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Gokey Shuckle
December 16th, 2005, 8:01 PM
Pokemon General Rules

-Follow PC's General Rules - PC RULES (http://pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54097)

SPAM, for those who don't know, stands for:

As you can see, SPAM is as pointless as it is annoying. --; So no SPAM here, there, or anywhere! :O

-No Duplicate Topics
Seeing as this forum is a popular place to post many polls and such about favorite Pokemon types, favorite legendaries, etc., I would advise you all to be sure you thoroughly check the PG forum before posting a new topic to be sure one doesn't already exist. ^^ Don't be afraid to use the Search feature, it doesn't bite we promise. XD

-No Bumping/Reviving Threads.
Please don't post in a thread that has not been posted in for over one month. This is considered a form of SPAM and therefore isn't allowed.

-Questions about Games, TV and Movies, ROM Hacking, Pokemon RM2K(3), and TCG go in their own Respective Forums.
If you're asking where Spoink can be found in Ruby, then that goes in RSE. Likewise, if you're asking about whether Ash and Misty will get together and have kids some day, that'll go in TV + Movies. Just common sense stuff really. If you're not sure about where a topic should go, we're always ready and willing to help you. ^.~

-No Selling/Advertising!!
We've seen only a couple threads where people have tried to sell things over the internet or they advertise another forum, but we should still make this an announcement to you all.

You are not allowed to sell anything on the forums. We don't care if it's through PM or in a thread - DON'T DO IT. As for advertising, this is a simple PC rule. You are not allowed to advertise forums on The PokeCommunity.

You are, however, allowed to advertise events or other such topics on sites. But just as long as the site doesn't pertain to another forum. ^-^

-No Useless Attachments
Attachments are fine, but the attachment must have something to do with the topic. If it doesn't it will get deleted immediately and you will get a warning. If it's been posted before I added this rule, it will stay and you will not get a physical warning until you do it again.
Well, there's the basic rules for this forum. ^^ Please follow all of them and you'll make us very happy moddie woddies. ^^ But more importantly: have fun! =D Again, we're always here if you need any help with anything. ^_~

~King Shuckle & Natsuki

EDIT: The rules on Site Advertising has been removed. So long as you do not create a thread that simply says "Go to this site!" or something, then regular site links are allowed.

EDIT 2: Attachment rule added.

Originally posted by Kira and done by Natsuki.