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December 17th, 2005, 11:58 PM

Professor Oak, the famous Pokmon Professor, and renowned artist in Pokmon Poems has opened his laboratory yet again, for a group of young trainers, intent on claiming the title of "Pokmon Master". This time, however, the Professor has decided to give the children a much larger variety of Pokmon to choose from. He has told the children that they may choose any Pokmon which they want, apart from any Dragons or any Legendaries. He says that they are too rare to have as starters.

You see these posters all over the walls in your home own, and rush to Pallet Town, wanting to begin your Pokmon jouirney. When you reach the laboratory, you notice four other trainers also standing outside the laboratory, and realise that they must also be here to get a Pokmon.

Professor Oak then opens his laboratory doors, and one by one lets in all of the other trainers to choose their Pokmon, including you. Once you get your Pokmon, all five of you, without knowing it, head off in the same direction: to Viridian City.

But just before you reach Viridian City, you see a flash of pallid blue light, and you are drawn towards it. Once you step inside the light, you fel as if you have been knocked out, and when you wake up, you are far from home...


Little do you know, but you have just found out another completely differrnt region. Your mission in the RPG is to find your way home, without disrupting the peaceful life of the Pokmon without humans. Yes, you may catch some new Pokmon, but make it realistic.

But remember, you do not know where you are.

Other Bits of Information

I will only allow five people into the RPG, including me. This means that once I have accepted four other people, no one else may join.

I will not tollerate one liners, so if you like to post one liners, please do not join in here unless you decide to turn over a new leaf.

Also, I would like it if you did NOT write in chat-speak while in character, and use proper English or American grammer


-No Godmodding.

-If your are injured in the RPG, do not miraculously get healed, unless there is a reason to it, like a Miltank, or a Chansey.

-Remember. You have no clue where you are, and what you have to do. So please don't immediately start off in a direction whcih you think is home.

-No random teleportation. For example. Don't say this: I went into the forest. I came out of the forest with my new Pokmon."

-Make everything you do very realistic. Action scenes. Emotional scenes...the works.

-Also, try not to use nicknames which have already been taken. For example. If I have a Charmander by the nickname Blaze, then don't use the nickname Blaze, or anything with the root word of Blaze, for any of your Pokmon.

-You may catch more than six Pokmon, but not more than ten.


Name: (no specifications here)

Age: (just make sure that you are over ten, please)

Gender: (I would recommend your real gender for this)

Pokmon Team: (you will catch new Pokmon, so update this when you catch new Pokmon. Just remember...NO LEGENDS)

Pokmon Team-to-be: (post the nine other Pokmon you will catch, and at what stage)

Personality: (in detail if you please)

Description: (in detail if you please)

History: (in detail if you please

Extra Information: (optionary)

My Form

Name: Jake Shyndow

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Pokmon Team:

Pokmon Species: Charmander
Nickname: Scorcher
Gender: Male
Obtained: As a starter from Professor Oak's laboratory

Pokmon Team-to-be:

Chickorita Vine-trap
Squirtle Wave-rider
Espeon Mind-walker
Hoothoot Night-crawler
Flaafy Static
Snorlax Fatty
Onix Rock-head
Scyther Samurai

Personality: There is no other explaination for Jake except that he his a loner. Ever since he was orphaned at the tender age of six, Jake has always kept himself apart from other children. He only began to talk with other people when he turned twelve, and that was only with really small children at the orphanage. Jake trusts no one, and when he bigins his Pokmon journey, he doesn't even trust his Pokmon one hundred percent. This lead him into many different traps, and only by uniting with other people, can his dreams be fulfilled

Description: Jake is at average height for a fourteen-year-old. Not too short, but not too tall either. Just normal. However, he may seem tall at first glance, because he is very skinny. He loves the colour black, and that is the only colour which he would wear. He has black hair, which falls down infront of his sapphire eyes in spiky bangs. He alwats wears a pair of black fighters gloves, the type that stop at his knuckles. And when he begins his Pokmon journey, eh wears a pair of baggy black jeans, with a loose black tank top, and black sneakers.

History: Jake was orphaned at a very young age, and all he has as a recollection of his parents are a picture with his parents holding him in their arms. He was sent to the Pallet Town orphanage, where he lived until he saw the posters advertising Professor Oak's latest idea. His only friend is a six yer old girl by the name of Gemma, top whom he tells all of his troubles to.

Other Information: Jake is very fast on his feet. You'd be hard bent to catch him, let alone try to race him. This ability of his makes him a very nice person to befriend, although Jake believes strongly against this thought.

That's all for now. Join up, to enjoy this RPG.


December 18th, 2005, 6:25 AM
Name: Mio Hio

Age: 16

Gender: female

Pokmon Team:
Nickname:Gray rose
Obtained:Starter from Proffessor Oak

Pokmon Team-to-be:

Personality: She is a person who finds that quiet activities are the best for her to do. She often gardens, writes, and reads. She would be famous if she submitted her art anonamously. She often hides who her parents are, since she is adopted.

Description: She wears a long skirt of any color, but mostly gray to combat stains. Her shirt is covered by a crochetd blue poncho to match her sapphire eyes. Her hair is the color brown mixed with a black highlight. Her skin is fare, and her body build is not as strong as most would suspect. She doesn't do as much physical activity, so she doesn't go out much. She walks mostly.

History: She was adopted by a very wealthy family, and moved out at the age of 13. She used to run a small stand that sold pokemon food and gardening supplies until 15. That was when she started submitting anonomous writing matierial to a magazine for publishing. She was a hit, but even the magazine owners don't know much about her at all. She avoids contact with people who think she should be famous. She became a trainer to see what fame would be like if she obtained

Extra: Is very good at walking long distances and doing everyday chores. Her abilities to make food for pokemon are enough to sedate the most picky person or pokemon in quality.

December 18th, 2005, 6:50 AM
Name: Yume

Age: 13

Gender: female

Pokmon Team:

Pokemon: Pichu
Nickname: Sparks
Gender: Male
Obatained: At Prof. Oak's lab.
Ability: Static
Double Team
Quick Attack

Pokmon Team-to-be:
Eevee (Umbreon)

Personality: Is very outgoing and hyper most of the time. Has a short temper and if shes upset or mad at someone, it is almost impossible for her to forgive you. But most of the time she is happy, if everything is going well that is.

Description: Has light brown hair that goes all the way down to her lower back. It has dark brown highlights runnig vertically down it, and she almost always has her hair tied up in a ponytail. She has light blue eyes and wears a tight black, sleeveless shirt with a crimson shilloett of a Cat's head. She also wears light blue caprees and white sneakers.

History: Yume grew up in the city of Viridian, in a small apartment with her two older brothers and her twin sister, Yama. The apartment was three rooms downstairs (half bath, small kitchen, small living room) and four rooms upstairs (bedroom which Yama and Yume shared, bedroom which her parents shared, bedroom where her two brothers shared, and a full bath). Yume's sister is already a Pokemon trainer, and had left only months ago. Yume wanted more time to study them though first. The first of her older brother, Kai, was a proffesional Pokemon researcher and scientist, and got along very well with Yume. Her second older brother (who is only a couple of years older then Yume and younger then Kai), Yuji, was a prankster and always liked to pick on Yume and Yama (who were saved by Kai of course) and left on his Pokemon journey two years ago. Kai still lives with Yume and their parents.

December 18th, 2005, 7:53 AM
Phwee! I'll join!

Name: Leilani "Lani" Garo

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pokmon Team:

Pokmon Species: Totodile
Nickname: Mizu
Gender: Female
Obtained: The Starter from Professor Oak's Laboratory.

Pokmon Team-to-be:

Sandshrew "Syuu" (Male)
Dunsparce "Dunny" (Male)
Torkoal "Hino" (Female)
Lanturn "Pulse" (Female)
Houndoom "Doom" (Male)

Personality: Lani is the kind of girl that is very kind. Some people believe she's too nice and think that it's merely an act to hide something about herself, but it really is the way she is. She cares for all creatures and animals, and doesn't like anything to get hurt. She mostly became a trainer to meet new people and form a bond with some great pokemon. She is a bit timid around new people, but she is glad to meet them, and is very polite when doing so. She someday wants to become a pokemon psychologist, or perhaps a behaviorist, that studies pokemon and their personalities. She's also very outdoorsy, and enjoys backpacking and just being out in nature to enjoy herself. She has always wanted to befriend a Dragonite.

Description: Lani is rather tall for her age, and she's quite proud of it. She can easily intimidate others that are weak with her height, but she only resorts to that as a last resort. She has brown hair that is so dark it appears black in most light, and light brown eyes. Her hair goes down to about the middle of her back, and she has a mini-braid on the side of it. She wishes that she had light blue or green eyes, but she's okay with the typical brown color she has. Her skin is quite tan because she's always outdoors, and she's got some nice muscletone too from all that backpacking. She wears a pair of old jeans, with a small hole in the left knee, and a long-sleeve purple shirt. She has an assortment of other clothes too in her backpack, but she starts out with this one. She wears glasses that are a bit oval-shaped with thin black frames. She also has necklace that is made of a black thread with a small, silver Dragonite charm on it.

History: Growing up in a family with just a single mother and herself, Lani has not had much experience with other people. Her mother used to work late to support them, and so Lani would wander off into the woods surrounding their town, a small town named Clearwood Town, and wtach the wild pokemon in the forest. She had to stop doing this for a while when a wild Scyther almost killed her one day when she had wandered too far into its territory, but she was determined not to give up her love of nature just because of a bad incident. She, as already stated, wanted to travel on a pokemon journey to get a closer relationship with pokemon.

Other Information: Lani is very afraid of dark pokemon, which is another bad incident in her life that she has never told anyone about. This incident involved a Houndoom.

December 18th, 2005, 8:10 AM
Name: Terra

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pokemon Team:
Pokemon: Evee (Flareon)

Nickname: Aiedial

Gender: Female

Obtained: Professar Oak's lab

Pokemon Team To-Be:
Evee (Flareon)

Personality: Terra doesn't like to be around people, and would rather live with pokemon. She is shy and mysterious, and she tries to avoid people to the best of her abilities.

Apperence: Terra has light brown hair with black streaks going straight down. From living with pokemon she has eyes that look like a cat's and she has teeth that look like a cat's. She wears a black shirt with the sleeves torn off to her shoulders. She has jeans on and sapphire belt around her waist with her pokeballs on it. Also she has a necklace with a white feather on it around her neck. Her hair goes halfway down her back. Around her right wrist she has one bracelet that is all balck and above that she has a bracelet that is all white. She has Deepsea blue eyes.

History: Terra's family was killed when she was 10so she grew up with her pokemon Evee. As she lived in the wild with Evee she began to change. She started to hate people and try to stay away from them. Her eyes begone to look like a cat's and so did her teeth. Soon her her ears turnd cat too. The color of her cat ears are white so they stick out and can be seen easily. Terra is very smart and athlatic from living with pokemon. She understands pokemon better than evryone.

Other Information: Terra can move swiftly and stealthy like the most stealthest pokemon. She can also jump very high and keep her balance very easily even on the skinniest pieace of wood. Also Terra like to travel through trees instead of on the ground.

Alter Ego
December 18th, 2005, 9:15 AM
EDIT: Dang, MariaJet posted while I was still typing. >.< So, who's accepted and who's not?

Name: Laure Whitendon

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokmon Team:

Pokmon Species: Torchic
Nickname: Chiktika
Gender: Female
Obtained: As a starter from Professor Oak's laboratory

Pokmon Team-to-be:

Azurill "Ruri" (Female)
Makuhita "Goro" (Male)
Doduo "Delirium" (Male)
Dratini "Seirini" (Female)
Trapinch "Bibi" (Female)
Lileep "Limu" (Female)
Slowpoke "Dayora" (Male)
Aron "Kodo" (Male)
Ledyba "Dede" (Male)

They'll all evolve eventually.

Personality: An undying, and sometimes annoying, optimist to the very end. For Laure all of life seems to be one joyous fair and he's not about to miss out on one bit. Even the most trivial things can fascinate and amuse him to no end and he would like nothing more than to share those feelings with the others around him, which often provokes something quite far from a positive reaction from the more irritable people he meets. This has by no means brought the boy down however, to the contrary; the grouchier someone acts the more he endeavors to cheer that person up, believeing that 'a laugh never hurt nobody'. He's assembled a great deal of seemingly meaningless trivia concerning all kinds of things during his life and is more than happy to share it with anyone who asks (And quite often people who don't ask too). The biggest problem with Laure is perhaps that it's very hard to get him to be serious about anything, particularly danger headed his way, although at the few times when he does get serious however he really focuses, often proving to be surprisingly insightfull. Those moments are quite rare however, and quickly forgotten when he finds himself another thing as trivial as an exceptional insect or a peculiarly shaped cloud to once again fascinate him to no end.

Description: Fairly average of height as boys in his age go, Laure has a rather light, some would say skinny, frame which often makes him appear frailer than he really is, particularly when combined with his legs, which are unusually long. His hair is on a colour bordering so closely between orange and yellow that a mere shift of lighting can change the one people percieve it as and usually stands in a messy tuft on his head, always seeming to point anywhere but down, leaving his light green eyes plainly visible. For clothes, he usually wears a light green t-shirt with an orange pokball symbol on the front and a pair of light blue, and rather frayed, jeans to go with it. He also has a green backpack, equipped with a seemingly endless array of different pockets, in which he carries his possessions.

History: The son of an enterprising pokmart owner in Mauville City, there never seemed to be a dull moment for the young Laure as he witnessed countless trainers and pokmon of all shapes and sizes passing by, be that during the time he spent helping his dad at the store or the countless hours he spent strolling about the vicinity of his hometown, and always made a point of trying to make friends with each and every one of them, with quite varying results but with never faultering enthusiaism. As for his schooling, people seemed very torn about what to say; on one hand he was always a very cheerfull and enthusiastic pupil, quite well liked among both pupils and staff, but on the other hand, any strict factual work, unless there was something within it that piqued his interest, seemed to pass in through one ear and right out through the other, and his homework management was sloppy at best. In the end, it was decided that Laure would be better off as a pokmon trainer than a storekeepr, much to his father's dismay, and through various people who knew other people he soon became lined up for getting a starter from proffessor Oak, and, as if the news of getting his own pokmon wouldn't have been exciting enough for the boy, he of course also got a ferry trip to Kanto, Pallet Town to be exact. After a tearfull goodbye, well, on his parents' side anyway, Laure set out with a broad smile on his face to start out on what he was confident would be the adventure of a lifetime.

Extra Information: As mentioned earlier, Laure is the uncrowned king of pointless and irrelevant trivia.

December 19th, 2005, 12:25 AM
OOC: One more than I would have liked, but I'd let it pass. So, all of you are accepted. Feel free to start whenever you like.


"Which Pokmon did you say you wanted, again? Sorry, but my hearing isn't quite what it used to be," asked Professor Oak as he pulled out a pen and began to scrible down some notes on a clipboard.

"A Charmander. I've always liked them, professor," Jake replied, warily looking around at all the other people looking at him. He didn't like being in such a large crowd, especially not when he was about to get the Pokmon of his dream.

Professor Oak nodded, and wrote a couple more notes down on the clipboard before looking up, and placing the clipboard down on the table in front of him.

"Now, let me tell you a little something about Charmander, sall I?" asked Professor Oak as he beckoned Jake into a room behind his desk. Without waiting for an answer, he continued, "Charmander is a Fire Pokmon, although you probably knew that already. Now, it has a fame at the tip of its tail, which, if put out, will result in the death of the Charmander. Also, heis quite hard to train, and is not a Pokmon that many rookies would atempt to have. However, if you've always wanted one, then I'd be more than happy to give it too you."

Jake nodded, and watched as Professor Oak ran his hands over a line of different pok-balls, evidently looking for a Charmander. His hand stopped over one of the red and white orbs, and he picked it up.

"Here you go, Jake," he said, placing the small orb in Jake's hand. "take good care of him, would you?"

"I will, Professor. I promise," answered Jake, clutching the pok-ball tightly to his chest, and walking out of the room.

He headed into the waiting room where all the other trainers were waitig for theie chance to get their own Pokmon. many of them had their parents standing over their shoulders, whispering soothing comments int their ears, or else givning them confident looks. Jake wished that he had his own parents standing there.

He was about to open the door to exit the laboratory when


Jake knew that voice. That high pitched voice that trilled through the air, crisp like a bird's call, and soft like a cat's purr. He turned around, and saw non other than Gemma, running up to him, her red hair whipping passed her face.

"Gemma!" exclaimed Jake, opening his arms, and hugging h with all his strength. "I'm going to miss you a lot."

"Me too. And do keep in touch, would you?"

I nodded, and stepped out of the doorway, looking bak at Gemma's blue eye, which were now brimmed with tears...

December 19th, 2005, 4:19 AM
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"Your up next" Whispered Yama into Yume's ear. Yume sat upright.


"And remember.." Yama said, putting on a fake smile and getting closer to Yume. "I traveled all the way here just so I could see my little sister get her first Pokemon, so pick the right one"

"Ehehe...right" Yume mumbled. "and just so you know.." Yume whispered "I'm the oldest."

"Pfft, yeah right. Just go" Yama said, giving Yume a light push. Yume got off the couch her and a few other trainers were sitting on and walked up to Professor Oak.

"Ah, so you must be Yume..what Pokemon would you like?"

"Pichu" Yume said bluntly, only she could hardly surpress the aniticipation that burned within her.

"Pichu, eh? Well ok, come with me" Professor Oak led Yume into a separate room on the side. The room was pure white, and had some sort of machine and a table in it. The table looked to have hundreds of Pokeballs sitting on it.

"Wow.." Yume stred in awe at all the Pokeballs.

Professor Oak cleared his throat and continued "Now, let me tell you a few things about Pichu." Yume turned toward him and he contiuned "Pichu are very friendly most of the time, but can also be very agressive in battle. Treat this Pichu with care, and i'm sure you two'll be best friends." Yume nodded her head and the Professor turned to the table. His left hand drifted over the Pokeballs, and stoped at one with a lightning bolt ontop of it. He picked it up and handed it to Yume. "Take good care of it"

"I will, I promise."

"Oh, and these are for you" Professor Oak said, giving Yume a bright red Pokedex and nine more Pokeballs.

"Ok, thanks!" Yume called back as she took the Pokedex and Pokeballs from Professor Oak and ran back toward her sister. She placed the Pokedex and Pokeballs in her navy blue backpack that was on the couch next to where she was sitting. Yume sat down and smiled up at Yama.

"So what Pokemon did ya get?" She asked, curiousity clearly showing on her face.

"Pichu" Yume said happily.

"Good choice"

December 19th, 2005, 4:54 AM
She waited while she read, hearing commotion from the few trainers. "Mio Hio?" She put away her book and walked towards Proffessor Oak. The floors reflected her look, however simple it looked.
"Have you decided on a pokemon?" His face looked like pea soup at times to her, probably from watching a TV late at night at times.
"I want a Chikorita."
"Follow me." She was led to the big room of pokeballs, moving through the all and feeling tiny. The place looked absolutely like a hospital. "Do you want to know about Chickorita?"
"No, I've studied up on it with books." He looked slightly surprised, she looked almost emotionless. However, he handed her the pokeball and she left through the hall. Her body moved with utmost certainty of wanting to go as she picked up the two things left to obtain. Five pokeballs and a pokedex was given as she made her way past the other trainers. She quickly nicknamed her Chikorita, no point in not doing so. "The day is young." She looked the way she had came.

Alter Ego
December 19th, 2005, 7:13 AM
OOC: Yeah! Let's kick out Alter Ego for being la-hey! That was mean! XO (Just kidding of course ^^)

Anyways, IC time...


"Laure Whitendon?"

"Here!" the boy called enthusiastically as he heard his name, immediately jumping out of his seat and wandering over to proffessor Oak with a broad smile on his face, his light green eyes almost glowing with enthusiaism. The boy had of course already been having a wondorous time chatting up with, that is, holding a seemingly unstopable monolouge for, one of the other youths who had gathered in the waiting room for the same reason as him, explaining in detail how fascinating it could be to watch the patterns the sun formed on the floor as it shone in through a glass window. Somehow Laure doubted that his new aquintance had truly come to appreciate what he was being told, but Laure had enjoyed the telling nonetheless, so he considered it worthwhile. Besides, he was quite certain that there had been a gratefull, perhaps even relieved, smile on the other boy's face when he left.

"So, you're proffessor Oak, huh?" he asked before the man even had the chance to open his mouth, "Nice to met'cha! I've heard all about you because mum's such a big fan of yours, although of course I can't remember anything because the human mind can only hold-"

"Yes, yes, I'm that is very fascinating." Oak interrupted in a manner that he hoped didn't come off as pompous, holding up a hand in an attempt to silence the flow of words from the boy's mouth. This was quite far from what he was used to. Normally, trainers-to-be tended to divide into two types; those who were quiet and timid, adressing their feet in tones barely audible and speaking in short sentences when adressed, mostly allowing their eyes to convey the message, provided that he got to see their eyes, whereas others tended to be loud and boastfull, striding into the laboratory with a proud swagger and making loud comments about the people belonging to the first group, although in the professor's experience they seemed to be saying such things more to convince themselves than anyone else. In the end, when it came down to it, everyone was nervous when they got their first pokmon and the different ways in which they acted were simply different strategies to cover up that nervosity.

Oak cleared his throat, noticing that the boy had actually quieted down for a second, his light green eyes now locked on him in such a focused manner that a person lacking the kind of people experience that the professor had would probably have been seriously unnerved and asked what the hell he was staring at.

"Ahem, you came here to get your pokmon, right?" Oak asked in an attempt to gather up his thoughts again, recieveing a vigorous nod in return, "Right this way." he gestured for Laure to follow, which the boy did dutifully, taking small skipping steps as the professor led him through the corridor and watching everything he came across with utter fascination. Oak almost dreaded to think at how the boy would react to the actual pokmon storage room.

"OH! Coolness!"

At the sight of the pokballs that Professor Oak had lined up on the table, Laure let out an exclamation so loud that it was probably well audible all the way back to the waiting room, soon becoming completely absorbed with the objects as he walked over to them, experimentally picking up a couple of them and weighing them in his hands before placing them back down.

"Oh, can I have this one?" he asked, shoving one of the pokballs underneath the professor's nose, "No-no...wait! How about this one?" he quickly placed down the first pokball before showing the next one to the professor, "Ohh...or maybe-"

Professor Oak sweatdropped, "Laure, please..." he said, sighing at the boy's frantic movements "You can have any one of those, but I implore you, think it over carefully." he put on what he hoped was a wise expression, "Your first partner is very important. Once you recieve your own pokmon you will have to look after it, do you understand? It will be your responsibility to see to its well being."

Much to professor Oak's surprise, Laure immediately ceased playing around with the pokballs, turning towards him with an unusually grave and serious expression on his face, his eyes matching it, and suddenly seeming far older than the agegroup the skinny frame, brightly coloured clothes, messy hair (the professor couldn't quite place his finger on what the colour was) and overly hyper and carefree attitude firmly placed him in.

"I understand." he said, his voice suddenly solemn and serious, "And I promise you, professor, I promise you that I will choose my pokmon carefully and always be there to take care of it."

"I-" the professor found himself at a loss of what to say, or what to make of this strange boy for that matter, but there was such sincerity behind his words that he couldn't help being moved, "I'm sure that's perfectly allright then." he said at last, nodding, "Very well Laure, what pokmon do you want?"

Still maintaining his solemn expression, the boy went silent for a while as he began pondering the issue, eyes closed in concentration. Although he hadn't known the boy for more than a few minutes, professor Oak had the distinct feeling that he was witnessing an unusual event indeed, Laure just didn't look like he was made for that kind of thinking, and for a few awkward minutes complete silence prevailed in the room, a silence so penetrating that Oak could have sworn that he could almost hear the boy's mind struggling to solve the dilemma presented to it, finding that he was subconsciously trying to make his breathing more quiet so that it wouldn't disturb this strange force that seemed to be at work. At last the period of silence seemed to come to an end however, as a small smile spread across Laure's face, his eyes opening up and once again fixing onto the professor.

"Professor." he said in a strangely seren voice, "I would like a Torchic, please."

"A Torchic?" Oak echoed, still trying to get over the strange sensation he had just experienced.

The boy nodded, "Yes, a Torchic. I've seen so many pictures of that pokmon and read so many things about them and I've always liked them. Please?"

"Well, allright." the professor replied, nodding before he proceeded to make a quick search through the pokballs on the table, finally picking up one located in the very center of the first row, picking it up and giving it to the boy, who accepted it in an almost overly carefull maner, as if he expected it to shatter into pieces at the slightest fault.

"Now, I think I should tell you something about your new companion." Oak said, relieved that the conversation was steering towards familiar ground, "As you probably already know, Torchic is a fire type pokmon of the chick species. Now Torchics, especially young ones like the one you have there, tend to stick very closely to-"

"Stick very closely to their trainers, right?" Laure completed, his solemn manner beginning to rapidly dissipate and his original sunshine expression beginning its return to his face, "Like I said, I've read lots about them. According to this one book, there's a small pouch-like thing inside it where it stores its flame, and a Torchic can breath fire up to 1800 degrees fahrenheit!" the boy's enthusiaism began growing again, the familiar glow igniting in his eyes, "And did you know that the average weight for a full-grown Torchic is-"

"24.9 kg, yes." Oak finished, deciding to stop the boy before he got on a roll, "Listen Laure, I would love to talk about Torchics with you all day, but there are others like you out there who are anxious to get their pokmon. We don't want to keep them waiting, do we?"

"No, of course not." the boy replied immediately, shaking his head to emphasize his point. The professor's words made sense, granted, Laure didn't mind waiting one bit, but not even he could fail to notice the general anxiety in the waiting room, "I suppose I'll be on my way then, thanks professor!"

He waved happily at Oak and turned around, beginning to walk towards the corridor he had come through.

"Wait!" Oak called after him, the boy immediately freezing in his steps and turning around.

"Yes professor?"

"I haven't given you this yet." professor Oak replied, quickly snatching up a square-shaped red object which was clearly shut at the moment, a few round lights of various colours placed out on different places of the apparatus, none of them glowing at the moment, "This is the latest version of the pokdex." he said, placing it in the boy's hand, "It is a device that automatically collects and stores data on pokmon you've seen or caught, an encyclopedia of sorts." he smiled in a slightly distant manner, "It is my dream...to create a complete guide on all of the pokmon in the world..." his eyes returned to the present again, locking with Laure's, "I'm too old to go out adventuring, though." he added, "That is why I need you to help me complete it. I'm sure that the information you gather will help you advance as a trainer as well."

Laure nodded, accepting the pokdex to his free hand, "Allright." he said, the tiniest glint of his previous solemn moment seeming to become visible in his eyes, "I won't let you down professor."

With that, he turned around again, walking back into the waiting room with his previous carefree and energetic stride, as if he had once again shed the entire burden of existence in a split second.

"I know you won't..." the professor replied quietly, shaking his head at the boy's enthusiaism, unable to resist smiling, "I know you won't..."

December 19th, 2005, 11:08 AM
Terra watched the trainers get their pokemon and go back into the large group. She stayed seperate from the group all by herself.

"Terra. You're next." Professor Oak called to her. Terra walked past the group and over to him.

"Have you decided what pokemon you want Terra?" He asked her.

"Yes an Evee. I've always wanted one." She replied.

He thought about it for a minute. "Alright here you go Terra."

He said as he picked up the first pokeball in the line.

"Thank you."

She said as she started to walk towards the door.

December 19th, 2005, 11:49 AM
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Struggling to contain the excitement she felt, Lani tried to go over in her mind the choices she would pick for her starter pokemon. She really liked water types... perhaps she should choose one of them. However, there were so many of just that one type. The Professor had said strictly that no legendaries or dragons would be given away-- which Lani had agreed with completely. She felt that some pokemon just needed to remain wild and mysterious. That was what made them so awesome and appealing.

Now... what to choose? Lani was thinking Surskit, but suddenly the little blue spider-like bug transformed itself in her mind into a rough and tough crocodile with a long but stubby snout, and light blue scales. 'Ah,' thought Lani as her light brown eyes widened, 'I had almost forgotten about that in all of the excitement.' Her mother had often spoken about how her father had owned a Totodile as his first pokemon.

'Father,' she thought a fierce determination that was unlike her usual passive demeanor, 'I will befriend a Totodile just as you did... and I will someday find about the circumstances of your death. I promise.'

She wished her mother was here now though. It would have taken the edge off of her anxiety. Oh well, it couldn't be helped. Her mother was so busy trying to make ends meet that she couldn't come. Lani understood this, and she respected it too. She did feel a little bitter, but this was a feeling she was used to, and she knew it did no good to dwell on such things.

Professor Oak popped out of the next room after a boy that looked to be about Lani's age. He seemed content. Next was a girl that also came out looking happy with her pick. She looked as if she didn't want to hang around though, and left right after getting her pokemon. The Professor then looked at Lani and beckoned her to follow him. She did so obediently, and hoped that someone had not already taken the Totodile.

"Hello there Leilani," Oak said calmly, smiling at her.

Lani inclined her head a bit, "Nice to see you again Professor."

The Professor and Lani had known each other for a short time after Lani had gotten into the accident in her town's forest. A Scyther had viciously attacked her, and Professor Oak was one of the several Pokemon Professors that had come to investigate the temprament of the pokemon in the forest. There were growing concerns that Team Rocket had been dumping pokemon they had experimented on, and the townspeople wanted to be sure if that rumor had been true or false. It was false, but many of the town still thought differently today.

"It has been a long time since I have seen you. Last time we were together you were a little girl! Now look at you, you're practically a woman," Oak said softly, reflecting on his own age as well.

Lani blushed a bit at the comment, "Oh, well, yes... I still have a lot to learn. Um, Professor, would it be too much to ask for a Totodile as my beginning pokemon?"

Professor Oak smiled, "No of course not! I happen to have a very fiesty one though... I hope you don't mind having your training cut out for you."

Lani didn't want to re-think this decision though. She knew that she had to have a Totodile. "I think I can handle it. Professor, perhaps you can tell me about Totodile though? I'm afraid I've never really learned too much about them," she admitted. There weren't many different kinds of pokemon around her town; mostly just bugs and birds. Occasionally there were Pikachu and Nidoran too, but that was it. There were also Scyther of course, and other rarer pokemon, but no one ever saw them. One time Lani had spotted a young Sandshrew; perhaps abandoned by his beginning trainer, which had been a timid and gentle one, but she never saw it again after a week had passed by.

"Certainly Leilani," Oak said kindly, "Totodile are a medium level kind of pokemon for beginners to recieve. They're typically happy water pokemon that love to play and do things to let out the high amount of energy they have. Be careful of its jaws though; they have bitten foolish individuals on more than one occasion. They can range in personality, so it really depends upon the inidividual Totodile as to how hard it is to handle. This particular one is a tough one though. It is my belief that she is loyal and kind at heart, but she has a rather rough exterior if you know what I mean. She can also be a bit reckless-- so I warn you about that."

Lani listened intently, trying to keep everything in mind. Her new friend sounded like a challenge, but Lani knew that once they got to trust each other, things would be very good for them.

"Do you understand?" Oak finished calmly, "And I don't think I have to remind you about your responsibilities to taking care of her; you have always seemed the kind of person that is trustworthy." He smiled at her, remembering how she was so interested in his pokemon when they had met long ago.

"Ah, yes I understand Professor. I will take the best care possible of my new friend," she said, inclining her head again, her deep, dark brown hair falling down over her shoulders a bit.

Professor Oak grabbed one of the pokeballs in his lab carefully, and handed it to the girl, and Lani took it with a smile on her face. She said her thanks to the Professor, and then turned around to leave.

She wanted to let her Totodile out of its ball immediately, but she felt that this might not please the Professor too much, and thought better of it. The little crocodile would have to wait, but once it was out, Lani knew she would only want to put her away in extreme emergencies. Lani had always felt that pokeballs were more like cages that houses for pokemon to live in. She wanted to strengthen a bond with her fiesty Totodile, and she knew that such trust would come easier through more contact.

"Just a minute Mizu," she said to herself, speaking the nickname she had conjured up for the little one-- the name of her father's Totodile.

December 19th, 2005, 2:33 PM
"Well, you gonna open it??"

"Yeah, yeah. Hold on" Yume tossed the Pokeball into the tiled floor. It bounced once, and flashing a bright white color. The color faded on the Pokeball returned to Yume's hand.


Yama gasped "Oh my god, Yume you are sooooo lucky!"

"I..know" Yume stred at the spot where ther Pokeball once was. There, in its place now, was a pure yellow Pichu.

"A shiny! I can't believe you, of all people, ended up with a shiny!!"

"I...know" the tiny Pichu jumped up on Yume's lap and nuzzled her face. She petted it on the head in return. Yume had studied all about shiny Pokemon just recently after Yama had left, and the probability of getting one. "Wow. Hey, little Pichu" She said kindly to the little Pichu, her voice still shaking with excitment.

"Pichuu" The Pichu purred with excitment also.

"I think i'm gonna call you..Sparks" She whispered to it.

"PiPichuUU!!" Sparks said in excitment, slightly hopping up and don on Yume's lap.

December 19th, 2005, 3:18 PM
Terra left the building and sighed once she was outside. She called out the Evee and it came out of the ball in a flash of white light. The Evee ran over and climed on to her shoulder.

"Guess we better leave know right Aiedial?" Aiedial nodded in her own way and rubbed up against her. "I guess it's settled then. First let's watch the others to see who they got."

She said as she jumped up onto the roof and waited while her cat like eyes and teeth gleamed in the sunlight. Aiedial looked at her and studied her teeth, eyes and noticed her ears that she had kept hidden with her gair by keeping her ears flat against her head. Terra had them up and unhidden for the time being. She waited and wacthed the whole town. While Aiedial looked at her snow white cat like ears in awe.

December 19th, 2005, 9:18 PM
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Jake turned to see lots of other trainers all walking out of the laboratory, holding pok-balls close to them, as if they were going to lose them any minute. Jake didn't like company, and so he walked away from the people. He walked further and further away, until the distant chatter of everyone was more like a soft breeze. Jake took a deep breath, and smiled. This was how he liked it. Far away from everyone. I felt nice to be alone.

Jake plucked the pok-ball from his chest, looking at it longingly. It was sad that this Charmander was going to be with Jake. Charmander's like to joke about with their trainers, and Jake was no joker. Nevertheless, Jake threw the red and white orb into the air. It snapped open, flodding the vicinity in a pale white colour. Jake covered his eyes, to protect them from the glare as the light swirled about, taking the form of Jake's new partner.

Charmander looked exactly like Jake had dreamed. Its soft and orange skin emanated a sense of jubilation, and joy. It moved with such grace and power, that Jake was surprised to see that The League were still allowing people to have Charmanders as starters. But then again, since when did Professor Oak ever listen to the League's warnings about stater Pokmon? Charmander's tail flame danced about happily, a sign that the Charmander was in perfectly god heakth. Just how it should be.

"Hello there, Charmander. I'm your new trainer," Jake said, greeting himself.

{YOU! You look so **** weak? How do you expect me to grow up if I have you as a trainer?} growled Charmander.

Fortunately for Jake, he couldn't understand a word that Charmander said.

December 20th, 2005, 4:46 AM
She walked through out of town, holding her Chikorita close to her. "Gray? are you sure things are okay? You seem a little nervous."
"Chikorita!" The green pokemon nodded a smile to her, as if to comfort his trainer. He had already gathered a lot from the way his trainer treated him.
"Okay, just make sure to tell me if you feel nervous." Little did she and her pokemon know that their world would change soon.

December 20th, 2005, 6:58 AM
OOC: Hey Deathspector? Do you mind if I make my pokemon talk? I mean, humans can't understand them of course, but it adds another dimension to a pokemon's personality if we can understand them. If you don't want me to, then I won't though. No worries. ^-^

Pokespeak in {}.


Professor Oak eyed Lani as she watched a girl release a shiny Pichu from her starter's pokeball. The little electric mouse was very cute indeed, and Lani suddenly wondered if she was allowed to look at her pokemon in the building.

"Leilani you're right, you will have to let your pokemon out outside. Pichu are good-natured pokemon, but yours... I think a good precaution would be to release it outside for the first time. Good luck on your journey," Oak said to her, smiling as she nodded in return.

Stepping outside wasn't too hard, but the Professor's statement had made her a bit weary. She almost always felt comfortable around pokemon, but this time was different; this time it was supposed to be her friend, not be watched and enjoyed from afar in the woods. She took a deep breath and tossed the pokeball.

A bright flash of light erupted from the ball for a moment, the device returned to Lani's hand, and the light formed a short and chubby figure. When the light subsided, Lani could see the light blue scales she had imagined back in the lab, and the large eyes with the thin, scarlet red iris and pupil. There were the bumpy red spikes on the crocodile's back, and the little spike portruding from her stumpy tail. Lastly was the yellow stripe on her chest, shaped like a flattened "V".

Lani tried to begin with a smile. The Totodile folded her arms and squinted a bit, as if looking over her new trainer.

{Not too bad,} the Totodile mused, {I was hoping for a male though... however, I suppose I will have to do with what I have.}

"Um... hello there Mizu," Lani said with her smile still on and inclining her head a bit as she always did when greeting people. She really wanted this to go well.

The Totodile whipped her head around, as if to expect that another pokemon was standing behind her. {Mizu, Mizu, who on Earth is Mizu?} the Totodile asked with a frown.

"We should get going I think. That way we won't fall far behind the others, right Mizu?" Lani asked the Totodile, nodding.

That's when it hit the little crocodile. {Mizu is me?! Pfft, sweetie didn't it occur to you that I might already have a name?!} she said loudly, almost laughing a bit. Lani just stared at the pokemon, confused as to what it was trying to say.

{Nevermind, I guess I'll let you call me what you want,} the Totodile fell in next to Lani and they began to walk along the road, {At least you didn't call me something like 'Squirty' or 'Leaky'. Then I would have had to protest. By the way, I hope that you like to fight; because when I battle, I battle to win. Nothing less is acceptable.}

"I guess I should tell you that why I picked you was because my father chose a Totodile as his first pokemon too," Lani explained as they walked, oblivious to Mizu's warnings, "His Totodile was also named Mizu."

Mizu shrugged, she really didn't care about feelings and sentiment too much. She was born to fight, and to become stronger; not chat all day about history. She threw a sideways glance at her trainer, {You're not one of those annoying girly girls are you? Because I hate those people.} She didn't look like one though, and she certainly hadn't acted like it yet.

"I wonder if the others have left yet? Or how they're doing with their first pokemon," Lani said aloud, beginning to feel a bit more comfortable. This Totodile wasn't bad at all. She wasn't being mean or annoying, and even though Lani could tell she wasn't being overly friendly and happy, she was pleased with how her first pokemon was working out.

She could just make out one of the boys, the one who had gotten a pokemon first, on the horizon.

Alter Ego
December 20th, 2005, 7:03 AM
OOC: Okay, now you've confused me Deathspector. First you say that our characters should meet and then you fast-forward to the time when they should be reaching the portal? Isn't that kind of contradictory? o.O

Couldn't we...you know, stay a bit longer in the first day so that our characters would get time to interact a bit?

And, uh...ditto with Light Azumarill on the pokmon speech thing. It's a lot easier to give pokmon personality if they can speak their mind, although humans don't understand of course. ^^


Laure could barely wait to get outside so that he could take a look at his pokmon, his very first pokmon, and so he rushed out from the laboratory as fast as he could without offering anyone else as much as a look or remark, although he did call out a quick 'Goodbye everyone!' as he dashed out through the door and onto the pavement outside, which was about as far as his patience would allow him to go.

"Allright then." he said, holding up his pokball and tossing it towards the pavement in a way that was very closely imitative of the way he had seen real trainers do it on TV "Go Torchic!"

As the pokball struck the pavement, it immediately opened, unleashing a flash of white light that quickly assumed the shape of a small chick-like creature before the light died down, leaving only the pokmon on the pavement. It was a Torchic, that much was sure, although in all of the books and TV shows Laure had seen them, Torchics had always seemed...bigger. It didn't bother him though, if anything, it made him more fascinated by his new partner because it apparently was an exceptional specimen, despite being the usual red and orange in colouring.

"Hiya!" Laure called enthusiastically, waving and smiling at the Torchic who nearly leapt up in shock at the sudden noise, letting out a small squeaking sound as it turned around to see the source of the noise, backing down a few steps and staring at him timidly.

The boy blinked, scratching his head in confusion. He had never seen anyone...afraid of him before. Annoyed yes, but scared? He reached a hand out to the Torchic, only for the fire type to leap back again and jab his finger lightly with its beak.

{Stay-stay away from me!} the Torchic chirped out in a particularly shrill voice, puffing up its feathers and attempting to look treathening {Get away you big meanie!}

"Ow!" Laure immediately withdrew his hand, grabbing a hold of the small, bleeding wound that the peck had left on his right index finger "Whoa-whoa...calm down..." he said, holding his arms out in an attempt to appear less intimidating. This turned out to be yet another mistake on his part as the Torchic seemed even more agitated, although surprisingly enough it still hadn't used another fire attack.

{Big meanie!} it repeated ferociously, glaring at the boy, {Big, nasty, winged, meanie! Get away from me! Get away from mommy! Get awaaaay!}

Laure's grin dissipated at the Torchic's continuous hostility, and he once again found himself confused, scratching his head as he tried to figure out what he was doing wrong. Patience... he thought for himself, the word sounding just as daunting and dull to him as it had every time before Patience...small steps...

He took a pause, studying the Torchic's behaviour. It really was a small one, barely able to reach Laure's knees. Maybe, maybe if he found a way not to look so big...

Well, it was worth a shot he figured, lowering himself to a crouch and keeping a friendly smile on his face as he turned to the Torchic again.

"Look, I'm sorry..." he said softly, doing his best not to look intimidating in any way, "I didn't mean to scare you or anything...I was just so excited about getting to have my own pokmon..."

The Torchic blinked, relaxing just a bit although the suspicious expression still remained on its face.

"It's not that easy though, is it?" he asked, ignoring the amused looks he was beginning to get from passers by, "Just getting a pokmon and beginning to order it about, that's not what being a trainer is about, is it?" he sighed, falling silent for a moment. The fire type didn't seem scared by him anymore, but it didn't seem like it was trusting him either. What could he do to make up for his earlier behaviour? The boy scratched his head again, until a though suddenly struck him and he began rummaging feverishly through the right back pocket on his jeans until he finally pulled out his hand again, his fingers clenched tightly around a round object wrapped in colorfull paper, a piece of candy that a nice old lady on the ferry had given him but that he had never seemed to have the time to eat...it was slightly detoriated and sticky from having spent such a long time in the boy's pocket, but it still seemed like a nice enough gift, the boy figured, quickly unwrapping the piece of candy and holding it out to the Torchic, doing his best not to do so too rashly.

"Here..." he said, noticing how the chick pokmon's eyes had now focused on the candy, a look of curiosity expressed in them, "This is for you...an apology for me being such a klutz...take it...please..."

For a moment, the fire type simply stared, first at the candy and then at Laure, then at the candy again. As this procedure went on for a fairly long time, the boy began feeling how his legs were tiring from the continued crouch, beads of sweat beginning to trickle down the back of his neck and down his spine as he stood in the open glare of sunlight. He maintained his position though, professor Oak's words still echoing in his mind, and finally, something happened. The Torchic took a small step forward, immediately stopping on full alert in case of any trickery before taking another step, and another, and another...and finally, the little fire type pulled a quick leap, snatching the piece of candy from the boy's hand before springing a bit back again, taking in the flavour.

Slowly, a contented smile began spreading across the fire type's face, and the candy was soon devoured, the chick pokmon looking up at Laure again, this time with expectation in its eyes.

"Oh, sorry, I don't have any more..." the boy replied, shaking his head and frowning, a dissapointed expression immediately making its way onto the Torchic's face "But if we find a candy store we can get you more, though." he added, perking up, "What do you say? Friends?" he reached out his hand to the Torchic again.

The fire type took a small pause, obviously pondering the matter before it came to a simple conclusion; this boy was too small to be a big meanine, and even if he was one in disguise then there would be no way to run away from him anyway. And besides, anyone who gave things that tasty couldn't be all that bad.

{Friends!} the Torchic chirped happily, jumping onto Laure's hand {Candy!}

Laure grinned, carefully placing the Torchic on his shoulder, "Allright then, partner." he said, patting the fire type on the head, "Now to find a store..." well, Laure had never been the shy one, and so he immediately walked over to the first person he saw, a brown-haired girl who was actually a bit taller than him, and who was accompanied by a Totodile, although Laure didn't notice the water type as he was far too preoccupied with other matters.

"Excuse me, miss?" he asked, putting on his usual smile again, "I was wondering, do you know if there are any candy stores around here?"

December 20th, 2005, 8:13 AM

As they walked along the road, Lani suddenly heard a voice come from behind her. She whipped around, her long brown hair flipping around with her, and she came face-to-face with one of the boys she had seen in the lab. He was a rather thin boy, and his hair was... well, Lani just thought of it as light orange. Though, she wasn't quite sure.

"Oh, um, hello," she said kindly, "My name is Leilani." She did the usual inclination of her head; she never talked to someone she didn't know without introducing herself. "My friends and family all call me Lani for short," she paused, "I'm not too sure about candy stores here. This is Pallet Town after all, and there isn't much of anything here I'm afraid. In Viridian though, I'm sure they have all sorts of stores."

Mizu then noticed the little Torchic with the boy, and felt a burning ambition to battle the pokemon. {HA! Battle time! Let's go!} she growled, looking ready to use an attack.

Lani looked down at her pokemon when she had growled, and suddenly felt a bit worried. "Mizu...? What are--?"

Mizu had leapt up though, and threw back her arm in what Lani recognized to be the beginning movements of a Scratch attack! The girl then lunged forward and grabbed the Totodile around the middle, and tried to pull the pokemon back, falling back onto the ground in a sitting position.

"Ouch!" she grunted, her bottom hurting a bit. Mizu struggled against her grip; which was surprisingly strong for a young girl.

{Lemme go! I want to fight it!} the Totodile growled, kicking and pushing. Lani felt really embarrassed about her pokemon's behavior; this must be the fiesty attitude that Professor Oak was worried about. Lani thought fast. She didn't want the poor boy's Torchic being ripped up by a type it was weak against on the first day of both their journeys.

"Stop Mizu stop!" Lani pleaded to the Totodile, "You can't battle a little Torchic; you are much bigger than it and you have a huge type advantage! You don't want to seriously injure it do you? Not to mention it's standing on someone's shoulder!" She hoped the pokemon had some sort of soft side to appeal to.

Mizu glared at the Torchic, seeing that it was indeed a rather young and little one, and though she had the heart to take on bigger, stronger opponents, she was a firm believer in picking on someone your own size. It would be horribly mean to attack a little one like that. As for the human male, she didn't really care about him. He was just a human. The Totodile stopped struggling.

{My apologies,} she said gruffly, {I acted without thinking. I won't try to hurt you little one.} She looked up at the Torchic again, thinking it was probably not worth battling anyway. She had to admire her trainer though, not many people would grab an attacking pokemon like that.

Alter Ego
December 20th, 2005, 9:16 AM
"Leilani?" Laure asked, tilting his head and taking a better look at the girl in front of him, "Oh yeah, you were at the lab too, weren't you? Oh, and the name's Laure by the way." he added "Laure Whitendon, nice to meet'cha, Lani! Real bummer about the candy store thing, though..." he added, the Torchic on his shoulder concuring whole-heartedly "But don't worry, partner." the boy said, smiling encouragingly at the fire pokmon on his shoulder, "I'm sure we'll make it to the next town soon enough."

Before anyone got to comment one thing or the other on any of the things that the boy had said however, the Totodile accompanying Lani suddenly sprang up, apparently rearing to fight. Laure's Torchic was quick to react to this, leaping backwards in an attempt to get away from the scary crocodile pokmon, a moderately sized meanie in the Torchic's opinion, although this only resulted in the fire type leaping straight into the messy bundle of hair on Laure's head, managing to get well entagled into it in the process, the unruly locks quickly wrapping around the fire type's talons, effectively ensaring it in place and causing quite a bit of discomfort for the boy as the fire type attempted to struggle free by force.

"Whoa! Calm down Torchic! Calm down!" Laure shouted, reaching for the chick pokmon with his hands in an attempt to prevent it from moving while his scalp was still attached, which of course led to him recieveing quite a few scratches to his hands in the process as he slowly but surely managed to untangle the talons from his hair, several severed strands falling off in various directions from his head, accompanied by a fair bit of blood from the various scratches his fingers had recieved.

"Looks like I got myself a free haircut." the boy said, grimacing as he placed the still upset Torchic back on his shoulder. Lani seemed to be having problems with her pokmon as well, having fallen down in an attempt to hold back the feisty water type and finally seeming to have managed to talk some sense into it.

{That's right!} the Torchic on Laure's shoulder chirped out at Mizu's apology, {You stay away from me you big meanie! Well...uh-you-you little meanie! You stay away!}

"Whoa, cool your jets Torchic..." Laure said, noticing that the fire type's temper was boiling again even though it all sounded like 'chiktiktikchi' to him. He ruffled the fire type's feathers a bit with the less shredded one of his hands in an attempt to calm it down before offering the same hand to Lani to help her back up on her feet.

"You okay there, Lani?" he asked, hoping that he didn't bleed too much straight onto the girl, "It looks like we got some rather spunky pokmon, eh?" he cast a quick glance at his Torchic who was still glaring suspiciously at Mizu.

December 20th, 2005, 2:10 PM
Terra wacthed the two trainers down below as Aiedial poked at her ears in confusion.
{Aren't humans supposed to have human ears?} She asked as Terra's ears twitched in annoyance. "Stop that it's annoying." {But aren't they?} Terra sighed "Yes they are. I have lived with pokemon for a good part of my life in the wild. It made my ears, eyes and teeth this way."

Aiedial looked at the trainers below then back at Terra. {I like it this way. It makes you different and speacial.} She said with a smile. "Good because they won't change back and I just hope I don't get a tail." Terra responded.

{Why don't humans look and act like you?} Aiedial asked. "I'll tell you later you ask way to many questions." She watched as the trainers talked and the Torchic freaked out. {Where are we going to go after here?} Aiedial asked like she new nothing. "The next town I can't remember the name but it's the next one on the map."

Terra stood up and watched from the edge of the building. Aiedial ran into her and knocked her off. Right before Terra hit the ground she did a flip and landed on her feet. She then glared up at Aiedial who just smiled back. "You did that on purpose!" Terra called out to Aiedial. {Mabey. Mabey not.} Was her reply. "What am I going to do with you?" Terra asked shaking her head. "Get down here." Aiedial jumped and landed right next to Terra. "You need to learn not to do that." Aiedial nodded her head as to say yes.

December 20th, 2005, 7:37 PM

{Meanie? Hmph!} Mizu grunted as she folded her arms and glared at the tiny chick. She was half-tempted to attack the little bugger again, and this time not to miss or be stopped; yet, there was something endearing about the little chick that made her contain herself. It just had such spirit.

"Oh I'm just fine. I've handled lots of pokemon before. Seems like I got the better end of the fight anyway," Lani said, getting up and letting Mizu on the ground. She figured the Totodile would mind for now, and she didn't want the crocodile to feel as if she were being contained.

Lani sighed and looked back at the boy before her. "Nice to meet you Laure," she said with a smile, and then noticed his bloody scratches, "Oh my! You're all scratched up...! Hold on... I have some first aid stuff here...." She swung her large backpack around and quickly dug out a small white box with a red cross on it.

"Here you go," she said, handing the boy a moist cloth, "This is a disinfecting wipe, it'll clean up those scratches for you. They're very useful to have; I've used them loads of times on scratches from branches and from falling."

She then looked ahead to the road for a moment while putting her first aid box back. "By the way... where are you headed? Viridian? That seems the place that everyone else is headed."

Viridian was a place that was not only the closest city, but was also a famous meeting place for all kinds of beginning trainers. It was an exciting place to be if you wanted to test your first pokemon's skills. Lani was going to be headed that way, and she figured that she might as well make a friend or two with the people that had started at the lab.

December 20th, 2005, 11:25 PM
OOC: Sorry about that. I edited that post. And yes, your Pokmon may talk. But you can understand only your Pokmon. No one elses. So, we stay around for a while, maybe even reach Viridian, and only after we all know each other, then we get transported? Okay?


{Alright, mister. First step in battling is to always allow your opponent to strike first. Then, see what his tactic is, and then play according to it, understood?} explained Charmander knowledgebly.

Jake shook his head, laughing. "Who are you to give me commands. I'm your trainer, and trainers gove the commands. So stop your jabbering, and start with a Scratch. We want that Rattatta out as soon as possible, understood?"

Charmander gave a hearty snort, but set off after the purple rat. Jake and Charmander had decided to get a head-start on their training, so that when they reached Viridian, they'd be pretty strong. Or atleast strong enough to challenge a couple of peple to battle to gain experience. It was good to know that they were thinking ahead.

The Rattatta may have been fast, but Charmander was faster. The flame lizard caught up with the Rattatta in no time, and slahsed down with his sharp claws, gouging the Rattatta's skin, and causing the mouse to wail in pain. The the Rattatta was a fighter. Without giving Charmander a chance to regain his balance after the Scratch attack, the Rattatta lowered his head, and rammed into Charmander with a powerful tackle, sending him reeling like a fishing rod.

"Don't give in! Try using an Ember attack!" Jake commanded worried at what would happen in Charmander fainted so early in his journey.

Charmander seemed to be thinking along the same lines, and turned to face the Rattatta, who was preparing for another Tackle. Charmander opened his mouth, firing a barrage of small fire balls in the direction of the Rattatta. The balls hit their mark, causing the Rattatta to veer off course, htting a tree, and fainting.

"Awesome!" Jake yelled, punching the air. "If we continue like this, there won't be an opponet alive who could beat us. Together, we're the best!"

{Now you're talking some sense, partner,} replied Charmader, grinning while baring his teeth.

OOC: Just remember, guys. jake is a loner, and will not go looking fo people, so you'll have to go looking for him...

December 21st, 2005, 4:42 AM
The forest was now something of a past you could say. "Gray, do you think there are berries to plant over there?"
{Yeah! I saw some!}
"What kind?"
{I don't know...} She went over to her Chikorita, slowly patting it on the head. The leaf went to get some of her patting as well, which she laughed at the fact it did. Noise enveloped her ears for a split second.
"Huh? I smell something burning." She looked around, but didn't do anything but continue her berry planting.

December 21st, 2005, 6:55 AM

The trail of injured or fainted Pokmon just kept getting longer and longer, as Jake and his Charmander kept getting stonger and stronger. Soon, Charmander was strong enough to take out a wild Pokmon in one hit! He felt proud the first time that the Pidgey had fallen from the sky after only being struck once.

Jake looked over his shoulder and swore. The other people were getting closer and closer. Aparantly, they, too,wanted to go the Viridian City. Jake decided that if he met up with anyone, he'd only stay long enough to battle them, and then walk away.

But soon, it turned out that if Jake followed the path, no trainer challenged him, but they were too close for his liking. After a while, he couldn't take it any more, and walked up to a girl with a Chickorita. She was planting berries in the ground.

"I challenge you to a battle, but first...who are you?" Jake asked, and Charmander toppled to the floor, anim style.

Alter Ego
December 21st, 2005, 7:38 AM
"Thanks." Laure replied, smiling warmly at Lani as he accepted the offered wipe and began cleaning up his scratches. He flinched slightly now and then as he did so, the wounds not reacting kindly to being touched, but still, it was far better than getting an infection of some kind, "Maybe I, ow, ought to, ow, invest in these..." the boy commented as he proceeded to treat his other hand, "It's probably, ow, best to be prepared."

At Lani's question, the boy took a moment to ponder through his answer, a very brief moment, "To be honest, I haven't thought about it much." he replied, shrugging, "I'll be happy just travelling and getting to see places, and Viridan sounds like it's as good a place as any other to stat with. Besides, I've still got that candy store to find." he, cast a quick smile at his Torchic.

Meanwhile, his Torchic had started peering anxiously at the wounds she had caused with her talons. They did look rather...painfull, and even though this human boy was far more loud and rash than she would have liked, he had still done his best to be nice, and the fire type didn't feel like it would be fair to fault him for not understanding things. After all, humans were notoriously stupid, that her parents had always taught her, and from the Torchic's point of view, their teachings had been proven correct this far. And besides, he had given her that nice piece of candy, so he couldn't be all that bad...

{Umm...are you okay?} the Torchic asked at last, tilting her head as she watched her trainer, particularly his hand.

Laure turned to face the little fire type, and while her words didn't make any more sense to him than before, the meaning behind them was quite easy to deduce from the worried way in which the Torchic's eyes kept darting back to the scratches on his hands.

"Don't worry, I'm fine..." he replied, smiling at the Torchic as if nothing had happened, "No rose without thorns and all that. But I just came to think of something..." he took a thoughtfull look at the fire type, "I haven't given you a name yet, have you?"

The Torchic blinked, {Name?} she echoed in confusion {What do I need a name for?}

"You can't go on without a name." the boy continued, interpreting the fire type's chirping as a protest, "If you don't have a name people will just confuse you with all the other Torchics out there, we can't have that. So...what to name you?" he scratched his chin thoughtfully, attempting to come up with a name to suit his new companion. His initial reaction was something along the lines of Blaze, or Inferno, but those names were so lame and generic...and besides, he hadn't seen his little Torchic spit fire even once yet. It didn't seem to fit...

Suddenly, the boy rose to his feet, snapping his fingers in triumph, "I know!" he called out with such enthusiaism that the Torchic leapt a bit backwards in surprise, "I'll call you Chiktika since that's what you sound like when you speak real fast, what do you think of that? Do you like it?"

{Huh? I don't sound like that...} the fire type protested. Still, there was something appealing in the name she was being offered, even though she didn't fully understand what. Just a generally nice feeling, and the Torchic had never been one to over-analyze such things.

{Okay!} she chirped out at last, adding a smile to it to make sure her message got through as the boy obviously suffered from a hearing defect of some kind {Now let's go find that candy store!}

The Torchic leapt back onto Laure's shoulder, standing up as proud and tall as her short height would allow her, looking surprisingly much like an explorer who was about to set out into uncharted territory.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." the boy replied, chuckling at his pokmon's behaviour before turning back to Lani.

"Yeah, it looks like we're headed for Viridian City." he replied, nodding to the girl, "Wanna come along? Travelling alone is such a drag."

December 21st, 2005, 1:34 PM
"A battle? I don't know much about battling right now..." She sighed and stood slightly, her attire worn down slightly with dirt. She could feel her poncho touch one of the dirt piles. Gray nodded to her as he jumped into her arms. "My name...is Mio. I'm afraid I've been battling as little as possible. However, I've not been able to run from most of them. Why do you want to battle me anyway? You would win with type advantage, wouldn't you?"

December 21st, 2005, 2:24 PM
After Yume said goodbye to her sister (and recieving a special type of Pokeball from her) she half walked, half trotted down the dirt path, turning her head from left to right, looking for anyone to make friends with. Sparks was trotting on all fours at her left side.

{So what is it excatly your looking for again??} The tiny Pichu asked curiously, its big blue eyes turning up toward Yume.

Panting slightly, Yume responded "Anyone. I want to make new friends before stating off on this new journey!"

With that said Sparks raised his ear and tail straight up. {Cool! Me too!!} He said excitedly, quickening his pace.

"Woah, hold up!" Yume called in front of her, also quickening her pace. On the border line Yume could see two people, a boy and a girl, and two Pokemon, a Torchic and a Totodile. Sparks ran up to the Torchic and eagerly started sniffing it. Then it jumped over to the Totdile and circled around it a few times.

"Woah there!!" Yume shouted across to Sparks. A couple of seconds later Yume came rushing up and piced up the eager Pichu. "Heh..Sorry bout that" Yume apologised to the two. "My Pichus a little, uh....hyper?" Yume chuckled at the thought, as Sparks kept repeating the same thing in his hyper little voice.

{Friends! Friends Yume! I gots friend now!!}

December 21st, 2005, 8:22 PM

Jake looked down at the small Chikorita, who was now snifffing the berries that were planted in the ground with a certain delight. But then, at Mio's words about type advantages, Jake's heart sunk.

"I suppose so. Have you seen anyone who I can batte with without having to worry about type advantagesand disadvanatges?" Jake asked, petting his Charmander.

{I saw one girl who had an Eevee when we left the laboratory, so maybe we could battle her? It might work,} suggested Charmander, grinning at the porspect of a battle.

Jake, however, was not so happy. "I guess that we'll just have to make do with wild Pokmon, Charmander. But once we reach Viridian City...well,that's another problem."

Charmander looked slightly disheartened, but nodded. {Wait 'till Viridian all you weak Pokmon, because the Char-master is gonna take you down!}

Alter Ego
December 22nd, 2005, 1:04 AM
OOC: Hey, Deathspector. No controlling other people's chars like that. <_< That's powerplaying/godmodding and forbidden in the RP rules. And even if you can pass that off as 'character control' then you're still bound to piss a lot of people off with it, including me. <.< So please, stop that at once. Just be patient and wait for Jeudi to post, because quite frankly, I doubt that you have can have gathered any real idea of her character's personality from what she's posted this far.


{Meep!} the newly dubbed Chiktika cried out as Sparks rushed over to sniff at her, {What are you sniffing at?! Are you another meanie in disguise?! Want to take a bite out of Chiktika too, do you?! Go away, meanie! Go away!}

"Oh relax already, will ya'?" Laure asked, shaking his head at the Torchic's behaviour, "It's just a lil' Pichu. They don't eat people or anything. ya' know. Plus, I think that this little fellow is just trying to make some new friends." he smiled down at Sparks who had taken up running around Mizu "And such a cool colour too." he noted, noticing the unusual shade of yellow that the Pichu possessed and how its fur seemed to shine slightly in the light.

"Heh, it's allright!" the boy called cheerfully as a girl, apparently the Pichu's trainer, ran over to apologize, "We don't have anything against making new friends, do we Chiktika?" he asked the last question of his Torchic.

The fire type let out a small 'harumph' sound, staring at the Pichu and hearing its words, {S'pose not...} she muttered at last, casting a warning glance at the Pichu {But if you try to eat me then I'll totally scratch you!}

"So, you're this little guy's trainer, huh?" Laure asked the new girl, even though it was pretty obvious, "That's a really cool Pichu you got. They didn't have that colouring in any of the pictures I saw. Anyways, I'm Laure, nice to meet'cha." he offered the girl his hand, which of course still bore a number of scratches, although they were now quite well disinfected and cleaned.

December 22nd, 2005, 2:29 AM
OOC: Sorry about that. I haven't really gotten the idea of this site, seeing as I signed up a couple of days ago, but I will remember not to "powerplay". I'll go edit that once I've finished with this.


Charmander and Jake walked back towards the recognized path, having gotten lost already. They were in the midst of a field of tall Elephant Grass, and poor Charmander could hardly see. In fact, Charmander couldn't see, and it was only because he was sitting on Jake's shoulder that he knew what was going on.

"I was sure that this way would have lead us to Viridian. At least according to the map it should have. Then again, I've enevr been great at reading maps..." Jake trailed off, turning the map in all four directions to see if he could make any sense of it.

{Face it, Jake. You're lost, and you've gotten me lost too. I told you that we should have stayed on the path, but you had to find a "shortcut", that ended us up here. Where are we, anyway?} Charmander asked, looking across the field from his perch on Jake's shoulder.

"Umm...in a field with grass?" suggested Jake, but only to get a slap on the head from his companion.

{That much I'd gathered,} muttered Charmander, {Some help you are...}

Jake protested immediately, "Hey! You try reading this stupid map. I can't tell a forest from a lake. Apart from the colours, that is..."

{Have you tried looking at the Key?} asked Charmander peering at the map.

"Uhh...what's a key?"

Charmander sighed, {I give up. Let's just wander around for a bit, and hope like heck that someone is nearby who can help us. It's the best plan we've got...especially with you reading a map...}

They walked for a bit longer, not knowing where they were. But they decided that the general direction of Viridian was to their left, and so they set off. They had quite a bit of trouble walking through the field. For starters, the grass was scartchy, and by the end of it, jake's arms were covered in white scars. Charmander had a useful post on Jake's shoulder, and did not need to worry about scratches. The second problem they had was the sun. It was right above their heads, and was beating down on their heads. Charmander seemed to be enjoying it, though.

All of a sudden, and idea came to Jake, although it had nothing to do with helping them out. But it was an idea, and an idea was exactly what they needed the most.

"I haven't given you a nickname, yet," murmured Jake to himself as much as to Charmader. "Most trainers that I've seen name their Pokmon to diffrenciate betweenothers of the same species."

{Well, then. You don't need to give me one, because if all the other rainers give their Pokmon nicknames, and you don't then I'll be special. Besides, I already have a name,} Chamader explained.

"You do?" replied Jake in awe. he had never thought that Pokmon had names unless their trainers gave them one. "What is it? If you tell me, the I'll call you that!"

{Unfortunately, human tongues cannot pronounce the name, so just call me Charmanderfor now...} answered Charmander.

Jake nodded, although he still felt that Charmander deserved a nickname. But perhaps he'd give him a nickname that agreed with his personality...maybe...

December 22nd, 2005, 4:45 AM
She returned to see how many berrie trees she had grown. "Great job Gray, I wouldn't have done it without you." The chikorita smiled and jumped up and down in her arms.
{Can I call you Mio?}
"Of course you can."
{Mio, you seem so different when you're alone than with others.}
"I know, I'm like that." She pat the Chikorita on the head and picked him up. It was time to move on, Viridian city wouldn't be far, right?

December 22nd, 2005, 6:45 AM
OOC: Wow, you guys are already in the forest? o.o Methinks the rest of us better get going, considering we're still in town. >_>


"Oh," Lani said as Laure asked if she wanted to join him to go to Viridian, "Sure, I agree, traveling alone is something I've done a lot, and it does get really boring and lonely. Mizu you don't mind do you?"

Mizu the Totodile raised an eyebrow, {Well I--.} However that's when the hyper Pichu began to race around her, and the bewildered Totodile simply stood in her place as the oddly-colored mouse raced and then ended up by his trainer.

{Cut that OUT!} Mizu yelled, feeling annoyed. She would have whacked the annoying mouse away from her, but he was so quick that her slow arm wouldn't have caught him in time at all. She settled instead for a yell that the mouse obviously hadn't even heard considering he had already began talking excitedly to his trainer after she swooped down and picked up her pokemon.

Laure introduced himself with his name and a comment about the shiny mouse and then Lani stepped up, smiling at the girl and the over-eager Pichu, "Hello," she inclined her head, "My name is Leilani. Though, most call me Lani for short; pleased to meet you. I like your Pichu's spirit."

She paused for a moment, and when Mizu didn't speak up she looked down at her pokemon, "Erm... Mizu? Would you like to introduce yourself?"

Mizu gave her trainer a look of distaste, but figured it would be pointless to continue to be rude to little kids as these. Though she wasn't one to be good with the niceties; she figured she would be better at it than these annoying kids. {I am what my Master calls Mizu,} she said to the Pichu. She left out the 'nice to meet you' part. After all, Mizu was really not all that pleased.

"You know, since we're all from Professor Oak's Lab, would you like to walk with us to Viridian? We should probably get going; it's going to be getting into the late afternoon soon, and I'm certainly not brave enough to be in the outlying forests while it's dark," Lani suggested timidly, thinking of the forest back home during the night. She tried to shake that image of it from her mind... the pitch black fur and bony horns... the icy chill of a howl that came from him.... It was hard to shake off though the more she thought of it. She managed to bring about a smile anyway; she had become pretty slick at covering her fear with a smile.

December 22nd, 2005, 9:37 AM
Terra had landed almost right next to the trainer with a torchic so did Aieidal. She lepped back so she didn't hit any one and hoping no one had noticed her ears. Aieidal judt walked up to the Torchic and studied it. "Aieidal stop that." Terra said walking up to her.

{This is the Torchic that we were watching from the roof of the lab though it was freaking out.} Aiedial said pouting. "I don't care that's no excuse to run into me, knock me off the roof of the lab, almost make me hit someone, and then bother them."

Aiedial stalked back over to Terra jumped up onto her shoulder. {Sorry Terra.} "It's okay Aiedial." Terra responded. She then turned her attention to the trainers. "Sorry for Aiedial bothering you she won't do it again." Aiedial tried to poake at her ears again but Terra stoped her paw with her hand with a super fast reflex. "I told you don't that's annoying." {Sorry.} Aiedial said then stared at the trainers. Terra turned to leave and started walking.

Alter Ego
December 22nd, 2005, 11:06 AM
Laure merely blinked as yet another girl approached, this one falling from above and nearly landing on his head, nearly scaring the beejezus out of the already freaked Chiktika who now leapt of the boy's shoulder and hid behind him, unleashing a random stream of upset words, in which the term 'winged meanie' was repeated frequently.

"That's allright, it's no biggie." he replied to the girl's apology, seemingly oblivious to the fact that both of them could have gotten seriously injured if he had been standing only a few feet more to the right. Chiktika on the other hand didn't take such a relaxed attitude to the matter, glaring at Terra and Aieidal with anger and shock in her eyes.

{You were flying!} she cried out angrily, {You were flying over us and tried to grab Laure but missed! Meanies! Big! Winged! Meanies! I won't let you hurt him! I won't let you hurt me!} tears of anger began welling up in the Torchic's eyes {I won't let you hurt anyone anymore! I'm gonna'-!}

They never got to find out what Chiktika was 'gonna-' as Laure had finally caught onto the Torchic's doings, immediately reaching out and grabbing the fire type by the waist as she lunged. The Torchic contiuned spouting accusations, flailing madly in the boy's grip, but she still remembered the last incident all too well to dare to try forcing him to let go with her talons.

"Sheez! Chiktika! Calm down!" Laure called, trying to make the Torchic cease her continuous attempts at attacking Terra and Aieidal as they began walking off "Don't fret! It was just an accident!"

"Hey! Wait up!" he called after the girl as she began walking away, "We haven't even been introudced yet! I mean, the least you could do is tell us your name!"

December 22nd, 2005, 11:20 AM
Terra turned around and Aiedial again attemtend to poke her ears which twithed in annoyance as she did. "Will you stop that Aiedial you know I hate that." {Okay but now that I see him and then see your ears they look so different it's amazing.} Aiedial said as she was about to poke them again. Terra's hand quickly grabbed her paw before she could. It was like her ahnd had dissapeared and reapeared, but it was only her super fast reflexes.

"The name's Terra." Terra said still holding Aiedials paw. "Your Torchic is over reacting." Aiedial jumped down off of Terra and onto the ground. "I was watching from the roof of the lab when Aiedial pushed me off the roof and I almost landed on you. Luckily I did a flip and we all avoided any damage."

She said pointing to Aiedial. Who only smiled. She then went over to the Torchic and held out her paw. {I'm sorry for scaring you I just want Terra to be social and have friends.}

December 22nd, 2005, 11:52 AM

{Yeesh! Calm down! There's no need to be so angry. The girl that jumped down isn't evil, she's just an idiot,} Mizu said bluntly, covering her earholes. The Torchic had heart, but she was just so paranoid.

As the girl mumbled a few things so quickly after jumping down that Lani had barely enough time to recover and listen. Lani looked at the strange girl and remembered her getting her pokemon back at Oak's lab. However, just as she was about to introduce herself, the girl had turned to leave, Laure calling after her.

"I'm not quite sure she wants us to talk to her... the way she walked off," Lani said in a quiet voice. She wasn't hurt or angry though; perhaps the girl was just shy or afraid.

The girl turned around though, and introduced herself as Terra. Lani thought it was a bit rude of her to say that Chiktika was overreacting, considering the jump was quite scary and abrupt. The little chick meant well.

"Well, that's more like it," she managed to say happily, with a smile, "We thought you were just going to leave without introducing yourself!" She was trying to make a lighthearted joke, but was also slowly realizing that Terra might not be the kind of person to appeciate it.

"Ah!" she blushed a bit, remembering she hadn't introduced herself yet, "My apologies, I seem to have forgotten my manners. My name is Leilani, though most people call me Lani for short.

{I'm not introducing myself. I hate this sort of thing. When are we going to leave? I would like to battle sometime,} Mizu grunted, folding her chubby arms. She was eyeing the little Eevee with interest, trying to size her up and determine how strong she was in a battle.

December 22nd, 2005, 3:06 PM
OOC: Um...I don't think Yume has ever introduced herself yet XD So didn't Sparks..

Sparks looked down at Mizu from Yume's arms. {You're not very nice} He said bitterly, flicking his ears in annoyance, but stopped once he had heard the coment about his spirit from Lani. "PiPicha!!!" He chirped happily to her. Yume laughed, then noticed something.

"Oh! Almsot forgot. My name's Yume, and this is my Pichu, Sparks" Yume sweatdropped.

"Yeah his spirit is something else" She said, gazing down at her Pichu, which had turned to Mizu and said {Yeah, i'm Sparks. Remember my name!!} He said jokinly, trying to wiggle out of Yume's arms. Yume released Sparks, which started doing laps around Yume and Lani, while her sweatdrop got ever bigger.

Suddenly, a random person (XD) landed right next to Lani, narrowly missing Spark's tail, who stopped and sniffed the Eevee who landed next to her, then he started runnig around her too. Sparks was now a yellow blur, probably making the Eevee dizy. Yume didn't care right that moment though. She stared up at the trainer. "Umm.....hi?" She half said/half asked.

December 22nd, 2005, 8:34 PM
OOC: Yo, Light_Azumarill, none of us have reached the forest. We're all still at Pallet Town, or on Route One. But, Jake being who he is, has gotten himself lost so...


All of a sudden, as quickly as they had gotten lost, Charmander and Jake emerged from the field of long elephant grass, and onto a pathway that was more commonly known as Route One. It seemed so peaceful and welcoming after what they had been through, and Jake didn't mind if he had to be around other people. Now that was a lot.

The two of them walked casually down the path, pausing to fight with the odd Pokmon, but they were all too weak for Charmander, now. He needed stronger opponents, and you could only find those in Viridian City.

So, the two of them sped up their pace. They wanted to be the first one's in Viridian City out of all the other people who had gotten their Pokmon at Professor Oak's. For, if they did, they would be able to train first, and become stronger, faster.

"Come on Charmander, we're almost there!"

December 23rd, 2005, 4:49 AM
Her pace was slow, she would probably be last with what she was doing. {Why are we going so slow? Shouldn't we catch up with them?}
"There's no need to Gray." She pat his head softly. He could feel something about the way she seemed to act, was there something he didn't see? Maybe it was just the way she acted. He began to purr slightly like a kitty, seeing her eyes widen slightly. "You want to be a feline pokemon? I never knew I would have a Skitty." She laughed.

December 23rd, 2005, 11:57 AM
OOC: Oh! Sorry Kakashi! Heh, I dunno why I did that... ^^; I shall edit my posts.

And Deathspector, I didn't mean the Viridian Forest if that's what you thought I meant. I mean the foresty part between Pallet and Viridian. I guess it's not really a 'forest', but I kinda assumed it was wild land with a lot of tall grass and trees. To me that's kind of a... forest. ^-^ I should have specified.


"Oh, well, as stated before, nice to meet you Yume," Lani said happily, "And you too Sparks. You're a very cute Pichu."

Mizu rolled her eyes. This was silly; all of this introduction. What purpose did it serve anyway? All of these humans and pokemon around were starting to make her anxious and tense. She wanted to battle and she wanted to battle now! Why must her Master make her wait for these mere trivialities?!

Lani looked back over to Terra and Laure, wondering if they were going to say anything else. After all, she wouldn't want to be rude and suggest they all go off to Viridian when they still wanted to talk.

December 23rd, 2005, 1:06 PM
Yume smiled at Lani "And nice to meet you two" She said cheerfully.

{Yeah. I'm a very cute Pichu, aren't I??} Sparks piped up happily as he stopped running around the Eevee. Then he noticed Mizu's expression and turned toward him.

"Pichaaa?" {You don't look to happy. Your too tense. Just lighten up will ya?} Sparks said, tilting his head and twitching his ears. {Your never gonna be happy in life if your always tense like that, Hows about a battle to ease the tension?} Sparks asked, now standing up on his two hind paws.

December 24th, 2005, 2:02 AM
OOC: My fault. Even I used to call it a forest until I got FireRed. In fact, I called everything in between two towns or cities, forests:P


Jake leant against a tree, resting his tired feet. He had been walking the entire day, and his feet were hurting, mainly due to the fact of the boiling sun. It was heating up the pathway, and burning through his sneakers. They really hurt.

Charmander was at his side, also tired. Even though he was a fire-type Pokmon, and technically, he should be enjoying the heat, he was sweating profousely, and his throat was parched. As was Jake's

{We need to find a place to drink from, and pronto. I'm dieing over here,} whined the Charmander, wiping his brow with his hand. {And I've got my tail on fire too...}

"Oh, quiet with the grumbling. Be glad that we have some shade," Jake snapped back.

{The heat's really changed your mood,} grumbled Charmander.

"Well, too bad..."

Jake was about to continue, when something came crashing out of the berry bush beside him...

December 24th, 2005, 7:44 AM
OOC: 'Tis okay! ^-^


{Finally! A battle challenge!} Mizu the Totodile said happily, {My opinion of you has just become a better one little Pichu.} She began to assume her eager position of battling, stretching her chubby arms a bit.

Lani looked over at Mizu and became a bit worried. She didn't want a repeat of the incident with Laure, and Mizu looked as if she were ready for battle. What the? "Mizu... what are you--?" she began, but Mizu cut her off.

{The Pichu offered, not me!} Mizu snapped, looking insulted that her Master was so quick to assume.

Lani looked over to the little Pichu, and then to Yume. "Uh, sorry, but it seems that my Totodile wants to battle your Pichu. Heh, she's a bit into battling for a cute, girl Totodile," Lani said with a smile.

Alter Ego
December 24th, 2005, 8:06 AM
OOC: Aaaah! Sorry for not posting, everyone. I've been a bit preoccupied with trying to get my new RP going, like certain people here would know.

Oh, and K & S, didn't Yume call after Sparks by his real name when he dashed off? I kind of assumed that the others picked it up from there. *Scratches head* I could be wrong, though...whatever, I'll just edit.

Anyways, IC time...


Chiktika's eyes narrowed as Aiedial walked over to apologize, {Social?} the chick pokmon echoed {Do you call swooping down from the sky and attempting to eat my trainer social?! It's certainly not very friendly, that much is sure!}

Laure blinked, "Overreacting?" he asked, tilting his head, "I dunno...it's not like it's exactly normal for girls and Eevees to come falling down from the sky. Anyways, flipping in the air like that was a really cool trick. I'm Laure, or did I tell you that already?" he scratched his head "Well, anyways, it's nice to meet'cha Terra!"

After the introductions were over and done with, Laure had once again become completely absorbed in observing Sparks, still curious about the peculiar colouring of the Pichu's furr which, as previously mentioned, wasn't normal for the species, Chiktika sitting on his shoulder and feeling disgruntled until she finally decided to poke the boy on the side of the head with her beak just a bit so that he would turn his attention back to her again.

"Ow, now that was uncalled for." Laure muttered, rubbing the place where the Torchic's beak had struck him before turning back to the fire type, "I was just trying to figure out what could make a pokmon gain unusual colouring like that." the boy took a pause, a smile spreading across his face as he finally begun grasping what was going on in the chick pokmon's mind "Heey...you're not jealous, are ya?" he asked, grinning at Chiktika and poking her playfully.

{Jealous?!} the Torchic echoed, {Of course not! I was just poking you so you would remember that we've got a candy store to find!} had the Torchic been in possession of arms she would certainly have folded them defensively by now.

Laure chuckled, "Don't worry..." he said, ruffling the fire type's feathers, "You're still my very special first pokmon and travelling partner, I'm not going to abandon you or anything even though I might look at others."

The Torchic didn't reply, continuing to sulk for as long as she could manage before her expression returned to neutral again.

"A battle?" Laure asked, noticing that both Sparks and Mizu had taken up battle stances, and hearing Lani's words "But wouldn't it be unfair since Sparks has a type advantage?" he tilted his head, shrugging, "Oh well, it's up to you I suppose."

December 24th, 2005, 9:13 AM
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December 24th, 2005, 12:24 PM
Yume laughed. "It ok. Sparks wanted to battle anyways." She said, after hearing the challenge her Pichu gave to Mizu.

Sparks jumped back a little and narrowed his eyes. His arms were out to his sides and his ears and tail were drawn back, his tail fluffed out a little. {Ready..} Sparks padded his hind paws against the ground while he stood in place. {Steady..} His hind paws smashed against the dirt ground as he boosted foward. {Go!!} He yelled as soon as he smashed into Mizu.

December 25th, 2005, 2:16 AM

Jake bit his lip, unsure of what to do. There, facing him and his brave Charmander was a massive Pokmon, that resembled a kangaroo, minus the ears. It had a pouch, and inside the pouch was a small purple creature, much like its maternal parent. this was a Kangaskhan. Or, at least according to the PokDex, it was. Jake was worried that Charmander would be no match to such awesome power.

"Charmander, try using a Metal Claw. You must have learnt it by now!" pleaded Jake, now, his fears slowly coming true. He had always had nightmares about being killed by a Pokmon. He was, ofr the first time, truly afraid.

{I'll try, but I don't think that it'll bring about good results,} replied Charmader, closing his eyes, and summoning all the enrgy he could muster.

He launched forward, his paw suddenly aglow, and raked his claws into the Kangaskhan's hide, the highest place that he could reach. The Kangaskhan roared in anger, and kicked out with its leg, sending Charmander flying. he then pulled back his fist, glowing iredescently, and brought it down on the small flame lizard, sending Charmander careening through the air.

"What the hell was that!" yelled Jake, looking down at his PokDex.

That would be a Mega Punch. Mega Punch is an extremely powerful attack, that can knock down a two storey house in one blow. It is not an attack to be messed with, chimmed the PokDex.

"Oh yeah, that really helped," muttered Jake, ideas slowly slipping out from his mind, as was Charmander's life...

December 26th, 2005, 7:36 AM
OOC: Wow, Jake sure is lucky to randomly find such a rare pokemon. XD Anyway, excuse the short post, I am very hungry. X_X


"I know," Lani shrugged to Laure, "But I think that if Mizu doesn't battle soon, she's going to burst." She smiled at the boy, and then looked back at Mizu and Sparks.

Mizu flew back a foot or so; the Pichu may have given it a lot of effort, but his lightweight body was no match for Mizu's bulkier, scaled body. Mizu was unfazed, and glared angrily at her opponent.

"Let's try a Scratch Mizu," Lani said, unsure of really how to begin.

{Hah!} she grunted, racing up to the Pichu before her and swiping on the little mouse's furred body.

December 26th, 2005, 8:16 AM
"Dodge it Sparks!"

{Right!} Mizu's claws connected with Spark's body but the damage wasn't great. Sparks had managed to turn and do sort of a side flip to greatly reduce the power of the attack. {Now a thundershock!!} Sparks cheeks lit up as he flipped again, this time behind Mizu, and hopped ontop of his head. Now his whole body glowed, and lit up Sparks and Mizu as electricity flew out of Spark's body.

December 26th, 2005, 8:26 AM
Terra watched that much. Then she turned to leave. {What are you doing!?}
"I don't like getting to know people you will soon learn more about me Aiedial."
{What!? There's more about you than the fact that you have cat ears!?}
Aiedial exclaimed. "Yep. A whole lot." Was Terra's only reply.

{That Totodile is trouble. She had no right calling you an idiot!}
"Will you stop. We know I'm not and she can think of me however she wants. We just won't care or listen to her." {Fine why don't you tell me everything about you right now.} Terra sighed. "You will learn it in parts." {Why?} "Because it's like a story." {So.} "All stories unfold like white flowers, petal by petal, each in it's own time and season, dependant on circumstances and fate. I'll let you ponder on that for a while." That kept Aiedal quite as they started to walk away.

December 26th, 2005, 9:30 AM
"Gray, we should stop for lunch. Besides, I can hear battling. Mio placed a large blanket of brown on top of the grass, placing her Chikorita on top of it. "What exactly do you want to eat? Pokemon food or my food?"
{Pokemon food...well..what are you eating?} She showed him her mayonaised, Cheese, and lettuce sandwhich. {I'll stick with pokemon food.} She laughed and placed it in front of the Chikorita as he began to eat. She munched on her sandwhich quietly.