cut you down." Kyo commanded raising his blade.
Kyo made an attempt to slash at Mist but stopped half-way.
"Argh!" he yelled holding onto his forehead. "No. He is already waking up? Agh. D*mn this." Kyo said as he was engulfed in blinding white light.
"I'll be back. This is not the last of me. I'll get you next time Pipa..." Kyo's voice faded as the light had also faded. In his place was Ryo who was unconcious and floating for a few minutes. He suddenly fell and approached the ground with high speed. "Muh-Mist?" Ryo said as he fell.

January 13th, 2006, 3:02 AM
Piper shot down and caught Ryo.
"Delila, Glen lets go" She said. Delila flew her down to the ground. She ran over to Ryo and Piper.
"Piper thank you so much for saving him. I wouldn't know what to do without him." She cried. Piper looked at Ryo, a tear fell from her eye as she started glowing white. She flew up into the air and transformed back into Sun Li. She fell to the ground and crawled over to Ryo.
"Ryo, don't do this again please" she cried. She looked over to Kay and Raiyna. Kay walked over to them and kneeled down.
"He needs to be treated fast." He said.
"yeah ok, DELILA!" Sun Li screamed looking over to delila who had her back turned to them.
"Lady Li?" She asked turning around at hearing the voice.
"We need to get Ryo to the medical place." Sun Li cried picking Ryo up and putting him on her.
"GLEN!" Mist screamed.
"Yes miss Mist?" He asked turning around. She jumped on him. Sun Li jumped on Delila behind Ryo.
"Go Delila!" She said pointing back towards the palace.
"You too Glen" Mist said. Kay looked at them.
Wow the determination them two have to save him He thought calling his dragon.
"Come Raiyna we need to go now" He said jumping on.

January 14th, 2006, 10:25 AM
OOC: omg...Piper is Reyson!! -glomps- mine...all mine.....-glares and defends- ^__^
IC: I nodded and mounted Rein with Kay. Channa came too, but tried her hardest not to make me shance into my form.
"Kay...Ryo, will he be alright?" I asked.
Kay looked at me. "I have....no idea...He took quite a beating from Sun Li for being Kyo. We just need to have confidence."
I looked down and felt kind of stupid for not doing anything. Kay must have read my mind.
"Raiyna, it wasnt your fault. It was no one's. Don't worry, we'll get him taken care of."
I listened to those words. they sounded like the first day i had met him.
"Kay..." I whined.
"Hm? What is it?" He asked.
"I um....I'm sorry for bumping into you! I really am!" I bowed to show my courtesy and to hide my embarrassment.
Kay chuckled. "Raiyna, it's fine. Besides, i bumped into you."
I sttod there. "No...it was my fault. Everything is...I'm such trouble to the castle and the village...I never do anything right..." Tears began to fill my eyes.
Kay looked sympathetic. "Raiyna," he said softly. "Though I have just met you, I know that deep down, you are the most wonderful girl ever. I'm sure of it. I have seen you in many performances of the king, and he seems to like your gifts."
Listening to those words made me feel so soft inside.
I listened to him once more and felt the same way. I had been orphaned, but he always made me have a reason to keep living my life. Kay was my sense of hope and kindness...He was the other me.

January 14th, 2006, 10:44 AM
Sun Li took him into her room and ran to the doctor.
"Doc please come, NOW!" She cried She grabbed him and dragged him to her room and to Ryo. Mist sat next to him sobbing away.
"Ryo please don't leave us now" She cried.
"Ryo has taken quite a beating. What happened?" The doctor asked looking at her.
"His other side took over and my one did as well so they started fighting." Sun Li cried. She walked over to Mist and sat next her.

January 14th, 2006, 6:30 PM
"His pulse ratings are above normal but fine. He might just need some needed rest. He took quite some damage but he'll be fine." Doc said as he mingled with his glasses. He reached into his pockets and took out two vials. He walked over to Sun Li and gave them to her. Sun Li had a look of confusion. Before she could ask what it was, Doc answered, "These are powerful tonics I have just made. These will help Ryo recover. Just three drops a day. Three of the blue one in the morning." He said pointing to the blue vial in Sun Li's left hand. "And three drops of the red at night." he said pointing to the vial on the right.
"Now that is all I can do. Don't worry. He is strong. He'll survive." Doc said and left the room.
"Oh brother. Please don't leave me." Mist said quietly putting her hands together.

January 14th, 2006, 10:51 PM
Kay walked outside. I watched him leave. 'Kay...' I thought.
Outside, Kay thought of the things that were happening. 'Why...? Why is all this happeneing...? What did our country do to deserve this punishment?'
I watched him stand there all alone. He seemed empty and i knew he needed something. "Raiyna..." He mumbled. I knew he didnt know i was there. so why was he saying my name? It confused me so much. "Raiyna..." He said again.

January 15th, 2006, 6:40 AM
Sun Li held the vials.
"Thanks Doc." She said. She walked over to a shelf and put them on there. She made the bed next to hers.
"Mist you can sleep in here." She said pointing to it. Mist nodded and walked over.
"Thank you for your help Sun Li" She said climbing into the bed.
"No worries Ryo is one of my best friends here and I wont let anything destroy that" Sun Li said smiling. She grabbed the red Vial and walked over to Ryo. She opened his mouth and put three drops of the tonic into his mouth.
"Well thats one down for now" She said smiling and putting the Vial back. Sun Li went over to the corner and made a nother bed for herself to sleep in. She brought it closer to Ryo and Mist just incase they needed anything. By now Mist was already asleep leaving just Sun Li awake.
He won't die on us, he can't. If he does Kyo will come abck for good and won't be able to go back She thought to herself lying there. A sudden tiredness fell over her and she fell asleep.

January 15th, 2006, 5:11 PM
"Raiyna..." He mumbled again. "I'm so sorry...." With that, he started to leave. I was shocked.
"Kay!!" I shouted. "Kay, where are you going!?" He didn't answer. "Kay...?" I tried to walk to him, but it was no use. A force field of some sort was blocking me from geting at least 3 feet from him. 'Kay...No...' I thought. Tears were filling my eyes. 'Where is he going...?' I bursted out crying and shouted, yelled, anything I could to try and get his attention. It was like he couldn't hear me.
Kay's POF~
I heard Raiyna screaming. I knew she thought I couldn't hear her...and I regreted ever leaving her. But I had to do this. It was the only way I could rid her and our Kingdom of it's misery. The dragons would keep coming no matter what, and I had to stop them. Thinking back on the first time i met Raiyna it brought so much sorrow to me that I couldn't bear it. I wanted and longed to run to her crying face and wipe all of the tears away. To hold her and tell her I was there and nothing would happen. But, it couldn't happen. I had to do this or else the entire Kingdom, and possibly the world would perish.

January 16th, 2006, 8:59 AM
Sun Li heard Raiyna yelling for Kay. She got dressed and ran out side. Missed jumped up at the sound.
"Where are you going Sun Li?" She asked.
"Don't worry, if i'm not back give Ryo three drops from the blue Vial ok?" She said running out of the room with her chakrams. She got to Raiyna and saw Kay flying off.
No He can't be doing what I think he's going to! She shouted in her mind.
"Raiyna stay here!" She shouted She ran towards the barrier and started glowing again. Piper had come back. She burst the barrier and flew towards Kay.
"Kay what you are doing has to stop. This will not rid the world of evil as I have seen many people do it and still evil returns." She said flying next to him.
"Go back to Raiyna now and I will deal with this." She said

January 16th, 2006, 2:35 PM
"Sun, no. You know the prophecy? That one person is me...I am heir...I do need help from you...But Raiyna's and my past has the most to do with this."
Sun had asked him what was their past.
Kay recalled their past. Raiyna had been found by him in the kingdom of Tradora. His father didn't want her because she was from Drenti. The kingdom of altering people. She was one of them and Tradora was having a war with them. Once kay confronted the King with Raiyna, he became outraged and ordered her dead. Kay refused and asked that he erase her memories.
"Raiyna..." Kay said while they wer ein the woods.
"Yes, Master?"
"You saved me. I must call you that."
Kay smiled. "I know you do not understand that of war, but i must do this for your own good." His smile quickly faded.
"Kay...I like you. I like you very much." She used small words for her age, 6.
Tears came to his eyes. "I like you a lot too..." His hand went to her forehead and a bright light came. When it faded, Raiyna was unconcious. Kay took her all the way back to Drenti on foot and to a hospital. The war between Drenti and Tradora was soon to come, and Kay had to be prepared.
"There...That's what happened. I don't want it to happen again, so I'm taking care of this now. All I ask...Is that you protect Raiyna. You and Ryo both. You are the two i trust most and I really want her to be safe. And...If possible...I might give you some of my power to erase her memories again. If everything turns out for the worst...I don't want her to remember me...Ever again." He held his head high and waited for her reply.

January 17th, 2006, 5:55 AM
Piper looked at him.
"No I can't let you do that" She said She grabbed her sword out of the pouch.
"You have Raiyna to go back to. I am just a thousand year old spirit, the same with Kyo." She said to him. Kay insisted on not letting her past.
"If you won't go back. I'll have to fight you so please just go back." Kay said to her.
"You can't just leave Raiyna Kay! She really cares about you and I know you really care about her!" She shouted to him. Mist came running out of the palace.
"Pipers back again!" She asked Raiyna. She looked around and saw Piper flying next to kay trying to stop him.
"PIPER! KAY!" She screamed. They couldn't hear her.
"Kay please stop, I'm begging you." Piper pleaded with Kay.
"I can't Piper please look after Raiyna and everyone else, I know you can so please just go." He said to her. Piper hit an invisible barrier.
"KAY! NO!" She screamed falling to the floor. She started glowing white again. Sun Li fell to the ground crying.
"Please don't go Kay. You were the strongest here" She cried. She punched the ground hard. This time she started glowing red, Mist ran to her but was sent flying backwards. Sun Li got her hands in a formation and flung them blasting the barrier open again.
"DELILA!" She screamed in a demonic voice. She was angry at herself for being so weak. She didn't want Kay to die, She would kill as many dragons as it take but she wouldn't allow her friend to die. Delila couldn't get in.
"great" she growled.
"PIPER!" She screamed. Piper came out at the same time as Sun Li, They had split forces.
"Sun Li you cannot let your rage take over" She said.
"This is how Ryo became Kyo, I can't keep fighting evil sides of people. Sun Li cried.
"My friend is going to die because of some stupid prophecy and you think i will let that happen!?" She screamed. Piper flew up in the air and held her hands out. A white beam came out of them which went into Sun Li.
"Hear now the words of Me,
The secrets I hid in the night.
The oldest of gods are invoked here,
The great work of magic is sought.
In this night and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient powers.
Bring your power to me,
I want the power, give me the power." she incantated the spell as Sun Li fell to the floor.
"I'm sorry but there is nothing we can do, Kay is long gone." She said descendeing back to the ground. She picked up Sun Li and walked back towards the others. She took Sun Li inside, Mist followed her worried about what had happened.
"Piper how did you split from Sun Li?" She asked.
"Because we are two seperate people I can either take over when needed or split from her." She explained. She put sun Li back into her bed.
"Now you get into bed little one" Piper said to her as she started glowing again she went back inside of Sun Li.

January 17th, 2006, 2:44 PM
"Sun...I...I didn't know she cared so much abou tme..." Kay said fidgeting. He shook it off. "But there's nothing I can do. I have to do this..." He lightly kicked Rein's side and flew off. 'Raiyna...I hope you can forgive me. don't worry. If I can get away before the Death Ceremony has started, I promise to hold you...Just hold on that long.' Kay began to slightly cry again. He could still hear Raiyna crying as well.
"Kay...why...? Why did you leave me...? You're the only one I have left," I cried. I didn't want to listen to anyone else around me. Though I did hear Sun Li and her alter ego, Piper, I still only wanted to cry. Channa came over to me and touched my cheek.
"Raiyna...? Raiyna, are you ok...?" She asked concerned.
"............I'm fine........." I said sniffling. I got up and began to walk back to the cottage. Finding Sun Li, I felt so horrible for not helping her as she lay in the bed unconcious.

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