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March 10th, 2004, 7:32 PM
Since this is my FIRST pokemon storie go easy on me il only post one paragraph every other post here it is:
Chapter 1:Lances Goodbye
Lance Stuffed five pokeballs that he got at the pokemart in his backpack.Lance Was a ten year old kid with Black pants,blackshirt,and red hair.Lance ran down the dull wooden brown stairs,"Bye mom!!"He yelled."Bye Lance!"His mom said as he ran towerd Prof.Maple Lab.

Thats Chapter 1 :paranoid: im only ten like lance hahahhaha

Duke R
March 11th, 2004, 1:07 AM
At PROF. MABLE'S LAB, LANCE met LILIAN, a fat blond girl in a brown kimono (KIMONO GIRL LILIAN), and a very sad SHINY SPHEAL. When LANCE saw the "pink-shock" shoes in LILIAN's feet, he thought "Someday I'll've the pinkest hair, more pinked than LILIAN's shoes, but I think that Kelly* like my red hair so much...". One sound was released, breaking the stillness, PROFESSOR MARIAN MAPLE: "Hi, 'Lanny guy'*, this is the first time you see 'Lill', right? She is my first cousin, and now that totally SHINY SPHEAL is hers!!!". After that loud voice disperse at the place, LILIAN leaved the LAB, but when LILIAN MAPLE SURGE looked to LANCE with a sarcastic smile not showing the teeth, and LANCE fixed the look in LILIAN's lite-blue eyes, a cold voice said "ICE mind" in LANCE's brain. After door's sound Prof. Mable said "Let's choose your pokmon!!!?"

*KELIND GABEMAN MJSHD is LANCE's girlfriend, the sweet nicknames are "Kelly"(for Kelind) and "Lanny"(for Lance). But sometimes are K and L, respectively.
I don't speak English, you (and all PC) know, if something is wrong tell what can I translate, please, I will edit... And Lance can be the (or a) one that feels the pokmon type of anyone... I think