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December 14th, 2005, 1:11 PM
You are a pokemon that has been living in the streets of Azon City for quite a while. For some unknown reason, you were shipped to the Azon Pokemon Academy, an academy only for pokemon so they can hone their skills and soon be adopted by a trainer living in Azon City. This differs from your average academy, as battles that can train you are what this academy is about. Some of these fights last until one pokemon takes a limited amount of damage, others last until one faints a certain number of times. Will you survive the Azon Pokemon Academy and will be adopted by a trainer, or will you lose your life somehow in this academy? All will depend on your actions. There are several rankings in this academy, determining the respect and level you are at this place. The first one is Sei, which ranges from levels two to twenty. The respect and reputation you will earn at this ranking is very low, and the difficulty of the challenges are easy. The second one is Yui, and this ranges from levels twenty to fourty. The challenges are a bit harder, but not much. Your respect and rep will rise slowly more in this ranking, enough to be slightly respected by the fourth rank now. The third one is Hai, which ranges from levels fourty to sixty. Your respect and reputation is high enough to join one of the gangs in the academy below rank four and the 4th and 5th rank will respect you more.

The fourth rank is Xau, which ranges from levels sixty to eighty. The sixth and 5th rank will respect you more, and all of the ranks below you will look up to you. Your respect and reputation increases greatly, enough to earn you a part-time job at the academy. The 5th rank is Voi, and your level is from eighty to one-hundred. The seventh and sixth ranks will respect you a bit, and you can get a part-time paid job at the academy. Your reputation is sky high, and the other ranks will allow you to join a gang of theirs. The sixth rank is Naj, and your level ranges from one-hundred to one-hundred fifty. To gain this rank, you must drink a special potion that will allow your level to rise to two-hundred. The other ranks below you will look up to you, and you can get a full-time paid job at the academy. The seventh and final rank is Ultima. This ranges from levels one-hundred fifty to two-hundred. The toughest of the tough are in this rank, and you can easily lose you life when battling them. All other ranks will look up to you, your respect is the highest it can be, and so is your rep. You will get the best dormitory availible when possible, ect. There is one rule: There is no rules, fight as you want, but any sign of gang activity in schoolgrounds will result in a instant suspension.

Age: (From 10 to 14. Your age will increase as the rp progresses)
Pokemon: (It has to be a basic pokemon)
Level: (The level has to be below level ten as you begin in the Sei ranking)
Physical Description: (Is there anything different about the pokemon you are than others?)
Special Abilities: (Are there any special abilities or powers that make you different from other pokemon?)

Name: Rahu
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Pokemon: Eevee
Level: Seven
Physical Description: Rahu is a basic male Eevee, with an abnormal fur and eye color. The color of the fur is a sky white color, and he has dark green eyes. The rest of his appearence is exactly like a regular Eevee.
Personality: Rahu is a destructive one who loves jewels. He does anything to get what he wants, and he is supportive when in battle. Calm as well, and his intellect is abnormal also, around a I.Q. of 85 when he was 6, and now it is 101, higher than an Eevee's basic I.Q. level. He isn't cowardly and will battle until the end often. Not much else is known about his personality.
History: Once a normal Eevee without shelter, he had to live in the streets of Azon City, avoiding contact with humans when possible. One day he fainted due to heatstroke, and the next thing you know, he was in the academy and started to rise quickly. In one day he was level two and now he rose up to level seven. Often it would take one over three days to rise five levels in the academy.
Special Abilities: He can reflect certain low-level special attacks when he is battling a foe. A barrier of ice would appear and reflect the attack. This can be quite useful when used against several or more pokemon that can use special attacks.
Other: N/A

Kung Fu Ferret
December 14th, 2005, 1:21 PM
Name: Scar
Gender: Male
Age:14 (From 10 to 14. Your age will increase as the rp progresses)
Pokemon: (It has to be a basic pokemon) Poochyena
Level: 9 (The level has to be below level ten as you begin in the Sei ranking)
Physical Description: (Is there anything different about the pokemon you are than others?) Just a regular Looking Poochyena, except with a scar on his right eye from itching it too much
Personality: He is cocky, mellow, and easily angered, the rest is a mystery
History: He almost scratched his right eye out from itching it, and he has a scar from it, his evil uncle, a very powerful Mightyena(his dad's brother) killed his parents, and now he wants to become so strong, that he can kill his evil uncle
Special Abilities: He can summon pure darkness in battle, and it is very powerful, and can defeat anyone that messes with him (Are there any special abilities or powers that make you different from other pokemon?)
Other: None

December 14th, 2005, 1:54 PM
Name: Aiedial

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Pokemon: Evee

Level: 8

Physical Description: She is a regular Evee except a different color. Aiedial's fur is the darkest of black and her eyes are the lightest shade of green. Aiedial has a scar across her right eye from deffending herself agaist Team Rocket's boss Giovoni. Other than that she has a sapphire jewel around her neck. (she never takes it off.)

Personality: Shy, mysterous, caring, tries to avoid other pokemon when she is not battling.

History: Her parents were killed when she was five years old, and Team Rocket tried to kill her. She hates to be around people and other pokemon. She loves to battle though.

Speacial Abilities: She can deflect all speacial attacks when battling. A barrier a fire would appear and deflect the attack.

Other: She sometimes speaks in an ancient language.

December 15th, 2005, 1:38 PM
Looks like fun!

Name: Kami
Gender: male
Age: 12
Pokemon: Pikachu
Level: 8
Physical Description: Has an earring on his left ear and a tatoo on his left arm. (i will add a picture later)
Personality: Shy, but agressiv and impulsive. He knows much, but hides unintentional emotions. He has a strange history and doesnt like to speak about that. He takes care of weaker pokemon.
History: He was hunted team rocket because he escaped from a testing lab.
Special Abilities: Furious-Speed (speed and reaction time increases rapid up to the 5x normal speed)
Other: Tatoo is changing its tribals from time to time.