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Captain Jack Sparrow
December 16th, 2005, 6:15 AM
Hello and welcome to the Pokemon Card Shop. Here, I make cards of Pokemon, such as Lapras.
Here is what you should tell me:
Pokemon: the Pokemon you want on the card.
Background color: Self explanitory. The background on Lapras's is red-pink.
I make cards out of every Pokemon there is, even the super rare ones, like Deoxys. So please request!
Note: All of the P-Cards I make will be 148x228 pixels.

December 16th, 2005, 8:48 AM
This should go to the T-Card place...^^'

December 16th, 2005, 10:20 AM
Well, technically, they're not sprites, but... Graphics & Photography is not a forum for Pokemon Cards, so I'd say... yes, this needs to be moved to the T-Card section.

Captain Jack Sparrow
December 16th, 2005, 10:46 AM
Yes, I made a mistake. Can a mod please move this to the T-Card place?