View Full Version : Ecchi+Pokemon+4-koma+pokemonXhuman request theard + random ART !!

December 15th, 2005, 3:08 PM
Just like the title sugests a request topic!

heres what I'll take as requests:
Ecchi(perverted pic,nudity can be included.but siince this site has too be
Child-freindlywe can't have nudity,even though when I went to
an American school there was a 10-year old saying"GIVE ME BACK MY PORN MAG OR I"LL KICK YOUR ASS!!"and 13-year olds are as same as 18-year olds
they (13) wacth porn and violent videogames,just 18-year olds are more muture.So mods and staff can we has 18+ thingy please?
Ecchi with nodity will have the nipples(ETC) put over by a tiny star or leaf.but I'll PM you the real Image.)example of Ecchi:hikura(may) in a skimpy swimsuit or naked or
in a onsen (hot spring)

Pokemon-poses and such

4-koma:Have very good skills at makeing people laugh but Suck at drawing?
then give me the script and I'll draw it for you!!and its FREE.
but make sure it can fit in 4 PANLS.

human X pokemon:equels simply as pokemorohs but a comibnation of pokemon
fichures on humans.


CHIBI!!:yes people say my chibi is cool so chibi request!!

And Weapons,vecicles,and inamite objects.

So Hopefully this will attract more people too my art and hopefully I can show
off my real manga.All you saw before was skecths colored on PSP8 now heres
the real thing.

Also All Finished drawings will come out as uncolored line art.Then in the next day or 2 it will come out as a fully shaded and colored drawing.

Here is an example:

notice hows there a retangle strip on her nipple area and a upside down tringle on her private area that isn't censord but its still cloths or robo parts (o.0)so it isn't a nude picture.

also the example is just a mere line-paper skecth the real will have no lines and will be colored. =3 Also if you want more examples just ASK!


December 15th, 2005, 3:16 PM
Er... No, just no. A majority of PCs members are young, and what people did at that school is irrelevant to this situation. Nothing of that nature is permitted. Period. I'm closing this thread, but you can remake it without the whole Ecchi thing if you wish it so.